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Lac caninum

- Preparation - The fresh milk from a bitch is triturated in the usual manner.
- (The late Dr. Sam. Swan had a proving of this remedy, dog milk in the Materia Medica he
attempted to publish, but of which only one volume appeared.
- The work is now very rare.
- The following clinical cases were contributed by Dr. Philip Rice to the Medical Century, vol
IX, No. 24.
- Lac caninum is a remedy of undoubted value, though not very thoroughly understood and
consequently not very extensively used in this dread disease.
- And since a proving has never been made and we have to depend entirely upon clinical reports
I feel it my duty to report a few cases in which a clear demonstration of the value of this remedy
was made.
Case i
- Bruce McG., aged 15, dark hair, grey eyes, spare habit, rigid fibre, nervous, quick, active
called at my office, in the evening complaining of sore throat, worse on right side and on
- Headache dull and heavy, slight fever.
- Inspection revealed tonsils and fauces congested and angry looking.
- On right tonsil a patch of membrane the size of a split pea was seen.
- Lycopodium 30x was given.
- The next morning the entire trouble seemed to have gone to the left side; with it had come also,
stiff neck and tongue; profuse flow of saliva; temperature 101 F.
- Membrane somewhat larger.
- Mercurius ruber 30x was given.
- In the evening the trouble was worse again on right side, the membrane now entirely covering
both tonsils, temperature 102 F.
- Limbs and back ached, to patient was restless.
- Remembering the symptom, "membrane alternates between right and left sides", and this
having been so characteristic I gave Lac caninum in the 30th potency.
- Improvement began immediately and at the end of the third day the membrane was entirely
gone and case discharged as far as medicine was concerned.
Case ii
- Louisa McG., aged 13, in temperament exactly like her brother, the preceding case.
- Was irritable and listless for two day, but owing to the fact that the fair began in a few days, to
which she was determined to go, she did not complain.
- The third day, however, her mother noticed that she was truly sick and, there being a number of
cases of diphtheria in town, looked into her throat.
- She found both tonsils covered with a membrane.
- I was called and as no other symptom could be elicited, I gave Sulphur 30x and told them I
would call again in the evening, which I did and found symptoms rapidly developing.
- Aching in all the limbs; headache; pain in the throat on swallowing; worse on the right side;
neck and tongue stiff; membrane just the same.
- Temperature 101.5 f; same remedy continued.
- Next morning the membrane was the same, pain now in left side, throat internally and
externally edematous, fauces and uvula glossy or varnished in appearance.
- Temperature 102, urine scanty, no thirst.

- Apis 30x was now given.

- In the evening pain back in right side again.
- Temperature 102.5 f.
- Membrane spreading; stiffness of neck and tongue more marked and saliva profuse.
- Now having seen the case till the membrane had quite generally formed, but the patient being
in temperament like her brother and the pain shifting from side to side, as in his case, I decided
to give her Lac caninum.
- Improvement began immediately and at the end of four days the membrane was entirely gone.
Case iii
- The servant girl in the family where cases one and two had been Anna B., aged 17.
- In temperament the very opposite to the other cases, being fat, fair, and flabby.
- Complained of pain in right side of throat on swallowing, neck stiff, tonsil slightly congested.
- Felt as if she had a bad cold.
- Advised her to come to the office and get some medicine.
- She had, however, some "dope" on hand and said she guessed she would take that first.
- Next evening I was called and found her with throat much worse.
- Membrane entirely covering left tonsil also a narrow strip of membrane on posterior wall of
pharynx, pain in left tonsil on swallowing, neck and tongue stiff, saliva quite profuse.
- Temperature only slightly above normal.
- Lac caninum 30x was given.
- Patient never went to bed and at the end of the second day no trace of membrane could be
- Now, the symptoms common to all three cases and the only characteristics in each case were,
first, both pain and membrane shifting from side to side; second, stiffness of neck and tongue;
third, profuse saliva; fourth, aching in limbs marked; fifth, entire absence of prostration; sixth,
character of pain was "as if throat was burned raw".
- Now, the question will arise in the bacteria man's mind, was this real diphtheria; were the
German's bacteria present?
- I will answer candidly, I don't know; I never looked for them.
LE ROUX P., Lac Caninum : Remedy of Ailments From Children Sexual Abuse (lrp1)
LE ROUX Patricia
Dr Patricia LE ROUX
16 Bd Augustin Cieussa
13007 Marseille France
Tel :0491594818
Fax 0491319621
EMail: pricardleroux!!!francemultimedia. fr
Translation reviewed by J. RICARD.
Lac caninum
The idea of this paper on LAC CANINUM occured to me after observing in some of my
personal cases, the excellent results obtained when prescribed for child sexual abuse. It is
therefore my intention to present one of my cases, followed by a short review of the remedy
itself. I will then give my own point of view of the way in which LAC CANINUM acts in
situations occuring after child rape. This will enable me to then give a brief survey of all the

remedies we can use in those difficult situations and which seem to occur relatively frequently.
Key words: LAC CANINUM, child sexual abuse, alimentary symptoms, Loutan and Murphy
Personal clinical case
This case concerns a young girl A. , brought to me by her mother at the age of 6 , two years ago
now, for misbehaviour, strong introversion, school problems and everyday frequent onanism. She
also complained about anorexic behaviour. She then weighed 16 Kg for 1.10 m. She was not
abnormally thin, but her mother complained of difficult tastes and very small appetite for the
past two years, and a natural tendancy to over pepper all her food. ( MURPHY " Food desire,
pepper"; LAC CANINUM 2).
The mother has just separeted from the father, and as a result has had to move houses with the
child several times during the year . In addition she is very worried by this onanism and also the
anorexic tendancy of her daughter. The young girl during this first consultation does not say a
word. She gives the impression of being neglected, her hair is not tied back and hangs in the
front of her face. She seems prostrated. She looks fragile and thin and very scared.
I give her BUFO RANA 15CH and 30 CH and I send her with her mother to the psychatric
doctor with whom I work for psychotherapy.
This remedy has a very good effect on her onanism which disappears completely, and I see her
again a month later, more relaxed, I manage to speak a little to her and go further with my
In the meantime the school has phoned me because they were very worried about the girl's
attitude. Social research is started after an anonymous call complaining about her security
(french "green number"). The mother is unable to tell who she thinks may have used this SOS
children's line: neighbours, the father of the child.....
After a few meetings with the psychiatrist, the mother suggests the possibility that her child has
been abused by the father, and that it is one of the main reasons of their breaking up.
The little girl dreams often of snakes, she doesn't like tight clothes round her body, and spends
her time washing her hands because she has the sensation she is dirty ( "Dillusion dirty KENT
p LACC. 2 ,RU ")
I give her LAC CANINUM 9,12,15,30CH. I see her a month later, and she is quite transformed.
Her behaviour at school is totally different. She has put on weight, talks to me during the
consultation, and talks to me about her little friends at school.
Lately I have seen her a few times for prescriptions for speech therapy that she needs.
As I am writing this paper I have now 2 years of back- up on her case. But knowing her social
context I am certain I will have to see her in other difficulties. However I feel that even if I am
not sure that LAC CANINUM is her similimum, it has given her relief with regard to this
physical aggression she had to assume, and given her some balance for a while.
This case has given me the opportunity to link LAC CANINUM to ailments of child abuse.
We pediatricians are more and more frequently confronted with those situations. Being a duty
doctor in the children's emergency hospital in Marseille confirmed to me the frequence of those
disastrous situations.
So LAC CANINUM, as an ailment of child abuse , could be an extra remedy to add to the list
of the other medecines we know in our repertories. This is what I am going to try and
demonstrate in the following lines.
Principle keynotes of lac caninum

