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He Saved Me by Xenia_Hopps

Isobel Davis will never forget the night she was snatched into an alley and brut
ally raped while a knife was pressed against her throat. She will also never for
get the boy who saved her. But even though he saved her that night, how can he s
ave her from the nightmares that follow, waking her up in the middle of the nigh
t and bringing her to tears.
Robert (Bobby) Slade has always been known as the local badass. Half the teacher
s at the high school want him suspended indefinitely, and the local police know
him by his first name. He has always been bad news. When he saved Isobel that ni
ght the smart, beautiful, head-strong girl that he had secretly admired over the
years had been torn apart and ripped to pieces, and the girl in her place was j
ust a shell of what she once was. But Bobby will stop at nothing to find that gi
rl that he had once admired, and bring her back.
He will save Isobel, even if it meant saving himself too.....
But with a stranger lurking in the shadows,
both those tasks may prove to be more
difficult that either of them had expected.....
[1] He Saved Me Chapter One
Hey everybody. This is my first time up here, I am super rough around the edges,
so just let me know what you think. :)


Chapter One
"No! No, no, no, no, nooo!! Pleeeease!!!"
The last word echoed through my head as I sat up in bed. This was the third time
the dream had woken me up tonight.
Dream. I wish it were a dream....more like a nightmare. Actually, I wish it were
a nightmare, instead of the cold, cruel reality of my life.
A tear escaped my lashes as I rolled over in bed and curled up in a ball, my arm
s tucked protectively into my abdomen as the memories of that night came floodin
g back to me again........
Three Nights Ago
"Where is he?" I whispered to myself as I walked down the steps of the Brooks Co
unty Library. I had just finished a study session with my best friend Alice, and
my head was pounding. It seems to always do that when we get together to do sch
ool work. We'd meet up at her house, my house, or the library as the case is ton
ight. I'd bring my books, and she'd have forgotten hers. I'd pull out my notes,
and she'd pull out her cell phone. I'd begin to study, and she'd begin to do any
thing but. And in the end, I'd leave with a headache pounding against my left te

Don't get me wrong, Alice is a smart girl. I don't think she's ever made a grade
below a B in her life, and that's without studying. Imagine the damage she coul
d do to my ego if she actually cracked open a book. I know she could do so much
better if she'd just apply herself. I sound like a parent don't I?
Yeah I know. Blame it on my dad. He's always been strict about school. "Isobel,
you won't get anywhere in life if you don't know how to shut down all your obsta
cles with you intellect." Lame, I know, but it has stuck with me since he first
said it to me when I was in the third grade.
As I stepped onto the sidewalk, I looked both ways down the somewhat deserted st
reet, hoping to see the headlights of my dad's truck. Nothing but the tail light
s of an old Nissan Maxima looked back at me. This is something I hate about livi
ng in a small town. It's too empty and quiet at night. I find security in people
and noise, so to be alone on a deserted street put me on edge.
I checked my cell phone and realized that it was 9:00. My dad was 30 minutes lat
That's nothing new to me, hence my walking out of the library late, but I just h
ate to wait.
Tonight was Thursday, a school night, and I have a test tomorrow in Anatomy. I p
ressed my dad's speed dial and put the phone to my ear and waited.
After several rings, his voice mail kicked on. "You have reached the voice mailb
ox of...."
"Daddy, we've been done for thirty minutes, where are you? Alice has already gon
e; otherwise I'd catch a ride with her. Call me when you're on your way. Love yo
u, bye." With a sigh, I sat on a bench and looked both ways again. Now the road
was completely deserted and a street lamp flickered across the street.
After twenty minutes, I called dad again, but I just got the voice mail. Defeate
d, I got up to walk home. I don't live far, but the dark makes me nervous. It al
ways has. My greatest fear is the unknown, that's why I try to learn as much as
possible. And no matter which way you cut it, no one knows what lurks in the sha
dows at night.
With a heavy heart, I turned in the direction of home and began to walk swiftly,
checking behind me every five steps. I turned onto 2nd Street at the end of the
road, making a right. Still keeping a constant eye behind me, but the closer I
got to home, the lighter my heart became, and the safer I felt. I can't believe
daddy forgot me. No doubt, he's dozing on the couch in front of the TV, complete
ly oblivious to the fact that his 17 year old daughter is walking darks streets
This is why I wanted a car. Alice and I had hinted, asked, and downright begged
daddy to get me a car last month for my birthday which was a month away now, and
he had always replied, "If I get you a car now, what will I get you for graduat
ion?" without fail.
I contemplated the guilt trip I was going to send him on when I got home. In my
mind, I already had him packed and ready to go; all I had to do was give him the
"Aaahhh---mmm!!!!!" My heart, my brain, and my breathing stopped as I was pulled
behind a building and a hand quickly slapped over my mouth and nose, disabling

any sounds of alarm that might have escaped.

I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I failed to see the man dressed in black,
leaning against the abandoned food mart until it was too late. He blended in wel
l with the shadows, and my eyes were too busy darting behind me to look slightly
to my right. On some subconscious level, I'd seen his teeth gleaming in the dar
kness, but I had dismissed it as a reflection without a second thought.
"Don't move...." his deep, rough voice whispered next to my ear as I felt the co
ld edge of a knife's blade graze over the flesh at my neck.
That was the moment that my heart picked up, beating twice as fast as normal, an
d almost causing me to pass out. "Mmmmmmhmmmhmm!!!!!" I mumbled against his hand
. Tasting the dirty, salty flesh there.
"Shut up!!!" he replied. His words were barely a whisper, but they echoed in my
head. "Now I'm gonna move my hand, but if you scream, I'm gonna slice your littl
e neck from ear to ear, ya hear?"
I didn't move or make a sound...
"Ya hear?!?!" he raised his voice slightly.
What was I supposed to do? I thought, pure hatred reflecting in my eyes. He had
told me to shut up, but I couldn't nod my head for fear that the blade he unknow
ingly had pressed against my carotid artery would slip through my skin and end m
y life before I got the chance to fight for it.
Noticing my dilemma, he laughed. "Oh you hear me, don't ya?" He pressed the knif
e slightly and slid it along my now pale skin as he removed his other hand from
my mouth.
Involuntarily, a low whimper escaped my throat before I could stop myself. "Plea
se..." I whispered. "Please just let me go!" And an evil snicker was the only re
ply I got. It was then that I noticed the smell of alcohol that I had been too f
rightened and surprised to notice before. He was DRUNK?!?
"Pretty girl like you shoulda known better than to be wonderin the streets after
dark," he replied. "How I figure it, you don't want me to let you go. Ain't tha
t right?"
My eyes widened at the stupidity of his logic. 'Why would anyone want a dirty, d
runk old man to snatch them into a dark alley while walking at night?' I thought
to myself.
"Ain't that right?" he whispered again, as his hand crept to my abdomen and slid
At that precise moment, I realized that he hadn't asked for money. As a matter o
f fact, he hadn't snatched my purse, my backpack, or my cellphone. But his hands
hadn't broken contact with some part of my body since he had grabbed me, and th
e hand that had stifled my mouth was now roughly pulling my shirt apart at my br
easts. And I felt the evidence of his excitement against my lower back.
That's when I fought. Fear, terror, and shock had kept me obedient, but I'd rath
er die than to be raped. My right leg raised and my foot came down on his dirty
work boots, followed immediately by my elbow digging into his ribcage.
"Oof!!" he grunted, clutching his ribs in surprised pain. And I took my chance.
Pushing him, I sprinted toward the mouth of the ally, only then realizing how fa

r he had dragged me out of sight of any car that might pass.

My heart now beating triple time, and my breathing coming in short pants, I look
ed behind me. I hated that I couldn't resist that action. You know how in the mo
vies, every time a girl is running from the bad guy, when she looks back, she fa
lls? I always hated that girl. Why look back? Why look back at the one object, c
reature, or person that terrifies you most in that moment? But I did. I couldn't
take not knowing if I was being chased or not, so I looked back. And I fell....
After that, it was like everything happened in slow motion. I registered that my
attacker had fully recovered from my attempt to fight back and was advancing to
ward me with an angry scowl on his face. I hit the pavement with a hard thump, a
nd after that, the world blurred around me and turned to blackness.

When my brain caught up with what my eyes were seeing, the greatest terror I hav
e ever felt gripped my soul. His dark figure hovered above me, and I saw that hi
s head was bent, concentrating on his actions. I lifted my own head to see what
was happening, and the world started to spin around me.
My attacker had pulled my pants down to my ankles and ripped my shirt open and w
as now sliding his knife down the very center of my abdomen, and I watched as a
blood slowly oozed down the path he had made.
"Wha-What are you doing?!?!"
That's when he looked at my face again with that same evil grin. "I'm glad you'r
e awake darlin'. This wouldn't be no fun with you passed out. But it was the bes
t thing you coulda done though...runnin away like that. I couldn't have planned
that one better myself." He grinned again and said in a deathly whisper. "Don't
He placed his knife on the oily concrete next to my head, and I watched as his h
ands unfastened his own jeans and released the zipper. I tried to fight again, b
ut every time I moved, the world would begin spinning around me again, and I'd f
eel my consciousness was slipping away.
He pushed his pants down until they stopped at the knees, and then hovered above
"No! No, no, no, no, nooo!! Pleeeease!!!" the sound came out as a high pitched w
himper that I could hardly recognize, and I squeezed my legs together to hold hi
m off. That's when he picked up his knife again and pressed it against my throat
once more.
With a concentrated expression on his face, he said, "Open up now. Don't be a ba
d girl. I don't wanna hurt ya; I wanna make ya feel good." I could now feel him
pressed against my thighs with his knee spreading my legs apart. And no matter h
ow hard I tried, I couldn't keep him off. My exhausted thigh muscles eventually
gave up against the pressure he was exerting, and his expression changed to one
of triumph.
I've never had sex before, but I've heard stories about it. Kids at my school ca
n't seem to get enough of it. I remember Alana, a girl in my health class tellin
g me how much pleasure she had experienced with her boyfriend. And right now, I
hate her.

What he did next pushed my body off center, and all I could feel was pain. Wave
after wave of never ending pain ripped my heart and soul apart as he used my bod
y for his own pleasure. And all I could do was cry.
"Daaaaaaaddyyyyyyy!!! DAAAAADDYYYYY!!!" I screamed for my daddy as the tears soa
ked the hair at my temples. He needed to hear me, he had to hear me. "NO, no, no
, no.... Please! Get off!!!! Get oooooff!!!!"
I watched my attacker as his movements became sporadic and his eyes
e back of his head, and all I wanted in the whole world was for him
closed my eyes and pictured myself home in my bed. I had never gone
ry. I had decided to do my homework at home instead, and my dad had
to my room to tell me goodnight.

rolled to th
to leave. I
to the libra
just come in

HEY!!!" the sound of a familiar deep, angry voice pulled me from my fantasy. "Wh
at the hell are you doing!?!?!"

[2] He Saved Me Chapter Two
Chapter Two
The sound of my alarm clock pulled me from the horrid memory and I rolled over i
n bed to silence it. Six o'clock...time for school.
I didn't want to go. Didn't want to have to deal with my teachers, my friends...
.my rescuer. Especially my rescuer. I hadn't spoken to him since that night.....
Three Nights Ago...Again
"What the HELL are you doing?!?!"
Who was that? Where have I heard that voice before? Before I could ponder this a
ny longer, the newcomer's silhouette flashed to my side and pulled my attacker a
way before he had time to get up and run.
I watched him as he pushed my attacker up against the wall of the building and h
ammered him with his fists. Somewhere in the struggle to the wall, the knife had
dropped to the concrete, so my attacker was defenseless, tucking his elbows to
his sides and his fists to his temples to block most of the blows.
I tried to raise myself from the concrete and the action caused a cramp between
my legs. I whimpered in pain, and my rescuer turned to me with a concerned look
on his face.
"Bobby?" his name escaped my lips in a choked, bewildered whisper. I could hardl
y see him before in the darkness, but when he turned his head, his face was clea
rly visible in the moonlight. No. I had to be mistaken. Bobby Slade would not be
helping me. I had insulted him on many occasions, openly speaking against him a
nd everything he represents. Just last year I had caught him and his friends smo

king behind the school gym and turned him in. He was arrested because of me; the
re was no way he would charge to my rescue against a man holding a weapon. But i
t was him...
A series of looks crossed his face and made my heart turn over in my chest. Conc
ern, rage, terror, pity. It was the pitying look that had a direct affect on me,
and a tidal wave of emotions pierced my heart. The tears that had somehow stopp
ed during the surprise of seeing Bobby attack my attacker returned tenfold and g
ut-wrenching sobs choked me, making it impossible to breathe.
"Iso--SHIT!" While Bobby was distracted, my attacker had snaked down the wall to
retrieve his weapon and escaped back into the shadows.
Bobby's POV
I had heard her screaming, and even over the quiet rumble of my truck, I knew wh
o that terror-filled voice belonged to. 'Isobel?' my brain screamed at me, 'That
's Isobel!'.
"NO, no, no, no....Please! Get off!!!! Get ooooooff!!!!!" her voice echoed throu
gh the alleyways, bouncing off each building until it made its way to the back o
f the grocery store my F-250 was parked at. Someone was hurting her!
My feet barely touched the ground as I sprinted into the darkness to follow her
voice, leaving the door open and the keys in the ignition. The desperation in h
er tone made me throw caution to the wind. If someone wanted the truck, they cou
ld have it.
I slowed in the darkness when I didn't hear her voice anymore. "Come on Isobel,
where are you?" I whispered as I glanced through every opening in my attempt to
find her.
I stopped at the corner a bank when I heard the deep grunts of a man's voice. NO
! I peered into the darkness, walking further into it. He moaned.
"HEY!!!" my brain didn't want to register what I was seeing. I stood there, feet
frozen to the concrete, refusing to believe it. "What the hell are you doing?!?
'Raping her, you idiot!" my brain screamed at me, and almost as soon as I regist
ered the truth of that statement, I had the son of a bitch up against the wall.
I was going to kill him. My fists connected with his jaw several times before he
brought his owns fists up to block me. The fucking coward was too shocked to ev
en fight me back. I raised my knee up to his torso and heard his breath spew fro
m his mouth before he hunched over and brought his elbows down to protect himsel
f from further blows. He really wasn't going to fight back. Fine. I reached behi
nd me under my shirt for my semi-automatic Glock 19, ready to empty all 15 round
s into the sick bastard's gut.
Before I could wrap my fingers around the familiar coolness of the weapon, I hea
rd Isobel whimper, and I froze. When I turned, we locked eyes, and I watched her
s widen.
"Bobby?" she whispered. I could tell she was surprised to see me. She thought I
didn't like her. I could almost see the wheels turning in her head as she tried
to piece this scene together and make since of my presence.

As I gazed at her, I noticed the blood leaking from a cut on her head and anothe
r cut going down her stomach, and I wanted to go to her. That was my initial rea
ction. Concern. But the longer I looked, the more pissed I got, and the rage too
k over as I felt my hand reaching behind me again. I didn't want her to see me d
o this. I really didn't, but I had to. I opened my mouth to tell her to close he
r eyes when I felt the fucker slip from my grasp. "Iso--SHIT!"
I heard his running footsteps echoing down the alleyway in the darkness, but I
idn't see anything. I wanted to run after him, but I was torn between bringing
im down and helping Izzy. I couldn't leave her hear all alone. God DAMMIT!!! I
ulled my Glock and let off a few rounds into the darkness anyway, just praying
hat I hit the son of a bitch. I hadn't even gotten the chance to see his face!


She let out an alarmed scream, and I found myself feeling guilty for frightening
"Isobel?" I said as I ran to her side. When I touched her, she flinched away so
I tucked the gun into the holster under my shirt again and held my hands up. "It
's okay baby, I won't hurt you. I could never hurt you!" I couldn't help the emo
tion that came to my voice as I tried to reassure her. This side of me wasn't su
pposed to exist. The side that could feel.
To the world, this side didn't exist. It had died 8 years ago when my dad left m
e and my pregnant mom to take care of ourselves because he had fallen for his fu
cking secretary. The same day that my mom had been so grief stricken that she ha
d run into the street after a man who had just told her that he didn't love her
anymore and gotten struck by a passing car, losing my unborn baby sister in the
No. To the world, this side of me was long gone. But inside, I could never deny
the things this beautiful, hazel eyed angel made me feel, and tonight I didn't h
ave it in me to fight it. Not when she was battered and abused the way she was n
"Izzy I need you to listen to me. Can you hear me?"
I watched her try to speak, but her voice came out a hoarse whisper, so she nodd
ed instead.
"Babe, I'm not going to hurt you, but I have to get you out of here. My truck i
s just a couple blocks down there," I said, pointing in the direction that I kne
w my truck was parked, "I'm gonna pick you up and carry you okay?"
She didn't speak, just wrapped her harms around my neck as I tucked one arm unde
r her knees and the other around her back and pushed myself to my feet. She bare
ly weighed anything, but I still almost staggered at the feel of her in my arms.
We both remained silent as I stuck to the shadows, carrying her back to my truc
k. I didn't want anyone passing to see the blood stains on her torn shirt or the
fact that she didn't have on anything else. I breathed a sigh of relief when I
heard the familiar rumble of my truck, still in the same spot that I had left it
. I should have known that no one would be stupid enough to steal my truck. The
last person who had crossed me was still nursing a couple broken ribs and a frac
tured skull. And he'd gotten off easy.
After I had made it to my truck and opened the door from her, I placed her caref
ul on the passenger seat and pulled my arms from around her but she held tighter
, refusing to let go. She whimpered under her breath.

I rubbed her back kind of awkwardly, trying the soothe her the best I could. "Is
obel? Come on babe, you have to let go. I need to get you to the hospital."
"No!!!" she almost screamed, making me flinch. "No! I can't go to the hospital!
No one can know about this!!!"
My heart turned over in my chest. What the hell? "Yes, Izzy. You have to go to t
he hospital. And we have to call the police, but that bastard is too far gone!"
"Bobby please!" she sobbed against my chest and I looked down at her, torn on wh
at I should do for the second time tonight. "Please! I don't want anyone to know
about this, it's humiliating!!!"
I watched her panic, tears pouring down her face and soaking my already blood st
ained t-shirt. "Okay, okay! Calm down..." I patted her on the back a couple of t
imes. "Calm down. Where do you want to go Iz?"
"Home," she whispered with her eyes closed.
I stood there for several more minutes, in a silent debate with myself about wha
t I should do. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to get her to the hospital a
nd have her taken care of. But I knew what I was going to do. She would hate me
if I took her there against her will. I sighed as I pried her arms from around m
y neck. "Fine," I muttered before I shut her door and made my way around the tru
ck and into the driver's seat.
"Bobby," I heard her whisper as I pulled out of the parking lot and onto the emp
ty street.
"Thanks," she said before her head slumped back and her breathing deepened.
I didn't bother to respond, she wouldn't hear me anyway.
It didn't take me long to get to her house and help her to her front door, but o
nce we got there, she looked lost and confused. "What is it?" I asked.
"My keys." she cried. "They were in my jeans."
"Well is there a spare anywhere?" I asked, looking around for anything out of th
e ordinary. Before she answered, I noticed a flower put that didn't have a flowe
r in it. Keeping my hold on her, I reached down and let my fingers sift through
the soil until they locked around the metal of the extra key. Her eyes widened a
s I unlocked the door.
"How did you....?" she started, but I interrupted her.
"You don't want to know." I placed her on her feet carefully inside the doorway.
"Look Isobel. I want you to get to your room and take care of yourself. I'll go
back for your jeans and keys. I'll be back tomorrow to check on you alright?" s
he didn't answer so I had to repeat myself until she nodded. "I'm going to put t
his key back. Make sure and lock this door behind me." she nodded again, and I p
ulled the door shut and stood there until I heard the lock turn. I shoved the ke
y back into the pot of soil and sprinted back to my truck.
"I just hope that bastard is still out there." I said as I pulled the Glock back
out of its holster and sped back in the direction that I had just come.

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[3] He Saved Me Chapter Three
Chapter Three
Isobel's POV
"Isobel?! Did you hear me?"
The sound of Alice's voice was really starting to get on my nerves. It was Monda
y, and we were sitting in our usual corner of the loud and crowded lunchroom at
Brooks County High. No, I hadn't heard her, but it wasn't hard to guess what she
had been saying. Ever since the moment that she had picked me up for school thi
s morning she had been nagging me incessantly about my missing classes on Friday
"Look I told you I was sick." I was unable to keep the impatient tone from my vo
ice when I spoke to her before looking back down at my hands. I really hadn't wa
nted to come to school today, but since I had in fact been absent from class on
Friday, I knew that it would be stupid to miss Monday as well if I didn't want a
nyone asking questions. All of my instructors had easily accepted the excuse tha
t I was sick on Friday and that was the reason that I had not attended. Since I
have never missed a day of school ever before, they all seemed to believe me wit
hout a doctor's note. Plus, I guess it only helped my claim of being sick that m
y eyes were bloodshot and sunken in with a grey/purple hue to them that no amoun
t of Cover Girl could cover up.
"No Isobel," Alice said, sounding a little wounded that I had snapped at her. "I
--that's not what I was asking about..."
I looked up and sighed, feeling guilty for putting that offended look in her eye
s. "I'm sorry Al. I'm just distracted today. I really have been sick all weekend
, and I was just thinking about the Anatomy test that I missed." I lied, which m
ade me feel even guiltier.
"Oh yea, about that--there he goes again!!" she said, sounding exasperated. "See
that's what I was asking earlier!" she gestured with her head.
I could feel my face scrunch up as I looked at her with a bewildered expression.
What was she talking about? "What?" I asked.
"Why does Bobby Slade keep staring at you?" she asked in a confused tone, yet so
mehow sounding accusatory at the same time. She gestured with her head again, an
d my head snapped up.
I searched for a second before my eyes locked with his ice blue gaze. He looked
confused...conflicted; like he was battling with himself on what to do.
As I stared back at him, my mind jumped back to the last time I had gazed into t
hat hard glare. He had been so torn on whether to ignore me and take me to the h
ospital against my will or to just do as I asked. I had never seen Bobby unsure
before that night. I don't think he meant to or even noticed it, but Bobby had b
een glaring at me that night too. I don't think he liked being unsure. It must h
ave been as new to him as it was to me. I knew why he was glaring now though.

