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Company Profile
Don Ramon Aboitiz and Teotimo 'Timo' Abellana cofounded City
Savings Bank in December 1965 with a simple vision to "help
people of moderate means". They wanted to offer financial
assistance to those who contributed to their communities but had
difficulty getting credit.
Timo was the driving force behind the bank for most of its history.
He worked as an accountant for the Philippine Match Company
before joining Cebu Mutual Building and Loans Association as
Operations Manager in 1960. After reading the Savings and Loans
Association Act, Timo secured the support of Don Ramon Aboitiz
and Don Eduardo Aboitiz to start Cebu City Savings and Loans
Association (CCSLA) in a small rented space at the end of Osmea
Boulevard, Cebu City. Within a year CCSLA secured a total of
2,735 depositors and 3,568 borrowers.
Timo knew most customers by their first names and maintained
the feeling of a small bank by personally serving its customers.
This 'small is beautiful' philosophy was even reflected in the
bank's tag line 'pagamay-gamay lang kini pero City Savings Bank
kini' which literally translates as 'We're small, but we're City
Savings Bank.'
Through the years, CitySavings has managed to maintain a family
culture, with many employees joining as fresh graduates and
serving their entire career with the bank. Some have been with us
for over 30 years, while others remember accompanying their
parents to the bank as children.
While the bank has grown in size, Timo and Don Ramon's
founding principles remain strong. CitySavings believes in keeping
banking straightforward and simple, so that customers can enjoy
warm and helpful service as well as attractive rates. At
CitySavings, we want to retain this 'small bank' personality

while growing our network and embracing technology to offer our

customers greater convenience.
Company Vision
In the service of God and His kingdom, CitySavings Bank aspires
to be the preferred institution in the areas where we operate
We envision highly motivated knowledge workers, excellent and
responsive service to ensure long-term customer relationships,
and active leadership in community development.

Company Service Credo

We believe our customers deserve our best, so we will give them

our best.
We will consistently deliver quality servicef all times,
And we will make them feel important as they truly are.
We honor our values of integrity, responsibility, Innovation,
teamwork & service.
We apply Simple is Good in all we do, We believe we can do well
by doing good.
We are CitySavings Bankers,
We commit, we adhere & we fulfill,
We give simply our best!








Figure 1. Loan release voucher

Figure 3.. Specimen Signature Card




April 30, 2016


Finally, after a not so long wait, I will already start my internship today. I felt
very excited and at the same time I was very nervous. It seems like I can feel
too many different feelings all at once. Ive felt very excited because it would
be a new adventure for me, and nervous because I dont know anything
about that place.
So, I woke up early in the morning prepared my stuffs and get to work at
exactly 8:00. It was funny that I was in my corporate attire knowing that it
was Saturday so, when I get there, the employees are laughing at me
because it seems like I am their boss. But good to know that the other
employee was also in corporate attire when she arrived. They opened the
bank and we get inside. They prepared their things and after that we started
a prayer. They also had their daily report. They even included me in their
meeting wherein they introduced me to everyone. I felt very pleasured by
their warm welcome. They are all friendly actually even the banks head. So
it was the start of the day. There are numerous number of clients today. I
have nothing to do because I am still new so, they let me observe first. They
have taught me how they process each loan but they wouldnt let me do it
because I was just intern. I was just observing the whole day.

May 03, 2016

Its time to go to City Savings Bank once again for my OJT and just like what I
have felt during my first day, I still feel so excited but whats different is, I
cannot feel any nervousness anymore because I am now very comfortable
working with them. I went there early and before the time. The time that I
arrived, the bank is still close so, I talked with the guards so that I will not get
bored while waiting. I was curious why is it that they are too tardy since it
was already 8:30 when it was opened. There are a lot of clients waiting
outside. One of the employees was absent named Maam Shy, our teller for
that week. So, the other service officer did her thing. It was a very difficult
day for them because theyve got so many clients and theres only one
person in-charge in processing the loans. They let me sit on the cubicle of
the absent service officer. That day, they had instructed me to call the clients
and ask for their signatures and after that, I am going to explain to them how
those figure on their transaction was done. They called that process the
releasing. So I did it until the rest of the day.