LAC CANINUM is bitch's milk . I will quote J. Lamothe, French pediatrician, who says that
one can consider the dog as a miserable and low type of creature . This of course can be
discussed if we think of the guide dogs for the blind , and also dogs used for life saving. It is
however, in general a subjected animal.
*LAC CANINUM presents an internal contradiction, they are patients whose body does the
contrary of their heart. This is typical of the abused situation. The patient LAC CANINUM lives
between two desires just as the dog lives a conflict between civilisation and instinct.
*LAC CANINUM also shows autodepreciation; the dog will never be equal to man : it is the
key note " contemptuous with himself".
We find with children who have been abused ,a humiliating situation as if they were kept on a
They tend not to react, they have no confidence in themselves , and they underestimate
Let us now see the principal symptoms of LAC CANINUM.
Mental symptoms
According to F. VERMEULEN , LAC CANINUM is easly distracted, makes spelling mistakes,
starts things but does not take them to an end. The patient feels he has an uncurable disease. He
has no friends and for him life is not worth living, he cries all the time. He has visions of snakes ,
and has the dillusion of being surrounded by snakes. His imagination is turned often towards
horrid things like creepie-crawlies , or snakes. All symptoms for him are considered as real
uncurable diseases. He is frightened to be sick and to fall down the stairs. Children are irritable,
and hysterical. He is disgusted by his own body which he finds ugly. He is frightened to be on
his own, to die or to become mentally insane. CRAVES FOR COMPAGNY, AND HE IS
In fact LAC CANINUM has 4 basic mental symptoms and we find the four
of them in child rape situations.

We have just mentionned it. Dr Didier GRANDGEORGE can be quoted here " I am useless, I
am a crap" sensation that he is dirty and ugly, washes his hands all the time.
Thinks his person is not important.
Does not tolerate the sight of his own body ( this symptom can easilly lead to mental anorexia )
2)Loss of self confidence:
Mistake his own identity.
Dillusion he is immaterial.
Dillusion he is someone else.
Dillusion he becomes smaller.
Depression, wants to die.
Problems with his memory and concentration.
School problems.
4)Frights and phobic attitudes:
* Phobic attitudes: essentially with snakes, has the impression they are all around him, in his
dreams. Imagines he sees insects and creepy-crawlies.
* Frights:
They may concern failure, the fact of being incapable of doing what is asked of them/

Fear of disease , washes his hands all the time. Frightened to faint.
5)Possibility of agressive attitudes:
LAC CANINUM can be like the dog ie, capable of agressive reactions. Children who scream at
night, rudeness, writes horrible things to his friends.
Hypersensitive to noise and light. Hysterical reactions very often.

Physical symptoms
* General sympoms:
Alternative laterality, infections with no temperature/.Craves for salt and especially pepper,
aversion for sweets. Good remedy for infections with no temparature, erratic pains and variable
Sensation he is walking in the the air and can not touch the bed when he is in it. Very tired. Does
not tolerate parts of his body being in contact. He must separate his fingers.
* Nervous system:
Headaches with schoolchildren, talks and shouts during his sleep. Dreams of snakes and sleeps
with one leg stretched and the the other one folded; dreams he is urinating and wakes up at night
with the impression that his bed is moving. Sexual excitment and nymphomania.
( Cf our clinical case)
Tonsilitis , very frequent ,sore throat symptoms with alternating laterality.
Sore ear on the the right.
Frequent croup
Sensation of cracking in the mandibular articulations whilse eating ( NITRIC A and RHUS T)
Hypersalivation at night.
* Rhumatism:
Very frequent stiff neck.
Right sciatic.
Pain alternating side.
Having reviewed LAC CANINUM symptoms it would seem important to give more
information about its indications in child sexual abuse.
There is a duality in the very name LAC CANINUM. First the notion of milk and secondly
that of dog or canidy .
1)Let us study the LAC composant. It sends us back to food. What we can say is that bitch's
milk as opposed to human milk, has its origins on the abdominal part of the body and not the
thoracic part of it.
Dr Didier GRANDGEORGE says that the LAC CANINUM patient feels castrated.
We notice in our clinical case and others I have in my practice that there can be feeding
problems with our patients involved in child abuse.
The association of alimentary trouble and sexual abuse , can orientate the prescription of LAC

