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ork School of Homeopathy Provings

domestica: a proving of house fly

CCH and Robert Stewart, CCH

ds and symptoms

1st day of taking the remedy)


e that the remedy was related to an outbreak of mumps for prover #1 see Culex.)

am experiencing undulating sensations.

my thoughts are moving quickly (before the mumps).

was cursing a lot today.

have kaleidoscopic images in my mind. (before the mumps)



m talking, but I feel like I'm asleep.

was confused in the subway today.

feel friendless and forsaken.

m afraid of showing my weakness.

ve always had to swallow other people's shit.

feel like I take care of everyone and no one takes care of me.

could lie in bed in my own shit and pee and choke on my saliva and no one would care for

m glad I'm sick and my supervisor has to take care of me.

feel like I've gone through a metamorphosis (during the mumps).

's like waking from the dead. (after recovery from the mumps).

e that the remedy was physically curative for prover #2 (Rheumatoid arthritis))

2(F) After I took the 2nd dose of the remedy, I laid down for a nap. I had a dream where I
very light-- and I was flying in my house from room to room to room, looking down at
and. I felt light and young. When I woke up, I was pain free for the first time in 15 years.

he aches and the heaviness and the pain are gone now.

feel younger and happier.

feel 500 pounds lighter.

feel strong, self confident and decisive- assertive.

feel clear and focused.

feel like I'm floating on a man's back.

l my doubt is gone, I feel peppy.

don't feel quite as light, but I still feel good.

was cursing a lot today.

am a living catalyst, I help others reach their goals but I don't do it for myself.

m angry about being hurt in the past.

feel so weak- I can't move.

want to kill myself.

feel guilty for screaming at my nephew.

feel tired, guilty and I hate myself and I want to kill myself.

feel like someone injected or paralyzed me but my brain is stil going.

feel like an airplane that crashed

am without friends and I listen to everyone else's stuff.

feel like I have cancer.

ated the remedy, under advisement, over the last 3 years. Her previously constant pain of 15 years
She is now doing very well on Cantharis.)

feel unheard (weeping).

feel groggy when awake.

feel out of place.

xercise makes my insides sing- all my physical heaviness, the

wampiness, the drudgery, is better.

need to clean my house completely.

am feeling more masculine while wanting to be more feminine

nd yet I feel the masculinity has moved me forward.

have a memory for shit.

feel heavy.

feel hopeless.

feel suicidal.

ose #4 I had an image of picking sores until they bled

have numbness in my upper body.

have increased energy after the 3rd dose.

can't believe I overslept! I needed to get to this meeting on


felt unusually calm when I had dinner with my mother.

have a dull, gripping headache like too much caffeine.

feel pregnant.

m dead tired.

y body is dead.

am unusually forgetful today.

have a terrible flu- I feel sick, sick, sick.

am worried about going back to my boring, bland life now that the proving is over.

our special prover) just before the 1st dose #5 smelled the open vial and " it smelled like quite ripe

felt a sense of corruption between two gay men.

jumped when I saw garbage bags moving in the dumpster.

he water on my wrist looks like many eyes.

he lint on my robe looks like a nest of insects or fish eggs.

man in the subway rubbed up against me and I felt oily and

co-worker asked me if I had "crack" for lunch.

flinched when my wife gestured at me because I thought she

was going to hit me.

find myself thinking of Italian things- I saw an Italian friend and

ater I noticed an Italian haircut.

feel unbalanced- I had to catch myself against a wall today.

here was a frenzy of hands like a shiva when I was rinsing my


saw hundreds of eyes in my soap foam this morning.

feel like I'm being watched.

think the remedy is of the earth- degrading and decomposing.

felt aggressive contempt for an old lady.

saw a transvestite and I couldn't look at him for shame.

feel a compulsive need to buy things.

am surrounded by corruption and decay.

feel outside my body.

he word garbage keeps coming up for me.

don't want to speak to my supervisor, I don't want to expose myself.

had a vision of being in the Grand Armee and dying of cholera

n my return from Russia.

had a vision of a dead squirrel with beetles and wasps

urrowing into its vacant and collapsed eyes.

feel like crap, rotten inside, foul, I feel like crying.

need to look into people because part of me is in there.

my wife thinks this remedy is a seaworm or a fly.

thought I heard retching on the subway platform but nobody

was there.

found my fly open twice today.

feel oily and greasy.

tripped down the subway steps twice today.

didn't want my wife to go to work because I was afraid she

would die.

m afraid my wife is leaving me.

want to stay with my wife and protect her.

his proving has gone on for 3 lifetimes already, but I have to

ontinue for the sake of homeopathy.

