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Bible 600

The Divided Kingdom

1 Kings Chapters 12-22; 2 Kings Chapters 1-17; 2 Chronicles Chapters 10-28

From Division to the Assyrian Captivity
Solomonhis heart turned away to false gods; so the Lord was angry with
RehoboamSolomons son (became king in Solomons place), made
two major mistakes that caused the kingdom of Israel to be divided:
1) he rejected a plea from some of his people to be easier on them
2) he rejected the good counsel (advice) of the older, wiser men. ..followed
bad advice of young
The kingdom was divided. Two tribes stayed with Rehoboam & became known as
the kingdom of Judah. The ten northern tribes broke away & made Jeroboam (one of
Solomons officials) their king. They became known as the kingdom of Israel.
The prophet, Ahijah, had told Jeroboam that God would divide the
kingdom & give ten tribes to him. Ahijah told him that he should keep Gods
commandments and walk in Gods way. Jeroboam didnt do either one. He declared
two golden calves (idolatry) & declared them to be Israels gods. Ahijah told him
that his punishment would be that his son would die and his dynasty would be
Rehoboam, Abijah, and Asathe first three kings of Judah, the
southern kingdom
AbijahRehoboams son; reigned for three years
AsaAbijahs son; reigned for forty-one years (from the time of
Jeroboam, Israels 1st king until Ahab, Israels 7th king.)
Nadab, Baashas, Elah, Zimri, Omri, Ahabkings of Israel
Nadabson of Jeroboam, began to reign in Israel during the 2 nd year of
Asas rule in Judah; reigned only two years; did evil, caused Israel to
sin; ended the dynasty of Jeroboam in Israel
Baashadestroyed Nadab & all the descendant of Jeroboam (as Ahijah
had prophesized). Baasha reigned for 24 years.
ElahBassshas son, succeeded him
Zimridestroyed Elah & all Baashas desendants & friends. Zimri
reigned 7 years

Omrithe people of Israel rejected Zimi & made Omri, captain of

Israels army, their king.
AhabOmris son, became king upon Omris death. Ahab was the 7 th
king and the most wicked king of Israel. He reigned 22 years. He
married Jezebel & became a follower of her false god.

From Ahab to Jehu

Elijaha prophet of God to the northern kingdom. God sent Elijah to Ahab
with a message that the rain & dew would be withheld. Elijah then disappeared &
the Lord provided him bread & meat twice a day. Elijah then went to stay at the
home of a widow & her son. God (through Elijah) made the food last through the
drought. When the widows son became ill & died, God answered Elijahs prayer &
restored the child to life.
Ahabwicked king of Israel; struggled against God; would not submit to God
or listen to the prophets who warned him; was slain by the Syrians
Naboths VineyardAhab wanted the vineyard but Naboth refused to
sell it to him.
JezebelAhabs wife; wrote letters to the elders of Israel asking them
to proclaim a fast & to have Naboth stoned to death for blaspheming God & the
king. They did as she had asked.
Jehoshaphatking of Judah for 25 years; established peace with Ahab,
King of Israel; joined Ahab in battle against the Syrians
AhaziahAhabs son who became king when Ahab died; After being
injured, sent men to Ekron to ask a false god whether he would recover. On their
way, they met Elijah. Elijah informed the men that God had said that Ahaziah would
die. Elijah called down fire from heaven that consumed the captain & his men.
Another 50 men were sent, same thing happened. When a 3 rd group was sent, they
pleaded for their lives. The Lord told Elijah to go with the men back to Ahaziah. He
died just Elijah had said he would.
Joram (king of Israel), and AhaziahAhaziah was succeeded by his
brother, Joram. Reigned 12 years; evil; worshipped the golden calves.
Jehoram (King of Judah)oldest son of Jehoshaphat; married Athaliah
(daughter of Ahab & Jezebel); evil; worshipped false gods (idolatry)
Ahaziahyoungest son of Jehoram & Athaliah; kign of Judah after
death of Jehoram

ElishaElijahs successor; chosen prophet of God; saw Elijah taken up

into Heaven by a chariot of fire
Naamana Syrian of honor & power; ill with leprosy; washed in the
River Jordan 7 times at Elishas command & was healed

