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Question 1.
(Do not spend more than 35 minutes on this question.)
Write a composition of reasonable length (350 400 words) on any ONE of the topics
given below:
(a) Society is influenced more by show than by substance. Relate an incident from your
experience which brings out the truth of this statement.
(b) Men and women should have equal rights. Give your views for or against the statement.
(c) It was the long awaited climax to your period of training for the Parachute Regiment
the day of the first jump! Describe how you prepared yourself for your first parachute
drop , the drop itself, and your feelings after the event.
(d) You have just interviewed a famous person at his/ her residence. Write an account of the
whole experience. You may include the following points : Preparation for the interview
description of the persons home a brief discussion of his/ her achievements What
happened during the interview his/ her behaviour-general impressions.
(e) Study the picture given below. Write a story or a description or an account of what it
suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or may take
suggestions from it but there must be a clear connection between the picture and your

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Answer (Hints) :

This is based on personal experience. The incident narrated must involve the writer
and must bring out the hollowness of the materialistic society. In other words,
the incident narrated should bring out the unnecessary pomp and show.


This is an argumentative topic and the pupil must write only for or against the
given statement. Points must be arranged systematically and convincingly.


This is a personal experience. The writer is undergoing training for the Parachute
Regiment. The narration has to centre around the day of the first jump The
preparation made feeling of excitement or apprehension must be clearly brought
out. The drop must be described vividly and the writing up is to be ended with
the feelings experienced after it was all over.


This is also a personal experience but to be written in a descriptive manner. The

name of the famous person must be stated and details should be factual. The points
given in the question must be covered . Unnecessary details may be avoided .


This is a picture study. The composition must have some relation to the picture. It
could either be a story or a description of what the picture suggests to the pupil .

Question 2.
(Do not spend more than 20 minutes on this question.)
Select One of the following :



You were held up in the countryside one night due to a railway accident. Write a letter to
your friend narrating the incident.


Read the following advertisement :

Suitable young sales assistants- on a
Part time basis- to market garments for a leading fashion
Designer. Apply to the Manager, New Creations,
147, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi- 110024

Write an application in response to this advertisement.

Answers :
4/12, Model Town
Rajpur Road
4th April, 2002
My dear Anjali
I am really very sorry that I failed to keep my appointment with you last Sunday.
Infact, I was all set to come to you and had boarded the train on Saturday evening. The

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journey was quite comfortable as well as enjoyable. Stars in the sky had started twinkling
and people were getting ready for a comfortable sleep. Suddenly there was a sound like a
thunder bolt. The train stopped with a jerk. It all happened in a split second and we were
all too dazed to realize what had happened. Passengers along with the luggage were falling
upon each other. They were bleeding and there was a hue and cry all around.
Later on, we came to know that there was a derailment and three bogies of the train
were derailed. Concerned authorities were informed. People from the nearby villages came
to help the victims. The injured were taken to the hospital. It was told to us that the rain
could not leave the track for the next six- seven hours. I had terrible bumps on my head. I
decided to make myself comfortable in the countryside rest house. Next day I decided to
cancel my journey ahead and came back to my home.
It was a terrible experience for me and an unforgettable memory also. I was bed ridden
for 3-4 days but now I am perfectly all right and you should not be worried about me.
With kind regards to your parents.
Your loving friend
23, Kunwar Kunj
Balark Road
4th, August, 2002
The Manager
New Creations
147, Lajpat Nagar
New Delhi-110024
Dear Sir
Sub: Post of a Sales Assistant
I read your advertisement for the post of a sales assistant on a part time basis in the
Times of India dated 27th February, 2002, and I wish to apply for the same.
I enclose details of my educational qualifications and experience in the bio-data form. I
can provide testimonials and certificates if you require them. If you consider that my
application is worth pursuing, I can be available for an interview at any time to suit your
Yours faithfully
Manav Mishra

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Home Address
Educational qualifications


Extra qualifications


Manav Mishra
23, Kunwar Kunj, Balark Road, Deoria.
(a) Senior Secondary School Examination with
Commerce in first division.
(b) B.A. with Home Science in first division.
Diploma in Stitching and Tailoring.
Worked in a boutique as a salesman for one year.

Personal details
Salary Expected


22 years
Excellent health, Religion: Hindu
Embroidery, Stitching
Rs. 3000/- pm

Question 3.
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :
The saving of certain wild animals from extinction has for many years been a problem
for zoologists and other specialists, but more recently the problem has become so acute,
and has received so much publicity , that most people are now concerned about it .This
may at first seem strange because one of the most gratifying developments of the last few
years has been the passing of strict laws to protect wild animals and the consequent decline
in the hunting of big game for sport. Why is it, then, that some rare wild animals are still
threatened with extinction and even some of the less rare ones are rapidly declining in
number ?
One reason is the march of civilization . When an area is wholly cleared of vegetation
to make room for new towns, factory sites for hydro-electric plants , the natural home of
several species is destroyed. The displaced animals must either migrate to another area or
perish. Even the clearing of land for a road or an airfield may involve pushing back the
jungle, and the smaller the area in which wild animals compete for a living, the smaller
the number that can hope to survive.
Civilization brings, too, swift and easy transport and so assists those who are determined
to break the various protective laws. Thieves can elude the game wardens, shoot an elephant
for its tusks, a rhinoceros for its horn, or a deer for its meat, and be miles away from the
site of the crime before the dead or dying victim is even discovered.
It is sad to reflect that civilization which can bring so many benefits to people who have
previously known only hunger and misery, brings also facilities for the heartless criminals
who, for material gain, will slaughter some harmless animals and threaten the disappearance
of its kind from the earth forever.
(a) Five words are given below. Give the meaning of each word as used in the passage.
One-word answer or short phrases will be accepted.
(i) gratifying
(ii) consequent
(iii) declining
(iv) site
(v) reflect

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Answer the following questions briefly in your own words :

(i) This may at first seem strange. To what does the word this refer ? [2]
(ii) Why does the author think that this may seem strange ?
(iii) How does modern transport threaten the survival of wild animals ?
(iv) Using a single sentence for each, give the meaning of :
1. Pushing back the jungle ;
2. compete for a living.
(v) What is the sad reflection that the author makes in the last paragraph of the
passage ?
In not more than 60 words of your own, mention ways in which the march of
civilization threatens to make certain rare wild animals extinct.

Answers :




as a result
The word this refers to the problem of saving wild animals from extinction.
This may seem strange that even after the passing of strict laws to protect
wild animals, they are still becoming extinct.
(iii) After hunting and killing an animal, the criminals can very easily drive miles
away from the site of the crime. In this way, modern transport helps the
criminals to escape and threatens the survival of wild animals.
(iv) As more and more land is required for construction, the area under forests is
being reduced, the wild life has to struggle for survival within that limited
(v) The sad reflection is that the civilization which has benefitted people has also
facilitated the criminals.
Clearance of big jungles for making new towns, factory sites or roads causes
destruction of many species. Easy and swift transport has helped in animal
destruction because after killings, the criminals can drive away. Civilization has
given birth to greed also. Many criminals kill animals for their own material gain.
The above mentioned factors are responsible for extinction of animals.

Question 4.

Rewrite the following sentences correctly according to the instructions given after
each. Make other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of
each sentence.
(i) John has probably forgotten the date of the examination.
(Begin : In............................)
(ii) Very few countries are as large as India.
(Use : larger)
(iii) The sergeant asked : Did you have any training before?
(Rewrite using : whether or if)

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(iv) If you dont come, I will not go out.

(Begin : Only.....................)
(v) He sold his house to a wealthy diamond magnate.
(Rewrite using bought instead of sold)
Complete each of the blanks (1-5) using the appropriate form of the verb given in
brackets :
The falcons were obviously in a heat of fury when the ravens (1)....................(come)
scouting along the cliff. The falcons (2).................(attempt) to drive away the ravens.
The ravens, however, (3)................(fly) unconcerned to and fro. Only at the last
split second of each falcons drive (4).................(do) the ravens turn over sideways
to present that remarkable beak which (5)..................(can) transfix the falcon were
it to continue its wild drive.
Fill in the blanks with appropriate words :
(i) He was let off ............................. a fine.
(ii) The Principal called ..................... a written explanation.
(iii) Where did you come ......................... this word?
(iv) How did this topic come ....................... ?
(v) The Chairman assured the Committee that he would look .................... the
The following words have different meanings though spelt in the same way. Use
each of them in two separate sentences to illustrate this.
(i) Present
(ii) Swallow
(iii) Bank
(iv) Match
(v) Scale

Answers :


In all probability John has forgotten the date.

India is larger than most of the countries.
The sergeant asked whether he had any training before.
Only if you come, I will go out.
A wealthy diamond magnate bought his house.


(1) came

(2) attempted

(3) flew/were flying

(4) did

(5) could


(i) with

(ii) for

(iii) across

(iv) up

(v) into


(i) (a) We are all set to present our show on the stage.
(b) My friend gave me a nice present on my birthday.
(ii) (a) Because of my bad throat, I was unable to swallow even a single drop pf
(b) Being a migratory bird, a swallow does not stay at one place.
(iii) (a) Many Sadhus meditate on the banks of river Ganga.
(b) I prefer to deposit my savings in a Nationalised Bank.
(iv) (a) There was no match between husband and wife. They were poles apart.
(b) Our school team won the match by two goals.
(v) (a) Wedding decorations were made on a large scale.
(b) An architect is always in need of a scale for measuring proper dimensions.

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Question 1.
(Do not spend more than 35 minutes on this question.)
Write a composition of reasonable length (350 400 words) on any ONE of the topics
given below :
(a) While on a picnic you and your friends decide to go sailing. Unfortunately, your boat
capsizes in a violent storm. However, all of you manage to swim to safety. Give a vivid
account of the incident.
(b) Looking back at the last ten years of your life, describe the events that have been significant
in shaping your personality.

Animals should not be used for drug development or medical research. Express your views
either for or against this statement.
Write a short story to illustrate the proverb Knowledge is Power.
Study the picture given below. Write a story or a description or an account of what it
suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or may take
suggestions from it; but there must be a clear connection between the picture and your

Answers :
(a) In the summer vacation, the days are long and there is lot to do. One can laze,
read and enjoy a lot. One day my friends and I took off for a picnic at a beautiful
picnic spot by the river side. We were very happy and sang songs as we bicycled
along with gay abandon.
We unpacked our haversacks by the river. It was cool and pleasant in the shade
of the tall trees. The view was breath taking. The distant mountains stood
majestically. We were in a merry mood as we strolled along the river. Then one
of my friends had a bright idea. Why dont we go boating. All of use agreed at

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once. Only Raghu was a bit doubtful but no one listened to him. We went ahead
and hired a boat. The club owner gave us some instructions and life-jackets. But
we were too excited to pay attention.
Soon we were on our way. We felt like conquerors as we sped away on the water
with the cool breeze on our faces. It was truly exhilarating . But soon the weather
took a turn. Dark clouds hovered in the sky, a storm began to blow and it started
to rain. We lost control of the boat. All of us were terrified, though we could swim
very well.
We began to shout for help ! Water began to fill the boat and it was sinking. We
put on the life-jackets just as the boat sank. But we were lucky. The owner of the
boat sent out a search party as soon as the weather grew bad. We were rescued
just in the nick of time.
On the shore, many people had gathered. They cheered loudly ,when we were
pulled out of the water. We were dipping wet and nearly unconscious . They
wrapped us in blankets and gave us some hot tea to drink. We were shocked by
the experience, but due to the foresight of the boat owner, a great tragedy was
Later in the day, we thanked him and started back. We realized that we should
not take such risks. We narrated the mishap to our parents, who were glad that
we had such a lucky escape. This experience has made us wiser and we will never
again repeat this mistake. We all thanked God for his benevolence and were happy
to be home.
Today I am sixteen years of age and about to embark upon a new life. Soon I
will leave my school and step into the adult world. But the last ten years have
left a deep impact on my mind. I was just six when I entered school . I was afraid
and apprehensive. But my new teacher was loving and smiled as she took me to
my class. From that day my personality began to take shape and develop.
The little child was moulded into a vibrant teenager. I was taught various subjects
that developed my intellect. I learnt dancing and singing. I took part in
competitions and spoke my views at debates and declamations. I learnt discipline,
the importance of rules and co-operation.
I used to be a fussy eater, who did not like to eat proper meals. My mother
explained to me that in this world many people are dying due to lack of food; at
the same time, the science teacher explained to us the importance of a balanced
diet. Since then I never waste food, take meals at proper time and avoid junk food.
It is a habit, a part of my personality and sometimes even my friends laugh at
this habit of mine.
During my early years, I was shy and nervous. My parents encouraged me to
take part in competitions and debates. They told me winning or losing does not
matter but it is important to participate. This helped me to win many prizes and
today my speaking skills are appreciated by one and all.
My teachers and friends have always helped me. This has made me polite and
considerate towards others. The importance of discipline was instilled in us by
the school authorities, but the most important thing that my school has given to

English (Paper-I), 2003 | 13



me are the values and belief in God, the power of prayer and that the most
important thing in life is to be a good human being. We should always help others
and be good citizens of our country.
These qualities and characteristics are now a part of my personality. They have
become habits acquired over a period of time. I am proud to say that today my
personality has been moulded by my parents, teachers and friends. I shall
endeavour never to let them down.
Protect the earth, save the flora and fauna. I whole heartedly support the
statement. Animals should not be used for drug development or medical research.
Man is destroying the earth for his selfish needs. He has encroached upon the
habitat of animals to build roads and cities.
Man has killed and hunted animals for food, medicines, fur and ivory. Many
species of flora and fauna are becoming extinct due to the cruel greed of man.
Everywhere animals are used for medical research and drug development. It is
the most heinous crime perpetrated by man against these innocent and helpless
creatures. Animals are our friends. They serve us in a myriad ways. Dogs are the
most faithful of friends. Bees give us honey and cows give us milk. The list is
endless. But how does man reward these true friends?
To test a particular drug, the disease is first developed in the animal by injecting
it. The animal then suffers from the disease. It is then treated with drugs. Either
way the animal suffers a slow and painful death. It is worse when the test is
In laboratories all over the world, animals are being killed to save and protect
the life of human beings. The poor dumb creatures cannot retaliate. All over the
world many parks and wild-life sanctuaries are built to protect animals. Is this of
any use? No, because we kill hundreds of animals for medical research and drug
development. Even hunting is banned but what would we call this mass
destruction of animals? From heart-transplants to cloning, scientists first
experiment on animals. Only certain animals are used for this kind of testing. Will
they not become extinct? Will it not lead to tampering of the eco-system and ecobalance?
It is time we work towards spreading awareness of this mass scale killing of
animals. It is cruelty of the worst kind. If we want to save the earth we must protect
and preserve our plant and animal life. We must join hands and stop the use of
animals for drugs and medical research. Let us be truly civilized and not wild
animals in the guise of humans. We must use our intellect to build a better and
more beautiful world replete with plant and animal life.
Once upon a time there was a king. He was very popular among his subjects. He
wanted his kingdom to be the best in the world. He sent his messengers all over
the kingdom to find out how he could do so. He promised rich rewards to anyone
who came up with the best suggestion/ idea.
He got many suggestions. Some wise men told him that he must always consult
holy men before embarking upon any work of importance. Others told him to be

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kind and benevolent to the poor. While others said that he must build strong
armies so that he could conquer many lands and defend his kingdom against
The king was wise and just. He was pious and charitable. These ideas did not
appeal to him. Many times he would go incognito amongst his subjects just to
find out whether they were happy and satisfied with his rule. However, he
continued with his search. He heard that there was a hermit who lived alone in
solitude on a hill. He met only the common people. He was simple and lived in
a mud-hut . He cultivated a small patch of land and spent his time in meditation.
He was also known to be very wise.
The king decided to go to him. He dressed simply and sought the old hermit. He
was well received by the hermit who was busy planting saplings. Forgetting that
he was king, he offered to help. Soon it was time to go back. Just then a man came
running there, he was the brother of one of his enemies. He stabbed the king and
ran away. The hermit helped the bleeding king to his hut and tenderly looked
after him.
In a couple of days, the king was fit enough to return. His guards had come to
escort him back to the palace. The king thanked the hermit and asked him how
he could make his kingdom the best in the world. The hermit looked at him kindly
and smiled. He said, O King, knowledge is power, used judiciously it will take
you to great heights. Remember that the present time is most important. Do not
ponder over the past, as one cannot bring it back. Do not worry about the future
as we have no control over it. But the present is in our hands, use it judiciously.
The most important person is the one you deal with. So, do your best. Forgive
your enemies and love your friends.
The king was satisfied and came back to his palace, and with this knowledge built
a great and powerful kingdom.
There was excitement all around. My cousin in Delhi was getting married to an
NRI. There were hectic preparations. Shopping was done, tickets booked and
luggage packed. I was most excited as I would get a weeks absence from school.
The journey from Pathankot to Delhi is only of eight hours but my mother made
a lot of eatables. She packed fruit, biscuits and cold water. My dad got his camera
to take photographs of the wedding and I packed my jigsaw puzzles. We had a
great deal of luggage!
A coolie carried the suit cases and the hold-all, my mother the fruit basket and
my dad the water cooler and his camera. I also helped them. Soon we boarded
the train. There were so many people all around. We found our seats and settled
down. Next to us was a family that was also going to Delhi. We became instant
friends. During the journey at every station more passengers would board the
train. The boy sitting next to me was Raghav and also in class X. We discussed
our school, our favourite subjects and our teachers.
My mother opened her food basket. We all enjoyed a tasty lunch followed by sweet
mangoes. Time was flying! For some time after lunch we all slept. Then it was tea
time. While the adults had tea, we children drank cold drinks with cake and
biscuits. How hungry one feels while travelling. My mother was well prepared.

English (Paper-I), 2003 | 15

Suddenly the train came to a halt. There was no station in sight! Some passengers
got down. We came to know that some prankster had pulled the chain. My father
told me we should never to do this unless there is an emergency. Some people
just love to create problems, they are definitely not good citizens of India.
The train began to move again. We were just an hour away from Delhi. It was
time to exchange addresses and telephone nos. with our new friends. We had
spent a very nice day in their company. We wanted to stay in contact. At exactly
7:00 pm the train pulled into New Delhi Railway Station. My uncle and aunt had
come to receive us. Once again a porter was called to help us with our luggage.
Bidding farewell to our friends, we took off for home in a taxi-cab.
(380 words)
Question 2.
(Do not spend more than 20 minutes on this question.)
Select one of the following :
(a) You wish to become a journalist while your parents want you to become a doctor. Write a
letter to your mother giving reasons why you should be allowed to pursue your ambition.
(b) You are the manager of a reputed firm. A consignment sent by you to one of your regular
customers was returned with a letter complaining of the inferior quality of goods. Write
a letter of apology, explaining the causes and your plans for replacement.
Answers :

(Personal Letter)
St. Johns Hostel
23rd August, 2003
My dear Mother
I hope that my letter will find you in good health. The year is coming to a close
and soon I will have to decide about my future education and career.
In this letter, I want to tell you that I am very keen to become a journalist and,
therefore, must opt for a degree in journalism and mass communication. This
decision of mine is bound to disappoint you. Both papa and you wanted me to
take up medicine and become a doctor and make a bright career for myself. As a
doctor, you feel I will be financially secure and can also serve my country and
Mother, as you know, science does not interest me at all. It is said: The pen is
mightier than the sword; I want to serve my nation as a journalist. I also realise
that journalism is a difficult profession. But it is challenging and I am determined
to make a mark as an investigative journalist. I do not want to be confined to the
four walls of a hospital or clinic but be a free bird. I also want to bring about
changes in people and society.
Please, Mother, I hope, you and Papa will support my decision. I assure you that
one day you will be proud of your child. Also, do not worry. The beginning may
be hard and tough but today journalists are deeply respected in society. They can
be instruments of change and the future is sky high.
With deepest regards.
Your loving child

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(b) (Formal letter)

Goodman Sports Ltd.
XYZ Nagar
Jaipur City
27th August, 2003
Novelty stores
Sports Nagar
Subject : Ref. your complaint No. Ns/123, regarding quality of goods
Dear Sir
I am receipt of your letter dated 15 April, 2003 and the complaint regarding the
quality of sports equipments in the consignment.
Our representative, Mr. Dinesh Chand, will personally meet you, inspect the goods
and replace each and every item that you are dissatisfied with. He will also make
an enquiry of how such a lapse took place. As our valued customer, we have
always provided you with the best service in the past and assure you the same
in the future. We are deeply distressed by the inconvenience caused to you.
Please feel free to communicate and let us know if you wish us to do anything
further after the visit of our representative.
Yours truly
Ajay Sinha
Question 3.
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :
An important reason for ants success is their ability to talknot with words but with
tastes and smells. Their vocabulary is made up of a mixture of substances they produce in
various parts of their bodies and emit via their glands. The so-called pheromones are signals
that other ants can smell and taste. The messages they communicate set off a specific kind
of behaviour: fetching food, for instance, or looking after the brood or feeding the queen.
Furthermore, ant - talk is not limited to food. Ants use a hundred different scents to
communicate a hundred different messages. With such a sophisticated array of messenger
fragrances, ants organize complicated tasks with close-to-perfect efficiency.
Every ant is a specialist with a vocation of its own. The queen has one of the biggest
workloads-laying eggs round the clock. Despite the presence of a queen, an ant colony is
not a monarchy. The word queen is actually a misnomer. She doesnt reign over the
others, says Holldobler, Shes a machine for laying eggs. From morning till night she
produces her daughters, the sterile workers of the colony. Males dont have to do much
and the queen only produces them when reproduction time is approaching. Their main job
is to fertilize the winged females. After that they die.
Messengers dont have much free time either. When you see a handful of ants scurrying
around in the kitchen without any apparent purpose, it doesnt mean theyve lost their

English (Paper-I), 2003 | 17

bearings. Theyre scouts foraging for food. Once theyve found something edible, they report
back to base, depositing their chemical spores on the way. Food located, please collect,
is the taste and smell message for the other members back at the nest.
Very soon, long chains of nest ferrying food which they hand over to ants who specialize
in housekeeping. The duties of these ants include keeping the nest in good order and
cleaning and feeding the queen.
Jet ants settle in hollow trees where they build papery structures to live in. In these
trees they keep herds of greenflies which they actually milk in the same way we milk cows.
Its a model partnership. To satisfy their need for amino acids, the greenflies have to ingest
large quantities of sap. As a result, surplus sugar forms in their bodies which they excrete
through their rear ends. This so-called honeydew is the jet ants main source of nourishment.
In return, the ants see to it that the greenflies dont get stuck fast in their own honey and
also protect their herds from marauding predators such as ladybirds. Its a form of dairy
farming, says Holldobler.
Dairying is only one of the many ingenious ideas ants have come up with in the course
of evolution. Small red wood ants, for example, regulate the temperature in their high-rise
anthills by sunbathing on warm spring days and then scuttling back to the nest double quick
to give off the warmth theyve soaked up.
An ant colony, Holldobler says, is an almost perfectly organized network of equal status
elements complementing one another in all they do. Ants will do anything as long as its in
the service of the common weal. May be socialism does work after all under certain
circumstances, Holldobler grins. Karl Marx just had the wrong species in mind.
(a) Five words are given below. Give the meaning of the each word as used in the
passage. One word answer or short phrases will be accepted.
(i) Array
(Line 9)
(ii) Foraging
(Line 21)
(iii) Ferrying
(Line 27)
(iv) Predators
(Line 38)
(v) Ingenious
(Line 40)
(b) Answer briefly the following questions in your own words:
(i) What is meant by misnomer ? Why is the word queen a misnomer? [5]
(ii) When do the chains of worker ants move about in a hurry?
(iii) What is referred to as milk from the greenflies?
(iv) What do the greenflies receive in return for giving milk to the ants?
(v) What does the Holldobler wish to communicate by the this sentence :
Karl Marx just had the wrong species in mind.
(c) In not more than 60 words of your own, state how the ants work in a wellorganized manner.
Answers :

(i) range, display

(ii) searching, hunting
(iii) carrying
(iv) hunters
(v) clever, original.
(i) Misnomer means wrong use of a word. The queen does not reign over
others. She is just a machine for laying eggs.

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(ii) The worker ants scurry about as they are very busy carrying food over and
over again and handing it over to the housekeeping ants.
(iii) It is called honey dew and is the main source of nourishment for jet ants.
They milk it from the greenflies.
(iv) The greenflies benefit as they do not get stuck in their own honey, and are
protected by the ants from predators such as ladybirds.
(v) Karl Marx spoke about socialism in man but it works perfectly in the ant
species. In an ant colony there is an almost perfectly organised network of
equal status elements complementing one another and working for a common

The ants are species that work in an almost perfectly organised network of equal
status. They exhibit true socialism. Each ant has an equal status and an assigned
job. The Queen lays eggs, the messengers search for food, the workers ferry the
food while the housekeeping ants keep the nest in good order. Jet ants build
structures to live in and red ants regulate the temperature in the ant bells.

Question 4.

Rewrite in following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Make
other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of each
(i) Had I not helped her, she would not have succeeded.
(Begin : But.............................)
(ii) His unexpected victory surprised everybody in the school.
(Begin : His unexpected victory took...........................)
(iii) If he apologizes, he will be pardoned.
(Use unless instead of if)
(iv) Nobody in our city can run as fast as Usha.
(Begin: Usha...........................)
(v) Joe requested his friend to wait there till he returned.
(End : ......................... till I return.)


