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I redeem with the creation of life

Camilla glantz, england
Female, born 16th of January 1948
'I don't believe in astrology, it conflicts with Christianity. You can redeem with the birth
of children, with the creation of life and also with giving life away. I have lost two people
very close to me; my mother, when I was twelve and my son when he was sixteen months
old, 22 years ago. He was the second of my five children. My psoriasis started when I had
my first two babies, I had it all over my body, it never went away from my knees and
elbows. I don't want it to be seen, I'm vain. You can't control it, out it comes in little
spots. It's better in the sun.'
'I have a lot of tension. All my creativity has gone into the family for so many years. I
love art and singing. They are so deep inside myself. I'm afraid of taking a risk and
exposing myself. I'm afraid to demand time for it, is it worth it? Everybody has their
careers. I'm scared I'll break down, I don't have the strength, I must lie down. I get
palpitations, my heart is pounding away, it takes the strength out of me. I have anxiety, I
can't communicate, I want to be alone, lie down and relax, I'm like jelly. My menopause
is coming, I don't want the children to know about it.'
'I wake up early in the morning. If I wake up at 2-3 a.m. it is very hard, but if I manage
to sleep until 4-5 a.m. I'm OK. I'm very excitable, that affects my sleep. Especially if I
have too much to drink or after too much coffee. I am very emotional, I have to be careful
and control it. I'm going to take a Masters Class in art this summer, maybe I should have
gone for a holiday with my husband and daughter.'
'I get pains in my joints. They are better from exercise. I like to swim. I have a regime of
exercise. I feel so much better from singing, you can't believe how great it must be, to be
in balance with the body; I get so close to it, so very nearly there in my singing but I can't
let anybody hear me, I'm afraid of what's coming out. This is really the core of my
problems. I am very shy if I have to expose anything personal, everything has to be
private. I don't want people to see what I do, maybe I'm afraid.'
'My husband has a very busy career, he is dynamic, energetic and ambitious. We have a
very close and good relationship. I want to be myself, I don't want to give up my
marriage. The physical side of the relationship is hard for me, I have lost my libido. I
don't give it freely. I'm starting to miss my periods now.
I accept myself, the state I'm in, I have a clear understanding. I know who my mom was,
or dad, I want to be myself. I carried a big burden for a long time, my mother was never
stable. I don't want any grandchildren, I don't want the responsibility, my youngest is
sixteen, I'm running out of motherly feelings.'
'I'm totally worn out, overburdened with shopping, I'm fed up! But nobody would hire
me, I don't think I could do a real job.
There is always something keeping me from my art. I feel very naughty when I do things
for myself.'
'I hate grey weather, I love the sun, just to see it lifts my spirits!
My mother committed suicide. She was a manic-depressive. I have the same tendencies
in me. I'm depressed, always during the winter when the skies are grey. I wish somebody

would take care of me. When I'm connecting to the energies of paintings or singing I feel
uplifted. It's difficult to keep the balance.'
'When I do my art I have a visual feeling of creativity.
I get heartburn and a sensation of a lump in my throat with nausea. A sick feeling. This
lump can't let the sound come out, it is almost a physical thing, like vomiting, letting it go
and letting the singing come out. I get bored with the things I have to do in life, it is very
hard on my husband. He has got clear cut ideas about how things are. I don't want to
discuss my bodily functions with him (menopause). I'm so anxious, I don't want anybody
to see that. I'm under great pressure.'
'I have had otitis for years, I take steroid drops for it. It's in both ears, the pain extends
down to throat.'
Desire for boiled potatoes (3) and wine (2).
Remedy: Adamas 200C
Follow-up after two months
'I had a great struggle right after the remedy. It was awful! I was very brave; I was sick, I
couldn't eat anything, I was crying all the time. I was alone for five days, I was
completely on my own and suddenly this weight was lifted off! It was the most amazing
feeling. I felt that I could really make some progress now. I did my arts course and it was
a great experience. I painted my first real painting.
My period started three days after the remedy and they have been regular since, with a
normal pattern.
I realise the essence of life so clearly now. My singing is really taking off. The lump
sensation has disappeared and I can sing freely, I don't worry about people hearing me.'
'My ears and throat were playing up in the beginning but the inflammation subsided in a
couple of days (stopped the steroid drops).
I feel great! I have a lot of sexual and creative energy.'
Appetite: less cravings. The palpitations are gone. No anxiety. The psoriasis is better
(summertime) and the anxiety about it is gone, not bothered about it being seen. Sleep is
much improved, much less waking up in the night. Mood more stable.
'I'm joining the choir society today. I have trust in my abilities. I'm creating a space for
myself in the community where I'm worthwhile.'
I didn't see the patient again until January 1998. She was still doing great, and very
happy with the excellent result.
I didn't repertorise this case because I had just spent three months editing the remedy
diamond and I recognised the language and the image of the remedy in this case. At that
time the remedy was not yet in the Repertories.
The reasons for choosing this remedy were:
Not wanting to be seen, heard or observed (menopause, husband, children, singing)
Feeling of worthlessness, especially in relation to husband who was perceived as
dynamic, energetic, while she was 'just a housewife'
Desire for potatoes (carbohydrates)
Cloudy days aggravate
Sunshine ameliorates

