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Reaching awareness in body and mind

Article by the Magna Group. This information may be distributed, copied or adapted, but we would
respect that you quote us. This information is for fictional purposes only.

This article is a short introduction to heart based spirituality, outlining how our choices about how
we see ourselves in the World, allow higher consciousness to exist, or not exist in our lives. The
article is not meant to be too comprehensive or deep, but hopes to open eyes to other realms of
possibility, which could explain our human condition and relationships with the World, and with
each other.
I wanted to write something about spirituality. As should everyone, I think. Everyones perception is
valid, and can potentially reap spiritual rewards in others if they are willing to share it. Unless
youre one of those people who writes articles about celebrities in magazines, they probably dont
help anybody. I guess theyre not meant to.
Im an ordinary, 32 year old American. I have been to University, the traditional center of human
learning in the commonly thought sense. Ive been told that I have a grasp of things which some
people do not. This isnt because of my intelligence, but my perception. But I do have a perception
on things, things which many people dont think of contemplating too much as not to confuse
themselves, or to end up thinking in cycles of misunderstanding, trying to 'get' what the World is
The answers to happiness are not very obvious. I think all of us have made mistakes. Bad
relationships, drinking too much , not doing things in such an exact way, to produce the perfect,
desired outcome. We look for happiness as if its owed to us from the World, which it is, in a sense.
But as I discovered, everything in the World out there, is a lot smaller than you might think. Move
into the forest for a couple of days, and very quickly youll notice that your thought patterns alter
themselves and begin a kind of natural regulation. Things which happen in life have a causative
effect of making us have certain feelings, this we just have to deal with. From our feelings, resulting
in these patterns of failure, we have our lives.
We are so used to thinking that who we are, is a sum of what we have experienced. Our looks, our
memories, our friends, family, social status, job, romantic relationships, our proud moments, and
regrets. Now heres the thing, do you really believe that? Because I think deep down, if you are
reading this, you dont want to be defined.
This is when we start to talk about spirituality, a rather vague term, used for a whole number of
things. Spirituality is probably a vastly misunderstood idea. Being spiritual isnt about being a
gypsy, Christian, or New-Age person, these are just different forms of spirituality. Spirituality I
define as living life with an awareness of spirit. I may be cynical, but a lot of information within
spiritual communities should not be taken as fact. This isnt an article about auras, or the specific
details of how to heal karma, which again, is a debatable concept. But lets come back to that some
other time. What Im saying is that spirituality is about spirit. Anything else applied on top of this,
any doctrine, anything which says what is, or is not true, is in itself partially not true. Truth is a very
subjective term, when we are talking about our own experiences with spirituality. Therefore no-one
elses experiences should be used as a definite guide, spirituality is your experience. The same goes
for this article in fact, take only what you feel is true. I will not tell you the how to live your life, but
I will be a guide, for a bit, if you choose me as your guide, to finding your own way to selfhappiness and a spirituality which is part of you.
Let me tell you a secret. The World is simple, its a choice. It is a constant choice. I dont mean that,
every choice you make really matters. Coffee vs tea, ice-cream vs chocolate, will I buy pizza
tomorrow? These choices might make a difference at a surface level, but otherwise are obsolete.
But there is one, and only one, constant choice which we are presented with. This choice sometimes

presents itself through the World around us, but most often, it is called out from within us,
regardless of our life-situation. The choice is: do we choose fear, or do we choose love?
If you had some kind of powerful reaction to those short, eight words, then this is the effect I
intended for.
My own journey has been a constant decision. And Im sure, all of your journeys have been
replicating this decision, over, and over. Some of you will be afraid. Love requires commitment
right? Others will be thinking, that love is an amazing thing, but, if it fails, then youll be doomed.
This simply is not true. It all depends on perception. How do we start to define love? My own
description goes far deeper than the common one, but it has brought me more happiness than ever
before. Love is a realization, really. In the physical World, our daily lives and experiences, love is
expressed through other, abstract nouns, such as friendship, romance and kindness, or verbs such
as, giving, receiving, understanding, living, and being. All humans, and it would seem, all living
creatures, have an internal desire to feel like theyre something more than their experiences. Our
experiences, even as far as our relationships, are still just experiences, often temporary and subject
to change, and are therefore not who we are at the most basic level. Life is like a computer game,
were all playing different parts, and taking our roles very seriously. Animals and
plants, rocks, mountains and seas, are much the same. They are like programs which do a certain
thing, humans differ in that our own awareness has grown to compose of a wide variety of different
pathways which we live out. But guys and girls, dont take these roles too seriously. What if I told
you, that the hypothetical programmer of your path, was actually you? Once you become aware of
that thing I just told you, your life can change. But it requires a change in perception. It requires you
to take responsibility for your life and actions, and responsibility for your own happiness. Its not
about hoping that everything will be okay, its about taking on the responsibility to make it okay.
Thats because at a basic level, we are the same. We are made of the same material as all else in
existence. Our human form is merely a role being played, an experience. The experiences goal is to
feel love, for self, and for others. Apart from that, and how you choose to experience this, is entirely
up to you.
What is love, anyway?
We have talked about the great choice. But what precisely does it mean, to choose love over fear?
This decision is constantly taking place, as you will begin to discover, but let us first examine what
love, and fear, actually are.
As I said earlier, we are living as humans, but underneath this experience, we are all the same. In
fact, we are made from the same basic chemical components as the rest of the planet, albeit in a
much more complex form. Most elements were formed under great heat, and as goes the phrase we
are made of stars. We literally are. But it goes further than this, and onto a subject I will try not to
touch on too much, to keep these easily digestible. Modern quantum theory, and many scientists,
and philosophers outside of quantum theory, are beginning to conclude that all physical matter is,
on the smallest level, made of waves. In other words, everything we think is solid, important, nonchanging, is just energy, at the most basic level, and it could be said then that this energy is all one
thing, taking on different forms, which we then perceive as being the differences in the physical
World, within ourselves, within those things we like, and those we dislike. Go a level deeper, and
we learn that atom components, when on a quantum level, seem to respond to our own perception
of them, which has lead many to believe that perhaps our own minds are also a part of this energy
field, and can somehow influence it, and in all likelihood, receive influence from it.
The quantum World exists in terms of possibility, so to an extent, nothing really exists until we
bring that possibility into actuality, where it becomes observable in some way, or form. This isnt
anything especially new. Its basically what every so called primitive culture was aware of, before
the Colonial invaders viewed them as savages and took much of what they have from them. But

