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Questionnaii-e for Worldwide Evangelism Lessons in HORIZONS mapiazine

Submitted by: A£f,AI-e 0,4J-f \\fxAk£/?-.'^riA) bate JDAncJi

Missionary to: P/AJT


Q Mamas ft: Ap;es PoJ-iP.r'f




/^C j3r/oA 7^

No. Yrs.


No. CliiM. ^














Total Population of Country ^"-T^

Estimated number of Christians



" Churches

" National Preachers

" Christian/Church of Christ Missionaries

Methods of Evangelism;



Correspondence Courses

Preaching Sunday School

Women's Work

Children's Work


Leadership Training




Vacation Bible School

Bible Study



Bible Colleges

Public School (Teaching Bible)

No. of Each in Country:





Elderly (care of)


Other (Please name & explain helow)

Please use the space below for any Information you feel is Imi-.rtnnt

enouch to share with the church as a whole.

. \J(i(Xr douytjr^^

Please list all of the missionaries from the CC/CofC now serving in - ,

dates the^came, where they serve^if possible. THANKS.

and the





Thank you VERY much for your time and concern in iielpin^ us n^jnt the

nicture of the Church Around the World to the glory of Cri.


/^ ,<y



10-49 T. Alonzo Street Plarldel I Sub-Division Balibago, Angeles City

Pampanga, Philippines 2017

June 5, 1986

Larry W. Jamison

Forwarding Agent

3 /


Forwarding Secretary

P 0 Box 19, RFD 1 Canaan, IN 47224

Ezekiel 37 is the account of God taking Ezekiel to a valley full of dry bones.

God's command was to speak the Word of God to these dry bones and as a result they

would come together and form bodies but without life. Again the command to speak,

to the four winds, which resulted in life coming to the bodies. This valley of dry

bones represented the Israelites who felt this way because of their captivity and

suffering. God's message was there would come a time of restoration and deliverance. Included was the Messianic words of our Saviour's kingdom, which we know today has

come to pass, even as He said.

I have experienced the dry bone syndrome-for the past months, beginning in Sept

ember, lasting until March, when the Word of God brought me back together and gave me

renewed life. Satan was truly out to destroy, but glory be to God, he failed this time. Dry bone syndrome caused me to be silent as far as newsletters were concerned.

But as God promised in I Cor 10:12,13 deliverance has come.

So I thank God and all of you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, for your faith

ful support and prayers even though you did not hear from me. All of us Wilkersons

thank you for your faithfulness and may God i;*eward you accordingly. Be sure that we still need and desire your continual support^ prayers, cards and letters and what

ever else the Lord lays on your soul to do for this ministry. Thank you

wonderful name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour!!

all, in the

I. TO THE PAST: September 85—December 85.

Due to God's word being proclaimed, there were 5 men and 7 women baptized into Christ and the Lord added them to the kingdom. In all of 1985 at First Christian

Church at Angeles City, there have been 30 immersed into Christ, including those

reached though Larry Schnautz and Larry Jamison crusade.

As you know we transferred from Laguna to Angeles in June, '85. Shortly after

arriving, there was a power struggle among the leadership. We commited the problem

to God and asked His will be done, and the division reconciled and united again.

We taught the Bible way of Church organization and leadership on Wednesday Bible

-Study-,-5fld-SuDday—SchooT^—Most af my t4m&-4-s~being-^ent-<>B--spirj4;4iaT-4flaturity, so—

we can embrace new babes in Christ with the love God has for his people. Mondays

are my free days. Tues. thru Fri. are visitation days. Wed. nite is Bible Study on Acts. Rosie has been teaching children in Sunday School, and was elected Church treasurer. Sundays of course are services around the Lord's Table. Sunday after noons we have house to house Bible Study, most of the teaching done by the Elders. You all know the political problems we have had here in the Philippines. But prayer is powerful. There were some deaths, injuries, and damage to property, but

as a

whole, we were in no danger.

In Dec. *85 I went to Cebu to share with Ricardi Magsipoc and the Ray Carlson's in

their 12th Annual Conference of Christian Youth, The theme was "WE are Called!" I

spoke at the Cebu Bible Seminary on "Forgetting the Past, Pressing on Toward the Goal


of Us." Jan 2. '86, I left by ship for Manila (18 hours). 1 hour bus trip to

Angeles City, 2 jeepney rides and arriving home, tired, expecting to see my family, only to find they were gone to Cavite City to Rosie's relatives. David said in

Psalm 6 "My soul is also sore vexed; but thou, 0 Lord, how long?" My exact thoughts!

