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Other, the Other & Another: the Difference in English

Lets review the grammar rules for another, other, and the other:

another + singular nonspecific countable noun


Lets meet another day.

Id like another piece of cake.

The nouns (day and piece) in both sentences are countable and
singular (e.g. not with an s) nouns.
The nouns in both sentences are also not specific. This means that the
speaker doesnt care which day or piece of cake he gets; he just wants a
different one. He wants another one, but he hasnt said (or it isnt clear or
important) which one.
Hint: If you understand English articles (a/an/the), then think of
another as an + other. You can use another before a noun whenever
you can use a(n) before a noun. The rules are the same. Another = an

other + plural or uncountable nonspecific noun


Other people have problems, too. [people = plural noun]

This book has other information. [information = uncountable noun]

The nouns in both sentences are not specific, just like with another. The
speaker doesnt specify which other people have problems, or what other
information the book has. The rules are the same as another except that
other is used before plural or uncountable nouns.

Hint: If we think about articles (a/an/the) again, then remember that we use
other before a noun that would NOT need an article.

the other + specific noun (singular, plural, countable or

1. I have two brothers. One of them lives in Canada. The other brother
lives in Japan.
2. I go to school on Monday and Thursday. I work on the other days of
the week.
The nouns (brother & days) in both sentences are specific.
Re: Example #1: What brother lives in Japan? The other brother. The
speaker said he has two brothers. He told you where the first brother lives,
so the other brother must be his second brother. This is a specific brother
(not general). You know what brother he is talking about.
Re: Example #2: What days of the week does he work on? Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Friday. The speaker said he goes to school on Monday and
Thursday. You know that the other days of the week are Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Friday. So the speaker says the other because it is clear
what other days of the week he works on. Specifically, they are Tuesday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Hint: Thinking about articles again, the rules for the other are the same
as the rules for the + noun.


Other, another and others:


Choose to make correct sentences!

Yes, I know Brigit, but who is the The other woman next to her?
2. She's seeing another man.' Does her boyfriend know?'
3. Tom and Jane have 4 children. They put the children to bed while the
The other did the cooking.
4. Rachel and Jeff are watching TV. The The other girls are out.
5. We still need another piano player.
6. We don't like these curtains. Could you show us some other
7. I've found one of my black shoes, but I can't find the the other


Complete the following sentences.

1. Can I have . piece of cake?

a) another
2. She has bought . car.
a) another
3. Have you got any .. ice creams?
a) other
4. She never thinks about .. people.
b) other
5. They love each .. very much.
a) other
6. Where are the boys?
a) other
7. He never thinks of ..
c) others
8. We will be staying for . few weeks.
b) another
9. They sat for hours looking into one .. eyes.
c) anothers
10. They talk to each .. a lot.
a) other


I have two pens. One is black, and is blue.

The other

12. My friend has two cars. One is white and is red.

The other


My mom speaks three languages. One is English and one is Thai.


14. There are eight pets in my house. Six are cats and are dogs.
The others

15. My neighbor has five kids. One of them is a boy and are girls.
The others

16 Some people like to spend their vacation in the mountains.__________

. people like to spent their vacation at the beach.

17. Some people learn to use a computer quickly, but ______ learn slowly.



Ann own two homes. one is them is in New York.______ one is in London
Some cats have long hair.______ have short hair.

20. Jenny just ate two hamburgers , and she wants _____ one.


Two of the bananas are ripe, but _______ are green


22 Some students will take the test tomorrow, but _________students will take
. it on Monday.
The other
23. Jack doesn't like his job. He wants to get _______ job.

24 There are four girls in my apartment. Two are called Casey and
. Amber. _____ are Joanne and Lindsey.
The others

25 There are several holidays in Brazil. One is Independence Day

. and _____ are Children's Day and Teacher's Day.
The others

26 There are three books in my backpack. One is a math book and ______ is a
. chemistry book.

27 There are ten pieces of fruit in my basket. One is an orange, one is a

. lemon and _____is an apple.