May 05, 2016

Another day was about to start once again so I started it with a good smile.
As usual, I am there before the time because for me its better to be early
than to be embarrassed. It was just an ordinary day. I am always happy when
I am with them because I can feel that they are all comfortable with each
other. I can clearly see it because even though theyve got a lot of paper
works, they always find time to make everyone laugh by their hugots or


Today, the area supervisor went to the branch so we are all busy. Even I was
also working. What they had taught me this day was how they do the billing
of their clients. I did it the whole day since it was a lot. But later in the
afternoon, the teller taught me the basics on how he does his work. He also
taught me about the basic money features.

May 06, 2016

Since it is still my first few days in CSB Ive always been very punctual when
it comes to going to work. So, the guards have noticed it too and they even
suggested me that I can even go there at 8:30 a.m. since Im just outside
standing waiting for so a little bit long period of time.

There were only few number of works in the office today. So what they
ordered me to do was to just bill some unbilled clients. After that, they asked
me to keep each document in an envelope and put names on it. It has
always been fun here. They also taught me what are the good paths that I
must take after finishing my studies. Later in the afternoon, they had also
asked me to stamp dates on all the envelopes that I used so that I will not
get bored as what they can see.

May 07, 2016

Today is Saturday! I dont know what I hate about Saturdays but I can
constantly feel lazy during this day. Ive been very comfortable to arrive
there before the time the guards had told me but I found out that you must
be earlier during this day so when I arrived, the bank was already opened.
And this is the day that I learned about the real time to follow.

They had assigned me today to the sorting of their documents for the month
of January. I was instructed to arrange it according to day and according to
their surname and sort it in an alphabetical manner. I just hope that I would
be able to finish it today.

May 10, 2016

Another week has just started for CSB since it is their first work day of the
week. During the morning briefing, it was funny that the upcoming elections
had been included on their daily operation report. I was giggling on my own
during that time knowing that each one of them have different bets whom


they look up to. They were also ready to defend that candidate whenever
someone criticizes his/her own choice as if he/she really knows that person
very well.

They had instructed me to put their April files on an envelope so that they
will be also updated. Ive seen a lot of familiar names there but I dont want
to speak to anyone about it remembering the Bank Secrecy Law. During the
afternoon, they had decided to buy some snacks on McDonalds and I was
happy because they bought me a free snack also. I finished my work early.
They are also happy and contented on my work.

May 12, 2016

I was not around yesterday since I have classes in school so I am very

excited to report to work today. I still went there very early knowing that I
still have nothing to do there because I know that theyre just chattering at
the bank of the bank.

It was actually an ordinary day nothing different from the past days. I
continued my unfinished work and started the regularization of those
documents. Its quite boring but its okay because they lending me a helping
hand whenever theres only few clients around.

May 13, 2016

The regional operations head of CSB visited the Alaminos branch. He had a
lot of new announcements including the re-deployment of one of their
employees on their Urdaneta branch, sad to say there are two candidates
among them so they need to decide who will be the one to go. It was quite
funny that they even cracked a joke regarding it saying that the decision
must be based on a tossed coin. The regional head also noticed me as their
OJT and he told me that I could apply their too since they will be needing one
here in Alaminos branch. The problem is that, I am not yet graduating and as
to personal reasons, I am not also interested because I want to take the
board exams first after graduating. I continued sorting their documents the
whole day. In the afternoon, I can feel pain behind my back but then I think
its worth it because I am happy.
May 14, 2016

It was my third Saturday working with them. Actually I feel very sleepy today
but I still need to get up on my bed so that I will not be late. I love going
there because their time is different from mine wherein it is 8 minutes
beyond from the time on my watch. I felt very pleasured when the BOH
thanked me during their briefing because of the big help Ive lend to them.


She said that their May files are already updated. I felt a little bit ashamed
because of that. After that, we all started working. I regularized their
December documents and thankfully, they helped me also since there were
only few clients today. Because of cooperation, we are already done as early
as 3 p.m. that day. The head said that shes going to let us take a rest for the
rest of the day and just continue to do it on Tuesday. I got so bored so I felt
very sleepy all over again.