II. THE PRESENT, Jan 86. Back home, I continued preaching, teaching, and visiting

with encouraging and exhorting and building up the body of Christ. But I am feeling

no peace and joy. Why? Because I knew Satan was at work in my home; I felt I

was losing Rosie. So I was not at peace with God nor anyone else. But because of

I Jn 5:4 "overcometh the world, and this is the victory

even our

faith" I held on

and continued working thru Janaury. February came and I was ready to say to Rosie, enough is enough, and I did. February is a filled month for us; Rosie and I were

married on the iHh, Debbie was born the 28th, and Marcia on the 29th. So here

Debbie was going to be 9, and Marcia 6, and Rosie and I in 15 years of marriage.

Instead of joy, sadness. I felt Satan had won. But then just like Paul says in II Cor 4:7-10, God gives us the victory in Christ Jesus. Rosie showed some signs of spiritual life. When I told her "Good-bye", she said "If I don't see you again, I will see you in heaven." I Cor 10:12,13, the way out; she asked for help from both God and me. So February closed with us still together and still in the Lord's

service at Angeles City.

In March Rosie and I were to join with all the other Christian missionaries for a

fellowship amongst ourselves. The meeting was to be in Davao, so I got tickets,

arranged leadership to take our places at Angeles; got sitters for the children.

But at the last minute, Rosie came down with Pink Eye. But I went anyway and I was

so glad I did. It was great fellowshipping! And I got to attend graduation of

Mindanao Christian Institute started by Barton McElroy. There were 72 graduates.

some who were going to enter Davao Bible Seminary, and some other colleges. But regardless, they would all be much better prepared to face the challenges of this


Returning home on March 27, I wondered if my family would be there to greet me, or would my problems continue. To my great surprise and satisfaction, they were

all home awaiting my arrival. And Rosie came .with a hug and kiss and told me she

loved me.

That night we had a long, long talk; we opened our hearts to each other

anew, and sought each other's forgiveness and pleaded only the shed blood of Jesus. thru the New Covenant! The song says, "Because He lives, I can face tomorrow!"

There is peace with God, wife, children, and the Work He has called us to do. Pray


us that Satan may

not have his. way with us, but God's will be done. Brothers

and sisters, Satan is alive; he is real, and he is out to destroy us if we let him.

Pray for us that "utterance may be given unto us that we may open our mouths boldly

to make known the mystery of the gospel!" Eph 6:19

III THE FUTURE: Matthew 5:16 says "Let your light so shine before men that they may

see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven." On March 14, as

result of the light shining, and sharing God's Wordy-B women said "Yes-—to-Jesus and—

"No" to Satan. They came saying we want to be baptized into Jesus! After teaching

them more with the help of a deacon, we immersed them into Christ. April 9-13 is the 77th NATIONAL CONVENTION OF THE CHURCHES OF CHRIST IN THE

PHILIPPINES. I.have beea.asked to speak on "Finding, Developing, and Maintaining

Spiritual Maturity."

We continue to minister to the Church here in Angeles City. May 10th we are

scheduled to show the film, "Jesus". May 18-24, Bob, and 5 other young people

from our Church, and myself will be involved with Summer Camp. I will teach two

classes at camp. May 28th we have the song and drama team from Aparri Bible Seminary

coming to Angeles City. We also are working-to make our building and grounds more


The contacts with the brethren at Clark Air Force Base so far has been fruitless.

But I know when God is ready that doors will be opened, and then we will step thru I have plans to contact eight or nine Churches in the Province of Pampanga to see


how we can join efforts and establish more New Testament Churches here. God's will

be done.

Then, in May, 1987, we will be coming home. 1 would like to say on furlough, but

I am afraid it might be


.But, Sod has been known to change my mind before.

The Wilkerson children will start to school in June. They are doing okay. Bob

stood in front to the worship service and sang his first song on March 30th.

Eph. 6:23,24, "Peace be to the brethren, and love with faith from God the Father,

and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be with'all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ

in sincerity. Amen!" We love you in the love of the Lord



His servants, and yours


Rosie, Bob, Leslie Jr, Debbie, Marcia, & John.

EXCERPTS from Letter

"Dear Larry



May 10

and all children are fine. Debbie and Marcia are attending

summer school. Bob, Les Jr., Debbie & Marcia will start regular classes June 16th.

They send their love and prayers. Also saying, "Look out, 1987, here we come!"

If God wills of course



7-10, Eldon Potts will be with us for Evangelistic


is wonderful what God is doing; not many baptisms but a whole lot of

maturing on my part, my family, and

the Body of Christ here in Angeles

If you know

anyone that is looking for a short term or long term mission field, the Church here

needs and will need such help, when we come home in May '87. The Church here is not

ready to stand on its own. Besides there is plenty of room for more N.T. Churches

to be started and communities to evangelize in Pampanga.

Love with the leve of the Lord