Fill in the blanks with appropriate words :

(i) The outgoing manager will hand.........................charge to his successor.
(ii) Her request for a transfer was turned...................
(iii) A man is known.............................the company he keeps.
(iv) Not all of us are alive...........the threats arising from global warming.
(v) You must reach home...................sunset.
(vi) The five players quarrelled.............themselves.
(vii) We have lived in this village............................ten years.
(viii) He found himself.....................pressure to grant the request.
(ix) He proved himself equal........................the task.
(x) He was unwilling to take.........the challenge.


English (Paper-I), 2004 | 19


Join the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and, but or
(i) He found the book at last. It was in the library.
(ii) She received the message. Immediately she went to meet her brother.
(iii) Tom may run fast. He cannot catch the train.
(iv) I saw men at work on a new building. It was to be a factory.
(v) Suresh did not come to school. He did not send in an application.

Answers :

But for my help, she would have failed.

His unexpected victory took everyone by surprise.
Unless he apologises, he will not be pardoned.
Usha is the fastest runner in our city.
Joe said to his friend, Please wait here, till I return.
(ii) down
(iv) to
(vi) among
(viii) under
(x) up
At last he found the book in the library.
As soon as she got the message, she went to meet her brother.
Tom cannot catch the train though he may run fast.
I saw men working on a new factory building.
Suresh neither sent an application nor came to the school.


Question 1.
(Do not spend more than 35 minutes on this question.)
Write a composition of reasonable length (350 400 words) on any ONE of the topics
given below:
(a) You have lived in your ancestral house since birth. The house is to be sold so that flats
may be built. Narrate the circumstances that led to this decision and describe your feelings
about moving out of this house.
(b) Write about two deeds you have done, one of which gave you immense joy and satisfaction,
while the other was a cause of deep regret.
(c) Teenagers today are more worldly - wise than their parents. Express your views for or
against the statement.
(d) Write a short story which illustrates the truth of the statement, Self-help is the best help.

20 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers


Study the picture given below. Write a story or a description or an account of what it
suggests to you. Your composition may be about the picture or may take suggestions from
it ; however, there must be a clear connection between the picture and your composition.

Answers :

My grandfather was a big landlord. He had a great taste of making a beautiful

residential place. So he bought a piece of land five square miles near Delhi. Here
he built his palatial house which took five years to complete its construction. There
was a farm-house, a dairy-farm, a poultry-farm, a pond for fish and a fold to keep
goats and sheep, cows and buffaloes and two fruit gardens. The palatial building
was built at the entrance of the land and every other thing was built with various
sections quite separate from each other. My grandfather had a lot of court-cases
and he was paying heavy fees to the lawyers who were handling these cases. One
day, while coming back from the court, he met with an accident and died on the
spot. After his death, my father tried to handle these cases. But he was having
no experience and he could not understand how clever lawyers were. The result
was that he lost all the cases. He had to sell the palatial residence as rest of the
land my grand father had already sold to pay the fees of the lawyers. In fact, he
had no source of income and no money, so he sold it to a businessman who would
build flats there and one ground floor flat would be given to my father. Such was
the bargain between that business man and my father. Since a lot of debt was still
there to be paid by father, so under these circumstances he had to sell. When the
house was sold we all the members of house were very sad. My mother wept and
I also cried. But what could be done. I had sentimental attachment with this house.
My father and mother had too, but since they were mature so they could control
themselves but I could not. The man who bought the house told us to vacate it as
soon as possible, as he had to demolish it and only then the flats could be
constructed. But before that the architect would make a plan and map of the entire
construction. It had to be approved by the Municipal corporation and then the
cost of the building would have to be estimated and after that the project would
have to be given to a contractor. Tenders would be invited for that.

English (Paper-I), 2004 | 21



This was a huge project and the businessman requested my father sooner you
vacate better it would be for us. My father contacted the property dealers to get a
nice building for us for a year on rent. After a lot of consultations and physically
looking into the various buildings we selected one. The day our household goods
began to be shifted, I was
disturbed a lot. Neither could I eat properly nor
could I sleep. All the day my house and its memory kept on haunting my mind.
My father made me understand that after some months we would get a large flat
here in the same place where our ancestral house was made. Here we would live
again. That made me calm to some extent.
Actions speak louder than our words. In those days, I was posted as a postmaster
in a distant village. There was no higher secondary school, expect a high school.
The school was government school, so you can understand how much labour the
teachers used to do. Infact, they came, marked their presence, asked the boys to
collect milk, prepare tea, eat their lunch and went back to their houses. The
headmaster used to come once in a week just to mark his presence. Of course, there
were two-three teachers who worked a little bit. The Postmaster was having a
large family. His son was studying in high school. He needed coaching in
mathematics. Since I was living above there, I asked the Postmaster to send his son
to me. I had a lot of time in the evening so I taught him not only Mathematics but
virtually all the subjects- Science, Social studies, English and even Physical
Education. He worked hard and the boy stood first in the district. The welfare
society adopted him and he was sent to city for further education. This act of mine
gave me great joy and satisfaction. I could make the life of a person. If all of us
determine to adopt a person and help him, no one will be uneducated and illiterate.
But one act of mine always goes on pricking my soul and always makes me sad
when I recollect it. I was fond of my motor-bike. I kept it very neat and clean and
never lent it to anyone. One night it was raining heavily. A master of the school
came to my house. He knocked on the door and I opened it. He said his daughter
was unwell and the wanted to bring the doctor from the city. He requested me to
lend him my motor-bike. I could not dare to say no, so I made an excuse that it
had no petrol and I could not give it to him. The man requested again and again and
also assured me that he would get it filled the next day. But I flatly refused. The next
day the postman told me that his daughter died the previous night. It was a great
shock for me, but what could be done now. I could not dare to look into the eyes of
the father as I held myself responsible for his daughters death.
From that day onwards, I decided to give my vehicle to anyone in emergency. If I
had given him my motor-bike, perhaps his daughter might have been saved, though
the father of the girl told me that it was fated that he should remain childless. But
still I cannot forgive myself. The death of the girl is a cause of deep regret for me.
Sometimes when I remember the case of postmans son, I feel happy and get a lot
of satisfaction. But when I remember the daughter of the teacher, I am filled with
remorse. So I have decided not to say no to anyone. If I can do a work, let me do
it because a good deed always gives happiness for a long time. But let us avoid
doing anything which may harm, trouble or cause destruction to others.
Wordsworth wrote, The Child is the father of man. But I say, Teenagers are
fathers of their parents. This is an era of computers, T.V. and many more modern
scientific inventions. One is simply amazed to see how the world is advancing.

22 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers


Gone are the days when we used to believe in simple living and high thinking. But
now there has come a revolution not only in the dress but in the way of thinking
too . The modern generation, or to be exact, the teenagers have a very different
outlook of the things. They believe in American style of life. They are even ready to
make payment for anything and do not want to be under the burden of obligations.
They have a different philosophy than what we advanced aged people have. They
believe in similar dresses. Whether a girl or a boy, from the back one cannot
distinguish them. The girls do not believe in long hair. They have bobbed hair, jean
and shirt a similar dress to boys. They have no distinction in dresses, hair cut,
talking and leading a life of independence.
The teenagers of today are wiser than their parents were. For instance, parents
think that money of course, is an important thing for life but money does not mean
life itself. A teenager thinks that money makes the mare go. He or she is a worshipper
of God of Mammoth or Goddess Lakshmi. They believe that those who have money
are the wisest and most powerful persons. Religion does not carry much importance
for them. They can easily violate any religious rite for their one benefit. They are
ready to discuss any topic freely and frankly with their parents or elders.
Regarding marriages they do not believe in arranged - marriages. They would like
to meet the persons whom they are going to marry. They would discuss with them
everything and from their opinion, they would conclude whether the mental level
of the opposite party is suitable to them. They want to know the sources of the
income, bank balances and social status. A teenager does not follow the traditional
things. His/Her test is different, thoughts are different, philosophy of life is different,
music is different and even the relations are also different. A teenager believes in
free and frank discussion. He or she has nothing to do with past or ancestral attitude
of life. A teenager is wiser than his parents as his parents are old and they are still
clinging to the past. They do not want to give up old attitudes. But modern age
does not want this. A teenager does not believe in cast and creed, or idol worship.
Most of the teenagers believe in work is worship. They have boycotted all dead
dogmas and traditional outdated superstitions. They have scientific outlook and
they believe in reality based on practical aspects. They use computer, fax, e-mail
and internet of which their parents know not much. They know what is happening
in the world around. They know the internal and external polices of not only their
own country but of the other countries. They are neither sentimental nor emotional.
They are mentally matured and understand the trend of the modern world which
their parents know not much of. They believe in the hard realities of life where
there is no place for soft corners. They know that without money no one is yours.
Even a son or daughter seems a burden if he /she does not earn his/her bread.
They ways of world are understood by them in a better way than the grown up
people. Therefore, it is a fact that teenagers of today are more worldly-wise than
their parents.
There is a proverb-God helps those, who help themselves. This world is selfish.
People are self-centered. Life is running very fast. No one has time to help others as
he himself is not being helped by anyone else, so why should he help others? The
best help is always from within and not from without. We know the story of
Eklavya, a boy of Gond-Tribe. He want to the great Guru Dronacharya to learn
archery but Dronacharya said that since he was a boy from Gond-Tribe, he could

English (Paper-I), 2004 | 23


not accept him as a disciple, as he taught the princes only. The boy said that
Dronacharya might accept him as a disciple or not but he had accepted him his
Guru or teacher. After saying so he came to his hut. There he made an idol of
Dronacharya and started practising how to shoot an arrow. He was using the hit
and trial method as there was no one to mend his mistakes. But you have heard
that failures are the stepping stones to success, and mistakes are our teachers. The
young man went on practising for a long period of time. During this period he
learnt how to shoot seven arrows together. Thus he learnt by himself as wherever
he made a mistake. He analysed it and found out where he had taken a wrong
step. Next time he was conscious not to make that mistake. Thus with endurance,
patience, regularity and hard labour he became a great archer.
One day Dronacharya and his best disciple Arjun who was also a great archer were
going through a forest. They had a dog also. The dog ran to one direction and then
began to bark. But all of a sudden his barking stopped. Dronacharya and Arjun
became alert. Why the dog had stopped barking. They called the dog and the dog
came but his mouth was shut by seven arrows. Arjun was surprised to see it. He
was thinking that he was the greatest archer of the world. He could shoot five
arrows at a time. But here was someone else who could shoot seven arrows at a
time. He along with his teacher Dronacharya proceeded further. He saw a youth of
well built body with a loin cloth, with bow and arrows. Arjun asked him whether
it was he who had closed his dogs mouth with seven arrows. The youth said that
it was he. In the meanwhile Dronacharya came. As soon as the Gond-youth saw
Dronacharya, he fell on his feet and tears began to flow from his eyes. He addressed
Dronacharya as Guru and called himself his disciple. He took Dronacharya to his
hut and showed him his idol made of clay. Dronacharya found that the boy must
be worshipping his image in flowers and coconut and some incense was burning
there. The Gond-youth asked Dronacharya what he could do for him. Dronacharya
asked him who had taught him the art of archery. The youth laughed and said that
he was the disciple of Dronacharya and who else could teach him. Dronacharya
was confused as he had not given the youth even a single lesson on archery. Then
the boy explained that he used to practise before the clay image of Dronacharya
and asked him again and again whether he was going right. He felt in his heart that
his Guru was with him. So Dronacharya asked him that he has learnt the art of
archery by himself. He patted the boy and said, Self help is the best help.
The basic needs of every human being are - Air, Water & Food. We may live for
many days without food. Even without water we may live for a few days, but
without air we cannot live even beyond five minutes. Yes, the most important
natural life survivor of ours is air. Air which is the most important ingredient of
our life should be pure and germs free. But it is not. It is polluted, impure and full
of bacteria. How can air be kept free? It is in the interest of all human beings to get
pure air. We see now a days, especially in big cities, that people are suffering from
breathing -trouble, lungs trouble and so many other troubles. The basic reasons of
all these ailments are that we do not breathe in pure air. The air is polluted by
smoke coming from all the vehicles whether they are run by petrol or diesel. This
smoke is mixed by carbon-monoxide which is a poisonous gas in itself. This gas
harms our breathing system. Then there are dust particles, germs, and so many
other things which go with the air inside our lungs and make us sick. This air can

24 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

be purified by a natural process. All the green trees inhale carbon- dioxide and
exhale oxygen. If we plant more and more trees and stop cutting green trees, by
and by, there will be more green trees which will give us more oxygen. More oxygen
will purify the air and carbon dioxide will be consumed by trees and they will
release oxygen. Chipko movement was based on this air pollution. A saint started
this movement that trees should not be cut. People were roused against those
persons who had come to cut down the trees from the forest and make it a plain
land for factories etc.
It is our duty to protect trees, to plant new trees. There was a movement started
a few years back - Grow More Trees. Even some great leaders participated in this
movement. Our schools and colleges also came to help us in this movement.
Students plant the plants in space which is available. Government has also become
conscious about the reckless cutting of the trees. The climate is also affected by
the cutting of trees, as trees attract rain and if there are less trees, there will be
less rain. The weather will become different from what it is. Hence trees not only
help us in providing pure air but they also check the weather. In ancient days
there were more trees, then there was more rain. By and by, people went on cutting
trees and no plants were planted in the place from where the trees were cut, so
the weather became warmer day by day. Trees also keep animals safe and sound.
Wild animal also like to live in jungles. They keep a balance in natural process.
Therefore, cutting of trees should be stopped at once. Let us plant new trees on
the sides of roads and protect them. By and by, we shall have more trees, the
problem of the air pollution and various kinds, of lungs diseases will be over.
People will be healthy and happy.
Question 2.
(Do not spend more than 20 minutes on this question.)
Select ONE of the following :
(a) Your mother has won the national award for meritorious teachers. Write a letter to a friend
giving details of the awards, this awards ceremony and the celebrations that followed.
(b) Your school has contributed a large sum of money to the Prime Ministers relief fund to
help the victims of an earthquake. You visited the place recently and were shocked to see the
poor living conditions of the victims. Write a letter to the officer In-charge, Prime Ministers
Relief Fund, drawing his attention to the plight of the people in the affected area.
Answers :

356, Jai Prakash Nagar

26th August, 2004
Dear Shailja
I hope this letter of mine will find you in the best of health and spirit. I have just
received your letter. Thank you so much for sharing my happiness. You have asked
all the details of the celebration of awards, so I am giving you the same.
We got information in the month of July 2004 that my mother had been chosen to
be given the meritorious teachers award. In fact, we had been hoping for the last
five years, her students were ranking first in matriculation examinations. The
Principal had already sent the recommended report about her. Anyway, we got

English (Paper-I), 2004 | 25

information that my mother should come to Presidents hall to receive the award
along with others on 15th August 2003 at 11.30 sharp. We all were happy. My
mother said that she would go alone but my father insisted that I should go with
her. On 14th August we reached Presidents hall at 9 a.m. for the rehearsal. After
the rehearsal we came to the hotel where we were staying.
Next day was fifteenth August. First we saw on T.V. the parade and then heard the
lecture of the Prime Minister. At 9 a.m. we started for the Presidents hall and in
time we reached there. There were other awardees also for various branches. We
were from the education branch. Meritorious teachers award is given to those
persons who have done something special in the field of education. The President
came and after praising the awardee, he delivered a speech and then give away the
medal, a certificate and cash of rupees one lac in the form of a cheque. My mother
was photographed with the Chief Guest while receiving the prizes.
Next day we returned. Father had already invited all friends and relatives .There
was a great function in front of our house. Tents and canopies were installed. A
delicious dinner was given to the guests.
This is how we received and celebrated the award. I hope this much will satisfy
your curiosity. In case you want more, kindly write to me. I am also sending
photographs of the function along with this letter. Convey my regards to your
parents and love to your brother. Here I close it with love and best wishes.
Yours sincerely

284, J.P.Nager
8th October, 2003
The Officer In charge
The Prime Ministers Relief Fund
Parliament Street
New Delhi
Dear Sir
We have just returned from Gujarat after visiting the Earthquake affected area.
Really, the destruction is much more than our estimation. Earth has gone deep into
valleys, houses have been buried into the earth, trees and plantation have
disappeared. For miles only ruin and destruction can be seen. Our school has sent
to your office Rs. Two Lakh Fifty Thousand Three Hundred and Ten through cheque,
the photocopy of which I am sending along with this letter.
The condition of the victims is beyond description. They have no food, no clothes,
no shelter, no utensils and no rations. The children are hungry and their parents
are helpless. They themselves have not eaten anything for days. There is no drinking
water. Sir, I am at a loss to understand where this money has gone. A number of
people collected it by going from door to door. Have you been there personally? If
not, please do go and see with your own eyes how the HUNGER,THIRST and
NAKEDNESS is raging there. How children are crying for food ?

26 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

I am sure that the help you are sending is not reaching there. Please make an inquiry
and see that the poor victims get the things we have sent for them. I am taking some
food in two trucks and going again to help those who need us at this time.
Hoping for an immediate action.
I remain
Yours truly
Rakesh Gupta
Leader, Students Union
Raja Ram Manohar Senior Secondary School
Question 3.
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :
From the edge of a steep ridge, I peered down into the Redstone valley. Like many
summer days in the north- west Alaska, the morning had begun bright and wind- swept, but
now a dark cloud was drifting in from the east. I decided to move on. Camp was still three
kilometres down the hill.
It had been eighteen years since I had first come to this vast untamed wilderness. Still
there was a lure of the place- the chance to live, move and breathe. Settled in Ambler, a small
village in the Kobuk valley, I had found life among the Inupiat Eskimos as rich and textured
as the Arctic landscape around us. However, even a bright summer day could mean trouble.
As I slung my pack onto my shoulders, a big Arctic mosquito thudded against my cheek.
There had been a few of them through out the day, but it was early in the season. The ice had
melted just two weeks before and I had scarcely noticed the mosquitoes. But now as I wound
down the ridge, the last breeze faded, and they were on me. Rising in clouds from the soggy
Tundra, they pelted against my face. I looked for the repellant in my pack, but in vain.
I was flailing away, nailing five or six at a whack, but there were thousands mobbing me
now. They were diving in nose first, piercing me right through my clothes, dozens at a time.
Four hands wouldnt be enough. Years of Alaskan experience had taught me what to do in
such a situation like this. I turned up my collar, cinched my pack straps tight and sprinted.
When I saw my tent, I was still going strong. So were the mosquitoes. They trailed me in
a whining veil. Each time I slowed down, the attack resumed. Pausing just long enough to
unzip the screen door, I dived through to safety. It took me fifteen minutes to hunt down the
hundred or so that entered the tent with me.
After I had cornered the last one, I took stock and tried to relax. My hands and legs were
smeared with blood, and every centimetre of the exposed skin was punctured. Outside, the
insistent wail was nearly deafening. Mosquitoes settled over the tent, making a strange pattern
over the nylon mesh. Not until later that night, when a cold rain swept in and scattered the
mob, did I stick my own itching nose outside again. Local legend has it that an animal, or
human being for that matter, caught in one of these mosquito attacks, can be sucked dry.
Blood thirsty though they are, the big Arctic mosquitoes are frail creatures. These infamous
Alaska state birds, averaging a little over half a centimetre in length, cant even withstand
a substantial breeze. Theyd wither under bright sunlight. Too hot or too cold, too much or
too little rain, they run for cover. They spend most of their brief lives hiding under leaves,
waiting for the right feeding conditions. A still, humid, cloudy evening is perfect.

English (Paper-I), 2004 | 27

The upper Kobuk Eskimos know how to handle mosquitoes. As soon as the river is
cleared of ice, many Ambler people load up their boats and head for the chilly, wind swept
coast to spend the summer. Of course, they also fish and hunt seals but its no coincidence
that this annual migration sidesteps the worst mosquito season.
(a) Five words are given below. Give the meaning of each word as used in the passage.
One word answer or short phrases will be accepted.
(i) peered
(ii) lure
(iii) soggy
(iv) smeared
(v) legend
(b) Answer the following questions briefly in your own words :
(i) Why did the author feel that he should move on ?
(ii) Where did the author come from ? Why did he come to this particular place ?
(iii) Why did the author consider the arctic mosquitoes frail creatures ?
(iv) According to the author:
(a) Why was a still, humid, cloudy evening perfect and for whom ?
(b) In which season was the mosquitoes menace at its peak ?
(v) Why did the Ambler people head for the chill wind-swept coast ?
(c) In not more than sixty words of your own, describe how the mosquitoes came upon
the author and how he managed to escape from them.
Answers :




looked closely
Boggy or saturated with water
covered or pasted
traditional story
The narrator decided to move on as a dark cloud was drifting in from the east
and his camp was still three kilometres down the hill.
(ii) He had come from Alaska. He wanted to settle down here as this place had
lured him. He felt he had a chance to live, move and breathe and the life here
was rich and textured just like the Arctic landscape around him.
(iii) The narrator calls these arctic mosquitoes as frail creatures as they can not
withstand a substantial breeze, sunlight, heat or cold or rain and, moreover,
they are a little over half a centimeter.
(iv) It was most suitable for arctic mosquitoes, as they can not bear hot, rainy,
cold weather .
(v) Late summer is the most suitable time of mosquitoes. They want to avoid
mosquitoes so they head for the chilly wind-swept coast .
The Author was coming to his camp. He was three miles away. He saw a dark
cloud drift of the sky, so he thought to move on. Suddenly, a big arctic mosquito
thudded against his deck. He had scarcely noticed the mosquitoes. The mosquitoes

28 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

attacked him. They were diving in nose-first, piercing him right through his clothes,
dozens at a time. He turned up his collar, cinched pack straps type and sprinted.
Ultimately he reached his camp, unzipped it and ran into it and zipped it back. It
took him 15 minutes to hunt down these mosquitoes which had entered with him
into the camp.
Question 4.



Rewrite the following sentences, correctly according to the instruction giving after
each. Make other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of
each sentence.
(i) The thieves stole everything from the merchant and left him for dead.
(Begin : Having)
(ii) Prerna consulted her parents before accepting the job offer.
(Begin : Prerna did not.)
(iii) The driver lost his job because of rash driving.
(Begin : If the driver............)
(iv) Very few doctors in the hospital are as dedicated as he is.
(Begin : He is.........)
(v) The Principal dealt with the miscreants firmly.
(Begin : The Principal was...........)
Fill in the blanks with appropriate words :
(i) He may turn....................................when we least expect him.
(ii) The Jewel was sold............................thrice its cost price.
(iii) They took............................his company with all its liabilities.
(iv) The new manager gets..............................well with his colleagues.
(v) Please contact me.....................................9 a.m. and 10 a.m.
(vi) Priya was knocked................................by a speeding car.
(vii) Pursued by his enemies, he swam............................. this river to safety.
(viii) They drove him................................the city in their new car.
(ix) ......................................Other things, they found an old sword near the ruins
of the building.
(x) He flew.............................a rage when he was challenged.
Join the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and,
but , or so.
(i) He got married suddenly. This took everyone by surprise.
(ii) He completed the work on time. There were many obstacles.
(iii) Ritus plan is perfect. She wants every one to realise this.
(iv) Sophia is a quiet girl. She is an introvert.
(v) I met Sheilas mother. She works in a school nearby.

Answers :


Having stolen everything from the merchant, the thieves left him for dead.
Prerna did not accept the job offer without consulting her parents.
If the driver was not rash, he would have continued this job.
He is one of the most dedicated doctors in the hospital.

English (Paper-I), 2005 | 29




The Principal was firm in dealing with the miscreants.

He may turn up when we least expect him.
The Jewel was sold at thrice its cost price.
They took up his company with all its liabilities.
The new manager gets on well with his colleagues.
Please contact me between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.
Priya was knocked down by a speeding car.
Pursued by his enemies, he swam across this river to safety.
They drove him to the city in their new car.
With other things, they found an old sword near the ruins of the building.
He flew into a rage when he was challenged.
Every one was surprised at his sudden marriage.
Though there were many obstacles, he completed the work on time.
Ritu wants everyone to realise that her plan is perfect.
Sophia is not only a quite girl but also an introvert.
Sheilas mother who works in a nearby school met me.


Question 1.
(Do not spend more than 35 minutes on this question.)
Write a composition of reasonable length (350 400 words) on any ONE of the topics
given below :

Imagine a situation in which a character from your favourite book comes alive. Write an
imaginary account of a day spent with the character.


The commercialization of festivals has eroded their real significance. Express your views
either for or against this statement.


You have returned to your city after spending five years in a foreign country. The city
has changed during your absence. Describe the changes that have affected the lives of the
people in the city. Give your personal views regarding the changes.


Write an original short story which concludes with the sentence, After it was all over, I
realised that every cloud has a silver lining.


Study the picture given below. Write a story or description or an account of what the
picture suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or may
take suggestions from it, but there must be some clear connection between the picture and
the composition.

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What makes a Dad?

