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Vol. 2, Issue 6, June 2010

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Summer Showing
June 2010

Letter from the EditorI CF Equestrian

Ispent time promoting the magazine and learning to use a new camera at several shows in April & Is a FREE MONTHLY publication available at
May- RMI in Ocala (twice), 4-H & GOHJA in Orlando, Fox Lea in Venice & CFHJA in Tampa. It is retail, service & show locations around
wonderful to begin associating faces with names I commonly hear and know by photo or central, north and parts of south Florida.
Facebook. I look forward to meeting more of you over time.
SOON to be FL Equestrian!
Hope you enjoy the photo pages in May & June. I've been taking lots of random photos at events
and am grateful to a few generous area photographers who regularly share photos with the If YOU are unable to find a copy please tell
magazine for the enjoyment of our readers. I hope you'll support their hard work by purchasing us where you shop or order a subscription.
pictures. Annual Subscription Service
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readers. One in particular advised me to include a search game (Find videos and content plus view the digital
the Horseshoe). Thanks C, I'll get on it. Look for announcements for
version each month before it prints!
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Florida Equestrian
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4 Family Affair: Waterhorse Farm
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A Family Affair: The Barkaszi's of Waterhorse Farm
How, where & when did the family
business begin?
Mary Jo Barkaszi: I have been riding
since the age of 9 or 10, grew up in
Ohio, and have continued riding fairly
consistently with short hiatuses during
college and graduate school. My
husband, Stephen, was never a
“horsey” person but caught the bug
pretty quickly when he realized that it
was a case of “love me love my horse”.
He has caught on quickly once we
considered breeding. He enjoys
researching bloodlines and performance
– taking a very “engineering” approach
whereas I like what I like and have the
time in the saddle to know what works
so it made a good match. We have two
children, Kaleigh 14 and Arek, 13.
When I was pregnant with Kaleigh, we
bred my Ommen jumper mare which
started us in the breeding direction. The
actual business venture began with the
purchase of another Dutch broodmare
that started our breeding program in
1995 or 1996.

What's a typical day in your life

Right now we have our farm in Cocoa
where we keep a couple of the show
horses and most of the broodmares and
babies (and a few retirees). We also
have a farm in Ocala about 4 miles from
the HITS showgrounds where most of
the young horses and show horses are Kaleigh & Mary Jo discussing the course
kept in serious work. During the school
year, I spend most of time at home in
Cocoa, with long weekends in Ocala or
consulting work for the day, homework and that all boots shine like the top of the
at horseshows. On a typical day, I feed
housework – pretty much in that order of Chrysler building. There are no prima
in the morning then get kids to school in
priority! donnas at home or the show! We have not
the morning. Depending on what work
always had “barn help” and did a lot of the
needs to be done, I either ride 1 -2
Are other family members serious riders work entirely ourselves, but as my other
horses or take care of immediate needs
or supporters? business grew, it was imperative that we
of my “real” job. I am a marine biologist
I think it would be impossible to do this if hired help in our Cocoa farm for stall
with a co-owned company that supplies
each and every member of the family was cleaning and basic barn chores. As we
biologists to monitor the protection of,
not supportive. Even though my son does grew and increased our horse stock, we
and regulation compliance for, protected
not ride seriously, he helps feed, cut grass, purchased the farm in Ocala in 2008, and
marine species like marine mammals
and generally maintains the other assorted we were able to establish a better support
and marine turtles to the offshore oil and
animals we have. My daughter is the only structure by hiring our indispensible farm
coastal construction industry. I do
other one who rides seriously and she is manager, Siobhan whose home is in
independent consulting for a wide
responsible for barn work and horse care England and a full time rider/trainer for the
variety of marine and conservation
whenever she is not riding. My husband Ocala facility. Each and every one of
projects. I have the luxury to work from
takes care of the financial aspect of both these people are family to us. I truly enjoy
home when I am not offshore so I try to
farms with payroll, orders, maintenance etc. going to the barn and seeing these people
get at least 2 rides in 5 days per week,
He also does most of the “shopping” for every day.
although that does not always happen.
young horses and gets a list together of what It has been difficult finding the right
When the kids get home from school, it
he likes before I get to see them and put in “match” for our family horse business
is typically homework first then help
my two cents! The same is true at shows. because we really want to focus on
Kaleigh with one of her horses and
While we have help at shows, everyone developing young horses and we are very
driving kids to other activities. I always
pitches in and its not unusual to see me hands on owners and competitors. We
check in with the farm manager,
tacking and leading horses to the ring, or my want to show but it is not the single top
Siobhan, in Ocala to get an update of
son or daughter helping prep one of the priority. It has really been an evolution
what is happening there and making the
horses and cleaning stalls. My husband developing a business but not losing the
work plans for the horses and riders.
insures no one goes hungry or thirsty and family aspect. We have found (through
Evenings are usually finishing up any

