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Two Hundred Fifty

Ayurvedic Tips
for Year-Round
Well Being

Traditional Ayurvedic Wisdom

Clear, lustrous skin begins with balanced nutrition, proper digestion and
regular elimination.
The Ayurvedic definition of beauty is Subhanga Karanam, transforming
(all parts of your body and mind) to the most auspicious level.
A daily warm oil full-body massage (Abhyanga) is therapeutic for mind,
body and emotions.
Every meal should be a celebration.
From the Ayurvedic perspective, the true value of exercise and sports is
not to win at any cost, but to reduce stress, increase your energy level
and improve your overall health and well being.
Honour our food. Begin each meal with a moment of gratitude.
Eating in the nurturing company of
pleasant companion is helpful for
How effectively our body digests
the foods we eat is crucial to our
health and well-being.
Balance is the key to perfect
Diet, sleep and lifestyle are the
three pillars of health.
Saut spices in Ghee. It helps
transport the therapeutic values of
the spices to the parts of our

The three Doshas,

Vata, Pitta & Kapha
The purpose of Ayurveda is to tell us and help
understand how our lives can be influenced, shaped,
extended and managed according to changing seasons,
biological age etc.
The entire health revolves around how one manages
three physiological factors; Vata, Pitta and Kapha,
before they became pathological. Vata-Pitta-Kapha
constantly change according to season, age, how one
eats, drinks etc. One who is able to keep above in
balance enjoys perfect health.

Vata is the lead Dosha

movements of the body.
Pitta Dosha governs heat,
transformation in the body.





Kapha Dosha governs structure and lubrication in

the body.

Tips for Balancing Vata

Eat three warm, nourishing meals
each day.
Favour foods that are warm, heavy,
oily, sweet, sour and salty.
Minimise foods that
bitter or astringent.



Minimise foods that are cold, dry

and light.
Pay attention to fluids, avoid cold
or iced drinks, sip warm water at
regular intervals, avoid alcoholic
beverages, coffee and black tea.
Experience the benefits of warm sesame oil message before your
morning shower or bath.

Keep warm; avoid cold, windy or chilly environments; take long

warm baths or showers.
Try to keep your environment humid. Favour calm, quiet
environments. Avoid mental strain, overstimulation, loud music,
and long hours of TV in the evening.
Develop regular habits such as eating and going to sleep at the
same times each day.
Enjoy light, humorous entertainment.
Make your surroundings light and bright.
Regular daily elimination is important.
Go to bed by 10pm each night and get plenty of quality rest.

Tips for Balancing Pitta

Favour foods that are bitter, sweet,
astringent, cool, heavy and liquid.
Reduce foods that are excessively
spicy, salty, sour, hot, or deepfried.
Try to avoid skipping meals.
The key to remember when balancing
Pitta is moderation.
Avoid hot baths and overexposure to
the sun.
Pay attention to leisure and rest: do not overwork.
Keep inside temperatures on the cool side.
Avoid or minimize stressful deadline-oriented activities.
Seek out pleasing natural environments (sunsets, lakes) and the
tonic of laughter.
Late evening strolls, when the air is relatively cool, and
swimming can help soothe a Pitta-aggravated mind and
Decrease stimulants: avoid alcohol, coffee and tea.
Avoid watching violent, shocking or controversial entertainment.
Cool milk, blended with a couple of dates, before bedtime can
help balance Pitta.
Maintain regular mealtimes; try and eat lunch close to noon.
Use cooling oil for massage, such as coconut.

Tips for Balancing Kapha

Favour foods that are light, dry,
Reduce foods that are sweet, sour,
salty, heavy, cold and oily.

Do not overeat but do not skip

meals either.
Kapha types are steady and slow, so
the key to balance is activity and




Avoid excessive rest and oversleeping.

Enjoy the benefits of a dry massage with a loofah sponge or
raw silk gloves to stimulate the circulation.
Enjoy variety in life, and seek the stimulation of new sights,
sounds, and people.
Stimulate the digestion by eating a little fresh ginger before
Stay warm in cold, damp weather.
Early to bed and early to rise can help balance rest and
Raw honey is the only sweetener that is beneficial for Kaphas,
but in moderation not more than two tablespoon per day.

