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Santa Margarita Technology Agreement

The policies, procedures and information within this document apply to all computers
and Ipads used in the school. Teachers and administrators may set additional
requirements for use in their classroom.
The use of technology resources is a privilege, not a right. The acceptable use agreement
is provided to make everyone aware of the responsibilities associated with efficient,
ethical, and lawful use of technology resources. If there is a violation disciplinary
action could be applied.
All rules related to conduct of students will apply to their use of Distict policy. The
district will not permit inappropriate exchange of information. Therefore, use by students
While using technology, student must exercise restraint in copying ideas or writing of
other persons without giving them credit. Plagiarism, and/or violation of copywriting
laws, will not be permitted.
Student Pledge for Technology Use
I will use technology in ways that are appropriate, meet school expectations and
are educational.
I will follow the policies outlined in the school districts technology and textbook
In order to minimize accidental damage, students are not allowed to bring food or
drink within close proximity of the computers and Ipads.
I understand that I am not allowed to change the desktop and Ipads in any
physical way without permission from a teacher.
I understand and agree to the guidelines in this document
Students Signature

Students Printed Name

Parents Pledge for Technology Use

I have read the OUSD Technology Agreement. I understand that access to technology is
provided for educational purposes only and that the district has taken precautions in an
attempt to eliminate controversial materials. However, I also recognize that it is
impossible for the District to restrict access to all controversial materials, and I will not
hold the District responsible for material acquired or accessed by my student through
District technology.
Parents Signature


General Rules of Network Etiquette

Do use appropriate language.

Do treat all information obtained through the network as private property.

Do not reveal personal information including email or home addresses or phone


Do log off.

Do cite all websites and resources used when researching on the internet.

Do not give a personal password to another user.

Do not share your earbuds.

Do not download apps or programs.

Do not use or attempt to discover another users password.

Do not use, retrieve, and/or download profanity, obscenity, or graphic pictures,

which may be offensive to others or which violate school or district rules.

Do not transmit, use, copy, or retrieve material in violation of any federal or state
laws or regulations, including to, copyrighted material; threatening, harassing, or
obscene material; or material protected by trademark.

Do not take pictures or videos of another student. All students must have a Media
Release Agreement, signed by their parent or guardian, in order to use their

Do not post to any photos or videos to social media websites without written
permission from parents, school district and/or teacher. Any photos or images
are for academic use only.

All electronic devices, computers and iPads, are to be used as a school issued
textbook. Any damage/loss will be handled as per district policy.