A child that has been raped or abused, and then has feeding problems, needs bitch's milk to
correct those feeding problems and balance them with their sexual fonction that has been
violently overpowered . It is in fact absolutely necessary for human beings to separate
nutritional and sexual functions.
We all know the indications of LAC CANINUM for stimulating milk for nursing mothers. It
seems to me in this last situation , that lack of milk may be explained by a breakdown in the
balance between the reproduction function and the digestive fonction of the body .
In both situations here quoted LAC CANINUM brings the nutritional fonction to its sus
diaphragmatic level, hereby permitting the sensation of castration to disappear.
I have checked very good results of its prescription in mental anorexia linked to child abuse
(personal case ).
2) The CANIDE composant of LAC CANINUM, reveals to us the archac and instinctive
nature of mankind.
Bitch's milk takes us back to the etymological roots of the latin word: CANIDE is linked to the
Dr Jacques LAMOTHE says " the tooth goes into the flesh deeply and rips it badly into pieces"
How can we not compare this to rape?
One more thing already mentionned is that the dog is a subjected animal very often
contemptible to whom mankind has managed to give his rules by training him ( contrary to the
The consequences of child abuse , in our case reveals the internal contradiction of the person ,
the body doing the contrary of the heart and of course the consequent auto devaluation of the
There are in LAC CANINUM two composants that seem to indicate it as a really good remedy
after child rape.
I have infact observed very good results after its prescription in those situations.
On looking at the problem the other way round , I have already been able to discover
situations where LAC CANINUM had be prescribed ( self-devaluation, dreams of snakes,
school problems....) and after having seen the remarkable result of its prescription, to assume the
possibility of incest or child abuse.
We know that children who are badly treated and these who surround them , generally do not
talk about their ill treatment and try even to hide it .
I have a case to quote here of a small girl M. (4 years old) , showing obstruction at school ,
with heavy oncopresia , and for whom LAC CANINUM had been prescribed. This led to
discussion on the possibility of incest by the father , who shortly after was able to speak of it to
the psychiatric doctor and appropriate treatment was undertaken.
So it would seem that LAC CANINUM is an important remedy , and one that is worth while
using for children who are abused and who are more and more numerous.
Even if those patients try to hide so that they can not be looked after , because as they say they
are not "worth it" , bitch's milk can give them a new lease of life and make them retract from
their miserable dog's life...

MLLER K. J., Lac Caninum (mlk8)

MLLER Karl-Josef
Low energy and lack of appetite

Lac caninum
Jana is three-and-a-half years old and her mother does not get the impression that she is very
Often she is so tired that she falls asleep while watching television or even while playing. Her
low point during the daytime is around 2.00 PM
In the evening, when she goes to bed at about 7.30, she then has difficulty in getting to sleep.
Previously she often used to scream while dreaming, but this now happens less frequently.
Jana's appetite is poor. She does not like any vegetables, salads or sauces. She is very fond of
meat and ham, (her parents own a butcher's shop). She has a noticeable craving for salt;
sometimes she even licks up salt on its own. She loves cheese and sometimes eats uncooked
Her thirst has always been considerable; her favorite drink is cold milk.
When teething, Jana always ran a high temperature while cutting a tooth, and her stools were
Jana had cradle cap; her bottom is sometimes sore and raw Her nails are soft and break easily.
Her only childhood illness so far has been chicken pox. Her DPT vaccination produced no illeffects.
Jana has had five hip operations. She was born with no cartilage in the hip-joint, and so this had
to be transplanted gradually over several operations. Each operation took several hours and was
followed by weeks or months in hospital. The hospital was 400 Km from home and, although her
mother was able to spend periods of time there with her, she was also needed at home to take
care of her other children and to work in the shop.
"It's amazing how well she has coped with all that emotionally; she has never complained and is
very patient."
During two of the operations she lost a considerable amount of blood. Now her hips only bother
her if she has run for a fairly long distance.
On account of having spent the first two-and-a-half years of her life in hospital she was late
developing her motor skills, but she caught up quickly. Her speech development was normal.
"Jana is a very patient child, a really good girl. She has never rebelled and is easy to please. She
is quick to take offence, and if her brother says 'You're a bad girl' she bursts into tears straight
away. But if I say 'You're a nice girl' everything is all right again."
So far Jana has never been really angry. She has had periods of being very jealous of her elder
brother, and has been very clingy towards her mother. She is hungry for cuddles and likes a lot of
Now and again she can be "a bit of a misery" but, even when she feels insulted, does not cry a
Jana is very cautious of strangers. (She only glanced across at me when she thought she was not
being observed.) She is especially scared of men.
Once she had a dream that her head was under water and no one helped her. Since then she has
been afraid of water. Apart from that she is not a fearful child.
Her favorite hobby is dressing up and tying old cloths around her head. "That's my long hair."
Another classical homeopath has already prescribed her Ferrum metallicum, Calcarea carbonica,
Natrum muriaticum and Kali carbonicum.
Evaluation, treatment and initial progress:
My first remedy was selected using a rather superficial Keynotes approach, based on the

symptoms which I saw in the foreground. It was Pulsatilla: easily offended, quickly comforted,
jealousy, Mummy's girl / fear and shyness of men / timid / forsaken feeling (dream of being
under water, and hospital experience.)
Jana was given a course of the LMXII (Zinsser): 3 drops every other day.
Her mother phoned me a fortnight later:
"After two or three doses, it was as if the child had been doped. She was just talking a load of
For two whole days Jana had a fever - over 40 T -, her tonsils were up (the left tonsil especially
was very swollen). On her neck I found a skin rash extending from the left ear down to the
shoulder. Now she was over the worst and my advice was not to do anything and to discontinue
the drops; it would be best to wait and see what was the final outcome of this reaction.
Report 5 weeks later:
Jana is still tired and lacking in appetite. She has just finished several days of "being a misery".
She is licking salt in increasing quantities. For a week she drank a whole liter of cold milk every
day. She seems more confident and does not ask so often: "Am I a nice girl?"
Analysis and Treatment:
I reconsidered my prescription of Pulsatilla and came to the conclusion that it was just the
wrong remedy to have given and had disturbed the whole case.
Jana's uncomplicated, easily comforted nature, coping with all her problems "amazingly well"
was all on the surface - just a cover-up.
Looking more closely at the case, it was clear that all the operations and pain had made her the
victim of considerable violence. Her own aggressiveness had been suppressed to the extent that
she had so far never been really angry. Her fear of men was an expression of her fear that the
violence might be repeated.
As often happens when the wrong remedy is prescribed on a superficial basis, using faulty logic
although similar in a number of ways, Jana's reaction was a commotion of acute symptoms and a
disturbed behavior pattern.
However also, as often happens in the case of such prescriptions, the symptoms of the correct
remedy became more pronounced, as if to give a broad hint:
- Desire for milk
- Desire for salt things
- Throat, swelling, tonsils, left.
At that time I was not well acquainted with Lac caninum, but I did know that it was an
important remedy for victims of violence, which is only indicated in the Repertory under:
- Ailments from rudeness of others.
I had already added it to the rubric:
- Fear of men - following an oral communication from Marco Riefer. However, the fear of
repetition of violence also comes up in
- Fear of fainting, or, for example, in:
- Delusion, monster, some horrid, would come from under his chair
I was also familiar with the great dependence of Lac caninum on the benevolence or
malevolence of others, (as in Pulsatilla.)
And so Jana was given an ascending split dose of Lac caninum 301200 (DHU), to be taken five
hours apart on the same day.
Report six weeks later:
Some nights during the first week after taking the remedy Jana was wide awake, but after that