Bobby had come back to my house on Friday morning to check on me just like he ha
d promised, and I had ignored him. I remember lying in bed and listening to him
bang on the door after my dad had left for work. I had wanted so badly to let hi
m in, but I couldn't move. My mind was trapped in the past, on that night, reliv
ing those events over and over. It had been an hour before he finally gave up an
d left, and I had stayed in that same spot, sobbing into my pillow.
I could feel my eyes glaze over with fresh tears now as I stared at Bobby and re
It was at that moment that Bobby jumped up from his seat and started across the
lunchroom toward me with a determined look on his face. My heart stopped beating
for what seemed like forever before it resumed at an impossibly fast pace. Tear
s were pouring now, and I was relieved that Alice hadn't taken her eyes off of B
obby to see me break down.
"He's coming over!" she screeched, still not tearing her gaze away.
I ignored her, again becoming slightly irritated with the sound of her voice. To
my impatient mind it took Bobby an eternity to make it over to me, but when he
was there, he didn't even break his stride; just grabbed my hand and pulled me a
way, and I was grateful to him for getting me out of there before someone witnes
sed my breakdown.
Bobby's POV
I had been, for lack of a better word, shocked to see Isobel at school today. I'
d seen her as soon as I walked into the lunchroom; sitting at her normal table w
ith her friend Alice yapping nonstop beside her as usual. But Isobel wasn't list
ening I could tell. She had a far away look in her eyes, and even with an entire
room between us I could see the pain that lived there.
I made my way to my seat without going through the lunch line. I had lost my app
etite the minute I had set eyes on her. Why would she be back at school so soon?
Is she trying to torture herself?
At that moment I watched her head jerk up at something Alice had said and her ey
es scanned the room until they locked with mine. Her hazel eyes seemed to be mor
e of a dull gray today, or maybe it was just my imagination playing tricks on me
from across the room. She looked almost lifeless; like she was barely holding o
n. As her gaze held mine prisoner, I watched the pain flash in an out of her eye
s and it took everything in me not to get up and go to her. She held me trapped
for what seemed like forever in her stare. My boys had already joined me at the
table and were having some kind of debate on what it would take to get Amber Moo
re into bed. I only half heard them as I watched Isobel's eyes glaze over with t
ears. She looked panicked, but her eyes still didn't leave mine. She was going t
o break down!
I knew this girl better than I should have. Certainly better than I would admit
to anyone being that to the public eye, even to her, we were sworn enemies since
the fifth grade. Before then we had been friends. Before my father...
But I had been watching her for years. Her strength, her determination, her prid
e...there was no way she could break in front of these people. I jumped up from
my seat and rushed toward her. I had to get her out of here before it happened.
Tears were falling unchecked down her cheeks now, but not even her friend notice
d. I ran the rest of the distance to her and lifted her from her seat by her sho

ulders and half carried her, half drug out of the nearest exit. I didn't stop un
til we rounded several corners of the school building and were out of sight of a
nyone who would happen to pass by.
The sun was beaming down on us as I set her completely on her feet and let her t
ry and get control of herself. Dry sobs wracked her body as she doubled over, le
aning her hands on her knees. I patted her back awkwardly and whispered words to
her that my pride wouldn't allow me to listen to. She stood straight up and wra
pped her arms around my neck as she continued to weep into my shoulder.
My hand trembled as I held the back of her head and pressed her face deeper into
my chest, trying to lend her some of my strength. "Isobel, why would you come h
ere so soon? This is too much too soon!" I whispered urgently into her hear as I
stroked her soft, almost black hair with my still trembling fingers. "Why?"
"Bobby," she choked as she drew in several deep breaths to try and calm herself.
"Shh baby...shh." I said quietly as I pulled back and looked at her. She was so
beautiful. Even with her swollen, blotchy face, she put other girls to shame. "C
alm down."
Surveying the rest of her, I cataloged the extent of the injuries given to her d
uring her struggle Thursday night. There was a small, swollen knot on her forehe
ad which had previously been covered by a set of bangs that didn't usually fall
onto Isobel's face, so I knew that she had only been trying to conceal the wound
. There was also a scratch going down her right jaw which I could only assume ap
peared during the struggle. Looking down at her neck, I could see that a deep ga
sh was peeking from the top of her high-collared shirt.
I really wanted to find that bastard who had done this to her and kill him. When
I had returned to the ally way that night, there was no sign that anyone had ev
er been there accept for Izzy's dark blue jeans that had been discarded during t
he attack. I had raced through the dark, looking for any signs that would lead m
e back to him, but the only thing I found was a small pool of blood on the lid o
f a trashcan behind Jonathon's Caf. It could have belonged to anyone, but I remem
bered the wild shots I had fired into the darkness behind him and prayed again t
hat I at least one bullet had hit him. Maybe he was somewhere dead. Maybe he was
in a hospital somewhere, fighting for his life. Or maybe I had missed him altog
ether and he was out somewhere, planning to do this to another girl....
It really didn't matter where he was, I was going to find him, and if he wasn't
dead, he would breathe his last breath in my presence. I have always had friends
on the inside of the police station...that's how I had avoided doing time for t
his long. Friends that had known my bastard dad before he'd left. They would hel
p me find the prick, and keep their mouths shut after he disappeared.
"Bobby?" Izzy had stopped crying and her voice pulled me from my violent thought
s. I looked at her and there was fear in her eyes as she looked at me. I had let
her see my anger, and she thought it was aimed at her no doubt.
"Don't worry baby. I will find the son of a bitch who did this to you, and he WI
LL pay. I'll kill him myself!"
Isobel's POV
The look in his eyes told me that he meant every word he said, and I felt so gui
lty and selfish because I knew that I should be against Bobby murdering someone

for me. The cops should be handling this, not an 18 year old boy who had already
been spiraling head-first down his own destructive path for the past 8 years. B
ut I wanted that man to pay, and the police couldn't make that happen as well as
Bobby could. I knew that without having to ask. Like I said, the look in Bobby'
s eyes at that moment said it all. The pure hatred that had gripped my heart sin
ce last Thursday night mirrored in Bobby Slade's eyes as he assured me that he w
as willing to commit murder for me.
"You promise?" I whispered nervously.
"Oh I guarantee it!" he said right before the bell sounded to signal the end of
lunch. "Now come on, I'm taking you home." he grabbed my hand and pulled me towa
rd the student parking lot.
[4] He Saved Me Chapter Four
Chapter Four
Bobby's POV
The sound of the door slamming filled the foyer as I dropped my keys on a table
and ran upstairs. I had spent the last three hours with Isobel at her house as s
he slept. Nightmares had her tossing and turning and she even screamed once, mak
ing my blood run cold. I had sat in her desk chair and watched helpless as she c
ried out in her sleep, unable to leave her until it was absolutely necessary. He
r dad had just been unlocking the front door as I had slipped out the glass door
s in the den downstairs.

"Robert? Honey is that you?" my mom called from the kitchen and I paused on the
second floor landing.

"Mom, don't call me that!" Robert is my father's name. I used to be so proud to

say that. When I was a kid, all I wanted was to be just like him. I was going to
grow up and go to college, and one day be an important business man who wears a
suit everyday; just like him. But he had ruined that. I shook the bitter memori
es from my head and walked down the hall. Just as my hand touched the door knob
to my room, I heard my mother's voice again. It sounded closer this time and I g
uessed she was at the base of the steps.

"Bobby can you come down here please?"

I turned around and went to lean over the banister. "What?" I asked, trying to s
ound as impatient as possible.

"I said come down here!" she snapped, pointing at me from her position below. Th
e look in her eyes made it seem like she was trying to be intimidating, and I kn
ew then that Sharon Slade meant business today.

Oh no. What is it this time?

The last time my mom had cornered me right after school was a year ago when she
had found my safe in my room. It wouldn't have been a problem had I not forgotte
n to close and lock it before school that morning. But I had, and she had found
the near seventy-five thousand dollars in emergency cash that I had stashed insi
de along with some other things that she definitely didn't agree with her son be
ing in possession of. She had demanded to know where I had gotten the money from
and how long I had had it. I had refused to answer her then, just as I would ke
ep quiet now. Whatever this was about...

I bounded down the stairs and stopped next to her. "Yea?" I asked, maintaining t
he irritated tone that usually made her back off.

"The school called....." she crossed her arms over her chest and stared at me, s
howing me that she wasn't backing off this time.

"And....?" I leaned against the arm of a chair that decorated the foyer, pretend
ing nonchalance. Oh shit! I thought to myself.

"And they said that you left school early today! Where were you Robert?" she dem
anded. Her voice was steadily rising, and I knew she was close to yelling at me.

"Mom, don't call me Robert!" I said quickly. "Anyway, I don't think it's the sch
ool's business where I go after I am no longer on the premises." I stood from th
e arm of the chair and walked back to the kitchen and looked in the cabinets unt
il I found a bag of cheese puffs. Opening the bag, I pulled myself onto the coun
ter top and began to devour the bag quickly. I had skipped lunch today.

"Get your ass off my counter top! And it may not be the school's business, but i
t is definitely your mother's business where you were, ROBERT!!" she snatched th
e bag from my hand and threw it onto the counter behind her. "Where were you?" s
he repeated.

I slid to my feet and retrieved the bag. Her questions were bringing images of I
sobel into my head. But I couldn't tell her about that. "It doesn't matter mom,
just drop it!"

"Ok it's dropped. But Bobby the school says that today wasn't the first time thi
s month that your attendance has been called into question. The guidance lady sa
y's that this is your third strike and now I have to come in and talk to the pri
nciple if I'm gonna have any hope of you not being suspended! Baby, I thought we
had talked about this. How are you going to get into college if you can't even
take high school seriously?"

"I'm not going to college." I tensed as I waited for the bomb to explode. This w
as the first time I had ever voiced that outside of my head and I knew that she
wouldn't hear of it.

"Oh yes you are!" she nearly screamed. She stared into my eyes, and her brown ey
ed glare collided with my blue one. "You ARE going to college! And you're going
to get an education and you're going to make HONEST money Robert Slade!" She cal
led out my full name just to piss me off.

"But I don't need money, so what's the point in going to college?"

"The point is to do something worth being proud of. What if you have kids one da
y Robert? Don't you want them to be proud of their daddy? To look up to him? To
want to one day grow up to be just like him?" her voice trembled on the last wor

"That's bull shit mom! I used to look up to my dad. To want to one day grow up t
o be just like him. Now look at me. Look what he did to us. To you! Mom, you cou
ldn't have any kids now if you tried, and that bastard did that to you! He's not
worth looking up to and he went to college. I would rather die than to be like
him! He practically murdered my little sister, and you let him!" I regretted my
words before I even said them. I knew they would hurt her. I had watched mom hur
t a lot over the years, and this time it was my fault. But it was like the words
had to be said.

I didn't even feel the slap. The only reason I knew that she had hit me was beca
use of the look in her eyes and the fact that the force of the blow and caused m
y head to rotate to the right.

"You're grounded! Give me your phone!" she demanded. Before I could even respond
, she had snatched my cell phone from its clip on my belt and turned around to e
xit the kitchen. I was slow to react, but when I did, I followed her upstairs to
my room. I stood in the doorway and watched her as she stormed around my room,
throwing my belongings into a box.

"Mom?" I started hesitantly.

"Shut up!" she snapped. "For two weeks, you will not use a phone, a computer, a
laptop! You will not watch a TV!" as she screamed, she snatched my laptop off th
e bed and threw it into the box along with my iPod and iPad. She crossed the roo
m to my computer desk and snatched the power cord from the back of the desktop c
omputer. By the time she was finished, every electronic item in my room was in t
hat damned box!

"I need my computer for school!" I lied. I didn't need my computer for school wo
rk, but she didn't know that.

"Well you can use your computer. For school work! For three hours a day after sc
hool, under my supervision, you may use your computer for school and school alon
e!" She shouted.

Frustration threatened to snap me in half. "I am not a kid ma! I don't need adul
t supervision to use my own computer! I am an adult!!!"

"Well son, if you don't want me to treat you like a kid, you had better stop act
ing like one damned fast!!! You are going to have to change a lot about yourself
before I start to see you as the responsible adult that I know you could be! An
d you have two weeks to get started!"

"Mom..." I started again, falling down onto my bed. "Don't you think you're over

"Over reacting," she muttered. "I'll show you over reacting." And with a tight g
rip on the box, she exited my room. I heard her heavily stumble down the stairs
from my position on the edge of my bed. It wasn't until I heard the faint jingle
of keys that my eyes bucked and I ran after her again. I made it back to the fo
yer just in time to see her snatch the keys to my truck and the keys to my Audi
A7 and throw them into the box along with the rest of my life.

"YOU CAN'T TAKE MY CAR MOM!" I yelled. "I paid for that! You only have the right
to take the truck!!!"

"See that's where you're wrong honey! As your

anything I damned well please!!! You will not
you to school at seven thirty and I will pick
eeks! When you are not at school, you will be

mother, I have the right the take

drive!" she recited. "I will take
you up at three o'clock. For two w
in this house! I will give you you

r things in two weeks!" when she was done, she stormed down the hallway and into
her downstairs office, slamming the door behind her.

I stared at the solid oak door of several moments while I wrapped my mind around
what had just happened. I needed my phone. I couldn't believe that mom had done
all of this just because of school. All the bad things I had done over the year
s, and she'd turned a blind eye to it, but saying that I didn't intend to go to
college sent her into a blind rage.

But I couldn't accept the terms she had given of being grounded. What if Isobel
needed me? I needed my car, and I needed my phone. But mom needed time to cool o
ff. Until then, I would have to work out a temporary situation.

I ran down to the basement and grabbed some cash from my safe. I'd have a new ph
one and a temporary car by the end of the day.


Isobel's POV

I woke up to the sound of my cell phone ringing. I knew who it was without calle
r ID. Alice had had the same ringtone for the past three years. "Hello" I answer
ed hoarsely as I sat up in bed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. A quick glance a
t the clock on my bedside table told me that it was seven thirty.

"What the hell happened to you today? Are you okay? Where did you go with Bobby

And here we go again!

I thought to myself before answering; lying. "Bobby needed to ask me a favor. To

help him with an English paper. I think he was too embarrassed to ask me in fro
nt of you. As to where we went, I wasn't feeling so good, so he took me home. I
think it might have been something I ate. My stomach hasn't been feeling too ste
ady for a couple of days now." at least that part wasn't a lie

"Oh." She seemed to accept that answer without question, thank God. "Well I was
trying to say something to you today at lunch before he so rudely interrupted! I
mean, who does that?!?!" she asked incredulously.

"Sorry Alice. I don't think that Bobby follows the same rules the the rest of so
ciety is imprisoned to. What's up though? What did you want to tell me?"

"Just what I told to Mr. Schneider last Friday about your Anatomy exam. I explai
ned how you and me had studied and that you must have been sick to miss a test d
ay. He understood completely and rescheduled your test day for this Friday after
school. He said to tell you that it would be a little more difficult because he
was going against policy in order to allow you a make-up, but he's sure you wil
l do exceptionally as usual." It really didn't seem like Alice had stopped to ta
ke a breath at all during her little speech.

"Oh my gosh Al, thank you! This will take a real load off my shoulders." An exam
in Anatomy was the least of my worries right now, but I really was grateful to
my best friend for going to the trouble for me before even knowing the facts of
the story.

"No problem Iz!" she cleared her throat and I heard her shuffle around as though
she were trying to find a more comfortable position. "But how are you feeling h
un? It sounds like you'd been sleeping?"

"Yea I was sleeping. But I guess I'm fine now, you know. Just still a little wea
k. And my stomach is still unsettled. But I'll take some Pepto before I lay down
tonight. So what's new today?"

"OH!" Alice squealed on the other end of the line and I could practically see he
r curled into a ball with a wide smile on her face. Another story about a boy wa
s coming soon I was sure. "Dylan Evans asked me out!" she squealed again.

"I thought you were seeing Jeremy?" I said.

"Oh Jeremy and I broke up Saturday. He cancelled our date that day, so I went to
Sara Jensen's house party instead. Well I guess he wasn't counting on that surp
rise, because there he was making out with Tish Summers on their living room cou
ch!" her last words held disgust. "I called you all day yesterday to talk about
it, but you didn't answer. But I didn't know you were sick. Anyways, Dylan asked
me out, and of course I accepted. He's only the hottest guy on the swim team!"
she giggled and squealed again.

I was not even almost in the mood to listen to Alice go on and on about this lat
est boy, but I couldn't think of any way out of it.

"--so he asked about having our date this Friday, but I can't do that because it
's Katherine Taylor's birthday party. So we decided on Saturday instead, and I h
onestly can't wait. But what do I wear?"

BEEP! Call waiting beeped in my ear and I pulled the phone from my ear to see wh
o it was. Bobby? "Alice? Alice, let me call you back. Call waiting." I explained
before she could question my interrupting and answered the other line. "Hello?"

"Hey Iz. Just calling to check on you. Are you alright? Do you need anything? I'
m in the neighborhood." His deep voice jumped quickly from one question to anoth
er and I could tell that he was worried about me. I still didn't understand this
change in our relationship. Bobby and I hadn't gotten along in years, and now a
ll of a sudden, he was my knight in shining armor at every corner. I didn't know
whether to be flattered or extremely weirded out. I chose flattered.

"No I'm fine. My stomach's a little queasy, but I think we have something for th
at in the medicine cabinet. I should be okay by morning."

"Good! Well I had planned on offering you a ride to school in the morning, that
is if you were planning on going, but my mom grounded me." he chucked in bewilde
rment after that statement.

"Grounded?" I laughed. "Bobby Slade is grounded by mommy?" I teased, not really

sure if I was overstepping any boundaries by doing so, but still feeling comfort
able enough with our new friendship to try it. "Why are you grounded?"

"Oh you have jokes?" he laughed loudly before quieting down again. "But I was gr
ounded for leaving school early today." he explained.

My smile dropped. "Oh, that's my fault! I'm so sorry!! Do you want me to call he
r and explain?" I asked him hesitantly.

"No, no! Everything's going to be fine. She just needs some time to cool off. I'
m sure that would be difficult for you to try and explain things to my mom, and
I don't want to put you in an uncomfortable position. But she took my cell phone
and my car and everything else that I have in terms of entertainment. Plus she'
s informed me that she will take me to and from school each day and I'm not allo
wed to leave the house. I still can't believe she actually did all that. She's n
ever done anything like this before." he chuckled again.

"Well if she took your cell and our car, how are you in my neighborhood? And how

are you talking to me right now?" I asked suspiciously. Bobby had always been a
rebel, but I could see him taking back something that his mom had taken from hi

"Well..." he responded bashfully. "I kind of sneaked out and rented a car, and b
ought a new cell phone. I just can't do without those two things. I'll survive w
ithout the rest for the next two weeks though."

"Two weeks? That's it? My dad grounded me for a month when I got a detention for
one unexcused tardy! But why can't you live without those two things? I mean it
's just two weeks!"

"I just--I need my phone because I never know when I'm gonna be needed...." he s
aid cryptically.

I giggled. "You sound like a member of the mob. Bobby, you're eighteen, who coul
d need you so badly that you can't live without your phone for two weeks?" I cha
llenged him teasingly.

"You." he said quietly.

I felt the smile drop from my face. That was sweet, but it reminded me of why I
would possibly need him and I felt tears sting my eyes. "Oh." I choked.

"Isobel are you okay? I'm sorry if that upset you, but I just--it's just that I'
m the only person that knows about--you know. And I want to be available to you
if you need me. That's why I got the car too."

"No, I'm fine." I whispered. "That answer just caught me by surprise is all. Tha
t's really--that's really sweet." I needed to get off the phone before I started
to cry again. "Listen, I have to go, I'll see you tomorrow at school okay?"

He hesitated before he answered. "Yea okay. But call me if you need anything. I
mean ANYTHING Isobel. Alright?"

"Okay." I hung up the phone before he could say anything else and threw myself b
ack onto my pillows. My life was getting to be so confusing.
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[5] He Saved Me Chapter Five
Picture of Bobby over there ---->
Chapter Five
Isobel's POV
Nine days.
That's how long it's been since that alley, and I still don't know how to deal.
Every day this week has been harder than the one before, even with Bobby constan
tly checking up on me.
My dad has started to ask questions. I can't look at him. We have always been be
st friends, and now, I can't look at him without my own voice ringing in my ears
. Screaming for him. Echoing throughout my mind in my maddening desperation to m
ake him hear me.
I relive that night over and over in my dreams. Sometimes, when I walk out those
library doors, I look up to see his truck parked at the curb, and I happily sau
nter to the driver side door and he let's me drive us home while he reads me fla
sh card notes from the passenger seat.
Other times I still walk home, and when I make it to our front door, he's there
on the other side holding his keys with a boyishly guilty look on his face becau
se he feels so badly for forgetting. And he assures me that he was just about to
leave, all the while apologizing for being so late.
The most common dream is me being snatched into that dark alley. That pervert is
just over me with a triumphant gleam in his eye, and when I scream my daddy's n
ame, he comes barreling around the corner with a crazed look on his face. Ready
to murder anyone who dared to lay a finger on me.
But after each of these dreams, I wake up to a reality that I have never dreamed
of facing...
Daddy wasn't there for me. All the promises that he would always be there when I
needed him were bullshit. At the time that I needed him most, he was lying on a
couch asleep. While his baby's innocence was stripped from her.
I shouldn't blame him for what happened. My brain knows that. But my heart keeps
reliving the terror and disappointment. And all the other emotions I felt that
night. Nine days ago.
Knock knock. "Honey, are you okay in there?" my dad's voice brought me back from
my musings and I rolled over in bed to look at the time. 1:00pm. It was past no
on on a Saturday and I hadn't left my room once. Not even for breakfast.
I rose to a sitting position and got out of bed. "Yea dad, I'm fine. I've been r
eading a book for class and just finished." I still didn't want to face him, so
my mind raced to think of something to do today. "Alice is on her way over now,
and I think we're going to the mall. Is that okay?" I already knew he would say
yes. As I waited for his response, I mentally guessed what Alice would be doing
right now and picked up my phone to call her. Looking down at the screen, I noti
ced that I had three missed calls from her already. The most recent one was an h
our ago. My thumb hovered over the send button as I waited for his reply.

"Yes sweetie, that's fine. Ralph and I are going fishing, so you know what's for
dinner." with that his footsteps echoed as he walked back down the hallway.
I pressed the call button on my phone and listened to it ring on the other end.
Alice picked up on the second ring with an impatient tone. "What is going on Iz?
I've been calling you all morning!"
I sighed as I walked across the room to my dresser and pulled out a t-shirt and
a pair of jeans to slip on. "Sorry Al, my ringer has been switched off since I w
ent to bed last night." It wasn't a lie. "I want to go to the mall. You feel lik
e coming to get me?" I really didn't want to go to the mall, but it was better t
han sitting inside all day alone.
'Mall' was always the magic word with Alice. Even if she didn't have any money,
she could spend hours there just window shopping. "Hell yes! I have to bring the
Jack-o-Lantern though. Mom and dad are out." She sounded disgusted at the prosp
ect of dragging little brother along. Jack and Alice had a sibling love-hate rel
ationship going on. According to her, the 11 year old's entire life purpose was
to torment and torture her. I just always thought that she was lucky to have som
eone besides her parents to spend time with every day.
"It's no problem for me Alice. Just call me when you're on your way." I tossed t
he phone on the bed and got dressed.
I had to get out of here. I had been here at the mall with Alice and Jack for ov
er three hours now.
Not only had I been dragged through each store and forced to try on things I wou
ld never consider wearing, but now Alice had me sitting through a matinee. Norma
lly, I would have been able to deal, but the movie that Alice had insisted on tr
ying out was a sob story that belonged on the Lifetime Movie Network called Stol
en Innocence. The trailer described a story about a girl being drugged and raped
by her boyfriend at a college party. I had protested watching the movie for ten
minutes to no avail. What Alice wants, Alice gets. So I went into the dark thea
ter with her and Jack, determined not to show any signs of distress.
I was doing well until the moment of truth came. As the girl on the movie scream
ed, I was immediately transported through time and space to that night and the s
ounds of the girls screams sounded suspiciously like my own voice now. I looked
around the movie theater and realized that everyone was gone. Alice. Jack. The t
heater itself...disappeared. I was back in that alleyway. The smell of bad breat
h and alcohol mingling with smell of the damp air. I felt the cool edge of the k
nife's blade pressed against my throat again and I let out a small strangled scr
eam and I jumped up from my seat.
"Isobel? Honey are you okay?" I heard Alice's voice beside me and shook the memo
ries from my head.
Thinking quickly, I forced a smile onto my face. "No, I'm fine. Have to you the
restroom. Be right back." I mumbled hurriedly as I shuffled down the row and ont
o the aisle.
As I exited the theater, I pulled my phone from my back pocket and called the on
ly person I could think of to save me from this situation.

Bobby's POV
Being grounded sucks.
I had thought that my mom would have cooled off by now and given be back my stuf
f, but she was holding strong to the notion that I would change my mind about go
ing to college or stay grounded for another week and two days. I know that I cou
ld always lie to her a say I'd changed my ways, but I just couldn't do that. She
was my mom.
I hadn't stepped out of line all week though. I only used my new cell phone to c
ontact Izzy to make sure she was okay, and the borrowed car hadn't moved from it
s spot in the neighbor's driveway since I had gotten it on Monday.
Mom had been serious about taking me to and from school. Every morning she would
knock on my door after her alarm went off and let me know how much time I had t
o get ready. If I was late, she said, that would be another week of being ground
ed. She was pissed.
Right now she was downstairs in the living room watching some law show about a p
sychic or something. I had been down there with her, but the hostility still rad
iating from her was too much so I am now in my room tossing a ball at the ceilin
Being grounded really sucks.
My cell phone buzzed on my bedside table and I rolled over to pick it up. Glanci
ng at the ID I saw that it was Isobel and my heart turned over as I answered, "I
A small gurgling sound escaped before she spoke into the phone. "Bobby," she whi
spered in a voice thick with tears. "I need you to come and get me."
I jumped up from the bed before she said anything else and grabbed my keys from
the dresser. "Okay where are you?"
"The mall."
"I'll be there in ten minutes. Go the main entrance and stay there. Don't move!"
I was out the door and running to the neighbor's driveway before I finished spe
"Okay bye. Thanks Bobby" she said before disconnecting the call.

