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Agricultural scientists are concerned with all aspects of plant and animal life.

They are
engaged in both laboratory-based and field-based research. Scientists work for improving
crop produce, for environment protection, and they work in the testing and quality control of
foodstuffs, drugs and farm products. Agricultural scientists may specialise in one of the
following areas: Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant Breeding, and Animal Science Research.
Std XII Stream: Science
Mandatory Subjects: Agriculture, Biology
Career Interest: Scientific, Clerical
Biochemists study the chemical combinations & reactions in functions such as growth,
metabolism, reproduction, heredity as well as the effect of environment on living tissue.
Biochemists are also involved in the study of structure and functions of enzymes, proteins,
carbohydrates, fats and the process of metabolism, the molecular basis of the action of genes.
Salary: 55 Thousand to 24.91 Lakhs per annum
Std XII Stream: Science
Mandatory Subject: Chemistry
Career Interest: Scientific, Clerical
Bio informatics is a rapidly evolving scientific discipline which applies information
technology to the management of biological data. It is used in the design of drugs and
medical therapies.
Std XII Stream: Science
Mandatory Subjects: Biology, Mathematics
Career Interest: Scientific, Clerical
Biology is the study of living things. Biology includes fields such as Agronomy, Animal
Husbandry, Biochemistry, Forestry, Horticulture, Fish and Wildlife Conservation and Range
Management. New and exciting careers have opened in Oceanography and Marine Biology,
High Altitude Biology, Environmental Biology, Bio-instrumentation, Biotechnology,
Biophysics, Cryobiology, Bionics, etc.
Std XII Stream: Science
Mandatory Subject: Biology
Career Interest: Scientific, Clerical
A bundle of techniques applied to living cells is what we call Biotechnology.
Biotechnologists engineer these living cells to produce a particular product of improved
quality. Biotechnology is the exploitation of natural resources at the microbial and molecular
level to produce a product of improved quality for the benefit of mankind. The work Bio
technologists do is in a variety of sectors eg. agriculture, pharmaceuticals, medicine,
environment etc.

organic chemistry. Chemistry. animal & human tissue samples. Std XII Stream: Science Mandatory Subjects: Biology. Clerical Forensic scientists analyze. Chemistry Career Interest: Scientific. properties. inorganic chemistry.Salary: 1. physical chemistry and industrial chemistry. Std XII Stream: Science Mandatory Subjects: Biology. research and sampling of solids. from the data collected. adverse effects etc. DNA fingerprinting. ballistics.29 Lakh to 5.13 Lakhs per annum Std XII Stream: Science Mandatory Subjects: Biology. Genetic scientists research to find out how genetic characteristics are transmitted from one generation to the next. narcotics. They conduct human trials. Clerical Clinical researchers conduct systematic study on new drug compositions for determining safety and efficacy. Chemistry consists of the following sub-fields and chemists usually specialise in one of these . Std XII Stream: Science Mandatory Subject: Biology Career Interest: Scientific. document examination etc. Physics Career Interest: Scientific. Forensic science is interdisciplinary and includes investigative science related to explosives. Clerical . synthesis. They are involved in pursuing research by identifying and manipulating particular genes in plant. physical and chemical changes. Std XII Stream: Science Mandatory Subject: Chemistry Career Interest: Scientific. liquids or gases for determining their composition. identify and verify clinical and pharmacological factors. identify and classify physical evidence relating to criminal or suspected cases of crime. Maths Career Interest: Scientific. cyber/computer . lie detection. Clerical Genetics is the study of heredity. They investigate to look for evidence which are tested in laboratories and records prepared for each case. Clerical Chemical scientists are involved in chemical analysis. Their study is used for developing new products through improved production processes and advanced scientific research.analytical chemistry.

Humanities/Arts Career Interest: Scientific. Std XII Stream: Science. Clerical . with focus on two principal aspects .human evolution and the influence caused by physical as well as cultural variation.Anthropologists study the different stages of human development.