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>Do you think that Andrew is a person? If so, do you

think that he was a person from the moment that he
was activated, or do you think he obtained personhood
somewhere along the way? If not, why not?
> What challenges are presented in the movie that you
can relate to? Explain.
>Did you learn anything from this movie? What was it?
> Do you think that we could know if a robot or an alien
was conscious?

The resolution of the film teaches a lesson. How can you
apply the lesson in the film to your own life?
What was the strongest emotion that you felt when
watching the film?
Which character did you admire, hate, love,or pity the
most? What was it about that character that caused you to
have that reaction?
What qualities do you think are necessary to be a

What did you like best about the movie?

What did you like least about the movie?
Was there something you didn't understand about the film? If so, what was it?
What sort of rights do you think a robot
could or should have?
If humans created intelligent robots or
intelligent genetically-enhanced animals,
would we have responsibilities toward
what we have created? If so, what kinds