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Set B
1. The midwife is preparing a community education program for hepatitis B infection,
which of the following will be appropriate to incorporate into the teaching plan?
a. Hepatitis B is relatively uncommon among college students
b. Frequent ingestion of alcohol can predispose an individual to development of
hepatitis B
c. Good personal hygiene habits are most effective in preventing the spread of
hepatitis B
d. The use of condom is advised for sexual intercourse
2. The system for ensuring the potency of a vaccine from the time of manufacture to the
time it is to administrate to the child or pregnant woman is called the:
a. Potency chain b. Cold chain c. VVM d. Target Setting
3. What are the 2 essential elements of the above item?
I. Target setting and eligible population iv.
II. Surveillance and studies
III. Transporting and distributing
IV. Assessment and evaluation
V. Storage and monitoring
VI. Functions and Capabilities

I and ii
Iii and v
Iii and vi
Ii and iv

4. Which of the following is not true about the tuberculin test?

a. Its effect can be explained by the antigen- antibody reaction by giving .1ml of
purified protein derivative intradermally
b. It is a test for primary complex or TB for children
c. If it is positive, BCG is not given
d. Is interpreted or read after 30minutes
5. Carlo was diagnosed with TB To ensure the success of treatment, which is
a. Intensive phase 2 months, continuation phase 5 months
b. Intensive phase 2 months, continuation phase 4 months
c. Intensive phase 4 months, continuation phase 4 months
d. Intensive phase 4 months, continuation phase 2 months
6. Which is not a vector borne parasitic infestation?
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a. Parotitis
b. Malaria

c. Yellow fever
d. Schistosomiasis

7. While interviewing a prenatal client who came to the health center for her first check-up,
you found out that since the womans LMP 6 months ago, she has not had any antenatal
check-up yet. You categorize this lack of prenatal care to the patient as:
a. Health threat
b. foreseeable crisis c. Health deficit
d. health need
8. Barangay Uno has a total population of 15,000. How many midwives are needed?
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
9. The AP diameter of the inlet where the fetus will likely encounter the most difficulty
during labor is the:
a. Diagonal conjugate
c. True conjugate
b. Conjugata vera
d. Obstetric conjugate
10. One important aspect of prenatal care is micronutrient supplementation to prevent anemia
and deficiencies. A pregnant woman should receive Vitamin A at what dose and
a. 600mg daily
b. 10 000 IU twice a week starting 4th month
c. 200 000 IU daily starting 4th month
d. 100 000 IU every 6 months
11. Maria, is on her 36th week of pregnancy and she is concerned that she has received only 2
doses of TT immunization. She is worried that because of the status of her TT
immunization, her baby might be at risk for tetanus. You correctly inform her that:
a. 2 doses of TT immunization is not enough to provide immunity
b. 2 injections of TT immunization is enough to provide her baby protection
from tetanus neonatorum
c. She has to deliver in the hospital where sterility is maintained to ensure the safety
of her baby
d. The baby will be protected from tetanus because 2 doses of TT immunization
provides 95% protection
12. Which law provides for mass provision of micronutrients through fortification of staples
like flour, sugar and cooking oil?
a. RA 9288
c. RA 1082
b. RA 7600
d. RA 8976
13. If a Doctor has an impression that a child suffers from Protein Energy Malnutrition, this
a. Marasmus and Kwashiorkor
c. Marasmus
b. Kwashiorkor
d. Scurvy

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14. Home Based Mothers Record is a record used in rendering prenatal care in the
community. Danger Signs in pregnancy is located at what panel of HBMR?
a. Panel 1
c. Panel 2
b. Panel 3
d. Panel 4
15. Anterior assynclitism is defined as:
a. The sagittal suture approaches the symphisis pubis
b. The coronal suture approaches the sacral promontory
c. The coronal suture approaches the symphisis pubis
d. The sagittal suture approaches the sacral promontory
16. Nutrients are classified according to their structures. Which among these is not a
a. Vitamin A
c. Iodine
b. Iron
d. Amino Acid
17. Fishy smelling cheesy white vaginal discharge with pruritus. You suspect that Judy may
be infected with:
a. Trichomonas
c. syphilis
b. gonorrhoea
18. How much vitamin A should be given on 15 months old infant who have Vitamin A
a. 100 000 IU
c. 200 000 IU
b. 10 000 IU
d. 400 000 IU
19. In preparing a primigravida for breastfeeding, which of the following will you do?
a. Tell her that lactation begins within a day after delivery.
b. Teach her nipple stretching exercises if her nipples are averted.
c. Instruct her to wash her nipples before and after each breastfeeding.
d. Explain to her that putting the baby to breast will lessen blood loss after
20. Food which is not rich in iodine:
a. Seafood
b. rice

