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Wood Badge Registration

Course Costs:
Total cost for the course is $220
A $50 deposit is required with the
Wood Badge application.

Hone your leadership skills and be the best you can be

by attending Wood Badge

During the course, you will develop goals

designed to help you sharpen the
management skills you have learned. This
becomes the foundation of a series of
long-term (12-18 month) projects targeting
your Scouting interests. This practical
application of what you have learned is
called a ticket and is designed to provide
personal challenge and growth.
Course topics include:
- Listening to learn
- Values, mission, vision
- Leveraging diversity
through inclusiveness
- Stages of team development
- Communication
- Project planning
- Leading EDGE/Teaching EDGE
- Leading change
- Understanding generational
- Problem solving and
decision making
- Managing conflict
- Coaching and mentoring
- Leaving a legacy

__ Yes, I would like to attend the Wood

Badge leadership skills development course
on April 7-9 and May 5-7, 2017 at Camp
Indian Trails in Janesville, WI.
A deposit of $50 is attached.
Scouter: ___________________________
Address: ____________________________
City:____________ State: ___ Zip:______
Phone: ___________________
Email: ___________________________
BSA Primary Registration:
Position: ___________________________
Unit: __________ District: _____________
Council: ____________________________
I understand that attendance at all sessions is
required for completion of the practical experience
and that I will have up to 18 months to complete of the
application phase before receiving my Wood Badge
recognition. I have (or will have) completed the basic
and outdoor skills training required for my Scouting
position. I am a registered adult BSA Leader.

Please make checks out to:

Glaciers Edge Council
5846 Manufacturers Drive
Madison, WI 53704

Advanced Adult
Leadership Training
Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing, and
Varsity Leaders
Course number

Presented by
Glaciers Edge Council

Why Attend WOOD BADGE?

Wood Badge is advanced leadership

training for every trained leader in Cub
Scouts, Boys Scouts, Varsity, and
Venturing, as well as District and
Council leaders. Our goal is to have
every adult leader attend Wood Badge
within two years of joining their pack,
troop, or crew.
Wood Badge provides leadership skills
that make a difference; not only in
Scouting but also at work and home.
Wood Badge offers significantly more
insight into Scouting and leadership than
the basic training courses. You will
associate with the finest Scouters in our
Wood Badge reflects the best of a
century of Scouting experience and
draws upon current leadership models
used by corporate America, academic
circles, and successful leadership

What Takes Place?

There are two parts to the Wood Badge
training: the course itself and the practice of
the leadership skills in your Scouting
position after the course.

Participants often make lifelong friendships.

The course is divided into two full 3-day weekends.
The second weekend is an outdoor camping

Be a registered member of the BSA.

Have completed the Basic Training
for your current Scouting position
including any outdoor component
for your scouting position.
Be capable of functioning safely in
an outdoor environment.
Have current, complete (parts A, B,
and C) BSA Annual Health and
Medical Record for the course.

Course Uniform:
Scouters will wear a complete field uniform
for the program in which they are registered.
This should include shirt, pants, or shorts
with the appropriate socks and belt.
Information on other clothing and
equipment needs will be provided to each
registered participant prior to the course.
General Information:
Training sessions will be both indoors and
outdoors. Attendees will be housed indoors
on the first weekend; personal camping
equipment will be used the second weekend.

How do I qualify?

This combination of hands-on, direct

experience and application of leadership
skills will help you get the most out of your
training experience.

Wood Badge participants are adults of all ages from

18 and up. They come from Packs, Troops, Crews,
Posts and Venturing Units. You must be a registered
Scouter and have taken the training courses for your
Scouting position.

For more information, call/email

Joe Hess / Course Director
(920) 222-6939

A limited number of partial-fee scholarships
are available to apply toward the course fee.
These scholarships are granted based on
need. Scholarship applications are available
through the Glaciers Edge Council Wood
Badge Association.