When I opened a new book to a random page it was describing

ow maggots clean pearls.

am drawn to brackish water between the subway tracks.

want to avoid people- so I feel like an animal with my eyes

arting all around.

want to go on a vacation so I' going to avoid my supervisor.

am frantic to buy new clothes- its like being on cocaine.

feel highly stressed today.

think this proving is about garbage.

was afraid today of having a car crash.

my son called me Daddy today (prover #6 is the mother).

have a strong desire to masturbate today.

m overwhelmed by details.

am cleaning spontaneously today.

feel an anxiety in the pit of my stomach--"what's it all about?"

My wife says I am quiet and pensive.

can't believe I let myself take this remedy- its the spirit of an
nsect or rodent.

m confused a lot of the time- I forgot a very important

erson's name today.

forgot the name of a friend I've known all my life.

feel so sad, I wept before going to bed tonight.

can't put my thoughts in order.

blanked out and ran a red light.

forgot my car keys.

have no motivation to work or play.

have such severe anxiety- its like a curtain or a maze.

feel as if 1000 fingers are scratching my whole body.

m confused again- I tried to open my house with the car

eys and my car with the house keys.

m confused- I entered the closet thinking its the bathroom

gain today, I left the keys in my car while it was running

nd I locked the doors.

Life is a hopeless dump.

feel distant from everyone.

feel very sensitive to noise and dirty air.

helped my friend move and I felt taken advantage of.

feel nervous, I'm very irritated by high pitched noises.

feel a strong urge to clean.

forgot the oven was on for hours!

am very intolerant of noise.

m nagging my kids constantly.

he people on the subway seem young and beautiful.

m paranoid about the black men in the subway.

he people on the subway seem young and beautiful.

cleaned my house thoroughly.

my life is sordid, at a dead end.

my isolation is absolute, it doesn't matter if I'm here or not.

long for sunnyness, tenderness, intimacy.

was afraid the main in the subway with the raincoat would
ash me.

After I took the 1st dose of the remedy, I laid down for a
nap. I had a dream where I became very light-- and I was flying
n my house from room to room to room, looking down at my
husband. I felt light and young. When I woke up, I was pain free
or the first time in 15 years.

also dreamt I was flying or floating on a man's back.

am a white ghost floating in an old house. I felt like I was

eaming at the same time that I was awake.

am a soldier riding a horse on a beach while I'm looking at

house under the water.

m on vacation. I'm wearing a red dress and I look like a


dreamt I was in Italy, on the beach. I felt very young and light.

was in Italy, wearing only a towel. I was with old friends and
amily and there were 2 blonde Labrador retrievers, one of
hem was blind.

was living with some girls that I know, but one of them I
an't stand.

was a troll lady with enormous red hair. Monkeys were

scuttling off into the distance.

dreamt of wild horses.

dreamt of Spanish girls with beautiful blue eyes. I caressed


run into my old boyfriend and another woman. I woke up

eling lonely and really sad about all the hurt I felt with him.

m at a nudist colony where there are people with gross,

aggy, fleshy bodies. There is an "examiner" who threatens
o dry up my period (menses) and turn me into an old crone.

m getting married and a gay friend comes to my wedding.

m so happy to see him.

There were monsters in elevators and escalators. The

monsters are sucking people up- many people are dying.

