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Each student must submit one report together with your seminar/oral examination
at the end of your internship. The report must be typed on A4 papers (Font: Times New
Roman or Arial, size 12, page numbered); it should be at least 10 pages in length.
Do not report knowledge collected from textbooks! Only describe exactly what
you did and what experiences you gained throughout your training.
You can include graphs, pictures and data in your report. However their space
occupation should not exceed 1/3 of the whole report.
The report includes:
1. A cover page (name, ID, finish date, company/institute name)
2. An Acknowledgements page
3. A table of content
4. An overview of the company/ institute (briefly describe)


Organization structure


Products / Achievements

Safety regulations (if any)

5. Results of internship activities

6. Personal judgment

What knowledge and technique skills that you have learned in school were

Your strengths and weaknesses during the internship (soft skills,

personality attitude)

Generally, what do you think about this internship?

7. Last page: Advisors score (Lecturer from IU)

Including with the submission of report must be the Confirmation form from the on-site
supervisor (either the English or Vietnamese copy is acceptable).