4. 410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

A Family Affair: The Barkaszi's of Waterhorse Farm

Martha Q's for Kaleigh:

Linder and
the kids Have you trained solely with your
started riding parent/s or have you sought training
her as soon from other professionals? If so, who?
as they My mom was the one who trained me until
could sit. I was about 7 or 8 then I had a few trainers
Kaleigh has during the winter and summer shows but
always been my mom trained me in between.
competitor Has it been easy to develop a circle of
and has horse show friends being a trainer's
always been child?
serious Since my mom is not a trainer
about riding. professionally, I have not had that problem.
Arek has I do wish that there were more kids my age
enjoyed that I could ride with. I think I miss out a
Arek grooming for mom riding but lot on that. My mom tells me about her
more on his show days with lots of kids at the barn
own terms. where she rode and it always sounded like
There were many days that I would see a a lot of fun and it sounds like a good way
experience) that in the US there is a real flash of color fly through the yard and Arek to keep pushing yourself to do better. I
disconnect between having a foal and would be dressed in capes or some other think that is why I enjoy the Ocala circuit
actually getting it to the show ring as a 5 super hero slaying whatever dragons might so much because I have made good
year old while still having a sane, sound be laying in wait around the farm. Kaleigh friends at school and can do stuff with kids
horse . With the young horses we bred was always fearless and wanted to compete. my age. I would really like it if more girls
early on, it seemed we either had a She insisted
choice of “cowboy mode” or send it to a she wanted
top professional who typically did not to try to
have the time or even the set up to start event at 8 or
or bring along a 2,3, or 4 year old. 9 years old.
Particularly in the jumper realm, it is I watch the
very difficult to sell youngsters who are video of her
not yet performing so, as a breeder, and her
you have to make a big time investment pony
during which just about anything can cantering
and will go wrong! We see in Europe a around the
lot of opportunity for these young horses pre novice
to gain experience fairly inexpensively. course at
In the US, that is just not the case. So Rocking
we have put together a team that enjoys Horse in
breaking and starting the youngsters, Altoona with
we have a facility where they can work the very nice
in the ring, work in large fields, go on stewards
trail rides, and go to show grounds following
without having to break the bank. behind her
in a 4
When and how did (child's) riding wheeler
career begin? since I could
My daughter started riding “in utero”. not keep up
When she was an infant, we were living and was a Kaleigh & Viatar competing in USEF Talent Search
with my parents in Ohio due to my dad's nervous
illness, helping take care of their farm. I wreck; I see
would close both ends of the barn and that and say
let Kaleigh race back and forth in her to myself, what was I thinking! But the kids my age who are doing the juniors and
walker up and down the barn aisles. I have always had fun and we have thankfully jumpers could be at our barn or there was
schlepped both kids to many a horse always had some saints for horses and a way to meet up instead of just at the
show while I groomed for friends on ponies. I think the ability for them to just go show ring.
weekends during those days and kept a ride and push their own limits have enabled
play pen in the center of the arena so I each of them, but particularly Kaleigh to be a Are you or your parent more
could keep an eye on kids while I snuck real “cool cucumber” when it comes to going competitive in nature or the same?
in the time to ride. We were lucky in the show ring and willing to try new and I am definitely more competitive than my
enough to be given a pony, Goldy, from more difficult things. mom now, but I think my mom was
...Cont. pg 6 at bottom right column

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com 5.

