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Executive Summary


Research Methodology

Data Analysis & Interpretation

Swot analysis





Executive Summary
HCL Infosystems Ltd is one of the pioneers in the Indian IT market, with its
origins in 1976. For over quarter of a century, the company have developed and
implemented solutions for multiple market segments, across a range of technologies
in India.
With sound macro economic condition and buoyant buying sentiment in the
market, the desktop PC market grossed 23.4lc units, registering a growth of 36% over
the same period last year. The notebook PC segment was the star performer, showing
massive growth, 60% sequentially and 138% year-on-year and crossing the one lakh
This can be attributed to strong domestic growth in requirements and
aggressive sales promotion offers by the players like HP, Lenovo, and HCL among
others. Again brand recognition and image play a very important role in purchase
decisions. Brand managers of IT products, to increase the short-term gains and keep
the cash registers ticking have started using aggressive sales promotion offers.
The objective of the project was to find out Customer perception towards ultra
portable laptops. Also some of the insights on how to best place an effective Sales
promotion program have been unleashed.
The research brings out the fact that people do buy laptop taking into
consideration its price, features, and portability.

HCL Infosystems is India's premier information enabling company.
Leveraging its 28 years of expertise in total technology solutions, HCL Infosystems
offers value-added services in key areas such as system integration, networking







HCL Infosystems is among the leading players in all the segments comprising
the domestic IT products, solutions and related services, which include PCs, servers,






Continuously meeting the ever increasing customer expectations and applications, its
focus on integrated enterprise solutions has strengthened the HCL Infosystems'
capabilities in supporting installation types ranging from single to large, multilocation, multi-vendor & multi-platform spread across India. HCL Infosystems, today
has a direct support force of over 2000+ members, is operational at 300+ locations
across the country and is the largest such human resource of its kind in the IT
business. A majority of the team members have been specially trained in a variety of







HCL Infosystems' manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 - 2000 & ISO 14001
certified and adhere to stringent quality standards and global processes. With the
largest installed PC base in the country, four indigenously developed and
manufactured PC brands - 'Infiniti', 'Busybee' 'Beanstalk' and 'Ezeebee' - and its robust
manufacturing facilities; HCL Infosystems aims to further leverage its dominance in
the PC market. It has been consistently rated as Top player in PC industry by IDC
.The 'Infiniti' line of business computing products is incorporated with leading edge
products from world leaders such as Intel. A fully integrated and business-ready
family of servers and workstations, the 'Infiniti Global Line' is targeted at medium and

large companies to help them to manage their enterprise-related applications. It has

considerable dominance in verticals like Finance, Government, and Education &
The Channel Business of HCL Infosystems has an extensive network of over 2500+
resellers across 300 locations. It has actively promoted the penetration of PCs in the
home and the small office/home office (SOHO) segments, through Beanstalk,







HCL Infosystems has two focused business units. While HCL Infosystems
concentrates on the IT products, solutions and related services business, HCL InfiNet
focuses on the rapidly growing communication and imaging products, solutions and


HCL InfiNet, with a presence in more that 35 cities, has the ability to service around
250 cities in its catchment area. It provides corporate networking services like Virtual
Private Network, Broadband Internet Access, Hosting & Co-location services,
designing & deploying Disaster Recovery Solutions & Business Continuity solution,
Application Services, Managed Security Services & NOC Services over its state-ofthe-art IP network to over 200 corporates. With the Office Automation (OA) Division
being part of it, HCL InfiNet now has an exclusive sales and support partnership with
Toshiba Corporation, Japan, for its photocopier products. The product portfolio covers
a range of other office automation and communication products through alliances
with world leaders - including Duprinters from Duplo, data projectors from InFocus,
Telecommunication solutions from Samsung and Ericsson and mobile communication
products from Nokia. HCL Infinet Ltd. has a strong and dedicated retail network of
Nokia Professional Centres, Nokia Priority Dealers and Re-distribution Stockist



HCL has closely seen the IT industry rise from scratch, and has actively participated
in its progress. During the twenty-eight year journey, it has picked up valuable lessons
in serving the IT needs of the Indian customer and gathered domain expertise to




As a leading information enabler, HCL Infosystems has long standing relationships

with world technology leaders such as SUN for enterprise computing solutions, Intel
and AMD for PCs & PC Servers; Microsoft, Novell and SCO for operating systems
and software solutions; Toshiba Corp. for business automation equipment; SAP AG
for specialist ERP solutions; and Oracle, Sybase and Informix for RDBMS platform,
EMC, Veritas for storage solutions. The aim is to straddle the entire landscape of
information enabling technology far more comprehensively, effectively and
competitively. Indeed, a vision to create enterprises of tomorrow.


An engineer by training, Ajai Chowdhry is one of the six founder members of

HCL, India's premier IT enterprise. HCL, a start-up in 1976, touched Rs.11,000 crores





Ajai Chowdhry took over the reins of HCL Infosystems, the flagship company
of the group, as President and CEO in 1994. He was appointed the Chairman of HCL

Infosystems in November 1999. Under his stewardship, the company's turnover has
grown to Rs.7783.6 crores in 2004-05 from Rs.400.6 crores in 1994. With employee
strength of over 3600, it has emerged as country's leading information-enabling
Ajai has been a key force in driving the growth of HCL Infosystems. The credit of
setting up HCL's overseas operations, starting with Singapore in 1980, goes to him.
During this tenure he extensively covered South Asian Markets including Malaysia,
Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the People's Republic of China, expanding
business operations, which paved the way towards enhancing HCL's core
competencies in bringing the best international technologies to domestic market.
Driving the thrust on IT, Telecom and Imaging, Ajai perceives the role of his
company as that of enabling information. Credited with providing momentum to key
IT phenomena - within the company as well as in the industry - he has constantly
added newer and cutting edge technology skills to the company's portfolio. Under his
leadership, several new projects have been undertaken in the company that have had a
lasting impact - getting into IT retailing, spearheading the company wide Quality
movement, and the very recent low cost PC initiative and IT for masses are some
examples. An absolute stickler for customer focus, he himself spends significant time,
personally listening to customers.