this did not recur. She is now fitter and no longer tired during the daytime. Her appetite is better
and her mother has not noticed any further licking of salt.
Jana is less popular now with her brother. On the other hand, she is less demanding of her
mother's attention,
Her fears of strangers and of men have clearly diminished, and I can confirm this as her
practitioner, since she will now sometimes cautiously establish eye contact with me for a while.
Treatment: Await further developments.
No follow-up appointment; to report should new problems occur or old ones recur.
Further progress:
I had no further news of Jana until 13 months later.
She had been physically and emotionally well the whole time. Now she had lost her appetite.
She was licking salt again, she would eat raw ham by the slice from her hand, her level of thirst
was high.
Lately she had been having copious head-sweats, especially around the hair-margins and on the
temples. Although it was August, her mother considered the sweating excessive.
Just now Jana was having considerable difficulty around strangers, and was scared in any
unfamiliar situation. At the nursery school she had very little contact with other children and
knew hardly any of them. She was not capable of making approaches to others; they had to take
the initiative.
If she was scolded, or interrupted in some activity, she would immediately run off and burst into
tears. Then she would return, rather crestfallen, and ask, "I am a nice girl again, aren't I?"
However, it was not a total relapse. Jana is asserting her own will more. Unlike previously, she
protests, goes wild and yells, especially if other children do something unpleasant.
Analysis and Treatment:
In spite of those last few lines, this is clearly a relapse into her old symptom pattern. The salt
craving is a particularly strong indication.
- Head sweats are a leading symptom of Calcarea carbonica and are also known in Phosphorus
and Natrum muriaticum. Thus we may at least assume that this is also a milk symptom, since
these are milk's three main mineral constituents.
Jana was given a dose of Lac caninum 1M (DHU).
We did not fix a follow-up appointment. Should the remedy not have any effect within three
weeks, the mother was to report, and also in the event of any other problems.
Further progress:
I heard no more of Jana for another 16 months.
Lately she had been looking pale again, with dark rings under her eyes. Again, she was eating
very little.
Her desire for salt was now within a normal range, and her desire for milk had reached a normal
level the previous year.
Her hands and feet were frequently freezing cold. (It was December.)
Her sleep at night was restless, and accompanied by head sweats. After the last dose of the
remedy the head-sweats had disappeared for a long while.
She had had a dream: She was in hospital and her mother was in the lobby, looking at her. A
giant came and trampled on her and no-one came to her aid.
Recently she had begun to talk and ask a lot of questions about her time in hospital. Previously
the subject had been taboo.
The previous summer her pet rabbit had died. Since then she had been taking great care of her

other pet rabbit and of her dog, Molly. "She has a very intense relationship with Molly. Molly
shadows her everywhere. She has taken over complete responsibility for her. Molly doesn't leave
her, and will only eat when she has a meal as well."
What were her fears? "Cats!" (This was spontaneously volunteered, without any leading
Analysis and Treatment:
Even if there has been some relapse, the long-term development has been very positive. Above
all it has been positive in view of the surfacing of the traumas of hospitalization, both in her
dream and in her consciousness, where they can be overcome.
The dream, in which her mother did not come to her assistance, reminds us of the underwater
dream from the initial case taking.
As expected, sweating on the head has confirmed itself as a Lac caninum symptom.
The final piece regarding her intensive relationship with her dog is typical, and is reported by
homeopaths in many locations as occurring in Lac caninum patients.
A crowning symptom is the new one:
- Fear of cats.
In fact up to now the nearest the Repertory has got to this is in the rubric:
- Dreams of cats.
When the central problem thrusts its way clearly into the patient's consciousness, high potencies
are called for. So this time Jana was given a dose of Lac caninum IOM (SchmidtNagel).
A change of pharmacy may not be without its problems, since the milk does not necessarily
originate from the same breed of dog.
Further progress:
I did not hear anything further of Jana for another ten months.
Now she is going to school.
She has undergone quite a change of character: she is outgoing, joins in everything, is able to
defend herself. When playing with other girls she is almost always dominant in the group.
Her self-confidence is good. No longer is she so fearful and mistrustful of strangers.
She is no longer afraid of cats. She is not even afraid of the cows belonging to a neighboring
farmer. She will even pick up spiders.
The new symptoms for which her mother is now bringing her to me are an inflammation of the
right external ear, making it impossible to wear an ear-ring, and also an inflamed and/or cracked
right corner of the mouth.
A new remedy is also indicated by abdominal pains after school, with the need to undo the
button of her trousers.
Further confirmatory symptoms for Lycopodium were acute sensitivity to criticism and
impatience with everything. (Rightsided / distension / intolerance of tight clothing / sensitivity to
criticism / impatience.) Lycopodium, was curative.
The Lac caninum phase had ended after just three- and a half years of treatment, using the
potencies 30 - 200 - 1M - 10M.
Final observation:
Her brother was four years older, with a tendency to be hyperactive. The remedy which helped
him over a period of several years was Calcarea phosphorica, which is related to the mineral
structure of Lac caninum.
Her mother suffered from chronic dandruff on her scalp and neck, which did not respond to
Phosphorus. Lachesis resulted in an emotional low which lasted several weeks, but then banished