A Family Affair: The Barkaszi's of Waterhorse Farm
probably a lot like I am when she was my I feel like the business hasn't really been a part of that since their birth, but it
age. changed me or my love for the horses. also makes it hard when they sell.
The biggest thing that I am affected by is
What are greatest highlights during your that I know some horses are sale horses What are some future goals? School,
junior career? and I get attached to them. Sometimes go pro, stick with the family business?
So far my highlights are being able to be its hard when we have a nice horse that Like every young rider my goal is to go
competitive and really learning the details of we brought along and I know I could do pro as a jumper rider. But I definitely plan
the division. Placing in classes is always a well with it but it has to be sold. I hate to go to college (I am not sure yet what I
highlight and I am hoping that my junior seeing them sold because I become so want to study) and would like to join a
career keeps going strong and I keep attached to them. Some of the horses college riding team while I am there. I
progressing. we have I have helped deliver, even don't know if I will study anything having
helping pull some of them out or bottle to do with horses. I would like to continue
What horses or ponies have you most feeding an orphan. When I finally get to in the family business in some way, but if I
appreciated? ride those horses or see them do well don't do that I am sure that I will continue
I would have to say my first “real” show competing it is kind of neat that I have to ride one way or another.
pony, Rusty. He taught me so much in my
first years of showing and allowed me to
have more fun than I could ever imagine
you can develop with the horse you are
riding. He also taught me that things don't
always go as planned and to “keep kicking!”

What advice might you have for other

junior riders?
I would say, love your horse or pony and
appreciate them no matter what. Don't worry
if you lose a class because sometimes you
learn more by losing than by winning. Just
put your heart into riding and love it. Also,
thank your parents, a lot!

How has the business side affected you

in your love of the horse?

Give Your Child the Edge this Summer

Here at Seabreeze, we seek to provide your child with an appreciation for horses and the sport.
We educate riders in a relaxed, supportive learning environment emphasizing effective riding by first rate trained
professionals. Upon arriving, your child’s riding ability will be evaluated so that he/she may be placed accordingly in
lessons. Your child will be under the supervision and care of First Aid and CPR certified adults at all times.
Schedule Chanté is a new instructor at Seabreeze and has been riding since she was eight years old.
Monday-Friday She has a background in hunters and equitation. A recent graduate of the University of
Scranton, she completed a degree in International Language and Business. She advanced
8:30 am- 1:30 pm
her language skills by studying abroad for a year in Paris, France and in Siena, Italy. For the
Week 1: June 14-June 18
past two summers she has organized and taught pony camps in the Hamptons, NY. She is
Week 2: June 21-June 25
well experienced in teaching children and young adults and training at shows. She also
Week 3: June 28- July 2
worked for Seabreeze farm as a working student. Chanté is certified by the Red Cross in
Week 4: July 5- July 9 First aid and CPR. She can teach fluently in both Italian and French. As a new instructor
Week 5: July 12- July 16 she will be teaching Seabreeze's Summer Pony Camp and taking on new lesson clientele.
Week 6: July 19- July 23
Our Program Features :
Cost : $400 Daily riding instruction on well trained, safe horses & ponies***Proper safety and barn etiquette***Games on and
off the horse***Learning how to groom and tack***Visits from the local vet and blacksmith***Arts and
per week crafts***Cool activities on hot days***Lessons about equine health ***Scavenger hunts***Weekly pizza party

And so much more!

407-349-9088 505 Old Mims Road Geneva FL 32732
seabreezecamp@gmail.com www.seabreezefarminc.com

6. 410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

Quest for WEG
On September 25th, 2010, the world will be watching as 600 athletes and 700 horses representing more than 60
countries convene in the United States at Lexington's Kentucky Horse Park for 16 days of competition.
60 Countries & 8 World Championships Representing the Pinnacle of Equestrian Sport
The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010™ will define a new chapter in the history of the World Equestrian Games
as the first time the Games have been held outside of Europe and the first time that competition for all eight disciplines
recognized by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) will be held in one location.
Like the Olympics, the World Equestrian Games are held every four years.
Previous host cities include Stockholm, The Hague, Rome, Jerez, and, most recently, Aachen.