Ajai sensed an emerging opportunity early in telecom and imaging category and
today HCL Infosystems is poised to exploit this opportunity to offer a richer bouquet
to its customers.
It is a recognition of his visionary status that Ajai was part of the IT Hardware
Task Force, set up by the Prime Minister of India to give shape to the country's IT
strategy. Ajai has repeatedly championed the cause of improving PC penetration in the
country. He has worked closely with many Government bodies to take IT for masses
agenda forward. Presently he is part of several government committees to take
forward the course of IT and Hardware in India. He was awarded with 'IT Man of the
Year' by The Skoch Consultancy and 'Best IT Man of the Year' by The Foundation of

Indian Industry and Economists. Ajai also addressed CII's flagship hardware event
'India e-Hardware Summit 2004' at Hyderabad as a keynote speaker recently.
Ajai has a bachelor's degree in electronics and communication engineering, and
attended the Executive Program at the School of Business Administration at the
University of Michigan, US.

Ajai is an avid reader and is fond of Jazz and the fine arts. He and his wife Gita
live in New Delhi.

HCL Infosystems Ltd is one of the pioneers in the Indian IT market , with its origins
in 1976. For over quarter of a century, we have developed and implemented solutions
for multiple market segments, across a range of technologies in India. We have been
in the forefront in introducing new technologies and solutions. The highlights of the
HCL saga are summarized below:




- Foundation of the Company laid

- Introduces microcomputer-based programmable calculators with wide
acceptance in the scientific / education community


- Launch of the first microcomputer-based commercial computer with a

ROM -based Basic interpreter
- Unavailability of programming skills with customers results in HCL
developing bespoke applications for their customers


- Initiation of application development in diverse segments such as textiles,

sugar, paper, cement , transport


- Formation of Far East Computers Ltd., a pioneer in the Singapore IT

market, for SI (System Integration) solutions


- Software Export Division formed at Chennai to support the bespoke

application development needs of Singapore


- HCL launches an aggressive advertisement campaign with the theme '

even a typist can operate' to make the usage of computers popular in the
SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) segment. This proposition involved
menu-based applications for the first time, to increase ease of operations.
The response to the advertisement was phenomenal.
- HCL develops special program generators to speed up the development of


- Bank trade unions allow computerisation in banks . However , a computer

can only run one application such as Savings Bank, Current account ,
Loans etc.
- HCL sets up core team to develop the required software - ALPM
( Advanced Ledger Posting Machines ) . The team uses reusable code to
reduce development efforts and produce more reliable code . ALPM

becomes the largest selling software product in Indian banks

- HCL designs and launches Unix- based computers and IBM PC clones
- HCL promotes 3rd party PC applications nationally
- Zonal offices of banks and general insurance companies adopt

- Purchase specifications demand the availability of RDBMS products on

the supplied solution (Unify, Oracle). HCL arranges for such products to be
ported to its platform.
- HCL assists customers to migrate from flat-file based systems to RDBMS
- HCL enters into a joint venture with Hewlett Packard
- HP assists HCL to introduce new services: Systems Integration, IT
consulting, packaged support services ( basicline, teamline )


- HCL establishes a Response Centre for HP products, which is connected

to the HP Response Centre in Singapore.
- There is a vertical segment focus on Telecom, Manufacturing and
Financial Services
- HCL acquires and executes the first offshore project from IBM Thailand

- HCL sets up core group to define software development methodologies
- Starts execution of Information System Planning projects

- Execution projects for Germany and Australia

- Begins Help desk services


- Sets up the STP ( Software Technology Park ) at Chennai to execute

software projects for international customers
- Becomes national integration partner for SAP
- Kolkata and Noida STPs set up

- HCL buys back HP stake in HCL Hewlett Packard

- Chennai and Coimbatore development facilities get ISO 9001


- Acquires and sets up fully owned subsidiaries in USA and UK


- Sets up fully owned subsidiary in Australia

- HCL ties up with Broadvision as an integration partner
- Sets up fully owned subsidiary in Australia
- Chennai and Coimbatore development facilities get SEI Level 4
- Bags Award for Top PC Vendor In India

- Becomes the 1st IT Company to be recommended for latest version of
ISO 9001 : 2000
- Bags MAIT's Award for Business Excellence
- Rated as No. 1 IT Group in India
-Launched Pentium IV PCs at below Rs 40,000
-IDC rated HCL Infosystems as No. 1 Desktop PC Company of 2001
-Declared as Top PC Vendor by Dataquest

-HCL Infosystems & Sun Microsystems enters into a Enterprise

Distribution Agreement
- Realigns businesses, increasing focus on domestic IT, Communications &
Imaging products, solutions & related services
- Became the first vendor to register sales of 50,000 PCs in a quarter
- First Indian company to be numero uno in the commercial PC market
- Enters into partnership with AMD


- Launched Home PC for Rs 19,999

- HCL Infosystems' Info Structure Services Division received ISO
9001:2000 certification
- Launches Infiniti Mobile Desktps on Intel Platform
- Launched Infiniti PCs, Workstations & Servers on AMD platform