these views have survived in many of these cultures, who have fought hard to protect themselves
from the advances of overzealous Christians and Atheists alike.
I met a traveling man once, but didnt expect him to explain to me how his people saw the
Universe as all being One entity, the various Gods, Goddesses, demons, and people, were only
forms of this Great Consciousness. His grandmother was a witch, and he told me that her magical
experiences were like traveling into a dream-reality, but that also, our own World was a dream
What you believe, is not important. This isnt an article of persuasion and supernatural teachings.
But I will tell you that indigenous people are wise, they are intelligent, and that they really do
understand the World. My main point here is that, we are all the same thing. On some, deep level,
we all seem to be aware of this. We may be different looking, have different roles. Some of us have
been successful, others not so much. But were all part of the same bigger picture, and the way to
become more a part of that picture, is to realize that youre a part of it. But, I dont believe that you
are just a part of it, to go the next step, whether you believe it to be true or not, is the ultimate
explanation of love, and gesture of love in our World. What if I told you that you were not just a
part of this World, but that within you, existed the entire World? What is those people you miss so
badly are never far away from you, because you have always been one and the same?
I liken this to the stars at night. We dont need quantum physics or complex belief systems to
explain this.
Despite science, the laws of physics, and the sometimes difficult day-to-day routine of life, our
heart seems to have a completely different perception. The stars was just an example, but if humans
were beings of pure logic and physical laws, why would be feel so inspired to feel something so
far away, and why does it bring us such happiness? It can only mean, that whatever the truth, that
feeling like there is no distance, is a happier way of living. If we respond to it in a positive way,
then surely it must have some truth in it.
In fact, it seems that we are hard-wired to feel inseparable from reality as a whole. Whatever you
make of spiritual experiences, their origins and truth, people tend to gain a sense of being no-longer
just their body or feeling as though they are connected to all things at once. This is always a positive
experience. Some people describe it as God, as love, as a Source Field. I
prefer to use the term God. It appears that somewhere, we have this ability to experience Oneness.
Its also interesting to note that at the deeper levels of our own mind, we seem to have trouble
distinguishing between self and other. For example, if we spill our alcohol and we feel very angry
and upset, then we arent just mad at the alcohol, or at what happened, we become angry generally,
and lash out at others, who will no doubt find it funny that our hands, and the table, are now
covered in alcohol.
It is certainly true that this need to feel more at one with ourselves, and with the World in general, is
very much a part of feeling love. So then, are different forms of love such as friendship and
romance, expressions of us connecting to this greater reality? When we feel friendship or romance,
we suddenly feel as though we are no-longer alone. Often, unfortunately, people get into romantic
relationships because they feel alone, and a need to be loved. They feel that this new person can be
their world, and allow them to feel an inner connection to something far greater: this love, which we
feel flowing through us when we meet this person because of the sudden surge of happiness, and
sudden feeling of being fully embraced, and appreciated, by another.
Sadly this ISNT HOW TO DO IT, but many people do, and it makes them happy for up to 18
months. The problem with love, as we view it, is we actually view it from our own perception.
Human perception is pretty flawed, and if you ask ten people how to get a girlfriend for example,
the chances are, none of them will have a definite, or useful answer, in all likelihood, but they will
repeat what theyve experienced, and been told, and pass that off as truth. Most of our knowledge is

useful in context, but I have to say, that most of it isnt knowledge in the sense of it being definite.
Science comes pretty close, but even science wouldnt exist without our desire to understand the
World, so its still a human thing, still created by us, and still has the potential to become flawed via
our inherited beliefs. Things are true, if we assume that the model they exist in, is true, if not, the
entire concept of truth and knowledge simply collapses. And thats why, its probably not worth
debating this any longer, or worth fighting for an opinion on something. We can only really show,
what seems, or feels good to us, with measurable effects. And love, regardless of what exactly love
is, is something we all desire, something which brings us happiness, something which makes us
better people, and which helps us to live a more content, healthy life. Beyond this simple fact, other
information becomes less useful indeed.
Scientifically or not, love must therefore be real. And there is plenty of scientific data to show that
all humans desire to both give, and receive love. It isnt a primal need to mate, (sometimes it isnt),
neither is it a survival instinct. It seems that love, is a real thing, taking place in our lives, and
probably, directly or indirectly, driving most of our experiences.
As I mentioned earlier, when people look for love in other people, and have this belief that another
person is what we need, people end up disappointed. This is because, according to what I have
learned, and what spiritual teachers have independently worked out, in recent years, and many
thousands of years into the past, the whole of reality is connected, at one, the very nature of the
Universe being this beautiful, infinite connection, which has no distance, no time, and is never
conditional, which we have called Love. This goes hand in hand with what some scientists are
proposing, some go as far to say that the universe is like one, very vivid, lucid dream; every part of
that lucid dream is part of the mind of this force of love,
experiencing itself.
Some have called this the God, whilst more scientifically minded people refer to it as the Universe,
or the Cosmos.
Love, is thus, reality. It is the true reality. And when we feel love, in the actions of ourselves and
of others, we re-connect to this reality. A feeling of love can be described as an awareness of being
connected to the greater reality, beyond the dream World of time and space. The very nature of this
actual reality appears to be love. And within each of us, separate from our hormonal desires and
instincts, there seems to be a need to both receive, and to give this love. In fact, receiving and
giving love, are the same thing. One becomes a part of love, letting herself, or himself, flow along
in its river. Romantic relationships, friendships, and even a basic appreciation of the beauty of our
surroundings, are all paths to this river, where we temporarily let ourselves be a part of it. Romantic
love differs, in that it is a combination of this unconditional, eternal, Godlike connection, and our
desire to connect to the opposite, or same sex, to re-create this reality of love in our own World.
Perhaps when people said that God was eternal, what they really meant was that unconditional love,
is eternal.
When we apply this understanding to our own relationships, we begin to no-longer search for this
illusive, non-existent, perfect partner, proclaimed by movies and high-profile romances. When we
realize that we are love, we are all things, that we are connected to all things, or rather that all things
are an alliterative expression of us, we start to need less, and appreciate far more. I must also add
that we are God, so that all alternative expressions of us, are also expressions of God existing within
We realize that money, having lots of friends, or the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, are merely
external fixes to a decision which was always ours to make. But with this new understanding, we
begin to not look for, but actively partake in, things which bring us happiness, and to befriend
people, and date people, because we want to bring them happiness, because we want to give love,
and give it most in our friendships and romances, to people who understand us, not to people who
dont appreciate us.
Its easy to think, when not in a state of love, that a friendship or romance, is more than what it