Alltech's 26th International Eventing massage therapist, body worker, equine

Animal Health and Nutrition Hilda Donahue Apopka communicator, the best farrier in the US,
Symposium and a vet who follows him around the
- world!
May 16 - 19, 2010 Anyway in the aftermath of a confusing end
Lexington, Kentucky, USA result at Pau, Extravagance and I are still
qualified for the World Equestrian Games. It
Bounce Back 2010 - A Time for People, will be a long shot to be called to the team
Profits and Planet as we really needed to finish at Rolex.
In a year when much of the world has been Fortunately for the Irish team there are
impacted by the economic downturn, eight strong potential team members for
!lltech’s symposium will focus on a number WEG. Anything can happen between now
of key issues critical to the success of a and WEG so certainly I will prepare “X”so he
business. Building on the company’s is ready if called upon to compete.
previous symposia, the 2010 Symposium, ‘! To increase our chances to getting to WEG,
Time for People, Profits, and Planet’ will I should take him to Luhmuhlen CCI**** in
drill down to the factors crucial to a Germany in June. Yes, I want WEG BADLY,
company’s survival. In today’s world profits however I will always put the horse first and
are more critical than ever. Companies know doing another **** so soon (3 ****
cannot forget, however, that their people, in 9 months) is too much. WE had a
customers and the sustainability of the respectable finish at Jersey *** (8th place).
environment in which they operate have Hilda & Extravagance at Rolex in KY Extravagance was tired there, in fact would
also become critical to long-term survival. have finished in 3rd place had he not taken
Delegates at the 2010 Alltech Symposium POST ROLEX AND JERSEY
five rails jumping which may well have been
will explore and discuss sustainable “Phew, what a season! Thank you
due to him being tired.
corporate strategy platforms and everybody for your support and
encouragement. Special gratitude to Seema What is next? Possibly WEG
frameworks for the agricultural industry,
Sonnad and TECHC for your financial If not, a CIC*** in the autumn and CCI***
such as the importance of branding our
assistance. GREATLY APPRECIATED! For later. The next goal is London Olympics!
companies and our good industry practices.
those of you curious, it costs approximately Extravagance will be older. I really need to
They will learn how to bounce back. This
$15,000 per month to properly campaign a acquire a back up mount now. Of course as
year, delegates will have more
horse at this level (this includes the costs all good riders do, I have located several
opportunities than ever to interact and
involved competing overseas). candidates....need the funds to purchase an
exchange experiences with fellow industry
Did you know that a lesson with Anne upper level course ($85,000 to $150,000).
Gribbons is $175.00?...the daily ulcer Anybody have ideas? I am willing to trade
The 2010 Symposium marks !lltech’s 30th
treatment is $30?...the body work at the future services, lessons/boarding, clinics,
anniversary - Celebrating three decades of
events is $400? And yet there are costs and consultations. London is a possibility. I
innovation while we look forward to the
beyond writing checks that are involved know I am capable (you can talk to my
next decade.
with a high price on personal sacrifices. As coaches, Anne Gribbons or Karen O'Connor,
***Look for symposium articles & videos in
my mother endured her cancer treatment I Mark Phillips). They all know that all I am
future issues and on the web:
wanted to visit her in Ireland but did not as missing is the horse power!
Extravagance required to be schooled as a ONWARDS!”
Entries from 60 Countries
part of his daily fitness routine. I am
grateful to my family for understanding my
115 or so days until the dedication. I am equally thankful that Andre
2010 Alltech FEI World through much suffering (also a cancer
Equestrian Games begin patient) has urged me to carry on making
Extravagance a priority. Major thanks to
Sept 25 th- Oct 10 th
Lynn (our financial manager) for dealing
Central Florida Equestrian magazine with the never ending Extravagance
will cover this event in November issue expense tracking...this horse has his own

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com 7.

Quest for WEG
Combined Driving opportunity to show successfully under compete them. It is my clear
several European judges this year. “ This recommendation that this seasoned team
Chester Weber Ocala
- summer we will plan to fine tune the horses of horses needs to stay fresh so they can
at Garden State (CAI Allentown), CAI peak in October at the World Equestrian
Bromont (Canada) and Iron Horse CDE in Games,” said Freund. Freund, who has
Illinois. The competition will keep the team trained Weber previously, will have an
sharp and give us a chance to compete opportunity to coach him again at the
without the stress of traveling back and World Equestrian Games. “The objective is
forth to Europe before the World to be at the top of our game for the World
Equestrian Games,” said Weber. Equestrian Games and I am confident that
US Driving Chef d’Equipe, Ed Young agrees Chester Weber and his team are well
one hundred percent with Weber’s prepared,” added Freund.
decision, “I believe that there is no reason Many of Europe’s top drivers would
for Chester to take his team to Europe. He undoubtedly like the opportunity to see
came out very strong this spring and he has where their horses stack up against
proven himself to be a solid competitor. Weber’s team before the World Equestrian
There is simply no sense in stressing his Games. Weber’s team is revered
Chester Weber To Prepare fo r the horses with the extra wear and tear of internationally for their dominating
2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian traveling to Europe,” said Young. dressage scores, but unless European
Games on Home Turf Michael Freund, former World Champion competitors want to come to North
Ocala, FL (May 3, 2010) and US Team Coach also applauded America and compete this summer, they
Reigning US National Champion Four In Weber’s decision. “Chester’s team has will just have to wait for the World
Hand driver, Chester Weber announced demonstrated that they are prepared to Equestrian Games for an opportunity to pit
today that he will train and compete in compete on an international stage. In their teams against Weber’s. This fact may
North America this summer in preparation February and March of this year they make the World Equestrian Games
for the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian showed under European judges and proved combined driving competition even more
Games to be held this fall in Lexington, again that they are up to European exciting for spectators.
Kentucky. “It’s was a tough decision”, said standards. They have a long competition For more information on Weber and
Weber, the nations number 1 ranking season in the US and it is important to keep Team Weber’s 2010 competition schedule
driver, “I love competing in Europe, but I the horses fresh and at the top of their visit www.chesterweber.com .
feel that training and competing here is the game”. Freund shared that he only
smart decision”. Weber, whose last competed his top team of horses 3 or 4 Photo: US National Champion Four In Hand
competition season in Europe culminated times a year and compared combined driver, Chester Weber announced that he
with him winning the individual silver medal driving horses to 3-day event horses that will train and compete in North America this
at the World Championships in Beesd, need to be fresh to excel in all 3 phases of summer in preparation for the 2010 Alltech
Netherlands, said he will miss the the sport. “Chester’s top team is World Equestrian Games. (Photo courtesy of
excitement of Europe but is glad he had the experienced and he is wise not to over My Elisabeth Weber)

