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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program


Net Worth Requirement:

CAD 1,6 00,000 million (Net Assets of spouse can be


Investment Required:

CAD 800,000 deposited with the Quebec Gov. for 5 years

Financing Option:

CAD 200,000

Management Experience:

At least 2 years of experience, within the past 5 years,

in the management of a commercial business, agricultural
business or government organization/NGO

Status Granted:

Permanent Residency

Permanent Residency Details:

Must spend at least 2 years physically in Canada,

within a 5 year period to maintain PR status


Eligible after physically residing in Canada for at

least 4 years within a 6 year before application for
citizenship. (*Law expected to change i-e 3 years out of 5

Why Us
Lalani & Associates has been providing Canadian immigration services for over 20
years and are the most trusted licensed consultants in Pakistan. In addition, with our
financial expertise and working with our chartered accounting firm, Daudally Lalani &
Co. (since 1954), we can help present the best application possible, keeping the ground
realities of the Pakistani financial and tax system in mind. We also add our own
insights and experience to offer unparalleled service.

Window of Opportunity
Canada continues to offer the best quality of life, education, health and social benefits for
its immigrants and citizens. However, immigration is becoming increasingly expensive
and restrictive, as demand has increased exponentially due to wealth creation globally,
especially in Asia.
Currently, due to very high intake of applications over the last few years, the Federal
Investor Program closed,while Quebec Investor Program has been offered to applicants
around the world by the Quebec immigration office viz., Ministre de l'Immigration, de la
Diversit et de l'Inclusion (MIDI)

This time Quebec Investor Immigrant Program is going to reopen from 31st May 2016
and will have a limited quota of accepting a total of 570 applications from around the
World (except China).
To take advantage of this opportunity, you need to start your application immediately.

The Quebec Investor Program is designed for businessmen,

senior executives, agriculturalists and senior government
officials/bureaucrats/NGO managers who intend to settle in the
Canadian province of Quebec. Quebec, the only majority French
speaking province in Canada, has negotiated a special accord
with the Federal Government, which allows it to choose its own
immigrants. The Federal Government only conducts background,
security and medical checks on Quebec-selected immigrants to
ensure that they are admissible.

Investor Requirements
Minimum legally earned net worth of CAD $ 1,600,000 million.
This cannot include any gifts or inheritance received less than 6
months prior to the application date.
At least 2 years of management experience in the past 5 years,
which includes the management of human resources and
financial or material resources in either a:
o Commercial Business
o Agricultural Business
o Government or non-governmental organization
Upon acceptance by Quebec Immigration, make a deposit of
CAD $ 800,000, on which no interest or profit is received. The
deposit is held for 5 years and then returned. Alternatively,
financing through a Canadian bank can be obtained for a
one-time cost of CAD $200,000.

Eligible Family Members

Principal Applicant
Children up to the age of 19 (Law expected to change age limit up to 22
years for dependent child)

Investor deposits the professional fees. Lalani & Associates starts
compiling the application and submits the application 14 on to a Quebec
lawyer for initial review which is then further submitted to Ministre de
l'Immigration, de la Diversit et de l'Inclusion (MIDI).
The application is initially reviewed and then put in a queue for an interview.
While in queue for interview, MIDI may request an update(s) of the
applicants net worth.
The applicant will be invited to an interview with a Quebec Immigration
officer in Montreal (expected location), the spouse and children are also
expected to attend. If the applicant is successful, then Intent to Issue CSQ
letter is sent to the applicant. The applicant now has 110 days to invest the
funds, depositing the full amount or utilizing the financing option.
The CSQ is issued and application for permanent residence is submitted to
Federal Government.
After completing background, security and medical checks, a visa issued.

Canada taxes residents on their global income, but allows one to become a
non-resident for tax purposes once citizenship has been granted and the
investor moves abroad and becomes a taxpayer in another jurisdiction.
Ultra high-net worth individuals should consider structuring a trust before
immigrating, which grants the investor a tax exemption on assets/income of
that trust for 5 years, while staying in Canada and qualifying for citizenship.

Lalani & Associates professional fees for a Quebec Investor application are US $
10,000. This does not include out-of-pocket costs such as audits, property
valuations etc. which are to be borne by the investor.
The Quebec Governments application fee is CAD $ 15,000 for a family.
The Federal Government application fees are currently CAD $1,050 for the
investor, CAD $550 for the spouse and $150 per dependent child. Federal
Government landing fees of CAD $490 each for the investor and spouse are also
due prior to visa issuance.

Permanent Residence
The visa that is issued is a permanent residence visa. When you arrive in the
port-of-entry, you must provide an address in Quebec where your permanent
resident cards (PRCs) are to be mailed. You should also present yourself at the
closest MIDI office. Under current law, your permanent residence status is not
conditional upon settling in Quebec. After landing in Quebec and receiving your
PRC, you have the constitutional right to move to another province.
Your PRC is valid for 5 years. In order to maintain your permanent residence
status, you must spend at least 730 days physically in Canada within a 5 year
period. Every time you enter Canada, the immigration officer will evaluate if
you have met this condition and if it possible for you to meet this condition.
Upon landing, every family members PR status is independent of each other.
Whoever stays and fulfills the conditions will be given renewal of their PR status
(if they have not fulfilled citizenship requirements).

Citizenship Requirements
Canada requires that a permanent resident reside in Canada for at least 1,460
days out of a 6 year period, since becoming a permanent resident. (The law is
expected to change to 1,095 days in last 5 years). Citizenship and Immigration
Canada will ask for detailed proof of residence in Canada, including and not
limited to grocery bills, utility bills, school enrollment for children etc.
Adults are also required to write a citizenship test and provide proof of adequate
English ability.
Children under 18 are usually granted citizenship upon one of their parents
becoming a citizen. Children over 18 must fulfill citizenship requirements.

Lalani & Associates is a professional services firm that provides Citizenship & Residency
services through global investor immigration programs,
offering paths to residency and citizenship in Canada, Europe, UK, USA and other
countries. In addition, Lalani & Associates has a full service Canadian
immigration division that services professional, skilled worker, student and family class
applicants. Lalani & Associates also provides solutions for entrepreneurs and small
business owners who wish to migrate and set up new businesses overseas.

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