the symptoms for a year. The following year, when the symptoms returned, I prescribed Crotalus
horridus (the "phosphoric snake") which by then I knew better from my own observations and
thinking. Immediately the patient felt better emotionally, and then gradually the dandruff
vanished completely.
All snake remedies show many similarities to Lac caninum.
Thus it makes sense to take a look at the remedies which have been of most benefit to other
members of the patient's family. These often offer hints as to the most suitable remedy for the
patient who is sitting in front of us.
However, in this case we have to admit that they were only recognized in retrospect.
Depression, chronic ovaritis, uterine pain
Lac caninum
This 33-year-old patient's problems were unsuccessfully treated for six months by her
gynecologist with various medicines, and during that time she also had a course of antibiotics for
an obvious attack of uteritis.
The gynecologist was recommending surgical removal of a cyst on the right ovary. She then
changed to a female gynecologist whose opinion was that it was harmless. This made her feel
very unsure of herself, and the thought crossed her mind: "Maybe I'm just imagining it all?"
Two months before she came to me, she had a recurrence of the inflammation in her womb, and
this was again treated with a four-week-long course of antibiotics. "I really didn't want to take
antibiotics at all, but my gynecologist put the fear of God into me, and I guess she was right."
"It was becoming more and more clear to me that I had to do something myself, if I wanted to
get well. Besides, I was seared that I might have to have a longish spell in hospital."
The gynecologist advised her to stop working and have a thorough check-up in hospital. "My
Shiatsu therapist helped me to make my mind up over that, because I really could not decide
what was the right or wrong thing to do. At that point I decided that I wanted to work, and
therefore I had to look for an alternative kind of treatment."
And that was how she came to me.
She frequently has pains in the uterine area, and these can be intense. "Sometimes they're on the
right side, sometimes on the left. It varies."
It is a stabbing pain, "sometimes more on the left, sometimes on the right, sometimes in the
middle." Excitement, vexation or stress aggravate it.
At the time the pains began last year she was very busy in her work. She was getting pains in her
stomach, with nausea every morning. It was worse for stress, vexation and when things were
hectic. She was sent for a gastroscopy. "Once I had swallowed the tube and they had told me that
it wasn't anything dangerous, the problems went away by themselves."
She is a physiotherapist, and her main problem at her place of work is that she has too many
colleagues: ten altogether. "The place is pretty chaotic. We're constantly having to change from
one room to another." She is considering whether she should go and work somewhere else.
Her menarche was at 13. Her periods were always painful, except between the ages of 18 and
23, when she was on the Pill. During her periods she has cramping abdominal pain. This moves
from place to place and is better "when I'm not afraid". She has some PMS., but it is not
Taking the family history yielded no information. "I don't talk to my mother about that." As she
said that I clearly noticed her body take up a defensive posture.

Approximately every three weeks the patient notices episodes of tension in her temples, both
right and left. This may happen before a period or if she is not moving about very much.
Her appetite is on the small side. She desires salads and fruit, because of their "lightness".
She is intolerant of champagne (nausea and eructations), also of several kinds of wine, too much
cake and very fatty food.
An enquiry elicited that she likes fresh milk.
If she goes out in the fresh air in the morning she has lachrymation.
She salivates at night and sometimes in the daytime as well.
If she stands for a long time or carries heavy bags of shopping, she gets a broken sensation in
the dorsal and lumbar regions of the spine.
If she is contact with a lot of people, if she is communicating, if she is intending to do
something, but also "if I let my anger out", she feels her ears and cheeks burning. An enquiry
elicited that she rarely drinks coffee.
She needs a lot of sleep: often nine hours or more.
Her sleep is restless: "I toss and turn, or I wake up with a feeling of not having enough space
and needing more."
She often has dreams about her younger colleagues, in which she is not properly in touch with
them, and does not feel good.
Another dream which she often has is that she has not passed her A-Levels. Then she wakes up
and thinks: "Oh, but I did pass them."
At the the age of 16, after the German equivalent of GCSE's, she moved to a more academic
school for her A Levels and "I had an incredibly bad time there".
"I was leading two separate lives. At home I had my group of friends, and everything was quite
normal. At school I knew nobody. During that time I was completely estranged; I had no contact
with anyone. I was a stranger in another world.
At this she wept a great deal.
"I should have left the the school, but I soldiered on. I was a stranger to myself, my parents were
strangers, everything was so strange. I was isolated and afraid to approach other people."
"Then I thought to myself. 'Life has to go on', and I found my feet again." At the the age of 22
she began a 5 year course of therapy with a psychiatrist, who also prescribed her tranquillizers.
"That treatment was my salvation; it restored everything."
"It was terrible to be so bad in school when the others were all so good. Even now, in my job it's
easy for me to feel inferior if I don't succeed at something. I attach too much importance to
failure. But if I have to fight for something I put a lot of energy into it.
"At the grammar school I used to think: 'You can't do anything at all.' I felt inferior. The others
were streets ahead of me.'
"I should have broken off my schooling. I don't feel together. I get this feeling of not being
completely at home in my own body. I fall over easily. I have a fear of losing my footing."
What about her fears? "I find it difficult to talk about them. I've always suppressed them, but I
wish I could deal differently with strangers. I experience fear generally as a global feeling. I have
a fear of failure."
In childhood she was open and self-confident. The fears started when she was 14 or 15 years
What about anger? Actually I don't let it out very easily, for fear of what others will think of me,
and a fear that then they will turn away from me.
What is her greatest wish? "Just to get on with living, without being dominated by a fear of

failure. To be myself. Much more spontaneous and lively. To be more in touch with young
people. For me, that wish contains everything.
Evaluation and treatment:
Here we have a case-taking in which Lac caninum was indicated very early on. (This explains,
for example, my enquiry about milk.) The subsequent details provided a very clear confirmation.
Initially the dominant theme is "to and fro", as in the pains in uterus and ovaries, and even
externally at her work-place. Besides that, she is considering whether to change jobs. Her
abdominal cramps during menses change position, and so on.
Applicable Lac caninum rubrics are:
- Generals, side, alternating.
- Female genitalia, inflammation, ovaries, alternating sides
- Generals, contradictory and alternating states.
- Mood, alternating.
The background for the alternation of sides becomes clear in the second half of the case-taking:
the patient is conscious of a split in herself since living her "two lives" while at the grammarschool.
- Delusion, body, pieces, is falling to.
- Delusion, identity, errors of personal.
- Absent-minded.
- Antagonism with herself.
The headaches also correspond to this two-sidedness, as they are experienced on both right and
left sides; likewise the periodically occurring burning in the patient's face, when she has to
switch from her own private life into communication.
- Face, discoloration, red, alternating with paleness
This split is also the background to the uncertainty expressed at the start of the case-taking:
"Maybe I'm just imagining it all?" This was expressed again later in a more generalized form
when she described her lack of self-confidence.
Delusion, lie, believes all she said is a Confidence, self-, wanting
Anxiety, success, from doubt about. Fear of failure
Fear, duties, she will become unable to perform her
.......... The others were streets ahead of me."
- Delusion, looked down upon, she is
- Delusion, despised, is
- Delusion, diminished, short, he is.
There is also an element of hypochondriacal anxiety involved, as is made clear by the
gastroscopy episode:
- Fear, disease, of impending.
- Fear, incurable, of being.
- Delusion, disease, incurable, he has.
- Doubtful, recovery, of
However, the split is not only between right and left sides, but also between above and below.
There is a broken pain in the dorsal and lumbar regions of the spine (and she mentions the need
she felt on several occasions to break off her schooling). "Not at home in my own body Fear of
losing my footing
"Found my feet again I had no contact with anyone
"A stranger in another world": all these fit the detached state of Lac caninum:

- Delusion, bed, touch, when lying, as if she did not.