8. 410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

Determination, Challenge,
Competition & Team work

Thanks to Seabreeze Farm, WB Equestrian &

Rustling Oaks Farm for your help along our journey

Patsy Lamastus & Geisha Coffee Roasters

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com 9.

Archer Farms
Customized training programs for
beginners to serious competitors

The facility is located in Archer Fl, 20 min from HITS and 10 min from Canterbury Showplace
Archer Farms has customized goal oriented training programs for aspiring and serious competitors
Coaching & training offered at Local, Rated and International Shows


• 30 acres of lush pasture • Washer and dryer room
• 13x13 matted stalls • 24 hrs Security
• Automatic waterers • Riding and Course Design clinics
• A/C Tack rooms • Training packages from beginners,
• Hot water at wash racks Hunter,Equitation thru Grand Prix level
• Automated fly repellent system • Breaking and training for young horses

Maurico's Career Highlights: 2010:

CSI*** in Europe in preparation for XIX Central RMI at HITS Post Time Farm, Ocala
American and Caribbean Games Costa Rican & Domincan Rep Championships
2006 Participation in XX Central American & Ocala Jumping Classic, $30K Grand Prix
Caribbean Games, Colombia, 4th Place Team WEF (Wellington) Assisted Guilherme Jorge in USEF
Competition for Puerto Rico Trial Selection for World Equestrian Games
Course Designer: 2009:
Summer 2010: Assisting Guilherme Jorge at Ocala Jumping Classic, $50K Grand Prix
Hampton Classic. Assisting Leopoldo Palacios CSI*** Bromont International, Anex Ring
at XXI Central American & Caribbean Games in CSI*** Bromont International, CSI-W Assisted
Puerto Rico Leopoldo Palacios

Mauricio offers professional course design services

Mauricio: magbgarcia@aol.com M: 787-243-4045 Sharleen: kismet31372@yahoo.com M: 352-359-4149
10. 410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com
Scenes from Clarcona Park in Apopka
GOHJA April 23-26 4-H May 1-2

First 5 photos courtesy of Shutterpug Photography, remaining photos by Central FL Equestrian magazine

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com 11.

Photos courtesy CF Equestrian magazine
Scenes from RMI at HITS Post Time Farm, Ocala

Photos courtesy of CF Equestrian magazine

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com 13.
Scenes from Bob Thomas Equestrian Center-Tampa

First 8 photos courtesy Shutterpug Photography (PCHA); remaining by CF Equestrian magazine (CFHJA)
14. 410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com 15.

