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Resource Presentation

SPED 739-Fall 2016

Resource 1
This is a great handout about development.
Important speech, play, and physical
developmental milestones are provided for
children aged 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 months.
There is also a section on signs to watch for.
The format is a very easy to use checklist that
makes it very user friendly.

Resource: American Pediatrics Society,


This is a weaning chart that provides
information on various textures and types of
foods, and when to introduce them to your

Resource 3
Connecting Families to Community Resources

This is a program that is designed to

screen families with young children
living in Wyandotte County for multiple
risks and then provide referrals to
address their needs. Connections can
give families resources on parenting
skills to household necessities and much
more! It helped my understanding of
how families learn about the different
programs and services in the area.

Resource 4
Successful Kindergarten Transition
Your Guide to Connecting Children, Families, and Schools
By Robert C. Pianta and Marcia Kraft-Sayre

This is a great book that introduces a

model that helps teachers and
administrators develop a solid
transition plan for their school,
implement the plan, and stay
motivated and inspired. This book
has made transition to kindergarten
easier for young children and for
professionals and families.

Resource: Florida Department of Health

Resource 5

Resource 6

Resource 7

Resource 8

American Sign Language University

Autism Resource

Autism Resource

No-Drama Discipline
By Daniel J Siegel, MD
Tina Payne Bryson, PhD

This is website where many signs
using American Sign Language can
be found. I found this website to
be easy to use once I got used to
the format, and seemed to be very
accurate. I was able to use it on my
phone which was helpful when I
needed a refresher or a quick check
of a sign.



I was given this resource from a

teacher at IDC (original source
unknown). This is used as a quick
reminder to look at in the autism

An Early Start for Your Child with Autism

By Sally J Rogers, PhD
Geraldine Dawson, PhD
Laurie A Vismara, PhD
This is a great book to use for teachers as well as
parents. It describes how to use everyday activities
with a child who has autism to help them
communicate and learn. The book allows you to go
through and self-check and fill in the book to specify
the activities to your child.

This book goes through ways to discipline

children without the drama and chaos that can
sometimes come with it. It uses the idea of the
whole-brain child and focuses on why a childs
brain thinks like it does and how we as parents
or teachers can use a relational approach to help
children through strong emotions and