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(My Arguments Against Not On Our River)

More Of NOORs Needless Worries and Whoppers:

a.) Garage Can Easily Go Somewhere Else You Name The Street and Nobody Wants It!
b.) The Survey Was Accurate People Voted Multiple Times and Bragged About It!
c.) The Survey Was Accurate Not Random -- Biased By NOOR, CARE & Satans Kingdom
d.) Rebuilding at Current Site conflicts with POCD

(Misleading - See POCD Detail Sheet)

e.) Rebuilding at Current Site Would Be Incredibly Expensive- Actually Its The Cheapest
f.) Rebuilding at Current Site Poses Danger to River Actually Meets All Land Use Standards
g.) Rebuilding at Current Site Wont Meet Future DPW NeedDPW says Good for 60+ Years!
h.) Rebuilding at Current Site Would Be Too Small - Cant Be Expanded-- Stores All and More
i.) Rebuilding at Current Site Would Mean Cant Be ExpandedDPW Offered Detailed Plan
j.) Rebuilding at Current Site Precludes Sewage Expansion It Does Not Look at Site Plan
k.) Rebuilding at Current Site Means Salt Below Floodplain -- It Does Not Look at Site Plan
l.) Rebuilding at Current Site Requires Lowering Ball Field Three Feet Its 9 Inches
m.) FEMA Precludes Building In Potential Dam Burst Inundation Zone False - Chicken Little
n.) Rebuilding at Current Site Means Trucks Wash Away In Flood!- DPW says We Got Wheels!
o.) Rebuilding at Current Site Precludes Public River Access It Doesnt--Look at Site Plan
p.) Rebuilding at Current Site Precludes Park Use 180 Setback allows Parking / River Access
q.) We Could Have Marvelous Riverside Park Garage Is Only 200 of River Bank Get Real!
r.) Sewer Plants Dont Stink! Friday Night 8-19 was AWFUL from Riverside to Town Hall!
s.) Rebuilding at Current Site Wastes Land Dont DPW Folks Deserve A Nice Workplace?
t.) DPW can wait while we come up with a new site Our Trucks and Equipment continue to
rust at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year while DPW suffers

Tricks Of The Trade - Propaganda

NOORs Propagandists commonly use a few Tricks--often in combinationsto get You to buy into their positions:
Name Calling---giving an idea a bad labelis used to make us reject and condemn the idea without examining the
Glittering Generalityassociating something with a virtue wordis used to make us accept and approve the
thing without examining the evidence.
Transfer carries the authority, sanction, and prestige of something respected and revered over to something else in
order to make the latter acceptable, or it carries authority , sanction and disapproval to cause us to reject and disapprove
something the propagandist would have us reject and disapprove.
Testimonial consists in having some respected or hated person say that a given idea or program or product or person
is good or bad.
Plain Folks is the method by which propagandists attempt to convince the audience that they and their ideas are good
because they are of the people, the plain folks.
Card Stacking involves the selection and use of facts or falsehoods, illustrations or distractions, and logical or
illogical statements in order to give the best or the worst possible case for an idea, program, person or product.
Band Wagon has as its theme, Everybody at least all of usis doing it; with it, the propagandists attempt to
convince us that all members of a group to which we belong are accepting their program and that we must therefore follow
our crowd and jump on the bandwagon.

Some Not On Our River (NOOR) Propaganda Highlights Debunked

On The River is classic Card Stacking and Name Calling to make us reject the Garage site
without looking into the facts. In Truth, the Garage measures only 200 feet parallel to the riverbank.
This 200 feet is tiny when considered against the ~50,000 feet of riverbank in Canton and the
several thousand feet immediately adjacent to Collinsville. Garage is actually set back ~180 feet
leaving an area nearer the river that will accommodate planned river access amenities and the Trail.
We are Thumbing Our Noses At The River is classic propaganda mixing many tools. Who Is
Thumbing? We all love the River and are protecting it. Habitat For DPW Matters.
Other Communities are Reclaiming Their Riverfronts While We Are Destroying Ours is
classic Band Wagon and based upon Card Stacking with Name Calling added in for good
measure. 200 feet is not a huge amount of riverfront and in fact the actual riverfront is being
preserved and used for park purposes. The Garage parking area doubles as a parking area for park
and river visitors who would need a parking area whether the Garage was there or not.
Marvelous Riverside Park is being sacrificed to build the Garage: Card Stacking combined
with Classic Glittering Generality wherein we are given a virtuous dream with no details. Each
of us can dream up the most convincing desirable fantasy that we love the most and therefore we
will go along with NOOR. How do you build a Marvelous Park on a tiny site?
POCD and PMBC rejected building the Garage On The River: Classic Transfer and Card
Stacking. See attached sheet detailing NOOR and PMBCs false Card Stacking propaganda.
Large Industrial Building Endangers the River, Looks Bad is Name Calling and Card
Stacking which brings all the negative images of Polluting Riverside Chemical Plants to Mind.
Sewer Plants Dont Stink When Run Properly is Transfer and Card Stacking. Remember
Bill Clintons famous quote--Depends upon what the meaning of the word IS is. They Do Stink.
Composed at No Cost by Lans Perry

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