really is. We are so in love with the idea of love, that we dont notice that this person probably
realizes that, and furthermore realizes that we wouldnt fit together. In these types of situations, its
almost never the fault of one-partner. Any relationship can work, if the two people are willing to
submit to a state of love, but most of the time, inability to communicate, listen and to be honest,
make things hard, and this is natural, weve all been there, weve failed to communicate with others,
and them with us. As they say, people fail on love, as unpleasant a truth as that might be, and unless
someones partner was abusive or was dating for very selfish reasons, no-one is really in the right to
complain about a partner who wasnt up to their expectations. It isnt their job to be who you want
to them to be, its actually both your jobs to make sure that the differences dont matter, and to
remember that the purpose of a relationship should always be love, otherwise it simply wont work.
In contrast to the choice of love, we have fear. In reality, our mind seems to fluctuate in complex
emotional sequences, stemming from either a feeling of love, or from a feeling of fear. Fear is
simply a lack of feeling love at a specific moment, or believing that the non determined,
unpredictable life which we lead, where there is pain, and suffering, is the real reality. Fear is also
the choice we make, when we decide to let these shenanigans control us, thus disconnecting
ourselves from the true reality of unconditional love.
It is easy to see how,
when we are in a state of fear, we feel lonely, we feel like we need to reach out and grasp at things,
worrying constantly that our luck might change, that they might go away. This does happen, but
when we are in a state of constant love, these changes taking place in our life are less disastrous, up
to the point where we may no-longer care about the trivial, unimportant things going on, such as
what people think about us, whether we are well liked, or even, whether or not we are attractive.
Attractiveness and likability come automatically when you align yourself to love anyway. As I
stated earlier, giving and receiving are the same thing. When we want to give love, and are true to
ourselves, we automatically receive it.
Part one of this short article is over. Now were going to look at ways in which we can reconnect to
Connecting back to love
We will begin this section, by looking at some half-truths.
Always be yourself: what this means is be your experience. Our sense of self, that is to say, I,
Carlos, I, Jess, or I, Janine, or whatever, is a made up concept to put it bluntly. I am is whatever
is being observed, not just my body, social life, favorite drink, and most feared Justin Bieber song. I
am that which is being experienced, which is all things at once. Being told to be yourself, is like
being told: I dont believe you are anything other than what you are, many people dont like that,
but its you, so really, all you can do is to carry on, and hope for the best.
If your life is harmful, if youre not the person you want to be, then believe me, or someone else,
when they say that you can be more than what you are. You chose your path, and no-one is going to
have any say in which decisions you make, even if they are stupid decisions. Only you can decide.
Our paths are determined, it would seem, by a complex form of awareness, and in which of our
experiences we have been able to find a sense of gratitude, kindness, beauty and love. Its amazing
how important our childhood memories are for one thing. If people were grateful for
us, when we were children, it shows us at a crucial part in our life, that we are worthy of love.
Unfortunately, most of us had experiences as children, where, for one reason or another, we didnt
feel worthy of anything. This seriously impacts upon our lives, so that we feel a need to impress,
and somehow gain this love and respect, by acting in all the wrong ways. When someone does

something that we dont agree with, no matter how bad, please always be compassionate, and
remember that to an extent, at least, the thoughts, hatred and misguidedness of that person, would
have been inherited from somewhere else. We say that some people are born evil. But if a genetic
trait, for example, happens to play out in an individual, does that make them an evil person? If
someone is lost, we should always try and understand what took them to that place, and try, if
possible, to enable them to perceive a better path. If we cant help, then we have to leave them
where they are so as to cot compromise our own mental, or physical safety.
Every trait we possess, comes from somewhere. It is a specific possibility, which for some reason,
to no fault of their own, plays out and exists in certain individuals. Precisely which possibilities play
out in us, as individuals, determines what we like, and dont like, what we enjoy, or what we find
boring, etc. Remember earlier on, when I likened our World to a computer game. In that game,
people play out their parts. Infinite possibility collapses into individual experiences, based on the
awareness of those players in the game. One player will have a pathway, and traits, determined by
his/her awareness of what life should be like. The amount of information which they are aware of,
is only a tiny portion of that which is held on the game. The other players, different armies, species,
people of different tasks, will have an awareness of different experiences, and what happens in
those experiences becomes the reality. Once we accept something as the way it is, it becomes our
reality, it becomes what we are designed to do. So if we react to a situation in a negative way, that
becomes how we should do something, because a more positive outcome has not entered our
perception, therefore we cannot yet perceive it. And yet we can all perceive love, and this is when it
gets interesting.
Once we realize that the player in the game is not who we are, hes merely living out the program
which was given, or in our case, what society, upbringing and education have brought given us, then
we are able to step back from our lives. If we can suddenly see ourselves as being more than what
we are, or even better, that we are the same thing as everything else, then our fighting, survival,
need to be selfish, and other such traits, just disappear. Even if we have had bad experiences, we
always have the capacity to feel love. Even if we are stuck in this matrix-like program, which we
have inherited from the planet, we still have the potential to think independently. A computer
program, say, that which determines the way in which a troll acts, on a fantasy game, collapses the
vast, entirely of the game, into a much less capable, isolated, program, which must fight for itself.
Computer programs wont have any idea why theyre fighting, or what it means, because its just a
task to them. But humans are far more developed that this. Our information is fed to us via a
universal consciousness, but like the computer game characters, this consciousness has been reprogramed by us, by our reactions to certain experiences. If Dave plays an online fantasy game on a
PC, for instance, he remains aware that he is Dave, even though, he becomes part of the game, and
fights as though we was fighting for his own survival. He may get involved with this reality,
attached to the characters who he plays the parts of, but hes always able to turn off the computer
and return to the experiences making up his physical life.
Now what if I told you that this, physical, life, isnt the real life either. What if you could simply
step out of it, and become the real you. The decision to choose love, over fear, is the first step into
making this return to who you really are. The actual process of becoming enlightened may take time
in the physical sense, it takes time for us to learn what we need to know, and to fully grasp
ourselves, but the decision to be who you are, can be done right this very minute. You already are
enlightened, its just that your experience, your player, hasnt yet reached that stage, and as long as
you remain aware that you are unconditional love, you will constantly gravitate towards it. Over
time, the so called stages of enlightenment no longer matter. Life is simply about experiencing
love, in every situation which comes our way.
Always respect your elders: this phrase is one that assumes, that the older someone is, the more we

have to owe them our respect. We should always respect experience, and understand that out there,
are people who will be more knowledgeable than us about a wide variety of things. Furthermore,
love is about respecting everybody, and everything. Even if someone is on a self-destructive
pathway, we can try to help them, but must also respect that it was their decision to take that
pathway, and understand that theyre part of the same universe as us, so hating them in a sense, is
hating our own World, and thats negative. However, I dont believe that we should respect
someone more, or less, simply because of their age. When I was in my mid to late teens, I knew
people in my own age group who had an excellent grasp of themselves, and of life, people who
were polite, intelligent, caring, respectful, hard-working, and non-judgmental. Ive also had the
pleasure, ehem, or not, of meeting people in their forties, who act like dissatisfied, angry children,
when they dont get their way. Just shows that, experience is only really useful, or a great thing, if
you apply it in a positive way. A child will have very little experience in the ways of the World, and
yet he or she would be a part of our World nonetheless, someone who needs to be nurtured and
respected, appreciated and surrounded by good people. The fact that they havent got a job, or
having not been to university, or got married, doesnt change the amount of respect they should
receive. The same goes for people who we dont understand, and those people who dont
understand us. Unconditional love is about loving all people, all things, and seeing them as part of
the beautiful tapestry, which we call the Cosmos, Universe, or the lucid dream of God
. That means that, a person who cannot appreciate poetry, is no more or less romantic than someone
who can. It means that, a person who we might call lazy, should be treated as a friend; and that at
the other end of the spectrum, a person who shares our views on things, and finds interest in the
same sorts of things as we do, isnt more worthy of our respect than anyone else is. We might spend
time with them more, but we shouldnt assume that all good things, and good people, have to be
from our experience of good things, and good people. The truth is vastly different. Good should be
about so much more than what our narrow mindedness perceives to be good. We might ignore
someone because of their un-coolness and difference, they might show traits we dont agree with,
like anger, or seem depressed, so we choose not to spend time with them, or even give them a
chance. And yet, such a person might have become a lifelong friend.
Love hurts, or does it?
A bad experience probably sticks with us, and warns us not to do something, more than a good
experience reminds us that we should do something. One bad experience with love, a hurtful
friendship for instance, can take a very long time to heal. But that process can be much accelerated
by taking on a different perspective.
If we have been hurt by what we viewed as being love, we will thereafter associate those feelings
with love. But that pain we experienced was not love, but rather our reaction to it seemingly
disappearing from us, because of this belief that love is something which relies on being loved by
other people, and not on a state of mind. We say that love hurts, but in fact, our World is what hurts.
And each time we remind ourselves how painful love is, were giving into our World, when it could
be so much better. Its probably a guarantee, that when romantic love, or friendship, dont go to
plan, well experience pain, but we can combat this by literally living in a state of love and oneness.
Losing a partner or friends, or even making a wrong decision, wouldnt normally happen if we
absolutely submit ourselves to living a better, more wholesome life, but if things do fall apart, we
can at least then remember that we are never truly alone, and have done all we can to save
something. When we are in a state of oneness, we see past the imperfections of others, and are less
likely to get rid of people in our lives. And equally as important, love reflects, so that if a partner or
friend doesnt show you the respect which you deserve, being a little distant, not letting them
control you, whilst also showing them that you accept and appreciate them, will do wonders. Noone has to be an enemy. Loving others does not mean putting up with stuff, which hurts you, in
which case taking a small, or big step back, is necessary. But at the same time, unless the situation