- 1st to announce PC price cut in India, post duty reduction, offers Ezeebee
at Rs. 17990
- IDC India-DQ Customer Satisfaction Audit rates HCL as No.1 Brand in
Desktop PCs
- Maintains No.1 position in the Desktop PC segment for year 2003
- Enters into partnership with Port Wise to support & distribute security &
VPN solutions in India
- Partners with Microsoft & Intel to launch Beanstalk Neo PC
- Becomes the 1st company to cross 1 lac unit milestone in the Indian
Desktop PC market
- Partners with Union Bank to make PCs more affordable, introduces
lowest ever EMI for PC in India
- Launched RP2 systems to overcome power problem for PC users
- Registers a market share of 13.7% to become No.1 Desktop PC company
for year 2004
- Crosses the landmark of $ 1 billion in revenue in just nine months

"We deliver defect-free products, services and solutions to meet the requirements of
our external and internal customers, the first time, every time"
To fuel initiative and foster activity by allowing individuals freedom of action and
innovation in attaining defined objectives.


To help people in HCL Infosystems Ltd. share in the company's successes, which they
make possible; to provide job security based on their performance; to recognize their
individual achievements; and help them gain a sense of satisfaction and

Core Values

We shall uphold the dignity of the individual

We shall honor all commitments
We shall be committed to Quality, Innovation and Growth in every endeavor
We shall be responsible corporate citizens

Alliances & Partnerships

To provide world-class solutions and services to all our customers,
we have formed Alliances and Partnerships with leading IT
HCL Infosystems has alliances with global technology leaders like
Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Bull, Toshiba, Nokia, Sun Microsystems,
Ericsson, nVIDIA, SAP, Scansoft, SCO, EMC, Veritas, Citrix,
CISCO, Oracle, Computer Associates, RedHat, Infocus, Duplo,
Samsung and Novell.

These alliances on one hand give us access to best technology & products as well
enhancing our understanding of the latest in technology. On the other hand they
enhance our product portfolio, and enable us to be one stop shop for our customers.

Recent Updates
HCL & Nokia decide on longer term strategy to further penetrate Indian
Gist of Q&A with callers/ investors/ shareholders on the announcement
relating to the long term Agreement with Nokia
Toshiba in partnership with HCL Infosystems expands its retail presence in
India by unveiling 'shopToshiba'
HCL forms a strategic alliance with Bull to launch a new range of Scalable
Enterprise Class Servers on Open Architecture
AMD & IT Ministry unveil affordable computer to promote 50x15 vision in

HCL Advantage
HCL Infosystems ( HCLI) draws it's strength from 29 years of experience in
handling the ever changing IT scenario , strong customer relationships , ability to
provide the cutting edge technology at best-value-for-money and on top of it , an
Today HCL is country's premier information enabling company. It offers one-stopshop convenience to its diverse customers having an
equally diverse set of
Be it a large multi-location enterprise, or a small/medium enterprise, or a small office
or a home, HCLI has a product range, sales & support capability to service the needs
of the customer.

Last 29 years apart from knowledge & experience have also given us continuity in
relationship with the customers, thereby increasing the customer confidence in us.
Our strengths can be summarized as:
- Ability to understand customer's business and offer right technology
- Long standing relationship with customers
- Pan India support & service infrastructure
- Best-vale-for-money offerings

Technology Leadership
HCL Infosystems is known to be the harbinger of technology in the country. Right
from our inception we have attempted to pioneer the technology introductions in the
country either through our R&D or through partnerships with the world technology
Using our own R&D we have
- Created our own UNIX & RDBMS capability (in 80s)
- developed firewalls for enterprise & personal system security
- launched our own range of enterprise storage products
- launched our own range of networking products
We strive to understand the technology from the view of supporting it post installation
as well. This is one of the key ingredients that go into our strategic advantage.
HCL Infosystems has to its claim several technology pioneering initiatives. Some of
them are: - Country's first DeskTop PC - BusyBee in 1985

- Country's first branded home PC - Beanstalk in 1995

- Country's first Pentium 4 based PC at sub 40k price point
- Country's first Media Center PC


Philosophy of Quality
"We deliver defect-free products, services and solutions to meet the requirements
of our external and internal customers, the first time, every time."
To exist as a market leader in a globally competitive marketplace, organizations
need to adopt and implement a continuous improvement-based quality policy.

One of the key elements to HCL's success is its never-ending pursuit of superior
quality in all its endeavors.
HCL INFOSYSTEMS believes in the Total Quality Management philosophy as a
means for continuous improvement, total employee participation in quality
improvement and customer satisfaction. Its concept of quality addresses people,
processes and products.
Over the last 20 years, we have adapted to newer and better Quality standards that
helped us effectively tie Quality with Business Goals, leading to customer and
employee satisfaction.


The history of structured quality implementation in HCL Infosystems began in the
late 1980s with the focus on improving quality of its products by using basis QC tools
and Failure Reporting and Corrective Active Systems (FRACAS). We also employed
concurrent engineering practices including design reviews, and rigorous reliability
tests to uncover latent design defects.
In the early 90s, the focus was not merely on the quality of products but also the
process quality systems. Our manufacturing unit at NOIDA was certified initially to
ISO 9002:1994 by BVQI in 1994 and later on to ISO 9001:1994 in 1997. As of now,
all our manufacturing units are certified by BVQI as per ISO 9001:2000