God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagles flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need, then god
combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew his masterpiece was complete,
And so, He called it .. Dad.
Answers :


He took off his mask and suddenly, the person whom I was thinking about stood
in front of me with a magic wand in his hand. Surprise embraced me all around as
I rubbed my eyes but he was still over there. Now I could not decide what to do,
just stand there and stare at him or to move away. He broke the silence with
words, Hey! Will you be my friend ?The reply was yes and we hugged each
That was a jolly good day for me as my result was out and the percentage I achieved
was good. I along with my friends decided to see the fourth part of the Harry
Potter series The Goblet of Fire that was released recently. We were at the theatre
in the nick of time. There was a lot of rush at the ticket counter. To promote the
film, they were giving masks and magic wands similar to that of Harry Potter. The
film was interesting, specially to me as Harry Potter was my favourite character.
During intermission, I went to buy some cold drinks and snacks. While talking to
the person at the counter, I saw a boy that was looking and continuously staring at
me. I did not know what happened to me, but I stepped towards him against my
will as if someone was pulling me. As I reached there, he asked me to be his friend.
It was amazing when he took off his mask. It was the most exciting moment of my
life. To my surprise, he was Harry Potter.
Seeing him in front of me, there was no end to my happiness. I felt like shouting
and telling the whole world, but he told me to be quite as he wanted to take me to
the world of Fantasy, to a wonderland. He told me to shut my eyes, then he
clicked his fingers. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in the magic world by
stepping into a wall. There was a secret door to a place where wizards and witches
were the inhabitants. As we reached there, he wrapped me up with an invisible
cloth. I felt as if the light was passing through me. Then we headed towards the
Magic University where Harry was a student.

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That was really a Magic World. The roof was there but it seemed as it was the
sky. The doors were even opening and closing with some supernatural powers,
opened as we ordered and closed as we stepped in. There were escalators
everywhere. There I saw three headed dogs, dragons, bulky spiders and so on,
which looked extremely dangerous for a moment. Harry told me that they are in
the security of the university. As we reached into his room, the chairs came forth
behind me, suddenly I noticed a skeletons head just above my head that said,
Welcome Akash, very glad to see you here.The utensils moved by themselves
and it seemed as if something was being cooked there. Then I saw the plates flying
in the air, and a table came to me. I was astonished to see all this. Suddenly I
realised that supernatural powers were at work. Harry and his friends talked to
me about my life and experiences. We went through the corridors of the mansion
and at the end of the day, he told me to shut my eyes to go back as it was not
allowed for me to be there after sunset.
But when I opened my eyes, the same boy was standing before me at the same
place but with a different face. He was not Potter but he was Saurav, my friend. I
realised that the whole incident was just a figment of my imagination for ten minutes.
These ten minutes gripped my mind entirely the whole day.

Todays world is a competitive one. Life has become a drudgery of routine. We are
unable to distinguish one day from other. There are however some days which
have a special significance for us. These are the days we celebrate our festivals.
They are like showers of cold water on dry or thirsty land of life. They help us to
deviate from the normal routine of life and refresh our minds.
In the past ages, festivals had great importance in our lives. They not only kept our
traditions alive but also contributed in the awakening of our religious spirit. Man
by his constitution is a religious animal., said Edmund Burke , but unfortunately
,the moral values of festivals are rapidly deteriorating ,making us religious only for
namesake. Thus festivals that served as a foundation of our moral being have been
reduced to total commercialization.
Let us take for example, the festivals of Dusshera and Durga Puja which are
celebrated together. Many days before the beginning of the puja itself, committees
are formed and extensive meetings are held to discuss means for collection of funds.
Committee members are seen with receipt books in their hands going door to door
and not requesting but demanding donations which is at times beyond the means
of the donor. Road blocks are erected at the entrance and exit of colonies, streets
,towns and cities and all vehicles are stopped for donations. Muscle power is often
used with threats to businessmen who are forced to donate large amounts. The
entire festival is turned into a money making racket and in all this excitement, the
actual significance of the festival is forgotten.
Lucky draw stages and the sale of tickets have become a common sight in almost
every part of the city. The public is attracted towards fabulous prizes like cars,
motorcycles, home appliances and various other paraphernalia. In the bargain, the
organizers earn lakhs of rupees as profit .Where does this profit go? Not towards
the celebration of the festival, but straight into their pocket. If this is not
commercialization, then what is it?

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The festival of Holi has also lost its significance. It has become one of the most
dreaded festivals celebrated in our country. This is probably the only festival where
lives are lost in large numbers across the country due to over consumption of
spurious liquor and in many cases, temporary or permanent damage to the skin
due to use of harmful chemicals mixed in the colours.
Holi was once a festival where people met each other and all differences were
forgotten. It is now fast becoming an opportunity to avenge the differences.
Diwali once had a lot of religious value. It has now become a festival of enormous
commercial value. This festival presents opportunity to buy new articles and
luxuries. Prices of items like cars etc. and appliances are dropped to increase
sales. Vast profits are made during the Diwali season.
From the above we can easily gauge to what extent commercialization has eroded
the real significance of festivals.

I have just returned to my native land after spending five years abroad. As I was
on my way I had a feeling similar to that of a mountaineer who is about to reach the
summit. I was ecstatic to be back returning to my native place, Balrampur, after
such a long time. As I was nearing the city, the smell of that same mud intoxicated
me. The same place, the same people but a vast difference in the living standards
and values.
It seemed as if the whole city had undergone a huge metamorphosis. The whole
view of the city had changed. None could imagine that this small sleepy town
could be capable of changing itself into a modern city in just a short span of five
years. The people had now become aware of the importance of education. Every
parent is now desiring to admit his/her ward in an English Medium school. The
importance of studying and speaking in English had finally dawned on them. The
knowledge of a person stands arrested in front of a fluent English speaker. The
people have raised their living standards and now rub shoulders with any other
modern city.
Many coaching institutes for Medical, Engineering and Computer studies have
opened up in different parts of the city. People are now flocking from other towns
and cities to attend these coaching centres. Along with these coaching centres, many
other businesses are thriving. Hostels have been opened up to cater for outstation
students. The Home Delivery Tiffin Service is much in demand because these
students prefer to eat home- made food.
Even in the field of health, the people have become very conscious. Five years back
there could hardly be seen any primary health centres, but now there are available
several govt. as well as private hospitals. Many medical stores and pathologies
have been opened to provide better medical facilities.
Being influenced by the achievements of NASA, the eminent members of the society
have undertaken the task of building a Planetarium in alliance with the govt., the
construction of which is nearing completion. This will definitely benefit the coming
generations in the study of Astronomy and generate interest in young minds. Also
a museum can now be seen in the place which was considered a waste- land of the

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The city also wears a pollution free mask. The people are acutely aware of the
dangers of pollution and a constant drive is enforced to keep the city pollution
free. Trees have been planted alongside the roads and other localities. The roads
are also smooth and well constructed. The standard of the market has shown vast
improvement. In keeping with the enhancement of technology, everything is now
computerised. A supermarket has replaced the previous old bazaar. Now customers
can shop for almost anything under one roof.
Last but not the least, the municipal authorities have also made arrangements for
the amusement of the children as well as the youths. Several parks have come into
existence. The restaurant and resort business is booming owing to a large number
of tourists that visit the city everyday, Shravasti, the place where Lord Buddha got
enlightenment, being very close to the city. The influx of foreign currency has also
improved the economy status. Overall, the city now wears a new look and that too,
a look which one would be proud of.

Strange are the ways of fate. She can be malicious and deceptive at times and then
expose a split personality by showering one with kindness and fortune.
Can you believe a millionaire turning into a pauper overnight? Its indeed a bitter
pill to swallow, but it is true. This is what happened with me six years back, but
today I am back on my feet. I shudder at the mere thought of it.
I am Kshitiz Singh. Six fateful years ago, I was the owner of three chemical factories.
Being a very ambitious businessman, I wanted to scale new heights in the chemical
business. My optimistic attitude and success earned me the respect of the society.
But I was unaware of enemies who were growing at a much faster rate. My arch
rivals could not bear my success anymore, and they hatched a conspiracy against
It is an annual routine. The government sends their representatives and inspectors
to inspect our factories for faulty or adulterated chemicals. Also is checked the
quality of raw materials used and the products of the same. I was completely
confident that like the preceding years, 7this year would be no exception and my
factories would get a clean chit. Imagine my shock when I was told that the chemicals
of all three factories were found to be adulterated and if allowed to enter the market,
would cause much harm to the consumers. The report was filed and the government
took immediate action on this. My factories were sealed and a case was registered
against me. I was summoned before the court with my lawyer.
This was just the tip of the iceberg, the beginning of my problems. I tried approaching
good lawyers to take up my case but no one was willing enough to touch my case
with a yardstick. Everyone backed off. It seemed that they were under some sort of
death sentence if they made the fatal mistake of accepting my case. It was then that
I realised that it was the handiwork of none other than Rafique, a noted and feared
don of the city. The reason was as clear as crystal to me. I had been a witness to one
of his crimes and had testified in court. This had been instrumental in sending him
to jail. He had just recently been released from jail and this was his way of taking
his revenge from me. The matter became all the more clear to me when I received
a call from the dreaded don himself. He admitted that he was the one who had
masterminded all that was happening with me and that all the eminent lawyers of
the city had been warned against taking up my case or they would have to face

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But someone has said that when God closes all doors, then definitely leaves one
door open.
I was still in a daze and completely crestfallen when my childhood friend Kuldeep,
who is a lawyer by profession and practices in Mumbai, arrived after four years to
pay me a visit. Imagine his surprise when he saw a bearded man in ordinary clothes
sitting in front of him instead of a smart businessman who he was accustomed to.
He heard out my story and immediately took a firm decision. He would fight my
case. That day he proved the saying true that A friend in need is a friend indeed.
During the trial of the case we had to overcome many hurdles. Many a times he
received threatening calls, but nothing deterred him from his task. He was like a
man possessed, more passionate about the case than myself.
I still vividly remember the last day of the trial. We were waiting for Kuldeep in
the court. He had failed to turn up. My heartbeats were rising when Kuldeep
suddenly entered the court. He was bleeding profusely. I immediately rushed to
his aid and helped him to reach the witness box area in front of the judge. He was
clutching a file in his hand which he handed over to the judge. He said that there
was enough proof in that file to prove me innocent. He also told the court that
Rafique was responsible for his injuries.
The file contained vital documents concerning the case. It proved that the previous
report submitted by the government inspectors was fabricated. Rafique had bought
them off or rather, had threatened them with dire consequences. The inspectors
were already present in the court. On being interrogated they accepted that they
had been bribed and also threatened if they did not do his bidding.
Everything was out in the open now. Rafique and the inspectors were arrested and
put into jail. I won the case and also all the factories were handed over to me. I also
regained all the lost respect and honour of the society, and it was all thanks to my
friend, Kuldeep, who stood like a solid rock by my side in all periods of trial. After
it was all over, I realised that every cloud has a silver lining.

It is said that God made mothers because he could not be everywhere .Then he
combined all the qualities of nature and made a masterpiece .He called his
masterpiece Dad`. He then brought both together and prepared them for a tough
task to bring up a child. It is also said that a child is usually more attached to the
mother but the driving force of a child to learn and achieve success is his Dad.
I am indeed fortunate to be blessed with a Dad that possesses all the qualities
durable to make him a perfect fit in that capacity .He is my friend , guide and
philosopher, outwardly a stern person but soft as a petal from inside. He knows
perfectly well when it is time to be strict and when to act as a friend. I am seldom
punished and whenever I do anything wrong , instead of chiding me ,he makes me
sit down and talks to me. I am made to realize my mistake and this, no doubt
makes me a better and wiser person.
I vividly remember an incident involving me which required my dad to put all his
fatherly qualities to test .It was our annual sports day and we were moving towards
one of the last races of the day which was the 400 m. dash. I was one of the stronger
contenders for winning this race. Looking down the starting line I was shocked to
see my classmate Abhinav as one of the contenders. Looking towards the left I saw

English (Paper-I), 2005 | 35

my father sitting in the front row of the spectators, a broad smile on his face, giving
me the thumbs up sign.
The race started and as we sprinted forward I thought I could vaguely hear shouts
from behind. We took the bend and I saw a man running on the other side of track
with a boy in his arms. This caused me to lose concentration and also cost me the
Across the finish line I stood and watched the man heaving with exertion and
running along the track with the boy in his arms .As he approached the finish line,
I started in disbelief. It was my father .
He later told me that as the race started, the boys look a few steps and fell down.
My father dashed forward to help him .As he picked him up he implored my
father to help him finish the race. I could not help but feel proud of my father. After
all ,he had helped a boy who had been suffering from polio, to make him realize a
dream of doing things a normal child could do. I clung on to him and tears filled
my eyes and I could only letter the word, Dad.
Question 2.
(Do not spend more than 20 minutes on this question.)
Select ONE of the following :
(a) Write a letter to the Director of the Archaeological Survey of India complaining
about the damage caused to a historical monument in your city due to negligence.
Suggest steps that the civic authorities should take to preserve the monument.
36, J.L. Nehru Road
13th July, 2006
The Director
Archaeological Survey of India
I wish to bring to your notice the deplorable condition of the Victoria Memorial
grounds and of the monument itself. It is sad to reflect that the Govt. earns such
a large revenue from tourists and visitors to the monument but fails to take
appropriate steps towards its preservation.
Being very old, the monument is in constant need of repairs which is not being
done. Due to the trade of daily visitors, disfiguration and breakages in several
parts of the monument are easily noticeable. The grounds are littered with soft
drink plastic bottles, papers and polythene bags, much to the disgust of foreign
tourists. The uncaring attitude of the civic authorities towards the monument
becomes the talk of the day as one leaves the ground to return home.
This monument is of prime importance to the history of our country and it is about
time the civic authorities should realize this. A permanent staff of sweepers and
attendants should be employed without further delay. Necessary repairs should

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be carried out to the interiors as well as exteriors of the monument and appropriate
arrangements should be made to regain its colour and texture which has been
damaged by the ever increasing pollution of the city. Security personnel should
be increased to prevent littering and loitering on the ground. This being done, I
am sure the Victoria Memorial will regain its lost glory.
I sincerely hope you will look into the matter and implement the above suggestions
by stretching your resources to the maximum.
Your faithfully
Sushmita Basu

Your pen friend from Japan plans to visit your school for a month and attend
classes and activities for the duration of a month. Write a letter briefing him/ her
on your school routine. Give any other information that you think your friend may
Tulsi park
13th July, 2006
Dear Dorothy
Received your letter today which filled me with excitement on reading about your
plans to visit my school and attend classes and activities for a month. You have
asked me about my school routine. Well in our country school begins very early in
the morning due to the tremendous heat which persists during the afternoon.
Our school starts at 8.00 a.m. and finishes at 2 p.m. In this duration we have 8
periods comprising of 35 minutes each devoted to subject teaching. We have a
recess of 20 minutes after the fourth period which the students use for refreshments.
All the main subjects like English, Maths, Science, Computer and Social Sciences
are taught during these periods. We usually follow our time-table which is different
for each day. Saturdays are usually the most exciting days and we look forward to
them as it is a half day and most of the activities take place on this day. It is usually
a day for student to compete against each other in house activities. This helps to
bring out the hidden talent of the students.
You will have to book your air ticket from Japan to Mumbai. It would be advisable
to buy a continuation ticket to Lucknow airport from where I can easily receive
you and we can travel back to Balrampur by car. You will be staying with us as it is
a golden opportunity for me to show you some excellent Indian hospitality.
Do finalise your plans and let me know well in advance so that I can make necessary
arrangements with the Principal of my school. If you require any other information,
I would be glad to furnish it.
Yours loving friend

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Question 3.
Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :
The story of Robinson Crusoe, few people know, is based on a real life incident. The
son of a cobbler, Alexander Selkirk was a wayward young man, with little respect for
authority. Abject conditions at sea and the cruelty of the captains made the sailors miserable
in those days. It was not surprising that Alexander became rebellious and malevolent when
he became a sailor.
In 1704, he was a Sailing Master on a ship; when it anchored for repairs near the desolate
island of Juan Fernandez about 650 kilometres west of Chile. They were looking for gold,
which they often got by plundering other ships. In the days that followed, Alexander hatched
a conspiracy. He instigated the other sailors to leave the ship and remain on the island.
They would declare a mutiny. Perhaps, Alexander reasoned, that the captain would accept
their demands if he believed that his men would refuse to sail otherwise. Unfortunately
for Alexander, the crew played the Judas. The captain, getting to know of Alexanders part
in the planned mutiny, left him behind on the island as he was a bad influence on the men.
He was provided with a few necessities, among them, a copy of the Bible.
Alexander, marooned on an island, populated only by wild cats and goats became adept
at hunting and his food soon comprised of fish, turtles and meat. He also made clothes
with goatskin. Although a cobblers son, he could not make shoes. Running barefoot after
goats had hardened the soles of his feet. He read the Bible again and again and slowly took
to reading it aloud. He spoke and sang to the cats and learnt to milk goats.
Once, during his stay on the island, a Spanish ship anchored near the island and the
crew rowed in. Alexander was petrified and hid in the thick foliage. In those days, Spain
and England were at daggers drawn. Fortunately, the Spaniards left after a brief rest.
In February, 1709, two English ships sailed into collect fresh water and shoot goats.
Alexander rushed to them for succour. He looked strange with his unkempt hair, beard
and goatskin clothes. His rescuers understood him with great difficulty. His speech had
changed a great deal. His vocabulary had shrunk and he had to grope for words. They
did, however, manage to understand his story finally.
Alexander took a job as a sailor on one of the ships and reached London in 1711. He
returned home with a large fortune. However, he ran out of his fortune in two years and
had to return to sea. Alexanders adventure became well known.
Eight years later, Daniel Defoe gave the story a new shape with many twists, calling it
The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe. It was now the story of a man who was shipwrecked
on an island and lived alone for an unbelievable twenty eight years.


Three words from the passage are given below. Give the meaning of each word as used in
the passage. One word answers or short phrases will be accepted.
(i) instigated
(ii) marooned
(iii) unkempt
Answer the following questions briefly in your own words :
(i) Explain the phrase, with little respect for authority.
(ii) Why did Alexander become reckless and malevolent when he became a

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What was the conspiracy that Alexander hatched? Why did he do so?
How did the crew play the Judas?
Why was Alexander petrified when the crew of the Spanish ship rowed in ?
Mention two points of difference between Alexanders actual story and
Defoes version.
In about 60 words of your own, give an account of Alexanders adventure on the island.
Give a title to your summary in 3 (c). Give a reason to justify your choice.

Answers :


incited, urged
stranded, left alone
untidy and dirty
This means that he had almost no regard for his superiors. He paid almost
no heed to orders.
(ii) He became reckless of malevolent due to bad or extreme conditions at sea.
He developed this nature also due to the cruelty of the Captains.
(iii) The conspiracy was that he urged the sailors to leave the ship and remain on
the island because he felt that the captain would then be forced to accept their
(iv) The crew played the Judas by betraying Alexander. They informed the captain
about his plans to revolt.
(v) He was petrified because England and Spain were arch enemies at that time.
He thought that if the Spaniards found him there they would kill him.
(vi) The two points of difference are :
(a) Alexander was marooned. He was not shipwrecked.
(b) He lived on the island only for five years, not for twenty eight years.
(c) Being marooned on the island, Alexander became adept at hunting. He made clothes
out of goatskin. He would read the bible loud and used to sing to the cats. He
learned to milk the goats. He once got frightened by the arrival of a Spanish crew.
He was rescued by English sailors after a period of five years on the island.
(d) A suitable title for the summary would be, Marooned. The reason being that it
was only after being marooned that he experienced all these adventures.
Question 4.

In the following passage, fill in each of the numbered blanks with the correct form of the
word given in brackets. Do not copy the passage, but write in correct serial order the word
or phrase appropriate to the blank space.
Example : (0) returned.
After Christopher Columbus(0) (return) from his famous voyage
across the Atlantic, the king of Spain (1) . (wish) to celebrate the great
event and do honour to the man who(2) .( make) himself a national
hero. He (3) (do) so by holding a banquet in honour of the explorer. To
this banquet he (4) . (invite) many of the nobles of the kings court. Some of
them (5) .. (be) jealous of the success Columbus (6) .. (achieve).
One of them sat next to Columbus. He turned towards Columbus and said, Of

English (Paper-I), 2005 | 39

course you (7) .. (be) a brave man but anyone can take a ship and sail on
and on till he (8) ... (reach) land.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words :



The safari parks of South Africa abound . wild animals.

The young man excels both music and dance.
She is a diligent student, worthy. praise.
I saw .. his plan and realised that he was going to cheat us.
I was .. the impression that the meeting had been cancelled.
Always be true . yourself.
The villagers lodged a complaint the corrupt officials.
I can rely .. my sister for help.

Explain the difference in meaning between the pairs of sentences given below :
(i) (1) She must have repainted the car.
(2) She must have the car, repainted.
(ii) (1) The girl, said the boy, was ugly.
(2) The girl said the boy was ugly.


Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Make other
changes that may be necessary; but do not change the meaning of each sentence.
(i) Jasdeep has probably forgotten his mothers birthday.
(Begin : In )
(ii) Mr Sharma advised the children not to go out in the cold.
(End with: , said Mr Sharma)
(iii) For more information please contact the secretary of the club.
(Begin : Should)
(iv) He could not take part in the singing competition as he had a sore throat.
(Use : Prevented)
(v) Ritika returned to school a week ago.
(Begin : It has been)
(vi) She was beautiful and humble.
(Begin : Not only)
(vii) Both the players are not adequately prepared for the tournament.
(Begin : Neither)
(viii) A fragrant flower is the loveliest creation of nature.
(Begin : No other)

Answers :

1. wished

2. had made

3. did

4. invited

5. were

6. had achieved

7. are

8. reaches

(i) in
(ii) at/in
(iii) of
(iv) through
(v) under
(vi) to
(vii) against
(viii) on / upon
(i) (1) This means that she must have painted the car again.
(2) This means that the car needs to be painted again.

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(ii) (1) This means that the boy stated that the girl was ugly.
(2) This means that the girl stated that the boy was ugly.
(i) In all probability Jasdeep has forgotten his mothers birthday.
(ii) Children, I advise you not to go out in the cold, said Mr Sharma.
(iii) Should more information be required, the secretary of the club may please be
(iv) A sore throat prevented him from taking part in the singing competition.
(v) It has been a week since Ritika returned to school.
(vi) Not only was she beautiful, but she was humble as well.
(vii) Neither of the players is adequately prepared for the tournament.
(viii) No other creation of nature is as lovely as a fragrant flower.


Question 1.
(Do not spend more than 35 minutes on this question.)
Write a composition (350400 words) on any one of the following :
(a) You are a spectator at a cricket match. Trouble erupts suddenly in the stadium and you
witness a riot among the crowd. Give a vivid description of the scene.
(b) India has always believed in the value of the family. Discuss the changes, both good and
bad, that have resulted from the break-up of the traditional Indian joint family.
(c) The computer will soon replace the Book. Express your views either for or against this
(d) Write a short story which illustrates the truth of the statement, Rumour is a great traveller.
(e) Study the picture given below. Write a story or a description or an account of what it
suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or may take
suggestions from it; however, there must be a clear connection between the picture and
your composition.

English (Paper-I), 2006 | 41

Answers :

Last Sunday, I went to Balton Park to watch a cricket match between India and
Pakistan. There was a great rush. But I got my seat early. At 9:30 a.m. captain of
both the team came for the ceremoney of toss. Indian team won the toss. They
decided to bat first. The day was not in the favour of Indian team. All the team
went to pavillion with a score of 200 runs in 30 overs. Now it was the turn of
Pakistan cricket team. The team was in full form. They played very well. They
won the match by 9 wickets in 28.5 overs. Indian team lost the match. The public
got furious. They started pelting stones and empty water bottles on the fans of
the Pakistani players. Suddenly the situation turned into communal riots. The
police took the players immediately to the pavillion. Many people were injured
and 20 were killed. People ran here and there to save their lives. Police arrested
many people. After two hours the situation came under control. I cant forget this
dreadful scene. I came back with a sigh of relief that I am safe.


Family plays an important part in everyones life. But now the trend of traditional
joint family is breaking up. In joint family, all the brothers with their wives and
children and parents live together under one roof. But now the system of joint
family has been replaced by nuclear family. A nuclear family has only parents
and their children.
Joint family develops the spirit of co-operation, sacrifice, mutual goodwill and
discipline. But in nuclear family there is a lack of these spirits. Where joint family
is economical, the nuclear family is expensive because all the burden of house is
on the single person. On the other side in joint family this burden is less.
Expenditure on all the things are divided. For woman also joint family is a boon.
Kitchen work is divided among all the women. But in nuclear family all the
household work is on the shoulder of a single woman.
In joint family, if someone wants to go anywhere he has to take the permission of
his elders where as in nuclear family man is free. He needs no permission from
anyone. He can take all the decisions. Woman in nuclear family is not placed within
the four walls of the house. She is no more than a cook and a nurse. They are not
regarded as mere decorative pieces. They are not treated as mere slaves toiling
for their families. They are now functioning as doctors, teachers, lawyers and I.A.S.
These are some changes which are both good and bad in breaking up traditional
joint family. Our society has accepted these changes with no ill-feelings.


The twentieth century has witnessed a great advance in science and technology.
A computer is essentially a processing machine which can perform important
functions in a very short time. It is a well-known fact that the computer will soon
replace the book. I express my views in favour of this statement.
Computers are of tremendous help. Long and complicated numericals can be
solved through computer. Not a book was consulted at all. If we want to write a
speech we download it from the internet. Computers have internet facility also.