Maharishi Ayurveda Herbal Teas for

Balancing Vata, Pitta & Kapha
A careful blend of liquorice, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger
give Organic Vata Tea a full and sweet taste and helps bring
the disturbed Vata back into a state of balance. It leaves one
feeling soothed, calmed and relaxed. The all Natural and
caffeine free Vata tea has a calming effect on Mind & Body.
Cooling Pitta Tea is a delicious combination of fragrant rose
petals and refreshing spices, and is the perfect answer when
one is feeling intense, over-heated or frustrated. Drink warm
or cool, it helps cool down the mind, body and emotions. One
will find it ideal for hot summer days, as well as for heated
tempers. The all Natural and caffeine free Pitta tea has a
cooling effect on the Mind & Body.
Ginger and other aromatic spices make this hot and spicy tea
into a genuine reviving drink. It is especially good in cold, wet
weather or in spring. At breakfast or Whenever one is feeling
slow. The all Natural and caffeine free Kapha Tea has a
reviving effect on Mind & Body. It is a stimulating blend of
spices that perk up one's body and mind.

Tips for Quality Digestion

Savour your meals, dont work, drive, read or watch television
while youre eating.
Eat in a settled atmosphere. A calm environment and focusing on
the food aid the body in absorbing nutrients.

Eat your main meal at midday and eat lighter at night. Your
digestive fir is strongest at midday.
Always sit down to eat. Eating on the go can hamper digestion.
Avoid ice-cold drinks or foods during meals as they decrease
digestive fire.
Eat at approximately the same time each day.
Dont eat too quickly, take the time to
enjoy each mouthful of food.
Eat to about three-quarters of your
Take a few minutes to sit quietly after
Dont drink a lot of fluids with a meal.
Its fine to sip water or juice.
Favour fresh foods and avoid left-overs
which can disrupt digestion.

Avoid taking a meal until the previous meal has been

digested. Allow approximately three to six hours between
A bit of fresh ginger before a full meal will help stimulate
the digestive fire.
Milk should not be taken with full meals especially with
salty or sour tastes
Avoid yogurt, cheese, cultured buttermilk and cottage
cheese at night.
Eat only when you are hungry and when the stomach is
Do not eat when you are stressed. Digestion
assimilation are negatively affected by stress.


Maintain regular meal times.

A happy, positive frame of mind at mealtime will help
you get the maximum benefit from your food.
Chewing fennel seeds after a meal helps digestion and
freshens the breath.
Do not interrupt your meals for phone calls or other
work related activities.
Dizomap, from Maharishi
corrects digestive disorders
stored, refrigerated foods
and strong condiments.

Tips for Balancing Stomach Acid

Reduce your intake of dry, spicy and salty
Drink a little cool milk, but not with meals.

Eat sweet, juicy fruits such as plums and

Get proper rest. Try to go to bed before
10pm, when digestion becomes active again.
Eat promptly when youre hungry. Dont skip
Amlant, from Maharishi Ayurveda is an
Ayurvedic and all natural instant therapy for

Tips for Curing Constipation

Exercise often a simple stroll in the park can relieve
Add more fruits to the diet like pears, grapes,
Orange juice & Papaya.

Laxatives usually are not necessary and can be habitforming. The colon begins to rely on laxatives to
bring on bowel movements. Over time, laxatives can
damage nerve cells in the colon and interfere with
the colon's natural ability to contract.
Maharishi Ayurveda Triphla is made from the highest
quality of natural ingredients. It is a non habitual
natural laxative which also cleanses and tones the
digestive tract, detoxifies the liver, intestines and
blood, regulates elimination, purifies the urine and
promotes urinary tract health.

Tips for Healthier Joints

Cook with moderate amounts of ginger, turmeric and
black pepper.
Cut down on raw foods such as salads.
Avoid or







Regular daily elimination is important.

Avoid or minimise intake of cold, heavy foods that are
hard to digest.
Do regular exercise in moderation overdoing exercise can
strain joints.
Perform the warm oil full-body massage everyday with
Pirant oil to improve circulation and pay special attention
to joints during the massage.
Pirant oil and tablets, from Maharishi Ayurveda is a
complete and the most effective medication for all types
of joint and muscle pain.

Tips for Better Sleep

Place thin packets of aromatic, relaxing
herb / flower potpourri in your pillows.
Do not bring work-related material into
the bedroom.

Wear comfortable clothing to bed cotton

is recommended.
The bedroom should ideally be dark or
very dimly lit.
Keep your bedroom clean and orderly to
limit disorderly thought.
Calming or settling activities as bedtime draws near help prepare the mind and
body for rest.
Drink a cup of warm milk before bed.
Use calming aroma therapy oils to help you feel more settled.
Go to bed before 10 p.m. during the drowsy Kapha time of night.
Listen to soothing music before bed such as Maharishi Gandharva-Veda melodies.
Poppy Seed Chutney is a natural sleep aid.
Avoid arguments or intense entertainment right before bed.
Have your last meal about three hours before you go to bed.
Eat light at dinner and minimize hot spicy foods.