In early 1995, a major quality initiative was launched across the company based on
Philip B. Crosby's methodology of QIPM (Quality Improvement Process
Management). This model was selected to because it considered the need and
commitment by an organization to improve but more importantly, the individual's
Under our Quality Education System program, we train our employees on the basic
concepts and tools of quality. A number of improvement projects have been
undertaken by our employees, whereby process deficiencies and bottlenecks are
identified, and Corrective Action Projects (CAPs) are undertaken. This reduces defect
rates and improves cycle times in various processes, including personal quality.
Our certifications / awards in 2003 include ISO 9001-2000 by BVQI for our
InfoStructure Services and award of First Prize by ELCINA (Electronic Component
Industries Association) for Quality, 2002-03. The ELCINA award criteria considers
two aspects. (1) Enablers (Leadership & Management commitment, Resource
Management, Product Realisation, Measurement Analysis & Improvement) and
Results (Product Quality, Customer / Stake holder satisfaction , Business results).
The tryst for continuous quality improvement is never-ending in HCL
Infosystems. We always strive to maintain high quality standards, which help us fulfill
our mission to provide world-class information technology solutions and services, to
enable our customers to serve their customers better.

Management Objective
To fuel initiative and foster activity by allowing individuals
freedom of action and innovation in attaining defined

People Objective
To Help HCL Insys people share in the companys success,
which they make possible; to provide job security based on
their performance; to recognize their individual achievements
and to help them gain of satisfaction and accomplishment
from their work.

Core Values
It uphold the dignity of individual.
It honour all commitments.
It is committed to quality, Innovation and growth in every endeavor.
It is responsible corporate Citizens.


Shiv Nadar
Founder HCL, Chairman and CEO
HCL Technologies
Ajai Chowdhry
Co-Founder HCL, Chairman and CEO
HCL Infosystems
J V Ramamurthy
Chief Operating Officer
HCL Infosystems Ltd
Vineet Nayar
President: HCL Technologies
President and CEO of the
HCL Technologies (BPO)

HCL MiLeap X: The affordable Laptop hits the

indian market

HCL is now on the centre stage of attraction in the Indian PC industry ones
again with the announcement of Mileap X range of low cost laptops which they prefer
to call Leaptops. It is expected to be a giant Leap for the company who is not so
much popular in Indian laptop industry dominated by international giants.
There is a popular Zen Saying that Leap and the Net will Appear So HCL
is decided to Leap ahead and they hope the net will appear .
India is witnessing a real hike in sales of laptop computers for the past two
years . Gone the days when the laptops where considered to be only for the rich and
the famous. Now the average Indian computer buyer think twice before buying a
desktop. For a Small office home office user a laptop is always a better bargain
because the cost of computer at home and at office can be now more than the cost of a
single laptop.
HCL s decision to bring out a laptop computer that cost only Rs14,000 was
welcomed by the Indian computer industry with mixed reactions. It got the same news
value as the much hipped about TATA Nano one lakh car.
This is technical and business review on the HCL Mileap X series of Leaptop
which hit the Indian market on this republic day, and in general serve as a single point
of reference for laptops from the basic history of laptops to latest trends.

Leap X series is a Linux based low cost version of the HCL family of leaptops
which is surly an upgrade from from your PDA or smart mobile that is available in
our market. It is not recommended for a serious computer user with lot of files to
store , or a graphic designer . But surly it gives the value for money at Rs. 14,000 +
taxes .
At a cost lower than your high end mobile phones that remains as fancy
equipments when it come to real computing , MiLeap has strong reason to be in your
business carry bag. First of all it is handy compared to bulky wide screen laptops
(which will never fit in to an ordinary mans lap).
Even though the micro computing industry is active from early 80s in the
developed countries ,it hit our market only by early 90s.We has to wait till end of
90s to see the computer as a common gadget uses by normal business and home. So
it is quite obvious that the portable computing segment was also a latecomer in our
Initially the use of portable computer was limited to an expensive ego booster
that catch the eye and help to make an impression in a business meeting.. The real
portable computing applications as it is used in the western countries was not
applicable to Indian scenario. We cant expected to use our expensive laptops in busy
metro rails , trams or buses. It was really prone to all kind of environmental tortures
including heat, dust and humidity. Because of this these gadgets never left the
comfort of their owners desktop and really did not serve the job of a portable
The major fact that refrained a typical computer user from the laptop machines
was the cost. In late 1990s a typical IBM ThinkPad will cost more that 150 thousand
Rupees and a desktop with similar configuration cost around 40 thousand.
So majority of Indian users stay loyal to their desktops and did not show much
interest in the laptop segment. The situation changed as the price came down and
when laptops are available at sub- 50k price segment.
The popularity of laptops in India is mainly attributed the new segments of IT related
workers who telecommute a lot wish to extend their job to the non-business hours too.
Slowly the laptops emerged as a serious business equipment which is indispensable to
a working professional. The main hindrance yet was the lack of proper connectivity,
but the boom of broadband connectivity and wi-fi support added the popularity of
laptop systems in India.
The main segment that suffered from these revolution is a the small scale
system integrators operating in small towns throughout the country. 100 % of the
laptop industry is branded and there is no scope for a typical system assembler to
compete against it. Naturally this segment was not happy with the new trend of

invation of laptop into the desktop market and resisted this trend to some extend for
their customer.
After the introduction of sub 30,000 laptops in to the industry , laptop sales gain
momentum and an average customer was attracted to this segment. Now it is
estimated that the share of laptop is one third of the whole segment.
Now with, laptop price is competitive to the price of a desktop with a TFT monitor
it is all set to start a laptop revolution in India.