42 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

With the help of computer we can go to different websites of internet with no

time. The information we collected from internet is comprehensive and accurate.
This information comes with very good visuals and illustrations. This way is more
interesting and exciting than reading a drab book. Another argument that will turn
all paper books into termite food is that the information can be stored in a
computer and printed wherever required. We are heading towards a paperless
society. In the modern world there is no place for books.
Every coin has two sides. On the other side we can say that the computer cant
replace the book. Computer can never beat the books in the case of use. Just pluck
a book from the shelf and flick through its pages. It is easy than to plug in, log
on, search, select and download. How tedious and boring!
The book is economical. Moreover, text books and general books are graded
according to the age, understanding and tastes of readers whereas computer serves
the same stuff to all. All the information, we get from computer is not authentic.
These information is eventually compiled in the form of a book in the computer.
All manuals on computer hardware, software and tutorial are conventional books.
If you say that the computer will soon replace the book then I am afraid that you
are living in a fools paradise.

Rumour is a great traveller. It spreads like a fire. I was going to Canada by Indian
Airlines. Everything was fine. I had got clearance from custom officers. As I was
ready to board the plane, I heard an announcement from the plane, All the
passengers are requested not to board the plane. It is suspected that a terrorist has
planted a bomb in the plane. As soon as the announcement was made, panic spread
all around. Passengers ran here and there to save their lives. Soon all of them were
taken in custody by the airport authorities at a distance far away from the plane.
Then a special squad of police was sent by. They had special detectors to detect
anything that is alive and working. The search started at 10 a.m. and went up to 2
p.m. Finally the help of trained dogs was also taken. There was nothing in the plane.
After 2 p.m. the air authorities declared that there was nothing in plane. It was just
a rumour. After the announcemnt, there was a sigh of relief on the faces of the
people. The flight after checking all the things, took off.
It is, of course a matter of deep concern that terrorists have become over active
these days. They continue to operate freely throughout the country. The bomb
attacks have resulted in huge losses of life and limb. The government should take
important steps against those people who spread rumour which affects the peace
of the people of our country.


In the summer vacation, the days are long. We can do many things. One day my
friends and I took off for a picnic at a famous Juhu beach. We were very happy.
We sang songs as we bicycled along with gay abandon. We reached there at 10
a.m. The weather was pleasant. The view was breath taking. One of my friends
had a bright idea. Why dont we go boat ?
All of us agreed at once. We went ahead and hired a boat. At the boating club we
saw many yachts also. The club owner gave us some instructions and life jackets.

English (Paper-I), 2006 | 43

Soon we were on our way. As we sped away on the water with the cool breeze
on our faces we felt like conquerors. We saw many people boating in the sea. All
were very happy. We heard many children singing songs. We saw water
everywhere. There was nothing except water in the sea. In the sea we saw
fishermen on their boats. They had huge nets in their hands to catch fish.
But soon the weather took a turn. Dark clouds hovered in the sky. A strong storm
began to blow. It started to rain. We lost control of the boat.
All of us were terrified. We began to shout for help! Water began to fill the boat
and it was sinking. We put on the life-jackets. We were lucky. The owner of the
boat sent out a search party as soon as the weather grew bad. We were rescued
just in the nick of time. We were shocked by the experience but due to the foresight
of the boat owner a great tragedy was averted.
After that we thanked the owner of the club and started back. On the way home,
we realized that we should not take such risks.
Question 2.
(Do not spend more than 20 minutes on this question.)
Select ONE of the following :
(a) Recently you went to a restaurant for dinner and there you saw your favourite sports
star. You had an opportunity of spending some moments with him or her. In a letter to
your friend, give a brief account of your memorable meeting with the sports star.
(b) Your cousin is missing from home. Write a letter to the Superintendent of Police of your
locality, requesting him to trace your cousin. Give all relevant details that may help the
police department.
Answers :

233, Model Town

March 10,200 ...
My dear Ramesh
I got your letter. I was glad to read it that you have passed out class X. In this
letter I am going to tell you about my memorable meeting with the sports star
Sachin Tendulkar.
My sister, Anjali stood first in ICSE class X Examination. So my father arranged a
dinner party. We went to a restaurant for dinner. All of us in a very happy mood.
In the restaurant, we saw Sachin Tendulkar. On seeing him, I was very happy. I
went to him and shook hands with him. I talked him about his game. My sister
took his autograph. She was a fan of Sachin. I told Sachin about the success of
my sister. He congratulated her. We took our dinner together. While taking dinner,
we had no other topic except cricket. We wished good luck to him for forth coming
series and returned home with an unforgettable moment.
I know you will also feel happy when you read about our familys meeting with
Sachin. Convey my regards to uncle and aunt.
Yours lovingly

44 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers


Civil Lines
March 15, 200...
The Superintendent of Police
Police Station No. 5
Dear Sir
Mr cousin Reema, a girl of twelve years is missing. She went for a morning walk
as usual. But she has not returned as yet. It is nearly 8 Oclock. She generally comes
home before 6 : 30 a.m. everyday. I have made all the enquiries. But I have found
no response. Only a friend of Reema says that she saw her going along the canal
bank. A man was following her.
My sister was wearing a blue skirt and a white T-shirt. She was tall for her age
and walks with a slight limp.
Please do your best to trace her and let me know as soon as you have any report.
Yours faithfully

Question 3.
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :
There came to our town some years ago a showman who owned an institution called
the Gaiety Land. Overnight, our Gymkhana Grounds became resplendent with banners and
streamers and coloured lamps. From all over the district, crowds poured into the show.
Within a week of opening, in gate money, they collected five hundred rupees a day. Gaiety
Land provided us with all sorts of fun and gambling and side-shows. For a couple of annas,
in each booth, we could watch anything from performing parrots to crack motor cyclists.
In addition to this, there were lotteries and shooting galleries, where, for an anna, you always
stood a chance of winning a hundred rupees.
There was a particular corner of the show which was in great favour. Here, for a ticket
costing eight annas, you could be lucky enough to acquire a variety of articles pin cushions,
sewing machines or even a road engine. One evening they drew a ticket, number 1005,
and I happened to own the other half of the ticket. Glancing down the list of articles, they
declared that I had become the owner of a road engine!
I looked stunned. People gathered around and gazed at me as if I were some sort of a
curious animal. Some people muttered and giggled, Fancy anyone becoming the owner of
a road engine!
It was not the sort of prize one could carry home at short notice. I asked the showman
if he could help me to transport it. He merely pointed at a notice which decreed that all
the winners should remove their prizes immediately after the draw and by their own effort.
However , they had to make an exception in my case. They agreed to keep the engine at
the Gymkhana Grounds till the end of the season, and then, I would have to make my own
arrangements to take it out.

English (Paper-I), 2006 | 45

When I asked the showman if he could find me a driver, he just smiled and said, The
fellow who brought it here had to be paid a hundred rupees for the job and five rupees a
day. I sent him away and made up my mind that if no one was going to draw it, I would
just leave it to its fate.
Cant I sell it to some municipality? I asked innocently. He burst into a laugh.
As a showman I have enough trouble with municipal people. I would rather keep out
of the way.
My friends and relatives poured in, to congratulate me on my latest acquisition. No
one knew precisely how much a road engine would fetch; all the same they felt that there
was a lot of money in it. Even if you sell it as scrap iron, you can make a few thousands,
some of my friends declared. Everyday I made a trip to the Gymkhana Grounds to have a
look at my engine. I grew very fond of it. I loved its shining brass parts. I stood near it and
patted it affectionately, hovered about it, and returned home everyday only at the close of
the show. I thought all my troubles were coming to an end. How ignorant I was! How little
did I guess that my troubles had just begun!
(a) Three words from the passage are given below. Give the meaning of each word as
used in the passage. One word answers or short phrases will be accepted.
(i) resplendent (line 2)
(ii) stunned (line 16)
(iii) acquisition (line 32)
(i) Which two sentences in the first paragraph show that Gaiety land was popular ?
(ii) Give three reasons for the popularity of Gaiety Land.
(iii) What is meant by it was not the sort of prize one could carry home at short notice?
(iv) What was the showmans response to the narrator asking for help to transport the
road engine ?
(v) Why was the showman ready to leave the road engine to its fate ?
(c) In note more than 60 words, describe the reactions of the public,f friends and
relatives towards the narrator on his winning the road engine. How did he treat
his proud possession ?
(d) Give a title to your summary in 3 (c). State a reason to justify your choice.
Answers :

shocked or surprised
a thing obtained recently
(1) It became bright with banners and streamers and coloured lamps.
(2) It provides the people all source of fun and gambling and side-shows.
(ii) The three reasons for the popularity of Gaiety Land were :
(1) People could watch anything in each booth for a couple of annas.
(2) For an anna, they always stood a chance of winning a hundred rupees.
(3) For spending eight annas, they could be lucky enough to get a variety of
articles like pin cushions, sewing machines or even a road engine.

(iii) It means that anyone who wins had to carry his prize immediately after the
draw by his own effort.

46 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

(iv) The showman only pointed at a notice which showed that all the winner
remove their prizes as early as possible by their own expenses after the draw.
(v) The person who brought this road engine to the Gaiety Land had to be paid
hundred rupees for the job and five rupees per day. It was difficult for the
showman to appoint a person for the road engine. So he sent him away and
made up his mind that if no one was going to draw it, he would just leave the
road engine to its fate.
(c) People gathered around the narrator and looked him as if he had done something
strange. Some were muttering and giggling as they could not imagine anyone
becoming the owner of the road engine. Narrators friends and relatives came to
his house to congratulate him for a thing he had obtained recently. They thought
that it proved a boon for the narrator. They thought that there was a lot of money
in the road engine. Some of his friends felt that even if he sell it as scrap iron, he
could make a few thousands.
The narrator was very happy. He went to Gymkhana grounds daily to have a look
at his engine. He loved its shining brass parts. He patted it and came home after
the end of the show.

Road Engine A Boon

The narrator thought that road engine proved a boon for him as he would get a lot
of money in road engine. All his troubles would come to an end from the road

Question 4.

In the following passage, fill in each of the numbered blanks with the correct form of the
word given in brackets. Do not copy the passage, but write in correct serial order the word
or phrase appropriate to the blank space.
Example : (0) giving
Mid-afternoon while (0) (give) my report to Mrs. Biggs, I (1)
. (hear) a loud thumping (2) .(come) from the direction of
her store room. What (3) (be) all that noise downstairs? I asked.
Probably a rat. I dont hear anything, she replied. I ran downstairs and (4)
. (open) the store room door. There was Mr. Biggs (5) .. (look)
very dusty and very disgruntled; he wanted to know why Mrs. Biggs (6) ..
(shut)him up for hours. He had gone into the store room in search of a walking
stick and Mrs. Biggs, (7) .. (see) the door open, had promptly (8) ...
(bolt) it.


Fill in the blanks with appropriate words :

(i) He refused to put .................... with their interference in his affairs.
(ii) She has been going ..................... the script for days.
(iii) It is our duty to protest .................. injustice.
(iv) He soon became accustomed ............... the harsh weather.
(v) Dilip went out ................. his way to help the poor.
(vi) He was able to put ............. his ideas so cleverly that he impressed everyone.
(vii) He persists ................ teasing the other children in the class.
(viii) I have been waiting for you ..... four oclock.

English (Paper-I), 2006 | 47


Join the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and, but
or so.
(i) Sahil composed a wonderful song. It became a hit.
(ii) Rani reached the spot. We were to meet there.
(iii) Dick met me. I gave him the document.
(iv) Shenaz was very upset. I wanted to help her out.


Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Make
other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of each sentence.

As soon as the Chief Guest arrived, the band started playing.

(Begin : No sooner )
He went to the library and to the bank.
(Begin : Not only )
Though he is very poor, he helps others in need.
(Begin : Inspite )
He does not intend to leave the Company.
(Use : intention)
Do you want some more ice-cream or a slice of cake? asked my aunt.
(Begin : My aunt asked )
They are painting a mural on the front wall.
(Begin : A mural )
Tansen was the best singer in Akbars court.
(Use : better )
You remembered to buy a loaf of bread, didnt you ?
(Begin : You didnt )

Answers :
(a) 0 giving
1. heard
2. coming
3. is
4. opened
5. looking
6. had shut
7. having seen
8. bolted
(i) up
(ii) through
(iii) against
(iv) to
(v) of
(vi) up
(vii) in
(viii) since
(i) Sahil composed a wonderful song which became a hit.
(ii) Rani reached the spot where we were to meet her.
(iii) I gave Dick the document when he met me.
(iv) As Shenaz was very upset I wanted to help her out.
(i) No sooner did the Chief Guest arrive than the band started playing.
(ii) Not only he went to the library but also to the bank.
(iii) Inspite of his poverty, he helps others in need.
(iv) He has no intention to leave the company.
(v) My aunt asked if she wanted some more ice-cream or a slice of cake.
(vi) A mural is being painted on the front wall by them.
(vii) No other singer was better than Tansen in Akbars court.
(viii) You didnt forget to buy a loaf of bread.

48 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers



Question 1.
Write a composition of about (350 400) words on any one of the following :
(a) Recall a remarkable event of social importance in your city or locality. Give a little of its
background, the event as it occurred, and the impact on the lives of the people.
(b) Cinema, both entertains and educates the masses. Express your views either for or against
this statement.
(c) Siblings often grow up side by side in families; yet have very different life experiences. If you
have one or more siblings and feel that your lives have differed significantly, write an essay
explaining the reasons and the effects of such differences.
(d) Relate a short story which has as its central idea advice not taken.
(e) Study the picture given below. Write a story or an account of what it suggests to you. Your
composition may be about the subject of the picture or may take suggestions from it; however,
there must be a clear connection between the picture and your composition.

Answers :
(a) Man is a social animal, and as such, is usually influenced by the events that take
place in society. These events also provide an excuse to escape from the humdrum
affairs of daily life to a world of enjoyment, recreation and sometimes astonishment
also. I recall a remarkable event of great social significance that took place in our city
recently which created a firm belief that there is a God and He resides in each and
everyone of us.
A group of Faith Healers had arrived in our city to conduct a faith healing seminar.
These faith healers belonged to the Benny Hinn Ministries that traverse all over the
world preaching the word of God and performing miraculous healing programmes.

English (Paper-I), 2007 | 49

I, initially, was a disbeliever in the power of faith healing and went along just for the
fun of it, little realizing that I would come back a transformed person.
The crowd that welcomed the main celebrant of the seminar was a meagre 50-60
people who, like me, were more curious rather than believing in the powers of what
they were about to see. The event began with the main celebrant, Rev. Peter invoking
Gods blessings and healing hand on all those present there. After a lot of prayers,
which nearly put to sleep everyone, Rev. Peter called onto the stage anyone who had
been suffering from any acute disease beyond medical repair. A person who had
been suffering from paralysis was brought onto the stage in a wheelchair. He had
been suffering for the last five years and was beyond any medical aid. Rev. Peter jut
touched him on the forehead while all the time imploring God to heal him, and the
man just slumped in the wheelchair and fainted. When after a few minutes he came
around, he stood up from the wheelchair and started walking, much to the
astonishment of the onlookers. There was a roar of applause and people started
chanting prayers. This was the end of day 1.
Day 2 saw a crowd of mostly new believers swell to an enormous 1500 plus. A
number of faith healing miracles were performed that day. Many suffering from
cancer, liver diseases, leprosy, skin infections, stomach disorders etc. were instantly
cured. Every time the method was the same. He would touch the forehead of the
ailing person and the person would faint. Then gaining consciousness, he would
stand up completely cured. By evening, the crowd had grown to a massive 5000
people thronging the park and more and more pouring in as the news spread.
This seminar continued for another two days and it was like a fair. Many were healed
while some were not. This seminar left a deep impact on the people. There was no
preaching of any particular religion, no conversion of any religion, neither any money
nor favours taken. If at all there was any conversion, it was of a non- believer to that
of a believer in God. It was a truly remarkable social event and will remain in our
memories for a long time to come.
(b) FOR : Cinema both entertains and educates the masses. We can safely agree with
this view. If we go back into history, we find that long ago cinema was the only
means of entertainment for the masses. People would flock to the cinema houses to
see a newly released film and to escape from the boring daily routine of life. For
three hours they would lose themselves in a world of fantasy and imagination and
then come out of the hall feeling relaxed and enlightened with some newly acquired
facts that they were not aware of.
We live in a country where a substantial portion of the population has never seen the
face of a classroom. Being uneducated, they would never have known of the rich
culture and heritage our country boasts of. They would never have known about the
history of our country, about our struggle for freedom, the post independence days
and the partition of our country if it had not been for the cinema and movies like
Shaheed, Mother India, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Border etc. These films not only entertained
the masses but also educated them. Cinema also proved to be a constant source of
inspiration with many following the examples set by our freedom fighters and also
those who fought against evil and tyranny.

50 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

Cinema has over the ages matured into a full fledged industry and is flourishing
under the able hands of the multi- talented directors and producers who are regularly
churning out movies to entertain and educate the masses. Cinema pulls in crowds
like no other means of entertainment. With the evolution of multiplexes, cinema has
now been redefined. Now one can see three or four movies under one roof. No
running from pillar to post to watch a movie. Cinema also serves as a tool to revive
our moral and ethnic values. In this modern era and fast pace of life, we had nearly
forgotten who was Gandhiji, but credit goes to the Hindi film Lage Raho Munnabhai
for the revival of Gandhism throughout the nation. People started emulating the
actors of the movie and many turned over a new leaf.
Thus we can safely conclude that cinema is a constant means of education as well as
entertainment for the masses.
AGAINST : Today cinema is by no means a source of entertainment and it certainly
does not educate the masses. Today cinema houses are packed with either low class
people or with anti- social elements that go to the cinema only to pass comments,
tease the fairer sex or to pick a fight. Today, no decent respectable person wishes to
go to the cinema to watch a movie. They would prefer not to have any entertainment
at all than to go through the harrowing experience of being pushed around in long
queues or to hear the abusive language used.
Cinema is largely responsible for the depravity in society today. The vulgarity and
the shameless exposure of the human anatomy have driven the teenagers towards
forming an unethical society where all morals have been thrown out of the window.
Violence packed films have given a new meaning to violence in society. Today
teenagers walk about with guns in their pockets ready to implement what they have
witnessed on the silver screen. Children have become disrespectful and disobedient.
There was a time when children were afraid of their parents and teachers but today
it is the other way around.
Cinema is having a tremendous negative influence on society. It is not only teaching
you how to commit the crime but also how to dodge retribution successfully. Ideas
are generated in the minds of the young and the reckless and then ruthlessly
Today a poster displaying a man holding the national tricolour would hardly draw
an audience, no matter how good the plot and the picturization of the movie may be,
but a skimpily clad beauty would draw enormous crowds even if the movie has no
plot. Such is the change cinema has brought about in the taste of the audience. Movies
with nudity and violence sell while movies on patriotic themes or religious themes
become super flops. Cinema has thus played a major role in the degradation of the
society and must not be considered means of entertainment or education for the
(c) Man is born with an inherent nature and temperament that may differ from all. He
bears his own individuality and, therefore, it is quite natural siblings may grow up
side by side, yet have very different life experiences. I too had two siblings, both
sisters, younger than me. We grew up together but our lives differed significantly.

English (Paper-I), 2007 | 51

I remember myself as always being very mischievous, impulsive and adventurous

and not a very bright student on the academic side while my sisters were always
very persistent, well behaved and good students, the serious sort with a no- nonsense
attitude towards life. Although our parents loved us equally, owing to my mischief,
I would always end up getting scolded for something or the other while my sisters
were always praised for their efficiency in almost everything that they touched.
Unlike most families that dote on their sons no matter what wrong they do, our
family gave far more importance to daughters and I realized this very early in life.
Because of the differences in attitudes, I developed a complex. I felt as if all considered
me to be inferior to my sisters but this was all a state of my mind. Our parents
showed no difference towards us. If chocolates were bought, each one would get an
equal share, each of us would get equally expensive gifts, but as the saying goes
The grass always looks greener on the other side. I always felt that their gifts were
better than mine.
I felt my parents were being biased and would envy my sisters for all the love and
praises that were accorded to them. I felt I was being deprived and this took a toll on
my nature. While my sisters grew in confidence and were outspoken, I became
reclusive and an introvert. I started avoiding crowds and parties. This also told on
my academic results. From being an above average student, I slumped to being just
about an average student. The only saving grace was my fondness for sports which
I indulged in with a passion. I was a keen sportsman and would enjoy the accolades
and the attention whenever I would come home with a cup or a trophy.
It was only when I was about 16 years old and was recovering from a severe accident
in which I nearly lost my life, I realized how wrong I had been over the years. The
pain, the suffering, the trauma my family went through as they saw me lying on that
hospital bed fighting for my life changed my entire perspective. It then dawned on
me that no matter how different our lives may have been, I was loved and needed
just as much as anyone else. Today my sisters are married and living in big cities
while I always the introvert- have stuck to my parents and have joined the family
business, never to leave their sight because I want to be there whenever they need
(d) ADVICE NOT TAKEN : We always tend to be overconfident and trust our own
instincts rather than heed the advice of our elders who are wiser, worldlier and
more experienced than ourselves, which often results in us being the losers.
I had just completed my hotel management course and rather than seeking
employment with any multinational group, I chose to venture into a business of my
own, much to the disappointment of my parents who had envisioned a bright and
prosperous future for me.
I returned to my small hometown and decided to open a good Fast-Food restaurant
which the town was badly in need of. My father was immediately taken aback and
strongly advised me against such a move, the reason being that it was a small town
and since everyone knew everyone, people would try to take advantage and try to
avoid paying the bills. But in my overconfidence, I did not heed his advice and went

52 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

ahead with my project. I took a hefty loan of five lakhs from the bank and got down
to the creation of an exquisite Fast- Food centre.
On the inauguration day itself, I ran into trouble. Many people arrived who were not
even invited; expecting free food and drinks, and I could refuse entry to none. I
suffered a substantial loss on day one but still believed that things would improve.
Business did well for about six months and my restaurant became famous, but then
some people with political clout and some anti- social elements started visiting my
restaurant. They would bring liquor alongwith them and would want to consume it
there, and I could do nothing about it. All my pleas fell on deaf ears and I was even
threatened with dire consequences. Very often the bills were not paid and the credit
lists started increasing in length, with little or no hope of recovery. Families now
started avoiding my restaurant which proved to be a big loss to me.
At the end of the month I could hardly make ends meet. After paying my employees
and the bank instalment, I was left with little or nothing. I now realized my folly but
all I could do was to close down the restaurant. Luckily for me, an outstation
businessman showed interest in buying off my restaurant and offered me a good
price for it. This was the only way I could clear my bank loan and I did not hesitate
in finalizing the deal.
If only I had taken my parents advice, I would not have wasted two precious years
of my life and would not have been a loser. Confidence is good but overconfidence
can make you pay dearly.
(e) THE MAGICAL EQUESTRIAN : Jason was one of the most skilful equestrians the
army could boast of. He could create magic with his wonder horse that he lovingly
called Tornado. He was often praised and admired for the fantastic feats he and his
horse would perform on the field but all these accolades made Jason a proud person.
He knew that there was no one better than him. He was often rude to Paul who was
a junior and a fellow Equestrian. His friends felt this was a serious flaw in him and
tried to make him realize this, but pride had blinded him. Mind your own business,
he would retort, If I am rude to Paul, its got nothing to do with you all. I am the
best and nobody should even try to compete with me, he would declare haughtily.
His friends reminded him that the forthcoming Equestrian Olympics was not very
far away, and this time Paul would be a strong contender as he was training hard for
it. Jason just scoffed at the mere thought of Paul being a competitor to him.
The grand event eventually arrived. The competitors, smartly dressed, stood proudly
with their horses. Paul rode magnificently on his horse Blue bolt and notched up a
handsome 85 points out of 100, which was indeed an exceptional score. Jason just
smirked. He knew it and he was confident about it that he could do better.
Jason astride Tornado performed a series of spectacular jumps and the crowds were
enthralled, but on the last jump Jason lost concentration and failed to give Tornado
the elevation he needed to clear the obstacle. Tornados hind legs hit the railing and
Jason lost control and fell off the horse. Luckily, Tornado landed clear of Jason or he
could have been killed. Jason escaped with a fractured collar- bone, but this fall also
cost him the coveted title of the best Equestrian. Later, while recovering in hospital,
Jason could only whisper to himself, Pride goes before ones downfall.