Wash your face, hands and feet just before bed.

A warm 20-minute bath an hour before bed can help you relax. Infuse bath
water with relaxing aroma oils for added benefit.

Tips for Stress Management

Practicing Transcendental Meditation is an effective way to
manage stress.
Walnuts, almonds, coconut, and sweet juicy, seasonal fruit
such as pears, apples (cooked if possible), milk, lassi, Ghee,
and fresh cheeses such as paneer or ricotta are natural
Practice pranayam -breathing exercises to help balance the
mind, body and emotions.
Mental Stress:
Manage mental activity try not to overuse or misuse the
Favour Vata-balancing foods, such as sweet, sour, and salty
tastes and warm, unctuous and heavy foods.
Favour warm milk, Ghee and other light
dairy products.
Diffusing a relaxing aroma oil can help
calm you before bed.

Perform a full-body warm oil massage

every day.
Physical Stress:
Follow a Vata-Kapha pacifying diet.
Perform the full-body warm oil selfmassage everyday.
Exercise regularly in moderation.

Tips for Immunity

Avoid extreme temperatures, hot or cold.

Eat a balanced, nutritious

vegetables and fruits.






Cook with moderate amounts of spices like turmeric,

ginger, black pepper, cumin and coriander.
Avoid ice-cold foods and beverages.
Eat three regular meals everyday.
Maharishi Amrit Kalash is
an Ayurvedic Masterpiece
which increases vitality, inner strength and immunity. It
has a 1000 times more anti-oxidant power than Vitamin
C and E.

Enhanced Brainpower
Eat foods as close to their natural state
as possible processed, canned and refined
foods are low on Chetana, natural
Include healthy proteins in your
legumes, lentils, beans and grains.


Include several helpings of fresh fruit and

vegetables in your diet.
Dont cut fat entirely out of your diet, fat performs essential
functions in the body.
The brain is especially susceptible to damage by free radicals, so
harness the power of antioxidants.
Stress impacts mental performance practice relaxation techniques to
manage stress levels.
An adequate among of good quality sleep is essential for peak
mental performance.
Keep your brain constantly challenged to keep it working well.
Cracked black pepper in your diet can help the free flow of oxygen
to the brain and help you stay focused yet calm.
Balance periods of intense mental
activity with short periods of rest
stimulates nervous system, enhances
mental & physical development of
growing children, students and adults

Cholesterol Balance
Drink warm water throughout the day it helps flush
toxins from the body.
Exercise regularly, but in moderation.
Cook with turmeric, cumin, coriander, fennel and
Include psyllium husk or high-fibre bran in your diet.
Reduce leftovers and heavy foods such as red meats
and deep-fried foods.
If you crave sweets or feel thirsty, eat plenty of
sweet, juicy fruits.
Never skip meals, because it can aggravate the liver
and bile secretion.
Lipomap from Maharishi Ayurveda helps in controlling
cholesterol, lowers triglycerides and increases High
Density Lipids.

Prostrate Balance
Include asparagus, bananas and dates in your diet they
help enhance reproductive fluid.
Eat whole-wheat products because they contain zinc.
Eat radishes and asparagus to help purify the blood and
Regular elimination is important, psyllium seed husk and
a fibre-rich diet will help.
Drink lots of warm water to purify the whole system.

If you sit for long hours, take

breaks and regular walks.
Cook with black pepper, cumin
and coriander.
Practice relaxation techniques
to manage day-to-day stress.

Tips for Men's Health

Vigoroyal M from Maharishi Ayurveda is a
Rasayana for the maintenance of general health,
it invigorates the run down patients by its
unique Brihana and Vrishya actions, quickens
reflexes and optimizes endocrinal functions. The
precious and time tested herbs in Vigoroyal-M
have exceptional qualities of effective immuno
modulator, aphrodisiac and revitalizer which
provide that extra pep to your psyche and the
body resulting in a healthy body and an alert
Vigoroyal-M Rasayana For
Men is totally safe, non
hormonal and without
any side effects. Hence
can be taken for long
period of time with
pronounced effects and
lasting results.