c. seaweeds
d. dried dilis

21. It is concerned with the study of factors that influence the occurrence and distribution of
diseases, defects, disability or death which occurs in groups or aggregation of individuals.
a. Vital statistics
c. Epidemiology
b. demographics
d. Health Statistics
22. Which of the following term refers to diseases that occur occasionally and irregularly
with no specific pattern
a. Sporadic
c. Endemic
b. Epidemic
d. Pandemic
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23. If the child spits the OPV vaccine administered, the midwife:
a. Should ask the mother to return the child after 23 days to give another dose of the
OPV vaccine
b. Should give the child another dose immediately
c. Should not give another dose because OPV vaccine is absorbed by the glands in
the tongue after giving it
d. Should ask the child if he swallowed the medication before giving another dose
24. Measles given at 9 months of age can give side effects of:
a. Wheal formation
c. fever and rashes
b. fever chills anemia
d. convulsion
25. Which vaccines are mixed with diluents before use?
a. Measles and BCG
c. measles and polio
b. DPT and TT
d. TT and BCG
26. The vaccines most sensitive to heat are:
c. BCG and TT
b. OPV and Measles
d. BCG and measles
27. You should place the refrigerators/freezer at what distance away from the wall to allow
good circulation and avoid continuous running of motor:
a. 12 inches
c. 10 inches
b. 8 inches
d. 6 inches
28. The vaccine that is derived from RNA recombinants?
a. Measles vaccine
c. Hepatitis B vaccine
b. DPT
d. Measles Vaccine
29. Which biological vaccine in should be stored in the freezer?
a. Pentavalent vaccine
c. Oral polio vaccine
b. Hepatitis B vaccine
d. BCG
30. AIDS breaks down which of following systems of the human body?
a. Reproductive system
c. immune system
b. respiratory system
d. nervous system
31. A commercial sex worker who is your neighbor requested for help regarding the
laboratory test to detect HIV. Which of the following test are you going to recommend?
a. Widal
c. Tine Test
d. Schick

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32. The following are strategies implemented by the Department of Health to prevent
mosquito-borne diseases. Which of these is most effective in the control of Dengue
a. Stream seeding with larva-eating fish
b. Destroying breeding places of mosquitoes
c. Chemoprophylaxis of non-immune persons going to endemic areas
d. Teaching people in endemic areas to use chemically treated mosquito nets
33. A client who is 12-weeks pregnant calls the prenatal clinic and states that she is bleeding
and passed a few clots. She is advised to come to the office for an examination. Upon
examination, she is to have passed the fetus but not the placenta. She is admitted for a D
& C. Which of the following types of abortions would this be?
a. Threatened
b. Inevitable
c. Complete
d. Incomplete
34. The midwife is performing an assessment of a pregnant client to see whether she is
already in labor. Which of the following findings is a sign of true labor contractions?
a. Cervical changes are not apparent
b. Contractions are irregular in rhythm and duration
c. Contractions begin in the lower back then radiates over the entire abdomen
d. Uterus is soft with indentable contractions
35. The midwife develops a teaching plan on how to prevent the transmission of hepatitis A,
which of the following discharge instructions is most appropriate?
a. Spray the house to eliminate infected insects
b. Tell the other family members to try to stay away from the client
c. Tell family members to wash their hands frequently
d. Disinfect all clothing and eating utensils
36. A 15 months old child, weighs 15 kg. The child is being brought to the health center
because of diarrhea for 5 days. Upon the assessment for diarrhea, the child is unable to
drink, has a sunken eyes and a skin pinch goes back very slowly. What is the
classification of Baby Eliza?
a. Severe dehydration
c. Some dehydration
b. No dehydration
d. Persistent diarrhea
37. What is the best treatment of the identified classification above?
a. Plan a
b. Plan b
c. Plan c
d. Plan d
38. Plan C means:
a. Giving oresol at home
c. Giving IVF