From Jehu to the Assyrian Captivity

Jehuking of Israel who brought an end to the dynasty of Ahab & to the
worship of Baal in Israel
AthaliahAhaziahs mother; took royal authority into her own hands when
her son died; reigned in Judah for 6 years; attempted to destroy all the sons of
Ahaziah, her own grandsons.
Joashson of Ahaziah; spared from being murdered by his grandmother,
Athaliah by being hidden in the house of the Lord for 6 years. When he was 7 years
old, he was made king & Athaliah was slain.
JehoahazJehus son; the first king of generations in the house of Jehu;
reigned 17 years; evil; continued idolatry
Jehoashson of Jehoahaz, grandson of Jehu. Became the 2 nd king of the 4
generations of Jehu; wicked/evil;
Jeroboam IIson of Jehoash; 3rd king in Jehus line in Israel; reigned longer
than any other king in Israel (41 years in Samaria); followed in the idolatrous
footsteps of the person after whom he was named.
Amaziahson & successor of Joash in Judah; reigned 39 years; worshipped
false gods; was slain in Lachish
Azariah (or Uzziah)16 year old son of Amaziah; became king of Judah after
his father was slain. Reigned 52 years in Jerusalem; got leprosy
JothamAzariahs son, became king after his father died; reigned for 16
years; walked in the ways of the Lord became powerful
Zechariahthe son of Jeroboam II, king in Israel; the 4th king in the Jehu
dynasty; wicked; reigned only 6 months; was slain by Shallum, who took his throne.
He reigned only 1 month & was slain by Menahem, who was a wicked ruler for 10
years. When he died, Pekahiah reigned for 2 years until he was killed by Pekah who
reigned for 20 years. Pekah practice idolatry.
HosheaIn the 12th year of King Ahaz of Judah, Hoshea began to reign in
Israel. He reiged in Samaria for 9 years; evil; stopped making payments to Assyria,

so the king of Assyria made him a prisoner; took the people of Israel captive &
relocated them to various parts of Assyria.
**For 200 years, the people disobeyed the commandment of the Lord by
worshipping false gods. **

Before the Assyrian Captivity: Judah

major prophetsIsaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel
minor prophetsHosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum,
Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi
The book of Obadiahproclaims that the Day of the Lord is near. Teaches
that 1) all other nations will be destroyed, 2) Israel (Judah) will be restored, and 3)
the kingdom of God will be established.
The book of Joeldescribed the judgment of God upon Judah by famine & by
drought. Predicted the swarms of locusts that destroyed all the green plants.
Warned people of Judah to turn to Godpray, fast, and repent. Also claimed the
Day of the Lord was near.
Before the Assyrian Captivity: Israel
Jonahministered in Israel during the reign of Jeroboam II; preached in
Nineveh, the capital of Assyria. Was called to warn them about their wickedness &
Gods judgment . Attempted to run from God; was swallowed by a big fish; was in
the belly of the fish for three days & nights. Lesson God taught Jonah: true
repentance receives divine forgiveness. More important than His promise to destroy
wickedness is His promise to forgive the sins of those who repent.
Amosalso ministered to Israel during the reign of Jeroboam II; called upon
the people to repent from their idolatry, etc. He predicted Gods judgment on them.
Hoseaministered about 50 years in Israel; was sent with a message of
divine love. He promised the people of Israel that they would one day be restored.
The Remaining Kingdom (Judah)The period of the divided kingdom ended with
the Assyrian captivity of the people of Israel.
Hezekiahsucceeded his father, Ahaz, as king in Judah;

Judahs revival reform-- opened the doors of the house of the Lord &
repaired them in preparation for revival & reform; ruled in Jerusalem 29
years; trusted in the Lord & did what was right successful ; Revival was
followed by reformsidols broken, alters of false gods destroyed. Genuine
revival in the hearts of Gods people reforms in their livesWhen ones
heart is right with God, he/she also wants his/her life in order to experience
Gods will & love
Judahs oppression & deliveranceUnder Ahaz, Judah had been
oppressed by Assyria. Hezekiah decided to break the bonds of oppression. He sent
the king silver, gold, & other treasures. He then received a letter form the king.
Hezekiah prayed & the Lord promised him the city would be saved.