Tips for Womens Health

Vigoroyal F The Rasayana for women is a total
blend of rare herbs from Maharishi Ayurveda
which has been formulated exclusively for women
keeping in mind the needs of female body. The
day to day strains and stresses to which a
woman is exposed takes a heavy toll of her
health which often results in pre-mature ageing,
Gynaecological problems, a general rundown
feeling, all collectively or singly lead to a
damaged psyche and an unhappy married life.
womens ultimate desire
of a healthy body and an
alert mind enabling her to
happiness from life at
home or office, as a
friend, a partner, a wife,
mother i.e.
as a
precious time tested and
safe herbs in Vigoroyal F
possess the qualities which
invigorate and rejuvenate
the psyche and body of
the women.

Tips for Smooth Cycle

Drink plenty of warm water through the day.
Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine and
Eat 1-2 slices of fresh ginger before meals to
balance blood flow and aid digestion.
Avoid heavy foods such as red meats, deep-fried
foods or leftovers.
A low salt diet helps ease water retention and
Cook with spices such
as ginger, turmeric and
cumin. Saut the spices
in a little Ghee and add
them to cooked foods.

The daily warm oil massage is calming
and balancing for the emotions and the
functions related to menopause.

Eat light, easy-to-digest, fresh foods.

Avoid cold foods and iced beverages.
Eat only a moderate amount of sugar.
Coconut, raisins, figs, papaya and sweet
juicy fruits help with digestion and
Try to avoid stressful situations and
practice Transcendental Meditation to
help manage stress.
Get extra rest, especially if you experience menstrual
A relaxing, leisurely 15-30 minute walk can help you
stretch without straining.
Warm, liquid foods with a smooth texture, such as
soups and vegetable purees are the ideal diet.
Go to bed by 10 p.m. so that the body is at rest
during the natural purification period between 10 p.m.
and 2 a.m.
Eat your largest meal at mid-day when the digestive
fire is strongest.

Ayurvedic Skincare
Eat light, easy-to-digest, fresh foods and include plenty of
cleansing, sweet, juicy fruits in your diet.
Regular daily elimination is important for clear glowing skin.
Eat your largest meal at mid-day when the digestive fire is
Follow the rhythm of the seasons. Detoxify your skin in
the spring, protect it in the summer and nourish it in the
Make sure you get enough quality sleep. Inadequate sleep an
show up as lustreless skin and puffy eyes.
Learn techniques to manage stress, such as Transcendental
Meditation. Ongoing stress can age and wither skin.
Ayurvedic Soaps from Maharishi Ayurveda suit different skin
types and nourish the skin. They combine pure vegetable
glycerine with special blends of Ayurvedic herbs for individual
skin types.

Tips for Exercise

The key is to stay within
your comfort zone stop or
slow down when you start
through your mouth, or you
feel you are straining.
experiencing the zone of peak

Only exercise to 50% of your

bodys capacity.
It is best not to exercise on a completely empty
stomach some juice, milk or light fruit will help.
Ayurveda recommends yogasanas
pranayam breathing exercises.




A brisk walk is beneficial for everyone. It calms nervous

Vata energy, relaxes Pitta and stimulates Kapha.
Give your full attention to the process of exercising. Do
not divide your attention by watching TV or listening to
music while you are working out.

If you are a Vata type, light and thin, you need

less exercise than Pitta and Kapha types. Low
gymnastics, yoga and walking.
If you are a Pitta type with a medium build, a
moderate amount of exercise is good. Sports that
help you stay cool are best: swimming, surfing,
skiing and ice-skating.
If you are a Kapha type with a large build you
need regular, vigorous exercise. Sports that
require stamina and physical endurance are best:
aerobics, cycling, running, weight-lifting and
Herbonic, from Maharishi Ayurveda is a natural family
Health drink and milk additive. It provides extra energy
to meet challenges of the energy sapping activities
during the day. Herbs like Ashwagandha and Brahmi,
enhance mental and physical acumen and adaptability.
Nutrition for healthy body
kewra helps refresh and gives
your drink a nice soothing
element .This unique quality
places Herbonic in a distinct
class by itself, from scores of
other energy drinks.

Tips for Protection against

Common Ailments
Literally meaning flow of life, Prandhara takes care of some
of very common problems like Headache, Cold ,nasal
congestion, stomach ache, toothache, insect bite, nausea etc.
Arthritic Pain: Rub 2 3 drops on affected part for
temporary relief.
Cold/Nasal Congestion: Pour 2-3 drops on a handkerchief and
Sinusitis: Add 2-3 drops in boiling water and inhale the

Toothache: Wet a cotton plug with a few drops and put on

the painful tooth.
Diarrhoea (First Aid), Flatulence, Spasmodic Pain, Stomach
ache: Take 2-3 drops with water or on a lump of sugar.
Nausea/Vomiting: Take 2-3 drops with water or on a lump
of sugar.