Driving to the mall was probably the longest ten minutes of my life. I wish I ha
d asked her what was wrong before hanging up the phone. Maybe she had seen that
guy again. Maybe someone else had tried to hurt her. I didn't know. And the pain
of not knowing made me feel suffocated in the confines of the Chevy Impala that
I was driving.
When I got to the main entrance of the mall, she was the first thing I spotted.
She was sitting on a bench with her arms wrapped around her knees that were draw
n up to her chest, her eyes darting around as though she was looking for someone
to attack her.
My tires screeched as I braked and threw the car in park. I opened the driver do
or and jumped from the car and ran to her before I took my next breath. "Isobel?

" she jumped and looked up at me, unshed tears glistening in her eyes. "What hap
She shook her head and stood up. Looking down at her, I was reminded of a small
lost child who had just spotted her parents and knew that everything was going t
o be okay again. I did that for her. My heart grew to twice it's size in that mo
ment and I pulled her into my arms and held her tightly. "It's okay babe. Come o
n, let's get you home." I led her to the car and helped her inside.

I pulled into her driveway twelve minutes later and switched off the ignition. S
he hadn't spoken yet, and it was making me feel uneasy. "Isobel?"
She blinked and looked at me.
"We're at your house. Do you want me to come in with you?"
She blinked again and looked at your house. "No." she croaked and cleared her th
roat. "No." she said again and my heart sank. "Can we go to your house? I don't
want to be here."
"Uh." my mind blanked. She wanted to go to my house. "Uh, yes of course. Whateve
r you want." I switched the car back on and backed out of the driveway. My mom w
as home. I was grounded. This was going to be interesting.
[6] He Saved Me Chapter Six
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Chapter Six
Isobel's POV
It felt strange to be at Bobby's house. He had moved since we were kids. I didn'
t know that. I didn't think I cared, but I felt bad now, thinking back to when w
e used to be friends. We weren't best friends, but his parents always used to in
vite me and my dad over for parties and stuff. This new house was nice. Better t
han mine. Me and my dad could never afford to live in a place like this. It was
a one story building, but it was so neat and well maintained. The grass was so g
reen it looked fake. The grass at my house was turning an ugly golden brown colo
r and there were patches where the grass wasn't even there.
We got out of the car and started to make our way around to the driveway next do
or. This house was bigger than Bobby's house next door. It was three stories wit
h a balcony at each window upstairs. The lawn seemed to be even greener with flo
wers planted all around, making it look like we were walking into a fairy tale.
Looking around, I wondered why Bobby was taking me here. So I asked.
"Why are you taking me here?" I looked up at him and he gave me a crooked smile.
"This is my house Iz. I have to park the car next door because I'm not supposed
to have it remember?"
This was his house. I stopped and looked at it again. Wow. They were doing well
for themselves. "This is a big house." I said.

He chuckled as we walked to the door. "I guess." I think I heard him mumble as h
e opened the door and stood aside for me to enter first.
I smiled a little. "No guessing. Trust me, this is a big house." I looked around
as I entered and froze when I saw a very mean and angry looking woman the sligh
tly resembled Bobby's mom standing at the foot of a staircase, leaning against t
he banister with her arms folded.
"If you say so Isobe--" He cut his sentence short when he turned to see his mom
standing there. "Mom!"
"Where have you been Robert? I suppose you forgot the meaning of the word GROUND
ED?!?!" she unfolded her arms and stood up straight.
"Mom, don't over react. There was an emergency. She needed me?" he took a step f
orward and grabbed my hand. "I wouldn't have left the house otherwise," he added
"Emergency my ass! Robert Slade, I will not have you disobeying me because you r
eceived a fucking BOOTY CALL or whatever you call it at 6 in the afternoon! I've
told you before that I will not have you bringing your trash into my house!"
I gasped at took a step back. "I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come here." I said,
taking another step back, trying to pull my hand for Bobby's grasp.
"No, wait Iz." his fingers tightened around mine. "Mom what is wrong with you? I
understand you being mad at me! I've come to expect your disappointment. But th
ere is no reason for you to target a friend that I bring over! I don't bring gir
ls here because I respect you too much to do that. Only you don't realize that b
ecause you only look for the bad! I have never brought a girl here, even before
you told me I couldn't. Think about it! This is not a 'fucking booty call' as yo
u put it! This is a friend who needed me, and I was going to be there for her. W
ith or without your approval!"
Her eyes grew as big as saucers at the tone of his voice. I don't even think she
heard what he said, just that threatening tone. "I don't know what you do here
when I'm not home Robert! You could have screwed every whore in Brooks County he
re for all I know. Frankly, I'd rather not know. But the fact of the matter is,
I told you that you could not leave this house other than for school for two wee
ks! I don't care what [quote unquote] 'EMERGENCIES' arose! And how did you find
out about this so called emergency in the first place?" her eyes narrowed to sli
ts as a thought popped to her head. She held out her hand and stepped forward. "
Give me the phone!" she squealed.
Bobby sighed and reached into his pocket. He placed the phone in her outstretche
d hand. "Mom, let me explain." he said before she interrupted him.
"I don't want to hear it! You're grounded for TWO MORE WEEKS! Get your whore out
of my house!" she turned and stomped down the hallway.
I couldn't speak. I just stood there and stared after her. That was not the same
woman that I had known when I was ten. She had been taken over by an alien or s
Bobby was staring at me now with his hands balled into fists. "I am so, so sorry
Iz. That was all about me, not you. She had no right to take out her anger with
me on you. Do you want me to take you home?"
I cleared my throat. This was all my fault. I had to make this right. "Bobby, I'

m thirsty. Can you get me a drink?"

"Yes of course," he said. "Wait here, I'll be right back."
After he left, I wandered down the hallway that Sharon Slade had stormed down ju
st moments before. I found her in the living room sitting on the couch staring o
ff into space with tears spilling down her cheeks. "Mrs. Slade?" I said.
She looked in my direction with narrowed eyes.
"Um." I walked fully into the room and sat down across from her. "I just wanted
to apologize. This was all my fault." I cleared my throat. "Uh. The reason that
Bobby left school early on Monday was because of me. I--I had something--" I squ
eezed my eyes shut before I said the next words. "--something bad happen to me a
little while ago, and Bobby helped me. I--He didn't want me in school on Monday
because I was sick and emotional, so he brought me home. I asked him not to tel
l anyone, and so he kept his word and didn't say anything to you, but you need t
o know that he didn't do anything wrong. He was only trying to help me. That's t
he reason he had the cell phone."
"And what happened to you?" she asked, her tone still holding a bit of the acid
that was there during her argument with Bobby. "What? You pregnant?"
When she said that I gasped. What? Pregnant? What if I was pregnant? That guy ha
dn't used a condom. What if I was carrying the child of a madman right now. "Oh
God!" I choked. "Oh no no noooooo!" I wailed as tears started to fall down my ch
eeks again.
I heard a glass break behind me and jumped. Bobby was quickly approaching me. "I
z? What's wrong?" he looked at Sharon. "What did you say to her!"
She was actually looking guilty now. Guilty and confused. "I didn't say anything
. I just asked if she had gotten herself in to trouble. Pregnant." she said agai
n and I whimpered.
"What?!" Bobby yelled as he knelt on the floor in font of me. "Mom, why did you
say that?" he pulled me down to his lap and started rocking me and rubbing my ha
ir away from my face.
"What's wrong with that question?" Sharon asked. All of her anger was gone now a
nd she just looked at me with pity. "What's wrong with her?"
He ignored her. "Iz. Calm down babe." he whispered.
"But Bobby. What if I'm--I'm--he didn't use--" I sobbed into his chest.
"What is going on here?" Sharon said more sternly. Sounding like a concerned par
"She was--" Bobby stopped. He had almost said it. I was raped. He looked at me w
ith a lost look in is eyes. "We should have taken you to the hospital then Iz."
he whispered in my ear.
"I'm only going to ask this question once!" Sharon started, "She was---what?"
"Raped!" I wailed and buried my face into his neck and sobbed harder.
I heard her gasp in shock after I spoke. "She--you---what?"
Bobby looked at me with what looked like relief. He was glad I had told her. "Sh

e was raped Thursday night mom. Behind that bank on 3rd street. I found the guy-" he stopped speaking and looked at me for guidance. I just nodded my head. "I
found the guy on top of her. I fought him, but he got away. She didn't want to g
o to the hospital. She's hurt and confused and humiliated. I didn't know what to
do, so I just went along with it. I--that's what's been going on lately."
Sharon had tears shimmering in her eyes again. "Oh my God!" she whispered.
"Isobel?" Bobby said to me. "Are you okay?"
His mom gasped again. "Isobel? Isobel Davis?" I guess she didn't recognize me be
fore. It has been eight years since she's seen me. She fell down to the floor be
side us."Oh, I am so sorry about all of this. I didn't know it was you! All thos
e things I said--" she trailed off and waved her hands around as if searching fo
r the right words. "But you've always been such a good girl. How could something
like this happen to--" she trailed off again.
"Mom bad things happen to good people all the time. I think you and I are living
proof of that. But what should we do?"
Different emotions battled each other behind Sharon's eyes. Guilt, sorrow, confu
sion, pity, anger, rage. I watched her struggle to compose herself. When she fin
ally did, she looked at me and took a deep breath. Without taking her eyes off o
f me, she said, "Bobby? Sweetie, why don't you go and clean up that glass and fi
x Isobel here another drink. She and I have some things to discuss."
Bobby's arms tightened around me and he shook his head. "But mom--"
"Bobby, do as I said. I'm sure this will be uncomfortable enough without a boy i
n the room. Now go and get her that drink. But take your time."
Bobby battled with himself for a few seconds before sighing and lifting me back
up onto the couch that I was sitting on. "Ok. But call me if you need me." he sl
owly walked from the room and my eyes followed him until he disappeared around t
he corner.
"Now..." Sharon began. "Tell me what happened. Everything." she sat down on besi
de me and took my hand comfortingly.
I took several deep breaths as the memories started to come back to me. They had
never really left, but I had been trying not to focus on them.
"I was at the library studying last Thursday night with my friend Alice." I said
quietly. Sharon squeezed my fingers, urging me to continue. "My dad was suppose
d to pick me up, so I just sat outside and waited for him. Sometimes he's late..
.it was no big deal. I tried calling him a few times, but I gave up after half a
n hour. By then, he was an hour late anyways so I knew that I would have to walk
. I didn't want to bother Alice since she had just left. I tried to be careful.
I checked behind me constantly as I walked, but I got distracted thinking about
my dad getting me a car and that's when--" I stopped speaking because my voice w
as filling with the sound of my silent tears.
I hadn't spoken this aloud yet. Bobby hadn't asked me how it happened. I knew he
didn't want to make me feel uncomfortable. But somehow this felt nice. Being ab
le to talk to his mother about it. I wish I had my mother, but I had lived witho
ut her for fifteen years now. She had died from a losing battle with cancer when
I was three years old. Thinking about that made me feel even worse. I would nev
er have this with her.
Sharon pulled several tissues from a box on the table next to us and handed me a

couple of them. I tooked them gratefully and mopped up the tears from my face a
nd chest while she dabbed at a few of her own. I stared at the crumpled tissues
in my hand and fiddled with them as I continued. "Some guy pulled me into an all
ey and put a knife to my throat. He said that if I screamed, he would kill me, s
o I stayed silent. I thought he was going to rob me, but he wasn't. He kept touc
hing me, and that's when I realized. So I fought. I managed to get away and run,
but I fell." Tears fell again and I wiped them away. "How could I fall? There's
a crazy drunk man who intends to rape and kill me right behind me, and I fell a
nd hit my head. When I came to, my pants were gone, and he kept--cutting me. Not
deep cuts, but the blade kept threatening to rip me open, and I could feel how
excited he was." I stopped talking. I didn't want to say any more.
I saw Sharon dry her eyes again. "Go on," she choked out.
I shook my head and looked at her pleadingly. "No." I said.
She reached over and took my hand again. "Honey, I need to know everything. You
have to tell me. You can do this."
"I don't want to..." I shook my head again and she squeezed my fingers without s
aying anything. I could do this. "It hurt. When he--I'd never had sex before. I'
ve never even been kissed. I wanted to be in love, and there was just no time fo
r all of that and school, so I was waiting. And he stole that from me! I screame
d. I kept calling for my dad, but...he wasn't there. When I needed him, he wasn'
t there. He was at home asleep in front a Matlock marathon while I--" my fingers
tightened around Sharon's. I knew it had to hurt, but she didn't say anything.
"But then Bobby came. I thought he hated me, but he saved me. I know that man wo
uld have killed me. I saw his face. Bobby just came and tore into him. I thought
he was gonna kill him, I really did, but I distracted him and the guy got away.
"Bobby wanted to take me to the hospital, but I couldn't go there, it's humiliat
ing. I've never been seen--like that. I just couldn't go there." I said again mo
re forcefully.
Sharon's hands shook as she gathered me into her arms and rocked me like a child
. "Sweetheart, I know that having something like that happen to you must be pain
ful and very humiliating, but you should have called the police. They have the r
esources to keep you safe and to find the man that did this to you and make him
pay." She pulled back slightly and looked me in the eyes. "And you didn't tell y
our father?"
I shook my head. "No." I said angrily.
"Isobel, he needs to know. I understand you're disappointed in him, but honey yo
ur dad loves you. He would never let something like this happen to you on purpos
e. Everybody makes mistakes..."
"I just can't tell him! He can't know, please!" I pleaded with her and she looke
d torn on what to do.
Sharon's POV
I watched Isobel as her expression changed from desperation to anger and back ag
ain. This poor child had lost her virginity to rape. Rape is bad enough, but a g
irls virginity is the biggest decision she could every make, and she had been ro
bbed of her innocence while a knife threatened her life. Her father should know
about this.

As a mom, I knew that. As I mom, I wanted to know everything, good and bad, that
happened in my child's life. But as a woman, I knew how she must feel. She was
so confused and mortified and resentful that something like this would even happ
en to her. As bad as it may seem from a parent's perspective, I felt that right
now Isobel needed me to react as another woman. I could just work on convincing
her to go to her father and the police later.
"Okay. Since I understand how you must be feeling, we can hold off on telling an
yone for now. But I think we should at least set you up a doctor's appointment.
You could be a lot worse than pregnant right now. Who's your doctor?"
She looked at me and I could tell that she felt defeated and broken. She shrugge
d, "I haven't been to the doctor since I was in the fourth grade. I don't get si
ck." She shrugged again and looked down at the tissues in her hand.
Tears burned my eyes again as I watched her. Helpless. "Well Dr. Patterson is my
gynecologist. She doesn't know your father, so that's a plus. She's a good frie
nd of mine too. How old are you now sweetheart?"
"18 in three weeks." she whispered.
I clinched my hand into a fist. That would make this difficult without her fathe
r knowing the truth. "Honey you have to be 18 to see a doctor without a parent p
resent. I'll have to call in a favor, but I think I can sway Susan to see you wi
thout your father. We really need a pregnancy test and a full STD examination. I
will call Susan tonight and find out when she can fit you in." I would have to
tell her about the rape. There was no way around that, but I could trust her not
to speak of it to anyone else.
Isobel nodded her head and whispered. "Ok."
Bobby came in then and I stood up so that he could sit next to her. I backed awa
y as my presence in the room was forgotten by my son and his friend. He took the
tissues from her hand and balled them into his fist, replacing them with a glas
s of water. "Here drink."
Isobel's hazel eyes turned to a deep brown as they met Bobby's blue gaze. She to
ok a sip and pulled the glass away but he grabbed it and drew it back to her fac
e. "Drink some more. How are you feeling?" His hand worked its way around to her
back and he rubbed her soothingly.
Gently. My son was being gentle with this girl. For eight years, all I had seen
from Robert was callous disobedience. Thinking back now, I realize that he'd bee
n telling the truth earlier, and I had just been to angry to see it. I don't rec
all him ever bringing a girl home. Yet here he was holding Isobel Davis as thoug
h she was the only thing he existed for. I gasped. My son was in love.
"I'm fine Bobby. Thanks." she looked away shyly and blushed.
I cleared my throat. I'm going to go to my office. You can stay as long as you n
eed Isobel." With that, I turned and exited the room to give them some privacy.


[7] He Saved Me Chapter Seven
Pic of Bobby's mommy over there --->

Chapter Seven

Bobby's POV

I was trying to hold it together, but piece by piece my control was slipping and
my anger was getting the best of me. I had been standing in the corridor from t
he moment that Isobel had begun to tell my mom what had happened to her, and now
I was trying to hold it together for her. So that I could try and make things b
etter...if for only just a little while.

Her phone rang at that moment she jumped before answering. I used that time to t
ake several deep breaths and try and put a clamp on the anger boiling inside of
Isobel's POV

I was scared. No, I was terrified that Sharon's assumption was correct. What if
I was pregnant? Not only was I too young to have a child to raise, but said chil
d would be the product of the most brutal act that could possibly befall a seven
teen year old girl. How could I live with that? How could I live with a daily re
minder of that night...for the rest of my life?

My hands began to tremble around the glass of water Bobby had been trying to for
ce down my throat, so I leaned forward and placed it on the glass table in front
of us. Speaking of Bobby, he looked like he was close to snapping himself.

It still amazed me that he had been showing me so much compassion and concern. M
y head kept telling me not to trust it. This is THE Bobby Slade. This guy had al
l girls, good and bad, eating out of the palm of his hands. He was a player, for
lack of a better term. Why would he be wasting his time trying to help the poor
smart girl who went out of her way to make it known that he couldn't have every
thing he wanted? Me?

That's the question my brain kept asking. But all my heart could see when I look
ed at him now was the boy who had saved me. He saved me. Bobby Slade risked his
life to save me. Isobel Davis.

But he wasn't in time to save all of me. A part of me was still in that alley. T
rapped. Clawing at the brick walls, trying to break free.

I jumped when my cell phone vibrated in my pocket. Alice. "Yea Alice?" I glanced
at Bobby and looked away.

"Oh my God, where are you? You never came back into the theater!" she all but sc
reamed into my hear.

I had meant to text her once I had called Bobby to come and get me, but somehow
I had managed to forget. "Oh my God, I forgot to text you. I wasn't feeling so g
ood again." I was really getting tired of lying to my best friend.

"Well what the hell, Iz! Why didn't you just come and tell me that. We could hav
e left! What has gotten into you lately? Did you take a cab home or something?"

"No, I ran into to Bobby and he gave me a ride." I said, knowing that mentioning
the name of the school's bad boy would pull her off my back just a little.

"Bobby Slade?" her voice lowered from a high whine to a curious, suggestive hum.

"Yes Slade." I glanced at him again to see that he was looking at me now. He had
pulled himself out of his anger induced trance and was staring at me, obviously
following my end of the conversation.

"So he brought you home?" she asked.

"I'm at his." I corrected.

She squealed. "Oh my God you're at Bobby Slade's house? No one's ever been there
before. Are you two like...together or something? That boy's a fine piece of as

I blushed. I don't know why, I just did. I was suddenly grateful that Bobby coul
dn't hear the other end of this conversation. "No Alice. We're not."

"Are you sure. I know you agree, I've seen the way you look at him. You know you
can tell me right? There's nothing to be ashamed of. Every girl wants to try hi


"No, really, it's not like that." I said.

"Well why didn't he take you home then?"

"Dad's not home."

"Oh. Well do you want me to come and get you?"

I groaned. She wasn't giving up. "No, you don't have to come and get me. Don't y
ou have a date tonight? Shouldn't you be getting ready or something?" I attempte
d to pry her off my back a little more by bringing up her date. She had been tal
king about it all day at the mall, so I knew she was excited.

"Yea, I'm going through my bags now. You know you should be here to help me with
all this. That's what best friends are for."

"Al you know normally I would love to, but I just don't feel up to it right now.

She sighed. "Well okay. I hope you feel better." I could tell she was pouting fr
om the tone of her voice.

"Yea, and I hope you have a good time." I responded.

"Call me later once you're feeling better to find out how it went." she was begi
nning to sound excited again.

"Okay, I'll call you. Love you bye." I hung up the phone before she had a chance
to say anything else. I swear that girl was an emotional roller coaster.

I sneaked a peek at Bobby to see that his face held a self satisfied smirk. What
was his deal?

"So that was Alice?" he asked, leaning back into the softness of the couch.

I nodded my head and leaned back as well. "Yea. She's upset that I left without
telling her."

His smirk grew into a smile. "Yea? Is that all you guys talked about then?"

I frowned at him. Why was he acting this way? "Um. Yes..." I said slowly. "That
and that she has a date tonight." I looked away from him.

He readjusted himself in his seat and chuckled. "Is that right?"

"Yes. Bobby why are you acting so strangely?"

"So you don't think I'm a hot piece of ass?" he asked casually.

My face was on fire as I flushed with embarrassment. "Shit, you heard that?!"

He burst into full on laughter at that. "Oooh!! I don't think I've ever heard yo
u use that word before 'good girl'" he said mockingly. "I think I may have had y
ou wrong all this time. I mean you and your best friend think I'm a 'hot piece o
f ass' and you say 'shit'! PRICELESS!"

"Shut up!" I screamed and I hit him on the shoulder with as much force as I coul
d muster, although I couldn't keep a small smile from tugging at my lips.

"Ow!" he said, rubbing the spot that I had hit while allowing a few more chuckle
s to escape. "You know it's okay to think I'm sexy. I don't think you're so bad
yourself." After saying that he sobered up and gave me a meaningful look that I
was too embarrassed to decipher.

"Whatever. Can we change the subject please!" I said, pushing him with my should

He smiled, and I don't want to tell you what that did to my heart. "Sure. What d

o you want to talk about?"

"How about your mom for starters." I said. I had been wondering about her since
I walked through their front door.

"What about her?" he asked.

"Well she seems so--different..." I said.

He shifted in his seat uneasily. "Well she is. She hasn't had it easy since dad
left and she lost the baby." I could tell that he was bitter about that still. I
remember my dad talking about the accident when I was a kid. Bobby's dad had ab
andoned his family for another woman, and Sharon had been pregnant at the time.
She had been an emotional wreck and hadn't seen the car that was coming to end h
er baby's life and almost take her's as well. "I saw the whole thing." he said q

I knew what he was talking about. "You saw your mom get hit." I said.

He was staring off into space and I realized that he was no longer in the room w
ith me. "I saw all of it. They thought I was in my room when he came home from w
ork that day, but I was on the staircase. I had gotten in trouble because Chase
and I had put a frog in Trish Summer's lunchbox at school that day. Remember?" h
e asked with a dry laugh.

I nodded for him to keep going. He needed to get this off of his chest.

"I was sitting on the stairs because I knew my mom would see me and cave. She al
ways let me off the hook when I was around her; that's why I was always sent to
my room; so she didn't have to see me. And then my dad came home..." His hand ba
lled into a tight fist. "She had been in the kitchen singing while making dinner
, and I had been listening. She's always had such a beautiful voice. I haven't h
eard her sing since that day." he relaxed his hand and then clenched it back up

"When I saw my dad, I knew something was wrong. He usually would have noticed me
sitting there, but that day, he walked right past without even glancing in my d
irection. I wanted to run to him, but I was supposed to be in my room."

"I couldn't hear them at first. He was talking so low. But then my mom started y

elling. 'Is it Patricia? Is it Patricia?' Patricia was his secretary. I liked he

r. She was nice. Every time she came to the house for a party, she used to alway
s find me and give me a toy. But my dad kept saying it didn't matter who it was.
He was in love with her, and she wouldn't stand for him being married any longe
r. He said he didn't love mom anymore. He was leaving. My mom said 'What about B
obby? What about our son!'" he looked at me then. I could see tears trying to fo
rm over his cold blue eyes. "And do you know what he said? 'He's young. He'll ge
t over it one day and find me.'" he scoffed. "Like that'll ever happen!!"