Other reasons were on a more subtle level: her choice of words concerning the creation
of life; carbon makes life, organic chemistry is carbon based. This theme is echoed in the
provers' language, as well as in other words such as 'clear', 'clear cut' and hard, all typical
diamond words (from the proving').
Camilla Glantz practices in Helsinki and London. She teaches the 'Dynamis School' post
graduate program in Finland, and has edited many of the 'Dynamis Provings'.
Camilla Glantz

I want to put a paper bag over my head

Jeremy sherr, england
Lady, 32 years old
The patient is blond, young and looks youthful. She has seen a homopath who has
prescribed Causticum, Arsenicum album, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Sulphur, Silica and Ferrum
'I have red, sore spots on my face. I feel stupid about the spots. They make me want to
put a paper bag over my head. I can't control them. They are worse during my menstrual
period. I have the spots pre-menstrual and after my period. I've had the spots since I
stopped breast feeding my third baby. For five years I had no menstrual periods. Between
the first child and my third child, no periods. My periods were always irregular. I had
thrush as a teenager and during my pregnancies.'
'I have depressive states; no pattern to them. I have black moods pre-menstrually. I can't
do things, I am almost in tears. I feel angry, tearful, depressed. I have no motivation. I
feel anger towards my husband; I wanted to stick a knife in him. I want to get away from
him and my children and be quiet and alone. My pre-menstrual anger is mainly at my
husband. I can control it with the kids. I want to get away from the kids and get space.
When I'm depressed, something settles over me and I can't see out, like a dark cloud.'
'I lack direction and confidence. I am at a cross-roads. I need to find out where it is that
I'm going. I am not sure where I want to be. My husband is always very good at
everything. 2 he is a successful doctor, talks well, has lots of friends, a good clinic, and a
shining personality. When I met him, I realised that I was less than I expected I was.
Being with him was more important than my career. I was going to be a teacher, but I lost
the teaching idea. You lose a little bit of who you are.'
I have a really good relationship with my husband. He has a fantastic career. I am not
alone in parenting, but his world takes precedence. I have a lack of confidence. In the
past I wanted to talk to people, but I think they will think less of me. I thought that I
would teach as a profession but I met my husband at school and I messed up my A-levels
and didn't go to university. Everything took a change of direction when I started living
with him. Everything else faded compared to him. He was the most important. I lost
myself as a separate person.'
'Because I lack confidence I'm not good at talking. I feel people just humour me. I'm
surprised when friends want to be with us. I think they want to be with my husband. I am
easily led by how others think and what they do. My husband knows a lot, he talks a lot,
has a good brain and everyone loves him.'
'I am very relaxed about money. I have a huge overdraft.'

'I have painfully sore throats pre-menstrually. I have colds, hay fever and sinus problems.
My ears feel blocked, a sensation as if I was in an aeroplane.'
'I like spicy foods. I feel worse in winter, on grey days and in the cold. I feel uplifted
with the sun.
My energy goes up and down. I have no motivation.'
Remedy: Adamas 1MK.
I did not repertorise this case as I normally would. When one has just worked on a
proving there is a direct identification and the middle stage of repertory may be skipped.
If I had only repertorised I would have missed the remedy as it had not yet been included
in the repertories.
The main themes that fit Adamas are:
The feeling of a cloud over the head, combined with the lack of ability to 'see' a clear
direction. This is analogous to the desire to put a bag over the head. The lack of a strong
sense of self and therefore being overshadowed by a stronger 'shining' personality. The
sensitivity to opinion of others. Great anger at husband and desire to stab with a knife.
Loss of personal power. Eruptions on face. Similar menstrual and pre-menstrual
For more details, see the proving in 'Dynamic provings Vol. 1'. The remedy has now
been repertorised, and a video with the 'picture' of Adamas will be published soon.
Follow-up after seven weeks
'I am feeling much better. I am more positive and full of energy. Everything feels
I had an aggravation for one week. I had many spots on my face and a cold. The spots
cleared up and the eruptions got better. My face became smooth. Also, I was very angry,
intensely angry with my husband in the first week. Then the thrush and cystitis came
back. Now all that is better. No pre-menstrual symptoms.'
'I am much more focused about where I'm going. Confidence improved, I'm doing much
more in my life. I started writing a book which I always wanted to do. I joined a course.
My relationship feels very good, more evenly balanced.'
Still better five months later.
Follow-up after twelve months
Remains perfectly well physically and emotionally. All skin and menstrual symptoms
gone, ears and sinuses better. No repetition of the remedy was needed.