Role of HCL

When coming to the point of succeeding in a business , the knowledge of local market
is very important. India is a vast country which is a blend of so many cultures
together . Most of the MNCs find a hard time understanding this market and so
commit so many wrong decision which were based on a marketing expert from
Being an Indian company HCL has many advantages on this industry.
Established in 1976 when the Indian IT industry is in a nascent stage or not even
properly formed , HCL is backed up by the industry knowledge of so many up and
downs in this industry.Industry see the growth of HCL from a glorified assembler to a
real computer company over these years.
Being one of the first company in the IT industry in India they have strong
root to even the remote townships in India, were as a MNC will focus its activities in
Metros only HCL is deep rooted to small towns also with a large chain of

In 1990s beginning when the computer industry begin to gain momentum in

India , the common name in computing industry is HCL itself with their Busy Bee
series of 486 machines. The HCL-HP alliance supplied the Busy bee series to all the
major markets in India.
Apart from the hardware field , they offer software, training, networking,
telecom, and peripherals to the industry establishing them self as one of the total
solution providers for the Indian IT industry and has deep rooted influence in banking
, insurance and Government sectors of this country.
So it is quite natural that when Intel look for a local partner for marketing their
classmate family of Low priced student PCs to India , they will end up in HCL.


MiLeap X series is a Linux based low cost version of the

HCL family of leaptops which is surly an upgrade from from
your PDA or smart mobile that is available in our market. It
is not recommended for a serious computer user with lot of
files to store , or a graphic designer . But surly it gives the
value for money at Rs. 14,000 + taxes .
At a cost lower
than your high end mobile phones that remains as fancy
equipments when it come to real computing , MiLeap has
strong reason to be in your business carry bag. First of all it
is handy compared to bulky wide screen laptops (which will
never fit in to an ordinary mans lap).

Technical Specifications of Mileap X

The technical specifications of HCL

MiLeap X is that of the Intel classmate PC
it self. It runs on a Intel Celeron Mobile
processor ticking at 900 MHz enough for a
normal customer with moderate computing requirements
like internet and text editing .
Running on a motherboard with Intel 915GMS chipset. 512 Mb of DDR 2
memory which is comparable to any decent machines available . It has a 7 inch Wide
TFT which is offering a resolution of 800 X 480 which will be fine for a small form
factor LCD. Just like any laptop it features a build-in Speakers and Mic. And also
provides a headphone jack.
Build in network interface (RJ-45) and wireless Ethernet support ( 802.11 b/g )
ensures that you are connected to the world. SD card Slot make it easy to download
your pictures from camera or mobile. Two high speed USB ports are part of
it. Expected battery backup is 4 hours in Idle condition as HCL is claiming. And it
will be available in Indian market in three colour choices , cool blue, rich black or hot

HCL MiLeap X: Operating Systems and Application


The original classmate has three choice for operating

systems. It is Windows XP professional , Mandriva
Discovery 2007 Linux or Metasys Classmate 2.0. HCL has
made it clear that the X series will be a LInux based
product. The Linux
will take 500 MB from the 2 GB flash drive in contrast to
the 1 GB required by the windows XP. Open Office will
be naturally included for your business needs



INDUSTRY for IT products which mainly includes Laptops.
Company profile, Marketing and promotional strategies adopted by HCL
Infosystems Ltd.
Achievements of HCL in a short span of period.
General Introduction about the products and services provided by HCL
Infosystems Ltd.
Research methodology includes the activities done by me during the summer
training are following: Visiting it individual customer.
Study about the market share of HCL in IT industry which based on secondary
Consumer preference for HCL Ultraportable Laptop on the basis of observation.
Promotional activities used by dealer and their effect by doing promotional
activities with dealers.
Importance of location for HCL dealer/demo centre and its impact.
Area of study is Ghaziabad & Noida city .
Analysis of data and finding from this study is supply of products to the dealer is
not on the time which leads to dissatisfaction of customer.
Recommendation and suggestion are basically for delivery of products and
advertising policy of HCL.
Bibliography and annexure are given in the end.

This study is limited to Ghaziabad & Noida city only it does not show the whole
picture about HCL .This is my personal observations not detail survey.

Mileap will be the future of HCL in India.

To find out customer perception towards ultra portable laptops.


Today consumers have a lot of option for every product, same for IT product or home
This study may be helpful for company to know about the factor affecting the buying
behavior of consumer. It may also be helpful to know the specific requirements of
consumer so that it can easily satisfied the consumer. Moreover this study helps to
know the buying habits of ultra portable laptops in Ghazibabad and Noida.
The study may helpful for company to know the preference for company to know the
preference of consumer for product and it would help in making marketing strategy.


1. To study promotional policies relatedthe sale of ultra potable laptopss.

2. To study the performance of channel partners of HCL in Ghaziabad..
3. To study the market potential for HCL ultra potable laptop.
4. To study Consumer preference for HCL ulta portable laptop.


To achieve the objective of the project there was some information which was to be
gathered and according by some decision has to be taken. Under this project I have
studied throwth of HCL ultra portable laptop along with the growth of laptop users.

Research Design:
The study used an exploratory research design and was conducted for the
period of 20th June to 30th July 2009.

Data Collection
a) Primary Data: Through survey and structured questionnaire.
b) Secondary Data: Company reports, newspapers, books.

Area of Study: Ghaziabad & Noida City in the state of Uttar Pradesh,
which is the education hub of Uttar Pradesh.

Period of Study: 45 days.

Sampling Plan
A) Sample Design
The sample was selected on the basis of pre-qualifying question as to whether the
respondent is an existing PC/notebook user or whether he is planning to buy one .

B) Sampling Unit
Sampling unit in this research retailers & end customer in Ghaziabad

C) Sampling Technique
To select the sample, the Non-Probability sampling procedure was used. Further
sample was selected on judgmental basis.