I looked at his hand and noticed his nails biting into the skin of his palm, so
I took his hand and pried his fingers open and placed my smaller one against his
. "And then what?" I whispered.

"Mom was crying. Begging him to stay. She loved him. They had another child to t
hink about too. And he just ignored her. He went to the hallway closet and pulle
d out a suitcase and walked out the door. Leaving my mom crying on the kitchen f
loor. When his car started, she got up and ran outside screaming for him to stop
. I ran down the stairs and stood in the doorway and watched them. Patricia was
in the car and they were backing out of the drive. Mom didn't have any pride at
all. She just kept begging. While that woman sat in her husband's car and smiled
at her, she chased after him. And that's when it happened. Dad was halfway down
the road, and she just stood there in the middle of the road, watching him driv
e away. She didn't see the car coming around the corner too fast. I did. I was r
unning outside screaming her name, and she didn't hear me. Her own son, and she
wouldn't listen because she was chasing after a man who had just humiliated her
and abandoned his family. I thought she was dead. She wasn't moving. And that ba
stard didn't even turn around."

He squeezed my fingers and I bit my tongue to keep from wincing. "I never told h
er I saw," he said. "I never told anyone."

I watched him lose the battle he had waged against his tears, and I felt so help
less. I didn't know what to say. What do you say to someone when they pour their
heart out to you? I didn't know.

So I kissed him.

Bobby's POV

I couldn't move. I was too shocked to respond. Was Isobel Davis really kissing m
e. Before I couldn't fully register what was happening, she pulled away and turn
ed beet red. She was embarrassed.

"Uh--um. I'm so sorry." she said hurriedly. "I didn't know why I did that."

She jumped from her seat and I grabbed her hand and pulled her back down before
she could walk away. "No wait. I'm sorry Iz. I was too surprised to respond..."
I stopped to search from the right words to explain what had just happened.

She looked down and shook her head. "No I shouldn't have done that. I don't know
what I was thinking. I--you were---you were so upset, and I couldn't think of w
hat to say so--"

"So you kissed me?" I asked. I couldn't believe I had told her all that stuff. I
don't know why I did. When I had start to speak, I just couldn't stop. She was
so easy to talk to. She hadn't interrupted me once.

"Yes." she sighed and looked at me shyly, interrupting my train of thought. "Can
we just pretend it didn't happen?"

What I wouldn't give to rewind time and do this moment

e was uncomfortable and embarrassed and while the last
pretend that something I had been imagining for such a
ned, I couldn't allow her to go on feeling the way she

the right way. But now sh

thing I wanted to do was
long time had never happe
was either.

So I smiled at her and said. "Hey you remember when Megan Sears fell off the sta
ge at the junior assembly last year?"

Isobel looked at me for a long time with a puzzled expression, and then she burs
t into a fit of giggles. That sound was so beautiful that I couldn't help but sm
ile at her.

"Wow! That was so random!" she yelled as she fell into another fit of giggles. "
What about the time she fell off the pyramid at the homecoming pep rally!!"

I chuckled too then. Megan was the school's biggest bitch, and head cheerleader.
She didn't have a nice bone in her body, but she was rich and popular, so every
one pretty much followed her or got left behind. And she usually gets what she w
ants, so everyone hates her.

"I haven't seen you laugh in a long time." Isobel said thoughtfully.

I smiled at her again. "That's because I haven't had much reason to laugh babe."

Sharon's POV

He had seen the whole thing?

Hot tears burned my cheeks as I escaped back into my office and fell onto an arm
chair. I had been on the way back into the living room to tell Isobel that I ha
d scheduled her appointment for 3pm Tuesday morning when I heard Bobby talking.

My baby had seen--heard--witnessed the whole thing. He had watched his mother ge
t hit by a car! He had watch his mother grovel and beg a man who had zero respec
t for her for a second chance.

Oh my God. That's why he's been spinning out of control ever since. He's resenti
ng me for being so weak all these years! I thought he was just angry at his fath
er for leaving.

I buried my face in my hands as I tried to get the sobs under control.

What am I going to do?

[8] He Saved Me Chapter Eight
Bobby's daddy over there ---->>>

Chapter Eight

I tried to keep it innocent, but if you feel you may be offended by it, just sen
d me a private message, and I will give you the rundown on what went down. :)
Isobel's POV
After Bobby and I had talked about his feelings about his dad leaving, he confes
sed to me all of the things that he had done in his life that he wished he could
take back. At some point during the evening, we had moved our conversation upst
airs to his room so that we could have more privacy. He was nervous about his mo
m overhearing most of the stuff he had done.
He had intentionally built his bad ass, rough and tough bad boy image up over th
e years so that he could better protect his mom.
He said that after his eleventh birthday he had run away from home. He found him
self on the other side of town sitting in the park by himself when he witnessed
a mugging. The victim looked close to his mom's age and she had been walking to
her car when a man had come up to her, put a gun to her head, and demanded that
she give him her purse and all of her jewelry. She had given him everything with
out argument, but the guy had still hit her in the head with the gun before runn
After that he said that he couldn't stop thinking about his mom. Since his dad w
as gone, that made him the man of the house and he had to protect her. So he had
gone back home before anyone knew he was gone and from that day on, he resolved
to be the protector.
He made new friends, friends who were older than him, who taught him about weapo
ns and self defense. When he was fourteen, he had heard his mom crying on the ph
one to his aunt Linda about her financial problems, so he had decided to sell dr
ugs. By that time, he had a lot of friends in low places, and he started out del
ivering packages and running money. He never touched the drugs in the beginning.
Soon though, he did, and he hired a lawyer. He opened a back account, pretending
to be his father, and began to send her checks in the mail. The lawyer contacte
d her and informed her that his father had made arrangements to send alimony unt
il she remarried and child support payments bi-weekly until his son's eighteenth
With their financial problems over, he and his mom could afford to move to the h
ouse that they lived in now. His mom had no idea what he did for his money, even
though she had found his safe open in his room one day, and he had no intention
of enlightening her. Soon, he would graduate from high school and after that he
would move into his own place.
"So you don't plan on going to college?" I asked. I remembered him telling me th
at's why his mom had grounded him.
He shook his head. "I couldn't get into college. I've missed so much school over
the years, it's a miracle that I haven't been expelled. All the teachers hate m
e, and if it were up to them, I would be out on my ass."
"Well then why aren't you?"
"You wouldn't believe how many members of the school board are a part of the sam
e business as me. They wouldn't dream of kicking me out."
My eyes widened as I looked at him sitting across the room in his desk chair. "W

He stood up and laughed. "I'd tell you, but I'd have to kill you."
I rolled my eyes and joined in his laughter. If there was nothing I had learned
recently, it was that Robert Elliot Slade III would never hurt me. Yes, he had d
ivulged to me his middle name tonight as well. I felt so safe with him. "Right,
like you would do that!"
He sat beside me on his bed and his laugh turned to a low husky chuckle as he lo
oked at me. "You're damn right babe." he whispered. "I could never hurt you. Eve
I blushed when he called me babe. He had been doing that a lot lately. "But why?
I didn't even think you could stand me Bobby." I whispered back, trying my best
to hold his intense gaze.
"Oh Iz," he groaned. "What would make you think something like that?"
"Well...you suddenly stopped talking to me all those years ago. I thought we wer
e friends then. And I got you arrested."
"Trust me Isobel...I had so many problems back then, that you wouldn't have even
wanted to be my friend. Plus I had some dangerous friends back then. I still do
now, but I'm more of a threat to them than they are to me now. And you may have
gotten me arrested, but there are several cops on the force that knew my father
. I didn't even spend time behind bars. I sat at a desk and ate doughnuts until
school let out."
"Oh." I whispered. A thought had occurred to me as I watched his mouth move, but
I didn't voice it.
"Isobel, I have always liked you. There was never a day when I 'couldn't stand y
ou' as you put it." he laughed again as he reached up and tucked my hair behind
my ears, but he didn't move it after he was done. "I like you." he said again.
"Bobby?" I said at barely a whisper trying to gather enough courage to make my r
He cleared his throat and removed his hand. "Yea?"
"Kiss me?"
He blinked several times and I flushed scarlet.
"It's just that..." I began in a rush. "He--he stole my first time, and--I just
want my first kiss to be perfect since--"
Bobby cut off what would have been a long jumble of words about absolutely nothi
ng with his lips, and my heart stopped as I closed my eyes. My hands slid up his
chest and around his shoulder, gripping a chunk of his hair and pulling him clo
ser. He slid closer to me without breaking contact slid his hand to my waist and
gently squeezed. It tickled and I opened my mouth to laugh when he slid his ton
gue in and stroked mine with his. My eyes flew open in surprise, but then they c
losed then of their own accord and I returned the action with my own tongue. Thi
s was more than I imagined.
He pulled away and I moaned my protest, but I didn't have to; he had just moved
his attention to my neck. I felt his tongue slide along the sensitive skin where
the scar from the knife's blade was and I shivered. He drew the skin into his m
outh and sucked and a slow throbbing began between my legs. I wasn't exactly sur

e what was happening to me, but I knew that I didn't want it to stop.
The hand he had placed on my waist balled into a fist, gathering my shirt and pu
lling it up. Before my breasts were revealed in my bra, and pulled back and look
ed at questioningly.
I knew what he was asking me with his eyes, so I gripped my shirt and pulled it
off. "Bobby, please...wash away the memory of--him." I knew tears glistened in m
y eyes as I spoke.

He didn't say anything; just gently pushed me back on the bed and followed me do
wn. With his tongue, he traced the scar on my stomach from my navel up to the bo
ttom of my bra, and I bucked off the bed at the sensations racing through me. Wi
th my heart racing, I slid my hands down between us to unbotton my jeans, trying
to pull them down. Bobby stopped what he was doing and stilled my hands with hi
s. He gave me a pleading look and shook his head.
"I--We can't Isobel." He said slowly, as though he were being tortured. "I don't
want to hurt you."
Breathing shakily, I closed my eyes and the first thing I saw behind my lids was
images of my attacker on top of me. My eyes flew open and I gave Bobby a determ
ined look and shuffled out of my jeans and panties at the same time. "Bobby, you
just said that you would never do anything to hurt me. I trust you to be as gen
tle as possible." I kissed him then and straddled his hips on the bed.
A deep guttural groan escaped his throat and he rolled over so that he was on to
p of me, positioned between my legs. When I felt him pressimg there through his
jeans, I couldn't stop the fear that began to take home in my heart. I knew it w
as going to hurt, despite the lie I had just told. I squeezed my eyes shut and w
aited for him to undress. But he didn't move at all. I waited a long time for hi
m to get it over with, but he still didn't make a move.
I opened my eyes to see him staring down at me; his expression a mixture of conc
ern, desire and...love? No it couldn't be love, but whatever it was, it was inde
scribable. "Bobby?" I whispered.
"I don't want to hurt you." he said again more forcefully.
I sighed and closed my eyes, letting my head fall back onto his pillow while bre
athing heavily. Frustrated tears prickled behind my eye lids and I felt him lean
forward and kiss them away after they escaped. "You know there are other ways t
o try and wash away that night without actually having sex..." he began.
I opened my mouth to reply, but before I could say anything, I felt his fingers
stroke the sensitive area between my legs and what words I would have voiced fad
ed into a moan. He kissed me and whispered softly spoken words into my ear until
I couldn't take any more, and my world exploded around me.


[9] He Saved Me Chapter Nine
Alice is there ---->
Chapter Nine
Isobel's POV
My heart was beating frantically against my chest. I was floating, and every ner
ve ending in my body was tingling so that everywhere Bobby touched me felt like
static electricity, causing me to jerk slightly in bed.
Bobby was still positioned between my legs, and he had leaned his head forward t
o rest against mine, our breaths mingling together as both of us tried to regain
our composure. The weight of his lower body rested heavily against the bed whil
e he held his remaining weight on his forearms.
After lying like this for several minutes, my breathing and my heartbeat finally
abated. But my mind accelerated. Thoughts rushed, one after another, and my bre
athing picked up again. I shifted uncomfortably and Bobby immediately placed his
hand at my waist, stilling my movements.
"Please," he said in a choked, almost pained voice. "Don't move like that."
That's when I felt the hardness that he was trying to hide. Guilt washed over me
. What had I done? I felt so dirty. I had selfishly taken pleasure while he had
so generously given it, denying himself the same thing in return. I remained awk
wardly still beneath him, thoughts still racing.
'Oh my God!' My mind screamed at me. 'What have you done?' This guy wasn't in lo
ve with me. I wasn't in love with him. He wasn't even my boyfriend. I sighed and
closed my eyes.
I was instantly transported back to that night. I felt the weight pressing again
st my pelvis. I could almost smell the scent of the alcohol in the air of the ro
om. My eyes flew open when I heard a groan and I panicked.
Pushing him hysterically as tears leaked from my eyes, I tried with everything i
nside of me to restrain myself from screaming.
"Get off!" I said desperately.
Bobby looked at me cautiously, but he didn't move. "Wait, what's--" he began, bu
t I couldn't let him finish. I started to push him more forcefully than before,
the entire time trembling all over.
"Get off!" I nearly screamed at my attacker. "No, no no no!! Please!!"
He gasped and in a blink he was across the room, leaning against the wall in suc
h a way that it seemed that if he could, he would push himself through to the ot
her side to do as I wished. Holding his hands in front of him, he began to whisp
er re-assuring words to me, but I couldn't hear him. I could only hear the sound
of my attacker whispering to me that he just wanted to make me 'feel good'.
I jumped out of bed and hurriedly dressed myself, the whole while trying to shut
out the images. And those words. 'Feel good.' He had just made me feel good, an
d I had like it. I was such a slut. Bobby's mother was right when she had called
me 'trash' when I first entered her home tonight. I was trash. I had just--

Wait--Bobby's mother? Bobby! My rushed movements slowed as my vision focused on

the present to see Bobby still across the room with his hands held in front of h
im, signaling that he was absolutely no threat to me.
"Bobby?" I said, still puzzled.
I dropped my arms to my side after smoothing down my shirt and nearly fell to th
e floor in relief. I would have fallen had Bobby not caught me in time. My attac
ker hadn't just been here. It was Bobby...it was Bobby.
My breathing slowed again, but my heartbeat still felt irregular as the guilt re
fused to vanish. I had still just done something that I would never have done be
fore nine days ago, and I would have done more if it weren't for this beautiful
boy holding me.
"Isobel are you okay?" he asked after a couple of minutes of silence from me. "I
would never hurt you," he kept repeating over and over.
I knew that. Deep down, I knew that...but I couldn't be here. I couldn't talk to
him right now. "I--I have to go." I said, slipping my feet into the shoes that
I had discarded some time after entering Bobby's room earlier. Avoiding eye cont
act, I turned around a went to grab the door handle.
"Wait Iz, we have to talk about what happened!"
"Bobby please!" I said desperately. Wiping my face clean so that there would be
no questions if we were to run into Sharon on the way out.
He clamped his mouth shut and shot me a frustrated glare before shrugging and pa
ssing me on the way out the door. "Fine!" he said angrily as he pulled his keys
from his pocket. "Come on."
He was angry. I couldn't blame him. I wanted to apologize, but I knew that if I
did, I would not be able to avoid the conversation that would follow. So I taile
d behind him all the way to the car and remained silent until he pulled over in
front of my house. All the lights were switched off, but I could see the lights
of the TV flashing behind the curtain of the family room. I scoffed in disgust a
s I pictured my dad in his recliner watching TvLand.
I placed my hand on the door handle and turned to look at Bobby. At his profile
that is. Bobby was staring ahead with his hands gripping the steering wheel, and
hard expression on his face. "I'm sorry." I whispered.
I saw his fingers loosed on the steering wheel and his facial expression relaxed
as he turned to look at me. I got out of the car before he said anything and ra
n up the drive to the front door. 'I'll talk to him tomorrow,' I promised myself
before unlocking the door and going in.


[10] He Saved Me Chapter Ten
Chapter Ten
Isobel's POV

Tomorrow came and went before I even realized that I was still avoiding Bobby. H
e had called me at least five times Sunday and I had ignored each call, sending
him immediately to voice mail.
I spent another day in bed, wallowing in self pity, self disgust, and trapped in
my own memories of what had happened.
Why had I allowed myself to go there with him. Regardless of the secrets he had
shared, all evidence still pointed to the fact that Bobby Slade cared for no one
. I mentally slapped myself right after that ridiculous thought. What was wrong
with me?
Getting ready for school Monday morning, I both dreaded and looked forward to th
e thought of running into him.
As I waited for Alice to pick me up, my foot repeatedly brushed the carpet on my
bedroom floor. I mentally prepared myself for the show I was going to have to p
ut on for Alice and everyone else today that everything was normal and okay.
A car horn blasted through my thoughts and I ran outside and got in the car with
"Hey." I said, buckling my seat belt.
"Hey bestie." She replied as she put her four door Black Honda Civic in drive an
d continued to school. "So...." she began and I rolled my eyes as I waited for h
er to finish her thought. I knew she was itching to tell me about what had happe
ned on her date Saturday.
"So?" I asked expectantly.
"What happened with Bobby Slade?" she asked and I blushed.
"Nothing!" I said a little too quickly and then I mentally kicked myself. Alice
would see right through that response, so I continued more slowly, "His mom was
there so we caught up. I hadn't seen her in years. He took me home soon after."
Alice nodded her head and smiled. "Whatever you say Iz. I know when you're lying
to me. You'll tell me about it at lunch," she said and got out of the car. I lo
oked around confused and noticed that we were already parked on school grounds.
That was fast.
I grabbed my backpack and got out of the car. The first thing I noticed was that
Bobby was standing with his friends in their usual spot near the front entrance
of the school building. My heart clenched in my chest when I saw him.
I didn't know what he was talking about, but it couldn't have been serious becau
se his friends had just burst into laughter.
As he spoke, leaning casually against the building, Mindy Richardson approached
with the predatory demeanor of a lioness and pressed every inch of her body agai
nst his. I was frozen in place as I watched her curl her arms around his waist r
aise herself to the tips of her toes to kiss his collar bone. He didn't stop his
conversation. He didn't push her away either. He just spared her one glance and
continued on with what he was saying as if nothing was out of the ordinary. His
friends laughed again and I flinched when I noticed Bobby's hand at her waist.
Alice came up beside me then and grabbed my hand. "Come on. The bell is about to
ring." she said in a rush and pulled me closer to the building. I couldn't keep
my eyes off of Bobby as we approached and he didn't even glance in my direction

. His friend Angel said something and the group responded with more laughter. Ri
ght before Alice opened the door and ushered me inside, Bobby looked up over Min
dy's head our eyes locked. I couldn't disguise the hurt I felt after watching Mi
ndy and I hated myself for allowing him to see that.
I looked away and followed Alice inside.
The morning passed by in a blur. I couldn't get the mental image of Mindy's smal
l, petite body pressed against the body of a guy that I had allowed, no begged t
o touch me so intimately just two days ago. I felt so stupid.
When the bell rang signaling lunchtime, I desperately wished for this day to be
over with. I knew that the moment I sat at our table in the lunch room, Alice wo
uld bombard me with questions about what had happened over the weekend, so I put
that moment off for as long as I could, gathering my books and notebook from my
desk as slowly as possible. Mrs. Jackson, my psychology teacher was still sitti
ng at her desk sifting through test papers when I walked down the aisle toward t
he door.
I gave her a shy smile to signal goodbye when I passed her desk and she looked u
p at called my name. "Ms. Davis?" she placed the papers she had been sorting dow
n on her desk and gave me her full attention.
"Yes?" I responded quietly.
She shifted in her chair awkwardly and gestured to a desk directly across from h
er. "Please have a seat."
My eye brows knitted in confusion, but I did as she requested.
"Isobel, I don't know how to ask the question other than to come out and say it.
.." she began, looking at me expectantly. I slid forward in my desk before she w
ent on. "I've noticed certain changes in your behavior in my class over the last
several days, and I just wanted to asked you; is everything okay with you?"
I felt like a caged animal in a house fire. Unable to escape as I watched the fl
ames grow closer and closer, licking at the edges of my secure zone. "What-what
do you mean?" I asked.
"I mean that," she pulled a piece of paper from the top of the pile on her desk.
"I have not seen you earn a grade like this this entire semester in my class. O
r last semester for that matter." she held out the paper to me and I took it.
It was last Thirsday's test on chapter twenty-four. I stared at the big red F on
the paper for what seemed like hours but was only a couple of minutes. I didn't
say anything. I mean, what could I say?
"No I reiterate Ms. Davis. Is there something wrong?"
I giggled nervously as I folded the paper and placed it back on her desk while I
stood. "Uh, no ma'am. I just forgot to study is all." I said hurriedly. "Is tha
t all? I really need to be going..."
She stared at me for a couple more minutes as if trying to read my mind before s
he groaned and nodded her head. "Yes, that is all. You may go."
I didn't think twice before I made my escape.

Bobby's POV
She hadn't come to the lunch room. My eyes had been glued to her table since I h
ad entered ten minutes ago, and she hadn't showed. Her friend Alice sat alone, n
ibbling on a cracker. I was just about to get up and go find her when she walked
in from the social studies wing of the building.
She looked trapped. Her eyes darted around the room as if she was looking for th
e nearest exit, but they stopped when they landed on me. Our gazes held for abou
t a half a minute, and it was all I could do not to go to her then and there. Bu
t her eyes dropped to the floor and she walked toward Alice as though she was tr
ying to pretend I didn't exist.
I cursed myself for this morning of the hundredth time today. I was still angry
with her for avoiding me all day Sunday, and so when I saw her eyes land on me,
and I saw Mindy approaching at the same time, I decided to mess with her. I didn
't push Mindy away as I usually did. I had allowed her to brush her tiny, unattr
active body against me as though our bodies had been acquainted for years. But w
hen our eyes had met just before she walked into the building and I saw the hurt
that had moved in just beneath the surface of her's, I knew that I had made a m
istake. She didn't see me push Mindy away and tell her that for the last time, I
wasn't interested in what she had to offer. She didn't see Mindy stomp away, in
furiated that Bobby Slade had rejected her yet again.
I cursed myself again before I turned my attention back to my boys. Angel was pl
anning a party for the weekend coming up and they wanted to know if I would show
. "Of course bro. You know I can't stay way. Not only will there be hot chicks,
there will be hot drunk chicks." I grinned slyly while everyone joined in with a
chorus of agreement. They agreed with everything I said.
I glanced at Isobel and noticed that Alice was talking to her a mile a minute ag
ain. She'd have to talk to me sooner or later.

Isobel's POV
My heart was pounding against my chest and the palms of my hands were sweaty. I
turned to Sharon sitting next to me and begged her silently to give me some reas
surance. She squeezed my thigh and nodded her head.
"Everything's going to be fine baby." she said quietly, but she didn't remove he
r hand and I was grateful for that.
She had called me when I got home from school the day before and told me that sh
e and Dr. Patterson had scheduled me an appointment for today at three, so Sharo
n had come to the school to pick me up, and I had given them a forged note from
my father saying that I needed to leave early.
And now we were both seated in an exam room, waiting for the doctor to return wi
th the results from my examination. I had been nervous since we walked through t
he door. Sharon had explained to me that being nervous was normal, but that this

was something I had to do to protect myself.

Luckily, Sharon had already told Dr. Patterson everything about my attack and wh
at we had come for, so I didn't have to go through the embarrassment of repeatin
g it. But I did have to go through some discomfort. After they had taken my bloo
d pressure and drew blood to be tested, I had had to urinate in a cup and then s
trip down to nothing and put a gown made out of paper on so that they could cond
uct other tests. The most humiliating part of the examination was when they had
forced me to lie back on the exam table and place my feet into to two metal stir
rups and spread my legs for the doctor look in areas that no other human being h
ad seen before.
Sharon squeezed my thigh and I jumped when I heard the door open and saw the doc
tor walk in with a somber, almost regretful expression on her face. My heartbeat
picked up triple time as she began to speak. "The lab is running an HIV and AID
S test, but the results wont be back for another couple days on those. You check
ed out fine for everything else thankfully, but we're going to have to discuss y
our options sweetie."
I nodded as I took in everything she was saying. AIDS and HIV in a couple days.
No other STDs. I sighed in relief and relaxed my position on the exam table slig
htly, but the last thing she said left me a little puzzled. "My options for what
?" I asked.
She placed her hand on my shoulder and squeezed gently. I noticed tears shining
in her eyes. "Sweetheart, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your pregnancy
test came back positive........."
She was still speaking but my brain was swirling around those last words. Pregna
ncy test positive. Positive....pregnancy test. I couldn't breathe. I gasped seve
ral times, trying to pull oxygen into my lungs, but I could't seem to do it. I'm
"Oh no!" I heard Sharon sob. That was the last thing I heard before my world wen
t black.

