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(1) Set Goals: Have Minimum Three Types of

Goals: Short Term Goals, Long Term Goals and
Life Goals.
Short Term Goals: These goals are tasks that you
wish to accomplish in a short duration of time;
from one day to about three months. They can last
up to less than a year. E.g. Start to workout
everyday for two months, raising your average for
a class
Long Term Goals: These goals are tasks that you
wish to accomplish in a longer period of time; from
one year to more than ten years. E.g. What you
wish to study in university? What long language do
you wish to learn? (Chinese/Japanese?) Being
Life Goals: These goals are harder to achieve.
These goals are similar to Before-I-Die goals.
Some of these goals at the moment seem
impossible to achieve. They seem so distant from
where you stand. E.g. Making a million dollars,
Traveling around the world, Learning 8+
(2) Developing a Habit: A Habit takes ~66 days to
develop. By working on your goals every single
day, without an excuse for 66 consecutive days,
you will become disciplined. By creating a habit,
you will no matter how bad your day is, no matter
how tired/hungry/lazy you are, you will push
yourself to work on your goals. Habit and
Discipline will help you through the days where
nothing seems to be going right. They will tell your
brain that despite everything that has happen, I will
still continue to work on my goals to accomplish

Sunday, June 19, 2016

(3) Finding A Reason: Find yourself a reason to
continue. During those days where life seems hard
and everything is going wrong, find a reason to live
through those days. Find a reason that will push
you to continue to work despite a setback, a
downfall, a failure or a disappointment. Think
about the future. Think about why must you
accomplish this? Most importantly, let your reason
be strong enough to prevent you from giving up
what you want most in the future for what you
want at the current moment.

(4) Planning: Use a Notebook/Planner/Loose Leafs

in order to plan out what you wish to accomplish
every day. By noting down your process, it will
encourage you to work. If you ever feel discourage
and unable to motivate yourself, take a look at your
progress. You may not be where you wish to be at
the moment, but you are a lot further than where
you have started from.

It is better to plan ahead of time then to

procrastinate. Every moment that you
procrastinate, you are telling yourself that my
goals/dreams are not as important and that they can

What motivates myself is the idea of others

working hard. Just search on Tumblr #studyspo,
#fitspo or Motivational Videos on Youtube and I
believe that they will give you a stronger sense of

1. If you fall asleep now, you will dream. If you

study now, you will live your dream.
2. When you think its too late, the truth is, its still

Sunday, June 19, 2016

3. The pain of studying is only temporary. But
the pain of not knowingignoranceis
4. Studying is not about time. Its about effort.
5. Life is not all about studying. But if you cant
even conquer this little part of life, then what else
can you possibly do?
6. Enjoy the inexorable pain.
7. Its those who are earlier than the others, those
who put in more effort, who can enjoy the feelings
of success.
8. Not everyone can truely succeed in everything.
But success only comes with self-management and
9. Time is flying.
10. The saliva that flow now will become the tears
of tomorrow.
11. Dogs are learning, ambassadors are playing.
12. If you dont walk today, youll have to run
13. People who invest in the future are realists.
14. The level of education is in direct correlation
with your salary.
15. When today is over, it will never come back.