is truly unpleasant, it doesnt mean throwing that person away as though they were a used item
Love is about respect and well, love. Letting yourself be destroyed by someones behavior towards
you is not love, thats when we cling on in the hope that love may return. Loving others is not about
allowing others to be taken advantage of. But, we can step back and allow that love to return in a lot
of cases, simply by subtly telling the other person, that we still appreciate, and respect them, but
cant cope with the way theyre doing things.
Love is a fake, soppy, romantic idea:
Okay, there is a reason for this. Firstly, love is not soppy, and no matter what your judgmental
friends might say, being loving and wearing your heart on your sleeve is not a bad thing, so long as
that love comes from within, and you dont get too worried about the outcomes. So love isnt a
soppy thing, or a sad, hopeless thing, it is just our perception which makes it seem hopeless. At the
same time, putting yourself in situations where are you are likely not to be in control, and in
whichever context, you end up chasing after love, isnt a good thing. Giving love freely, is.
Having said that, the reason that men and women might not look upon romance type things in a
positive way, is because it seems fake, and immature, which in all fairness, it often is. Love isnt
about buying flowers, asking people on dates, and saying sweet remarks. It can be, absolutely, but I
think that what people often pick up on, is that people in their own past have acted in a sweet, or
typically romantic way, when really their feelings and care, dont go that deep. Romantic gestures in
the sense that we are taught to think of them, tend to look to us, as attempts by people needing to
get what they want. Thats because, subtly, we know that when a guy or girl, is overly sweet to us,
or tries a little to hard to please us, whilst allowing themselves to obsess, it is almost kind of selfish.
We dont feel as if we can love this person out of our own choice, because they are trying to make
that choice for us, without even realizing it. Its also an insecurity thing, maybe if Im constantly
nice to him, he wont leave me. But as I said earlier, worrying about loosing love, isnt true love, it
makes you act in the opposite way to which is desired.
When someone truly loves you, they might not be overly sweet. Saying I love you, on a frequent
basis, can be a lovely gesture, but it all depends on perception. If someone says I love you, out of
their own insecurity, which they probably dont even realize, then we, the listener, easily pick up on

I thought he was the one:

Notice how were constantly saying I thought he was the one. It has occurred to me that The
One doesnt really exist. Im not going to go into detail about soul mates, twin flames, and other
concepts which have become accepted in our modern culture, Im simply going to say that there is
more than one person out there, who is capable of loving you, and capable of receiving the same
respect from yourself. Hollywoods portrayal of Romance, causes us to have this Not yet, I need to
wait and it will all turn out OK kind of strategy. Romance, as we view it, teaches us, that there is
one person who will solve all of our problems, and make us feel truly special. Sadly, this isnt love,
its a kind of love, its possible to experience love in this way, but as we have already looked at, if
we date someone for feelings of loneliness, then were not dating them out of love, in its purest
Likewise, when this person makes us feel better, we might dump them, now that their support for

our own self esteem has lived out its use. A very grim way of looking at it, but its the reality
unfortunately. Which is why, to make a perfect relationship, we cannot really rely on someone else
to make it perfect. People arent perfect, and expecting a man, or woman, to live up to all that we
desire, is firstly a sign that someone is in love with the idea of that person, and not the person
themselves, and secondly, love is more about loving perfectly, even when things are not so easy,
than it is about expecting another person to constantly be perfect for us. The couples who stay
together, are the couples who can love, and care for each other, despite any outside problems, or
changes in their lifestyle. The couples who seem so perfect together, are often not those who last.
Sometimes that perfection is just idealizing, and not working at making things as perfect as possible
for those involved.
Our relationships are our own choices, but for those of you who are looking for long term love, do
not be fooled by this idea of one person being the answer. This can often lead to serial-monogamy,
dating people, with no breaks in between, and believing that each of them must be The One. The
problem with this philosophy, if someone is looking for true love, is that it doesnt allow the person
to truly heal from the previous relationship, nor for them to work out what is really going on in their
mind, leading to these recurring patterns of dating the wrong people, and/or, being the wrong person
to date. The best way to sort this is to remain single for a while, being careful not to get too
involved with others unless you feel ready, otherwise its unfair on them.
During this period, try to experience being alone, and learn, as I will explain a little later, how it
isnt so bad a thing at all. Slowly you will develop a greater love and appreciation for yourself, and
for those around you, which will attract like minded people to you.
How to truly show love and gratitude? We are taught to believe that our own self worth, is a
measure of how valuable a person we are, and thus how capable we are of being loved. Our school
systems, even parents, tend to teach us, without meaning to, that we are worth more, if we do as
were told. Really, when youre nice to others, and to yourself, theres no-one who you really have
to obey in your family, friendships or education. So this pattern continues, and we believe that
showing our self worth, through the ego, through being the so called Alpha Male or whatever,
shows others how important we are, and worthy of their respect. But the only problem with this is
that its shallow, and doesnt work for a very long time. Its also very unfair on everyone, including
How do we really show love to ourselves, and to others? Firstly, this is something you can work out
how to do easily. Imagine for a second that you had nothing in the World. No possessions, no
worries, no schedule, just a place to live, some food, and family. Now imagine what you would like
to do right now, what would make you happy. You may be shocked by how simple a way this is of
finding out your inner desires. Many of you will find, that when we feel as though we have all that
we need, the things which occur to us are giving to others. Contemplate on this for a while. Here are
some examples of what I have come up with in the past:
.sitting in nature
.laughing with family
With this state of mind, money and more complex things, which we normally consider to be
necessities, become almost useless. We realize that really we need very little. I am far from being
fully enlightened, but I do feel like this a lot, I want to give just for the sake of it, and be kind to
everyone I meet for no reason at all. Its a great way to live. And this shows us how we should act
around people, when we want them to feel safe and loved, in a way which dispels any doubts from
them. Here is a list of some ways that we can manifest love in a way which is obviously genuine:

.Knowing that true love, is the nature of all things, and doesnt need a reason to exist. Therefore
being kind for no reason, other than for the feeling of love itself, is perhaps the best
basis for any expression of true love. A person can tell the difference between trying too hard for
attention, and giving to someone and expecting nothing in return.
.Listening to others.
Most of the time, we listen so that we may then contribute our own part to the conversation. But, a
way to help someone feel truly loved, is to listen to them, and try your best to understand, without
needing to reply. If you genuinely listen to each thing they say, imagine it, and connect to that
image, its readable in your body language that youre actually taking time, and effort to connect to
the path, and reality of this other person. Its one of the best ways to comfort a friend, or relative, or
to understand a stranger. It creates a bond.