English (Paper-I), 2007 | 53

Question 2.
(Do not spend more than 20 minutes on this question.)
Select ONE of the following :
(a) One of your grandparents has completed one hundred years of age. Write a letter congratulating
her/ him, expressing gratitude, praise and admiration for the way he/ she has lived his/ her
(b) A company has been marketing spurious medicines behind claims that its product could be
effective in preventing the avian flu or other forms of influenza. Write a letter to the drug
controller general of the directorate of Health Services, examining the claim of the company
and explaining the harm these kind of claims could cause.
Answers :
(a) Civil Lines
1st March, 2007
My dearest Grandma
Please accept my heartiest congratulations and best wishes on your 100th birthday.
You have indeed reached a landmark of your life and have achieved what few could
even hope to dream of.
You have always lived a very disciplined life and have always abstained from
excessive indulgence. Your food habits have also been very controlled and frugal
and perhaps, this is what has led to this landmark in your life. You have always been
a role model for me and I have nothing but praise and admiration for you.
I also feel extremely grateful to you for making us follow in your footsteps because
of which we are leading happier and healthier lives. May God shower you with His
abundance of blessings and may you live for many more years to come.
Your loving grandson
(b) Raj Medical Stores
Gomti Nagar
1st March, 2007
The Drug Controller General
Directorate Of Health Services
I wish to draw your attention towards the marketing of a spurious medicine
Oxeprazole Capsules and injections by Elixir Pharmaceuticals India Ltd. who claim
that these medicines are effective in preventing the avian flu and also other forms of
influenza. Such tall claims have attracted the doctors who are readily prescribing
these medicines to their patients.
Many patients of the avian flu have used these medicines and their condition has
further deteriorated. Many have even been on the brink of losing their lives.

54 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

I, therefore, request you to thoroughly examine the claims of this company and
prevent any more such medicines from flooding the market so that innocent lives
may be spared. Your immediate action in this regard would be highly appreciated.
Thanking you
Yours sincerely
Akanksha Agarwal
Question 3.
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:
The boy was idling in the market place on the look out for mischief. All at once he saw it
beckoning him. Workmen had been slating the church spire, and their ladders stretched
invitingly from earth to steeple.
All children like scrambling up to high places to see if the world looks any different from
an apple tree or a stable loft. Over and above his love for climbing, Michael had a longing to
do things that had never been done before. As he gazed at the spire, crowned by a golden
ball and weather- vane, an idea crept into his mind- he would be the first person in Flushing
to stand on the golden ball beneath the weather-vane!
He glanced around. No one was looking; Michael began to swarm up the ladder. At the
top of the tower there rose a slated spire crowned by a golden ball and a weather-vane. At
last Michael found himself squatting on top of the ball holding on by the vane.
Presently he heard workmen moving below. He did not peer over or speak. He was not
going to be hauled down before Flushing had seen him. The voices died away and Michael
sat resting.
At last he felt ready to startle the town. He pulled himself to his feet, and keeping tight
hold of the weather vane, managed to stand on top of the ball. It was well that he had a cool
head and iron nerves.
Someone must have cast a casual glance up at the vane and seeing his little figure, cried
out. In a minute or two, Michael was delighted to see the market place full of people who
had rushed out of their shops and houses to gaze at the dizzy sight. It was splendid to have
all those eyes and hearts glued upon you!
But Michael did not intend to stay there until he was fetched down, to be handed over to
his father and cuffed before the crowd. After a while he prepared to descend of his own free
He leaned over the ball. The ladder was gone. The workmen had taken it away! A sudden
feeling of sickness and giddiness came over Michael. He mastered it. To wait for rescue was
a humiliating way to end his escapade. He would come down alone, even if it cost him his
The spire at the base of the ball was only half slated, and Michael saw some hope of
gaining a foothold on the old part. He clasped his arms round the top of the ball and let his
body swing down; he was just able to feel the first slate with his toes. Those toes were shod
with iron toe- caps, for Michael was hard on his shoes. Michael kicked with his armoured
toes till the slate crashed and fell in; then he got a foothold on the wooden laths beneath.
He rested for a minute, with aching arms and a stiff body. He must change his grip on
the ball, which was too big to slide his arms down; he must get clear of it, and somehow
grasp the spire beneath. One false move and he would be hurled to death on the cobbles

English (Paper-I), 2007 | 55

Slowly he began to slide his hands together on the top of the ball, and then downward
over its bulging face. Every inch was packed with peril; every inch pushed him backward
towards his death. It seemed to him that he would be too weak to hold on when the time
came for him to grasp the spire.
But at last, the steady, deadly creeping of his fingers brought him to a point where he
could bend forward. With a sudden snatch he caught the base of the ball. The next moment
he was kicking out a stairway in the old tiles and swarming swiftly down. He reached the
foot of the spire, lifted the trapdoor of the tower, ran down the steps, and was caught by his
father in the organ loft.
(a) Three words from the passage are given below. Give the meaning of each word as
used in the passage. One word answers or short phrases will be accepted.
(i) Startle
(ii) Casual
(iii) Grasp
(b) Answer the following questions briefly in your own words:
1. What was Michael doing in the market place? What attracted his attention?
2. What did Michael long to do? What did he plan to do to accomplish this?
3. How did Michael display a cool head and iron nerves?
4. What sight filled Michaels heart with delight and why?
5. Why did Michael not wait for rescue?
6. Use the word face in a sentence of your own such that it has a different meaning from
that it carries in the passage.
(c) With close reference to the last five paragraphs of the extract and in not more than
60 words, trace Michaels descent from the top of the ball to the foot of the spire.
(d) Give a title to your summary in 3C. Give a reason to justify your choice.
Answers :
(a) (i) surprise, shock
(ii) careless
(iii) hold firmly
(b) 1. Michael was idling away his time in the market place and was looking out to do
some mischief. He got attracted by the ladders of the workmen who had been
slating the church spire. These ladders were very invitingly stretched from earth
to steeple.
2. Michael longed to do those things that had never been done before. He planned
to be the first person in Flushing to stand on the golden ball at the top of the
spire beneath the weather-vane.
3. Michael displayed a cool head and iron nerves by pulling himself to his feet and
standing on the top of the ball by keeping a tight hold on the weather vane.
4. The sight of the market place full of people rushing out of their shops and houses
to gaze at the dizzy sight filled Michaels heart with delight. He felt wonderful
to have so many eyes and hearts fixed on him.
5. Michael did not wait for rescue because he did not want to be handed over to his
father and smacked before the crowd for his escapade.
6. If you do not stop telling lies, you will have to face severe punishment.

56 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

(c) Michael clasped his arms around the top of the ball and let his body swing down
and kicked till the slate crashed in. He then got a foothold on the laths beneath. He
slid his hands together at the top of the ball and then downwards, caught the base of
the ball, kicked out a stairway in the old tiles and came down.
(d) An appropriate title to the summary would be The Spiral Escapade because it is all
about Michaels escapade of climbing the spire and then how he came down.
Question 4.
(a) In the following passage, fill in each of the numbered blanks with the correct form of
the word given in the brackets. Do not copy the passage but write in correct serial
order the word or phrase appropriate to the blank space.
Example : (0) am convinced.
I (0) ........................ (convince) that my father (1) ........................ (remember) by all
those who value integrity. He (2) ........................ (be) a man of learning and also saw
to it that he (3) ........................ (teach) his pupil with passion and patience. He, at
times (4) ........................ (use) to lose his temper, but that was because he was always
(5) ........................ (want) his pupils to learn and learn well. As a person, he was
honest and simple. His greatness (6) ........................ (lie) in the fact that he
(7) ........................ (have) a pure heart, devoid of malice. Such a man is always valued
and (8) ........................ (be) very rare to find.
(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words :
1. Truth always prevails ........................ the long run.
2. Sujata stood ........................ the river and watched the ship pass by.
3. She took some money ........................ her father to buy a video game.
4. Shilpa gave me a rare gift ........................ my birthday.
5. Deepak was very upset ........................ me.
6. Michelle is longing ........................ meet me.
7. It has been a long time ........................ I met my sister.
8. The worker asked ........................ his wages.
(c) Join the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and, but
or so:
1. John gave me the novel. John wanted me to review it.
2. Debjani received my note. She sent her reply within a week.
3. Raja is a great footballer. He is also popular.
4. Jennifer saw that I was confused. She came to my rescue.
(d) Rewrite the following sentences according to the instruction given after each.. Make
other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of each sentence:
1. Anne paid a heavy price for her recklessness.
(Begin : It ...................................................................)

English (Paper-I), 2007 | 57

2. No sooner had Rama narrated the story than he was praised.

(Begin : Hardly ...................................................................)
3. Tanuja is a very friendly girl and is always cheerful.
(Begin: Besides ...................................................................)
4. They had to put off the garden party because of the heavy rain.
(Begin: The heavy ...................................................................)
5. Margaret said to me, Please do not forget to meet me tomorrow.
(Begin: I was ...................................................................)
6. Inspite of my warning Dev, he ignored me.
(Begin: Though ...................................................................)
7. The business talks failed because neither side was willing to compromise.
(Begin: Since ...................................................................)
8. They were very afraid so they could not speak.
(Begin: Being ...................................................................)
Answers :

1. is remembered

2. was

3. taught

4. used

5. wanted

6. lay

7. had

8. is


1. in

2. beside

3. from

4. on, for

5. with

6. to

7. since

8. for


1. John wanted me to review the novel he gave me.

2. On receiving my note, Debjani sent her reply within a week.
3. Raja is a great popular footballer.
4. Seeing that I was confused, Jennifer came to my rescue.


1. It was a heavy price that Anna paid for her recklessness.

2. Hardly had Rama narrated the story when he was praised.
3. Besides being a very friendly girl, Tanuja is always cheerful.
4. The heavy rain caused the garden party to be put off.
5. I was requested by Margaret not to forget to meet her the following day.
6. Though I had warned Dev, yet he ignored me.
7. Since neither side was willing to compromise, the business talks failed.
8. Being very afraid, they could not speak.

58 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers


Question 1.
(Do not spend more than 35 minutes on this question.)
Write a composition (350-400 words) on any one of the following :
(a) Write a short story in which a little girl, her twin brother and the school bully are the
main characters.
(b) No other subject taught in school is as important as Moral Science. Express your
views either for or against this statement.
(c) Elements of Western Culture have had a very influential role on cultures of the world.
How are these elements different from those of Indian culture? What according to you,
should we as Indians adopt from the West to make life more meaningful.
(d) A village fair is very different from a city one. It is usually held annually and is
connected with a religious festival or harvest. The purpose of such fairs is usually trade
and to exhibit and sell village handicrafts. Describe one such fair.
(e) Study the picture given below. Write a story or a description or an account of what it
suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or you may
take suggestions from it; however, there must be a clear connection between the picture
and your composition.

Answers :


Life is not mere existence; it means living with a purpose or a mission and a
sense of achievement and worthiness. Life is best lived and enjoyed if the odds of
life are faced boldly and fearlessly. It is a cowardly life if one is always searching
a refuge or protection from the onslaughts of misfortunes or adversaries. Being

English (Paper-I), 2008 | 59

bold and self-confident helps in scaring away all opposition and criticism. The
blows of storms shed their severity if one stands against them with courage,
patience and determination. But all this is learnt in the school of life, which is a
much bigger world than what is imagined of when one is at school.
The Khurana family lived in a small town and led a very simple and contented
life. Sudarshan Khurana, the head of family, was a clerk in a bank. His wife,
Suman Khurana, was a good homemaker. Though a graduate, she preferred to
stay at home giving attention to her twinsAyusha and Manish. Their upbringing
took most of her time. She looked after them well and helped them in their
studies and homework. Ayusha and Manish had only physical resemblance, not
temperamental. Whereas Ayusha was smart, imaginative and artistic in tastes,
Manish lived in a world of day-dreaming. He would sit for hours on the outerwall
of the house and think of the world beyond the clouds and the stars. Ayusha was
always in the good books of her parents and teachers. Manish, on the other hand,
was slow at his lessons and could pass, getting just average marks.
Discipline in their school was at a discount. There was much rowdyism and
indiscipline in their school. The bullies ruled the roost. They were not only a big
headache for their teachers but also for the juniors and physically weak persons.
Manish, being weak, lean and thin, was the butt of ridicule and fun. He lacked
guts to stand up against the bullies who harassed him and always made his stay
at school uneasy. They even went to the extent of ogling at girls, not sparing
innocent Ayusha.
Joga was one such bully in their school. He took no interest in his studies and
indulged in all such activities which gave him sadistic pleasure. Gradually, his
activities were supported by some other students of his temperament. Joga, being
the son of a local leader, was having his own way, little caring for the warnings
of his teachers. He had become unmanageable inded.
Ayusha pondered over the problem very seriously. It was just by chance that she
came across a book Stop Worrying. She read it and found a key to the solution
of her problem. She confided with some of her friends. She told them that they
should go to the father of the bully and explain everything about Jogas ways.
Ayusha was a girl of strong determination and will power. She clearly told her
friends that united they would stand and fight for their honour and dignity.
There was some diffidence in some girls. But she prevailed over them soon. She
even inspired some friends of Manish to join her and her friends in rooting out
the evil and bringing healthier academic environment in the school. It is rightly
said that all forces of nature join together in lending support to a person launching
on a noble mission. Even the parents of the boys and girls lent their support to
this campaign. They all went together under the leadership of Ayusha. Seeing
such a big assembly of boys and girls, Jogas father sensed the seriousness of the
issue and learnt the purpose of their visit and entreaty. He, being good at heart,
assured them that he would bring his son to book and on the right path. All
praised Ayusha for her courage and leadership. Henceforth, the things changed
for the better. The bullies went underground or reformed their ways.

60 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

(b) (i) Worthy Teachers and dear friends, I would like to speak in favour of the
topic : No other subject taught in school is as important as Moral Science.
Morality is the basis of mans character. He may occupy any big position in
society, may hold any high office in life, but if he is morally bankrupt or
suspect, he is bound to lose his honour and status sooner than later. In this
way the importance of moral science as the subject taught in school cannot be
denied. But it is sad that too much emphasis is laid on the teaching of other
subjects and applied sciences in schools and almost no attention is given to
the inculcation of moral values like truth, honesty, patience, charity, etc.
The child is the father of the man. It means the first lessons or impressions
learnt or gained in early childhood go a long way in shaping or moulding his
personality. As the child is the future leader and architect of the society and
the nation, it is essential that he is caught when very young before corrupting
influences of the world begin to vitiate his mind. Gandhiji rightly believed
that the training of the soul is even more important than teaching subjects of
study. According to Gandhiji, this training of the soul can be best given by a
teacher to his pupil. Children learn by watching the behaviour of the elders
around. So, a teacher can influence the character of his student even sitting
miles away from him. A teacher can easily inspire the pupils with his
exemplary self-discipline and moral soundness. Moreover, celebration of days
like grandparents day, visits to old age homes or orphans can help the young
mind imbibe the virtues like sympathy and sacrifice and deeds of philanthropy.
The world is too much with us. We remain engrossed in gaining material
prosperity, trying to buy all the comforts and amenities of life. But at what
cost ? We are making a very bad bargain. We indulge in all mean activities
throwing our morals to the wind. Can we expect the young one to follow a
path of virtue and simplicity if we ourselves follow the dictates of the Devil
or Satan. In this materialistic world, the essence of true life has eroded
somewhere. But can we evade our responsibility of inspiring life based on
noble principles of high thinking and simple living ? That way moral science
is not only a subject but the only subject to be taught in the school. The
school curriculum should be so designed that teaching of moral science is
made the basis of all learning. Rather than simply stuffing the brains with the
dry facts of the universe and of science without their relevance or application
in life, students should be given education on morality and goodness. They
should be taught the ethics and aesthetics, about God and Gods holy plan of
unity between man and man and his universe. The spirit of humanism, that
we all are the children of the same Almighty Father, should be fostered. No
men are foreign, we are all the brethren. Charity, tolerance, forgiveness,
amity should be the objective of true education. The benefits of science can
be best reaped if we become citizens of the world and learn to live in coexistence and cooperation. The clouds of impending war and its dire
consequences will no longer threaten the world if morality and self-sacrifice
taught by moral teachers and scientists become our watchwords. I would
like to echo the sentiments expressed by John Keats who remarked that

English (Paper-I), 2008 | 61

Beauty is Truth. Likewise I would say moral science is all that we need to
teach in the schools. It should have an edge over all other subjects. Thank
Friends, I stand before you to contradict the statement No other subject
taught in school is as important as Moral Science. I would rather emphasise
the point that knowledge is big power and this power comes through learning
not merely Moral Science but all other subjects even more seriously and
intensively. Subjects like geography will unfold the mysterious of the different
regions on the globe. The study of applied sciences like Maths, Chemistry,
Physics, Biology will unravel the vast potentialities that can enrich our life
and resolve many mysteries about the atom and element, land and sky, stars
and planets.
Whereas not much effort is required to learn ethics and morality, much
mental labour is involved in learning subjects dealing with different branches
of learning. Moral Science teaches us about moral good or bad which can be
learnt spontaneously and instinctively by watching the behaviour of the
eldersteachers, parents and the great personalities we come across daily.
Too much didacticism is never productive and does not have much healthy
influence on the young minds when they find a big gap between what is
preached and what is actually practised in the world. People put on a sheeps
clothing but act as wolves within. In this way if Moral Science is given more
importance it will not make the students knowledge hungry. When a herculean
labour is involved in learning about the universe in which we live, much
more labour and knowledge is required to know what is beyond the universe.
In this way, the study of subjects like Physics and Chemistry and even Biology
is of more importance than Moral Science.
Just imagine what our life would have been without Applied Science ? Could
Moral Science alone provide us all luxuries and amenities we are enjoying
these days ? The great advancement in technology in conquering time and
space has been possible because much more emphasis is being laid on the
study of science. Now Environmental Study is being given more importance
and it is made compulsory subject at all levels of school education. The
global warming is threateningly increasing, posing unimaginable danger to
our hard-gained advancement in civilisation. More and more stress is being
laid on protecting the environment and saving the fast depleting resources
for our coming generations.
Mans march to higher and higher ladder of civilization will remain
unhampered only if he keeps himself abreast with the changing scenario and
copes with it on the strength of knowledge which empowers him to fight
against any eventuality. The harmonious development of a students
personality can be possible with equal emphasis on the study of all subjects,
not becoming an island unto himself by simply meditating on God, Life and
Death. Let such things be special subjects of religion and metaphysics to be

62 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

taken up only by those exclusively interested in this particular branch. The

more we learn about other subjects, the richer will be our knowledge.

Before examining the effects of the western culture on the cultures of the world,
it will be in the fitness of things to know what we mean by culture. In its broader
sense, culture is the discipline of the mind and the soul. It differs from civilisation
in that whereas culture is inward, civilization is outward and material growth.
Culture is what we are and civilisation is what we use. Culture means a certain
way of thought and behaviour, a certain standard of values which is distinguished
from the vulgar. It is pursuit of our total perfectiona harmonious development
of personalityby means of getting to know which most concern us, the best
which has been thought and said in the world. That way, ideally speaking,
culture strives for human perfection, an inward spiritual activity. It prevents
narrowness and bigotry and encourages tolerance and reasonableness.
Culture, as defined by Matthew Arnold, is sweetness and light, meaning by
sweetness appreciation for beauty in all its form, and by light enlightened
intelligence. Our ancients well understood its importance and laid stress on
meditation and prayers. For the people of the East, self-realization, salvation
(Nirvana), and communion with God were the highest cherished ideals to be
pursued singlemindedly throughout this life, a rare opportunity granted to man
after innumerable lives in lower species. The Vedas, the Upanishadas and other
scriptures were the real treasure houses of knowledge serving all the four ends
of lifespiritual, emotional, intellectual and material. They led simple lives and
remained contented and unpolluted by worldly temptations. The foreigners
scholars and touristseven visited our country and carried original and translated
works with them to get knowledge and peace of mind. The great saints and seers
then preached of Vasudheva Kutumbhakamathe entire universe being our own
family. Science was not less developed than as it is claimed to be now. The rulers
cared for the subjects as they would to their family. The spirit of service and
sacrifice reigned the hearts of the people then. They believed in service above
self. Rama went into exile only to clean the world of the devils and demons.
What a great set back to such high ideals when a western philospher named
Machiavelli advocated a new political philosophy of watching ones own interest
as of paramount importance, subserving everything else for its cause! Ends were
more important and means could be mean, though! What a big contrast to our
age-old belief of sticking to right and uprighteous means, to truthfulness at any
cost! This western thought has played havoc with the goodness of life. What was
intended for political purposes came to be followed in the social field and in
individual relationship too. The application of the dictum that the end justifies
the means has turned men into beasts. It has given a death blow to human
values, noble ideals, chivalry, law and order and civilization. Corruption, black
marketing, adulteration, profiteering, human trafficking and all other allied evils
are the resultant factors of this perverted thinking followed by one and all to
become rich overnight. Contentment is wanting in almost all the people.

English (Paper-I), 2008 | 63

The west has made the world proud with its wonderful discoveries and inventions
which have helped man not only to make his life comfortable but also aspired
him to land on the moon and probe the unknown depths of the sea. Industrial
growth took man by storm and the Industrial Revolution, Green Revolution and
White Revolution have ushered in many gains and no less problems and evils in
their wake. The result is too much consumerism. People are always lost in getting
and spending, and thus remaining restless. Too much industrialization has given
rise to slums and is also threatening ozone layer and global warming, posing
environmental problems.
The western style of living with its glamour, of cinema halls, multiplexes, the
malls, restaurants, discotheques has made the youth crazy, diverting his attention
from seriousness in studies. This western culture of consuming junk and fast
food is ruining their health. Westernization has brought a wide gap among the
generation which as a result has brought in nuclear families. Joint family system
has been given good bye by and large.
That does not mean that the western culture is all rubbish. There is much good to
be taken. The west is known for hardwork, dutifulness, logical thinking. We have
to learn and follow these traits of the west, but judiciously. We are not to follow
the rat race of consumerism. We must remain proud of our rich cultural heritage.
With free and open minds, we should accept what is best and discard all that is
autagonistic to our culture. It is a matter of pride that we have followed the
western thought of democracy which is functioning successfully in this country.
Indian youth can become Indias ambassador of cultural richness as our revered
swami Vivekanand and others had been in the past. The treasures of knowledge
hidden in the vedas and upanishads should be made familiar to them so that
they feel proud of their own culture and avoid aping the west blindly. Rather
than frittering away their energies in futile fashions, they should imbibe virtue of
hardwork and patience to make life more meaningful and purposeful.

India is mainly a country of villages. A village fair is very different from a city
one. The village folk seek entertainment in fairs and festivals. It is usually held
annually and is connected with a religious festival or harvest. The purpose of
such fairs is usually trade and to exhibit and sell village handicraft. In a mela, the
shopkeepers open temporary stalls in the open ground. The magicians and jugglers
also entertain people and make money.
Punjab is a land of vibrant people who make it a point to enjoy life to the full.
They celebrate festivals and other occasions with great zeal and zest. The country
people in Punjab have their own calendar of fairs and gatherings. Baisakhi is one
such occasion which the Punjabis look forward to very eagerly as it marks the
beginning of the harvesting of crops, signifying reaping the fruit of their labour.
It is a typical rural festival. People from far and near come to gather at the place
where Baisakhi is to be held.
Last year, I went to my maternal uncle. He is a farmer. It was Baisakhi time. It
was the thirteenth of April. The time marked the beginning of the harvesting

64 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

season. Soon the farmers and farm workers were to get busy for cutting and
threshing of the wheat crop. So all of them were in a gala mood, getting excited
on seeing the golden ears of wheat crop in their sprawling fields.
I was overenjoyed to see the decorated stallsThe fair was spread over a large
tract of open land. The stalls were tastefully decorated with ribbons and buntings.
Young girls in beautiful bright dresses looked charming and gay. They were
moving about joyously and mischievously in the shops. They were being
irresistibly drawn towards the stalls where bangles of all colours were displayed.
These bangles in different colours catered to the aspirations of dreams of women
of all age groups. Young men appeared healthy and handsome.
The great attraction of the fair was the wrestling bouts being held in a big open
ground surrounded all round by the spectators. The famous wrestlers with their
well-built and glowing bodies were drawn from the different parts of the region.
Big prizes had been announced for the wrestlers winning over their respective
There was a vast variety of sights that attracted the attention of the visitors. A
motor cyclist was running his vehicle on the walls of a pucca pit. A magician was
showing his tricks. There was a snake charmer, a monkey show and a bear
dance. There was no tension round. Children were specially interested in buying
balloons and toys. Merry-go-rounds drew a large number of people of different
age groups. The shopkeepers who had put up their stalls of eatables were having
a hay day. Pakoras and jalebis could not be missed by anybody as they are the
favourite with the Punjabis.
Bhangra is a vibrant and pulsating dance that is performed with the rhymtic
beating of drum. It was being done at one corner. The young boys adorning
typical dress of the Punjabis stole the hearts of the onlookers with their variety of
dance numbers and folk songs.
The Baisakhi was used as an occasion by the people to sell their home made
products like handloom fabrics, baskets, pickles etc. The cattle fair was a sight
not to be missed since the best breeds of cattleThe cows, bulls, horses, buffaloes
etc.were brought for sale. The government agencies and political parties could
not lag behind. They were trying to enlighten the people about family planning,
AIDs, preserveration of water and the best seeds to sow. Some entertainment
programs were being arranged to attract the public.
Indeed, it was an enjoyable and exciting experience.