May 17, 2016

It was Tuesday once again and definitely the start of the week of the bank.
Actually there are only few clients today because the teachers just got their
bonuses from the national government. I started to sort their February
documents and we regularized it also. They need to finish the filing of all
their documents since their head office set their deadline on June 30, 2016. I
will be very comfortable this week since one of them is on leave so Ill be
sitting on his cubicle. Theyre not able to help me today because they are
also busy doing their own stuffs.

May 19, 2016

It seems like Im constantly doing a process day by day so I continued where

I left last Tuesday. There were no new things that they had taught me even
though they are not actually busy. One of them entertained me while working
that makes this day a stress free one. She relayed to me her college
experience especially with her Accounting subjects wherein she almost failed
on her Practical Accounting 2 and was revived by their remedial exam. She
told me that she has been the happiest during that time since there are only
2 of them who passed. Weve got a very good conversation. I am hoping that
Ill be able to work with people like her on the near future.

May 20, 2016

I have been very lucky today because one of the employees had taught me
how to create a data of a new client or also known as hcumm using an
accounting software called Finacle. I didnt expect that actually because they
have been very strict as to restrictions of their accounting software. Right
after that, I went back to what I am doing. I went at the stockroom and
checked if theres still a lot of mixed 2016 documents but its glad to see that
theres only few more left. They helped me today because this is actually
their work. We have been moving very quick.


May 21, 2016

Ive been very excited to go there today knowing that tomorrow will be our
rest day. Ive been very early so I went at the back of the bank as usual. I
saw the employees there and theyre talking to someone which happened to
be the manager of Big Bite and the Northwood Hotel and hes been asking us
to teach him some simple accounting since their newly hired accountant is
just about to arrive next week. We taught him simple entries and how to use
a T-account since he wanted to reconcile his cash record on his actual cash.
After a while the guard has already called so our conversation with him has
been interrupted. I only billed their past transactions today. Nothing different
for the rest of the day.

May 24, 2016

They had discussed during the morning briefing their plans for the upcoming
Brigada Eskwela wherein theyre going to visit different schools and will be
joining them on the beautification of the chosen schools. Theyre asking me
if I can go with them since itll be a beautiful experience. But I will not be
allowed to come so Ive decided to just say no. I sorted some of their
documents alphabetically. No one helped me because theyve got a lot of
clients today.

May 26, 2016

Right after their briefing, Ive already started to do my task. Actually, theres
only less work that I need to do today since Ive already started doing it last
Tuesday. After finishing those, they had given me a new task again right
away simply because we are rushing to meet the deadline of filing of their
documents. I went home early today and while waiting outside the bank, a
crazy man suddenly talked to me asking me to give him money so that he
can buy a cigarette. I am very afraid so I run back to the bank and waited for
him to go away. Good thing is, he didnt hurt me.

May 27, 2016

I stayed in the pantry today since there was no available space for me
because the marketing department doesnt go out. I preferred to stay there


because I can move on my own since theres a long table where I can put my
stuffs. I enveloped their 2015 documents that they had found in a box. It
took me a lot of time because I still need to put dates on it. Im not able to
finish it actually so I arranged the materials I used before the times so that I
wouldnt be running out of time.

May 28, 2016

It has been our very lucky day because weve got a lot of food. In the
morning, Maam Andrea had brought grahams for us. In the afternoon, some
of the clients also gave us cake and pansit. Were all very full. Were all
working so lively because of that. We regularized the documents already filed
so that their audit team will not question them if there are lacking
information or requirements.