We cant change the past:

We might find it a little difficult to physically alter our past, which most probably isnt possible.
But the very idea of past-present-future, isnt always a very good model for the Universe. It seems
that beyond our perception, the three tenses dont really exist in separate areas of time, but exist in
terms of possibility. One could say that the past is merely a possible past, and that our brain has
accepted it as truth. Now, the past doesnt really exist, but we can observe it from information
which reaches us, but which we first came across in the so called past. It takes a while for this
information to channel down to us. The present, in the sense of now, doesnt really exist either.
The present is very slightly into the past, if the present is that which we see, and hear. So really, the
only present is the current observation and perception of our feelings, which can take influences
from past, present and future.
In other words, we allow the past to define us. The past creates our path, and is responsible, a lot of
the time, for these unpleasant, repeated paths of mistakes, which we find ourselves in. There is no
such thing as the law of Karma, because Karma is merely those experiences, which have happened
to us, and which we thus claim as being part of us. The universe is all of us, and we are all of the
Universe, so in a sense, why should our memories define who we are?
I think that, when we remember memories, we are moving away from who we are, and defining
ourselves as having existed in something which is no-longer happening, in the past, and yet our
participation within that event actually means that were currently participating in it, although due
to the limits of the time-space continuum we dont physical partake in it, it exists within our
memory only.
These memories exist as part of the mind of God, they are only ours because we have claimed that
experience, of God as us, in our past, for ourselves. This is useful, for each of these positive
memories allows the Great Spirit to grow and experience, and our current lives are essentially God
having found more of himself, as a result of chaining these so-called past events together, as he
discovers himself in a seemingly backwards manner. Each memory defines a different journey, an
awareness of what we were in the past, creates who we are, and who we want to be. Bad memories
will always exist, but only as possibility. Remember that God takes all of these paths to us, so
whichever path is real, as in, that which created our past, is simply the one which we claim
ownership of.
For example, if we imagine ourselves to be God on a journey, taking on our form for a while,
perhaps long ago, we might have had a toxic relationship. Currently, spirit, intention of
consciousness is taking this path, or you could say that we are, the awareness of spirit existing
along this path. Say, for example, that you were a young Russian man. He caught his

wife cheating on him with a fisherman, named Sergei. Ever since that time, the memory has
haunted and defined him, acting an influence upon his path, keeping him away from love and
romance, by avoiding it.
Now, all possible things we can imagine, are real in the mind of God. So because we are able to
refer back to this memory, it exists to us. But what if we replace it with a better memory? Youll
probably say, that it wont have happened really though. But our past is whatever we are aware of,
and it seems that the paths into present awareness, exist on all paths. So essentially, any past can be
our past. Its a lot more complex than many of us think.
By entering a state of deeper consciousness, and using ideas from our lives to create new memories,
to replace those which no-longer serve us, we can change our present life, because our mind will
be referring to, and basing its opinions of itself, upon a more positive past. As an example, this
Russian man, lets call him Vlad, can sit in his large house in Moscow, with a candle before him.
Concentrating on the flame of the candle, perhaps with the addition of some binaural sound in the
background, alters brainwave activity, so that his consciousness suddenly becomes more involved
with the subconscious mind. Through visualizing this new memory, over several weeks during these
meditations, he can come to accept them as truth, and thus God changes its expression through
him. He might imagine, for instance, that he and this woman broke up, because he discovered that
she wasnt for him. He could then picture other experiences with women in which he was
expressing love to them, and they to him, and a life of interesting friendship and enlightening
experience, by carefully editing each memory. The level of confidence he experiences thereafter
will be proportionate to the positive impacts these memories had upon him. So, in a sense, we can
alter our past. The fact that someone else remembers the past differently, doesnt make it true,
because it would be Vlad who that past most notably affects.
God exists on every single path imaginable. All of them have already existed, so changing our past
is simply a matter of altering which path we walk on. We can also do the same thing for future
experiences, our imagination about the future can bring us towards that future, which also affects
how we feel about ourselves in the present. I will explain later a little more about meditation. Please
remember that this book doesnt require much belief, nor for you to be a spiritually inclined person;
it simply requires you to have a belief in love, the interconnectedness of all things, and a belief in
self healing. Whether or not you accept this as being true does not matter, if you can trick yourself
into believing it to be true, it will still work. Imagination creates reality and perception.
Our unconscious mind, is that possibility which hasnt yet been brought into subconscious, and
conscious awareness. Some of our experiences, many of them in fact, we wont be fully aware of
having ever happened. So it helps to do some deep thought on this subject. The mind can be
visualized as a pyramid. Each person is a pyramid, or a vortex, if you like, the uppermost part of
which is the God, or consciousness. The subconscious, the rest of the pyramid, is enormously
larger than the conscious mind. The subconscious controls the way in which we perceive God, the
way which he works through us, creating our life. Passing consciousness into the subconscious, via
meditation, allows us to edit our own mind. The unconscious is the ground beneath each of these
pyramids, demonstrating how, on a deep level, our minds are all the same. This is what ancients
referred to as The Underworld.
We are also all the same at the top of the pyramid, where creative, spirit consciousness exists. It is
only this middle area,where we differ, where God follows an infinite number of different paths, all
at once.
When we fall in love, for example, we feel loss when it all goes wrong. This expression or pathway
of love ceases to exist in our physical life, but through expanding our awareness, we seem able to
spread our 'pathway' over several possible pathways, one example of such is lucid dreaming. For
example, if Vlad, the 23 year old Russian guy, really misses his ex girlfriend, he could 'still be with
her'. In a sense, he always has been, because were all the same. But if we assume that people, our
'identity', is merely an expression of God, in a particular disguise, then by dreaming about

