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Re: PO n61246X-1000-PO-0234-0005-0046 - ALFA LAVAL - DRAIN


Lukas Dobrowolski to: Bhuvanesh PiskalaSankaran

09.09.2015 08:57

Expediting-MARTIN-LINGE 61246X, Fabian Krause,

Senthilkumar Jeevanandham, Arun Prasath Moorthy

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Dear Bhuvanesh,
kindly note that the document is stamped in code 3 and issued as built.
Note that no further revision of this document is foreseen.
Nevertheless please find below some explanation:
" Maximum horizontal displacement at the in/outlet connections during operation 15mm" refers to all
three connections.
We state how much the connections will move, be displaced during operation. Thats why the
connections must be installed non-loaded and flexible according to our basic size drawing.
The idea is about minimizing the loads, std procedure with a bellow, compensator or flexible hose so it`s
flexible and not static/tense.
ALfa Laval centrifuges are designed with the prerequisite that all piping, such as inlet, outlet and drain,
as well as other service media are flexible attached to the machine. Alfa laval`s experience is that this
is good and widely known engineering practise for rotating machines that has critical speeds during
the start and stop phase.
It is essential that all pipes are flexibly connected to the separator. The main reason is that this is the
best known way to avoid flange fatigue problems due to vibrations. Under the condition that the
connection flanges are flexibly connected to the surrounding piping, the dynamic forces on the flanges
will be almost neglible. Furthermore, an Alfa laval separator with flexible connections has critical
speeds that are well separated from the operating speed in order to avoid resonance. A hard piping
connection with an unknown stiffness may change the critical speeds in an unfavourable way.
Other reasons for using flexible connections are that the separator will be less sensitive to vibrations
that originate from the surrounding piping system and also reversly that vibrations from the
separatorwill not be transferred to the environment through the piping.
A separator in operation will produce forces acting on its foundation. In normal operation, the main
force is the static machine weight load. the dynamic forces on the foundation are mainly due to
unbalances in the separator bowl. These forces are low thanks to the vibration isolation of the
separator`s vibration feet dampers.
Hope that clarifies.
Best Regards
Lukas Dobrowolski

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02.09.2015 08:31
comments on 480021

Dear Lukas,
Please find the TEPN comments on 480021. Please provide your response to these
comments, before the document is revised.
Thanks in advance for your response.
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