I'm in a green terraced city. My wife is subserviently

waitressing to her friends and to some greedy gay men. I
suddenly realized how much her abortion affected me.

here is a baby- and it is really sick. There is a choice

etween the "Gay men's health crisis center" or "Pilgrim".

m in a crypt on a raft in the ocean. The "good" revolutionaries

machine gun the "bad" guys until they become liquefied by the

need to take a shit- so I squat down behind a railroad seat

nd I go into a coffee filter. I put it in my underwear. I see an
ld friend and his girlfriend come by. They are porno stars and
hey tell me to come and watch. I am repulsed by the corrupt

go to a beach in Greece with my wife. The cops come after us

nd want to fine us for being there and they are threatening us
nd looking for a bribe.

am buying a house with great oak trim and expensive cellars.

ne wing is all bathrooms, newly tiled. Is the house $35,000 or

am with my supervisor on a ranch in the tropics taking

icturesof drugged young men. There is a greasy movie director
here making a film.

am with Susan Sonz and Robert Stewart (master provers)

nd my supervisor and we are working on an assembly line.

m with my wife on the beach. I woke up with a sudden sexual

esire- and my wife fends me off. So I go back to sleep and
ream of being on the same beach again.

m in a depopulated factory town. I go into an old house and

s flooded. There are cats on the floor. I make some hot dogs
o eat and they turn into grub worms.

dreamt that an old friend of my supervisor has gone crazyhe is in tears.

my father got chewed up by a shark.

'm in a corporation. I have to perform an operation on the

kitchen floor. There's so much blood- I'm overwhelmed by it.

m in a church, outside of a pew with a man who raped and

urdered a child. I get out my checkbook.

here was a boat burning on the water.

he police are looking for us.

dreamt again of a corporation- but Ally McBeal cannot buy

for me.

m at a show at the Coliseum. There are 3 large goldfish in

he show.

m in a large glass building overlooking the water. I go


dreamt of my dead mother.

m looking for a shower. I wander into the men's shower

oom. They get really upset and threaten me.

dreamt I was on a boat on the ocean.

dreamt I was sitting on some damp grass.

m traveling through tunnels to get to a movie theatre.

I'm repairing an old house. I'm laying bathroom tiles.

here are bombs falling from the sky. Soldiers are attacking
nd bombing.

see my wife with a young man. I feel really betrayed.

'm living on a island. I see some people up on a balconysome of them are falling off and they are being sucked up
nto a sewer grate. Two girlfriends of mine drive off in an old
car to catch a boat. I heard that the car caught fire and the
women were burnt up.

y son is stuck in a toilet, head downward.

gangster of humble origin wants to hire me for an

ntelligence" job.

dreamt of an old friend who died 3 years ago.

had a very erotic dream and I had a huge orgasm

went to the nuns to ask for something. the Mother

uperior is very grouchy and unhelpful.

I dreamt of an ugly black dog

am seducing a woman and my wife walks in. I am afraid

hat I have deceived the other woman by not telling her
'm married.

am standing at a urinal. The man next to me says I have

a very large penis and asks if he can touch it. I realize the
bathroom is full of perverts.

'm in a large stadium where a strange lacrosse type game

s being played on un cut grass. The ball is a large flat pillow.
realize I'm barefoot and I look for my boots.

'm in an office with an attractive woman. I turn off the lights

- but then all the people return.
dreamt of someone with a large tumor on his left shoulder.
am looking down from above; there are lots of people

swimming in a lake and I am concerned they might drown.

My wife is calling out to me--"where are you?" I feel anxious

and frightened for my family.
dreamt of tunneling underground.
saw a black glob of an oily substance.

am alone in a big house. I go outside. I am worried about

he rioting of Black Americans. A house is on fire- so I look
or a hose.

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ork School of Homeopathy Provings

domestica: a proving of house fly

CCH and Robert Stewart, CCH





es, in morning
desires (provers 3, 4, 7, 9)
desires (provers 2, 9)
, aversion (prover 5)
e, desires (prover 5)
gr. (5)

externally (provers 1, 2, 4, 5, 6)
internally, (2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
ing with lightness (provers 2, 3)
lack of (provers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
/ chill (5)
2, 6, 9)
ensation of (2)
(nearly all provers had some form of weakness)
with restlessness
orm, during agg (5)

sire for, exercise, physical

y (2, 3)