someone, or experiencing them in other 'dimensions', that expression is exactly the same, only, not
in a physical way. By dreaming about someone then, we are dreaming about the same 'possible'
pathway, form, shape, and personality, which brought that person into the physical World. So we are
not just dreaming about them, but actually inviting them into our dreams. The level at which we
experience love through this connection, connects us back to the God within this 'possible
pathway' or 'person', whilst the level to which we associate our dream character with the person
we have met, can actually connect this character to this person, which is why, if were thinking
about someone on the same 'level' as us, we can literally share dreams with them. But this is
besides the point, we dont want to change or alter other people's pathways, but we can experience a
particular expression of God, in the form of someone who we miss, and want to be a part of us, and
us of them, simply through dreaming about them.
For reasons I have already explained, this is no less real than seeing someone, or knowing someone
in real life, the only difference is that the person we see in our dreams is usually entirely energetic,
having not come into physical existence, and therefore more pure of heart. This is why, romance in
dreams takes place so quickly. We are bringing into existence, a possibility, for dreams are the
means by which we can experience more 'pathways' in order to learn, and to experience love in
new ways. When we make these possibilities conscious, by collapsing the 'quantum field', we can
fall in love with them very quickly. The level to which this person is attractive to us, is all about the
signature code which they pick up from the metaphorical ground beneath the pyramid, or the
'Underworld'. When our hearts are pure and of love, we love far easier in dreams, and we are
'loved' far easier in dreams, by characters which are a part of us, and within our mind. But this is
no different to real life, for all characters in the physical World, exist because of our mind observing
them. The only difference is that within our deeper consciousness, we can experience, manifest, and
understand things, far more quickly. This 'trickles down' into the physical World at a much slower
rate, what we call time. So as you see, there is no real difference between the two. Our reality is
created by us, and who we are, is created by us.
All positive memories connect us to spirit, so we should try and view each situation in as positive a
way, as possible. Scary dream characters can also become not so scary, simply through perceiving
them in terms of love, and trying to overcome our natural, instinctive fears, which frequently
manifest in dreams as we try to 'survive'.
Lucid dreaming is a way past this, because it allows us to make these decisions for ourselves, by
bringing our consciousness with us to this lower frequency, normally occupied by a more
'mechanical' consciousness which simply does what it is told. The beliefs in our subconscious
mind, whether good or bad, control the experiences which we come into contact with. We usually
dont even realize whats going on, as our conscious mind sails along, as if unable to do anything
about it. But you can do something about it.
Everything happens for a reason:
well yes it does, but that reason only matters as much as the amount of attention you give to it.
These patterns or coincidences are simply a reflection of what we believe at the time. So basically
things are meant to be, really really bad, because we believe thats how it should be. We can rectify
this by altering our pathway to one based on love. Nothing is 'meant to be', other than love. And
this is possibly the most important belief which I hold in my life. The expression of that love,
whether Im meant to be a mechanic or a pornstar, does not matter. Its my own choices of finding
'love' which is my destiny.
Sadly, most people have their destiny created by their past. Coincidences happen in life, in
profound ways. Some call this 'synchronization power'. Sometimes this can be 'higher beings'
expanding the influence of their love, as it reaches us, attracting us to new situations. But often,
synchronization, is a repeated pattern within us, which constantly expresses itself by bringing us to
moments of repetition. For example, I have no interest in playing poker, and yet because this
woman I knew talked about it, it created a sort of conscious bridge between myself and the idea of

poker. So for two weeks, whenever I opened a book, or turned on the TV, there was usually some
reference to 'poker'. People mistake this for meaning yeah,I need to play poker, when in fact, it
can just mean 'youre thinking about something, so your life outside is showing you that'. Once
you begin to take control, and learn that these coincidences will happen with increasing frequency,
the more you give attention to them, you can simply convince your subconscious mind, that that
'connection' wasnt really so important, and that you want to forget about it. Hereafter, you most
likely wont experience any more of these coincidences.
However, they can be positive too. We can influence our subconscious to constantly bring us to
experiences which will be fantastic for our personal development and happiness. Worrying about
whether they work or not, will merely make the opposite happen. Doing so is telling your mind, and
the universe, that you doubt the process. These attractions tend to happen when we dont worry
about it, but assume, without doubt, that they will work, and the best way to insure this, is to
quieten your inquisitive conscious mind, by directly instructing your subconscious that it will work.
Then, your conscious, exploratory mind, will have no need to doubt. The way to start this can be
incredible simple. Simply, take notice of those things in your life, which you are thankful for, and
over time your subconscious will begin to attract to positive 'vibrations', and abundance will flow.
For whilst the subconscious controls us, we actually make the choices to accept, or to change how,
and from what instructions, the subconscious mind works, which in turn gives resulting changes in
how the subconscious interacts with the unconscious, and which possibilities come forth into our
life. And the first step, is choosing love, choosing the Great Spirit, above each of these pyramids
to be your guide, and to take form within you.
There is no destiny, only love, and our choices of love, of positivity, will create that as our destiny.
Our own identities, and individual destinies, our interests and hobbies, are important to us, but we
should never take the physical expression of our own lives too seriously, or allow it to be our path.
We are all headed towards love, after all.
Spirituality requires belief:
all religions, and beliefs, usually have some form of rules, or laws. Even the more 'enlightened'
religions, such as Buddhism, have this idea that somehow, shaving ones hair, makes them more
spiritual. Even the so called New Age groups, have their doctrines of soul ages, reincarnation,
karma and various angels and ascended masters. But it is important not to think of these as anything
more than physical guides, for our own life. We dont need to believe in anything, in order to
become one with the heart of the God. We simply need to do one thing: choose love. The only belief
which we need, is a belief in love, and unlike most belief systems, a belief in love will lead us
directly too love. Becoming one with love, causes physical reactions in our bodys mental and
physical make-up, and we will feel better than we have ever felt!
This is not to say that religious, or 'science' (another belief system), arent good for us, we just
cannot let data, scripture, and literature control our own choices. We need none of this, to become
One with Spirit. This 'data' is a manifestation appearing in our life, temporary, and only really
useful in context. Love is eternal, and would appear to be useful everywhere, for it is all things. The
fact that humans, and animals, are more successful, happier, and longer living, when in a positive
state of mind, should be 'proof' that love does exist. The best kind of proof is first hand.
Spirituality is feminine:
Anyone who delves into spirituality and love based existence, will no doubt have heard of this
'divine feminine' thing, which is doing the rounds. This implies that femininity is the sacred
'energy' of humans, and our planets power, whereas masculine energy is destructive. This might
be termed as, completely untrue, for I see no evidence, nor do I have any first-hand experience, of