[11] He Saved Me Chapter Eleven
Chapter Eleven
Sharon's POV
"Oh that poor child!" I said to myself as I parked my car in the driveway at my
house. Both of Bobby's cars were parked as well so I knew he was inside. After S
unday night, I couldn't keep his things from him any longer, so I gave everythin
g back on the condition that he consider his options about college more before h
e settled on a decision.
My hand trembled as I pulled the door handle and got out, the image of Isobel's
pitiful body huddled into a ball in my backseat permanently etched into my brain
. How could something like this happen to her. Not only was she raped, but now s
he had to deal with being pregnant on top of all of the emotions that were alrea
dy swirling inside of her.
I had just dropped her at her house, and I was concerned for her. She shouldn't

be alone at a time like this, but there was little that I could do after she tol
d me that she wanted me to leave.
I had to tell Bobby...
I brushed tears from my face before unlocking the front door and entering. The f
irst thing I noticed was my son stomping his phone into the floor at the base of
the stairs, yelling obscenities at it. He froze when he noticed me standing in
the foyer, the look in his eyes more than conveying his fear, frustration and co
"Mom!" he yelled and rushed to my side. "What happened? Why didn't you answer th
e phone? I called Isobel fifteen times and she didn't pick up either," he said d
esperately. "What happened?" he asked again.
"I--" I didn't know how to tell him. Whether he knew it or not, my son was in lo
ve with that girl, and I didn't know how he would take this new information."Bab
y you should sit down," I told him calmly, urging him to sit down on the armchai
r in the entrance hall.
"I don't want to sit down mom!" his voice cracked when he said my name. "Just--please. Tell me she's okay! Is it...does she have---"
My eyes widened when I saw that he was assuming the absolute worst. "No, honey.
Uhh--maybe you should talk to Isobel?" I really didn't want to be the one to tel
l him.
His eyes were shining with unshed tears as he looked down on the floor at his cr
ushed phone. "Like I said...I called her. She's not answering."
I opened my mouth to attempt to tell him again. "I--She had a complete physical
examination, and tested negative for all STDs save AIDS and HIV; the test result
s aren't back for those two yet," I began.
He exhaled a long breath that I hadn't even notice he was holding and fell down
into the chair that I had urged him to sit in earlier. I noticed a lone tear sli
d down his jaw when he squeezed his eyes shut. "Oh thank God!"
He froze and looked at me again expectantly. "But what mom?"
"But baby, she's pregnant." I said in a rush, holding my head down because I did
n't want to see his eyes when he realized when I had just told him.
I don't know what happened. One second, Bobby was sitting in front of me, the ne
xt, I could hear the door of his truck slam and the engine fire up.
He was going to her. More tears rolled down my cheeks as I closed the door that
he had left ajar.

Isobel's POV
My heart was still pounding. It was pounding so hard that I could hear it's fran
tic and irregular rhythm as though my ear was pressed against my own chest.
I was standing in my room now, leaning my head against the mirror on my dresser
allowing the coolness to slightly soothe away the headache that was beginning to

throb at my temple.
'You're having a baby...' I heard a voice whispering in my head repeatedly. What
was I going to do? I couldn't get an abortion. I knew that much immediately. I
couldn't kill another human being, especially one that had my DNA. Dr. Patterson
had asked me to consider giving the child up for adoption after I had told her
that I would not be scheduling an abortion. I didn't know what to do...
But I knew I didn't want to have this baby.
The pounding got louder and louder. I knew I needed to calm down before I passed
out again, but no matter how I tried to calm myself, the erratic beating was be
coming more and more alarming. I didn't care...
Hot tears burned my cheeks and dripped from my chin to fall onto my shirt.
"I'm having a baby." I said out loud and the sound of those words to my own ears
sent me over the edge of a very steep emotional cliff. The sound of my screams
and sobs numbed my ears and shook my body, drowning out the sounds of my poundin
g heart.
Overcome with outraged anger, I raked everything from my dresser onto the floor
of my room. My porcelain jewelry box collided with a picture frame and both item
s smashed into a thousand pieces. I paused and stared at the glass scattered ove
r my carpet. I imagine that's how my heart looks in my chest right now.
With a defeated sigh, I knelt on the floor beside the mess and lifted the pictur
e frame from the debris. It was a picture of my dad and I on my 15th birthday. H
e had taken me and Alice to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, and he and I
had paused to take this picture just after entering. He had his arm wrapped arou
nd my neck, pulling me tightly against him while he pressed a kiss to my temple
just as the camera captured the image. This had always been my favorite picture.
Now I couldn't stand to look at it so I pulled open the nearest drawer and plac
ed the picture inside face down.
That's when I noticed the silence of the room, apart from my still steadily poun
ding heart. Everything was so quiet and still as though the entire room was shoc
ked that I had put the picture away. I felt horrible, but I couldn't stand to se
e that picture.
"Isobel!!!" I heard Bobby's voice yelling in my head over the sound of the beati
"Bobby?" I whispered as silent tears trailed down my cheeks. "Bobby what am I go
nna do?" I sobbed quietly into my hands.
The pounding got louder. "Isobel!!!!"
That's when I realized that the pounding
my own heartbeat, but the sound of Bobby
shed to the front door, flinging it open
ing into his neck, I grabbed a fist full
oser to soak up the comfort and strength

I had been hearing wasn't the sound of

banging on the door. I jumped up and ru
and throwing myself into his arms. Sobb
of his hair and tried to pull myself cl
that he was lending me.

He was breathing heavily and frantically as he squeezed his arms around my waist
. "Oh God Isobel! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" I shook my head and squeezed my e
yes shut.
Without pushing me away or breaking contact at all, Bobby entered and closed the
door behind him. He carried me to my room and sat on the bed cradling me like a

"Bobby what am I going to do?" I asked, pulling away from him and look into his
blue eyes.
He shook his head and sighed. "What do you want to do Iz?"
"Well I can't have an abortion...." I said, looking down at the floor, afraid of
his reaction. I knew he would be disappointed to hear that.
He let out a a relieved breath. "I didn't think you would." he said, squeezing m
y hip lightly. "Abortions are dangerous Iz, I'm glad you're not even considering
it. I did some research, and a woman who's had an abortion runs a chance of dyi
ng during delivery of any baby they have in the future. And that's if they can h
ave a baby at all. And at least fifty percent of women who do have abortions alm
ost certainly go through extensive emotional trauma. I don't think that's even w
orth considering when you note the emotional trauma you're already going through
My eyes filled again. He had gone through the trouble of researching my abortion
s before I had even gone to the doctor. It still baffled me that this boy cared
so much for me, and I never knew it. "Yeah, but that means I'll have to have the
baby." I said quietly.
Bobby splayed his fingers across my belly. "Isobel, that baby is your's. You sho
uldn't focus on who the father is, he would have no part in that baby's life any
way," he said forcefully.
"But I don't want this baby!" I replied angrily. "Then for the rest of my life,
I'll have to be reminded of what happened that night! Bobby, I can't do it!"
He inhaled a shaky breath and nodded his head. "I understand." He paused and the
n shifted on the bed the lay me down gently in a comfortable position. "You've b
een through a lot lately, Iz. Get some sleep, and we'll talk more about this whe
n you wake up. I need time to think."
I didn't want to argue with him. I was exhausted from all the events of the day,
so I shifted around to face and and closed my eyes.
"Go to sleep babe," he whispered. "I won't go anywhere."
I smiled slightly before I drifted off.

Bobby's POV
I didn't need to think. I already knew that whatever Isobel decided, I would be
there to help her through it. But I was still so relieved that she had already o
pted out of abortion that my heartbeat was beating double.
I don't care what happens now, as long as she's safe. Shit, I'd stand in as the
baby's father if she'd let me. I could be there for this baby like my dad was ne
ver there for me. I kind of hope it's a girl; with Isobel's eyes and cute little
nose. Or a boy....
I would be thrilled to have a son to play catch with. A son to take to baseball
games and to help when it's time to learn how to shave without cutting your face
open. I smiled to myself after that thought. I had practically cut my face open
when I learned how to shave. I still had the scar on my right cheek.

It would be more than I ever expected to have a child look up to me as his or he

r father. I imagined a tiny little face smiling up at me with pride and admirati
on and I felt a pang of guilt. I didn't have any qualities that a child could lo
ok up to. I was a criminal.
It was at that moment that I realized what my mom had meant last week before she
grounded me. I was going to have to have to get my life together if I was even
going to consider protecting and raising a small child up as my own.
College. I was going to have to look into colleges in the area and figure out ho
w I was going to raise my grades to get accepted.

[12] He Saved Me Chapter Twelve
Bobby's POV
"Shit!" I whispered angrily. I had cut myself.
Isobel was still asleep and I didn't want to scare her awake, so I refrained fro
m expelling the loud frustrated curse that would have offered me some relief. Sh
e had been sleeping for at least a half an hour when I finally took my eyes away
from her defeated form. I had made my decision...
I looked around her room and cringed. She must have had some fit of rage earlier
because her room was a mess. There were pictures, jewelry and cosmetic cases th
rown across the floor with broken glass among it all.
Not really wanting to think about the emotional state she must have been in to c
ause this mess, I began to clean it all up.
I had already picked up everything not broken and placed them back on her dresse
r, and was in the process of picking up the broken shards of what looked like so
me sort of porcelain jewelry box and the glass of a picture frame when the sharp
edge of a smaller piece had sank into the skin of my left palm. And now I had a
long gash going across my hand. I hurriedly picked up the remaining pieces and
placed them in the trashcan in her room and rushed to the bathroom to manage the
cut, shutting the door behind me.
I ran cold water over the gash and watched the the blood turn pink and disappear
down the drain. The sight of blood made images of Isobel, slashed and raped, po
p into my head. I would never be able to escape those images. I imagined what I
was going to do to the sick fuck who had caused this situation when I found him.
He would be taken care of. I'd make sure of it. I squeezed my hands into fists,
ignoring the stinging pain radiating from the injured palm.
Before long, I snapped myself out of my angered fantasies. I needed to get back
and check on Isobel. She and I really needed to talk.
With my right hand, I fiddled with the latch of the medicine cabinet until it op
ened and I found gauze and tape. After cleaning the cut I wrapped it up, and was
in the middle of inspecting my handy work when the door opened and Isobel let o
ut a startled scream.
Isobel's POV

I didn't want to open my eyes. I didn't want to wake up. I don't know how much t
ime had passed since Bobby had placed me in bed and told me to sleep, but it fel
t like I had been in this position forever. Was he still here?
As I lie there refraining from opening my eyes, I listened for any signs that I
wasn't alone in my room. Nothing. Not the whisper of a breath, or the slide of a
foot on the carpet. He had left me.
Tears that I didn't want to admit to burned my eyes and seeped through the shut
lids. I don't know why I was so disappointed. Bobby had shown me the day before
that he wasn't interested. He had shown me with Mindy Stevens. I groaned when I
remembered that. With all the events of today, I had managed to overlook the fac
t that Bobby was apparently with Mindy now. I just thought....NO! I was not goin
g to dwell on this. It was for the best that he was gone. He shouldn't have to d
eal with my problems anyway. He didn't care about me, and he shouldn't have to p
retend that he did just because he felt badly about what had happened to me. Thi
s was my problem and mine alone.
I shifted my postition and slowly sat up on the side of the bed. When I opened m
y eyes I was looking out my window, and I realized that the sun was setting over
Brooks County, Georgia. That would make it around 7pm, so I had been sleeping f
or two hours. I wonder how long Bobby had stayed before making his escape. Proba
bly not long if he had stayed any time at all. I looked around my room to see th
at all the items I had knocked off my dresser earlier had been put back in place
. Well not exactly in place, but I could tell that their positions had been care
fully thought out before being left there. Bobby must have cleaned up before he
left. The carpet where I had broken the picture frame and jewelry box had been p
icked clean as well.
My bathroom light was on. I could see the light shining through the crack at the
bottom of the door and figured that I must have left it on this morning before
leaving for school. I opened the door to reach in and flip the switch and a shoc
ked scream escaped my lips before I realized that it was Bobby.
"Bobby!!" Sucking in a relieved breath, I opened the door wider. "I thought you
He grabbed my hand and led me back to the bed, making me sit on the edge again.
"No, I told you I wasn't going anywhere. We have to talk."
I chewed on my fingernail and looked at him nervously. He'd said that he needed
time to think, and I had no idea what he had thought about while I was sleeping.
Bobby paced back and forth between me and my bathroom door, and I could tell tha
t his mind was fast at work. He stopped his pacing at the bathroom door and slow
ly turned around and looked at me. "Isobel-"
"What happened to your hand?" I had just noticed that his hand was wrapped in ga
He looked down at his hand as if confused. I took several seconds before he seem
ed to realize the answer to my question. "Oh...I cut my hand cleaning up the gla
ss on your floor. Nevermind that--Isobel, I have something I need to talk to you
My heart turned over, immediately feeling the intensity he was feeling about wha
tever it was he wanted to speak about. "Well---what is it?"
He paced back over to me and knelt on the floor directly in front of me, gatheri

ng my hands into his. "Iz--I want..." He trailed off, staring into my eyes as if
searching for something. He was scared I could tell...nervous. "I want this bab
y, Isobel."
I gasped. 'What!' I thought to myself. He wanted my baby. What would Bobby do wi
th a baby? "Bobby, what are you talking about? You can't adopt my baby! You're s
till in highschool!"
A sound escaped his lips. I couldn't quite lable that sound except to say that i
t sounded like a growl and a laugh put together. He looked crazy. "No Izzy! I wa
nt this baby...with you!" He stood up and resumed his pacing across my room. "An
d before you call me crazy, just hear me out. I've thought about this!" He pause
d to point at himself. "I'm 18 years old. You'll be 18 what--in three weeks?"
"Two and a half weeks..." I whispered. I couldn't believe what he was saying to
me. He was crazy! Despite what he had said a second ago.
"We're both adults. You can't get an abortion And whether you know it or not, yo
u would come to regret adoption too!" When I opened my mouth to speak, he held h
is hand up to silence me. "No! I know you Isobel! Can you honestly say that if y
ou give your child up for adoption that in twenty years, you wouldn't look back
and wonder? Yearn for the child you gave away? I know you would. And that's why
you should keep it. But you can't do this alone...I will help." He stopped speak
ing and just looked at me, breathing deeply, still staring at me nervously.
I fell in love with that boy in that moment. In that instant, he was no longer '
Bobby Slade the town's bad ass bad boy'. He was 'Bobby Slade, my hero', as sappy
as that sounds. But I couldn't allow him to do something like that for me. He h
ad his own life to live. What if he wanted kids of his own. What did he expect f
rom a situation like the one he was proposing. Proposing? What if wanted to get
married or something? I shook my head and opened my mouth to speak again, and he
cut me off once more.
"Look, we can do this!" he said forcefully. "I know--I know I have to get my shi
t together. I have to get better with school and maybe go to college, and I have
to get out of all of the bad things that I'm into, but I will do it for YOU Iso
bel! I CAN do this!"
An anger unlike anything I had ever felt took home in my heart as I sat and list
ened to Bobby practically beg me to keep my baby. Why? What did do that was so b
ad to make me ever have to make a choice like this. I couldn't do it. I knew tha
t right away. But I wanted to. I wanted to be selfish and snatch this boy up and
never let him go. But it wouldn't be fair. He didn't deserve the kind of hardsh
ips I knew raising a baby would bring to the surface.
"No," I began again and he interrupted. Again.
"I have to learn. We both have a LOT to learn about--about babies and diapers an
d formula and--"
"BOBBY NO!!" I nearly screamed. "We can't do this. I won't let you--"
"I WANT TO!" he raised his voice to be heard over the beginnings of my rant.
And I knew that I would never be able to convince him that this notion he had of
raising my baby with me was an insane one I felt tears burn a path down my chee
ks and I scoffed in disgust. I was so tired of crying! "I dont WANT YOU TO BOBBY
!" The pain in my chest was suffocating me, making it hard to breathe as I tried
to hold in the sobs that would give me away and make Bobby know that I was lyin
g. He needed to get out of here before I broke down in front of him. "Get out...

" I said through my teeth.

"GET OUT!!" I sceamed, pushing him toward the door. "GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUUUU
He looked so lost. So confused. My heart was breaking, but he didn't protest aga
in. "FINE!!!"
I heard him when he opened the front door and slammed it so hard behind him that
I wouldn't be surprised if it had come off its hinges. I knew that my dad was o
ut with his friend Ralph since it was Tuesday, so I didn't bother going out and
trying to explain what had just happened to him. There was no need. I just fell
onto the floor, broken sobs racking my body.
Bobby's POV

I needed to slow down. I knew that, but I couldn't make my foot acknowledge that
my brain had even given it the command. I actually did the opposite. I accelera
ted the truck to 100mph on the semi-dark Brooks County road, passing a patrol ca
r but not giving a damn. I was pissed off. I had been willing to take care of he
r and her baby, and for her to treat me like that! Fuck this!
I accelerated to 120.
Glancing in my rearview I noticed blue and red lights, indicating that the polic
e were in hot pursuit of my Ford F-250.
"Shiiiit!!!!!!!" I banged my fists on the steering wheel as I pulled over, defin
itely reopening the cut inside the left fist, but not giving a damn! Breathing h
ard, I reached into the sunvisor and retrieved my registration card and driver's
license while pressing the button to open the window. I watched the cop get out
of the car and didn't recognize him.
"Just my fucking luck!" I said quietly. I studied him when he had made it to the
window. He looked like Elmer Fudd with a fat, round belly. I extended my hand,
giving him my driver's icense and registration.
"Hey kid, do you know how fast you were going back there? Elmer asked me angrily
"Yes I do." I replied, raising an eyebrow. Why do they always fucking ask you th
at?! Of course I know how fast I was driving, I'm the one behind the fucking whe
"Excuse me?" he replied in an exaggerated hillbilly accent.
Shit! I said that out loud. Who gives a fuck? "I said...why would you ask that w
hen I was the one driving?" I said calmly.
A woman's voice started to come out of the the walkie on his shoulder. She read
back my name and recited the priors on my driver's license. Elmer responded to h
er and then took a step back. "Could you open the door and step out of the vehic
le please." He formed it as a question, but voiced it as a command.

I groaned in frustration and did as Pot Belly Fudd asked. "Is there a reason for
this sir?" I asked.
"Kid, do you know that Georgia Law states that if a driver is driving 20 miles a
n hour or more over the speed limit, an officer is well within his rights to bri
ng him in on reckless driving charges?"
"No, I didn't know that." I replied sarcastically.
"Well," he paused to look at my license, "Robert Elliot Slade Jr, that is the la
w, and I don't much like your attitude. You were driving 125 miles per hour in a
45 mile an hour zone." he pulled out is cuffs and read me my rights.

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[13] He Saved Me Chapter Thirteen
Introducing a new character!! Eric Dane will be playing our beloved Bobby's lawy
er. HE'S OVER THERE-------->>>>

Chapter Thirteen
Bobby's POV
My anger had not calmed down yet. They had had me in here for over an hour, and
my fucking lawyer was late. I paced back and forth in the holding cell they had
placed me in and cursed the day Daniel Jones was born. He had better get his ass
here fast or he would be out of a job!
I didn't like this at all. For the past hour and a half, all I had was time to t
hink about Isobel and her baby and the way she had just kicked me out of her hou
se like I was nothing. How could she treat me like that?
The sound of a lock being turned had me turning around. "Oh look who finally fuc
king showed up?!?!" I said impatiently to Daniel.
As usual, he was decked out in Gucci attire. I pay him too much. He raised a bro
w and looked at me quizically. "Bobby what the hell were you thinking driving th
at fast? And then talking to a cop like you have no sense at all? I had to put o
n a lot of pressure to get them to agree to release you and make all this disapp
ear!" He took my arm and began leading me down the hallway. "Officer Peters didn
't want to let this go! Oh, and here." He handed me a plastic bag filled with my
"Who the hell is Officer Peters?" I asked, pulling my wallet out of the back and
sliding it into my back pocket. "Here, help me with this." I stopped and pulled
my watch out of the bag and turned my wrist around for him to clasp it on.
"The guy who arrested you!" he put the watch on and glanced at a spot behind me.
"Oh, and I have some bad news..."
"Thanks." I turned the watch around and looked at him with a frown. "What bad ne

He nodded his head, gesturing for me to look. "They called your mom."
I turned to see an angry Sharon Slade storming into the doors of the police stat
"What the fuck? Who called my mom?" I yelled, looking around.
A lot of the cops looked at me and then continued on with what they were doing,
but Elmer Fudd just stared into my eyes with a smirk on his face. "YOU!!" I star
ted for him, but Daniel grabbed my collar and pulled me back.
"You don't want to do that Bobby. Even I wouldn't be able to make an assault cha
rge against an officer of the law disappear. No matter how much money we throw a
t it. Heads up, she's spotted you."
We both turned around to watch mom approach us.
"Bobby Slade what the HELL were you thinking!!!!" She stopped in front of me and
folded her arms on her chest, tapping her right foot angrily as she glared at m
e. "You could have killed somebody!! You could have killed yourself!!!"
I didn't speak. Anything I said could and would have been used against me. I def
initely didn't want to tell her what had happened with Isobel.
"Ma'am, everything has been taken care of." Daniel said awkwardly.
Mom's death glare turned onto my lawyer. "And who the hell are you?"
"Ma'am, my name is Daniel Jones. Nice to meet you." He held out his hand and mom
hesitantly took it.
"Daniel Jones? Why does that sound familiar?" she stared at him for a full minut
e before her eyes narrowed into slits. "Aren't you my ex husbands lawyer?"
Oh shit! Sliding my shoulder between the pair and effectively breaking them apar
t, I began to lead my mom out of the police station with Daniel following. "No m
om, he's not dad's lawyer, what are you talking about? Let's go home--"
"No--" she stopped at the bottom of the steps and turned to look at Daniel. "No,
I remember your name from the envelopes. Your office sends Me child support and
alimony every two weeks! What are you doing here?"
Daniel looked at me from the corner of his eye and then averted his
ck to mom. "No ma'am. I'm sure there are more that a few lawyers by
Daniel Jones. Your ex husband's lawyer must be someone else. Again,
to meet you, now if you'll both excuse me..." Daniel escaped before
ime to process his lie and shoot another question at him.

attention ba
the name of
it was nice
my mom had t

Smart guy...I should give him a raise.

Sharon's POV
'Wow!' I thought, watching Daniel Jones disappear in what looked like a brand ne
w Mercedes. 'That is one beautiful man!' I snapped myself out of thoughts that w
ould soon turn lustful if I wasn't careful.

They were lying to me.