Bits & Tips
USEF Show Jumping Young * Assistant Chefs d'Equipe Ralph stay here in Florida all year round. For
Caristo (CSIOY Moorsele) and Michele people that go out of state, Atlanta,
Rider European Tour
Grubb (CSIOY Reims and CSIOY Wierden) Kentucky and Vermont are great shows.
By Courtney Weinzimer
will guide the riders. Internationally I had the opportunity to go
*Funded by USET and sponsors and assist course designing in Spruce
like Ariat Meadows, a show that I’d love to do if I
*Originally the Emerging Athlete’s have the opportunity and a competitive
Program but now specifically horse. Europe has different shows like
intended for providing talented Aachen in Germany & La Baule in France
young riders age 16-21 with where you can gather with the best riders
international experience in the world.”
*FEI requires Rider Drug Testing- ~Maurico Garcia, Archer Farms
There’s a list of unacceptable
drugs (Riddlin, Caffeine incl) and “I leave soon for Europe to join
they can randomly test Mike Murphy who’s on the US Young Riders
Team then once back in the states I go to
You can follow the team through Kentucky several times and the Hampton
Taylor & Jen’s blog: Classic.“
usyoungriders.blogspot.com and ~Debbie Stephens, Centennial Farm
search for results:
www.zilverenspoor.com. “We stay in town for the summer and do
The 2010 US Show Jumping Young our advanced camp for both boarders and
Rider Tour is made possible day campers. On the weekends right before
Michael Murphy-Fox Lea Grand Prix through funding by the summer starts we do the Rush
the USET Foundation. To see this Management A rated shows, then we do
years application and selection the tri county hunter jumper association
Central FL produces some of the best junior
procedure information please shows, our Full Partners Farm summer
riders in the country- and it makes sense
visit www.usef.org and click on circuit, and also the draw shows that we
given the number of top quality trainers
high performance. hold to prep the kids for the last show of
based here. One such junior, Michael
Summer’s Here! the summer, The College Bound Invitational
Murphy of Apopka, earned one of only five
Horse show on July 31-August 1. The draw
spots on the new Show Jumping Young Where do YOU go & show?
shows are held under the same format so
Rider Tour, currently in progress at time of (Look for emails from CF Equestrian
the kids can practice before all the college
printing this issue. Michael, who has never or Facebook Fan Page
coaches are in town to watch them!”
before traveled to Europe, commented ‘Florida Equestrian’ posts asking you ~Denna Johnson, Full Partners Farm
today about the trip so far: “The week to share opinions)
started off horribly for me. I had 4 and 8 “We like to get away for 2 to 4 weeks every “I enjoy multi day A/AA shows and most of
(faults) in the grand prix. Today was better- summer. Usually we go away in June to the the clients at our barn do so as well. I do six
I had a clean and 4 (faults). I ended up 3rd Country Heir show in Kentucky then a week or more a year, which includes two weeks
and 6 . Things are really different here- of Atlanta because we don't like to miss at HITS. I also attend CFHJA at Tampa and
they don’t check FEI credentials but in Camp Fox Lea in Venice in July. The kids also RMI Ocala. The trailering fees, and
America you must wear your badge at all have a blast there and it's convenient. Then hotels are in line with my budget and a
times. Also, shows in the U.S. post the if we have ponies we are off to pony finals short drive from home and the classes and
course walk- here they don’t. You have to in August. This year we did not campaign stalls are affordable. The younger riders
look for the numbers and then ask for the any ponies except for children’s ponies so enjoy doing Fox Lea Camp during June/July.
Jump Off course. Sometimes they don’t we will be home in August. Then we are off And we have a few who will do one week in
even have it until after the course walk! to NY in Sept for Marshal and Sterling June at Atlanta. Client schedules also are a
All in all it’s been great. A huge team effort finals.” factor in show choice but these seem to be
for sure and everyone has been really ~Shanon Bejarano, Fairwin Farm, Sarasota where we choose to go.
supportive of each other. The town we’re I would love to show more but as with most
showing in now is named Moorsele. The My two kids are currently doing the W/T Americans - job loss, unemployment and
venue is Zilveren Spoor which means “silver classes. They just started showing and new jobs at much lower income levels have
spur”. aren't quite ready to move up to crossrails affected our spending.”
or short stirrup. I have been taking them to ~Susan Fricke, Chuluota
Some additional facts:
shows such as HSITP, Sumter, and Fox cry
*Other members are Karl Cook, 18 (CA), “This year I am going to be doing a lot of
that offer at least 5 classes for the W/T kids.
Nick Dello Joio, 20 (FL), Taylor Land, 17 (GA) the unrated shows. I did HITS but my young
They also like the shows to be fun and not
& Jennifer Waxman, 18 (OH) (Michael will horses need time in the ring not points. I
th stressful...meaning the people and trainers
celebrate his 17 birthday during the tour) can get them more miles for less money at
at the shows are friendly.
*The team will compete at CSIOY Moorsele the non rated shows. I have a lot of them so
~Kelly Lube, Orlando
(Belgium), May 13-16; CSIOY Reims the cost and number of classes for the
(France), May 28-30; and CSIOY Wierden “Well locally, shows like RMI in Ocala and money really matters.”
(the Netherlands), June 3-6 Fox Lea in Venice are great for people that ~ Candy Rich, Cav-i Farm

