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Regina Apostolorum


His family is devoted to the church activities.

Regularly his family go to church.

His family serves to him as an inspiration.

They always support him regarding to his vocation.

The negative side that effect his vocation is the quarrelling of his parents. But his
parents already become okay before the end of the day.

Came from a religious family. His family is devoted to church. His grandparents are
both catechist. That is the reason why he entered in the seminary.

He tried to do not answer the call because of the situation of his family but the
campus ministry which he joined helped him to answer the call of God.

His inspiration to continue his vocation is his family and the persons who continue
helping him in his vocation.

The negative effect that worries him to continue his vocation is the financial needs in
the seminary.

He came to a broken family. But despite of this situation he chose to serve God.

Both of his parents has no space to the religious activities

He entered seminary because of his peers.

His inspiration is the situation of his family.

He tried to help his parents to connect themselves in the church but the desires were
not present because of business.

But his brother convert to be a church connected.

He calls his vocation as mysterious because his family has no space in any religious

As he said his grandfather is actually a person that agaist to the doctrine of the
Catholic Church. But when his grandfather died he became close to his grandmother
that is devout catholic.

His grandmother supports his chosen vocation.

The negative part is that his parents are far from him but his parent suppot him also on
his vocation.

He became sacristan.

His vocation have been started when he joined to a contest here in Naga because of
his will to win the contest He went to church to ask Ina to win his group. And when
they declared as an over-all winner he became devotee of Ina.

His family support also his vocation.

He is a member of Altar Knights.

He entered seminary because he was encouraged by his friends to enter.

His inspiration to continue his vocation is his family.

His problem is how he continues his vocation career.

He helped his parents to be involved to the church.

Mother is a devout catholic while his father is only a nominal catholic.

Sacred space in the family comes from his mother.

His mother encouraged him to join in any organization related to priesthood.

His family prepared his vocation.

Only problem in the family is his father that he cant see his father to be involved in
any church organization. The contribution of his father to his vocation is the financial.

He studied elementary and high school in a catholic school.

He became Altar Knight.

He entered seminary because of his will.

His family supports his vocation

Rumour is his negative concerned on his vocation

His vocation have been started when his mother brought him always to the church to
attend mass.

He became altar knight.

He entered seminary because of lackness of financial stability if he will study outside.

His parish priest helped him to enter in the seminary.

His father is member of PBMA a non-sectarian and non-profit charitable religious

fraternal organization for men and women in the Philippines founded by Ruben Edera

He became altar knight before he entered in the seminary.

One of the reasons why he still in the seminary is because he excels in academic.

Only thing he worried about is his father that he leaves alone in their house.

His vocation was came to his younger brother.

Mother is a catechist.

He was a choir member.

The parents are supportive in his vocation.

He entered because of his brother that owed him to accompany him to take the
entrance exam.

The parents are faithful catholic.

The negative part is that his siblings devoted themselves in work than religious