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Name : Zaenal Abidin

Student Number : 120110101053

The assignment of Literary Research Methodology middle test


What kind of literary works that you choose ?

o I choose a novel for my thesis material. I think novel tells about human life
that teaches us the moral values of life such as to be helpful, patient, kind,
and humble. Novel raises the variety of issues that occur in the environment
around us and criticizes them in writing to give an insight to the reader
about the secrets, lies and truth that happens in the society.

2. What the novel that you choose as your material ? who is the author and


does that make you interested in this novel?

o I choose a novel entitle Mockingjay written by Suzanne Collins. She is an
American writer and a scenario writer that was born on August 10th 1962 in
Hartford, Connecticut, America. She is an talented writer who was wellknown by The Hunger games trilogy, who is created her novels by putting
some of issues that are inspired by his life story in the world of cinema. The
Hunger games trilogy has three series of novels, they are Hunger Games,
Catching Fire and Mockingjay.
o The series first book, The Hunger Game, was released in 2008. Its two
sequels, Catching fire and Mockingjay, were published in 2009 and 2010
respectively. Overall, the series has been a fantastic success, selling more
than 50 million print and electronic copies. The story revolves around the
series rebel heroin, Katniss Everdeen, who lives in the post-apocalyptic

nation of Panem, formerly known as North America. Hunger game Catching

fire are the annual event in Panem, in which young boys and girls fight to
death in televised battle. Whereas Mockingjay tells about the manipulation
of the society in Panem without knowing that they have been controlled all
this time by media that is created by the government who is so powerful in
all of aspects to blind people in the Panem between the truth and lies. In
addition to, television, as the media in Mockingjay, has the Important
elements to construct the people mindset. It is one of my reasons to examine
one of her works, Mockingjay.
o I choose Mockingjay because I want to focus on The Representation of The
Media in Mockingjay which can influence the people to against The Capital
rules, manipulate the peoples mindset to believe in what they see on
television. So, media has the biggest power to control the society in all of the
districts. Media in the novel has the great influence to make the new
revolution in Panem, although the media which is developing in Capitol over
control by the government. For example, President Snow does not allow
people to show his short-coming on the television. So, it means that media
can not to be free to figure it out the government failure to control the
peoples opinion. In addition to media also can influence the peoples
mindset to make the new revolution in Panem.
o On the other hand, I am Interested in some of issues in this novel such as
how is the media in Mockingjay constrained by the government to criticize
the governments failure? how does the media in Mockingjay influence the
people's perspective to make the new revolution in Panem? and how does
Suzane Coline show the representation of the media in Mockingjay?