16. 410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

Bits & Tips
Deadline Reminder: 2010 An Open Letter from USHJA
North American Young President, William Moroney,
Rider Championships Regarding the Cancellation
of the USHJA Hunter
The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY is Development Incentive
the host of the 2010 North American Junior Fund Program
and Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC),
which will be held July 28 - Aug. 1. (The question is WHY?) If anyone has
answers, please share.

2010 Zone Junior or Young

Rider Show Jumping Team
Application Deadline
IHSA Nationals are Coming
to Lexington, KY
Athletes wishing to be considered for a
2010 Zone Junior or Young Rider Show The IHSA Nationals will be held at the
Jumping Team must complete an Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY May 6-
application. Applications must include an 9. As a new membership partner to USHJA,
application fee of $35, be postmarked, IHSA/USHJA Collegiate members are eligible
hand-delivered or faxed on or prior to June for the following benefits, created
15. Late applications will not be accepted. specifically for them:
Additional information regarding NAJYRC IHSA Hunt Seat Zone and National qualifiers
requirements and selection can be found at will receive a rider gift bag.
www.usef.org or by contacting Diane Popp Overall Zone Champion Team members will
at dpopp@ushja.org receive monogrammed saddle pads.
Overall National Champion Team members
Application Now Required and coaches will receive a commemorative
monogrammed jacket.
for the 2010 USEF National
IHSA Zones are eligible to participate in the
Junior Jumper USHJA Affiliate Sportsmanship Awards
Championships Program.
Collegiate level members are eligible to
New for 2010: Riders wishing to be participate in the Outreach Horse Show and
considered for the 2010 USEF National Outreach Medal Program.
Junior Jumper Championships must For more information regarding the IHSA
complete an application by one of the and their programs, please visit the IHSA
following two methods: website at www.ihsainc.com. For more
Save $5 by completing your application information regarding USHJA's programs,
online. Click on "USEF LOGIN" at the top IHSA/USHJA Collegiate memberships or the
right hand side of the USEF home page at IHSA Nationals Show Schedule, please visit
www.usef.org. On-line application deadline www.ushja.org.
is Aug. 31. On-line applications will no
longer be available as of Sept. 1. Derby Day around C FL
Or complete an application by regular
mail/fax/hand delivered by downloading a
PDF of the application. Applications must be
postmarked, hand-delivered, or faxed
on or prior to Aug. 25. Late
applications will not be accepted.
The Pennsylvania National Horse Show
in Harrisburg, PA will host the annual
USEF National Junior Jumper
Championships, which will be held Oct.
Additional information regarding the
2010 USEF National Junior Jumper
Championships can be found on the
USEF website or by contacting Jennifer
Haydon at jhaydon@usef.org.
Freedom Ride Derby Day Fundraiser

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com 17

NEW!! Stable & Trainer Directory
605 Charlie Wiggins Rd. Dan Crist
Plant City. Florida 33567 813-763-1411

Specializing in :
Brock Clermont
Starting under saddle first 60 days General Manager / Head Trainer
Foundation Training
5982 225th St E. Bradenton, FL, USA 34211
Problem Solving Tel. : 941-322-9196 Mob. : 561-578-1377 Fax: 941-322-9196
Trail /Pleasure www.clermarkequestrian.com



Ridge Point Stables

Marylu Gallagher

Windermere-Dr phillips-Gotha Located in Archer, FLorida 20 Min from HITS & 10

Min from Canterbury Showplace
Courtmb45@yahoo.com Full Service Boarding, Lessons, Training & Sales
410-804-5813 Mauricio Garcia : magbgarcia@aol.com 787-243-4045
Sharleen Exler : kismet31372@yahoo.com 352-359-4149

Full Partners Farm-Newberry Brokewell Farm

Trainer: Joe Williams
Boarding Lessons Shows Camps Specializing in starting young show horses for H/J,
Sales Leases Purchases western pleasure, huntseat and general purpose.
We also start ponies!
Farm offers affordable board, training, sales and
352 472 7669 lessons. Learn to ride like a classic hunter.
Dennaj2713@aol.com All ages*Flexible Scheduling*Summer Camps
Excellent references
352-342-4416 brokewellfarm.com
www.fullpartnersfarm.net Ocala, FL

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$30 1 month $165 6months $300 1 year
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www.cfequestrian.com 410-804-5813
18. 410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com
Product & Service Directory

10419 CR 39 South,
Braiding Lithia, FL 33547
Lynne Rothert, LLC
352-875-1973 www.EquineCorral.com

All natural. FEI test -free.

