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Running head: timeline and resource management 1

Timeline and Resource Management for Holy Cross School SIP

Nicola Elvy
Baker College

timeline and resource management


Creating a specific timeline for a school improvement plan that specifies tasks, contacts and
correlations to objectives and SMART Goals is extremely important for a successful outcome.
Along with the timeline, it is important for the resources that are available to be known and how
they will be utilized. The resources are important to assist in achieving the objectives and goals
of the SIP. This paper discusses the timeline and resources for the SIP for Holy Cross Catholic
Keywords: timeline, resources, SIP

timeline and resource management

Timeline and Resource Management for Holy Cross School SIP

Holy Cross Catholic School is in the process of implementing change in the areas of
using technology to bring their mathematics and social studies curriculum into a global society.
The school is also seeking to become a Blue Ribbon School, but in order to meet this
requirement the SIP will implement the use of chess and other strategic games to strengthen the
math program and critical thinking skills. Finally, the SIP will focus on cultural intelligence and
students understanding of how they fit in a global society through mindfulness, self-discovery
and inquiry. The use of a timeline and resources management process is necessary to move the
SIP forward and into the implementation and evaluation stage.
The timeline below represents the timeframe necessary to analyze data for the SIP from
the Iowa Basic Skills Test and the Strategic Plan of Holy Cross School to gain a better
understanding of what the school needs in terms of change and improvement. The timeline also
includes the development of objectives and SMART goals based off of the findings of the
analysis. The development of student activities outlines the use of chess as an effective and
enjoyable manner for students to develop better math skills, the use of technology and
educational applications along with the use of Chromebooks for implementation of the
technology program.
In addition, the timeline offers the rationale of the tasks, of why are they needed for the
development and implementation of the SIP. The rationale for the tasks provides the foundation
of the SIP which in turn helps develop the objectives to reach the SMART goals. The objectives
and SMART Goals are correlated to the tasks on the timeline. This portion of the timeline assists

timeline and resource management

those involved in the implementation and development of the SIP to understand how tasks,
objectives and goals are all connected to each other.

timeline and resource management

August 1, 2016- August 5, 2016

August 6, 2016- August 11, 2016

August 12, 2016 Aug. 20, 2016

Development of

Development of

Development of
and Action Plan

Rationale for
The student
activities are the
core aspect of
the SIP, they
bring the goals to
a hands on
approach that
can be measured
over time.

Contact Person

The teaching
staff is not
familiar with the
through Google,
Mindfulness, and
programs, and
chess for math
and critical
thinking skills.
These activities
will introduce
them to the
premise behind
their uses and
how to
implement them
into the
The rationale
behind this task
is to put the
goals and
objectives into
action and
implement the

Dr. Wagner

Dr. Wagner

Dr. Wagner

Correlation to
The development
of the student
activities is in
direct correlation to
the objective of
students utilizing
different forms of
strategic games,
and cultural
immersion in the
The development
of these tasks will
achieve the
objective of using
technology for
expanding the
teachers minds in
the areas of
technology, and
cultural awareness.

Correlation to SM

The correlation of
the implementation
and action plan to
the objectives is
will assist in
meeting the

The correlation
SIP forward and
short and long t
Holy Cross Scho

Furthermore, resources are the backbone of the SIP, they provide the tools necessary to
implement the SIP. The resources listed in the table below SIP range from tangible to intangible
ones. The use of Chromebooks is the basis of the technological aspect of the SIP with the

This task correlat

the students raisi
on the IOWA Bas
becoming more c
utilize critical thi
of their education

The tasks correla

because they will
time understandi
utilizing technolo
along with aligni
Blooms Taxonom
Objectives along
Baccalaureates S

timeline and resource management

educational apps completing the technology initiative. The resources are similarly described as
the tasks were in the timeline portion, but the costs are included because maintaining a
reasonable budget is necessary for timely implementation of the SIP. The only major costs for the
SIP have been covered, which was a grant for the Chromebooks given by a benefactor parent of
the school. The other available resources along with their usefulness to the objectives and
SMART Goals are also outlined which include the Google Educational Apps, the IOWA Basic
Skills Test Scores, chess boards/sets, along with the curriculum maps from Blooms Taxonomy
of Educational Objectives and the IB Self-Discovery modules. The tangible and intangible
resources lead the way to implementation of the SIP and further monitoring and evaluation.
Google Chromebooks

School received a
grant to cover the

Chromebooks are
necessary to
implement the use of
technology for all
students and

Correlation to Objectives
The correlation to the main
objective of getting the
school online with
technology and start off
the school year with a
technology initiative.

No Costs

These apps are a

necessary tool and
resources to bring the
applications along
with the use of the
Chromebooks to the
forefront of the SIP
and its focus.
The use of chess
boards and other
online chess
applications will
assist in the
implementation of
critical thinking skills
for math and other
academic areas.
The use of this data
is necessary to gage
where the students
stand currently in
certain skillsets
necessary to bring
the students out of

These applications
correlate to the objective
of students being exposed
to social studies and
mathematics applications
through technology.

Google Educational Apps

Chess Boards/Sets

Will use online

apps until grant is
in place for
standard sets.

No Costs
IOWA Test Scores/School Strategic
Plan/Archdiocese Curriculum

These resourc
to the SMAR
staff and stud
goal of using
curriculum to
global society
they are confi
This correlate
being able to
students in th
thinking skill
technology. A
the school usi
across the cur

This correlates to the

objective of using chess to
assist students in an
enjoyable manner to raise
their critical thinking skills
and strategic thinking.

This resource
of using strate
mathematic s
Skills Test an
term program
can use to tea
relation to ma

These resources relate to

the objective of
understanding what skills
students need to improve
upon based off the test
scores and school strategic
plan. Also how the

The resources
Goals becaus
lead to the go
better critical
Cross becomi

timeline and resource management

No Costs
Blooms Taxonomy of Educational
Objectives and IB Curriculum Maps

the middle and

average scores on
their testing and
assist in bringing
their skills to a higher
The use of these tools
and resources aids in
redefining and
updating the outdated
curriculum that the
Archdiocese utilizes
which does not go
beyond the basic
foundations of
learning and not far
reaching into the
critical thinking and
extended aspects of

Archdiocese curriculum
may be limiting the use of
external resources for
teaching and professional
These resources assist in
the objectives of using
action driven and goal
driven that allow students
to inquire and explore
subject matters at different
levels. These resources
also move curriculum and
teaching away from rote

Overall, the use of the timeline and resource process management will provide a blueprint with
specific deadlines to begin the implementation of the SIP for Holy Cross Catholic School. These
tables outline the specific use of resources, contact persons, correlations between the
tasks/resources and objectives/SMART goals will allow Holy Cross School to become closer to
the goals of becoming a Blue Ribbon School, a more culturally intelligent school and overall a
globally conscious school where students understand their roles and place in a diverse world.

These resourc
the SMART g
of creating a s
learning is en
thinking and
who they are
global society