- Delusion, air, in the, he were.
- Delusion, light, he is.
- Delusion, floating, air in.
- Delusion, swimming, air in the.
- Delusion, unreal, everything seems.
- Unreal, everything seems.
- Hearing, distant, sounds seem.
"Fear of losing one's footing" also relates loosely to the following rubrics:
- Fear, fainting of
- Fear, falling of
- Fear, failing downstairs of.
- Fear, downward motion of.
-Fear of people will crop up several times in this collection of case studies as a symptom of Lac
caninum. It will also get better.
Confirmatory symptoms:
- Salivation during sleep.
- Headache before menses
- Menses painful; dysmenorrhea.
- Nausea in the morning.
My enquiry about milk did not bring to light any marked craving for milk, only that the patient
quite likes it. The enquiry about coffee was to do with her mention of heat of the head on
excitement, a well-known Coffea symptom.
The patient was given an ascending split dose of Lac caninum 30 1200 (DHU).
A fortnight later she telephoned because of violent vaginal itching. I recommended a topical
application of yogurt, which gave relief.
Progress report six weeks after the remedy was taken:
For the first few days after the remedy she was very tired.
In the second week, she felt relaxed. That week she had a mild throat infection.
Third week- "My period was really great!" That meant: no pain.
"I'm not panicking any more. I'm much more laid back about everything. When my ovaries were
hurting, I could cope. My complaints were much less severe. My boy-friend warned me about
having homeopathic treatment: 'For God's sake don't go and cock anything up'; he wanted to
phone my gynecologist''
"Just now I'm very aggressive, and constantly on the defensive; I never used to be like that. Now
the environment is taking me seriously."
"We had decided to get married, but I'm not quite ready yet. On the other hand I think it's O.K.
and there's no problem; after all we've known each other for five years. Sometimes I think 'yes'
and sometimes 'no'. I've made no secret of the fact that I'm not 100% sure yet. My grandmother
was shocked. But I felt all right saying it. I'm just like I used to be: able to stand up for myself.
That's how I was before my time at the grammar school. I can manage to take decisions."
"Sometimes I even wonder whether it's the right relationship for me at all."
"I've noticed that I'm making lots of changes. I want to enjoy life more. Up till now I've hung
around at home much too much. I arranged to do something with one of my girl-friends; I just
rang her up out of the blue and we met. That felt incredibly good. I must get off the treadmill. I
don't muddle

along on my own so much any more. When I moved house asked friends to help me, and I was
able to accept their help." The move had been planned before she took the Lac caninum.
What was her opinion of how the remedy had worked?
"I'm totally fascinated. I feel as though I'm finding my true sell again. Just the simple fact that
I'm able to stand up for myself is absolutely great."
She has had a few headaches, "when I'm cudgelling my brains" (!). The dorsal backache has
completely gone, she still complains of lumbar backache in the evenings.
What about the salivation? "That's completely gone. I'd forgotten all about it."
Her desire for milk has increased, and she feels more like eating ice-cream.
Treatment: Wait.
She telephoned three weeks later, having had a recurrence of strong uterine pain for about a
week. I advised her to take five doses of Lac caninum LAXII (Zinsser), three drops every other
Progress report seven weeks after the second appointment:
"The drops always release the tension quite soon after I take them; then the pains get better and
go away completely for a time."
She did not stop taking the drops; she took them right through
Her sister, plus child, has come to stay with her; she feels completely restricted by her. Not only
that, but she also feels responsible for her sister's child, who has gone down with an acute illness.
"When I feel very restricted, I get strong stabbing pains in my abdomen. I need my space. I don't
want to take responsibility for all this. I have to get out. At first my sister was only going to stay
a week, then she stayed a fortnight. I didn't say no, and
up my aunt, and an uncle - they both live abroad - and I told them that the wedding was off for
the time being; it wouldn't be taking place on the date we had planned."
Since then, in that respect, things have been going really well for me. That evening I went to a
dance with a girl-friend; I felt: 'In the future you're going to take more notice of what you want to
She has had a relatively large number of dreams. In one of them she was in a large city, a bit like
New York, and was unable to get something done by herself, but in everything that happened she
felt independent of her cousin. In other dreams she felt very estranged.
She summed it up like this: "I need more freedom and don't want to feel that I need more space."
Evaluation and Treatment:
The most important themes of this consultation are "lack of assertiveness", "dependency", "not
being accepted for what one is"; "aversion to constriction", "demand for freedom".
Back at the first case-taking the patient mentioned a constricted feeling and a need for more
space when asleep.
The theme of constriction will crop up in other cases in this collection, but I would rather not
sum it up in one single Repertory rubric. Rubrics which I normally look at in connection with
this theme are: "Fear in narrow spaces" (which is also Lac-d), "room full of people agg.",
"pressure of clothing agg." I have added Lac-c to the equally useful rubric: "External throat,
clothing agg." (cf. e.g. various snake remedies.)
In his Nosodes (P. 66) Allen says:
- "Throat painful to external pressure on both sides.
Lac caninum has a further rubric which could be applicable:

- Extremities, touch, fingers, each other, cannot bear to have. And, in general,
- Touch agg.
The way in which she said that the last consultation had made her feel incredibly good, plus a
further compliment about how great it was that I could be contacted every day, made me prick up
my ears. It sounded as if she was in the process of constructing a new dependency, this time on
me as her practitioner since, unlike her family, I allowed her to be herself.
I also recognized in the fact that she had carried on taking the drops a sort of dependency on the
I stopped the drops and, since over the last two weeks she had been unsuccessful in setting
boundaries with her sister and the uterine pains were still very much with her, I gave her a further
ascending split dose of Lac caninum 301200 (DHU).
She telephoned a fortnight later, having started work again. "I have a drawing pain in the left
ovary again. I'm panicking that I might not be able to work any more. It started when I was under
pressure and being hassled."
I advised her to massage the affected area no more than twice a day with Lac caninum 4X
(DHU) - only when she needed to and only until the pain went away.
Progress report seven weeks after the third consultation:
"I couldn't imagine that just rubbing it in would help. At first I used it twice a day, then once a
day. Recently I've been carrying the remedy around in my bag; a great feeling."
As far as her nerves are concerned she feels "great", is going in for things, is active in her leisure
time, goes shopping on her own or with a friend and enjoys it. "I have the feeling that I've got a
lot of catching up to do; I had ten years out."
She remembers a stay in a foreign capital during those ten years, when the situation was just the
opposite. "I was isolated, switched off, it was hell, like being unconscious. I felt threatened and
She still feels threatened by strangers, although no-one has ever done anything to her.
About feeling threatened: "When 1 was 12-11-9 old I had quarrelled with my sister and made a
noise. Father came upstairs. I locked the door and he was furious. In the end I opened it; the
situation was becoming very threatening. The worst thing was that my sister was protected and I
wasn't. (Weeps). On that occasion her father did not hit her.
"Actually I could defend myself against my father. If he got into one of his rages, then I would
get furious, I would stand up for myself and give him a ticking-off."
"My mother was always involved with my sister, because I was the wicked witch. She would
look after her; she didn't protect me. Even before I was 16 my friends were always more
intelligent than I was, and I always felt superfluous."
"If feelings come to the surface, I'm always afraid to let them show. I have to make a
tremendous effort; I'm afraid of making myself vulnerable."
Vulnerable? "My mother would lie to me, when we were going to the dentist. His practice was
in the same building as my piano teacher. She would say that we were going for a piano lesson,
then she would drag me in to the dentist's and slap my face. She didn't like me at all! It was
awful, like being dragged off to the torture-chamber. And our dentists were always brutal." That
was when she was about 8-10 years old.
"I first went to the dentist when I was five or six. I was scared stiff of him; he was seriously
overweight and really menacing."
Before then? "When I was three or four I used to be taken to a pediatrician - she was gross too."
"For instance, when I didn't want to eat, she showed my mother the best way to deal with it: she

held my nose, and when I opened my mouth to breathe, she stuffed the food in.'
At the age of 13, when she had dorsal back pain and had to get into the orthopedic ambulance,
she felt totally at the mercy of others: "several doctors were taking a good look at my back, and
my mother gave me no support at all."
At the moment she feels a lot of energy flowing. "Admittedly I'm balanced, but I want more: I'm
looking for the big breakthrough. Somewhere inside me there's a lot of grief for what I've
missed. Now I want to go in the other direction. At long last I'd like to develop some sense of
confidence. At long last I'd like to come out of my cocoon."
One of my girl-friends recently said to me: "Just at the moment you're sloughing off your skin,
like a snake."
Evaluation and Treatment:
In the fourth consultation we touched on themes that had been buried at a deeper level,
particularly the pattern of "being at the mercy of others". Her description of how this feels will
perhaps help us better to appreciate the situation of the child in Case Study 1, and it matches Lac
caninum precisely. (Conversely, "being at the mercy of others" may lead us to a number of other
remedies, e.g. the amphibians Astac., Aster., Calc.; snakes, such as Cenchris, Bothrops and
Elaps; plant remedies such as Rumex; and in certain respects even mineral remedies such as
She gives a beautiful description of how she would give her father "a good ticking off" when she
clashed with him. It is not too far fetched to call to mind the image of a young puppy. Later the
patient would "lie doggo". Now, having taken Lac caninum, she wants to resume her own
rightful position.
This patient had been "asleep", like Sleeping Beauty, for ten years. When a patient is aroused
from such a sleep, it is generally a sign that a remedy has worked extremely well and at a very
deep level.
By my reckoning it was O.K. for the patient to keep the Lac caninum 4X in her handbag as a
sort of lucky charm!
I gave the patient a dose of Sac. lac. In this situation, where she was wanting more energy to
make a breakthrough, I reckoned that she would have had difficulty in going along with a
prescription of 'Wait. No remedy".
Progress report four weeks later:
"I'm well balanced. I'm doing just what I feel like doing." She had been at a two-day family
celebration in a "posh" hotel, and at first she had felt very constrained to act out the role of "not
being conspicuous at all costs". But later on she was able to relax.
A similar thing happened at a professional development seminar.
She is still aware of her inhibition threshold when approaching others. "At the back of my mind
there's this voice, which says 'I wonder whether you'll ever make it'. That makes me doubt
myself." Part of her is conscious of a strong internal aggression, but she is afraid that, if she let
this out, it would be extreme.
"I'm conscious of so much inner potential. To myself I seem to be very lively, spontaneous,
active. I'm afraid that sometimes I rein myself in. But at the weekends I break loose. I want to do
more things without my boy-friend; I want to make up for lost time. I'm not letting anyone rob
me of my motivation."
Although she does not want to terminate her relationship, she feels a need to receive tenderness
from other men. However, she is seared of allowing this need to find physical expression.
"God only knows what might happen !

"These last five months of my life; the way I've developed; it's been crazy. But there's a lot I'd
still like to be able to let go of, I'd like to be more spontaneous, more lively, to flow more easily."
Treatment and Evaluation:
Clearly the patient is in a process of change, and therefore she cannot be given a remedy, a fact
which she is now able to accept.
The sentence about the voice at the back of her mind and the doubts she has might fit
Anacardium just as well, since it has a few quite marked similarities to Lac caninum. "Breaking
loose at the weekends" has a further association with the "dog' theme.
She telephoned before the next consultation, having decided to hand in her notice at work, and
to go free lance. "I have this feeling of needing to run away. At work I'm a captive, and I got fed
up with it. It's wonderful; I know what I want to do - I want to go, go, go! I feel free at last, and I
don't want other people influencing me any more. I'm 100% certain of that."
On the other hand she was scared of how her (female) boss would react. That is making her
uncertain again, making her vacillate between "yes" and "no". Once again, her feelings are going
up and down, backwards and forwards.
Probably prematurely I sent her a dose of Lac caninum 200.
Four weeks later at my practice: she told me about "dizziness, as if I were going to lose my
footing, almost a feeling of faintness" - clearly a proving symptom resulting from overdosing.
Apart from that, she had been considering and wanted to weigh up the pro's and con's of handing
in her notice.
From her point of view she did not want to take a further dose, because she had the feeling that a
lot of things had come up for her, and she had to get them integrated into her life.
She had taken a number of spontaneous decisions, or expressed opinions which were
uncomfortable both quite new experiences for her.
"I want to take my life in hand; I want to be independent in a] I respects."
All this time the patient was virtually free of any uterine complaints.
No prescription.
That is as far as the documentation of this case goes. Even if the external transformation process
is not complete, the patient has found herself again internally in a most impressive way.
The patient's sister then came to me for treatment. Pulsatilla helped to free her from her PM S. to
a very large extent, as well as from her great dependency on recognition. At the moment she too
is on Lac caninum. In her case too, the central themes are 'lack of self-confidence' and 'being at
the mercy of others'.
'Dependency' is a theme which is common to both Pulsatilla and Lac caninum.
Lac caninum
Classified by Allen as a nosode even if it is not strictly so, it is a most interesting and valuable
remedy. It is potentized bitch's milk, a substance which was used medicinally by the ancients.
Characteristically, the symptoms fly from one site (or side) to another, or shuttle back and forth
from one side of the body to the other.
Mental symptoms are prominent. Full of fears and weird imaginings, bouts of rage with
tendency to curse and swear - child cries and screams non-stop, forgetful, absent-minded, makes
purchases, then walks away without them; sees "spiders, snakes", etc., but only in the light, not
in the dark, seems to be "walking on air" or floating or when lying seems as if "not touching the

