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August 8, 2016

The Honorable Lorena S. Gonzalez

Appropriations Committee, Chair
California State Assembly
1020 N Street, Room 2114
Sacramento, CA 95814

Anthony Villarreals Testimony on SB 1146

Dear Ms. Gonzalez:

As you likely know, William Jessup University opposes SB1146, currently in the
suspense file of the Assembly Appropriations Committee. I am writing to correct previous
information offered in committee testimony by Anthony Villarreal, a former student at William
Jessup University. Mr. Villarreal has maintained in his committee testimony that he was
dismissed from William Jessup University because of his sexual orientation.
Mr. Villarreals assertions are categorically untrue. Mr. Villarreal was dismissed for
multiple violations of the Universitys policy against violence, after he was arrested twice for
domestic violence. Mr. Villareal was again arrested for domestic violence and resisting arrest
following his departure from the University. Evidence confirming these arrests is available from
the Sacramento Police Department.
William Jessup University is committed to upholding strong educational and community
standards to provide a safe learning environment. We are also committed to building a
community that is full of the grace and truth that we find in Jesus Christ and to model that love
with all of our students, staff, and faculty.
The University continues to maintain that SB1146 is bad policy for our state that
needlessly upsets the current balance between nondiscrimination principles, and the freedom of
religious students particularly underprivileged students to participate in religious educational
communities formed around shared beliefs and practices. Moreover, SB 1146s purported
justification is based on evidence that is sparse at best, and its supporters have relied heavily on
Mr. Villarreals testimony, which cannot withstand even cursory scrutiny.
Please reject SB 1146. Instead, work with willing partners, among whom William Jessup
University counts itself, to find a cooperative way forward for the thousands of students in our
state who are currently studying at faith-affirming institutions and for future students who desire
and deserve the same opportunity to choose the path on which to achieve their dreams.

John Jackson, PhD

President, William Jessup University


Appropriations Committee Members Frank Bigelow, Richard Bloom, Susan A. Bonilla,

Rob Bonta, Ian C. Calderon, Ling Ling Chang, Tom Daly, Susan Talamantes Eggman,
James Gallagher, Eduardo Garcia, Chris R. Holden, Brian W. Jones, Jay Obernolte, Bill
Quirk, Miguel Santiago, Donald P. Wagner, Shirley N. Weber, and Jim Wood
Senator Ricardo Lara