(provers 5, 6, 8)
me is set (4)
en alone
h congestion
ving from place to place
alth (1, 2, 4,)

eople, certain, old women (5)

ss (2, 5, 7)
version to (5)
g, objects and ideas (8, 9)
f mind, (provers 1, 4, 7, 8, 9)
f mind, identity, sexual (provers 3, 5, 6, 8, 10)
us, about trifles (6)
2, 3, 5) (many provers used the word shit oftenring the extraction meeting)

e, she is being watched (prover 5)
ed, and is alive again (prover 1)
000 fingers scratching his body
rty, foul, everything is
oating on a man's back (2)
ollowed by men
ollowed by garbage
ears retching (5)
arbage is beautiful (5)
arbage is moving (5)
eautiful things, look, everyone (9)
enzy of hands while washing face (5)
nimal,is (5)
yes darting like an animal (5)
sions of, dead animals with insects eating out eyes
ody and mind are separated (5)

ferior and superior at same time (2)

ghter (2, 3)
metamorphis (1)
sion like a kaleidoscope (1)
ees 100 eyes (5)
ees insect eggs and fish eggs (5)
f maggots, vermin, insects
more masculine (3)
eparated from group (9)
urrounded by corruption, decay (5)
alking as if asleep (1)
nappreciated (1, 2, 3, 9)
ater ,foul
ounger (2)

e, romantic (9)
cation, holiday (5)

bies, sick
ack, oily, glob
ad friends
ad relatives
sgusting (provers 5, 9)
t (prover 5)
gs, black
ing, of cholera (5)
crements (prover 5; many provers used the word shit)
ling (prover 8)
ling into water
(prover 6, 8, 9)
ing (prover 2)

ing from room to room

ating (prover 2)
ass buildings
ir, red
uses (provers 2, 5, 7, 8)
aly, Mediterranean images
wd, lascivious
wd, lascivious with orgasm
oking down from above
arriage, weddings
cking sores until they bled (5)
lice (provers 5, 6)
ldiers (provers 5, 7)
d dress
ssian soldier, being, Grand Armee (5)
xual violence
reatening (threats?) (provers 3, 6, 8, 9)
olls, crones
ater (provers 5, 6, 8, 9; recurring dreams)
ater, dirty (prover 5)

ater, falling into

ater, people swimming in (prover 5, 6)
ater, swimming in (prover 5, 6)
ater, falling into (prover 9)

past disagreeable circumstances (2, 3)

4, 5)
ce (5)
(3, 6, 9)

nt (6)
sexuality (5)
onment by wife (5)
African American (9)
assault (9)

ss (3, 4, 5, 8, 9)
something, feels as if he had (8, 9)

ensation of isolation (1, 2, 3, 9)

(3, 2, 9)
, with children (1, 2, 3, 9)
1, 8)
elf (2, 3)
posite sex
eakness of (provers 3, 7)
eakness of, for proper names (prover 7, 3 times)
eakness of, for words (prover 5)
alking, words (5)
gender (6)
n localities (8)
bout objects (8, 9)
names (7)
elf, (provers 1, 2, 3, 9)
, others (9)
s, with pain
rovers 3, 5, 7)
efore menses
o noise (9)
ched noise (9)
n, as if intoxicated (1, 3)
desires (1, 2, 3, 9)

ughts (2, 3)
apid (1)
earful mood, tendency (provers 3, 7)
auseless (7)

d (6)
ls (5, 6)
ft (5)

, scalp (5)

frontal, pressure (6)

ng like too much caffeine (9)
head and above eyes (6)
rontal (6)
mples (5) <lying down
before menses (3, 4)

ight eye
s and shuts involuntarily

was flying in peripheral sight (prover #7)
n reading (4)

ozing, earlobe

honey (5)
stretched (5)

on, parotid gland (prover 1)

erpetic, lip (provers 3, 5, 8)
erpetic, lip, lower (provers 5, 8)
erpetic, mouth, corners of (prover 6)

ers had at least a 6 month cure of their herpes)

orehead (prover 5; new symptom persisted)
eyebrows, painful to touch (5)
ver left eye (5)

morrhage, gums (provers 7, 9)

va, in gushes
va, profuse
vation with mumps (prover 1)
ns in mouth (2)
ngy (9)
line feels thin and stings (5)
re on tongue (6)
re on lip (3)
or, fetid (5)
plit (5)
ous on waking

while eating chocolate (4)

ower teeth (7)

gined and real, fruit, peaches
gined and real sulfur

about me (10)
micals in air - couldn't breathe (2)
smelled like quite ripe peaches (5)
e of smell(5)