Hezekiahs sickness & recoveryHezekiah became ill & received a

message of death from the prophet Isaiah. Hezekiah prayed & God healed him. God
turned the shadow of the sun back & reversed the earths rotation.
From Manasseh to Josiah
Manassehson & successor of Hezekiah; became king in Judah at age 12 &
reigned 55 years. Led Judah to worship idols; was taken captive by the Assyrians;
prayed & the Lord restored him to his throne; he destroyed idol worship in Jerusalem
& restored Temple worship
AmonManassehs son, became king at age 22; reigned for 2 years; wicked;
was slain by his servants; succeeded by his 8 year old son, Josiah
JosiahAmons son, became king at age 8; a good king who lived the
righteous life; reigned 31 years; destroyed idolatry & repaired the Temple
*From Jehoahaz to the Babylonian CaptivityAfter Josiah, 4 successive kings
failed to meet the conditions of Gods promise to Solomon in 1 Kings 2:4.
JehoahazJosiahs son, became king at age 23; reigned only 3 months;
wicked; taken captive by king of Egypt
Jehoiakimoriginally named Eliakim, king of Egypt changed his name & put
him in his brothers place; wicked; Nebuchadnezzar took King Jehoiakim (and
Daniel) captive
Jehoicahinson of Jehoiakim, took his fathers place; only reigned 3 months
in Jerusalem; he surrended to Nebuchadezzar
ZedekiahJosiahs 3rd son/Jehoiachins uncle; originally named Mattaniah,
Nebuchadnezzar changed his name & made him king in Judah. He reigned 11 years.
He was captured; his sons were slain; his eyes were put out; Jerusalem was burned;

people were taken captive; This brought to an end the kingdom of Judah & the
dynasty of David after about 350 years.

The Prophets of the Remaining Kingdom

Isaiahlived in Jerusalem at the time of the Assyrian Captivity of Israel;
ministered during the reign of Azariah, Jotham, Ahaz, & Hezekiah; prophesied the
coming of Babylonian captivity
Micahlived about 30 miles SW of Jerusalem; ministered mostly in Judah;
known for his prophecy of the place of Jesus birth; also prophesied the destruction
of Samaria & Jerusalem; related Gods promise of restoration.
Nahumprophesied the destruction of Nineveh; message provided hope &
comfort for Judah
Zephaniahdescendent of King Hezekiah; prophesied during the reign of
Habakkukprophet in Judah during the reign of Jehoiakim; asked why Judahs
sins were not judged; asked why a holy God would use a wicked nation to judge His
Jeremiahministered for more than 60 years; proclaimed the Word of God in
many places; prophesied against those to desire to flee Egypt
Summary of Important Life Lesson from the Review:

Sin costs something. Not only does it hinder the will of God for your life, but it also
affects everyone around you. The desire for "self-rule" keeps you from enjoying all the
good things God has in store for you.
This unit reminds you of these truths over and over again. Leaders insisted on having
their own way. Many of them wanted to do their own thing. What was the price for their
"self-rule"? Besides the obvious; loss of kingdom, health, and life, they fell out of God's
blessings. The price for that is spiritual death.
The outline from the review:

Division and Captivity

Carefully study the bulleted character outline below.

oTurned to worshipping false gods
oGod said his kingdom would be divided
oMade it harder on the northern tribes
oDid not listen to good counsel from elders
oKingdom split; ten northern tribes, two southern tribes
oKing of southern tribes; Judah and Benjamin
oKing of ten northern tribes
oMade two golden calves for worship
oGod told him to keep His commandments and live.
oTore his robe in twelve pieces to show how Israel was going to be divided
oOpposed idolatry in Judah
oReigned 41 years in Judah
oMost wicked king of Israel
oMarried evil Jezebel
oIntroduced Baal worship
oFought against the Syrians with Jehoshaphat
oProphet Micaiah told Ahab he would die in battle
Naboth and Jezebel
oOwned a field that Ahab wanted
oJezebel lied about him blaspheming the Lord
oWas killed as a result
oA good king of Judah
oMade peace with Ahab and Israel
oSent teachers and priests to teach the Law of Moses
oPeace and prosperity during his 25-year reign
oSon of Ahab
oSent 50 men and their captain three times to Elijah

