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Raa Middle School


Course Title: 8th Grade Language Arts

Teacher: Ms. White

Contact Information:
Phone: 850-363-9759 (cell) availability: after 4:30 p.m.
Office Hours: open door policy - 8:30 a.m. 9:20 a.m. Mon-Wed & Fris
Website: www.leonschools.net/raa - select Departments, then select Language Arts to
get to website

Parents ONLY survey link (required!): please complete survey provided at link
below no later than Monday, August 22, 2015. http://ow.ly/IEPk3034MI4 (This link will
also be accessible on teacher website above)

Please note: If your child is enrolled in both my 8th Intensive Reading and 8th Language Arts course, you do not
have to complete survey twice.

Required Textbooks:

Florida Collections (no books will be sent home; students will be required to utilize online
component for outside classroom assignments at my.hrw.com UNLESS you have noted a
hardcopy to be sent home via parent survey )
Wordly Wise Workbook (This is their workbook; they will write in this book and must have in
their possession daily; it will be parents responsibility to purchase new workbook if misplaced $10)
Students personal novel: (Student must have an independent novel of their choice at all
times! They are able to check books out via instructors personal classroom library, school
library, and/or public library. Students will have a novel project due at end of each semester;
therefore, its imperative they have an independent novel of their choice at all times. Novel
project will be discussed on website at a later date)

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to provide grade 8 students, using texts of
high complexity, integrated language arts study in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and
language for college and career preparation and readiness.
The content should include, but not be limited to, the following:
active reading of varied texts for what they say explicitly, as well as the logical
inferences that can be drawn
analysis of literature and informational texts from varied literary periods to examine:

401 West Tharpe Street * Tallahassee, Florida 32303

Phone: (850)488-6287 * Fax: (850)922-8658
Raa Middle School Website: http://www.raa.leon.k12.fl.us

text craft and structure

elements of literature
arguments and claims supported by textual evidence
power and impact of language
influence of history, culture, and setting on language
personal critical and aesthetic response
writing for varied purposes
developing and supporting argumentative claims
crafting coherent, supported informative/expository texts
responding to literature for personal and analytical purposes
writing narratives to develop real or imagined events
writing to sources using text- based evidence and reasoning
effective listening, speaking, and viewing strategies with emphasis on the use of
evidence to support or refute a claim in multimedia presentations, class discussions,
and extended text discussions
collaboration amongst peers

Learning Outcomes for the Course: This is a standard based course and each strand identifies
learning outcomes for the 8th grade Language Arts course. Florida Sunshine State Standards can be
found at http://www.cpalms.org/Standards/FLStandardSearch.aspx. In the first box, select English
Language Arts, second box select 8th grade. Each strand delineates your childs learning outcomes
for the 2016-17 school year.
Required Materials Click here to enter text.

Colorful grading pen

Technology Requirements
This course will utilize online components; therefore, Internet access is required. Our school library
opens at 8:45 a.m.; students are able to use school resources with a designated pass from teacher.
Students may also access computers in my classroom starting at 8:30 a.m. (except Thursdays).

Grading: Refer to school wide grading practices for more comprehensive information (available online).

Grading Scale

Grading Criteria

B 80-89
C 70-79
D 60-69
0- 59

Classwork/homework 40%
Assessments: tests

Citizenship Scale (see teacher website for breakdown of scale)

Outstanding Conduct
Satisfactory Conduct
Conduct Needs Improvement


401 West Tharpe Street * Tallahassee, Florida 32303

Phone: (850)488-6287 * Fax: (850)922-8658
Raa Middle School Website: http://www.raa.leon.k12.fl.us


Unsatisfactory Conduct

Conduct Expectations & Class Rules

Students are required to be in seat before tardy bell if tardy, students will adhere to consequences
Students must have all required supplies or will receive deduction in citizenship points.
Students are to respect their working environment at all times this includes respecting teacher, fellow
peers, and any visitors.
Students are to adhere to any procedures for group/center discussion activities
Students are not allowed TO HAVE ANY GUM/CANDY/FOOD/DRINKS in classroom area unless given by
teacher if teacher provides treat, students are required to eat during that class period and are not
allowed to exit classroom with items.
Students are not allowed to have any electronic devices during class period. IF CAUGHT WITH
NO RESTROOM passes are provided during class discussion or group activities

Consequences for not adhering to classroom rules include the following:

1st offense: Warning
2nd Offense: Parent contact
3rd Offense: Detention
*PLEASE NOTE: Any offense exceeding the consequences above will result in an office referral


Students are to be in their seats and reading board instructions before tardy bell
TEACHER releases students when bell rings students are not allowed out of seats unless given
permission by teacher.

Additional FYIS (for your information)

Makeup work policy for excused absences is covered in student handbook and is strictly enforced!
Students are responsible for all information presented in handbook; students have how many days absent
plus one to make up missed assignments. Please note: I DO NOT CHASE BEHIND STUDENTS to
remind them of missing work they will retrieve all missed work from Absent section in classroom.

NO LATE CLASSWORK/PROJECTS ARE ACCEPTED without consequences. Late work will be graded
with the penalty system below. No late work is accepted after three days of due date unless there are
extenuating circumstances documented by parent/guardian this will be handled on a case-by-case basis
and extensions are granted at teachers discretion.


1 day:
8 point deduction
2 days: 16 point deduction
3 days: 24 point deduction
homework assignments will not be accepted late since homework is graded the next

Academic Integrity: Plagiarism is taking credit for someone elses work whether deliberately or unintentionally.
This includes but is not limited to turning in all or part of an essay written by someone other than yourself (a
friend, an internet source, etc.) and claiming it as your own, and including information or ideas from research
401 West Tharpe Street * Tallahassee, Florida 32303
Phone: (850)488-6287 * Fax: (850)922-8658
Raa Middle School Website: http://www.raa.leon.k12.fl.us

material without citing the source. This is a serious form of academic dishonesty and can ultimately result in
serious consequences such as failing the assignment, failing the course and/or disciplinary action. Avoid
plagiarism by carefully and correctly citing your sources whenever you use someone elses words, equations,
graphics, or ideas. If you are unsure of something and are worried you may be plagiarizing, SEE ME

401 West Tharpe Street * Tallahassee, Florida 32303

Phone: (850)488-6287 * Fax: (850)922-8658
Raa Middle School Website: http://www.raa.leon.k12.fl.us