LG Electronics has announced the availability of the uber-sleek and stylish

XNote C1-Tablet PC. LGs latest launch is touted to be a perfect amalgamation
of design, performance, entertainment and security.
The new LG tablet PC is empowered with powerful graphics (NVIDIA GeForce
Go7300) and high-definition sound quality (SRS WOW HD, 24bit), the LG Express
Dual-core processor-based notebook is gracefully designed giving users the pleasure
of handling a well-made elegant and technologically-rich laptop.
This LG Notebook model features a 10.6 wide screen finger touch LCD panel with
finger touch input. It is 27mm thin and weighs 1.31kg. It has a standard keyboard,
which provides ultimate typing comfort.
Speaking about the new product, R Manikandan, Product Group Head IT
Division, LG Electronics, said, We at LG believe that with these new LG Express
Dual Notebooks, customers will have a unique experience of great combination of

design, performance, entertainment, and security. These ultra light weight tablet
notebooks will help redefine the style quotient of consumers.
Furthermore, the notebook is equipped with enhanced security features like TPM
(Trusted Platform Module) and HDD security.

A Touch Of Genius
The XT2 provides an outstanding
tablet experience. A highperformance system designed
with intuitive input capabilities
including a capacitive multitouch screen and pen, the
Latitude XT2 can work the way
you want. With just a stroke of
your fingertips, you can:
scroll through large web
zoom in on graphics,
photos or online maps
enlarge emails to aid
close your screen
collaborate in real-time
and more
Once you experience multi-touch
on the XT2, your keyboard and
touchpad may get lonely.

Small Tablet, Big Options

At just an inch thin with an
ultra small power supply, the
XT2 can comfortably go
almost anywhere. It also
offers great features and
plenty of flexible options.
You can work for
optional slim, highcapacity battery slice.
comfortably in either
notebook PC mode or
In tablet mode, you
can use the multitouch
exceptional efficiency
and fingertip ease or
utilize the battery-free
pen to write or draw
as you would on a
piece of paper.

Simple To Manage
Dell understands that you don't
have time to deal with
technology that's complex and
difficult to manage, so the XT2 is
simple to use, cost-effective to
own and pre-loaded with the
tools you need including: the
latest Intel vProTM processors
comprehensive security features
and Dell ProSupport2 Mobility

Acer have pushed a few new notebooks and thin-&-lights out of the door this past
week, but their Italian arm have been saving something a little more special. The
Acer Aspire 1820PT Timeline is an 11.6-inch convertible touchscreen ultraportable,
packing a 16:9 1366 x 768 multitouch display, 1.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300
processor and optional integrated 3G. NetbookItalia grabbed some hands-on time,
and the 1820PT Timeline certainly looks

The notebook appears to be the European version of the Acer Aspire Timeline 1820P
leaked two weeks ago, though packing more potent specs than that convertible was
tipped to offer. The 1820PT Timeline has 4GB of DDR3 memory, either 250GB or
320GB storage, GMA X4500MHD graphics and supports up to 8GB of RAM.

Connectivity includes gigabit ethernet, WiFi a/b/g and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, with
optional UMTS/HSPA. There are also three USB 2.0 ports, both VGA and HDMI,
and audio in/out, together with a multiformat card reader, while the whole tablet
measures 285 x 208.9 x 28.5-34.5 mm and weighs 1.72kg.
Both screen and trackpad support multitouch gestures in Windows 7, and theres a
stylus too which can be used for more accurate handwriting recognition. Acer are
quoting over 8hrs runtime from the standard battery, and there are various preloaded
touch-friendly apps such as the companys own TouchPortal and TouchMemo. No
word on pricing, but wed expect the Acer Aspire 1820PT Timeline to land shortly
after Windows 7 arrives later this week

Design and Build

The ThinkPad X61 maintains most of the same design features as its predecessor, the
X60. All of the X series models have that signature flat black casing which is quite
nice. There are no annoying issues with fingerprints on the case, and who said you
have to be shiny to look good anyway? The design is very minimalistic, but solid. Out
of all the Tablets I have reviewed so far, the X61 is one of my favorites in terms of
design, mostly due to its simplicity and functionality.

The X61 making its way into Tablet mode.

There is no flex in the overall case and the chassis is sturdy. The X61 Tablet is easy to
carry around as well, only weighing in at 3.8lbs. When it was in my notebook case I
hardly even noticed the extra weight. Students or on-the-go business professionals
may want to take a good look at the X61 because this little Tablet is lightweight and
rugged. The X61 has a small hinge, yet it still eliminates almost any hint of screen
wobble. It also has the ThinkVantage Active Protection System, which protects the
hard drive in the event of a system shocks or drop.

The X61's hinge.

The display on the X61 is nice. I know many users have said that the Lenovo screens
are washed out, but I didn't find that to be the case with the X61. It does look a little
faded when the screen is mostly white, but colors come through just fine. Especially
impressive is that there's no graininess issue with the screen that I've seen on just
about every other dual touch screen and pen enabled Tablet I've tested. The only real

issue I had was with the screen's brightness. Even when set on the highest setting it
was a little dim, which is probably why the screen looks washed out to many users.

The X61 in Tablet mode.

X61's touchscreen is great, it is very responsive to the touch of your finger. It also has
Wacom active pen technology, so you can choose between input methods of pen or
finger. The screen converts into Tablet mode with no problems, thanks to the secure
hinge, which pivots 180 degrees clockwise. Once in Tablet mode the screen
automatically adjusts itself to Tablet orientation or you can choose how you want the
screen to be with the touch of a button.

The X61 in Tablet mode, with vertical screen.

