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Veterinarians diagnose and treat sick and injured animals.

Also to prevent disease and ill-health, for example through
vaccination and providing advice to the owners. Some
veterinarians livestock, horses and Zoo animals are
specialized, for example, in domestic animals.
Los veterinarians diagnose and treat animals using scientific
and medical knowledge, practical skills and various tools and
equipment. What matters most to them is the welfare of
animals and the protection of public health, especially where
animal diseases could be transmitted to people.
To diagnose the disease, veterinarians may use several
techniques, including physical exams, the results of tests
(e.g., blood and urine samples), x-ray imaging and

To be a veterinarian, is needed:
- interest in animal welfare.
-Emotional force, do not have to be impressionable.
-You are working with very sick animals, and sometimes have
to sacrifice them.
-Skills for problem solving and decision making. Interest in
science and medicine.
-Ability of observation and attention to detail for the
diagnosis of diseases.