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Pastor Leonardo / Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus

My father was sick. He had serious problems with his health and he was
internated in the hospital. It was necessary to make a heart surgery for himit
was about life and death. We had economical and social problems in the family
aswell..my sisters were entering in the wrong side of lifeI had visions of
ghosts, because my sisters had been involved with these thingsThey ended
up in the streets beggingWhen my father was sick everything was
unstructured, there was problems in every side of our lifes. I had ended up a
five year relationship
And I was looking for god, I went to a catholic church, and many times the door
of the church was closedat that time I was looking for god and thaught he
would be in the catholic churchI went there to look for god because people
talked about him and JesusBut then I didnt know themI didnt know the
word of god
At this point one of my cousins asked me to go to the Igreja UniversalIt wasn
t something ordinary when he called for me to aski f I would join himit was
something special that touched me deeplyAnd when I entered to the church i
felt peacethat kind of peace I hadnt felt i my entire life.
Pastor Ronaldo attended me and read a certain part pf bible to me. Then he
asked if I believed that God could heal my father. I told him, that I didnt have
left anything else to believe in. Then he said: I want you to take part of the
ceremonies everyday in the next week. And i want you to take this blessed of
oil to your father that you can bless him in the hospital.
And I followed his advices, at that week I started on wednesday, went on
thursday and at friday, wich is a corrente dedicated to liberation. There I saw
the manifestation of gods force. And I saw how are the actual quilty ones for all
existing problems. They are these spirits that are actually deamons, that was
the reality I recognizedI knew because I had seen them in macumba. Pastor
told them to show their real nature and tehy manifestated. The spirits
manifestated people in a very violent way. They told that they were deamons
and that they had come to destroy these people causing illnesses, addictions,
and took them to world of prostitution. The spirits took these people to misery
and I understood, and what I saw, couldnt let me think all that was a lie. It was
very real.
Pai Ivan / Umbanda
Since my childhood i had problemsI was my parents only child. I started to
have visions when I was 5 or 6 years old. My parents were worried because I
saw things and had ability to move objects..I started to go to the catholic
church and consult psychologists. One psychologist told my mother that I was
normal, but that we shuld find some one that would understand this other side
in me
We started to wonder around among religions with my mother and we found
and old ladywhen we went there i sat on her side and she threw a huge tero
(rukousnauha) over me and started to talk with me in yorubathen she said to

my mother that she saw that i would helo lots of people wearing white cloths.
At that time I was ten years old. After that my parents accepted the situation
even though there wasnt any mystical side in our family or relatives.
When i finally accepted this fact, I started to study Allan Kardec, witch is the
simplest on of thosein the espiritismo they told me that my spirituality was
stronger that what they could work out in the center. After words I studied all
the ways and ended up in umbanda.