It is rightly said that the child is the future leader. He has in him all the potential
to shape the tomorrow as he likes. So the child deserves to be given the right
upbringing and direction in life. All his faculties ought to be discovered and
properly trained so that the best is drawn out. That is the right education. The
education of the child that way is of paramount importance.
The child has hidden dreams and unexpressed desires and ambitions. It is the
duty of the parents as well as the teachers to discover the talents and vast

English (Paper-I), 2008 | 65

potentialities in a child and then devise ways and provide adequate opportunities
for their growth and refinement. Whereas the education of both the male and the
female child is important, the education of the female, the would bemother is
still of greater importance. Gandhiji had rightly understood the true importance
of educating the girl child. According to him, if you educate a single girl you
educate the whole family. That way, the governments primary duty is to provide
right education to the girls who in their later life are expected to be good mothers,
good wives and good home-makers.
No doubt, our government is trying its best to promote girl education along with
universal primary education. But there is urgent need to bring awareness among
the rural population to educate their girls. The overall mentality of the people
has to undergo drastic change. Even in cities the poor prefer to send their boys to
school. They are content to engage girls in some work like house maids etc . They
are still carrying the mistaken notion that the boys will take care of them in the
old age as the girls are to settle with their husbands and adjust with their inlaws. It seems all the curses are attached with women. Despite so much
development and great modernisation, our society still believes in patriarchal
system where the male child is given preference. Women have to suffer the
tyranny and orthodoxy of the male-dominated world. This results in their inferior
position in society. Some parents feel its futile to teach a girl, spending money
on her than on her marriage. But hardly do they realize the truth that by giving
her the tool of education they make her self-reliant.
How sad that women are regarded as commodity with no individuality, identity
or status ! The empowerment of women is only a myth despite so much clamour
of giving them status, honour and participation in decision making. The
programme of girl education can be promoted by providing them financial and
emotional support so that their education should not be seen as burden.
The situation in cities is certainly different where the girls are competing with
boys and their performance has an edge over that of the boys. The girls are
stealing the show in academics, administrative jobs, medicine and software. But
unless the girls are given the basic opportunity to study, they will continue to lag
behind. The future of the country rests with the child being taken from the cradle
and given right direction, may it be a girl or a boy.
Question 2.
(Do not spend more than 20 minutes on this question.)
Select ONE of the following :



Write a letter to a friend who was absent from school on a day when a really comical
incident took place. Describe the incident, say what was so funny about it and what you
learnt from it.


Traffic jams in your city / town are getting worse day after day. Write a letter to the
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) complaining about the problem and offering
suggestions for improvement.

66 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

Answers :
(a) 70, Model Town
July 16, 200...
Dear Samir
I missed you very badly this Friday when a really comical incident took place in
our class. The fun we all of us had could have doubled with your presence since
you are fond of such incidents which drive away our routine boredom, and
provide a lot of enjoyment. Let me narrate at length as to what happened that
You know our classmate Raghu, who is a fun loving jolly fellow, enjoys creating
fun and laughter with his fertile brain. He is very good at histrionics and oration.
That day he thought of enjoying fun in the history lesson. He was missing in the
first period. But in the second period when the history lesson was in full progress,
he came disguised, undetected by any one, as an old rustic farmer. He knocked
at the door. When our history teacher, who is very simple at heart, turned to him
and enquired what he wanted, Raghu, in the perfect guise of a farmer, disclosed
the purpose of his visit, saying that he wanted to see his son Raghu. The teacher
had completely failed to see through Raghus trick of disguise. When the teacher
asked where Raghu was, some of us were able to smell the rat but kept mum,
laughing in our sleeves. But some whispers were heard passing from one to an
other. Even this did not make the teacher suspect any thing about Raghus game
of fun. On the other hand, Raghu, in his immaculate guise, insisted that as the
boy (his son) had come to school, he failed to know where he was. It was really a
very comical scene created. When the teacher in his innocence promised to look
into this affair, all of us had a lot of fun. But as you know, Raghu had no
intention to befool the teacher, he at once came out with confession that he was
none else but Raghu himself in disguise. He tendered unequivocal apology for
his prank. The teacher on his part forgave him. We really appreciated the
sportsmanship shown by our teacher. Afterwards, we gathered round Raghu
and gave him a treat for his perfect guise. How I wish you were also there that
Yours sincerely
(b) 20, New Rajinder Nagar
April 9, 200....
The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic)
Civil Lines
Subject : Chaotic Traffic Jams.
I am pained to bring to your kind notice the chaotic condition of the city on
account of severe traffic jams which have become too frequent these days causing

English (Paper-I), 2008 | 67

great inconvenience to the people in general and daily commuters in particular.

The cause of traffic jams is not unknown to the authorities as well as the public.
There is an overwhelming increase in number of vehicles on roads. Besides
causing chaotic conditions of traffic, this increasing number of vehicles gives rise
to air pollution and increases the possibilities of road accidents.
There is a total lack of road safety rules among the general public. Rash driving
amongst the youngsters is a matter of pride. Hardly anyone adheres to the road
rules. Jumping red lights is a daily occurrence as the Traffic Police looks the
other way. Frequent processions, demonstrations by employees and workers and
Nagar Kirtans add to the already chaotic conditions.
The answer lies in being responsible. The public and the traffic police need to be
vigilant. Those flaunting traffic rules must be dealt with promptly and strictly.
More of public transport should be used, car pools should be encouraged. During
the peak hours, efforts should be taken to avoid travelling. Teenagers should not
be issued driving licence.
I do hope you will be kind enough to take necessary and stringent remedial steps
to arrest the chaotic traffic jams in the city before long.
Yours faithfully
Question 3.
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :
Sita went to her grandfather and sat down beside him.
When you are hungry, tell me, she said, and I will make the bread.
Is your grandmother asleep?
Yes. But she will wake soon. The pain is deep.
The old man stared across the river, at the dark green of the forest, at the leaden sky,
and said, If she is not better by morning, I will take her to the hospital in Shahganj. They
will know how to make her well. You may be on your own for two or three days. You
have been on your own before.
Sita nodded gravely she had been alone before; but not in the middle of the rains
with the river so high. But she knew that someone must stay behind. She wanted
Grandmother to get well and she knew that only Grandfather could take the small boat
across the river when the current was so strong.
Sita was not afraid of being left alone but she did not like the look of the river.
That evening it began to rain again. Big pellets of rain were scarring the surface of the
river. But it was warm rain and Sita could move about in it. She was not afraid of getting
wet, she rather liked it. In the previous month, when the monsoon shower had arrived,
washing the dusty leaves of the tree and bringing up the good smell of the earth, she had
exulted in it, had run about shouting for joy. She was used to it now, even a little tired of
the rain, but she did not mind getting wet. It was steamy indoors and her thin dress
would soon dry in the heat from the kitchen fire.

68 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

She walked about barefooted, barelegged. She was very sure on her feet. Her toes had
grown accustomed to gripping all kinds of rocks, slippery or sharp, and though thin, she
was surprisingly strong.
Black hair, streaming across her face. Black eyes. Slim brown arms. A scar on her
thigh : when she was small, visiting her mothers village, a hyena had entered the house
where she was sleeping, fastened on to her leg and tried to drag her away but her screams
had roused the villagers and the hyena had run off.
She moved about in the pouring rain, chasing the hens into a shelter behind the hut. A
harmless brown snake, flooded out of its hole, was moving across the open ground. Sita
took a stick, picked the snake up with it, and dropped it behind a cluster of rocks. She had
no quarrel with snakes. They kept down the rats and the frogs. She wondered how the rats
had first come to the island- probably in someones boat or in a sack of grain.
She disliked the huge black scorpions who left their waterlogged dwellings and tried
to take shelter in the hut. It was so easy to step on one and the sting could be very painful.
She had been bitten by a scorpion the previous monsoon and for a day and a night she had
known fever and great pain. Sita had never killed living creatures but now, whenever she
found a scorpion, she crushed it with a rock ! When, finally, she went indoors, she was
hungry. She ate some parched gram and warmed up some goats milk.
Grandmother woke once and asked for water and Grandfather held the brass tumbler
to her lips.
The roof was leaking and a small puddle formed on the floor. Grandfather kept the
kerosene lamps alight. They did not need the light but somehow it made them feel safer.
It rained all night.

Three words from the passage are given below. Give the meaning of each word as
used in the passage. One word answers or short phrases will be accepted.
(i) gravely (line 9)
(ii) steamy (line 21)
(iii) parched (line 42)



Answer the following questions briefly in your own words :

(i) Why was Sita willing to stay alone?


(ii) What had made Sita like the first monsoon shower?


(iii) Why did Sita have a scar on her thigh?


(iv) Which word in the passage tells us that Sita did not need to fear the snake?
(v) Why did she think snakes were useful?
(vi) What did Sita do with the snake?


(vii) The passage tells us that Sita never killed living creatures. Why did she
crush scorpions with a rock?
(viii) Why did they keep the lamps alight?



What kind of a girl was Sita? Describe her in 60 words.



Give a title to your summary in 3 (c). State a reason to justify your choice.


English (Paper-I), 2008 | 69

Answers :
(a) (i) seriously
(ii) hot and wet
(iii) dry
(b) (i) Sita was willing to stay alone at home because there was no one else to stay
behind when grandfather took grandmother to the city for treatment.
Moreover, she was used to living alone of her own.
(ii) Sita had felt excited and joyous when the first monsoon shower washed the
dusty leaves of the tree, bringing up the good smell of the earth.
(iii) Sita got a scar on her thigh when she was small. A hyena that had entered the
house caused this scar while trying to drag her away.
(iv) Harmless
(v) The snakes were useful as they kept down the rats and the frogs.
(vi) Sita took a stick, picked the snake up with it, and dropped it behind the rock.
(vii) Sita had agonizing experience with a scorpion as she suffered acute pain and
fever when she was once bitten by a scorpion. So she crushed the scorpions
with a rock.
(viii) They kept the lamps alight as they felt comfortable in the light.

Sita was a young and considerate girl. She was helpful and caring. She looked
after her sick grandmother devotedly. But she liked to lead a life of her own and
could stay alone at home. The rains thrilled her and she delighted in moving
about in the monsoon rains. She was not at all afraid of snakes, though she hated
the scorpions which she would crush with a rock the moment she saw it as she
had suffered intensely when bitten. She did not grumble with her lot.


The Caring Sita can be the title for the passage as the extract deals with Sitas
concern for the family.

Question 4.

In the following passage, fill in each of the numbered blanks with the correct
form of the word given in brackets. Do not copy the passage, but write in correct
serial order the word or phrase appropriate to the blank space.
Example : (0) was.
There (0) ........................ (be) some confusion in the doorway. A man (1)
........................ (get) into the compartment (2) ........................ (stammer) an apology.
Then the door (3) ........................ (bang) and the world was (4) ........................
(shut) out again. I (5) ........................ (return) to my berth. The guard (6)
........................ (blow) his whistle and we (7) ........................ (move) off. Once
again I (8) ........................ (has) a game to play.


Fill in the blanks with appropriate words :

(i) The elderly man prepared himself for a life ......................... retirement.
(ii) Do you take his word ................ mine?

70 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

(iii) Rohini is very concerned .................... her fathers health.

(iv) Altaf had many books and papers scattered all ...................... the room.
(v) The Phoenix is a legendary bird that rises ................... its ashes.
(vi) The police pulled the briefcase from .................. the table.
(vii) The mob rushed onto the pavement, everyone seemed angry ...................
everyone else.
(viii) The old woman looked ................. the cupboard, searching for the

Join the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and,
but or so.
(i) The heart attack was mild. Mr. Bose stayed in bed for three weeks.
(ii) The men went out to see if anyone was missing. The women stayed behind
to care for the injured.
(iii) Her mother warned her not to talk to strangers. She told her not to accept
gifts from people she did not know.
(iv) Everyone was drenched wet by now. The rain had come down harder.



Re-write the following sentences according to the instructions given after each.
Make other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of
each sentence.
(i) Have you walked alone, this long distance today ?he asked Sumita.
(Begin : He asked Sumita if .......................)
(ii) The detective interrogated the suspect closely for over three hours.
(Begin : The suspect .............................)
(iii) I suddenly realised that the room was too small for the three of us to share.
(Begin : I suddenly realised that the room was so ...............................)
(iv) Inspite of all her efforts, Susan did not succeed.
(Begin : Despite ..............................)
(v) As soon as the bell rang, the children rushed out of class.
(Begin : No sooner ..............................)
(vi) Sachin stood first in class and he also excelled at debate.
(Begin : Not only ...............................)
(vii) She was the only person capable of being House Captain.
(Use : capability)
(viii) Rohan was the tallest boy in the basketball team.
(Rewrite using : taller)


Answers :

(1) got

(2) stammering

(3) banged

(4) shut

(5) returned

(6) blew

(7) moved

(8) had

(i) after

(ii) for

(iii) about

(v) from

(vi) under

(vii) with

(iv) over
(viii) into

English (Paper-I), 2009 | 71


(i) Mr Bose stayed in bed for three weeks after a mild heart attack.
(ii) With the men having gone out to see if anyone was missing, the women
stayed behind to care for the injured.
(iii) Her mother warned her not only against talking to strangers but also accepting
gifts from people she did not know.
(iv) The rain had come so harder that everyone was drenched wet by now.


(i) He asked Sumita if she had walked alone that long distance that day.
(ii) The suspect was interrogated closely for over three hours (by the detective).
(iii) I suddenly realised that the room was so small that it could not be shared by
three of us.
(iv) Despite her all efforts, Susan did not succeed.
(v) No sooner did the bell ring than the children rushed out of class.
(vi) Not only did Sachin stand first in the class but also excelled at debate.
(vii) Only she had the capability of being House Captain.
(viii) Rohan was taller than any other boy in the basketball team.


Question 1.
(Do not spend more than 35 minute on this question.)
Write a composition (350-400words) on any one of the following:-



Recall a time in your life when you were certain about something but were later proved
terribly wrong.


Write a short story entitled Escape.


The use of mobile phones has lowered active social life and has become on addiction.
Express your views either for or against this statement.


The waiting room at a railway station presents a wonderful opportunity to observe human
behaviour. Describe an experience when you were early for a train and had to spend some
time in the waiting room with different kinds of people.


Study the picture given below. Write a story or a description or an account of what it
suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or may take
suggestions from it; however, there must be a clear connection between the picture and your

72 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

Answers :


Some bring pleasure, some bring cries.
Mans journey of life, from childhood to old age is full of experiences. It is these
experiences that make up the sum of life. Some moments bring us immense joy
while some bring us pain, embarrassment and repentance. My life has also been
touched by some good and bad experiences. One such experience of my life goes
on pricking my mind and soul and always makes me sad.
It was the month of March and our final examination was going on. I remember I
was in class XI at that time. My last paper was that of Chemistry. I had done well in
all my papers but Chemistry remained a mystery to me. I was considered to be a
very good and responsible student in school but like others, I too had a weakness,
and that was Chemistry. This particular subject had always been the cause of my
fall in rank and percentage. Just a day before my Chemistry paper, I studied whole
day but I could not gain the confidence to do well. I was very nervous and racked
my brains as to how to get out of this fear factor. Suddenly I got an idea.
I immediately picked up my bicycle and went to one of my classmates house who
used to take tuition from our Chemistry teacher. By chance he was at home. I
pretended to be very nervous in front of him. I was sure that our Chemistry teacher
must have definitely divulged some important questions to him. I felt this was my
only chance to avoid a red mark on my report card. I boldly requested him to give
me some important questions. He insisted that he knew nothing but I refused to
believe him and eventually, to get me off his back, he gave me my hearts desire. I
was ecstatic. I had finally managed to get a remedy to my dilemma and crack the
final examination with a good position and rank. I came back home and prepared
all the important questions. I studied till late night and also called up my other
friends to share this much valued information with them. Some were skeptical but
when I told them the source of the information they had no other option but to

English (Paper-I), 2009 | 73

believe me. No need to mention that they too prepared the same questions.
Next morning I could feel a spring in my step and my other classmates wondered
why I had a smirk on my face. Normally, on a Chemistry paper day, they would
find me completely deflated and my spirits low, but today ..
After the assembly, we went to the examination hall. After five minutes we were
given the question paper. I was so consumed with confidence that I took up the
question paper with a judicious air. Imagine my shock when I looked into the
question paper and found that there was not even a single question from those that
I had prepared. The question paper was completely contrary to my expectation.
All my confidence evaporated and I was left there shivering and shaking like a
nervous wreck. I was covered with a cold sweat and the reason was not only myself
but all those friends whom I thought I was doing a favour to by telling them all the
important questions. They all turned to look at me, understandably, with anger in
their eyes. I had not only betrayed myself but also their trust in me. I had caused
them to fail in a subject they were good at. I knew then that I had lost my friends as
well as my reputation I had so carefully built up.
I attempted some questions I had studied earlier but that was not enough to tide
me over. Needless to say, I failed in the subject and was filled with regret and
remorse. I had been so certain about the paper but was proved terribly wrong. But
this was a very good lesson to me. I remembered the words of my class teacher,
There is no short cut to success. I made a firm resolution to work hard in future
and it did pay off. Following year I scored well and managed to earn back the
respect of my friends and teachers. I realised that confidence is good but
overconfidence can prove fatal.


Traveling through air had always been a phobia for me. Since my childhood I had
developed a fear of air travel. It seemed so terrifying to me, even though I knew
that thousand fly around the globe everyday. But this fear was too deep rooted
and no matter how much I tried, I couldnt get over it.
Coming back to my story, I received a frantic call from my mother to rush back to
Mumbai to be by the side of my ailing grandmother who was sinking fast and one
of her last wishes was to see me before she closed her eyes. I had always been her
favourite grandson and her wish had to be respected. The fastest way I could reach
there was by flight. Much against my wishes, I was compelled to take the first
available flight from Bhubaneshwar to Mumbai. With a sinking heart I boarded the
plane and tried to concentrate on my grandmother whom I loved very much.
As the flight took off, I was in mortal fear and held my breath fearing the worst. An
old lady, slightly overweight, sitting beside me sensed my nervousness and tried
to console me. Her unknown yet reassuring voice reminded me of my grandmother.
In a moment we were in the air. Again that sinking feeling gripped me as the plane
gained height. Once again I tried to divert my mind and settled down with a Sydney
Sheldon novel which kept me engrossed for about an hour. Then the old lady began
chatting about her family and grandsons. She also laughed at her first experience
of air travel and told me that she too had been mortified at the thought of boarding

74 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

a plane, but now after having travelled almost all over the world, she could not
even bear to think of traveling in a train or bus.
We were served refreshments by the air hostess and were about to finish when we
felt a big jerk. The cup on the tray fell into my lap and soiled my trousers. As in self
explanation, the public address system came to life, This is your captain speaking,
the plane has entered a thick layer of clouds causing turbulence. Our one engine
has developed a snag which is being taken care of. We assure you that there is
nothing to worry about. Please do not panic and fasten your seatbelts immediately.
We shall overcome the problem shortly. The terse message was over.
I looked around to see fear shrouding everyones face. While some were whispering
their doubts about the possibility of the plane running on single engine, the others
were praying silently. The jolts and jerks increased in intensity frightening us even
more. People were now clinging to their seats and their prayers were now audible.
The old woman sitting beside me now seemed to be in panic and I found myself
reassuring her. What a twist in fate. My worst fears were now coming true.
Suddenly the plane went into a kind of spin and started losing considerable height.
In this dreadful scenario, the public address system again crackled to life. This is
your captain speaking, we have an emergency. The second engine has also developed
a snag. The good news is that we are very near to Santa Cruz airport and we are
now preparing for landing but we may have to crash land. Please do not panic.
Follow all safety instructions and you shall be safe. The message was short but the
impact was stunning. Though our captain sounded optimistic, the upcoming danger
of death seemed imminent.
We instantly obeyed. There was a loud thud and the plane seemed to land heavily
and bounced off the runway into the fields. It was only the tremendous skill of the
captain that finally brought the plane to a halt, much to the immense relief of all the
passengers. We were taken down to the emergency hatch as the main door refused
to open and driven back to the safety of the airport lounge. As I looked back at the
plane I realised how lucky we all had been to have so narrowly escaped death. This
plane could very well have been a wreck and our mangled bodies could have been
lying strewn all over. I said a silent prayer in thanks to my lord almighty.


Society means an organized group of people where cultural, social and moral values
bind the people together. But the use of Mobile phones has lowered our active
social life and has become an addiction.
In our Indian society, guests are regarded as gods but no more do gods visit us in
the form of relatives or friends. All these social obligations are being carried out by
the means of mobile phones. Our birthdays, anniversaries and other such social
occasions are celebrated by sending messages and the formality is over. The trend
of sending greeting cards is now outdated as we feel that messages on mobile
phones are more meaningful.
The most harmful effect of mobile phones that can be observed in the changing
attitudes of todays youth. Under the name of modernization, the latest models of

English (Paper-I), 2009 | 75

these phones have become a style code for them. Communication is essential, but
when it is misused it becomes fatal. Love affairs, sending of vulgar picture messages
and secret relationships have become a common trend today, thanks to the advent
of the mobile phone. This has also become a cause of many a marriage breaking up.
No wonder that now the mobile phone has become an addiction.
Mobile phones are also responsible for the deterioration of social values and
commitments. Before the advent of this nuisance, people used to take out time
from their busy schedules and plan trips and holidays to visit their relatives. These
visits would be the subject of discussion at the dinner tables and lots of excitement
and enthusiasm would ensue. It would be a time to step out of their mundane
everyday life and visit a different part of the world. It would bring us closer to our
relatives and friends and a sense of belonging would prevail. Nothing can replace
the emotions one feels at being in close physical contact with your loved ones, but
its really sad to see that all these emotions have been snatched away and we have
now all been reduced to living electronic lives where no one has the time for social
visits anymore.
Socialization is a necessary process which must not be hindered by the presence of
Mobile phones which are good only for urgent situations and necessary
communication. In the words of Camille Corda Lee, Communication does not
hold people together. It is threads, the threads and textures of their values which
sew people together through the years.
In this modern world of globalization, our social life has been actively promoted
due to the frequent and daily use of mobile phones. Today it is very difficult to
imagine a world without mobile phones. Some say that mobile phones are
responsible for the deterioration of social values and have lowered active social
life but I feel that it is the means through which the communication gap between
the people has been bridged.
If the people are very far away from their homes, the mobile phone is a useful tool
to keep in constant touch with their near and dear ones. Let us go a few years back
and think about the times when there were no mobile phones. Communication
was a major problem and people were ignorant of the recent happenings in ones
life or family. People had to make a major effort to reach out to their relatives and
friends. Those that could make arrangements for the same were lucky but there
were others who, due to time constraints, could not keep up to their social obligations
and families would drift apart.
Even today, many families have their relatives living abroad but everyone cannot
afford to plan a visit to their relatives. The only medium of communication and to
keep in constant touch with each other is the mobile phone. The most important
factor one must consider is the usefulness of the mobile phone in the case of
emergencies. No longer does one have to book a call at the telephone exchange or
rush to a P.C.O. to get across to the desired person. We now have the means of
instant contact right at our finger tips.

76 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

The advantages of the mobile phone have become so great that it is no longer a
luxury that can be afforded only by the rich, it has become a necessary commodity,
affordable and easily accessible to every individual. It has broken the barriers of
distant communication and has brought the people closer to each other. One can
now easily carry out their social obligations through messages or frequent calls.
The world is rapidly progressing and everyday new inventions are out in the markets
which help us to keep in constant touch with our near and dear ones. We cannot
afford to live in the bygone era and stick to our primitive ideas. We can lead a
progressive and modern life without compromising on our moral values and ethics.
In the words of Frank Vizzare, We must keep moving forward, opening new doors
and doing new things, because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down
new paths. It is therefore my firm belief that mobile phones have raised the level
of active social life and if its an addiction, it should be taken in the positive sense.


If you ever want to observe human behaviour closely, I think one of the best places
to do so is the waiting room of a railway station that accommodates a huge variation
of our modern day society. I recently was blessed with an opportunity to experience
the varying moods, emotions and behaviour of people who like me were going
through the unpleasant ordeal of waiting for their trains. I was enroute Delhi to
Kolkatta and due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, was forced to switch trains
at Lucknow. The time gap was two hours between both trains; hence I was in such
a predicament and had no other option but to take refuge at the waiting room of
the railway station.
As I entered the waiting room a foul smell tickled my nostrils but I soon became
accustomed to it. The announcement of the arrival of a train caused some seats to
get vacant and I quickly occupied one and made myself comfortable. Opposite me,
a family of five was busy haggling over some petty issue. Apparently the wife had
forgotten to complete some household chores before leaving and the husband was
reprimanding her for the same. Their three children, the eldest being not more
than eight years old, were chasing each other around the waiting room and the
mother was screeching her head off trying to control them.
On another bench sat an elderly couple who were hardly talking to each other or
observing anyone else. They seemed to be too lost in a world of their own, probably
weighed down by the worries of this relentless world. Suddenly the old lady said
something which brought a smile to the otherwise serious face of the gentleman
and he keenly began to observe the three little ones playing with each other. He
seemed to be transported into the past when his own little children must have been
that age. This brought back fond memories.
Another young newly married couple sat in the farthermost corner of the room
talking in hushed voices to each other. They both seemed to be very much in love
with each other and the other activities of the people in the waiting room did not
seem to bother them. They were just content to be with each other and did not even
notice a group of young students ogling the pretty young wife and passing lewd
comments. Fortunately, the next announcement was for their train and they were

English (Paper-I), 2009 | 77

replaced by a contingent of women hockey players who were returning from a

match. By their upbeat mood and excitement, one could easily gauge that they had
won their match and were now eager to get back home.
One of the lonely passengers sitting beside me managed to strike up a conversation
between us and I got to know that he was once a prosperous businessman but had
lost his family in the Varanasi serial bomb blasts. Since then he had lost interest in
his business but was now trying to build it back again.
It was indeed a very interesting two hour wait. Isnt it strange that when a person
sits idle, he notices a variety of human behaviour which normally a troubled mind
would have overlooked? Such was the case with me and believe me, I enjoyed
every moment of it till the arrival of my train was announced.


