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Restructuring & Reengineering

Restructuring is a type of corporate action taken when significantly modifying the debt,
operations or structure of a company as a means of potentially eliminating financial harm and
improving the business. When a company is having trouble making payments on its debt, it
will often consolidate and adjust the terms of the debt in a debt restructuring, creating a way
to pay off bond holders. A company restructures its operations or structure by cutting costs,
such as payroll, or reducing its size through the sale of assets.

Five Bangladeshi companies that has implemented restructuring:

British American Tobacco Company Bangladesh:

In 1999 & 2007 BATC has implemented restructuring. They have ruled out their
employees to cut their cost. Over two hundred employees in 1999 & three hundred
employees in 2007 were ruled out that time. Their actual focus was minimizing the
operational cost.

Roads & Highways Department of Bangladesh:

In 2008 they introduced restructuring. They ruled out some of their employee in Kushtia
district as well as department. There were some senior employees over there but wanted
to cut their cost thats why they ruled out senior highest paid employees & posted some
fresh graduates at a lower salary.

Akij Group:
Nowadays Akij Group dont offer permanent job in their factory. They have made some
contractor there & instruct them to give job under them. Some they can get their work
done by the seasonal employee. Ultimately the companys cost will be lower than the
previous policy.

After establishment Walton gave too many distributor license to local electronic outlets.
But recently they took back their license & stablished their official outlet names Walton
Plaza. So they cut down their maintenance cost by decreasing their number of
supervisors of distributors.

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Restructuring & Reengineering

Five years ago we have seen many customer care offices in different areas of Bangladesh.
But now they have made contracts with third party to maintain the customer service. So
now they have to less amount to the third party & for that they are enjoying more profit.

Reengineering includes reconfiguring or redesigning of work, jobs, and process for the
purpose of improving cost, quality and service.
Five Bangladeshi companies that has implemented reengineering:

Agrani Bank Ltd.:

From the beginning Agrani Bank was providing services in a traditional way. The
employees dont use computer to store data. But recently they have changed their service
delivery process. They have already introduced online banking facilities as well as ATM
card facilities.

American International University- Bangladesh:

In recent time AIUB authority has introduced some new strategies. One of them is the
seminar facilities for the students in all courses. Faculty invite one or two guest lecturer to
give the practical knowledge to the students. So the students & faculties can get real life
experience from the specialists. Seminars help the faculties to give lectures & clarify all
the elements related to the course.

Few years ago DHL introduced us with a fantastic system. After booking any product in
DHL, they give every customer a code number. Through the code number the customer
can easily check his/her products recent position by himself in online. So employees are
now not responsible for giving the information about products to the customers. They can
do their other tasks without receiving the customer service calls.

AJI Group:
In AJI group employees get extra benefits like three bonuses in every year. The managing
director also help the employees whenever they are in trouble. The whole relationship
process between owner & employees rarely exist in other garments. So the employees
always try to give their best for the organization. They also get rewarded by the owner for
better performance.

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Restructuring & Reengineering

British American Tobacco Company Bangladesh:
BATC collect their tobacco from different parts of the country. Before 2005 the company
force collect tobacco from farmers but after 2005 they have changed the whole system. In
2005 they have appointed some dealers works like third party/contractor. Those
contractors collect the tobacco from farmers & finally sell them to the company. And
there are some company forces, their responsibility is to monitor the whole process and
also check the product quality.


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