>tea (4)
w/ears tickling (4)

mandular, left side

roat, stuck

as (3, 5)
aseless (3)
anting for dinner (3)
ach >drinking cold water (5)
ching (5, 7)
anting (4)
ashes of nausea (8)
tions (5)

over bowel

sensation of gap in mid-back; as if back were separated (5)

neck (4)
bing pain
g to left

mae, nipples, in men

mae, menses, before (prover 4; new symptom)
ammae, menses, before (prover 4; new symptom)
center chest, radiating

ss (provers 2, 3, 5, 7)
ss, hands
ss, lower limbs
insensibility (provers 4, 8, 9)
insensibility, upper limbs (provers 4, 9)
lower limbs
arms on waking


hurt laying on side (7) in bed

der ache ext to wrist (7) in bed
r ext.

r ext. at night (8)

in groin <-- walking (6)
ating, knee
eet, soles
pain, hip

erpetic (provers 3, 6)
oil, labia (6)
ire, increased (provers 2, 6, 9)
on, desire to (6)
inful, dysmenorrhea (prover 4)
own discharge (prover 4; new symptom)
ofuse (prover 4; new symptom)
termittent, (prover 4, 9)
otting (6)
vaginal region (6)
, left
cervix (prover 9)
left ovaries (prover 4; new symptom)


al desire increased,
s, pinching (R. and radiating to thigh)

ts (7)

nstipation (provers 4, 5, 7, 9)
ent, incomplete, unsatisfactory
atulence, smelly (5, 7)


of breath

NS (provers 3, 5, 6, 7, 8)
herpetic (same provers)
pper back (6)
ervical area (5)
above L axilla after bathing (6)
pink, scaly on chest (6)
sed, red, upper thigh (8)
y (5)

rific sleep (5)

on, right side (9)
ing nap (9)
ng desire to sleep (1)
reshing sleep (5)
ggy (1, 3)
rly (5)


lling (6)

ar duration disappeared (prover 5)
d Arthritis, more than 10 years of pain disappeared
f cases of herpetic eruptions disappeared for at
, before sleep (had the symptom for 3 months
he proving)


ms, sexual
ms, sexual, violent (rape)
ms, mediterranean scene
ms, beach
ms, homosexual
ms, men, gay
ms, trolls, crones, etc.

ms, corruption
ms, decomposition, decay, rotting, etc.
ms, toilet, sewer, etc
ms, tunnel
ms, boats
ms, grass
sion scratched by 1000 fingers

had image of picking sores until they bled,
ore taking the remedy.
eels this is the spirit of an insect or rodent
said life is a hopeless dump
d shit comes up often with provers 1, 2, 3
says i feel like Ive woken from the dead
umps, and I feel like Ive gone through
had kaleidoscopic images
9, 10 had paranoia about black men (mind, fear, ?)
surrounding car problems-- mixed up keys, locked
car, car went off road (provers 3, 6, 8)
ge or perverted sexual thoughts and dreams
eams sexual) guilty pain in stomach (4)

ERS SYMPTOMS: (not rubrics) (#5)

of hands when washing face
ter on his wrist looks like many eyes
robe looks like nest of insects or fish eggs
undreds of eyes in soap foam
e moved
nded by corruption and decay
Grand Armee and dying of cholera on his
rom Russia
ke an animal with eyes darting about
etching in subway
ad squirrel with beetles and wasps burrowing into
psed eyes
a, fear/ obsession with homosexuality
s, Italian people and things (also #2 & others,
ay home and protect wife
s leaving him
ought wife would hit him
pulsive need to buy things
to brackish water in subway
remedy was degrading and decomposing
a book to random page and it was about maggots
g pearls
esses that the remedy is a sea worm or a fly

the remedy was about garbage- the word garbage

oming up

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