oA king of Israel
oDestroyed Ahab's house and places of Baal worship
oDid not destroy other places of false gods in Bethel and Dan
oGod promised his dynasty would last four generations
Elijah and Elisha
oElisha became Elijah's successor.
oElijah challenged Baal priests on Mt. Carmel.
oGod promised and sent fire and rain.
oElijah parted the Jordan River with his mantle.
oElisha requested a double portion of Elijah's spirit.
oElisha saw Elijah taken up by God in a fiery chariot.
oA Syrian who came down with leprosy
oTold by Elisha to wash in the Jordan River seven times
oWhen he finally did, he was healed
oConfessed faith in the God of Israel
oDaughter of Jezebel, mother of Ahaziah
oKilled all of her grandsons except Joash
oIntroduced Baal worship in Judah
oReigned as a wicked queen in Judah for six years
oBecame king at seven years of age; Godly boy king
oHis grandmother, Athaliah, was killed
oBaal priests and altars destroyed
oThe house of David was re-established
Jeroboam II
oGreat-grandson of Jehu and reigned forty-one years in Israel; the longest
oReigned same time as Jonah
oReigned fifty-two years in Jerusalem (Judah)
oProspered when following the Lord
oTook over the position of priest and was struck with leprosy
oGrandson of Azariah reigned sixteen years in Judah
oWorshipper of false gods

oLast king of Israel
oAssyria conquered Israel
Kings and Chronicles
o1 and 2 Kings covers the history of Judah and Israel
o1 and 2 Chronicles covers the same period but only Judah

Judah and Israel

Carefully study the bulleted character outline below.
oProclaims that the "Day of the Lord" is near which means:
All nations will be destroyed
Israel will be restored
The kingdom of God will be established
oProphesized destruction of Edom
oSecond prophet to Judah
oDescribed the judgment of God on Judah with famine, drought, and
oProclaimed God would pour out His Spirit on all flesh
oCalled to preach to Nineveh, but refused
oSwallowed by a great fish for three days and nights
oPreached to Nineveh who then repented
oGod promises to forgive the sins of those who repent
oSecond prophet to Israel although from Judah
oA gatherer of fruit
oSaid that God promised also to restore the line of David
oLast prophet of northern kingdom (Israel)
oMarriage to Gomer illustrated the relationship between Israel and God
oName means salvation

Partial list of Israel's kings order of their reign

oJeroboam (bad)
oBaasha (bad)
oAhab (bad)
oAhaziah (bad)
oJehu (some good and bad)
oJeroboam II (bad)
oZechariah (bad)
oHoshea (bad and the last king of Israel)
Partial list of Judah's kings in order of their reign
oRehoboam (bad)
oAbijah (bad)
oAsa (good)
oJehoshaphat (some good and bad)
oAhaziah (bad)
oAthaliah (bad)
oJoash (good)
oAzariah (Uzziah)(mostly good)
oAhaz (bad)
oHezekiah (good)
oManasseh (good and bad)
oJosiah (good)
oJehoiakim (bad)(taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon)
oJehoiachin (bad)
oZedekiah (bad and last king of Judah)
The four major prophets in order are Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel.
The twelve minor prophets in order are Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah,
Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.

The Remaining Kingdom

Carefully study the bulleted character outline below.
oThree accounts of Hezekiah's reign; 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, and Isaiah

oFixed up Temple; good preparation for revival

oPriests told to sanctify themselves
oIdols of false worship destroyed
oTrusted God for deliverance from Assyria
oAfter illness struck, he prayed and God gave him 15 more years of life
oReigned fifty-five years in Judah
oBecause of idolatry, captured by Babylon
oRepentance brought restoration of his reign
oRestored Temple worship in Jerusalem
oGodly boy king
oBegan to seek God at age sixteen
oDestroyed idolatry and repaired Temple
oLaw of Moses found by priest, Hilkiah
oServed God all his life
oMinistered during the reigns of Azariah (Uzziah), Jotham, Ahaz, and
oGod revealed David's line would lead to the Messiah
oProphesied the coming Babylonian captivity
oProphesized the place of Jesus' birth
oProphesied the destruction of both Samaria and Jerusalem
oProphesied the destruction of Nineveh, the capital of Assyria
oRelated to King Josiah
oAssisted Josiah with his reform of worship
oRelative of Josiah and a prophet in Judah during the reign of Jehoiakim
oTold by God that Babylon would judge Judah for its sin
oThe just shall live by his faith
oFather was Hilkiah
oProphet during reigns of Josiah, Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah

oMessages were both spoken and written, and sometimes accompanied by

oSaw the destruction of Jerusalem and the Babylonian Captivity
oDied in Egypt