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Submitted to: Madhusri Shrivastava Madam

in partial fulfilment of the WAC Course.

Submitted by:

Kunal Kaushal (24)

On January 16, 2016

To: Madhusri Shrivastava Madam
From: Kunal Kaushal
Date: 16 January, 2016
I am presenting my report on the case PATRICIA COULTERS DILEMMA here as a part of
my course on Written Analysis and Communication.
Kunal Kaushal
Roll Number- 24

Patricia Coulter faces a dilemma as she struggles to choose one of the two availing offer that
she has one by Cottrell Larsh Slater (CLS) which is based on her hometown Montreal which
serves to mainly hospitality and transportation industries and other by Spiering Moreau with
a good opportunity to connect with large number of people. She has just got an exploding job
offer from CLS on the day on which she is participating in the final round of interview with
Spiering Moreau. So she is not able to take decision whether to respond to CLS or to go for
Spiering Moreau.

Patricia Coulter is a graduating final year student of the honours business administration
(HBA) at the Richard Ivey School of Business (Ivey). She has an exploding offer from
Cottrell Larsh Slater (CLS) which is not matching to her expectation of future employment
plan as this firm mostly serves to hospitality and transportation industry. Moreover the job
profile was mostly related to accounting work and apart from that the employee has to give
the commitment of 7 years once he/she joins the organisation.
Whereas in the case of Spiering Moreau(SM) she has already appeared and cleared two round
of interviews and she is appearing for final round of its interview.SM comprises of all the
factors which Coulter is looking for. As its employees are very young and dynamic also most
of them are MBA graduates as well as the duration of commitment is only for 4 years. But as
she is not interested in leaving her hometown Montreal so she is in dilemma whether to go
for SM or not. On the one side she has the exploding offer from Cottrell Larsh Slater (CLS)
which is going to end soon and on the other side she is in the process of receiving final offer
from SM. She is in very difficult situation at this point of time as she is running short of time
to take her final decision of joining either SM or CLS.

Patricia Coulter has to take decision whether to respond to the offer of Cottrell Larsh Slater
(CLS) or to go for Spiering Moreau(SM).


To go with Spiering Moreau(SM)

To accept the offer of CLS


Job matching her future employment plan.

Job matching her career growth
Status of the organisation
Location of the firm.
Work culture of the firm

To go with Spiering Moreau(SM)
She also has the possibility of getting selected in Spiering Moreau(SM) as her final round of
interview over here has gone really well. And she is also very content with the job profile of
SM as it matches to her interest as well as aspiration. It also suits very well to type of job
which she is looking for in an industry. Apart from that the commitment duration in Spiering
Moreau(SM) is very short which aptly matches to Coulter expectations. She will also have
social networking opportunity in Spiering Moreau(SM) as most of the employees are very
young, dynamic and knowledgeable. She can also get to learn lot from her colleagues in
Spiering Moreau(SM) as most of them are MBA graduate.

To accept the offer of CLS

As Cottrell Larsh Slater (CLS) is well known company and it is also located in her hometown
so she should accept the offer within the timeframe. But going by this option many of her
desire will not be fulfilled as Cottrell Larsh Slater (CLS) mainly caters to hospitality and
transportation industry and she is not interested in making career in these industries. The job
profile which is given to most of the employees in CLS are mainly of accounting nature
which Coutler doesnt like. Moreover her future plan of pursuing an MBA will not be
possible as the level of commitment in years which Cottrell Larsh Slater (CLS) is looking for
is very long.

As we evaluate our given option going with Spiering Moreau(SM) would be a wiser decision
for her as this would take her career to greater level as it aptly fits to her expectation as well
as future aspiration. It will fulfil all the factors which she is looking for in a job except the
location. But if she accept the offer from Cottrell Larsh Slater (CLS) because of its location
then her plan of doing MBA in near future will not be possible. Moreover her interest to work
with young and dynamic workforce to create networking opportunity will also be not feasible
over here. So, she should join SM as jeopardizing her career because of location would not be
wise decision for her future career growth.

In order to implement this recommendation:

She should request Cottrell Larsh Slater (CLS) to extend its deadline for giving
confirmation of acceptance of the offer meanwhile she can wait to get final call from
Spiering Moreau(SM).
She should accept the offer from Spiering Moreau(SM) without considering any
other factor.


If she is not selected in Spiering Moreau(SM) then she should try to search for job
from herself .And she should look for pursuing MBA as doing MBA was her ultimate
career goal in future.