any kind of different energies related directly to male or female expression in humans. But again
this is my experience, so I could be wrong. The thing which sticks out to me here, is that, if we are
all made from the same stuff, perhaps men and women taking onto different 'polarities' of the
same thing, then it would make no sense for one of these polarities, or so called 'energies' to be
more 'right' than the other. I suspect that this misinformation is being spread around in an innocent
way, but that it could have been deliberately manufactured to confuse and divide people who are
'searching for spirit', by confusing the equal, harmonic existence of two 'poles' within our
universe, with nature vs industry, calmness vs hyperactivity and violence. I think that for now, we
should not concentrate on these divisions of gender, and instead focus on embracing all forms of
existence, so long as they are positive. It is true that there does appear to be a male-female polarity
between different forms of existence, but that these are not related very much at all to physical men
or women, neither is one positive, and the other negative. An example of how wrong our idea of
gender is, is the existence of people are the World who are neither male nor female, but who accept
both of these 'energies' or God-manifestations, as being a part of them. Physically speaking,
humans usually become one or the other, for the purposes of reproduction and experiencing life in
this way, in order to 'connect' with the other gender in an inspirational or romantic way. But each
person has both genders within them regardless. All men can be stereotypically feminine, and all
women can take on stereotypically more 'masculine' roles. Our bodies arent that different, it
appears that human embryos somehow are more influenced by one of these energies, than the other,
bringing about the physical changes. But this has nothing to do with nature versus mechanical
spirituality. A love for nature is neither masculine or feminine, it simply is love.
My star sign says that Im:
Another misconception about our individual destinies, is the influence of celestial bodies. For those
who are open to the idea, I do believe that preplanetary energies, appearing as planets, do have an
influence on our mind and projected reality. However, this influence also lies in the 'unconscious
mind' and the way that our subconscious retains an awareness of our collective unconscious mind.
When the energy from pre-planetary energy/pre-stellar energy moves into the
unconscious/underworld via vortexes within each of us humans, it has a potential influence. Myself,
as a Cancer, well suit the description. Im a little strange, quiet, and dont like being bored, or
getting attached to too many things. I once dated a Virgo woman, which caused some problems with
the differences in which we related to each-other. But these influences only affect us, if we are
aware of them, and allow them to. They may have an influence, even if we dont pay attention, but
by living in a society which obsesses with Greek Mythology and 'star charts', were automatically
making these personality traits more obvious within ourselves. Astrology is indeed a 'science', but
through allowing more love into our life, and taking control over the path of our own awareness, we
can alter this. There is a potential future self/higher self which we concentrate upon, because
technically, in the future, we will have all reached a sense of oneness again. Although this isnt
really a future self, more who we already are, and always have been, but which we didnt always
There are of course many possible future selves, and which one we become ultimately depends on
the perception of our past. The future self then 'talks to us' through signs and symbols, as we
follow a path towards it. Star signs and other physical 'energies' coming from elsewhere, cause us
to become different versions of our future. It could also be said though, that influences from past,
present, and future, create different 'future selves' to come into existence, which then guide us. So
the entire thing could be working backwards, just shows how less certain time really is!
An awareness of love, can, as already mentioned, allows us effectively, to choose between the
influences, memories and possible basis of ourselves. In addition, an awareness of love, will not
allow the potentially negative aspects of our star sign, to affect our interaction with someone very
different to us. It is thus perfectly possible, for an Cancer man, to have a relationship with a Virgo
woman, it simply needs more awareness of love, more fine-tuned monitoring of ones actions, and

the desire to understand the other person greater, which in a sense, could make such a relationship
far more long lasting, and successful, than one between two people who get on really well, but who
dont feel as though they have to put in any effort.
If your path doesnt appear to contain much love, allow more love into your life, or, failing that,
choose a different path, with different people. Choose a path which makes you happy, one with the
experiences which you would enjoy doing (so long as they hurt no-one). What path would you take,
if money wasnt preventing you? Do that, regardless of your financial situation. Becoming good at a
hobby you truly love, opens up the possibility of a unique career.
Light workers and indigo children:
this is another New Age idea, that some of us were brought to Earth, or chose to reincarnate here
from other dimensions or star systems. Although I am certain that there is some truth to this, the
idea that some people are more spiritually versed than others, is still an untrue distraction. The past,
is collective, therefore from this angle, all
of us can become 'lightworkers', by allowing the past experiences, or awareness of one of these
beings, to influence ourselves. I believe this is all that reincarnation really is, awareness of
something which happened beyond our current perception. We do live a huge number of lives, or
rather, God does, and because God lives these lives, and we are part of him, each and every past life
is also potentially 'ours'. This explains why so many people claim to have had Caesar, or Queen
Victoria, as their past life etc.
Youre probably wondering where this information comes from. Truth be told, you shouldnt take it
with anything more than a pinch of salt, but it is what I have come to perceive through being
connected to unconditional love. This connection appears to bring out a new understanding,
evolving constantly, as I do.

Health and spiritual well-being

Finally, we are going to talk about how love may directly influence our wellbeing. Allowing love
into ones life, by being thankful for what we have, and by learning to be a person who we truly
want to be, can combat depression, and other illnesses. But what about the physical manifestations
of disease, can we do anything about them too?
It seems that our bodies must also be synchronized with physical reality, in such a way that allows
Love/spirit based awareness to continue existing here. Our physical bodies also appear to be a
complex array of energy patterns, or sequences. Synchronization with other patterns, enables
awareness and information to travel back and forth, from our bodies, to the outside World, to God
consciousness, in the same way that two friends on the same 'wavelength' might have the same
thoughts. These other patterns exist 'out there' in our World, for example, energy given off by our
planet, or by the sun, but these patterns also manifest themselves in the form of chemicals, which
build up the textures and objects which we see. These chemicals, act in the same way our
subconscious mind does, taking on influences from different possible paths of life, in what I term,
the Underworld. So just as these potential realities we are aware of in the subconscious, control our
conscious mind through the choices we make, or lack of, the chemical components of reality also
control our health and wellbeing, through our choices about what we consume.
Please be aware, that my opinions, and the knowledge which I have come to know personally,
should not in any circumstance be taken as a medical guide, nor go against the advice of the
medical profession.

There is in fact, evidence to suggest that our genetic make-up doesnt even control us fully. I think
its highly likely, that the DNA molecule is a vortex-shaped form of our unconscious mind,
individual genes being the language which that expression uses to communicate with the body. Just
like the unconscious mind, DNA acts like a miniature black hole, or vortex. Light information, in
the form of photons, becomes attached to that vortex, and the general choices about which kind of
information to attract, determines which genes are active, faulty, or inactive, within our body. Thus
the energy we pick up determines our physical expression, and by becoming One with God, we
develop conscious control over ourselves, allowing us
to choose which kind of energy we pick up.
If we are in a state of fear, our DNA will not be whole, and thus will attract possible experiences in
life, manifesting as disease, or bad life experiences, which produce a life which is incomplete,
lacking, and not healing itself in a holistic manner. When we chose to perceive love, and
'possibilities' of a nature which synchronize with our physical body, the genes automatically
recreate themselves from the energetic blueprint, and from what Ive read, this can cure most so
called 'inherited diseases'.
Inherited diseases, in my view, are merely inherited patterns of imbalance, which can be rectified
and replaced by the correct patterns, simply through meditation, and the intention to 'be well'. So
try this if you feel the need to. Just sit down, and concentrate on being positive, imagining your
DNA strands receiving a healing light from God, so that the human DNA energetic blueprint,
apparently devised by the Cosmic Serpent God, can replace faulty molecules with the correct
ones. Imagine a great ball of yellow light consuming you, and know that all will be well.
As Ive said, you should not take this book as medical advice, dont go against what the experts tell
you. It does seem though, that the following natural ingredients can feed your body the energetic
information, which it requires for a healthy diet, cellular health and general sense of wellbeing.
.Avoiding sugar: whilst sugar in its natural form, for example, honey, appears to be good for you;
excessive amounts of sugar, in drinks and food, appear to have highly toxic effects on the body.
There is also some evidence that sugar leads to Candida, a common yeast infection. I believe that
the molecular/energetic information within the sugar molecule, leads to higher cell toxicity,
manifesting as a fungus. Some biologists, have tried to link pathogens to almost every disease. It
appears possible, if we consider some research, that pathogens appear as manifestations of chemical
imbalance, and dont infect us as such. Candida creates a low O2 environment, being anaerobic,
which could potentially cause cancer in some cases. Cancer could be related to cell over-production
in order to compensate for lack of nutrients.
Breathing correctly: as we have seen, deoxygenation, or perhaps a general lack of oxygen, appears
to cause bodily malfunction. When we breath through our mouth, or take quick, rapid, shallow
breaths, it actually transfers less oxygen to our blood, leaving our brain deprived. Lack of oxygen in
our blood, or incorrect levels of other chemicals, has been linked, in the long term, to problems like
sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease. I always had this idea that perhaps genetic diseases were
'brought on' by external lifestyle choices, in the way in which we conduct exercise, and our
choices of chemical intake. It's possible that diseases indeed inherited, which I would explain as a
repeated imbalance in a familys DNA creating a repetitive pattern of disease manifestation. But
then I also believe, that these genes make the diseases development more likely, but that the
ultimate cause is actually defects in breathing patterns, bad diet and lifestyle choices, which
activate these genes, perhaps by some lack of oxygen?
. I believe, personally, that the way in which we breath, might affect, or even result in, diseases
such as chronic sinusitis, lymphoma, and a damaged heart rhythm; but these are just my ideas, and
I have no problem with admitting to that.
So at the end of the day, I suggest that meditating, and keeping an eye on your breathing, calmness
and maintaining a good intake of oxygen, may have very positive health effects. But again, only if

