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Payment Options

Levelized Billing

Learn about the dierent options to pay your

bill. Seven options allow you to make
payments quick and easy.

An easy solution to uctuations in your

power bill by spreading it throughout the

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Electric Rates, Connection

Information & Fees
Find current information regarding our rates,
fees, and connection procedures.

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Available Payment Options


By Mail

In Person

After-Hours Drive-Thru

Local Banks

By Debit/Credit Card

Bank Draft

By Telephone

Levelized Billing

Now theres a way to guard against large uctuations in

your monthly electric billwithout ever having to play
catch-up. Its called Levelized Billing and is designed to
keep your electric bills aordable every month as long as
you remain on the plan. Its the ideal way to accurately
anticipate your monthly electric bill.
Levelized billing makes your electric bill predictable. Your monthly electric bill is a rolling average of your usage for the
past 12 months, plus 1/12 of any dierence between levelized bills and actual bills. For instance, this months bill would
be the average electric usage of the previous 11 months and this current month plus 1/12 of any dierence between
actual and levelized billing.

1. You must be a SCES customer
for 12 months at the same
2. You must have an acceptable
pay history.
3. Once on the levelized billing
plan, you must keep your
account current.
4. You must sign up for
Automatic Bank Draft.

Because levelized billing uses a rolling average, your

monthly bill will vary slightly each month. But because
changes in usage are averaged over a 12 month period,
there is never a really big bite in the very cold or the very
hot months when usage may be high. The only time you
have to reconcile is when you decide to leave SCES or you
no longer want to participate.

Retail Electric rates - Transition Month Eective Date: August 1, 2016

Commerecial Rate-Schedule-GSA
Demand 0 to 50 kW for customer with or without contract demand:

Residential Rate-Schedule-RS

Customer Charge.. $20.00

Energy Charge 0 to 15,000 kWh per kWh. 8.499
TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment.. 2.266

Residential Rate-Schedule-SRS

Demand 50 kW to 1,000 kW or demand less than 50 kW but kWh more than 15,000 kWh:
Customer Charge.. $50.00
Demand Charge in dollars per kW of demand:

Commerecial Rate-ScheduleGSA

First 50 kW of billing demand per month No Charge

Over 50 kW of billing demand per month $13.15
Energy Charge per kWh:
First 15,000 kWh per month8.488
TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment .. 2.266
Additional kWh per month.. 4.224
TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment .. 2.237

Demand greater than 1,000 kW:

Customer Charge $200.00
Demand Charge in dollars per kW of demand:
First 1,000 kW of billing demand per month. $13.57
Next 1,500 kW of billing demand per month..$14.62
Over 2,500 kW of demand per month $15.02
Plus an additional $15.02 per kW per month for each kW, if any, of the amount by which the customers billing demand
exceeds the higher of 2,500 kW or its contract demand.

Energy charge per kWh..4.224

TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment .. 2.292