I don't know how I knew it, but looking at my son, I could just tell he was lyin
g to me. What was Robert's lawyer doing here?
"Bobby what's going on here?"
He sighed and looked at me. "You're right mom. That was dad's lawyer. I called h
im to come and get me because I didn't want them to call and bother you."
So that means that his father would know about this incident. I didn't like that
one bit.
"Speaking of which, I ask again...Bobby what were you thinking driving that fast
A look of pain flashed behind blue eyes that looked exactly like my ex-husband's
, and he looked down at the pavement three seconds too late. I could tell that h
e had been hurt. 'Oh,' I thought, 'Something had happened with Isobel.'
Not really feeling strong enough to watch my son in pain any more, I decided to
let him off the hook. If it had something to do with Isobel, I could imagine wha
t he was going through. "Look, let's just forget it. Go get your truck and meet
me at the house."
Bobby's eyes widened in surprise. "Are you serious? Forget it?" It was uncharact
eristic of me to drop a matter this serious.
"Look boy," I began playfully. "Count your blessings and go get your truck! Your
punishment is having to stay home tonight and watch a chick flick with your gru
mpy old mom."
He laughed and kissed my cheek. "Come on mom, don't be so hard on yourself." I s
miled at him as he walked away. "You're not grumpy...just old..." He burst out l
aughing and ran before I could get ahold of him.
I giggled before I stepped into my Lexus and pulled out of the parking lot to he
ad home.
When I got there, Bobby was just getting out of his truck. How did he get his pa
perwork done and get home before I did?
I parked my car and opened the door. "Bobby, didn't you just get arrested for sp
eeding? How did you get her so fast?" I asked him after I had locked my door and
joined him.
He looked at me guiltily. "Shortcut?"
"Yea whatever honey, try again."
We had just made it to the front door and Bobby had pulled out his key to unlock
the door when we both heard footsteps approach from behind us, and I heard a vo
ice thta I hadn't heard in eight years.
"What's this I hear about our son being arrested?" Robert Slade Sr. said from ju
st three feet away from us.
Bobby and I looked at each other, and I watched something in my son snap. He dro

pped his keys, and with a look of pure hatred in his eyes, he attacked his fathe
[14] He Saved Me Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fourteen
Robert's POV (earlier that day)
I watched my wife pace back and forth across the kitchen of our loft apartment i
n Atlanta, Georgia, her big belly protruding unattractively in front of her.
"You are NOT leaving me for that bitch!!!" she screamed, waving a knife around i
n front of her face like a the crazy woman that she was. For the thousandth time
in eight years, I regretted leaving my family for her. She had made my life a l
iving hell, spending all of my money on pointless things that she never desired
to keep for more than a month. We had a closet full of designer clothes that she
had only worn once if she had bothered to wear them at all. She made me miss Sh
aron. I wonder how her and my kid are doing? "I will not allow you to treat me t
he way you did that pitiful excuse for an ex-wife of yours! I will not take this
lying down Robert!"
I had just told her about my affair with my secretary, Sasha, and that I was pla
nning on leaving to marry her "Look Patricia, it's not that I don't love you..."
"Oh can it you son of a bitch!!! You never loved me! You loved my AGE, and the f
act that I had the body of a high school cheerleader! And now that I'm a big fat
pregnant cow, you're trying to get rid of me!"
I paused with my mouth open and shrugged. Well, she had me there. "It's not pers
onal honey. I love her." I bent over and picked up the suitcase that I had been
in the middle of packing when Patricia came home early and found me. "Look...you
can keep the loft. It's paid for." With that being said, I turned to leave. As
my hand reached for the door knob, I heard a low whistling noise and then moved
my head just in time to avoid whatever it was that she had thrown at me. I looke
d to my left to see the knife that she had been holding sticking out of the wall
just inches away from my head.
My eyes widened as I turned to look at her. "Are you fucking INSANE???"
"No Robert! You haven't seen insane until you walk out that door! If you walk ou
t that door...I will make the rest of your days a living hell! I am PREGNANT wit
h your CHILD!!!"
I scoffed as I watched her standing there, panting heavily. "Yeah that's likely.
You spread your legs for anybody with a black card and a dick! I want a divorce
." I walked out the door and slammed it behind me.
I had lied. Sasha and I had fooled around for a little while, but she wouldn't h
ave me. She said that she was looking for better things than a forty-seven year
old with a nearly non-existent bank account. My bank account wouldn't be nearly
emptied if it hadn't been for that gold digging bitch I called a wife. I am so g
lad to be rid of her.
No, I was leaving because I missed Sharon. I needed to make amends for all the p
ain I had caused her by leaving. I remembered the day that I had left and the si
ght of her begging me to stay, and I knew that she would have me back. She still

loved me. A love like that just doesn't disappear.

Robert's POV (later)
My loft in Atlanta was only a two hour drive away from the old house in Brooks C
ounty, so I was pulling into the drive by two o'clock that afternoon. I gasped a
s I looked around. Sharon had let the place go to hell since I left. The drivewa
y was cracked and dirty, and an old, dusty excuse for a lawn set was positioned
in the middle of the front yard. Tacky! Yes, she would be glad to see me I bet.
I pressed the button to lock the doors of my Lincoln Towncar as I made my way up
the drive.
After ringing the doorbell I took a step back and smiled. I was surprised to see
a little girl with blond ringlets open the door. She looked to be about eight y
ears old. Was she mine? I could have sworn my old buddies had told me that Sharo
n lost the baby.
I smiled and bent over to squat down in front of her. "Hey angel. Is your mommy
home?" I asked her sweetly. I had always been good with children.
The little girl studied me for a few seconds before turning back into the house
and calling out. "Mommy!!!" she said before she disappeared up the stairs.
A blond woman that was definitely not my ex-wife came to the door holding a filt
hy little chubby baby boy. "Yes, can I help you?" she inquired, studying me from
head to toe.
"Hello. I
d to live
ably uses

came by to visit with someone, but I guess she's moved by now. She use
in this house. Goes by the name of Sharon Slade, but I'm sure she prob
the name Sharon Young by now. Had a little boy? He should be around se
I flashed her my teeth in a charming smile and the woman nodded her he

"Yea she moved about four years ago. Sold the house to me and my husband Chet fo
r real cheap. I think her and her boy are living over on Lexington now."
"Lexington? But isn't that the more expensive part of town?" I hadn't been gone
so long that I didn't remember that we could never afford to live over there.
"Yea mister. I told you what I know, so if that's all...Chet Jr. needs to be cha
nged." she slammed the door in my face.
Wow. Sharon's living on Lexington now. She must have remarried. I got in my car
and started it, deciding to head over to her house to shake things up a bit.
When I turned onto Lexington I saw a middle aged woman walking her dog, so I slo
wed next to her and rolled down my window. "Excuse me?" she stopped and looked a
t me questioningly. "Hi, I'm looking for Sharon Slade's house?"
The woman studied me for a moment as if sizing me up. I guess I passed her littl
e test, because she smiled and then gestured down the street. "Yes, she's just t
hree houses down on the right. The biggest house on the block, you can't miss it
." Without another word, she resumed her stroll down the street.

I drove on down the street and parked across the street from the house the woman
had indicated. Sharon had done really well for herself. Now that I was there, I
suddenly felt nervous about knocking on the door, so I just sat in my car and w
atched the house to try and get a glimpse of my son or ex wife.
The sound of my phone ringing made me jerk awake and I looked around. I must hav
e fallen asleep. I quickly answered my phone before the call was sent to voice m
ail. "Slade here."
"Yes sir, Mr. Slade?" A male hillbilly voice greeted me on the other end of the
"Yes, I believe I just said that."
"So that's where he get's it from." The man muttered into the phone.
"Excuse me?" I replied impatiently. "Is there a reason for this phone call?"
"Yes sir, my name is Officer Chet Peters. I work for the Brooks County po-lice d
epartment. I just thought I'd let you know that I booked your son on reckless dr
ivin' charges tonight. We've already called the boy's mama, and she has been by
the station and picked 'im up. It took me a while to track you down is why this
call is comin' so late, but I just thought I'd let you know."
Sleep was still clouding my brain, so it took me a moment to register everything
the officer had said. "Oh. Oh Bobby got arrested?" Just then a truck turned the
corner and the bright headlights blinded me. I watched the truck turn into the
driveway of Sharon's house and park.
"Yes. Yes sir he did. Reckless drivin' is what I pick 'im up for. Kid was drivin
' 125 miles an hour in a 45 zone."
Another car turned the corner and I watched my son and Sharon exit their vehicle
s. I distractedly responded to the hillbilly. "Yes, thank--thank you sir. I'll d
eal with it." I hung up the phone and got out of my car.
They had just reached the front door when I stopped within three feet of them. "
What's this I hear about our son being arrested?" I asked, staring pointedly at
my wife. I didn't want to miss the happiness on her face when she realize who wa
s standing in front of her.
If I hadn't been so busy watching her, however, I wouldn't have missed my son co
me in to attack me....

[15] He Saved Me Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Fifteen

Bobby's POV

He went down with the first punch, and that was literally all she wrote.

I unleashed eight years of anger, frustration, rage and hostility on that pitifu
l excuse for a father. With each punch, with each kick, with every knee to the g
roin, I felt something inside of me release.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I could hear my mom nearly screaming my name, d
esperate for me to calm down and back away from this fight. But no matter how mu
ch I loved her and respected her, in that moment, she didn't exist for me. Nothi
ng existed for me at that moment except me and HIM. And he was cowering like a b

He didn't fight back, but it's not like I gave him much of a chance.

As I stood there, grinding his body into the pavement, my mind flashed back to t
he night I had rounded that corner to see that pervert on top of Isobel, and wha
t little control over my actions I did possess were lost; blown away like ashes
in the wind.

I was going to kill my father.


Sharon's POV

'Oh my God! My son is going to go to prison for murder!'

My brain kept repeating that same sentence over and over. Tears blinded me as I
tried to pull him away from Robert, but each time I got a hold on his shirt, he
would shrug me off and go in again.

"Bobby!!!!" I attempted to get his attention once again, but my cry landed on de
af ears. Oh God, what do I do?

And then it occurred to me. There was only one person who could draw Bobby out o
f this blind rage he was in, but I hated myself for what I was about to do to my


"Oh my God, Isobel!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, and everything went sile
nt. Even my ex husband stifled his grunts of pain as Bobby froze and looked arou
nd, confused. His eyes scanned the front yard several times before he rounded on
me and stared at me. "Oh I'm so sorry!" I said softly and I pulled him closer a
nd wrapped my arms around his neck. "Bobby you needed to calm down!" I told him
to explain my random outburst.

He was trembling. Breathing in pants, his arms returned my embrace for a second
before he dropped them an turned to see his dad sprawled on the ground, cradling
his nose between two hands.

"I think you broke my dose!!!" he said, slurring dramatically. And then he passe
d out.

My eyes widened as I watched and prayed for him to regain consciousness and get
up, but after a full two minutes of standing there watching his still form, my f
ear returned.

"Bobby, he's not moving!!!"

"Shit," he whispered.

Hesitantly, I approached Robert's still form and bent over him. "Robert?" I said
urgently. Slapping the side of his face, I tried to bring him back. Nothing. "W
hat do we do?" I whispered to Bobby who really looked like he could care less wi
th a satisfied smirk on his face. "Bobby! This is serious!"

He sighed impatiently and pulled out is cell phone.

"Wait, we can't call the police!" I told him. "You'd end up back in jail!"

"Chill mom, I'm not calling the police. I'm calling Daniel."

Daniel? I stood confused trying to connect the pieces. "Wait, Daniel? You can't
call HIS lawyer! Bobby!!" he wasn't listening to me. I watched him put the phone
to his ear and turn his back. I looked at Robert again and noticed his chest mo

ving. "Wait Bobby! Bobby his chest moved! He's breathing; he's not dead!"


Daniel's POV

My cell phone rang just as I was pulling into the parking garage underneath my a
partment building. I glanced at the screen to identify the caller and then answe
red right away. It was Bobby.

"Yeah?" I pulled into my space and put the car in park.

"I need you man." Came the short reply. "I'm at the house."

I sighed and put the car in reverse to leave again. "On my way." I snapped my ph
one shut and took off.

This was why Bobby paid me the big bucks. No matter what, no matter where, and n
o matter why, when he called me I was always "on my way".

I have never told him that even without the money, I would always be there for h
im. There was a time a few years back when I told him that he paid me too much,
and the kid had told me that he didn't pay me enough. He'd said, "I take care of
my mom, and you take care of me. The way I see it, that means you're taking car
e of mom too. I couldn't pay you enough for that Danny boy." I fell in love with
that kid after he said that. For a fifteen-year-old child to be so protective o
f his mother...

I had always wanted a family, but around the time that Bobby had come into my of
fice at fourteen years old and demanded that I represent him, my wife and I had
just had a divorce. Bobby had been like a son to me, I had loved him like a son
for all these years, but I knew that his father had royally fucked up the image
of a dad in his kid's eyes. There was no way Bobby would ever see me as his own
father figure.

So I stood in the shadows, and I made sure he was taken care of at all times. I
know the kid is on the wrong side of the law. A dangerous side of the law...but
if that's what he has to do to take care of his mom, who am I to stop him? All I
could do was make sure he didn't go to prison. I could keep my end of the deal.


I was pulling into Bobby's driveway within fifteen minutes, and I cursed myself
for not asking what this was all about on the phone. I could already have a soli
d argument and defense strategy planned out.

I knew it was something, because Bobby never allowed me to come to his house. He
thought there was too much of a chance of Sharon finding out exactly who I was.

Speaking of Sharon...that is one hot mama!

All business, I got out of my car and hurried over to Bobby and his mom sitting
on the front steps. I almost didn't notice the man on the ground until I nearly
tripped over him.

"What the hell?!" My eyes moved from the man on the the ground to the mother and
son family sitting on the steps. The mother looked terrified.

"God dammit Bobby, is this a fucking dead body?" I was immediately worried. When
I'm worried, I do my best work. In my mind, I was mapping out a course of actio
n. I was so glad that Bobby had called me first. I assumed he had called me firs
t. "You didn't call the police yet did you?"

Bobby shook his head and stood up. He didn't look worried, and I wanted to punch
that kid for his carelessness. He really should be taking this seriously! "No w
e didn't call them. Daniel, look---"

I tuned him out. Good! He didn't call the police. I knew that boy was smart. Oka
y, so we can say that the guy broke in and Bobby had attacked and killed him try
ing to defend his mom. No, that won't work, cause then, why would the body be ou
tside. We can say that Bobby and his mom were just getting home when this man ha
d attacked them, and so Bobby stepped in and defended his mom and killed the per
p by accident. I studied Bobby and Sharon. No that wouldn't work either. Neither
of them had a scratch on them! Dammit!

I knew what I needed to do. I was not going to allow my son--my client...yes, my
client. I was not going to allow my client to go to prison. NO matter what reas
ons he had for doing this.

Taking a deep breath, I took a knee down on the walkway and punched the pavement
until there was a small amount of blood on my knuckles. Fuck! That really hurt!

"--and then he passed out." Bobby was saying. "Daniel what the fuck are you doin

Flexing my fingers, I stood up and grabbed both of Bobby's shoulders tightly. "L
ook, this is what we're going to say to the cops when they get here. I did this!
I got here just before you, and you don't know what happened. You just...you go
t here, and there was a dead man on your lawn! I must have done it cause, I was
the only one here! You got that?"

Bobby was looking confused now. I nodded my head at him. "Yeah! Yeah, I did this
Bobby! Now is not the time to look confused! You have to understand me, we don'
t have time to waste! Snap out of it kid!"

"Seriously Danny boy, what the hell are you talking about?" He started to laugh,
and then I knew he had gone insane.

"This shit isn't funny man!" I said angrily.

"Chill! Chill Daniel!" He stopped laughing and straighted his shoulders. "He's n
ot dead, he's passed out."

"Passed out?" Relief washed over me in waves. Oh thank God! I'm to pretty for pr
ison. He wasn't dead.

Bobby nodded and then chuckled and slapped me on the back. "Yeah man, he's passe
d out. What the hell made you think he was dead?"

I shook my head, confused. "I don't know man. I knew this had to be something se
rious because you told me to come to your house. You've never done that before.
When I saw this man on the ground, I just assumed..."

He laughed again. "Man, you're crazy, you know that? Would you really have taken
the blame for THAT? Murder?"

I rolled my up to the sky, still relieved that we didn't have to cover up a murd
er. "I'd do more than that for you kid." His face sobered as he studied me. He w
as looking at me differently now, and kind of making me feel awkward. "So who is
this anyway?"

Bobby stared at the man for a minute before responding. "Daniel Jones, meet my f
ather. Robert Slade SENIOR..."

I froze and looked down at the man on the ground again, only then noticing the r
esemblance of father and son. "Holy shit Bobby, what did you do to him?"

Bobby chuckled and nudged the guy with his foot. "I kicked his ass is what I did
! Nearly killed him...but mom calmed me down." he frowned when he said that part
and glanced at his mother. I wonder what she'd done to earn that frown.

At that moment, Robert groaned from the ground and struggled to a sitting positi
on. "What happened?" he asked groggily.

Bobby and I looked at each other and then at Robert again.

"What happened is you shouldn't have come to my fucking house is what happened."
Sharon surprised us by speaking for the first time since I got there.


Sharon's POV

Robert's lawyer got here fast. I still didn't understand why Bobby had called hi
m, but I could only trust that my son knew what he was doing.

I stared back and forth at the two as they bantered playfully, still trying to u
nderstand why this man would have been willing to take a murder charge for my so
n. They were talking to each other like they had been acquainted for years.

"Daniel Jones, meet my father. Robert Slade SENIOR..." Wait, I thought that he w
as Robert's lawyer. What the hell was going on here?

I had just been about to ask that question when I heard my ex husband groan from
the ground and sit up. "What happened?" he asked groggily.

Bobby and the lawyer remained silent, just looking at each other stupidly.

I looked at Robert and belatedly felt the anger that I should have been feeling
this whole time instead of the fear that had taken over when I thought my son wa
s about to kill him.

"What happened is you shouldn't have come to my fucking house is what happened!"

[16] He Saved Me Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Sixteen
Isobel's POV
I had finally stopped crying. I don't know how long I had been there on the floo
r curled up in a ball before the sound of my own sobs finally subsided, but they
had. At some point...
I felt so stupid. Why had I sent him away? I'd give anything to have him back wi
th me now. To hold me. To tell me that everything really was going to be okay, a
nd I wasn't going to spend the rest of my life hating myself.
I felt so angry! Why did I have to be pregnant?
I didn't want this baby...
I didn't want this life.
I would have given anything to just have died that night. Been killed...
That would have been better than this. I think.....
I could hear my own heartbeat accelerating as the anger and depression took cont
rol of me again and the tears burned my eyes. I wanted to scream.
Eventually I lifted myself from the floor and made my way into the bathroom to w
ash the tear stains off my face. I stared at the flow of water as if in a daze f
or five minutes before my mind snapped back into place and I placed my hands und
erneath the flow and splashed some across my face, the cool liquid soothing the
sore puffiness slightly. I knew I must look like hell
I straightened up to get a good look at myself in the mirror only to realize tha
t the medicine cabinet was open. Bobby must have left it when he used my bandage
s earlier. As I slowly lifting my right hand to close and latch it, I studied th

e contents. My hand froze in mid-air.

'I wonder...' I thought to myself. 'Should I....?'
'Could I....?' I answered.
'It would be better than this! ANYTHING would be better than this!!'
'But was there anything worse that THAT?' I argued with myself as I contemplated
what to do.
I should do it. I could do it! It would be better than this.
Before I could argue further and talk myself out of it, I quickly lifted the sma
ll bottle of Tylenol from it's shelf and forced it open. The water was still run
ning, this would be easy. I could end it...
All the pain. All the regret. The anger.....it would be over.
I poured the pills into my palm and studied them. I wonder how many I should tak
'All of them!" I answered myself.
I lifted my palm to my mouth.
'DON'T DO THIS!' my mind screamed at me.
'I have to...' I replied and shoved the pills between my lips.
"Honey I'm home!" my dad yelled cheerfully from the front of the house, and I ch
oked and coughed all the pills into the sink. "Where are you?" He sounded closer
this time.
I stood and watched my death go down the drain before I turned the water off and
walked into my room. "I'm in my room." I called back to him miserably, tremblin
g on my feet.
My dad appeared in my doorway with a ready smile on his face. "Well how was your
day baby? I feel like we haven't talked in a while. Want to catch up?" he asked
as he crossed to my bed and sat down.
As I watched him I felt guilty for the anger I had been feeling toward him. None
of this was really his fault. He had always been a great dad. I joined him on t
he bed, sitting down with a sigh.
"Uh-oh," he said quietly. "What's wrong with my baby girl?" He lifted his hand a
nd brushed some stray strands of hair away from my face and I leaned my face aga
inst it, greedily soaking up the comfort he unknowingly offered. A traitorous te
ar leaked from the corner of my eye and fell onto his hand. "Hey, hey, hey! What
---?" He shifted on the bed to face me and then gathered me into his arms.
This was what I needed all along. A tidal wave of emotions swept through me as m
y arms circled my daddy's neck and squeezed for dear life. "Daddy!" I whispered
"Isobel Davis, you tell me what is wrong!" he said gently, yet forcefully. In th
at way that only a father knows how....
I wanted to tell him. In that moment, I wanted to tell him everything about the

rape and Bobby; how I had been blindly angry with him for not being there. About
the baby.....
But when I opened my mouth to spill the whole story, something stopped me. He wa
s so oblivious. Daddy had always been this sweet, loving, content man who loved
everything and everyone around him. I couldn't destroy that for him, so I just s
hook my head and laid my head against his chest. "It's a boy...." I began. It wa
sn't a lie, but it wasn't the full truth either.
He chuckled as he laid his chin on the top of my head and rubbed my back in soot
hing circles. "A boy. I should have known." He tried to pull back to look at me,
but I wasn't ready to let him go yet, so I tightened my arms around him. "What
happened baby? I thought you didn't like boys yet. Thought that had cooties or s
omething like that..."
A smile threatened at the corners of my lips. "Daddy that was second grade! Boys
don't have coodies anymore."
He gasped theatrically. "What!!! Boys don't have cooties anymore? Wha--when did
this happen?"
I giggled and then smothered it into his chest. "I don't know. Like three years
"Three?" he asked skeptically.
"Well...more like six years ago, but I never liked a boy back then." I responded
"But you do now?" he asked, still rubbing my back.
Images of Bobby popped into my head and my heart swelled. "Yes." I smiled.
"You love him?" he pushed on.
I couldn't speak then, so I nodded my head and he gasped.
"Does he love you?"
I squeezed my eyes shut and shook my head. "I don't think so..." I whispered.
"Well does he know how you feel?"
"Of course not!" I said quickly. "That would be humiliating."
He finally pulled away from me and looked me in the eyes. "So what you telling m
e is that you like this---love this boy, but you haven't told him how you feel?
And that he COULD love you too, but you don't think so? Is that right?"
I stared at the top button of his shirt and nodded my head.
"And what makes you THINK that he doesn't love you?" he returned with another qu
"Daddy, I don't know. He hasn't said it?"
"Well does he show you that he cares for you?"
My mind flashed to the anger and hurt that had been in Bobby's eyes when I had t
old him to get out earlier, and the look of determination on his face when he ha

d offered to take care of my baby with me. I thought of all the things that he h
ad told me that he said that he's never told anyone before. And I also thought o
f how he had refused to have sex with me because he didn't want to hurt me. What
other teenage boy would deny himself sex with a girl who offers it freely. I di
d care for me.
"Yeah, he shows it..." I replied hesitantly.
"Well I don't see the problem here sweet pea. From what you're telling me, this
boy likes you and you like him. Can you point out the problem in that for me?"
"The problems is that I hurt him today. I told him that I didn't want him to tak
e care of me and to get out."
"So this boy was in my house?"
I froze and looked at him. I didn't have to confirm his question. The guilt writ
ten across my face did it for me.
For a long time daddy stared at me as if trying to figure out what to do. When h
e had come to a decision, he rose to his feet and squeezed my shoulder. "Well ba
by girl, your problem can be easily remedied. You want to hear it?"
I nodded my head earnestly. I would do anything to be able to fix the mess I had
made of the relationship Bobby had been on our way to building.
"Well first, you apologize for what you did today. If he likes you he will be re
lieved, not vengeful, and he'll take it from there. And then...you never bring t
hat boy to my house again if I'm not home." he smiled and I nodded again. "And t
hen, you invite him to dinner Sunday night. I have to meet this boy. Did you get
all that?" he asked from the doorway.
I smiled brightly and nodded my head once again. "Yeah dad, I got it."
"Good. Now that that crisis is solved, what do you want for dinner? It's late, s
o pick something quick and easy to cook."
"Order pizza?"
He flashed a bright smile. "Sure why not? Meet me in the living room in forty mi
nutes. We'll pick a movie and eat like pigs." he chuckled and ran down the hallw
ay like an excited little boy.
I giggled again and picked up my cell phone from my bedside table. I stared at i
f for a long time before I pressed Bobby's speed dial and listened for it to rin
g. When it just went directly to voice mail I hurriedly pressed the end button a
nd continued to stare at it. What do I do now? I knew that Bobby had another cel
l phone now that his mom had given him back his things, but I wasn't sure if tha
t one would be on. I went to that number in my call log, but froze before pressi
ng talk. I couldn't do it.
After staring into space for five more minutes, I decided to send a text message
I typed the message quickly and sent it before I chickened out.
'I'm sorry...'
I pressed my face into a pillow and waited for a reply.