b. Giving oresol at RHU

d. None of the above

39. Intersectoral linkages refers to:

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a. Coordination among government and non government agencies in providing

health services to the people
b. Effective referral system among the different units of DOH
c. Discourage outside help to encourage self reliance among the community
d. Linking the people to the services provided by the government
40. Which herbal medicine is recommended for abdominal pain?
a. Akapulco
b. pansit pansitan
c. tsaang gubat
41. Used to relieve joint pain?
a. Lagundi
b. yerba Buena

d. yerba Buena

b. akapulko
d. sambong

42. Level II approved type of water facility is:

a. Communal faucet and system or individual house connection
b. Water works system or individual house connections
c. Point source
d. Unapproved type of water facility
43. A Rural Health Midwife is identified at what level of primary health worker?
a. Village or Grassroot
b. Health Personnel of the First Line Hospital
c. Intermediate
d. Specialty Personnel
44. Mrs Cruz has a schedule for Pap smear. She has strong family history cervical cancer.
This is an example of:
a. Primary prevention
c. secondary prevention
b. tertiary prevention
d. health promotion
45. It is defined by the World Health Organization as essential health care made universally
accessible to individuals and families in the community by means of it is acceptable to
them, through their full participation at a cost that the community and country can afford
at every stage of development:
a. Department of Health
c. Rural health Unit
b. Primary health care
d. Sentrong Sigla
46. The devolution of health services to the local government unit was mandated by:
a. RA 7160
c. EO 851
b. RA 6713
d. RA 8749
47. Which of the following is FALSE about chest indrawing?
a. It is the same as subcostal retraction
b. it is defined as the lower chest wall goes out when the child breathes in
c. It is defined as the lower goes in when the child breathes in
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d. Chest indrawing is a sign of severe pneumonia

48. Which of the following signs will indicate that a young child is suffering from severe
a. Dyspnea
c. Wheezing
b. Fast breathing
d. Stridor
49. If the child has sunken eyes, drinks eagerly, thirsty and skin pinch goes back slowly,
classification would be:
a. Persistent diarrhea
c. No dehydration
b. Some dehydration d. Severe dehydration
50. A child who has had diarrhea for 14 days but has no sign of dehydration is classified as:
a. Severe persistent diarrhea
b. Persistent diarrhea
c. Some dehydration
d. Severe dehydration
51. Which of the following is not a sign or symptom of dehydration?
a. More than 4 liquid stools a day
c. thirsty child, drinks eagerly
b. Absence of tears when the baby cries
d. dry tongue and mouth
52. A mother brought her daughter, 4 years old, to the RHU because of cough and colds.
Following the IMCI assessment guide, which of the following is a danger sign that
indicates the need for urgent referral to a hospital?
a. Inability to drink
c. High grade fever
b. Chest indrawing
d. Stridor
53. Management of a child with measles includes the administration of which of the
following ?
a. Gentian violet on mouth lesions
b. Antibiotics to prevent pneumonia
c. Tetracycline eye ointment
d. retinol capsule regardless of when the last dose was given
54. An ear discharge that has been present for more than 14 days can be classified as:
a. Acute ear infection
c. Chronic ear infection
b. Mastoiditis
d. Fever
55. Signs of dehydration. Select all that applies:
1. Hemoconcentration
2. Uremia
3. Alkalosis
4. Moist skin
5. Oliguria
6. Sunken eyes

c. 2,3,4,6

b. 1,2,5,6

d. 3,4,5,6
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56. The key strategy to obtain the mission of PHC is:

a. Partnership with the people
b. Organizations of communities arising from their expressed needs
c. Development of inter sectoral linkages
d. Mobilization of people
57. Lea, is conducting a pre-conference with a group of pregnant women for pre-natal checkup. She emphasizes the importance of pre-natal check-up, informs them they must visit
the Health Center for:
a. A minimum of 3 visits
b. A minimum of 4 visits
c. A minimum of 5 visits
d. A minimum of 6 visits
58. Which is not considered as a primary level of prevention?
Case finding, cataract screening, sputum microscopy
EPI, once a year vitamin A supplementation of 100 000 IU to
Stream clearing and stream seeding
TB Multi Drug Therapy and ORT