Insect Bite/Itching: Rub 1-2 drops on the affected area.

Headache: Lightly apply 2-3 drops on the forehead.

Tips for Cough

Maharishi Ayurveda Kasni Cough Syrup is an effective
remedy for cough of varied aetiology. It helps break and
liquefy the tenacious "Kapha" and finally expectorate it
,easing out the cough.
Kasni counters respiratory allergies, decongests nasal, paranasal and respiratory mucosa. It is mucolytic and augments
expectoration of bronchial secretions.
Kasni pacifies vata, liquefies and eliminates vitiated kapha (
Ayurvedic factors related with respiration).
expectorant action to time tested herbs such as Ocimum
sanctum, Zingiber officinale, Pistacia integerrima, Mytica
nagi etc. Kasni does not contain codeine or alcohol and is
non habit forming and non- constipating.
Kasni is safe for patients of all groups. It does not cause
drowsiness and keeps the
patient alert and active
throughout the day.

Tips for Sour Throat

Tea with grated ginger
nourishing and refreshing.






Besides gurgling in salted water, gurgling in water enriched

by spoonful of cider vinegar may also be resorted to as a
natural homemade remedy.
Another commonly available herb in horseradish helps
counteract sore throat and fever that may occur along
with it.
Three to four drops of garlic added to half or one fourth
cup of water may be drunk once to counteract the
problem of swallowing in sore throat.

Kanth Sudha from Maharishi Ayurveda is the most

effective remedy for sour throat for both children and
adults alike. It provides immediate relief when kept in
the mouth during the day or while asleep. It is also
useful in Relieving tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis and
common cold.

Tips for Dental Health

According to ayurveda, sweet toothpastes cause a
thickening of the saliva and an increase in its calcium
content, which can lead to tartar formation. And too
much fluoride or baking soda can erode the gums.
Problems with your teeth are often related to a
deficiency of calcium, magnesium, and zinc. To
compensate and to prevent future problems chew a
handful of mineral-rich white sesame seeds (roasted or
toasted) every morning before breakfast.
Liquorice cleanses the mouth, promotes salivation, and
increases secretions in the gastrointestinal tract. Chewing
on liquorice root will clean the mouth and cleanse the
teeth, halting tooth decay.
Ayurdent from Maharishi Ayurveda is a nonfoaming toothpaste with completely natural
ingredients. Fifteen Ayurvedic herbs in high
concentration guarantee effective care. The
Spearmint and Peppermint taste leaves a
pleasant breath. Works effectively to promote
teeth and gum health and helps protect
against tooth decay.

Tips for Healthy Liver

Take time to breathe deeply, relax or meditate Stress can
aggravate liver congestion
Nourish yourself well. Eat good-quality food when you are
hungry. Avoid overeating (more liver burden) and refined
or heavily processed food.
Use recreational drugs and alcohol sparinglyor better yet,
The liver is a resilient organ, therefore every time you
stop eating, its burden reduced. Every time you eat
anything, you flood the liver with nutrients and potential
toxins. Fasting helps it recover. However, detoxification
processes require energy and nutrients and hence it is wise
to drink fresh vegetable and fruit juices once every three
hours or so when fasting to provide this
needed support.
documented liver protective
protection to the liver in

Balanced Weight Control

Reduce cold, heavy, oily, sour and salty foods.
Ayurveda recommends yogasanas
pranayam breathing exercises.




Include all six Ayurvedic tastes (sweet, sour, salty,

pungent, bitter and astringent) in at least one meal
each day to help balance unnatural cravings.
Avoid heavy meats and leftovers which are hard to
Exercise daily. Vary the intensity and amount according
to your age, weight and overall health.
Avoid fasting or other sudden changes in your diet.
Savour your meals. Dont divide your attention by
reading, working or watching TV.
Avoid cold drinks and food. Cool is
Favour light, nutritious foods. Fill up
on sweet, juicy fruits and vegetables.




Dont fast or skip meals.

Add barley and mung daal soup to
your diet.
At meals, only eat until you are
about full.

Does todays lifestyle often leave you

feeling like this?

Restore balance to your mind and body

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250 Ayurvedic Tips for Year-Round

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