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Effective September 2013

HR Inquiry and HR Ad-Hoc Report training will be combined

and offered as a tutorial.
Use this training guide for overview information. The tutorial
can be access from the OHR Training website:

HR Reports

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HRMS Reports
How to Find the Data
Training Guide

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Office of Human Resources
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HR Reports

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Overview GA Techs Human Resources Management System (HRMS) as it
relates to employee records
Learn about HRMS data entry and available reports
o Personnel transactions
o Time entry
o Employee Records
Overview HRMS Reports
o Vacation/Sick (Monthly employees)
o Summer Pay (9-month Faculty)
o Bi-Weekly Time Entry (Bi-Weekly employees)
o Managing Personnel Transactions (tracking only)
o Workforce Administration (view-only)
o HR Ad-Hoc Report (view-only)
o Salary Planning and Distribution (view-only)
Learn how to request systems access


HR Reports

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HRMS @ GA Tech
The Human Resources Management System comprises of multiple electronic
documents integrated with PeopleSoft version 9.0 and the Data Warehouse.
The Personal Services Form (PSF) originates all employee personnel
transactions and data entry within HRMS.



Personal These three are

required to create a
new employee file

HRMS 9.0
Workforce Administration Panels
Personnel Transactions
Time Entry
PSFs for current
employees displays
current data from the
Data Warehouse

HR Reports

Data Warehouse

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Data Entry and Reports

Some HR Department Administrators and Payroll Administrators enter data
directly into the HRMS.



Person who

Personal Services
Form (ePSF)

Personnel transactions,
e.g. hires, promotions,
data changes

Bi-Weekly Time

Time worked and other

hours for bi-weekly

Summer Pay

Summer pay
arrangements (May,
June, July, Aug) for 9month faculty
Current personnel
transactions only

Dept HR
(most times, this is
the PSF Originator)

Salary Planning
and Distribution

Budget amendment
specifically related to

Dept HR
(most times, this is
the PSF Originator)


All personnel records

displaying historical,
current, and future

HR Ad-Hoc Report

HR Reports

-Dept PSF
Originator enters
data on the ePSF
-Approvers review
and take action on
enter data in the
HRMS panels
Department HR


(tracking status only)
-PSF Reprint
-PSF Awaiting Approval
-OHR Approval Status
-PSF Not Submitted
-Workforce Administration
panels should be used to
verify data entry
-Validation Report
-Advanced Cost Center
-Time Document Print
-Summer Pay Distribution

View-only report
-SPD Ad-Hoc Report
-5 different Inquiry panels
-8 different data reports
View-only report

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Vacation and Sick Panels are used for data entry of employees who are not using
TimeOut, Kronos, or DelTek.
Vacation/Sick Validation Report After all of the leave hours have been entered on the
panels, run this report as many times as necessary to verify data entry.

Leave Accruals Balance Report This report displays balances at the end of each pay
period (inclusive of all benefits-eligible employees). It should be used in conjunction with
the vacation calculator to determine an accrued vacation balance for payout upon an
employees termination, retirement, etc.

HR Reports

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Summer Pay
Summer Pay Panels are available for a limited time to enter Academic Faculty payroll (9month contracts), including distributing project payroll expenses, for the Summer
months. Paychecks will be distributed for the months of May, June, July, and August.
Reports available for Summer Pay Time Entry include:
Summer School Distribution Report Run this report as many times as necessary to
verify data entry.

HR Reports

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Bi-Weekly Time Entry

Bi-Weekly Time Entry panels are available after each pay period beginning Thursday 8:00
AM through Friday 5:00 PM. HR Dept Administrators must enter hours worked and other
hours as necessary for employees who are paid on a bi-weekly pay schedule.
Reports available for Bi-Weekly Time Entry include:
Payroll Time Entry Validation Report Run this report as many times as necessary to
verify data entry.

Advanced Cost Center Report Run this report on or near Tuesday 12 noon after the
payroll has been processed. The purpose of this report is to review the payroll data
before the checks are distributed to corresponding banking institutions. If an error is
discovered, contact Payroll via email pay.ask@ohr.gatech.edu with detailed information
for corrections.

HR Reports

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PSF - Personnel Transactions

The Personal Services Form (PSF) is an online, electronic document used to originate all
personnel transactions, such as hire, transfer, promote, and terminate employees.
Reports available for the PSF are for tracking the PSF status only:
www.reports.gatech.edu This website hosts various public reports used for tracking
status only
Reports are available for the PSF Originator, Department Approvers, and OHR Approvers.
o Reprint PSF by Doc ID (or Employee Name or Work Dept ID) Displays the PSF data
in a one-page format
o PSF Awaiting Approvals Displays list of PSFs currently submitted to a Department
o OHR Awaiting Approvals Displays the status of PSFs that have been routed to
specific OHR departments
o PSFs Not Submitted Displays list of PSFs that the Originator entered and saved
but not submitted for the approval workflow

HR Reports

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Workforce Administration
The Workforce Administration panels, also known as the HR Inquiry Report, are view-only
panels for HR Campus Users to view and reconcile PSF data. These panels display
historical, current, and future data.
Data on the panels include:
Personal Information
o Biographical Details
o Personal Relationships
o Contact Information
o Emergency Contacts
Job Information
o Job Data
o Employment Data
o Earnings Distribution
o Compensation
Data Element QRG

HR Reports

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HR Ad-Hoc Report
This web application is designed to retrieve HRMS data from
the Data Warehouse which displays current data only. The
data is exported to an Excel spreadsheet for full sorting
Data elements available to this web report include:

HR Reports

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Salary Planning and Distribution

SPD panels are used to redistribute personal services in the form of a cost transfer from
one project to another project. Several inquiry panels and reports are designed to verify
data entry as well as view data after the cost transfer has been completed. Refer to the
SPD Manual for detailed information
Inquiry Panels include:
Future Pay Details
Future Pay Update History
Past Pay Period by Date/Period
Past Pay Period Update History
SPD Details
Reports include:
Monthly Employee Cost Detail
Monthly Project Detail Past Period
Monthly Project Details GL Posting
Undesignated Sponsored Summary
Undesignated Sponsored Detail
Grants and Contracts Reconciliation Report
Monthly Salary Distribution Change Summary
Monthly Salary Distribution Change Detail
Salary Distribution Change Summary
Salary Distribution Change Detail
Workload Assignment
SPD Ad-Hoc Report is similar to the HR Ad-Hoc Report with additional report criteria.
Criteria include:
Department and/or GL Organization
Date (Fiscal year and/or Pay Period)

HR Reports

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How to Request Systems Access

Training is required for most of the HRMS systems and reports. Refer to the
Administrative Systems toolbox for direct contacts and training information.
Direct link here:
Use of the Payroll Authorization Form is required for HRMS access. The form can be found
on OHR Forms website (Payroll Section): http://www.ohr.gatech.edu/forms
Contact spd.ask@business.gatech.edu for access to SPD panels and the SPD Ad-Hoc Report.

Need Immediate Help?

Contact your HR Rep/Contact
as first responder
Office of Human Resources
Ph: 404-894-GTHR (4847)

HR Reports

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