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Texas Quotes:

-What starts here changes the world.

-Leave the place better than you find it.

#1) Imagine that you are at the MS in Business Analytics Orientation.

Please introduce yourself to your new classmates and faculty members
and include any personal and/or professional aspects that you believe to
be significant. Select ONE communication method you would like to use for
your response. Please note that the video introduction is strongly
recommended and preferred by the admissions committee.
Ans. Nikhita Kataria. From India
Background- Science (Senior Secondary School) and Economics Honors
Personal- Approachable, helpful, friendly, ability to adapt to different surroundings,
team player
I am eager to learn: UT (McCombs) Vibrant learning Environment
Change in geography of my journey will increase my international network- build
strong relations with people from diverse backgrounds.
Longhorns for life.
Hobbies- Painting, Dancing
Volleyball Team (state level) - Look forward to joining Longhorns Texas Womens
Volleyball Team
ProfessionalTeam Leader and Core Team Member of College festivals- Unique challenges

#2) Why is the Texas MSBA the next logical step for you? How do you hope
to develop, both personally and professionally, during this one-year
program? (250 words)
Patterns emerge before the reasons for them become apparent
- Vasant Dhar

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards

-Soren Kierkegaard
While most of my Economic fellows in under graduation were busy digging deeper
into the economic principles, I was able to see the void between economics and
where the organizations are in todays world and their strategies. It became evident
that economic expertise by itself is not going to be a game changer in the world
unless it is combined with analytics.
My educational background, as explained in the video, gives me the opportunity to
have both scientific and economic perspectives, a unique attribute. But, my
background provides me with only theoretical and foundational perspectives. In
order to learn the competencies for real life business situations and helping the
organization to manage big data, I need to add a layer on top of this. Thus, there is
no way to start my career and break into one of the sexiest fields of business
analytics and data sciences unless I retool with MSBA.
With sixteen years of education now, I have gained quantitative skills, interpersonal
and leadership skills. However, I feel that so far my skills and expertise are limited
so as to be a part of dynamic organizational environment. Now, I need to
understand the industry from an analytical viewpoint, improving the decision
making process, delivering analytics, providing business intelligence solutions and
formulating strategies. Thus, I want to equip myself with knowledge and critical
skills to analyze big data to make effective business decisions that improve the
performance of organizations.
After MSBA, I want to be a part of a dynamic organization recognized under
analytics or Gartner (?), especially in the field of performance optimization, which is
an amalgamation of decision analysis, business intelligence and performance
management, strategy formulation and model design operations. Later, I envision
leveraging my experience in positioning the organization as the leading global
player in the industry.
Considering the void between where I am today and where I want to be, I spoke to
current students of McCombs MSBA about the course, the professors, the
environment (?). All these factors motivated me and painted a positive picture.
Also, after doing my own independent research, I can strongly say that What starts
here changes the world.
Hence, Texas MSBA program stands out for me because of its strong focus on
strategy and analytics. It will hone my soft skills, such as presentation, management
and communication skills and my analytical skills. It will also give me the
opportunity to network and build professional relationships with people from diverse
backgrounds. These networks will be instrumental in my career growth.

Moreover, the change in geography of my journey, which has its beginnings in India,
will help me understand the foreign market well, increase my international network,
help me learn about the requirements for an international career and gain exposure
to a totally different culture and way of life.
Its courses such as Optimization and decision analysis will give me a good
foundation of performance optimization. Particularly Professor Jim Dyers Decision
Theory and Risk Management research areas will teach me the key frameworks
about decision analysis and optimization. Also, I am particularly excited to be a part
of Data Analysts Club of Texas and attend STEM Women Summit that will help me
strengthen my network and provide me with valuable experience.
In all, with its academic resources, emphasis on team work and practical approach
to learning, McCombs will provide the critical tools and network that I need to
realize my career aspirations. I am confident that with my academic potential,
team-working abilities, innovative spirit, and leadership skills, I will add significant
value to Austin community and leave the place better than I find it.
(615 words)

#3) Imagine that you are in a job interview. The interviewer asks you to
describe a time that you have had to solve a problem, and what the
results were. How would you answer? (If applicable, please describe the
quantitative methods you employed.) (250 words)
It was that time when climate change had become of particular significance
because climate change has the most impact in India not just in terms of effect but
also in terms of greater awareness and greater consciousness among the citizens.
We (a group of classmates) decided to present a project on Indias Environmental
Status- An overview on Indias environmental scenario. Its objective was to serve a
baseline document to help assist decision making and policy formulation.
Project was divided into different parts and assigned to different members. The
most challenging part was the State and Trends of the Environment: Air and Key
Environmental Issue: Climate Change because of the limited availability of data.
And, I took the charge of this part.
I used various references such as historical data, researched scholarly articles, and
collection of data points, annual reports, and case studies; addressed all the issues;
and made various comparisons.
When we started working on the project, there were differences of opinions in

strategy and in developing an agenda within the team. There was ineffective
communication and few members stopped contributing towards the project. Even I
had few issues with people working in the team. But, I took guard of the situation. I
collaborated and delegated several tasks under a deadline. I organized coordinated
group meetings and led various discussions in meetings and put forth my thoughts.
I was able to convince everybody of what strategies to follow and how to provide an
unparalleled presentation. With support of the faculty and other classmates and
backed by solid data, I was able to convince group members and coordinate the
group project. I had to go an extra mile because convincing them was a challenging
In the end, we provided the most realistic presentation. Our performance was
appreciated; we scored the highest points and got the best presentation award.
(308 words)
#4) Please provide any additional information that you believe is
important and/or will address any areas of concern that the Admissions
Committee may encounter when considering your application (optional 200 words maximum).
Initially, upon completion of my under graduation (class of 2014), my focus was on
the management level program in India. But, after few months, I came to know
about Ms in Business Analytics, Austin, Texas. After I read about the tremendous
scope that business analytics offer and that it is one of the leading jobs of the 21 st
century, my priorities changed. My interest grew profoundly when I realized how my
interests and my educational background perfectly fit the curriculum of this course.
Then, I started working towards the admission process of MSBA in Austin, Texas. I
joined a one year course (2015-2016) to complete my 16 th year of education. And,
now, here I am working and applying to McCombs for the MSBA class of 2017. I am
beyond excited to be a part of such rigorous program in one of the leading
universities which is known for its vibrant and enthusiastic culture and environment.
(155 words)