b. 1,4



59. In the Philippine Health Care Delivery System, the primary level of care services is
provided by the:
a. Regional medical centers
c. rural health units
b. provincial hospitals
d. district hospitals
60. Cholera is a life threatening disorder manifested by profuse diarrhea. Which of the
following is not true?
a. It is minimally contagious
b. It is characterized by rice watery stool
c. It can be managed by the mother at home, give the proper instruction in taking
care of the child
d. It is caused by virulent bacterial strain
61. Social preparation at is what phase of Community Organizing?
a. pre entry
c. entry
b. organization building
d. phase out
62. Inability to recognize danger signs pregnancy will result in:
a. delay in seeking care
b. delay in reaching appropriate health facility
c. delay in receiving appropriate care in health facility
d. delay in recovery
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63. Which of the following is a health deficit?

a. History of repeated infection
b. Travelling by sea often
c. No regular check up
d. Death or illness in the family
64. The community or public health bag is:
a. An essential and indispensable equipment
b. A tool used in rendering effective nursing procedures during home visit
c. Contains basic medications and articles
d. A requirement for home visit
65. The continuous, systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of health-related data
needed for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of public health practice
a. Demography
c. public health
b. Vital Statistics
d. public health surveillance
66. Upon arriving at clients home, which of the following will you do as a first step in
performing nursing procedure?
a. Place paper bag outside of work area
b. Open the bag, take the linen, spread over work field of area
c. Place the bag on the table or any flat surface lined with paper lining
d. Put on apron right side out and wrong side with crease touching the baby
67. Which among the following is important in the use of bag technique during home visit?
a. Minimize if not totally prevent the spread of infection
b. Arrangement of the bag must be convenient to the midwife
c. Be sure to thoroughly clean the bag especially when exposed to communicable
diseases cases
d. The bag should contain all necessary supplies and equipment ready for use
68. A label put on vials containing vaccines which gives a visual indication of whether the
vaccine has been kept at a temperature which preserves its potency is:
a. Vial Vaccine System
c. cold chain system
b. Vaccine Vial Monitor
d. Monitor Stamps
69. The legal mandate of Family Planning program is:
a. PD 965
c. RA 7600
b. EO 51
d. PD 651
70. A couple with 14 children asked you about vasectomy. Which of the following will you
not include in your decision about this method?
a. Sterility is immediate
b. Does not affect spontaneity of sexual intercourse
c. The man will still ejaculate seminal fluid
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d. It is a permanent method
71. Breastfeeding provides 98% protection against another pregnancy except in:
a. The baby is under 6 months old
b. The mother has not experienced menstrual bleeding
c. The mother is fully breastfeeding day and night
d. Sexual intercourse is avoided
72. The IUD is not recommended for women who:
a. Pregnant
b. have never had children
c. have multiple sexual partner
d. all of these
73. Which of this method of family planning increases the users knowledge of the
reproductive cycle and enhances the marital communication about family planning?
a. IUD
b. Contraceptive Pill
c. BBT
d. none of these
74. Tourniquet test is done to detect which of the following disease?
a. Schistosomiasis
c. Hepatitis
d. H-fever
75. Test is used to determine the type of leprosy a patient has contracted?
a. Schicks test
c. Tine Test
b. Slit Skin Smear
d. Lepromin Test
76. This disease is characterized by a cycle of high temperature, chills and diaphoresis:
a. Filariasis
b. Dengue Fever
c. Malaria
d. Tetanus
77. The midwife continue to explain that if they wish to use the BBT method of family
planning, the woman is fertile:
a. On the day the temperature drops until after 48 hours
b. On the day the temperature rises until the third day
c. On the day the temperature drops until the 3rd day of elevation
d. On the day the temperature rises until it drops again
78. Cardinal signs of inflammation include all of the following EXCEPT:
a. dolor b. calor
c. rigor
d. tumor
79. A pregnant woman should not be given which anti TB drug?
a. Chloramphenicol
b. Isoniazid
c. Ethambutol
d. Streptomycin
80. During which phase of community organization does the health worker imbibe
community lifestyle and live amongst the community?
a. Community profiling
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b. Area selection
c. Community integration
d. Forming core group
81. Preparatory phase is the first phase in organizing the community. Which of the following
is the initial step in the preparatory phase?
a. Area selection
b. Community profiling
c. Entry in the community
d. Integration with the people
82. Category 3 of the Medical Eligibility Criteria for Use of Contraceptive Devices,
Medications, and Techniques is?
a. A condition which represents an unacceptable health risk if the contraceptive
method is used
b. A condition for which there is no restriction for the use of the contraceptive
c. A condition where the theoretical or proven risks usually outweigh the
advantages of using the method
d. A condition where the advantages of using the method generally outweigh the
theoretical or proven risks
83. An 8 month old infant is having fast breathing if his respiration is:
a. 30 BMP
b. 40 BMP
c. 50 BMP
a. 60 BMP
SITUATION: Baby Boyet is 37 months old. He weighs 10 kg. His temperature is 37.5 degrees
Celsius. His mother says he feels hot. He has been crying and rubbing his ear.
84. The health worker asks if Baby Boyet has an ear problem. The mother says he seems to
have ear pain. She also says she has seen ear discharge for about 5 days now. The health
worker sees pus draining from Baby Boyets ear. He does not feel any tender swelling,
though, behind the ear. This condition is classified as:
a. Mastoiditis
b. Acute ear infection
c. Chronic ear infection
d. No ear infection
85. Management of Baby Boyets condition will include the following, EXCEPT:
a. Administration of antibiotics for 5 days
b. Paracetamol for pain
c. Drying the ear by wicking
d. Ear irrigation
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86. The first line of antibiotics given for acute ear infection is:
a. Cotrimoxazole
b. Tetracycline
c. Amoxicillin
d. Primaquine
87. Mastoiditis is classified in the presence of :
a. Tender swellingin the jaw
b. Tender swelling in the posterior portion of the ear
c. Pus draining from the ear for less than 14 days
d. Pus draining from the ear for more than 14 days
Situation: 3 year-old Baby Mila was brought in for check-up. She had a high-grade fever of 39
deg Celsius for 3 days. She has no cough and colds. She is lethargic and has stiff neck. She lives
in a place with known malaria cases.
88. Baby Mila will fall in what category?
a. Malaria unlikely
b. Very severe febrile disease
c. Fever
d. No malaria
89. Baby Mila would be given a first dose of this first-line of drug under medical supervision
or if a hospital is not accessible within 4 hours:
a. Chloramphenicol
b. Quinine
c. Cotrimoxazole
d. Tetracycline
90. Dina is 3 years old and weighs 10 kg. Her axillary temperature is 38 degrees. Her mother
brought her to the health center because she has cough and reported she had measles
within the last three months. She also has a rash with clouding of the cornea, she is
classified as:
a. Uncomplicated fever
b. Possible Bacterial Infection
c. Severe Complicated Measles
d. Measles with Mouth Complications
91. If Dina is suffering from measles with mouth complications, her classification is
indicated by what color:
a. Pink
b. Orange
c. Yellow
d. Green