Processor and System Performance

The X61 has improved in the performance department compared to the X60, it beat
the X60 on all of the benchmarking tests. The Core 2 Duo L7500 1.6GHz processor
doesn't have any problems running multiple applications at the same time.
The X61 I reviewed came with 2GB of memory, which is pretty much a necessity
when running Vista, but you can get up to 4GB if you are interested. It also had a
100GB (7200 rpm) hard drive, which leaves you plenty of space to store those media
files or documents. Boot-up time was a little slow, but nothing major, and that's more
a symptom of Vista.
Keyboard/Pointing Stick/Pen
The large size font for letters and numbers on the keys are nice and make it easy to
see things. The ThinkPad has a much storied keyboard that everybody raves about,
but personally I just found it to be okay. The keys felt a little cheap and like I was
using an old school keyboard, but the travel on the keys was good and the feel was
firm. The keys are responsive, which is nice especially if you are a fast typer.
Although some of the keys are shortened like the Enter, Fn, Backspace and arrow
keys, the keyboard still has a nice layout and is easy to use. The keyboard also has a
spill proof layer that protects the internals from that spilled glass of water, I didn't test
this though, I am just taking Lenovo's word on it.

The X61's keyboard and the little red pointing stick.

The pointing stick is actually a nice feature. I was impartial to it at first considering I
use a notebook with a touchpad on a daily basis, but once you get used to the little
nub, it's great. It's just as accurate as the touchpad and probably faster once you're
used to it. I enjoyed not having to move my hand around as much when navigating
through applications as well.

X61's pen below the PaperMate.

Tablet pens usually don't feel as comfortable as your standard ink pen, but the X61's
actually did. For starters the pen was almost the same size as my PaperMate ink pen.
It is made of solid plastic, so it doesn't have that cheap feel and the eraser worked like
a real eraser. No scribbles, just turn the pen over and erase away those mistakes in
NotePad. Lenovo also sends along some replacement tips, which is a nice gesture.
Tablet PC Features
The X61 has the active rotate feature that automatically adjusts your screen's
orientation to how you turn it. Since this is a Tablet, you know you will want to turn
screen, so it is easier for you write on, especially for those users who take lots of
notes. There is also a button, for quick change of the screen's orientation. There is an
escape button, Tablet shortcut menu button and a navigation dial as well. However the
navigation dial isn't easy to use all the time, sometimes it gets hit on accident if you
are writing on the screen while it's vertical.

X61 Tablet shortcut buttons, power and volume control.

Another great feature the X61 offers is the touchscreen. Not only do you have Wacom
support when using the pen, but you can use your finger to navigate through
applications. The touchscreen is very responsive too, not like Gateway's E-155C. The
screen does get full of fingerprints though, so if you like using your finger instead of
the pen you need to have a cloth around to wipe those off.

The X61 has your basic array of ports including three USB ports, which are located
on the sides of the Tablet, one VGA-15 pin, one microphone, one headphone, a
Modem port, power jack, a PC card slot, an SD card slot and an expansion slot on the
bottom for a docking station. You can almost miss the SD slot though because it is
hidden underneath the PC card slot by the pen's silo.

The X61 has great battery life. When I compared it to my Asus R1, I was in love. The
X61 lasted about an hour and a half longer than the Asus R1 just on the standard
default settings. I was getting about 5 hours on the standard default setting, which has
no power saving adjustments. When I went into the Power Manager settings where I
could change the battery settings like performance, battery life and screen brightness,
I was getting up to 7 hours. Now that is what I call mobile computing. Do keep in
mind the X61 Tablet as tested came with the larger 8-cell battery.
Heat and Noise
The X61 produced a good amount of heat when running the benchmark tests, but
besides that not much. During normal (surfing the Web) usage the heat was hardly
noticeable. It wasn't very noisy either, but it did make some noise when running the
benchmarks or when I was running multiple applications. Besides that though, the fan
didn't kick on much.
The speakers on the X61 aren't to bad. They aren't anything to brag about either, but
this is a Tablet. If you turn the volume up to the louder settings when listening to
music, you will notice a bit of distortion, but besides that they are pretty clear. There
is no bass, but the Jazz sample I listened to sounded pretty crisp and solid.

Comparison of the X61 Tablet (right) vs. the Asus R1 Tablet (left).
The ThinkPad X61 didn't come with much bloatware. The only annoying thing I came
across was Norton, which I just ignored. It actually came with a 60-day trial period of
Microsoft Office and some other Windows basics like Windows Photo Gallery and
Media Player.
It does have the ThinkVantage software though that protects the X61's data, gives you
system updates and keeps your personal information secure and private. You can also
get Web support here and wireless and networking options.
The X61 has a few different wireless options. The built-in Access Wireless manager is
designed to keep staying connected easy and seamless as you move from location to
location. Though I have to admit to having issues with this software when used with
my home wireless router, but just fine when using the office wireless router for
whatever reason.
There is also an option for WWAN connectivity through Verizon Wireless' EV-DO
service. It also has Bluetooth, which comes in handy for those users who may want to
use a wireless mouse or any other wireless device. Overall staying connected wasn't
much of a problem, once you figure out the settings.