Throat symptoms are specially severe. Throat feels as if "closing", must keep mouth open lest
may choke; swallowing is impossible; pain shoots into ears; throat looks shiny, glazed, with red
or silvery white patches like China. The symptoms appear first on one side, clear up, then move
to the other side, clear there and reappear on the original side. This is quite characteristic of the
It can be used in acute diphtheria; also in prophylaxis; and if there is a history of diphtheria,
even in the remote past.
Sore throats which tend to appear preceding the menses is another valuable indication for Lac-c.
Lac-c has a decided effect in drying up the secretion of milk in women who have weaned or lost
their babies.
Cases of ill-effects of the Schick test where no other remedy is clearly indicated often run to
Lac-c. Its relation to this condition is similar to that of Thuja through the results of vaccination.
The most interest case of Lac-c was the one treated by Lippe:
The patient, a man nearing 40, had been completely impotent, with no discharge of semen
during coitus, for 10 years. He was referred to Lippe, who gave a single dose of Lac-c CM,
which cured him in a very short time. Lippe based his prescription on the fact that the patient had
suffered 10 years previously from an extremely severe attack of diphtheria, which had left him
very weak, and in which the patient had the classical symptom of the lesion shifting from side to
Clarke in a discussion quotes Perkins as saying that if Nit-ac doesn't work Lac-c should be
given. He confirms this from his own experience.
Dixon mentions that he has found Lac-c very useful in nocturnal enuresis.
Migraine headache
Lac caninum
Presentation: This is a woman who is 27 years old who came to me for headaches. She is a very
loyal person and very precise. Her headache started when she was 20 years old and she cannot
remember the first time she had it. It increased gradually and now she has headaches every 4-8
days. It alternates between the left and right side. She says that it starts behind the eyes. If it
starts on the left side, then it is behind the left eye. It is powerfully concentrated just behind the
eye and then it extends to the middle of the head, down to the nose and to the ear. It has a
hammering characteristic (underlined twice). It is worse in the afternoon between 5 and 6 and it
is better in the evenings (nights) between 11 and 12. It is better with cold applications and better
lying down. It is worse with damp heat, change of weather, and with light. Noises do not affect
it. She always gets migraine headaches from alcohol. She desires cool things (not underlined).
She desires sweets, ice cream, chocolate and butter (not underlined). She desires fruit and
vegetables (underlined twice). She has an aversion to fish (underlined twice), and she is allergic
to potatoes. She has an aversion to peas (not underlined). She is a bit thirsty and prefers heat. She
has a disgust for cats (underlined twice). She feels a little better about dogs.
She appeared tense and apprehensive. She does not meet people easily and she is VERY easily
hurt (underlined three times), but she does not show it. She likes to read (underlined three times),
and she likes to listen to classical music. She is not a very open person.
Question: Was this underlined?

Response: No.
Question: Were there any prescriptions?
Response: I gave her Nat-m. with no effect at all. When I gave her that she said, "Why don't you
tell me what you give me? I cannot understand".
George: So she wanted to know what you gave her as a medicine?
Response: Yes.
George: The time of the headache is steady?
Response: I am not sure. I have no underlines on it.
PAGE 280
Question: Do we know if she ever had a head injury?
Response: She has not.
George: Has anyone concluded?
Response: Have YOU concluded?
George: In homoeopathy you don't say concluded. You say, "I have had enough of searching."
Response: I would give her Lac-c. because I cannot see any other images which have the
alternating sides as strong as this.
George: Very good! Very good. The first remedy we should try here is Lac-c.
If you search and do a repertorization, there is no remedy that will come down. Here we have a
strong keynote regarding the alternating sides which is characteristic for Lac-c. We don't have
symptoms which contraindicate it, though the desires and aversions do not fit Lac-c. You see
somewhere in the desires we should have salt and pepper and hot things. The disgust for cats and
fear of dogs is Tub. Better with cold applications is Aloe. She is worse with change in weather. Is
she repressed in heat?
So her likes are vegetables, chocolate, ice cream and butter. If you take the amelioration
conditions and the likes and aversions, you get Mag-c. But of the remedies we should try first in
this case, it would be Lac-c.
Question: How close do you think was the Nat-m. in this case?
George: How close? Except for the aversion to fish, we do not have any other characteristics of
Easily hurt is a broad rubric. It is not a keynote symptom. There are many remedies before we
get to Nat-m. which are related to this broad rubric.
Question: In thinking about these alternating headaches, I looked in the book and there is a
rubric "alternating one side and then the other" where it ceases on one side and becomes more
vital on the other. Nat-m. is in italics in that. I was thinking that we have that thing with Nat-m.
and with Lac-c. and also we have as an essence of the case that this is a very sensitive person
who hides her feelings and is very closed. On that basis, I probably would also have given Natm.
George: But here you have a characteristic and if you read the essence of Lac-c. you will see
that it goes from one side to the other and then back to the first one and then back again. This is
something which characterizes (it) completely. You may see a cyst on the right side and then
goes away. And then after six months, there is a cyst on the left and goes away. And then in
another six months, there is another cyst on the right. So "alternate sides" is a must for Lac-c.
You see Lac-c. is the only capital lettered essence and all of the others are merely ordinary.
Perhaps Nux-v. is with italics. I thought of Iris, but there are no complementary symptoms. So
Lac-c. would be the first choice. If you give that, it should be 200. A second choice would be
Caust., if Lac-c. fails.