May 31, 2016

Its the end of the month today. The employees are expecting a lot of clients
because they know that the teachers already had their new pay slip. Their
morning briefing took us a lot of time because theyve discussed a lot of
topics regarding this upcoming month. After all of that, I continued what I
have been doing the last week. In the afternoon, they had advised me to do
the filing of documents in their stockroom and put them alphabetically in a
box. At first, I really dont want to do it because if you can only see it, it was
filled up of brown envelopes which seems like its very impossible to finish
for just a very short period of time. It has been raining cats and dogs that
day, a lot of clients entered their very wet. Im not able to finish it as usual
and just like my other assigned task, I will look forward doing it the coming
days. Its been a hard time going home for me so I waited there for a few

June 02, 2016

It was just an ordinary day nothing different from the past days. Like what I
have said, I continued the filling of documents. It seems like my brains
telling me Come on youre already tired but in reality, Im wasnt. Maybe
its just because I have been constantly doing such things which are not even
related to accounting. Good thing is, I have access to their processed loan
applications which means I can study those too. I was able to study how can
banks confirm the identities of a certain individual. It was way by using a CIF
Card. It was still helpful for me despite this irritation that I have been feeling
these days.


June 03, 2016

Its already Friday and I know that there will be no power. Its been kinda
annoying because it was just 8:30 in the morning when PANELCO shut down
the main switch where in fact, it must be 9:00. So, they used the generator
and Im very lucky because the electric fan on my place was functioning.
Given that I have enough ventilation unlike them; Im still irritated because
you can still feel the hot temperature inside the bank. Maam Shy lend me a
helping hand today because she can see my struggles there. I admit it, most
of the time since I have been filing their files here in the stockroom I always
feel so disgusted because its not something that we actually need to learn.
Ive really wanted to learn a lot but here I am doing stuffs not even related
accounting nor banking. Its okay as long as they are treating me right I can
still manage it and I know that theres no spaces for regrets anymore since I
only have few says left.

June 04, 2016

I went there early because they are going to open at 8:30 a.m. today. I went
at the back of the bank where you can find benches wherein everyones free
to sit and the CSB employees had already considered it as their very own
waiting area. They have felt very hot today so Maam Andrea decided to
treat us an ice cream this early in the morning. After, the guard had already
called us since the bank is now going to open. Its good to hear that during
their briefing, they had acknowledged everything that I did for them. I am
almost done on the filing of their documents and I know that it will already
be cleared by Tuesday.

June 07, 2016

Its gonna be my final week and I will be bidding goodbye to them. I am very
happy because I was able to survive that 200 hours. I am already done with
the filing so after that I reported to the manager and she asked me to make
an inventory of their documents which seems to be very confusing since it is
more than 20 boxes and the documents were merged in accordingly which
includes different dates and years. Seeing how thick that inventory sheet is, I
just wanted to cry since I still need to open each envelope and check if those
documents are really there. I maybe be complaining too much but as far I
know that thing is not necessary anymore since even their 2012 file is
included there. I have no other choice so I still did it the whole day.

June 09, 2016

Even though I was almost done with my OJT, I still go there before the time.
Everything was just the same. I did what I have to do. Ive been slow moving


because I am the one working on it. I wanted to fast forward the time so that
I could escape from doing it. And since I was bored, I turned on the music to
put even a little life on that very unlively stockroom. I cannot imagine myself
like this, someone who looks like an outcaste whom have no one to talk to.
Probably this past days has been the most irritating part of my internship.

June 10, 2016

I am only few steps away. I know that I can do it. Just a little more patience
and everything is done. I continued my assigned task. I hate it because there
are also times wherein the edges of the folders slain my innocent fingers. It
seems like everything that I am using there was missing because of the
scattered boxes behind me. It rained today that makes the stockroom hotter
because of the exhausted heat caused by the roof. Today, I have finished two
boxes and that would be an achievement for me.

June 11, 2016

Yes! This will be my last day at the CitySavings Bank. I felt very excited
because I really wanted to finish it already. I can really feel that Im stressed
seeing all the boxes beside me which makes my environment very unlively
not mentioning that its very hot there also. They gave me time to say thank
you to all of them during the briefing and we also took a picture as a
remembrance. They only asked me to fix my unfinished work so that theyll
know what will they continue. In the afternoon they celebrated my
graduation by buying a cake and pansit. I feel very grateful for that. Like
what I have said from the start, it has been such a great experience working
with them! Despite all the body pains Ive got there, everything is still