Intel Core 2 Duo L7500 1.6GHz


Windows Vista Ultimate




12.1" MultiView/MultiTouch XGA (1024x768) TFT


Intel GMA X3100 graphics, Intel 965 Express Chipset


Integrated speakers

Hard Drive

100GB (7200 rpm)

Optical Drive


3 x USB
1 x VGA - 15 pin
1 x Microphone-in
1x Headphone
1 x PC Card

1 x SD Card

Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG

10/100/1000 Ethernet
ThinkPad 11a/b/g II


10.8" x 9.6" x 1.1-1.3"


I/O ports




8-cell Lithium Ion

The X61s on the left and the X61 Tablet on the right

The pointing stick and keyboard are both very responsive and accurate. The design
isn't anything fancy, but it is solid. You don't have to worry about knocking this Tablet
around because it can withstand those little bumps and bruises. Lenovo even gives
users the luxury of a touchscreen and Wacom, now you know this is a Tablet designed
for touch input. The screen changes orientation automatically in Tablet mode and the
Tablet shortcut buttons give you access to volume, brightness, pen settings and more
in seconds. Some users may not be fond of the X61 since it isn't a widescreen and the
display at times can seem dull, but these weaknesses are far outweighed by all of the

Rugged housing, hides fingerprints very well

Has both touchscreen and Wacom
Great battery life, up to 7 hours in power savings mode
Full sized pen with eraser writes like your standard ink pen


No widescreen
The screen isn't the brightest and some colors look dull
No optical drive built-in (but this saves on weight)


HCLs strengths are many, to mention a few:


Global Presence:

Its collaborations and joint ventures with international companies

such as Perot System, and partnership with world leaders like Ericsson, Toshiba,
Nokia, Oracle and Microsoft, enable it to bring the best technology available
world wide to its consumers.

24 locations in 16 countries.


Fast paced and flexible work culture which provides its employees
autonomy to accomplish the task without much pressure from the
higher authorities. Thus, employees are motivated to give their best to
the organization.
The core strength of HCL is the talent and innovativeness of its people
which enables it to provide the right solution at the right time.


The mass markets handled through a chain of dealers, resellers and a

retailer which helps bring technology usage closer to the individual. It
has very strong distribution network.
Its pool of competencies: Hardware, Software, Training, Networking,
Telecom and System Integration.
Ability to understand customer's business and offer right technology.


Long-standing relationship with customers.


Pan India support & service infrastructure.


Best-value-for-money offerings.


Aggressive marketing strategy.




After sales service.


Less promotional campaigns.


Channel partner of HCL has not much capable to provide good and
frequent services to their promotional customer.



IT industry booming at a rate of 45% every year.


Increasing consumer awareness about IT and its use.


Tremendous untapped potential of IT products in India.


Increasing competition.


Tie ups with various MNCs enable to extract their core competencies.



Local assemblers are biggest threat for the company.


Entry of MNCs i.e. IBM, Compaq giving direct competition.


Govt. instability has long-term repercussions affecting companys

policies & its growth.


Technological shift as a result of research & development. Daily new

technologies are emerging.


Topic : To Study Customer perception towards ultra

portable laptop.
1) Do you own a computer/notebook?
Yes [ ]
No [ ]



From the Pie chart it is interpret that 9% of respondent dont have


2) Which brand of computer/notebook do you own?

[ ]
Lenovo [ ]
HCL [ ]
Others [ ]

DELL [ ]
Acer [ ]
Sony [ ]


From the Pie Chart it is clear that majority of the respondent own (23%)
of total respondent use HCL laptop, followed by Dell (21%). Thus HCL
found to be leader in consolidated market share of Laptops in Ghaziabad

3)Have you heard of Ultra mobile portable device?

Yes [ ]

No [ ]

From the Pie chart it is clear that it is clear that 75% of the respondents
are not aware of ultra mobile potable device.

4)What kind of computer you are using now?

Desktop computer [ ]
[ ]
Ultra portable laptop [ ]


From the bar graph we can say that Laptop users are more than desktop
user but no one uses ultra portable laptop.

5) How did you know about the type of computer you are using right
Newspaper [ ]
Television [ ]
[ ]
Friends & Family

Magazine [ ]
Friends and Family [ ]

As is evident from the graph majority of users get information about

latest sales offers from friends & newspaper. This gives an insight that the
media that can be effective in conveying sales promotion offers is print media
(newspapers). If we look at another feature that has been brought out by the
survey is the fact that majority of people buy by looking at a feature in
newspaper. This can be concluded from the fact that 41 percent of the buyers
are those who seek information from Newspaper while purchasing a


Every project has some limitations even the researcher came across some
limitations while working on the project which made the analysis a little
inappropriate at times. Some of the basic limitations faced during the
research are listed below:
Only limited number of Retailers and Customer where it has been found
80 sample was covered in the study.
There was a bias on the part of the respondents.
The research is based on Ghaziabad and Noida city.
At the time of research most of the customer did not sincerely
respond to the researcher.

Findings & Conclusion

During the survey, it was found that 80% people are unaware of
HCL Mileap.
People prefer small size & light weight laptops.
Acording to survey, 34% of people said price is important factor
while purchasing a laptop. People finds price of Mileap is
80% people like the writing feature of HCL Mileap.
Most of the people are not aware that HCL Customer Care is
available in 11 languages & 24x7.
People are also not aware of the HCL Touch Services.
From the customers view 37% will buy this product because of its


HCL should take proper attention towards marketing of Mileap

ultra portable laptops. Many people are unaware of HCL Mileap
Company executive should pay proper attention towards checking
of various components of PC before end user delivery. Otherwise it
tends towards defame of brand name in comparison to rivals.
Need to expand customer care center as the consumer base of HCL
Infosystems is increasing with tremendously fast pace.
Proper attention should be paid for advertisement planning
otherwise it may lead to problem for dealer and customer as well as
for company.
Company should tie up with some event management company to
organize various promotional activities like canopy, Carnival.


Author :

Philip Kotler, Marketing management, Tata Mc-Graw

Hills Publishing ltd, 13th Edition.


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The Financial Express
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