Bobby's POV
Daniel, my mom, and I were sitting around the kitchen table discussing the event
s of the evening when my phone vibrated from it's position in front of me. I gla
nced at it and then continued to listen to what Daniel was saying. It was just a
text message. I would check it in a minute.
"I doubt he'll file assault charges against his own son." Daniel said, leaning b
ack in his chair. "But in case he does, I will have a defense strategy planned b
y morning."
The bastard had left fifteen minutes ago after
he didn't leave. But he hadn't left without a
at to mean he would be returning to talk to us
he intended to have me arrested which is why I
st place.

mom had threatened to kill him if

promise to return. My mom took th
tomorrow, but I was worried that
had called Daniel here in the fir

"Are you sure you can handle this?" I asked.

Daniel raised a brow and chuckled. "Haven't I handled worse?"
I responded with a smile. He was right. Finally, I picked my phone up to read th
e new message, and my heart turned over in my chest when I saw that it was from
'I'm sorry...' It read, and I hurriedly responded, cursing myself for not checki
ng the message as soon as it arrived.
'It's okay babe. I know that you're going through a lot.'
I got up from the table and left Daniel and my mom talking so that I could go to
another room for some privacy. My phone vibrated again as I fell down onto the
couch with a sigh. 'I was stupid.' she responded.
I didn't bother typing another message. I called her, and she answered on the fi
rst ring.
"Hey." she said shyly.
"Don't call yourself stupid Isobel. I told you I understood!"
She sighed into the phone. "I know. But I can't help but feel bad. You have been
nothing but kind to me, and then I blow up like that."
"We all have our moments, Iz."
"Not you, you're perfect." I heard her say quietly and I laughed. I was far from
perfect. I had just nearly killed my own father tonight.
"So you think I'm perfect?" I said, joking.
"Yes." She replied, and I sobered. She was serious.
I let out a nervous chuckle. "Well you gotta be the only person in the world who
thinks that."
She giggled. "No, I'm just the only person who KNOWS it. You don't let people SE
E you Bobby."

I was about to respond when I heard her dad's voice yell on the other end. "Pizz
a's here sweet pea!"
"Shoot, I gotta go Bobby. See you tomorrow?" she asked.
"I'll pick you up for school if you want." I suggested to her and she gasped.
"Uhh...that would would be okay I guess. I'll have to tell Alice not to come, th
"Okay see ya then." I told her before hanging up the phone. A bad day had just g
otten better.

[17] He Saved Me Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Seventeen
Sharon's POV
I watched Bobby pick up his phone and rush out of the room. I didn't have to ask
who was texting him. The smile on his face told it all. Isobel.
I looked back at Daniel and noticed him watching Bobby as he walked away with a
puzzled expression. "I want to thank you...for what you were willing to do for m
y son." I told him as I took a drink from a glass of water I had been cradling s
ince we had sat at the table.
Daniel glanced at me and then looked away as if afraid I would read something be
hind those smokey gray eyes. "No thanks necessary ma'am."
"Sharon." I corrected him.
He looked at me then and my heartbeat steadily rose as he stared. "Sharon..." he
said huskily.
I don't know what it was about this man, but ever since I had seen him earlier a
t the police station, I could not stop imagining what it would feel like to run
my fingers through--never mind.
I cleared my throat and mentally pulled away from the prison his gaze had captur
ed me in. "I heard what you said earlier," I began. "You said that you would do
more than that for him. You care for my son, don't you?"
He was ready to deny it, I could tell. He opened his mouth and closed it several
times before finally speaking in a defeated tone. "I always wanted a son..." wa
s all he said.
"And you don't have kids?" I already suspected the answer to that question and t
he slight shake of his head confirmed it. "Well I'm glad that my son has a man w
illing to put himself on the line for him. He hasn't had that from his father in
years. I'm not sure he ever had it."
Anger flashed across his face before he concealed it. For a lawyer, he sure wasn
't good at covering his emotions. Or maybe he wasn't used to someone asking ques
tions about him, just about the people that he represents. "I will never underst
and how a man could have a son like Bobby, and then just...let him go. I wish I

had had the chance to punch his face in before Bobby was done with him tonight."
I could see that he meant what he said, and that reminded me-"Speaking of Robert--Bobby told me at the station after you left that you were h
is attorney. Would you mind explaining to me how it is that you didn't recognize
your own client sprawled across my front lawn tonight?"
He opened and closed his mouth several more times before he spoke, glancing betw
een me and the doorway that Bobby had disappeared through. So it has something t
o do with Bobby...
"Ma'am, I don't want to lie to you, and I am not at liberty to speak freely. Bob
by has put me in a very awkward position by calling me here tonight, and I would
rather you discussed this entire ordeal with him before speaking with me about
it." He reluctantly stood from his seat and crossed over to the doorway. "I thin
k it would be best if I leave now. Please have Bobby call me when he is done wit
h his...whatever it is that sent him out of here grinning like the Cheshire Cat.
Again, it was very nice to meet you." After that, he disappeared down the corri
dor like the fires of hell were chasing him.
I went to sleep that night smiling as I thought about those gray eyes....
Bobby's POV
I decided to drive the Audi to school the next day. I wanted to impress Isobel,
so I polished ever smudge in it's cherry red paint job before hopping behind the
wheel and taking off to her place.
She opened her front door and ran across the yard before I even came to a comple
te stop out front. She must have been watching for me. The thought made a crooke
d smile ease across my face as she got in the car and buckled her seat belt.
"Did you know there's a scratch going along this door over here?" she asked casu
ally as she adjusted the strap to her seat belt and looked at me.
"Wha--" I hurriedly jumped out of the car and ran to the other side. I hadn't se
en any scratches before getting in the car this morning. I stared at that side o
f the car confused for ten seconds before Isobel opened her window and went into
a fit of melodic giggles.
"Oh my God, you should see your face! April Fools!!!" she screamed as she closed
her window and covered her face to interrupt my glare.
That was a dirty joke, and I said as much to her as I got back into the car and
buckled up. "Payback is going to be your worst nightmare!" I said calmly.
She let another giggle escape before she sobered. "Sorry..." she replied lamely.
As I watched her swing her head around to look at me, my heart stopped for sever
al seconds. She was so beautiful. She was dressed differently today, and I arrog
antly allowed myself to assume that she wanted to impress me as much as I had wa
nted to impress her.
"You look beautiful." I said clumsily as my eyes raked over her form openly. She
wore a pale yellow sundress with white trimming and white sandals. She had pull
ed her hair up into a careless ponytail, but had allowed trendels to fall and fr
ame her perfect face. She had even put on jewelry. I noted the silver bangles an
d platinum locket falling from a chain around her neck to rest between two perfe

ct--listen to me, I sound like a fucking pervert. I forced my eyes back up to me

et hers and noticed that a small blush tinged her cheeks as she glanced away.
"Thank you." she said, staring out the windshield at the road ahead. I pulled on
to the road and drove to school.
Isobel's POV
Arriving at Brooks County High with the infamous Bobby Slade earned me more deat
h glares from the girls at school than I wanted to count, and that was before I
even got out of the car to be recognized. When I did, there was an almost collec
tive gasp from our peers.
Bobby got out of the car and walked around to grab my hand and help me from the
car. I don't know why he did that considering I knew perfectly well how to get o
ut of a car without anyone's assistance, but I was flattered all the same. As I
got to my feet, I glanced up at him shyly and then my eyes caught movement over
his right shoulder and I froze.
As if I weren't even standing there, Mindy Stevens slithered up behind Bobby and
wrapped her arms around him, settling her hands over his chest. "Good morning b
aby." she said in a high pitched squeaky voice that only she could master.
I couldn't watch this. I didn't want to watch any of this display, but I couldn'
t move. I met Bobby's eyes to see that he was frozen in surprise, and I was just
about to turn and walk away when he seemed to snap out of it and jerk out of Mi
ndy's grasp.
"What the hell Mindy! Didn't I tell you Monday that I wasn't interested? What mo
re do I have to say to you?" he nearly yelled as he stepped closer to my side an
d looked at Mindy in disgust.
"But Bobby--I thought--" she began, searching for something to say to cover up t
he humiliation that I'm sure was beginning to spread through her.
"You thought that you saw me pull up with a beautiful girl in my car, and you TH
OUGHT that you were even in the same league to compete with her. You were wrong
Mindy. Stay away from me, or you WILL regret it!" With that, he threw a careless
arm around my shoulder and led me into the school building without giving Mindy
a second glance. I turned my head to see her staring after us, her face an alar
ming shade of tomato red.
I knew that Bobby and I weren't together. I mean, he and I had not had that talk
at all, but it still felt good for him to do that.
This morning's scene had been told and retold all day until by the time that I w
alked into the gym for P.E. at the end of the day, everyone was saying that Mind
y and I had actually gotten into a cat fight, which I had won, and that Bobby ha
d told the entire courtyard that he and I were together and all other girls need
not approach him. Alice told me this story with a giddy smile on her face as we
stretched to do laps around the track.
I didn't understand why she was so excited, since I had told her the real story
at lunchtime, but for some reason, she seemed to believe that I was the girlfrie
nd of Bobby Slade.

"I don't know why everyone is saying that!" I said, lifting both my arms over my
head and standing on the tips of my toes. "Bobby and I are not together like th
Alice scoffed and looked at me with her head tilted. "Whatever Iz. He's taken yo
u to his house. He calls your phone regularly--yeah I noticed!" She said when I
opened my mouth to ask her how she knew that. "And now he's driving you to schoo
l. That's something that I have done since I got my driver's license. You're tog
ether!" she finished as she jogged in place with me.
We both took off around the track and remained silent for two whole laps before
we slowed to a jog and resumed our conversation. "Well, he hasn't said anything
like that, and I KNOW I haven't, so we are not TOGETHER." I said with finality.
When Alice didn't say anything to contradict my words, I knew that her mind had
to be working at full speed. We completed two more laps around before we slowed
to a brisk walk and Alice finally spoke.
"Well I think that you two should talk about it. You're cute together--"
Coach Tanner blew her whistle, interrupting what Alice was saying. "Alright girl
s, hit the showers, class is over!" she called out in a rough voice, calloused f
rom smoking too many cigarettes.
"You know you like him Isobel, I don't know why you don't just go for it." Alice
was saying as we walked into the girl's locker room.
I had been just about to respond to that statement when Mindy appeared out of no
where and stepped into my path. What was she doing here? She didn't even have th
e same sixth period class as me.
"Excuse me," I said politely, trying to step around, but Mindy sidestepped and b
locked my path again.
"I don't think so." She said, pure acid in her voice.
I stopped and crossed my arms over my chest. I really didn't want to get into th
is with her. "Mindy I'm not in the mood for your theatrics. Could you please mov
e out of my way?"
"You can't have him!" she squealed hatefully. "Bobby has been mine since ninth g
rade, and I am not going to let a mousy loser bitch like you get in my way!"
I felt anger boiling to the surface of my heart and I tried to put a lid on it.
I clenched my fists at my side and sent a prayer up for patience. "Really? From
what he said this morning, I had gathered that he isn't and has never BEEN yours
." I flashed her a crooked smile and tried to walk around her again, but she ref
used to move.
"Mindy come on, this isn't funny!" Alice found her voice and stepped over to my
side, and I held up a hand to stop her.
"Mindy I'm going to ask you one more time to move, before I do it myself...." I
waited and patiently counted to ten in my head. She still didn't move, so I flun
g her against the wall to our right and moved on to my locker. It took everythin
g inside of me not to go in for the fight, but I resisted the urge to and opened
my locker.
"YOU'RE GONNA REGRET THAT!" She screamed after me before disappearing around the

"Wow Izzy!" Alice said beside me. "You're badass!" she smiled and pulled her clo
thes from her gym bag.
Bobby was laughing hard as he pulled to the side of the road in front of my hous
e after school. I had just told him about Mindy in the locker room and how hard
it had been not to scratch her bony face.
"It's not funny!" I pouted from the passenger seat.
"It kinda is," he replied as he cut the ignition.
I knew that he was expecting to come in today, and I reluctantly shook my head a
t him. "You can't come in Bobby." I said quietly.
I saw the pain of rejection spread across his face before he covered it with a s
mile. "Okay, well..." he searched for words to cover up what he was feeling.
"It's not that I don't want you to..." I told him. "It's just my dad, he...I tol
d him about you last night, and he says that you can't come over if he's not hom
He didn't even try to hide the relief that he was feeling from me. "Oh..." he br
eathed a sigh. "So you talked about me to daddy?"
"Call me when you get home?" I asked hesitantly, choosing to ignore his arrogant
He responded with a smile and leaned over to kiss my cheek, causing me to blush.
I got out of the car and as I leaned in to close the door, another thought poppe
d into my head. "Oh, and dad want's you to come to dinner on Sunday..." I wasn't
sure how he would handle being summoned by my father so I held my breath and ne
rvously waited for his response.
He leaned over so that I could see his smile still brightly fixed on his face. "
I'll be here!"
I nodded my head and closed the door and stood there to watch him drive off.
Unknown POV
I sat inside my car and watched her stand there and watch that boy drive off in
his fancy car, and anger began to curl and snake around my core. Damn she was be
It hadn't been hard to find her. That fucking nuisance boyfriend of hers had yel
led her name, and there weren't any other teenage girls named Isobel in Brooks C
ounty. I'd checked, and checked again to be sure.
After the car disappeared down the street, she turned to make her way up the dri
ve and I felt my johnson react to the sight of that perfect ass sway from side t
o side. Remembering how it had felt to be inside of her, I couldn't resist unzip
ping my pants and touching myself.

Her bedroom curtains were open and I watched her some more after she appeared in
my line of vision, sitting on the edge of her bed, staring down at what looked
like a cell phone. From this distance, I couldn't be sure...
I came quick as I watched her. I had to have her again....
But this time, the boy wouldn't interrupt us. I'd make sure of it.
I would have to get rid of him....
ove you all! :)
[18] He Saved Me Chapter Eighteen
This chapter is the product of my inability to sleep. :)

Chapter Eighteen
Isobel's POV
Saturday!!! I smiled and rolled over in bed. This had turned out to be a good we
ek. The results of all of my medical tests had come back negative, when means th
at I didn't have AIDS or HIV, I hadn't had a nightmare since Tuesday, Bobby and
I had talked every day about absolutely everything, and me and my dad's relation
ship was better than ever, not that he had even noticed a change. For the first
time since that night, I actually felt like my life could be normal again.
The delicious aroma of bacon and eggs hit my nose, and I jumped out of bed and r
ushed to the kitchen to see my daddy standing over the stove with a spatula in h
is hand, scooping up the last pieces of bacon out of a pan.
"Morning daddy!" I called brightly as I retrieved two glasses from the dish wash
er and poured up some orange juice.
He glanced back at me with a bright smile on his face and handed me a ready made
plate of steaming bacon and eggs. "Good morning kiddo. Did you sleep well? I he
ard you giggling like school girl on the phone until two in the morning. You are
n't tired?"
I giggled then, just thinking about all the things that Bobby and I had talked a
bout last night. "I am a school girl daddy. And yes, I did sleep very well." I r
ecalled the absence of any dark nightmares and smiled again.
We both sat down at the table and he gave me an evil grin. "Well I'm glad you're
well rested, because you and the old man are going to be cleaning out the garag
e after breakfast."
I groaned over a mouth full of bacon and took a sip of my juice to wash it down.
"Dad! Why do we have to clean that junkyard today? Can we save it for next week
?" The garage is where we stored all the crap that we would never touch again, j
ust like the typical America family.
Dad shook his head and chuckled. "No can do sweet pea. I have a project I'm work
ing on, and I need the space in the garage to work in. If it would make you feel
any better, we'll just be throwing everything away, so there's no time consumin
g sorting to be done."

It didn't make me feel any better and I told him so after I had finished my last
scoop of scrambled eggs.
"Well get over it and go get dressed. We have work to do!" he said excitedly as
he jumped up and carried his dishes to the sink. "And do the dishes too will ya?
I briefly wondered what project it was that he could have been working on that w
ould make it necessary to tackle the mess that was our garage. Dad was a road co
nstruction worker, so that didn't leave many options for me to wonder about.
"Yea okay..." I mumbled as I slowly trudged back to my room to change.
It took us four hours to get everything boxed and loaded onto the back of daddy'
s work truck. By that time it was past one o'clock, and I was exhausted. What I
wouldn't give to go back to my room and slip under my soft, welcoming comforter.
"Well that's everything kiddo. I'm not gonna ask you to come and help me dump it
because you look beat. Why don't you go back to bed for a few hours. It is the
That's why I love my daddy. Sometimes he can read my mind. Saves me a lot of com
plaining. I didn't bother responding to his statement, I just made my way back t
o my room and fell onto the bed.
My eyes opened and closed several times as I searched for the perfect position t
o nap in. When I finally found it and allowed my heavy lids to drift shut, my ph
one rang, blasting through the silence of my room. I groaned and rolled over to
answer it without identifying the caller. "H'lo?" I answered drowsily.
Bobby chuckled on the other end of the line and I instantly sprang up, alert. "Y
ou can't seriously still be sleeping?" he said.
"I seriously can, if my insane father made me help him clean out the garage when
I woke up this morning."
The sound of his laughter made my senses tingle and I smiled as I fell back and
looked up at the ceiling. "What do you want Slade?" I asked, attempting to sound
"Well Davis..." he began, "I want to see you." he said in a low, sexy voice that
made my heartbeat skip.
"Yeah?" I said, making it sound like a question. "Well you can't see me through
the phone, and I wanna sleep." I complained, feeling my eyes begin to droop agai
n against my will. I still did want to hear his voice.
He groaned on the other end and paused before responding. "Well I will settle fo
r a picture, and a promise to go out with me tonight."
My heart skipped again at his request. "Well I have been doing hard labor all da
y Bobby, I look...tired. Ugly." I corrected.
He made a sound that I couldn't identify before speaking. "You could never look
ugly Iz. Send me a pic!" he demanded.
I groaned just to let him know that I wasn't happy with him. "Okay." I said fina

"About that date...?"
I blushed and sent a thank you up to God that he couldn't see me. "I would love
to." I told him hesitantly.
"Great! Seven o'clock?" he asked.
I nodded before I realized that he couldn't see me. "Yeah seven's fine."
I could almost see the smile on his face when he said bye and ended the call.
I tossed my phone and then rolled back over into my comfortable position and tri
ed to capture sleep again.
DING! My cell phone text message tone sounded from my bedside table. I opened it
to see that Bobby had sent me a message.
'My picture beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!' he demanded with his words.
I giggled. I had forgotten about it just that fast. I quickly took the picture a
nd sent it without looking at it so that I wouldn't talk myself out of it.
It didn't take long for him to send his response.
'You are CrAzY sexy!'
'AND beautiful!'
Both messages made me blush. 'BLUSHES!' I typed. Then 'Thanx Bobby. Sleep now...
He didn't send another message after that, and I fell asleep wondering what he h
ad planned for a date.

[19] He Saved Me Chapter Nineteen
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Chapter Nineteen
Isobel's POV
My dad was a lunatic! It was two hours before Bobby was supposed to come and pic
k me up for our date, and he had been listening to the same song ever since I ha
d told him that Bobby and I were going out tonight.
Nerves were eating away at me already, and here he was planning to scare my date
off before it even began! I walked into the living room to beg him to turn it o
ff one more time.
"Daddy!!!" I yelled over the sound of the music blaring out of the speakers.

"What?" he yelled in return, but refusing to turn the music down at all. I groan
ed and turned it down myself.
"Daddy could you stop playing that song? It's my first date! What are you, tryin
g to scare him off?" I tapped my foot on the floor to try and relieve some of th
e frustration I was feeling.
"Honey, if a boy can be scared away by a harmless little song, then he's not the
boy for you! Now if you'll excuse me..." he turned the speakers up to full blas
t. "THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART!" he bellowed.
(youtube video on the right)---------->
Come on in boy sit on down
And tell me about yourself
So you like my daughter do you now?
Yeah we think she's something else
She's her daddy's girl
Her momma's world
She deserves respect
That's what she'll get
Now ain't it son?
Y'all go out and have some fun
I'll see you when you get back
Probably be up all night
Still cleanin' this gun
His favorite part was the part that I was scared of. The song was a country song
by Rodney Atkins, and I used to like it until today. Today I was sick of it, an
d I wanted to get dad's entire system and rip it out of the wall!
I stomped back to my room to get ready for my date. My first date. I smiled as I
sifted through the dresses in my closet. I wish I knew where Bobby was planning
to take me so I would know what to wear, but since he hadn't, I decided to go w
ith a semi-formal black dress. I really hope I don't make a fool of myself tonig
Bobby's POV
'God please, don't let me make a fool of myself tonight!' I sent that prayer up
one last time as I parked in the driveway at Isobel's house. I had never taken a
girl out before, and I was really nervous. I had reluctantly asked for my mom's
advice before leaving the house and she had been no help at all.
"Just treat her like a lady..." she had said. Like I didn't already know that. I
needed to know what else to do. Where do I take her? Do we listen to music on t
he way there or not? Shit, I should have just asked her what she wanted to do in
stead of...I sighed and got out of the car. Might as well go in.
Her dad answered the door before I even had a chance to ring the doorbell. When
the door swung open, all I could hear was the sound of some country song echoing
through the house. "Come on in..." he said, before I could even open my mouth t
o say hello. Turning he walked into the living room. "Sit down." He gestured to
a chair opposite his position on the couch.
Taking a seat, I looked around the room. Anywhere but at him.

"Isobel is still getting ready." He explained.

I smiled and nodded my head. I should have known that she would be late. "Okay t
"So," Mr. Davis began. "You're Bobby?"
"Yes sir." I looked down at my feet and checked that my shoes were tied. Anythin
g to distract me from that threatening stare.
"And you're taking my daughter...where?"
I cleared my throat and looked up at his forehead. "Uh, I just figured I'd take
her to a movie. And then dinner."
"Typical," he muttered.
"I said don't get her too FULL!" Johnathan chuckled and shifted in his seat, cro
ssing right ankle over is left knee.
I held in a chuckle myself. That was definitely not what he said. An awkward sil
ence followed and I just stared at the doorway and prayed that Isobel would walk
in. That's when I noticed what song was playing, and I froze in my seat. Isobel
's dad was sending me a message. Threatening me!
"You're Sharon and Robert's boy right?" I nodded. "Yeah, your mother and my wife
used to be good friends. Sharon helped this family through a very difficult tim
e. You be sure and send her my best. Maybe she can come with you tomorrow for di
What was he talking about. "Sir?"
"You are still coming to Sunday dinner tomorrow? Isobel told you?"
"Oh! Oh yes sir. I'm sure mom would be happy to come with me." Thank God!
Just then, Isobel came into the room and hurriedly stood from my seat. My heart
stopped. "Wow." I said
Her smile literally lit up the room. "Thank you." she said, a light blush staini
ng her cheeks. I raked my eyes over her form in a loose fitting black dress and
felt the blood pulsing through my veins grow hot. God help me. I couldn't stop s
taring at her.
I must have been staring at her too long, because Johnathan cleared his throat l
oudly. My eyes snapped to Isobel's face and I felt my face heat up. 'What the fu
ck man, are you blushing?!' I thought to myself.
"Well you two kids get on out of here." he said, ushering us to the front door.
"Have fun!" He called when we were half way to my car.
"Okay daddy!" Isobel responded as I opened her door and helped her inside.
"Oh and Bobby?" Mr. Davis called to me as my hand reached for my own door handle
"Yes sir?" I looked into his eyes for the first time since I had arrived.

"Make sure not to sit in the BACK of the theater!" he yelled.