Today the world has become so competitive that it has caused a sharp rise in the
expectations of parents. Expectations always cause pressure and this pressure is to
be borne by the child in the form of their studies. This pressure sometimes acts as
a catalyst but very often it proves fatal resulting in a child trying to eliminate himself
or developing an inferiority complex which causes him to withdraw into a shell. A
loss in self- confidence is one of the bi- products of the expectations of parents.
Very often children are found falling off to sleep while studying due to sheer
exhaustion. The parent expects the child to wake up at 4.00 am and get down with
his studies, get ready and then attend school, again get down with his books at
night and prepare his subject for the next day. During the examination period it is
even worse. The child is expected to perform miracles and is goaded to despair in
a quest for a high rank and percentage. The child on his part tries hard to come up
to the high expectations of his parents and in doing so, mentally and physically
wears himself out. Some succeed while others are not so fortunate.
Every parent expects his child to be a top ranker in class. He is only concerned with
his expectation but has no time to understand the psychic of his child. Never will
he take out some time to understand his childs mentality, what are his weaknesses
or strengths, what interests him or disinterests him, will the child be able to cope
up with the demands of the subject or not. He tries to fulfill his unfulfilled ambitions
through the medium of his child and here lies the fault. Every child is a gift of god
and is born to achieve greatness in his own way. No matter how much a parent
expects, one must realize that every child is not born to become a Newton or Einstein
and must be allowed to pursue his own goals and ambitions.
Very often we see that a time period is fixed for a child. Usually it is two hours in
the morning and two hours in the evening, sometimes even more than that. The
parent is satisfied that his child has been studying for so many hours a day and
therefore will do well in the examination. Little does he realize that his child can be
stuck on a single line for two hours without being able to comprehend what is
written there if his brain is exhausted. On the other hand, a refreshed brain can
study and understand complete two chapters in just about half an hour. A sense of
falsehood and deception prevails in the mind of the child and he fails to overcome
this hurdle.

78 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

It is therefore strongly recommended that the parent should understand the fact
that a child must be allowed to grow up according to his natural instincts. Parental
discretion and direction is definitely a must but to mould a child according to your
own ambitions is wrong.
Question 2.


(Do not spend more than 20 minutes on this question.)

Select ONE of the following:(a)

You have recently read a book which has greatly impressed you. Write a letter to
your cousin telling him/her why you were impressed. Advise him/her to read the


You are the President of the school Nature Club. Write a letter to a well-known
Social Worker or Environmentalist inviting him/her to be the Chief Guest at the
Annual Function of the Club. Give some details about your Club and Annual

Answers :

Bhagwati Bhawan
2nd March, 2009
My dearest Cousin Angie
Received your letter yesterday and was glad to know that all is well at your end. I
just cant wait to share with you the fantastic experience I had of reading Jeffrey
Archers latest bestseller The Lost Paradise. The plot of the book is so mesmerizing
that once you start reading it youll really find it impossible to put it down. The
book is spellbinding from the very first page and gives us an insight into the lives
of the mafia dons, the way their families live and their nexus with famous politicians.
Archer sure is a master story- teller.
I would not like to go into details but would definitely like you to read the book. I
assure you, you will not be disappointed. Do let me know how the book appealed
to you if and when you do read it. Also give my regards to all at home.
Your loving cousin


The Adventist Nature Club

Jesus And Mary School And College
2nd March, 2009
Mr Sanjay Rastogi
Environmental safety Association

English (Paper-I), 2009 | 79

Dear Sir
Our club will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on the 21st of March and we will
also be having our Annual Function on the same day. You are hereby requested to
kindly accept being the Chief Guest on this occasion.
We are a ten year old club and are very active in the field of Social Services and
Environmental Awareness. We have also been awarded for the most active
participation in the Green Drive Project organized by your association in Devi
Patan and Shravasti. Our other achievement is our participation in Save the Tiger
Project in Sohelwa Wildlife Sanctuary.
Our Annual Function will feature Cultural Dances, Plays based on the environment
and speeches aiming to create environmental awareness among the masses. Being
a renowned environmentalist, we are aware of your time constraints and will not
take up much of your precious time. We would indeed be honoured if you could
kindly grace the occasion with your presence and shower your blessings upon us.
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely
(Pradeep Srivastava)
Question 3.
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :At school everybody seemed to be overwhelmed by the thought of the examinations.
It was weeks since anybody had seen a smile on Shankars face. Somu had become
brisk and businesslike. The Pea took time to grasp jokes and seldom made any
either. And as for Rajam, he came to school at the stroke of the first bell, took down
everything the teacher said, and left at the stroke of the last bell, hardly uttering a
dozen words to anybody. Mani was beginning to look worried and took every
opportunity to take Shankar aside and have his doubts (that arose from time to
time as he plodded through his texts) cleared. He dogged the steps of the school
clerk. There was a general belief in the school that the clerk was omniscient and
knew all the questions papers of all the classes.
One day Mani went to the clerks house and laid a neat bundle containing fresh
brinjals at his feet. The clerk was pleased and took Mani in and seated him on a stool.
The clerk looked extremely amiable and Mani felt that he could ask anything at that
moment and get it. The clerk was murmuring something about his cat, a lank ill fed
thing, that was nestling close to him. Most of what he was saying did not enter
Manis head. He was waiting feverishly to open the topic of question papers. The
clerk had meanwhile passed from cats to eye-flies; but it made little difference to
Mani. Who was waiting for the other to pause for breath to launch his attack? You
must never let these eye-flies buzz near your eyes. All cases of eyesore can be traced
to it. When you get eyesore the only thing you can do is to take a slice of raw onion..
Mani realize that the other would not stop, and butted in, There is only a week
more for the examinations sir..

80 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

The clerk was slightly puzzled: Yes. Indeed, a week more .. You must take care
to choose only the juicy variety, the large juicy variety, not the small onion
Sir, Mani interrupted, ignoring the juicy variety, I am much worried about my
examination. He tried to look pathetic.
I am glad. If you read well, you will pass, said the Oracle.
You see, sir, I am so worried, I dont sleep at nights, thinking of the examination
If you could possibly tell me something important I have such a lot to study
I dont want to study unnecessary things that may not necessary for the examination.
He meandered thus. The clerk understood what he was driving at, but said, Just
read all your portions and you will pass. Mani realized that diplomacy was not his
line. He asked bluntly, Please tell me, sir, what questions are we getting for our
The clerk denied having any knowledge of the question papers. Mani flattered
him by asking, If he did not know the questions, who else would. By just a little
more of the same judicious flattery the clerk was moved to give what Mani believed
to be valuable hints. In spite of the fact that he did not know what the First Form
texts were the clerk ventured to advised, You must pay particular attention to
Geography. Maybe you will have to practice mapdrawing a lot. And in Arithmetic
make it a point to solve at least five problems every day, and you will be able to
tackle Arithmetic as easily as you swallow plantains.
And what about English?
Oh, dont worry about that. Have you read all your lessons?
Yes, sir, Mani replied without conviction.
it is all right then. You must read all the important lessons again, and if you have
time, yet again, and that will be ample.
These answers satisfied Mani greatly. On his way home, he smiled to himself and
said that the four annas he had invested on brinjals was not after all a waste.

Given the meanings of the following words as used in the passage.

One word answers or short phrases will be accepted.


(i) plodded (line 8 )

(ii) amiable (line14 )
(iii) conviction(line 47 )*

Answer the following questions briefly in your own words.

(i) What effect did the coming examination have on:
Shankar, Sonu, The Pea and Rajam?


(ii) Which word in the passage describes the clerk as all knowing?


(iii) Why did Mani give the clerk fresh brinjals?


(iv) What did the clerk believe was the reason for eyesore?
What was the remedy?


(v) Why did Mani try to look pathetic?


(vi) Why did Mani ask the question bluntly?


English (Paper-I), 2009 | 81


What did Mani really wants to know? What valuable hints was he given? Write
your answer in not more than 60 words.


Give a title to your summary in 3 (c). State a reason to justify.


Answers :

(i) laboured at
(ii) friendly
(iii) confidence


(i) Shanker had not smiled for weeks. Somu had become brisk and businesslike,
The Pea hardly cracked any jokes and also took time to understand jokes.
Rajam came at the exact time of the first bell, took down everything the
teacher said and left at the stroke of the last bell hardly speaking a dozen
words to anybody.
(ii) The word that describes the clerk as all knowing is omniscient.
(iii) It was a general belief in the school that the clerk knew all the question papers
of all the classes. Mani took him fresh brinjals to bribe him and coax him into
telling him what questions they were getting for their examination.
(iv) The clerk believed the reason for eyesore were eyeflies. The only remedy for
eyesore was a slice of raw onion of the large juicy variety.
(v) He tried to look pathetic so that the clerk would feel sorry for him and tell
him the questions that were expected to come.
(vi) He asked the question bluntly because he could not get him to divulge any
valuable hints by beating around the bush.


Mani really wanted to know the questions they were getting for the examination.
The clerk told him to pay particular attention to geography. He may have to practice
map drawing, to solve at least five problems in arithmetic everyday and to read all
the important lessons again in English and if he had time, to read it yet again.


Examination Blues. Because the summary is about Manis worry for the upcoming
examination and the hints he got for the same.

Question 4.
(a) In the following passage, fill in each of the numbered blanks with the correct form
of the word given in brackets. Do not copy the passage, but write in correct serial
order the word or phrase appropriate to the blank space.
(0) spoke.
As she(0) _______________ (speak) I (1) ______________ (rise) and (2)_____ (go) to
the centre blackboard, I (3) _________________ (find) the chalk (4)___________
(write) in block letters the title of the Book. Then I (5) _________ (put) the chalk
down and went to (6) __________ (sit), beside her, to (7)__________(hold) her hand.
The day had barely (8) ____________ (begin).


82 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers


Fill in the blanks with appropriate words :(i) I prevailed __________ him to join the gymnasium.
(ii) The curious child eagerly begged ___________ an answer to the riddle.
(iii) He was bent ___________ coming first in the examination.
(iv) The theory exam was followed _________ a group discussion.
(v) I ran ________ my teacher at the show last night.
(vi) She is extremely anxious __________ an interview next week.
(vii) What a contrast ________ the two siblings!
(viii) The brothers fought ___________ their fathers property.



Join the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and, but
or so:
(i) Swarna asked me a question. I was unable to answer it.
(ii) You helped Tania. She will always be grateful.
(iii) I heard you won a prize. I am extremely delighted.
(iv) There was heavy traffic. We reached the stadium on time.



Re-write the following sentences according to the instructions given after each.
Make other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of each
(i) Study hard now or you will regret it.
( Begin: Unless )
(ii) The boy asked, Why are you lying on the road in this manner?
( Begin: The boy asked why he )
(iii) Megha is too tall to crawl under the table.
( Begin: Megha is so )
(iv) He arrived in school on time even though he stopped for a bite on the way
( Use inspite of instead of even though)
(v) She opened the kitchen door and a cockroach ran out.
( End with cockroach.)
(vi) Arjun was a better speaker than his brother.
( Begin: His brother )
(vii) Asha missed her examination because of her illness.
( Begin: Her illness )
(viii) As soon as the curtain came down the applause rang out .
( Begin: No sooner )


Answers :

1. rose
7. hold

2. went
8. begun


1. upon
2. for
7. between 8. over

3. found

4. wrote

5. put

6. sit

3. on

4. by

5. into

6. about

English (Paper-I), 2010 | 83


(i) I was unable to answer the question that Swarna asked me.
(ii) Tania will always be grateful for your help.
(iii) I am extremely delighted to hear that you won a match.
(iv) Though there was heavy traffic, we reached the stadium on time.


(i) Unless you study hard, you will regret it

(ii) The boy asked why he was lying on the road in that manner.
(iii) Megha is so tall that she cannot crawl under the table.
(iv) In spite of stopping for a bite on the way, he arrived in school on time.
(v) She opened the kitchen door and out ran a cockroach.
(vi) His brother was not as good a speaker as Arjun.
(vii) Her illness caused Asha to miss her examination.
(viii) No sooner did the curtain come down, the applause rang out.


Answer to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.
You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.
The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.
Attempt all four questions.
The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets []
You are advised to spend not more than 35 minutes in answering Question 1
and 20 minutes in answering Question 2
Question 1.
(Do not spend more than 35 minutes on this question.)
Write a composition (350-400 words) on any one of the following :
(a) Think of a time when you achieved a personal goal. Say why the goal was important
to you and how you achieved it. Describe how you felt on achieving it.
Solution :
All my family members were extremely ecstatic when I showed them my appointment
letter as an aeronautical engineer in HAL in Mumbai. I was proud to be among the elite
ten that had been selected from the thousands of applicants from across the country. It
was indeed a privilege and a matter of great pride, a dream come true.
Everyone wants to do something great in life that would make him different from others.
Ever since I was a child, I had nurtured this personal goal that of becoming an aeronautical
engineer. As a child, I had a special fascination for planes and what made them fly, their
mechanisms and everything related to them. I would sit for hours drawing figures of
planes and pondering over their dimensions and the laws governing propulsion. Planes
and helicopters became an obsession with me, so much so that I would often dream of
flying one. I first set my goal of becoming a fighter pilot, if not, then a commercial pilot

84 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

would do. It was much later in life when I realized that my faculties were drawn more
towards the mechanisms of the plane rather than flying the plane itself. I knew that the
path I had chosen for myself was beset with difficulties and many hurdles and required
great perseverance something I did not feel ready enough to cope with.
I silently let this great dream grow within me, also realizing at times that it was futile to
chase a goal which was way beyond my grasp, but the speech of my Principal on the day
of our farewell changed all that and filled me with such inspiration that I instantly knew
that I had to achieve my goal, my dream of becoming an aeronautical engineer. I still
remember her words that had a sharp cutting edge of them, Success is 1% inspiration
and 99% perspiration. There is no short cut to success. She then told us Children, today
you are no longer children, you are young men and women of this world. Today I want
you to promise yourselves one thing, If I cannot run, I will walk, if I cannot walk I will crawl,
but I will get there. These golden words filled me with so much courage that there and
then I decided my career for myself.
There were more than one reason to prove myself to my family and to the world, and
more importantly, to myself that I could do it. All my family members were distinguished
members of the society, my father being a doctor and my mother, the Principal of one of
the leading chain of schools in Lucknow. My father had initially expected me to get into
the medical field and become a famous doctor like himself, but I am blessed with very
understanding parents. They supported me whole heartedly in helping me realize my
dream. The first time I made my parents proud was when I appeared for the entrance
examination of IIT and was selected in the very first attempt.
After years of hard work and sweat, today I proudly stood with my appointment letter in
my hand and thanked God for a fabulous Principal in Mrs Butterfield, who initiated the
entire process of achieving this goal, who always stood by me like the Great Rock of
Gibraltar, and for wonderful parents who supported me in whatever I did and for having
believed in me. I also realized that, there is no short cut to success.
(b) More lessons are learnt on the sports field than in the classroom. Express your
views either for or against this statement.
Solution :
More lessons are learnt on the sports field than in the classroom
To survive in todays world is to compete. From infant to youth to adulthood only one
message is being instilled in our brains and that is competition. From the time we go to
school till the end of college days we do not study for the love of learning but for the sake
of building a career or rather for the sake of being Someone in Life ........
Being self-obsessed, we fail to see certain aspects of life. Being locked in classroom with
black printed words hovering all around tends to cultivate boredom and frustration.
Boredom results in due to the stereotyped syllabus being followed, in the same classroom
ambience with the same faculties teaching in their own typified way of teaching. Frustration
sets in because of the inability to breakthrough this. Whereas when exposed to a lush
green field, with our endless minds roaming high, the boredom and frustration fails to set
Perhaps it is just the classroom itself that stimulates the mindset, that there is only a
theoretical demonstration of aspects, whereas in the field, ideas and concepts can be
explained practically as well as theoretically.

English (Paper-I), 2010 | 85

The major advantage of this is that students who do not gobble up lessons but try to
comprehend the matter at hand can succeed and actually shine. Here a student can bring
out his or her actual talent. In a classroom environment, mediocre students may outshine
a genius by the virtue of gobbling up lessons and vomiting it out in the examination
And the question remains unanswered, that, Is life only limited to the grades in the
report cards ? Or is life an application of all that knowledge gathered and acquired in the
class ?
Nowadays we very often hear how a university topper, when he appeared for a campus
interview scored a zero, to everybodys astonishment, but we all fail to accept the simple
fact that this boy, while he was learning, was never asked to apply his knowledge
practically, the only practical application was his appearing for the examination and
sweating it out through pen and paper.
Whereas when exposed to a field, certain aspects also work to stimulate the actual sense
of fun in learning, moreover, being exposed to the field gives them a chance to be close
to nature which rejuvenates them and let their imagination run wild. The student while
in the field gets to understand the basic concepts of life like teamwork, co-operation and
co-ordination. The self-centered attitude and mindset recedes and people actually start to
live for others. Everyone becomes a part of everyones life. The single letter I is replaced
by a double lettered word We. When the captain of a team plays he does not play for
his individual gain but to save his team and so do the rest of the players, each one of then
start working as a team. Idea of one-to-one competition gets exterminated as people learn
to be one.
Perhaps, if ever we could make our education less classroom oriented, we may see the
world turning ideal and a Utopia which will make life meaningful for all the people
residing in it.
(c) A school carnival or fete is a great occasion for fun with friends. Describe one
such event in your school.
Solution :
The word carnival itself brings forth tremendous excitement in the hearts of kids and
adults alike. The word spells enjoyment and an occasion of fun with friends and family.
Every alternate year our school organizes a Carnival for us students and our families and
friends. It is indeed a great occasion for all to get together and enjoy.
This year our school organized the carnival in the month of December and aptly called it
the Christmas Carnival. A lot of preparations and hard labour went into making this
carnival a successful event. The mastermind behind the success of this carnival was our
headmaster who very diligently and meticulously planned out the entire event. According
to him, The key to any successful event lies in team work and team work means More
We and Less Me.
This year we had fifteen games stalls and seventeen food stalls. The junior and senior
students were divided into groups and deployed at each stall in such an organized manner
that they not only got an opportunity to shoulder the responsibility of the stall but also
got time to visit other stalls and enjoy the carnival along with their friends.
Amongst the games stalls, the most popular ones were Nine Pins, Ring the Duck, Shoot the
Basket, Test of Strength etc, but the greatest attraction was The Golden Goal stall where one
had to kick a football into a three foot ring suspended in the air. The stall grossed the
highest amount amongst the games stalls.

86 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

A large variety of fast food items were served at the various food stalls. The best part of
these food stalls was that the prices were kept comparable to market prices unlike other
school carnivals where the prices are almost doubled. There was a perpetual rush at the
Chaat stall, the Pakoras stall and the Dosa stall. Non-vegetarian items were not served.
The coffee stall also turned out to be a huge favourite. As the evening progressed and the
chill increased, everybody wanted to grab a coffee.
The people also enjoyed many rounds of Housie while many of the senior students
interacted with the crowds in the guise of clowns and other cartoon figures and enthralled
the little kids.
The carnival came to an end late in the evening with the prizes for the Lucky Draw being
announced. The first prize was an LCD Television and was won by a student of Class VI.
The second prize was a 230 litre refrigerator and the third prize was a Samsung Washing
Machine. There were also ten consolation prizes which consisted of ten Titan wrist watches.
This year the carnival was a grand success with a record breaking fifteen thousand people
attending the event. Hats off to our dedicated team of teachers and the able guidance of
our headmaster.
(d) Write an original story, beginning with the following line : The water was cold, I
took a deep breath and jumped.
Solution :
The water was cold, I took a deep breath and jumped into the pond along with my
grandson Aahan, not realizing that we were being watched and something else had also
decided to accompany us. With barely a ripple, the five meter long snake slithered into
the small pond. The mottled black and green anaconda was common in this part of western
Brazil, recalls Reuben as he narrated his horrifying experience to his friend Craig.
I had walked into the room where my grandson was waiting. After three rainy days, the
sun had finally broken through and the air was hot and muggy. I had then decided it was
an ideal time to cool off. Lets go for a swim I had urged my 8 year old grandson
Aahan. Aahan was more interested in watching a football game on TV but on my insistence,
he joined me for a swim in the pond.
At the waters edge Aahan paid little attention to what looked like the tip of a submerged
log a couple of meters away. He did not see the glistening eyes locked on him. The anaconda
patiently tracked the boys movements; its flickering tongue picked up his scenta prelude
to its strike.
Slowly, the snake cocked its neck in an S- shape and with blinding speed shot its head out
of the water. Aahan reflexively dodged the long dark shape coming at him. The snakes
mouth glanced off his right shoulder, but as the boy turned to run, the anaconda reared
back and struck again, its jaws wide open, and sank its teeth into the boys right side. The
snake slid its powerful body out of the water and in seconds had wrapped its muscular
coils around the child from head to toe.
I heard the screams of the child and wildly swam across to the other side of the pond
yelling to my other grandson Yohaan to get me a knife. When I reached the other side of
the pond there was no Aahan, just a huge knot of green and black speckled snake writhing
and squirming around its victim, my grandson. I grabbed the wet shiny coils and pulled.
There was the top of Aahans head, his dark eyes filled with terror. And then something
horrible happened. The little boys face was turning blue. The snakes tail was jammed in
his mouth and Aahan was suffocating. In desperation the boy bit down hard on the tail. It

English (Paper-I), 2010 | 87

did nothing. It wasnt until I yanked the tail free that Aahan was able to breathe. He
gasped, Grandpa, its choking me!
I had to act fast. An anaconda kills by dragging its prey into the water to drown or by
constriction. It literally stops blood circulation, causing the victim to asphyxiate. Death
can come in five minutes. Fighting the muscular serpent, I pulled the snake from the
boys shoulder and received my next shock. Clamped to Aahans right side, just below
his armpit, was the anacondas head. It seemed to be glaring directly at me. I picked up a
couple of rocks and shoved them down the snakes throat, but to a creature capable of
swallowing a deer, a few rocks were nothing. I tried to pry the snakes head off Aahans
side. I gripped the two halves of the anacondas jaws and ripped so hard that a ripping
sound could be heard, still the snake would not let go. Its lower jaw dug deeper into his
Im going to die, Grandpa, Aahan moaned.
No, youre not, I promised. I then picked up a rock twice the size of my fist and using
all my strength brought it down on the snakes head, hoping to make the anaconda loosen
its grip; instead, I felt the snakes massive muscles tense. Aahans eyes bulged. He screamed,
Its tightening!
In those frantic moments, all Yohaan could find was a machete used to prune vegetation.
Yohaan grabbed it and rushed towards the pond. Meanwhile, I found himself in an endless
wrestling match. The anaconda was as flexible as a rope and it was fighting furiously to
keep its prey. I had managed to pull two metres of the snake off Aahan when I realized it
was trying to wind itself around me now. As Yohaan arrived on the scene, I grabbed the
machete and swung at the anaconda. The heavy blade bounced harmlessly off. I hacked
again and again. Nothing. It was like hitting a truck tyre with a small knife. Using all my
strength, I hit the snake so hard that the loose nails in the knifes handle tore open my
right hand. This time I made a cut. For a moment the snake relaxed its grip. Then it
tightened. Two more cuts had no effect. I grabbed the snakes head in his left hand and
brought the heavy knife smashing down on the snakes skull, between its nose and its
eyes. I hacked away in frenzy and smashed and smashed and smashed. The blows
shattered the snakes upper jaw which went slack. Aahan felt the compression ease and
pushed the coils of the snake off his body, crawled up the steep slope from the pond and
ran, blood streaming down his side.
Meanwhile, I was still locked in a deadly dance with the angry anaconda. Holding the
snakes head at arms length with my left hand, I pounded it with the knife in my right.
The serpent was furiously trying to ensnare me. While Yohaan sat on the anacondas
twitching tail, I kept hacking until I felt the snake go limp in my hands. Relieved, I dropped
the mortally wounded serpent on the muddy shore. The struggle had lasted half an hour,
but at least I had managed to save my grandson Aahan.
Craig sat numb, struck with wonder as Reuben showed him his torn hand. All he could
say to him was, Had I been in your shoes, I would have been dead.
(e) Study the picture given below. Write a story or a description or an account of what
it suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or
you may take suggestions from it ; however, there must be a clean connection
between the picture and your composition.

