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Job Purpose

Job Accountabilities

QA Executive
Kluang City Gate Upgrading Project (KLUANG) and Pasir Gudang City Gate
Upgrading Project (PAGODA)
Degree in Engineering
Minimum 3 years of experience as QA Engineer in oil and gas / onshore
pipeline construction / metering station
Plan, execute and monitor implementation of Project Quality Management
System through development, maintenance and implementation of
Project Quality Management System, in line with international best
practices, codes and standards and regulatory requirements, namely
Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), International Standards Organization
(ISO), American Petroleum Institute (API), American Society of Mechanical
Engineers (ASME), Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH)
and Department of Environment (DOE).
To ensure that the engineering, procurement, construction and
commissioning of new and modified gas plants, utility and pipeline
facilities in GTR not only meets the relevant international best practices,
codes and standards and regulatory requirements, but also requirements
of clients, project cost and schedule to achieve PGB Business Objective
1. Monitor, review and update the project quality assurance documents
namely work procedures, work instructions, OeXMS and Work Process
through proper review and updating of the document in order to ensure the
updated documents are available for reference and tracking in line with PGB
Quality Management System as well as the relevant MS ISO 9001 quality
management requirements in order to ensure all related work processes
related to project management are documented and updated in the
relevant manual, work procedures and work instructions to meet the
departmental and divisional key objectives namely meeting stakeholders'
requirements, project cost and schedule.
2. Review and monitor performance measurements of Quality Management
System through internal audit and review of best practice programs in order
to ensure conformance and effectiveness of services and products provided
to both internal and external customers in accordance with the established
business policies, manual, work procedures and work instructions.
3. Coordinate a PGB internal audit for the project during construction stage
and make the arrangement and preparation in the event the project is
selected to be audited by external auditor (PETRONAS GIAD and SIRIM).
Review and monitor preventive and corrective actions taken based on audit
findings and assessments through continual liaisons with the relevant
audited parties and status updating / reporting management review and
decision making to ensure effective actions are implemented to address any
non-conformances records (NCR) and / or opportunities for improvements
(OFI) encountered during the audit exercises as part of the continual quality
improvements in managing projects.


5. Consolidate and prepare management reporting on Quality

Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) for TSD through interfacing with
relevant departments in TSD and PGB Divisions with proper record and data
management in order to ensure the timely availability of the report for TSD
management review and decision making which include the updates status
of actions taken on audit findings from PETRONAS GIAD, SIRIM and PGB
internal project audits, audit implementation plans and other specific areas
of concerns to support continual quality system improvements in managing
PGB capital and operational projects such as improvements in meeting
stakeholders' requirements, project cost and schedule.
6. Provide assistance and guidelines to the Project Management Team
(PMT) in terms of updated standard work procedures, work instructions and
review checklists for the preparation and development of Project Quality
Plan (PQP) through clear project scope definitions namely QA/QC programs
for various project stages such as engineering, procurement, construction,
commissioning and warranty period, approved PMT organizational chart,
roles and responsibilities of PMT members, project reporting, project
change management, project audit plans and reference work procedures
derived from e-BOS and contractors' plans and work procedures to ensure
that the project execution is not only meeting the project objectives, but
also complying with regulatory and statutory requirements.
7. Review the inspection of test plans (ITP) and monitor the implementation
of the ITP during construction period of projects through material receiving
inspection, fit-up inspection, visual inspection of welds, mechanical
equipment inspection, installation checks and pre-start-up inspection, in
order to comply with the design and manufacturers' specifications, codes
and standards such as ASME, API and NACE, HSE and regulatory and
statutory requirements such as DOSH, DOE and local authorities.
8. Monitor and review implementation of materials, corrosion
management and inspection programs during construction of gas metering
stations, pipeline system, gas compressor system, gas processing system
through material inspection certifications, corrosion protective coatings
for process equipment, cathodic protection system, corrosion inhibition
system fabrications, non-destructive examinations of weld joints in order
to comply with the design and manufacturers' specifications, codes and
standards such as ASME, API, NACE, HSE, regulatory and statutory
requirements such as DOSH, DOE and other relevant local authorities.
9. Monitor contractors' QA/QC deliverables - Review & verify contractors'
QA/QC deliverables i.e. checklists during all phases of turnaround through
auditing and technical judgment and come out with suggestion
/recommendation so as to ensure contractors' QA/QC documents and
activities are in compliance to project requirement.


10. Close-up/evaluation report - Prepare and consolidate closeup/evaluation report of QA/QC activities i.e. defect, late work request by
analyzing data, contractors report, own assessment notes and lesson
learnt so that all the QA/QC matters are properly documented and
evaluated for future improvement.
11.Incident Investigation - Participate in Incident Investigation (Whenever
nominated) by gathering adequate coverage of fact/information, access
and analyse of the facts/ informations and using incident investigation
tools (Tripod) so that the root cause is clearly identified and eliminate
likelihood of recurrence.
12. Networking and Relationship Building - Foster and sustain effective
working relationships and rapport with the government authorities,
business and management institutions, national and key industry players
and service providers in order to keep abreast with latest development in
the relevant markets and capitalize on insider status and strategic alliances
to capture opportunities for new business ventures and enhance public
confidence in the Company business solutions, products and services.
13. Codes Of Conduct (COCD) And HSE Policies - Communicate, interpret
and champion the execution of the objectives and provisions of the
Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and Codes of Conduct and
Discipline (COCD) and undertake appropriate mitigation and/or
intervention programs to safeguard business operations, high staff
discipline and industrial harmony.
14. Leadership And Capability Development - Drive the development of
competent working team that will enhance and sustain staff capabilities in
achieving high performance delivery to ensure internalization of the right
leadership and capabilities in executing their jobs.