When Results Count...

Cavalor Supplements and Feeds

Sally Harvey, Representative
Call now for a private consultation Welsh x Tb 14.1 Sabino
Office: 352-472-1813 $350 AI only
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Summer Is Here!
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Courtney Weinzimer

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UPF 50


Office : 407-349-9305
Cell : 407-721-0498


Welcomes All Equestrian Events at the Florida State

fairgrounds and Bob Thomas Equestrian Center !
BOOK EARLY ! Rate is based on Availability.
Ask for the Horse Show Rate !
We are conveniently located at 1-75 and the MLK Exit
(#260 or 260 B)
Only 2 Miles from the Florida State Fairgrounds !
Pet Policy Applies, Please Contact Hotel Directly.
Group Reservations : Jennifer Pullara 813-769-4190
(10 or more per night)
Single Reservation : Hotel Direct 813-626-6700
10309 Highland Manor Drive
Tampa, Florida 33610

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e-mail : k59jumpco@hotmail.com

Gager Equine Dental Associates

Specializing in Non-Invasive Equine Dentistry
July Issue:
Three Generations of Experienced Dressage- share 2010 show
Since 1960 • Servicing Florida & the N. East photos, thank your
Hand Float Method coach/client, year-end awards
No Sedation Required Dressage related content
Reasonable Rates
The Gager Method of Equine Dentistry is the & advertising
same as it’s been for 50 years.
No crazy costly techniques. Also featuring a Natural Product section
We come to your farm and float your horses teeth.
Over 170,000 served, including Spectacular Bid

June 10th

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com 21.

CFE Stable Directory

22. 410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

June - July Event Calendar
Event Calendar is a free service.
Add your event or request corrections by sending info to info@cfequestrian.com
June 13- Silver Sands Open SS July
4-6 RMI Mid FL Dec II www.silversands.org 2-4 Fox Lea Summer's Here H/J "A"
www.rushshows.com 18-20 Fox Lea Mid-June H/J "A" www.foxleafarm.com
5- HSITP H/J @ Wickham Park www.foxleafarm.com 10-11 HSITP H/J @ Weirsdale
www.horseshowsinthepark.com 19- Canterbury Dressage & 3- www.horseshowsinthepark.com
5- Bill Woods Dressage Clinic Phase Schooling Show 17- Tri-County H/J Alliance Show
www.orlandoarabian.org www.canterburyshowplace.com www.canterburyshowplace.com
6- OAHC Dressage SS 19- 20- Fun in the Sun H/J SS- 17-18 SEHJ H/J SS-Tampa
www.orlandoarabian.org Ocala www.sehj.com
5-6 Silver Sands H/J SS-New www.steadfasthorses.com 19-20 Fox Lea PreCamp Smores H/J
Smyrna 19-20 USDF Silver Sands "A"
www.silversands.org Dressage Show www.foxleafarm.com
5-6 PCHA Non-Rated Show www.silversands.org 23-24 HSITP H/J @ Canterbury
www.pcha-fl.org 19-20 HSITP H/J @ Weirsdale www.horseshowsinthepark.com
11-12 GOHJA Wendover Place www.horseshowsinthepark.com 24-27 Camp Fox Lea H/J "A"
www.gohja.org 26-27 Marion Saddle H/J SS www.foxleafarm.com
12- Tri-County H/J Alliance Show www.marionsaddle.com 29-1 Fox Lea Plain Brown Wrapper
www.canterburyshowplace.com 26-27 HSITP H/J @ Canterbury H/J "A" $25,000 Grand Prix
12- Dressage, Stadium & www.horseshowsinthepark.com www.foxleafarm.com
3-Phase SS 26- OAHC AHA Community Show 31-1 Silver Sands H/J SS-New
www.rockinghorseht.com www.orlandoarabians.com Smyrna
12-13 HSITP H/J @ Jacksonville 27- OAHC Fun Show www.silversands.org
www.horseshowsinthepark.com www.orlandoarabians.com

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com