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Troubleshooting Cisco
Wireless Enterprise Networks





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NO.1 Clients are failing EAP authentication A debug shows that an EAP handshake started and the
clients are then de-authenticated. Which two issues can cause this problem'? (Choose two.)
A. The clients are configured for machine authentication, but the RADIUS server is configured for user
B. The WLC has not been added to the RADIUS server as a client.
C. The WLC certificate has changed.
D. The shared secret of the WLC and RADIUS server do not match.
E. The WLAN is not configured for the correct EAP supplicant type.
Answer: B,E
NO.2 Employees upgraded company issued OS devices. Which are configured to authenticate to the
network using WPA2-Eniefpnse 802 lx with LEAP As a result, the devices are no longer able to
authenticate Which action must the engineer do 10 resolve the issue?
Refer to the exhibit.

A. Redeploy the existing configuration profile.

B. Change LEAP certificate on the ACS server.
C. Reset the network settings on the devices.
D. Rejoin the enterprise network manually.
E. Deploy a new configuration profile with LEAP enabled
Answer: B
NO.3 Which statement about the join process of the access point is true? Refer to the exhibit.

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A. The time on the controller is outside of the certificates validity time interval, so the join phase
B. The AP successfully joined the controller.
C. The AP moved from this controller to its primary controller.
D. The AP failed to join because the MAC address of the AP was not correct on the controller.
E. The controller rejected all discovery requests from the AP because they were not received on the
management interface subnet.
Answer: E
NO.4 An engineer is troubleshooting non-802 11 interference and observes this output. Which type
of interference signatures can be identified?
Refer to the exhibit.

A. one frequency hopping Bluetooth

B. two healthy CCK and one malformed OFDM
C. three broadband jammers
D. two strong microwave ovens and one moderate
Answer: B
NO.5 You have successfully configured HA and SSO using two Cisco 5508 Wireless LAN Controllers.
You are able to access the Active Primary WLC but are unable to access the Secondary Standby WLC.
Which two methods will allow you to access the standby unit? (Choose two.)
A. Via SSH to the Redundancy Management Interface.
B. Via Service Port Interface.
C. Via SSH to the Management Interface.

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D. Via console connection.

Answer: C,D
NO.6 A new wireless deployment with high AP density is experiencing high latency and connectivity
issues on the 24 GHz band, despite an initial site survey done by a certified partner. Which option is
the most impactful change a wireless consultant recommends?
Refer to the exhibit.

A. Increase the fragmentation threshold to allow larger packets over the air.
B. Reduce the beacon period because it reduces the RF interference.
C. Disable lower data rate, such as 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps.
D. Disable the short preamble.
E. Disable 80211g support to reduce interference.
Answer: C