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92. Ofelia has diarrhea for 2 days. She has sunken eyes, skin pinch goes back very slowly,
and she is drinking poorly and irritable. She is not to drink and there is no blood in the
stool. How will you classify Ofelia's illness?
A. No dehydration
B. Persistent diarrhea
C. Some dehydration
D. Severe dehydration
93. Meanwhile, Florence's sibling Jihanne had diarrhea for 14 days but has no signs of
dehydration. How can you classify this condition?
a. Dysentery
b. Severe persistent diarrhea
c. Persistent diarrhea
d. Severe dysentery
94. The abbreviation ROP on Aling Nenas chart should tell you that the presenting part is
a. chin
b. breech
c. vertex
d. brow
95. This refers to the systemic study of vital events such as births, illnesses, marriage,
divorce/separations, and deaths.
a. Morbidity
b. Mortality
c. Epidemiology
d. Vital statistics
96. It shows the relationship between a vital event and those people exposed to the
occurrence of said event, within a given area and during a specified period of time?
a. Rate
b. Ratio
c. Crude
d. General rates
97. Magna Carta of Public Health Workers?
a. RA 8976
b. RA 7305
c. RA 9255
d. RA 5181
98. Courtesy call is conducted by the midwife she is in what phase of Community
a. pre entry
c. entry
b. organization building
d. phase out
99. A child with pneumonia is classified as having very severe disease and should be referred
urgently to the hospital, if the child manifests which of the following?
a. Not able to drink
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b. Fast breathing
c. Severe chest in-drawing
d. Stridor or wheezing

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