88 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

Solution :
Life is nothing but a series of dramatically charged situations that choose to change when
least expected. Often great courage is demanded to adapt oneself to these situations which
are more than often cruel and rarely generous. It is to one of these cruel situations that
Tina found herself subjected to.
The art of living is to know when to hold fast and when to let go. For life is a paradox : it
enjoins us to cling to its many gifts even while it ordains their eventual relinquishment.
The rabbis of old put it this way: A man comes into his world with his fist clenched, but
when he dies, his hand is open. Surely we ought to hold fast to life, for its wondrous,
and full of a beauty that breaks through every pore of Gods own earth. We know that
this is so, but all too often we recognize this truth only in our backward glance when we
remember what was and then suddenly realize that it is no more.
Tina was a twelve year old girl born to a poor family of nomads that wandered from city
to city performing various acrobatics and earning their daily bread. Unfortunately, her
father was paralyzed when he was hit by a speeding car and lost the use of his legs. Being
the only child of her parents, Tina was left with no other option but to help her mother to
earn their daily bread. Tina was an excellent tight rope walker and people would marvel
at her performance. Ever since she was eight years old, she had earned a name for herself
in this field.
Tina had always aspired to perform in the city. Her mother was very apprehensive about
this, being common village people and having never visited the city, when Tina did get
an opportunity; her mother refused to go but sent Tina along with her uncle. Her uncle
and aunt were issueless and loved Tina as their own daughter. In the city Tina performed
at many places and during the one week that she stayed there, she earned a name for
On the way back to her village, Tina sat happily in the bus, just longing to get back to her
parents, to fling her arms around her mother and tell her father all about the wonderful
city but fate had other plans in store for her. Little did she realize that tragedy had struck
her village. They had been experiencing heavy rainfall over the past several days and
while the village slept in the middle of the night, the dykes had broken and the entire
village had been swept away. Only a few fortunate ones had survived the onslaught of
the rushing waters.

English (Paper-I), 2010 | 89

Late in the evening when the bus arrived at the village, Tina was dumbstruck to see the
destruction the flood had caused. Where there was once a village now remained only a
vast sea with just a few survivors on the higher land who informed a distraught Tina that
her family had been swept away in the devastation. Tina felt her whole world crashing in,
had it not been for the reassuring presence of her beloved uncle and aunt, she felt she
could have died. She had lost everything she had ever lived for.
It was an uphill task to regain her composure and get on with life but Tina did it with
great fortitude. Her uncle and aunt adopted her and took on her responsibility. Tina
continued with her tight rope walking and being the bread winner of the family but as it
is aptly said, every cloud has a silver lining, lady luck finally decided to smile on her too.
She was chosen to be one of the many performers at the centenary celebrations of one of
the most prestigious colleges of Delhi and her skills were showcased before the Chief
Minister who was incidentally the chief guest at the function. Her performance was very
much appreciated and applauded and she was awarded a special prize of Rs. 1 lakh.
Being in the limelight, she was immediately noticed by the owner of a prestigious circus
who offered her a very lucrative job which she accepted.
Today, Tina is a famous performer and has built a grand temple of Lord Krishna in her
village on the name of her parents. People say that this temple is miraculous and it is
visited by thousands of devotees during the festival of Krishna Janamashtami. Her
dedication towards her work and her perseverance were the ultimate winners.
Question 2.
(Do not spend more than 20 minutes on this question.)
Select one of the following :
(a) Your class was taken to visit an Old Age Home where you spent half a day with
residents. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her what you saw. How you felt
and in what way you have changed since the visit.
Solution :
Lucknow 226001
3rd. March, 2010
Dearest Shania
I am writing this letter to share a very special and heart touching experience with you.
Yesterday our class was taken to visit on Old Age Home as a part of a project assigned
to us by our class teacher. We spent half a day with the residents of the old age home and
got to experience first hand, the living conditions of the old people who have been discarded
by their own children.
The old age home had individual rooms as well as dormitories where all the inmates
were living as one big family. There were many attendants to cater to their needs but
what surprised me most was the courage and determination with which each one went
about doing their daily activities. Each was ever so supportive towards the other.
This experience left a deep impact on me and made me realize how these old parents are
treated by their own children whom they have brought up and made worthy by the
sweat of their brow. It also made me realize the true worth of our parents whom we often
take for granted and expect them to perform miracles for us. After I have returned from

90 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

there, I am seeing my own parents in a new light. My respect for them has increased
I hope this letter has left a positive impression on you too. Do give my regards to your
parents and all at home.
Your loving friend,
(b) Write a letter to the Director of a television telecast. Suggest ways to improve the
Solution :
36, Civil Lines
Lucknow 226001
3rd. March, 2010
The Director
Star Plus Television
Mumbai 01
I wish to bring to your kind notice the deteriorating quality of programmes that are being
telecast on your channel. It is surprising to note that the channel Star Plus that was once
famous for being thoroughly entertaining and educative has now deteriorated to the level
of only family serials where often the women are portrayed as the villains. These serials
are undoubtedly having an adverse effect on human relationships within the household.
It would be much appreciated if you would take note of the above mentioned complaint
and changed the outlook of the programmes that are being telecast. I would suggest
adding on some variety in the programmes by introducing some Quiz/G.K. programmes,
comedies and some educative programmes to make the channel more interesting.
I am sure that this letter will not go unheeded. We sincerely look forward to better aired
programmes in future.
Thanking you

Yours sincerely
Natasha Grace
Question 3.
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :
They pass me everyday, on their way to school boys and girls of the surrounding villages
and the outskirts of the hill station. There are no school buses plying for these children:
they walk.
For many of them its a very long walk.
Ranbir, who is ten, has to climb the mountain from his village, four miles distant and two
thousand feet below the town level. He comes in all weathers, wearing the same pair of
cheap shoes until they have almost fallen apart.

English (Paper-I), 2010 | 91

Ranbir is a cheerful soul. He waves to me whenever he sees me at my window. Sometimes

he brings me cucumbers from his fathers field. I pay him for the cucumbers; he uses the
money for books or for small things needed at home.
Many of the children are like Ranbir poor, but slightly better off than what their parents
were at the same age. They can not attend the expensive residential and private schools
that abounded here, but must go to the government aided schools with only basic
facilities. Not many of their parents managed to go to school. They spent their lives working
in the field or delivering milk in the hill station. The lucky ones got into the army. Perhaps
Ranbir will do something different when he grows up.
He has yet to see a train but he sees planes flying over the mountains almost everyday.
How far can a plane go? he asks.
All over the world, I tell him. Thousands of miles in a day. You can go almost
Ill go round the world one day, he vows. I ll buy a plane and go everywhere!
And may be he will. He has a determined chin and defiant look in his eye.
Up to a few years ago, very few girls in the hills or in the villages of India went to school.
They helped in the home until they were old enough to be married, which wasnt very
old. But there are now just as many girls as there are boys going to school.
Bindra is something of an extrovert confident fourteen year old who chatters away as
she hurries down the road with her companions. Her father is a forest guard and knows
me quite well : I meet him on my walks through the deodar woods behind Landour. And
I had grown used to seeing Bindra almost everyday.
When she did not put in an appearance for a week, I asked her brother if anything was
Oh nothing, he says, she is helping my mother cut grass.
Soon the monsoon will end and the grass will dry up. So we cut it now and store it for the
cows in winter.
And why arent you cutting grass too ?
Oh, I have a cricket match today, he says, and hurries away to join his teammate. Unlike
his sister, he puts pleasure before work !
Cricket, once the game of elite has become the game of masses. On any holiday, in any
part of this vast country, groups of boys can be seen making their way to the nearest field,
or open patch of land, with bat, ball and any other cricketing gear that they can cobble
together. Watching some of them play ; I am amazed at the quality of talent, at the finesse
with which they bat or bowl. Some of the local teams are as good, if not better, than any
from the private schools, where there are better facilities. But boys from this poor or
lower middle class families will never get the exposure that is necessary to bring them
to the attention of those who select state or national teams. They will never get near
enough to the men of influence and power. They must continue to play for the love of the
game, or watch their more fortunate heroes exploits on television.
(a) Give the meaning of the following words as used in the passage.
One word answers or short phrases will be accepted.
(i) defiant
Ans. daring
(ii) elite
Ans. superior society

92 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers




(iii) exposure
Ans. opportunity to do something.
Answer the following questions briefly in your own words.
(i) In what way are the children better off than their parents ?
Ans. The children are better off because not many of their parents could go to school
as their lives were spent in working in the fields or delivering milk in the hill
(ii) What was Ranbirs ambition ?
Ans. Ranbirs ambition was to buy a plane and go around the world one day.
(iii) How has the fate of the girls changed ?
Ans. Previously very few girls went to school. They were made to help at home till
they were old enough to get married but now their fate has changed. The
number of girls going to school is equal to that of the boys.
(iv) In what way was her brother different from Brinda ?
Ans. Bindra was hard working and responsible towards her household duties but
her brother put pleasure before work. He would rather play a cricket match
than to cut grass.
(v) Why is the narrator amazed ?
Ans. The narrator is amazed at the quality of talent with which they batted or bowled
and he felt that some of the local teams were as good as the teams of the
private schools with better facilities.
(vi) Why does the author call the heroes on television fortunate ?
Ans. He calls them fortunate because they got the required exposure that brought
them to the attention of the state level and national team selectors. This is
something which these boys from the poor or middle class families never got.
In not more than 60 words, relate what difficulties the children face in their daily
lives. How does the author feel about it ?
No school bus piled for these children. They walked long distances to attend government aided schools. Girls walked in the house and then got married early. The boys
had talent bit did not get opportunities enough to be selected in the state or national
teams. The narrator feels they are slightly better off than their parents were in their
age. (60 words)
Give a title to your summary in 2(c). State a reason to justify your choice.
An appropriate title would be Life in the hills. This is because the entire passage
is about the kind of life the people living in the hills lead and the various problems
they face.

Question 4.
(a) In the following passage, fill in each of the numbered blanks with the correct
form of the word given in brackets. Do not copy the passage, but write in correct
serial order the word or phrase appropriate to the blank space.
Example :
(0) given.
But just when I had almost (0) ______ (give) up hope, I was (I) ______ (strike) with a
brilliant idea; my birthday was due fairly soon, and if I (2) ______ (deal) with the

English (Paper-I), 2010 | 93






family skillfully, I (3) ______ (feel) sure, I could not only get a boat but a lot of their
equipment as well. I (4) ______ (suggest) to the family that, instead of (5) ______ (let)
them choose my presents, I (6) ______ (may) tell them the things that I (7) ______
(want) most. In this way they could be sure of not (8) ______ (disappoint) me. [4]
1. struck
2. dealt
3. felt
4. suggested
5. letting
6. might
7. wanted
8. disappointing
Fill in the blanks with appropriate words :
a. I refrained _________ telling Reeta the truth.
b. The leader counted _________ the cooperation of his colleagues.
c. The public was cautioned _________ pickpockets.
d. Janaki escorted her daughter to the cinema theatre as she was anxious _________
her safety.
e. Their path was beset _________ difficulties yet they succeeded.
f. The mouse crept stealthily _________ the cheese.
g. It was good _________ you to invite Sheila for the picnic.
h. Smoking _________ public places is now banned.
a. from
b. on
c. against
d. for
e. with
f. towards
g. of
h. in
Join the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and,
but or so;
(i) You will surely be late. Hurry up !
(ii) The trekker got lost due to the heavy fog. They had misplaced their map as well.
(iii) She has to apologize. He will not meet her again if she does not do so.
(iv) I wear this expensive outfit very sparingly. I brought it last month.
(i) Unless you hurry up, you will surely be late.
(ii) Besides getting lost due to the heavy fog, the trekkers had also misplaced their
(iii) He will not meet her again unless she apologizes.
(iv) This expensive outfit that I bought last month is worn very sparingly by me.

94 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

(d) Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each.
Make other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of each
(i) Unless Ria takes care of her health, she will not be able to look after her family.
(Begin : Ria must ........)
(ii) His arrogance was the cause of his losing the election.
(Rewrite the sentence using arrogant)
(iii) If you are not a member you can not borrow books.
(Begin : Only .........)
(iv) It is a pity our vacation is not longer.
(Begin : I wish .........)
(v) Raju did not complete the exercise on time.
(Rewrite the sentence adding a question tag)
(vi) Rohan was so terrified of being left alone in the house that he started screaming.
(Begin : So .........)
(vii) The teacher asked, How many of you think the answer is correct ?
(Rewrite the sentence using indirect speech)
(viii) Sunil is the fastest runner in the school.
(End .............. as Sunil.)
(i) Rita must take care of her health or she will not be able to look after her family.
(ii) He lost the election because he was arrogant.
(iii) Only if you are a member can you borrow books.
(iv) I wish our vacation were longer.
(v) Raju did not complete the exercise on time, did he ?
(vi) So terrified was Rohan of being left alone in the house that he started screaning.
(vii) The teacher asked how many of them thought the answer was correct.
(viii) No other runner in the school is as fast as Sunil.


Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.
You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.
This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.
The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.
Attempt all four questions.
The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [].
You are advised to spend not more than 35 minutes in answering Question 1
and 20 minutes in answering Question 2.
Question 1.
(Do not spend more than 35 minutes on this question.)
Write a composition (350-400 words) on any one of the following :


English (Paper-I), 2011 | 95

(a) Private tuitions are a necessary evil. Give your views either for or against this
Solution :
For : It is a necessary evil these days education is more about how much one scores,
and not how much one learns marks-oriented attitude of all of us completion of the
syllabus in a limited time span lack of responsibility on the part of the teachers rat
race for success among the students exploited by the teachers leading into an
unhealthy competition students being turned into money making machine for them
often forced to take tuitions lack of moral responsibility in the teachers moral
degradation from the former concept of an Ideal Teacher tuition centres are profitable
business these days end of the day students are the ones who are victimised.
Against : It is not necessary evil to cover up the vast syllabus in a limited time span it
is inevitable Individual care which is seldom possible in a class consists of a large
number of students, hence tuition is needed in these days of career-oriented education
to score more and have an edge it in necessary in school lack of dedication, of the
teachers short duration of the classes professional attitude which helps the students
(As ailing patients are treated by doctors, students should be guided by these private
(b) Write an original story entitled : Lost and Found
Solution :
Lost and Found :
My sweet little puppy Chiku was found nowhere in one fine morning I was frantically
looking for him he was my sweet, little all time companion from dawn to dust he
was the one, with whom I used to spend my time he was only 3 years old, but his
appearance was his appeal he was lost and was not found anywhere for but 5 days
I was growing frantic I gave up my daily deeds nothing could console me it was
raining outside cats and dogs I just got to hear a sound, coming from the garrage of my
home I woke up in alarm went down with all my astonishment and utter surprise,
I found, Chiku, sitting on the door step of the garrage, along with a new born baby
infront of him later we got to know the new born baby was abandoned by his parent
into a trash-bin nearby Chiku took him into his safe custody for last 3 days we
informed police and contacted with a local rehabilitation centre they took care of the
child my Chiku appeared to be a saviour or a messiah to a child I am happy to find
my Chiku.
(c) Relate a special incident or experience in your life which you still recall with
Solution :
A very special moment which still gives me immense joy First visit to the zoo with
parents still a little kid in a winter vacation amazed to see the animals so close
the chattering monkeys the elephant ride feeding the deers picnic feelings did
whatever felt like no scolding from parents special attraction the tigers and lions
behaviour of the animals coming back home memories forever.
(d) Childrens Day is celebrated in your school every year. Write what you particularly liked about this years celebration. What did you learn from the efforts of
those who planned and organised the function ? How did you express your gratitude to them ?

96 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

Solution :
Childrens day why its celebrated celebrated by the teachers for the students
teachers performed the morning assembly they were in a different mood jovial
atmosphere they arranged for entertaining performance for us their performance
their taking care of us as our friends welcome break from daily routine how different
they seemed understanding their true value realisation how the day ended.
(e) Study the picture given below. Write a story or a description or an account of what
it suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or
you may take suggestions from it ; however, there must be a clear connection
between the picture and your composition.

Solution :
A flooded city heavy downpour streets waterlogged no cars on the road
stranded city rickshaws are the only available mode of conveyance school kids and
others eager to get a ride all eager to pay more the rickshawpullers hardship
how they are toiling the difficulties they had to go through the general condition of
the city the continuation of the situation how the citizens had to suffer but their
thanks to those rickshawpullers a few days in a year when they are in demand.
Question 2.
(Do not spend more than 20 minutes on this question.)
Select one of the following :
(a) Write a letter to the local Municipal Corporation complaining about the malaria
epidemic in your city. State the causes and suggest ways to deal with the problem.

English (Paper-I), 2011 | 97

Solution :
23/A Ellora Road
Kolkata 700032
23rd March, 2011
The Chairman
Jadavpur Municipality
Corporation Building
Kolkata 700032
I, being a responsible citizen, would like to bring to your notice about the breaking out of
malaria in our city. Many already have been suffering from malaria and the situation is
turning for worse.
Most of the drains in our locality are not covered and they remain waterlogged, hence
they have become ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. The civil authorities have hardly
taken any action so far to clear them or take measures to make all aware of the epidemic.
To improve the situation the drains need to be cleared regularly. People should be made
aware about the necessary precautions against the disease and the measures they should
take. Free health camps should also be set up so that the epidemic does not break out into
more quarters.
I would be very grateful if you kindly pay attention to our problem and do the needful to
prevent the outbreak of malaria.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Pritam Sanyal
(b) You have just acquired an unusual pet. Write a letter to your friend telling him/
her about it. Give details about the care you have to take in looking after and
feeding the pet.
Solution :
24, Ajanta Avenue
Kolkata 700075
24th March, 2011
Dear Pritam
Its after ages that I'm writing you again. I am quite eager to tell you about my newly
acquired pet. You cant even think what it is. Its neither a dog nor a bird in a cage. Its a
baby monkey which I got from my uncle who rescued it from the jungles of Assam.

98 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

It was just a month old baby when I got it. It was too young then to have its normal diet of
fruits and breads. It survived only on milk. We had to feed him through a feeding bottle.
My sister found him quite funny and named him Golu. Golu after a few days with us
took a special liking towards me and we soon became best of pals. Golu is more like a
family member now. But he is still only 6 months old. So we don't allow him to eat
anything from outside. My mother cooks for him. It eats boiled rice and vegetables mashed
into a paste. But everyday after his meals he needs a banana. He is more pleased if its
provided by me. I have made a small bed from packing box for him. I have also cut a
portion of a discarded mattress and made a soft bed for him too.
Come soon to my place and visit Golu. You will find him very lovable and he is quite
friendly too. So, write soon when you are coming.
Yours lovingly
Question 3.
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :
I rested for a moment at the door of Anand Bhavan, on Market Road, where coffee
drinkers and tiffin eaters at their tables sat transfixed uttering low moans on seeing
me. I wanted to assure them, 'Don't fear, I am not out to trouble you. Eat your tiffin
in peace, don't mind me ... You, nearest to me, hugging the cash box, you are craven
with fear, afraid even to breathe. Go on, count the cash, if that's your pleasure. I
just want to watch, that's all ... If my tail trails down to the street, if I am blocking
your threshold: it is because, I'm told, I'm eleven feet tip to tail. I can't help it. I'm
not out to kill ... I'm too full - found a green pasture teeming with food on the way.
Won't need any for several days to come, won't stir, not until I feel hungry again.
Tigers attack only when they feel hungry, unlike human beings who slaughter one
another without purpose or hunger ...'
To the great delight of children, schools were being hurriedly closed. Children of
all ages and sizes were running helter-skelter screaming joyously, 'No school, no
school. Tiger, tiger!' They were shouting and laughing and even enjoyed being
scared. They seemed to welcome me. I felt like joining them, and bounded away
from the restaurant door and trotted along with them, at which they gleefully cried,
'The tiger is coming to eat us; let us get back to the school!'
I followed them through their school gate while they ran up and shut themselves in
the school hall securely. I ascended the steps of the school, saw an open door at the
far end of a veranda, and walked in. It happened to be the headmaster's room, I
believe, as I noticed a very dignified man jumping on his table and heaving himself
up into an attic. I walked in and flung myself on the cool floor, having a partiality
for cool stone floors, with my head under the large desk - which gave me the feeling
of being back in the Mempi cave....

English (Paper-I), 2011 | 99

As I drowsed, I was aware of cautious steps and hushed voices all around. I was in
no mood to bother about anything. All I wanted was a little moment of sleep; the
daylight was dazzling. In half sleep I heard the doors of the room being shut and
bolted and locked. I didn't care. I slept.
While I slept a great deal of consultation was going on. I learnt about it later through
my master, who was in the crowd the crowd which had gathered after making
sure that I had been properly locked up and was watching. The headmaster
seems to have remarked some days later, 'Never dreamt in my wildest mood that
I'd have to yield my place to a tiger.. .' A wag had retorted, 'Might be one way of
maintaining better discipline among the boys.'
'Now that this brute is safely locked up, we must decide,' began a teacher. At this
moment my master pushed his way through the crowds and admonished, 'Never
use the words "beast" or "brute". They're ugly words coined by humans in their
arrogance. The human being thinks all other creatures are "beasts". Awful word!'.
(a) Give the meaning of each of the following words or phrases as used in the
One word answers or short phrases will be accepted.
(i) transfixed (line 2)
(ii) helter-skelter (line 13)
(iii) admonished (line 36)


(b) Answer the following questions briefly in your own words.

(i) What reassurance did the tiger give the coffee drinkers?


(ii) In what way are tigers different from human beings?

(iii) Why were the children delighted ?


(iv) What did the headmaster say some days later ?


(v) What was the wag's response?


(vi) Which sentences tell us that the tiger's owner had great respect for the tiger?

(i) In not more than 60 words describe the tiger's activities from the time it followed the school children till it slept.
(ii) Give a title to your summary in 3 (c). Give a reason to justify your choice. [2]

Solution :

(i) transfixed : Still/unmoved

(ii) helter-skelter : hurriedly / in a haste
(iii) admonished : rebuked / scolded


(i) The tiger assured the coffee drinkers not to fear him and he would not trouble
them, as he was too full with enough food, he was not going to kill his prey
and nor would he have any need to kill for the next seven days.

100 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

(ii) According to the speaker here, unlike human beings, the tigers attack or kill
their prey only when they are hungry, and they do not slaughter one another
without any purpose or hunger.
(iii) As there was the tiger roaming at large in the town, the schools were being
closed hurriedly. This made the children delighted and they enjoyed being
scared too.
(iv) The headmaster of the school said a few days later that even in his wildest
mood he never dreamt that he would have to yield his place to a tiger.
(v) The wag wittily retorted that the headmaster's yielding his place to the tiger
would rather be a way of maintaining better discipline among the students in
the school.
(vi) At this very moment my master pushed his way through the crowds and
admonished, Never use the words beast or brute. Theyre ugly words
coined by humans in their arrogance.

(i) Following the school children the tiger went to the school and climbed up the
steps and found the headmasters room open. He entered and lied down on
the cool floor and started drowsing. Even when he was aware of footsteps
outside, he didnt bother to get up and he preferred to sleep without caring
much for anything else outside.
(ii) Tigers Day Out - Its because the tiger here broke free from his cage and
having a good time in the town in his new found freedom.

Question 4.
(a) Fill in each of the numbered blanks with the correct form of the word given in
brackets. Do not copy the passage, but write in correct serial order the word or
phrase appropriate to the blank space.
Example :
(0) We were not ______ (allow) to talk during the lecture.
Answer: allowed.
The children (1) ______(sit) in a neat circle and (2) ______ (begin) (3) ______ (copy)
their multiplication tables. Most (4) ______ (scratch) in the dirt with sticks they had
(5) ______ (bring) for that purpose. The more fortunate (6) ______ (has) slate boards
that they (7) ______ (write) on with sticks (8) ______ (dip) in a mixture of mud and
(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words :
(i) He congratulated me _________ my great achievement.
(ii) The poor man is afflicted _________ arthritis.
(iii) She is blind _________ the faults of her husband.
(iv) The boss had many complaints _________ Shyam.
(v) You must prepare _________ the examination.

English (Paper-I), 2011 | 101

(vi) She is not aware _________ the danger.

(vii) Ravi was accurate _________ his calculations.
(viii) They hid the money _________ the carpet.


(c) Join the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and,
but or so.
(i) The minister was wise. The king did not trust him.
(ii) We reached the port. The storm came on.
(iii) On should not borrow money. One should not lend money.
(iv) She will win the prize. She deserves it.


(d) Re-write the following sentences according to the instructions given after each.
Make other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of each
(i) This horse is better trained than yours.
(Begin : Your .................................)
(ii) The children will sit out in the garden, if the weather is cool.
(Begin: The children won't .................................)
(iii) The thief ran so fast that the police could not catch him.
(Rewrite using: too.)
(iv) Her attitude often annoys me.
(Rewrite using: annoyance .................................)
(v) The child disappeared as soon as the bus stopped.
(Begin: Hardly .................................)
(vi) There is no success without effort.
(Begin: Whenever .................................)
(vii) Please teach me to cycle she asked her brother.
(Rewrite in indirect form .................................)
(viii) The peasants regarded him as a thief and called him a villain.
(End : ................................. the peasants)
Solution :

(i) sat
(iii) copying
(v) brought
(vii) wrote


(i) on
(iii) to
(v) for
(vii) with

(ii) began
(iv) scratched
(vi) had
(viii) dipping
(ii) with
(iv) against
(vi) of
(viii) under


102 | Evergreen ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers


(i) Though the minister was nice, the king did not trust him.
(ii) When we reached the port, the storm came on.
(iii) One should neither borrow nor lend money.
(iv) She will win the prize which she deserves./
She will win the prize as she deserves it.


(i) Your horse is not as well trained as this (one).

(ii) The children won't sit out in the garden, if the weather is hot.
(iii) The thief ran too fast to be caught by the police.
(iv) Her attitude is often the cause of my annoyance.
(v) Hardly had the bus stopped when the child disappeared.
(vi) Whenever there is effort, there is success.
(vii) She requested her brother to teach her to cycle.
(viii) He was regarded as a thief and called a villain by the peasants.