your doctor says its okay. Another thing I have noticed, with my own asthmatic and sinus related
problems, is that breathing in cool, dry air, tends to work best. At the same time, nasal passageways
are meant to be moist, so for me its a matter of relaxing, which seems to naturally moisturize my
nasal passages, and of breathing in drier air. High rainfall, extreme winds, and cold weather seem to
do horrible things to my head, which is why I live in a semi-desert region.
Meditating: meditating is an excellent way to calm the mind, overcome thoughts, alter your
subconscious, and to breath correctly. Meditation doesnt have to be all about sitting in a room,
whilst smoking incense sticks. For me, personally, I like to walk in a well-aired field, sit around,
and to just become aware of my surroundings. Concentrating in this way, really improves my
breathing. The smells and sensations act as a way of inviting God into the moment for
Diet: One thing that we can be quite certain about, is that diet effects our physical health, and could
possibly actual our genetic expression, by activating, or deactivating certain words in the great
dictionary of our genetic makeup. Therefore, feeding our spirit the correct information to maintain a
physical vehicle for it, is of the up most importance. I believe the theory behind the non-sugar diet,
which you all should google I think. It is a diet more based on protein, natural flavorings,
vegetables, nuts, fish etc, and less grain or carbohydrate, which from my experience, can really
damage metabolism, for me at least, and could well lead to this Candida problem, which a large
percentage of the population appears to experience.
We should find diets which feed our body the energy blueprint, which we require. Perhaps milk,
pasta, oats and other commonly thought of 'healthy foods', feed us an entirely different blueprint,
causing our bodys physical expression not to be optimal, but at dis-ease with our natural
expression. There is also the possibility that heavy metals in foods, and in our water, cause
molecular changes and cell mutations. So really, drinking filtered water should be a priority for
those who feel unwell.
Meditation to improve heart frequency:
The human heart is regulated by the SA node, which presumably acts on instructions being picked
up from the spirit-blueprint of the human body. The human heart is capable of more powerful
electromagnetic fields than even the brain, resulting in questions from some about whether the heart
has more to do with our awareness, than the brain does. The hearts electromagnetic field is around
60 times greater in amplitude, in fact. The heart moves blood around the body. Blood is of course,
life-giving in terms of its importance, but if we break that down a little, it appears that the blood is
the physical manifestation of our life energy, serving each of our cells with the correct nutrients or
data it needs to grow strong. The heart presumably acts somewhat like the pineal gland, it may
pick up data from light, then re-transmit this across the body in the form of physical chemicals,
but also in the form of emotional balance. When people talk about the heart being involved with
love, theres probably more truth to this than we might otherwise believe. This rhythm can be
massively disrupted by emotional imbalances, toxins in our body, perhaps building up
in the lymphatic system, and causing physical issues such as palpitations and fatigue. The blood
picks up data from the chemicals we put in our body, when really this is just a physical
manifestation of our lifes energy-vortex or soul, which manifests as DNA, picking up different
forms of information via light.
Our heart, does most of this, in synch with the brain, retransmitting this positive or negative
vibration in the form of an electromagnetic field in our World, and also transmitting blood around
the body as its physical expression. This is again, my own belief, and conclusion which I have

reached on my own. Meditation to relax the body, and thus take more control of our heartbeat,
through being emotionally positive, must also have a hugely positive effect on our life. Also, these
electromagnetic fields which are produced by the heart, in my view, pick up singularities in the
space-time continuum, or rather 'possibilities', which are then re-transmitted in the form of waves.
This takes place in a far-more infinite way on a Soul level, but does seem to manifest in our World
via electromagnetism. When these frequencies come into contact with other vortexes emitting
their own frequencies, other people for example: a positive electromagnetic field, given off by us,
will synchronize with that of the other person, until they become linked. This only works over a
certain distance however, unlike morphic fields, said to be the communicative form of spirit, which
seem to act as though they are 'quantum' in nature, and can seemingly exist everywhere, or nowhere, at the same time. Morphic fields are perhaps the very nature of our awareness, whilst
electromagnetism, gravity, and space-time, are the effects of morphic activity exploring the
potentiality of the universe, beyond the space-time continuum, in the mind of the God, where there
can be no distance.
A meditation exercise to help one accustom oneself to feeling alone, and being okay with that. We
are afraid of darkness, for it represents, to many of us, the feeling of being alone, of being in a place
of uncertainly. But as you close your eyes, and meditate, beginning to concentrate on this darkness,
then you will find that the darkness will have dull light, here and there. The light slowly gets
brighter. That, my friends, is you, your inner light. It is the light which will form your darkness, and
world of infinity, into a place of your own imagination.
This writing has gotten rather more deep as it has progressed, which I intended for. The idea about
this article, is not to teach you what to do. I may well not be right, and quite frankly, I dont care too
much if I am. But I believe that the information in this book, might wake some of you up, not
because the information is absolutely correct and true for you, in the same way that it is for me, but
because my words might give you new feelings. It might wake you up to a World where we are not
merely programs, dummies, mindless robots, subject to the horrible, dangerous, and hopeless World
around us. It might wake you up, to the fact that within each and every one of you, there is the
power to transform a thousand lives, simply through your decisions to feel the Universe speak to
you in a loving, and profound manner. It might wake you up to the fact that there is a deeper, loving
consciousness, present everywhere, and your choices to view the Universe in terms of connection,
and of love, literally bring this being into existence in each day of your life. This book may teach
you that you dont need to be afraid of romance, and in contrast, that you dont need to fear being
alone either. No matter how unlucky you have been in your life, there is a life full of wonder,
freedom and of health, just around that corner, waiting for you to see it.
If a few more of us thought more positively. If a few more of us saw the value and beauty of all life
our planet, in a profound and life-changing way, then we could change our planet. We could prevent
wars from happening, in all likelihood, cure every disease, and solve the problems of hunger and
water-shortage. My simple message is: be a person who does that, and make this World the place of