"Y--yes sir!"
"And Bobby?" he said again as I grabbed the handle and opened the door. "Have he
r home by 11!"
"Okay sir!" I responded before getting in the car and leaving as fast as my tire
s would carry me.
Isobel was laughing so hard that her soda came out of her nose and that just mad
e her laugh harder. The date was going so much better than I had ever hoped, and
I was so thankful that I had the ability to put that smile on her face.
"Are you serious?" she said once she had calmed herself down some.
I chuckled and nodded my head. "Yeah! He said 'I think you broke my dose!' And t
hen he was out for like...thirty minutes. We thought he was dead!!" I had just f
inished telling Isobel the story of my lovable father's return. I never would ha
ve imagined that she would think it was funny. I had stalled telling her all wee
k because I was afraid that she would be appalled, or disgusted even, that I had
let my temper go like that. But she was laughing so hard that tears were leakin
g from the corners of her eyes. And even with her looking like a hysterical mani
ac, she still had the power to stop my heart.
"Well he deserved it Bobby!!! I still can't believe everything he put your mothe
r through. And you! And for him to return like nothing ever happened....IDIOT!"
she used her napkin to clean her face.
"You are so beautiful." I couldn't hold the words inside anymore.
She sobered and placed her napkin back on the table. "And you are sweet." she sa
"Isobel?" I held her gaze and waited for her to respond.
"Will you--will you be my--my girlfriend?" I stumbled through my request and clo
sed my eyes against the rejection that I knew was coming.
Isobel gasped and I opened my eyes to look at her. "Um yeah." she blushed nervou
sly. "Yeah I'll be your--your girlfriend."
I sucked in a relieved breath and exhaled slowly. "Thank you..." I whispered.
She giggled and took a sip of her soda. "You're welcome Bobby." And then she yaw
ned and I jumped up from my seat.
"Oh you must be tired! It's--" I glanced at my watch and my eyes widened when I
noticed how late it was. "It's 10:45! Holy shit, you dad told me to have you hom
e by eleven! Let's go!" I practically picked Isobel up from her seat and threw e
nough cash on the table for the check and a tIp and took off.
Isobel's POV

Nothing could wipe this smile off my face. Bobby and I were standing outside my
front door. He had insisted on walking me to the door and my heart swelled with
love for him that he was being so gentlemanly. This was definitely not the Bobby
that the world was used to. "Thank you for tonight Bobby. I really had a good t
"Yeah so did I. Thank you for agreeing to go out with me," he said.
A pregnant pause followed where both he and I just stared around awkwardly at no
"Well...I'll call you when I get home." He leaned forward hurriedly and kissed m
And my world stopped. The awkwardness, the nervousness, the indecisiveness...all
melted away with that kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled closer
. It was then that we both heard a tapping at the window and quickly pulled away
. My dad was watching us!
My cheeks heated with embarrassment and Bobby smoothed the wrinkles out of his s
hirt and turned the leave. "I'll call you." He said again and was gone.
I walked into the house smiling again. I had a boyfriend.....

[20] He Saved Me Chapter Twenty
Chapter Twenty
Unknown POV
I woke up Sunday morning with rage still boiling inside
ole kid KISSED my fucking girl! I almost lost it when I
porch. The slut! I know she wanted it! She wanted more!
at wacko father of her's scaring them apart, they might
ere on the front porch.

of me. That fucking assh

saw him standing on her
If it hadn't been for th
have ended up fucking th

I would have to punish her for that. Kissing another man right in front of her.
Couldn't she see that I loved her? Didn't she know how much it hurt to see that?
They're both lucky that I'm a reasonable man and that I held my rage in check lo
ng enough for them both to escape my punishment.
I had watched her for an hour last night...through a slit in her bedroom curtain
. It was a gamble, doing that, but the excitement of possibly being caught there
touching myself as she changed for bed made my orgasm all the better. I left my
semen lying there on the ground outside her window...marking my territory. If t
hat bastard kid thought that he would fuck my girl he had another thing coming!
Eventually the light turned out in her room and I listened to her muffled voice
talk to someone on the phone. I'd bet my next month's salary that she was talkin
g to him. I really needed to get rid of him...
After my excitement had run it's course four more times, I finally got into my c
ar and drove over to Sharon Slade's place to see that the asshole hadn't even bo
thered to go into the house yet. The fucking prick was just sitting on the tailg

ate of his truck, talking to my girl! And he called her his baby! I couldn't hea
r anymore, so I just crept on down the road with my headlights turned out until
I rounded the corner to go home.
"Honey did you remember to pick up some milk before you got off last night?" My
fat ugly bitch wife ruined my daydreams about my girl and I really wanted to str
angle her. Why wouldn't she just die already? She smoked two packs of cigarettes
a day and I prayed just as often that she would get lung cancer and leave me th
e hell alone!
I got out of bed and pulled on my boxers. "No, you never told me to get no milk!
" I responded before I walked into the bathroom to finish thinking about MY Isob
el Davis. Every time I said or thought that name, my dick would be called to att
"Yeah I did baby! I sent you a text message around 11:30 last night!" she called
through the door and I restrained myself for ripping it off it's hinges and kil
ling her. "The kids need milk for their cereal..."
"Well make 'em use water. I'll get milk on the wa--" I finished before I got the
statement out. "I get it on the way home tonight." I called back to her angrily
"Sugar, what are you doing in there without me?" The whore teased me and I just
ignored her, turning on the water to wash my hands, images of my beautiful slut
still gliding through my head like an erotic slide show. I couldn't wait to get
my hands on her again......
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[21] He Saved Me Chapter Twenty-One
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p, and I have to be to work in like 2 hours, so I decided to do something produc
tive with my time. :) I hope you enjoy!

Chapter Twenty-One

Isobel's POV

There was an uncomfortable silence around the dinner table. I don't know why, bu
t everyone seemed to be in their own world. Trapped in their own minds...

Bobby and his mom had shown up for dinner at six o'clock, and had been here for
thirty-five minutes. After Sharon and my dad and gotten past the initial greetin
gs and catching up on what had been going on with each other over the years, the
stream of conversation seemed to run dry.

I didn't speak because my mind was stuck on the events of last night. I had had
my first date, and as an ending result, I now had my first boyfriend. My mind ke
pt flashing back to the baby. Was this a good idea? Did Bobby truly understand w
hat he had gotten himself into by asking to be in an exclusive relationship. Cou
ld he actually be in an exclusive relationship after years of moving from one gi
rl to the next in sexual conquests? I wanted to believe that he could. I loved h

I looked around the occupants of the kitchen and locked eyes with Sharon. She he
ld my gaze for a few seconds and then looked at my father. I knew that she was t
rying to convey some sort of message, but I was confused about what.

I shook my head at her, indicating that I didn't understand, and she just sighed
and slid a fork full of my dad's special lasagna into her mouth, looking away f
rom me. What was that about?

When I looked at Bobby, he was looking at me too and I smiled as my heart filled
up with contentment. He smiled in return and continued to eat.

But still, no one spoke.

After a few more minutes, my dad cleared his throat and we all looked at him.

"So Bobby, what are your plans for the future?"

I knew that was coming. I knew that eventually, he would slip into father mode a
nd want to know what kind of boy his daughter was dating and in love with. I gla
nced at Bobby and looked back down at my plate.

"Well sir, I haven't really put much thought into the future until recently, so
I don't have any solid plans. I had a meeting with my guidance councelor earlier
last week to discuss my options, and I discovered that I have more doors open t
o me than I had expected. He and I are working on a plan to get my grades up to
satisfactory in school."

My eyes widened. This was certainly news to me. I didn't know that Bobby had tho
ught about the future at all past graduation, and I somehow knew that he was now
anticipating the future because of me. I smiled to myself.

"I see..." my dad said. "But why aren't your grades already up to par? Didn't yo
u realize that this was your last year in high school and your college years are
fast approaching? Or were you planning to go to college?"

Bobby looked directly into my dad's eyes. "As I said, until recently, I hadn't c
onsidered having an educational future. I'm not sure if you know this, but I hav
en't always been...mindful of the consequences of my actions and decisions. Now
that I am involved with your daughter, I am more aware of the opportunities that
I need to seize before it's too late. Isobel is very special to me, and I want
to become a person that she will be proud of. So yes, I plan to go to college si
r. That is one of the topics that I discussed with Mr. Johnson, my guidance coun
celor, and he assured me that a college career is much more in reach than I had
originally thought possible."

Sharon gasped from across the table and looked at Bobby as if seeing him for the
first time, tears of pride shining in her eyes. I guess all this was news to he
r too. I definitely couldn't believe the words that were coming out of his mouth
, and he and I had talked for hours a day all week. He sounded so much more matu
re and grounded than the boy I had found smoking pot at school all those months

My dad looked at both me and Sharon before his eyes returned to the object of hi
s interrogation. "Judging from my daughter's and your mother's reactions, I assu
me that you had not previously discussed any of this with either of them? How do
I know that you aren't make up a lot of bullshit just to gain my approval for y
our seeing my daughter?"

Bobby flinched and judging by the expression on his face, I knew that he was abo
ut to slip into the defensive. "With all due respect, sir, Isobel and I are both
adults. After graduation, she and I both have the option of being together with
our without our parents' approval. The personal revelations I have had lately h
ave nothing to do with gaining your approval as I could just as easily get what
I want without it. If you asked my mother, she would tell you that I am very blu
nt and forthcoming about the decisions I make in life because in the end, it is
my life, no one else's. She and I had an argument not too long ago about my refu
sal to further my education, so as you see, my decision to go to college and bec
ome a person that your daughter could be proud of is a very huge step for me, an
d I resent it being belittled just so you can try and intimidate your daughter's

My heart was racing as I looked from my dad to Bobby on opposite sides of the ro
und table. Watching and listening to them have this conversation was like watchi
ng a very intense tennis match. Each time my dad spoke, he gained the upper hand
, but when my boyfriend responded, he always seemed to tie the match. But daddy
was up to serve now, and this would be a game deciding point. I felt sick to my
stomach as I watched the expressions on my dad's face change from anger to rage
and then to an emtion the I couldn't even identify.

"Well son, saying 'with all due respect' before saying something completely disr
espectful does not make that statement any less disrespectful, so in future, jus
t don't bother saying it. However, I am impressed that you had the guts to stand
up to me and speak your mind, even though I could and WOULD forbid your from ev
ery seeing or talking to my daughter again. I admire your initiative in deciding
to begin planning for your future. It shows me that you aren't just toying with
my daughter until another opportunity presented itself and that you plan on bui
lding that future with her." Daddy paused and you could cut the tension in the r
oom with a knife it was so thick. "I approve."

A collective sigh of relief could be heard in the otherwise silent room. Bobby h
ad won.

"Now you two run along and play on facer or twittbook or whatever it is teenager
s do nowadays. Sharon and I will discuss grown up topics that would two will hol
d no interest in..."

He didn't have to tell us twice. Our chairs scraped the floor loudly as we stood
from our seats and hurried to my room.


Bobby's POV

I rotated in Isobel's desk chair while she sat on her bed facing me.

"What were you thinking, talking to my dad like that? I thought he was going to
kill you" she giggled and fell back onto the bed, splaying her arms across the b

I shook my head. I really didn't know what the hell I had been thinking. I don't
know why I had allowed myself to say all of those things, but I'm glad I did. T
hey seemed to have done the trick though. "I don't know." I told Isobel.

"Well you'd better be glad he didn't decide to keep us apart Slade!" she said se
riously as she sat up in bed. "Because I honestly don't know what I would do wit
hout you."

Our eyes locked in an intense gaze. I honestly didn't know what I would do witho

ut her either. Without rising, I rolled the desk chair over to the bed until our
knees were touching, then I leaned forward and captured Isobel's lips with my o

She responded to the kiss right away, pulling me closer as she slid off the bed
and into my lap without breaking contact, and my hands slid down her arms and lo
oped underneath to grip her waist. This felt so right, being with her. Loving Is
obel Davis came just as naturally to me as breathing did.

Loving? Isobel? I loved her! My heartbeat accelerated as the kiss intensified wi

th this new revelation. I don't know why I hadn't realized it before. I would do
practically anything for this girl. She was the only girl I had ever spent time
with who knew the real me. How could I not love her.

Should I tell her? Could I tell her? I felt sweat begin to bead on my forehead a
s I considered telling the girl I loved how I felt for the first time. It was to
o fast. Everything with me and Isobel had been moving at full speed since the ni
ght I had saved her from that pervert in the alley. Telling her that I loved her
would be too much for her to handle so fast. I could do it.

But the urge to blurt it out was causing a burning ache in my throat until it fe
lt like it was on fire. I had to tell her. I was just about to pull away from he
r to tell her that I think I'm in love with her when she broke away from me as i
f I was really actually on fire. I froze in fear as I watched her clamp her hand
s over her mouth and awkwardly rise to her feet before dashing into the bathroom
and slamming the door.

Panic set in as I stared at the door between us and tried to decipher what had j
ust happened. I hurried over and tapped on the door. "Isobel?" She didn't answer
so I tried to open it to see if she had locked it. The door swung open to revea
l Isobel on her knees in front of the toilet, emptying all evidence of tonight's
dinner from her stomach. I rushed to her side and knelt on the floor behind her
, gently pulling her hair away from her face as she continued to gag into the to

When she was finished, she rose unsteadily to her feet and turned to the sink an
d rinse out her mouth.

"Babe, you okay? Do you need anything?" I asked helplessly as she picked up her
toothbrush and began to brush her teeth.

When that was done, she turned off the water and shook her head. "No Bobby, I'm
fine. Just...morning sickness I guess."

My face screwed up with confusion. "But it's not morning, Iz...."

She let out a dry laugh and made her way back into her room to fall on her bed,
exhausted. "It doesn't have to be morning. They just call it that."

I laid down beside her and drew her into my arms. "I don't understand why they w
ould call it that if you could get sick at 8pm." I said, exasperated. Looking at
her, I realized how tired she looked and wondered how much sleep she had gotten
last night. After I had gotten home from our date, she and I talked until well
past 3am. I felt horrible thinking about that. She was pregnant, and I was keepi
ng her up til all hours of the night. I have to remember to let her sleep more.
Maybe not allow myself to talk to her after 11:30 every day.

I looked down at her to tell her to get some sleep only to realize that she was
already asleep, her face pressed into the crook of my neck.

I kissed her on the forehead and let her sleep.


Sharon's POV

Johnathan and I had been chatting for nearly half an hour when I decided to go.
I felt so guilty talking and smiling with him when the whole time I knew this hu
ge, damaging secret about his daughter and I wasn't permitted to tell him. Isobe
l would never forgive me for that. I had tried to convince her to tell him earli
er at dinner with my eyes, but she hadn't understand what I was doing. I would h
ave to talk to her about it again in a few weeks maybe.

"Well Johnathan, it has been a pleasure catching up with you tonight, but I'm af
raid I need to get home now. I have several phone calls to make before going to
sleep tonight. Please tell Bobby to be home by eleven." Bobby and I had driven s
eparate cars because we had both anticipated that I would be ready to escape lon
g before he would and we were right.

"Okay Sharon, it was a pleasure for me as well. You take care of yourself now. A
nd don't be afraid to stop by sometime." Johnathan and I rose to our feet and he
saw me to the door.

As I drove home, I couldn't shake the spine shivering feeling of being followed.
I glanced in my rear view mirror and didn't see anyone. I shook my head at my p
aranoid suspicions and focused my attentions back to the road in front of me. Th
at's when I noticed a black car headed right for me in my lane. I slammed my foo
t on the brake and jerked my steering wheel to the right, but my car wouldn't do
what I wanted to, and I just made myself more open for the collision.

The last thing I remember before my world went black was the sight of two bright
headlights and and the enraged eyes of a man behind the wheel.....


Unknown POV

That bitch! She and her son had been inside the house with my girl and her dad f
or two and a half hours. I sat across the street in my late father's old pickup
truck and tried to stare a hole in the front door to no avail.

I had seen the light

o silhouettes behind
ad allowed those two
he house and drag my
he must really enjoy

switch on in Isobel's room thirty minutes ago, and noted tw

the curtains. That bitch Sharon Slade and Isobel's stupid h
to be alone in her room! I wanted to drive the truck into t
girl out by her hair. She knew what this was doing to me! S
teasing me!

Sharon came out of the house alone and got in her car. She's leaving him in ther
e with Isobel! How could she?! She would have to pay for that...

Rage began to boil in my gut. That bastard could be doing anything to her!

When Sharon pulled out of the driveway and began to make her way down the street
, I started up my truck and drove the opposite way. Speeding around the corners,
I made my way to the end of the road that I knew that Sharon would be traveling
on her way home, and waited. When I saw her headlights coming up ahead, I revve
d my engine and took off.

She must have been distracted because she didn't notice me until the last minute
. Slamming on her breaks and turning the wheel. I smiled a crooked smile. She ha
d opened herself up to me.

She met my eyes right before I rammed into her side of the car. I didn't bother
getting out of the tuck to check her. I reversed the truck and sped to my garage

I knew she would be dead....

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[22] He Saved Me Chapter Twenty-Two
Detective Rodriguez on the right---------->

Chapter Twenty-Two
Bobby's POV
After I was sure that Isobel was sound asleep, I slid my arm from around her and
eased off the bed. Checking the time, I realized that it was half past 8. My mo
m was sure to be long gone by now and that meant the me and Izzy's dad were the
only two people awake in the house. I cringed as I had that thought. I'd better
get home.
Leaning over the bed, I placed a kiss directly on Isobel's lips before I left th
e room. I heard Mr. Davis moving around in the kitchen so I crept quietly out th
e front door trying not to call attention to myself.
While I was driving home, my mind jumped back to Isobel. I wish I'd been able to
tell her that I love her. I just felt so incomplete without the words being sai
As I turned another corner on the way home, I noticed the flashing lights of an
ambulance, a fire truck and several police cars. There must have been some kind
of accident. I noticed an officer standing in the middle of the road directing a
ny passing traffic to move along, so I slowed my speed to 5mph as I crept closer
to the scene.
It seemed that the closer I got, the more ominous the setting became, and a fore
boding feeling settled in my gut. It didn't take long before I noticed the car.
My mom's car. It had be forced off the road and the driver side door was dented
half way into the car.
My heart beat so hard as I braked my truck that it was almost painful. Leaving t
he truck there in the middle of the road I ran over to my mom's car as fast as I

could. The paramedic's had just eased her out of the car and placed her on a st
retcher. Blood was seeping from a gash at her hairline, but I couldn't spot any
other injuries. Standing there watching, I was immediately transported back eigh
t years into the past. I was that little ten year old boy again screaming for hi
s mom who wasn't moving or talking or laughing or singing like she usually does.
Only now I was an eighteen year old man and I couldn't scream at all.
I couldn't speak. I opened my mouth to call for her, but only a hoarse, choked s
ob came out as I felt my eyes glaze over with tears. I was trembling. I brought
a badly shaking hand up to my face and touched my cheek and looked at the fresh
liquid that had leaked onto my fingers. Staring at my hand, my vision blurred an
d I waved both hands in front of my face and noticed that I had four of them.
I sucked in several deep breaths as my brain tried to catch up with what I was s
eeing. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to shake some sense into my head, but
it didn't work. Why was my mom on a stretcher. And why wasn't she moving.
I seemed to find my voice after that and I called for her then. "MOM!!!!!"
The paramedics froze and they both looked at me with pity, but after a second, t
hey continued to roll her to the ambulance.
"Hey! Hey wait, wha--what happened?" I asked them as my feet began to carry me o
"Sir? Sir you're gonna have to move your vehicle." I heard an authoritative voic
e say to me from my left.
I felt dizzy, and I still couldn't get my brain to respond correctly to what I w
as ordering it to do, so when I tried to turn left to respond to the cop who had
spoken to me, I ended up turning right to see my mom's car again. What had happ
I blinked several times as I turned back to the officer, still trembling badly.
"What happened?" I asked him, staring at the badge affixed to his shirt that rea
d Rodriguez.
Rodriguez sighed impatiently. "Hit and run." He responded callously. "Victim fou
nd on the scene appears to be a middle aged woman in her late thirties."
I felt hot tears still coursing down my face as I listened to the bare facts as
they were given to me. "Have you--have you found the guy who did this?"
He shook his head at me. "I'm not at liberty to give out that sort of informatio
n at this time. Now could you please move your vehicle?"
"That was MOM they just loaded onto the back of that ambulance!" I said, finally
feeling an emotion besides fear, pain and confusion. Anger. "My name is Bobby S
lade!" I knew that name could get some results out of most of the cops on the Br
ooks County force, and Rodriguez was no different than most. He went immediately
into a defensive pose and even managed a contrite expression. "Now could you PL
EASE tell me what the hell happened!!!!"
"Oh. Sorry, I didn't realize it was your mom. Witness say they saw a black truck
intentionally smash into her side of the vehicle. The truck then reversed and s
ped around that corner." He indicated the road I had turned off of only moments
before. "Neither saw a face. No tag number. Officer Peters, the first to respond
to the call, said that your mother was dead upon his arrival on the scene and t
hat he so no evidence of any other vehicles."

Officer Peters. That was the guy who had arrested me. Elmer Fudd..."Where--where
is he? I asked Rodriguez who immediately pointed out the officer and walked awa
I approached Peters quickly. "Hey," I began. "Rodriguez said that you were first
on the scene?"
I watch recognition dawn on the guys face before he responded. "Yeah I was. I kn
ew right away she was dead." he said mechanically, like he didn't want to be the
one to answer my questions.
"HOW?" I asked menacingly.
"Because she weren't breathin'." he responded.
A cold chill coated my skin as I listened to those words. I wanted to kill someo
ne! "And what are you guys doing to find the fucker who did this!?!" I as incred
"Well Detective Rodriguez is questions the two witnesses, but they don't seem tw
o reliable seein' as how they're both drunk an' all. The department is goin' to
do the best we can..."
"We have a pulse!" I heard one of the medics yell before slamming the doors on t
he back of the ambulance. Peters and I both stared after them.
I almost dropped to my knees as the relief washed over me in waves. She wasn't d
ead. She was alive. She was alive!!! I didn't waste any more time after that. I
sprinted back my truck and jumped behind the wheel to follow closely behind my m
As I was on my way, I picked up my cell phone and called the one person who I kn
ew could be here for me right now...
Daniel's POV
I shifted the boxes of frozen dinners around in my freezer as I cursed myself fo
r the tenth time tonight for not picking up some take-out on my way home from th
e office. A Hungry Man dinner just didn't sound very appetizing after the day I
had just had. Bobby's dad had shown up requesting money in return for his not pr
essing charges against his own son. It seemed that while he had appeared unconsc
ious the night that Bobby had kicked his ass, he had actually heard everything t
hat had been going on around him, and he had deduced how much I cared for his so
n. The son of a bitch was blackmailing me.
I had put on a good show, but I had no intention of paying that man. I already h
ad a course of action planned if he showed up, and my compliance was a part of t
hat plan.
I closed the freezer door without pulling out a meal. I'd rather starve.
Just then my phone rang, and as always, I answered quickly when I realized that
it was Bobby. "What is it now master?" I said jokingly while I pulled myself ont
o the kitchen counter.
I immediately jumped to attention when I heard the choking sob come from his thr
oat. My heart raced. "Bobby? Son, what is it?" I demanded, alarmed.

"It's mom!" He sounded like the kid who had walked into my office four years ago
. "Sharon? What's happened to Sharon? Is she okay?" My fear doubled and I have n
o way of explaining why. I hardly knew Bobby's mom, but for some reason, she was
already making her way into my heart.
"Someone tried to kill her. She was involved in a hit and run over on Jefferson
Road and witnesses say that the guy did it on purpose. We all thought she was de
ad, but the paramedics announced that she had a pulse after loading her into the
ambulance. I'm following them to the hospital now."
The boy was crying like a child, and I couldn't help but feel his pain. "I will
be right there!" I said urgently, jumping down from the counter and retrieving m
y keys in the same motion. "Be careful, son. And stay strong until I get there."
"Okay." Bobby breathed a strangled sigh into the phone before hanging up.
I didn't waste time turning off lights or locking the door as I raced out of my
apartment and out of the building to get to my car. My boy needed me!!!

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[23] He Saved Me Chapter Twenty-Three
Chapter Twenty-Three
Daniel's POV
I drove around the hospital parking lot three times before I gave up on finding
a parking space and just left my car at visitor's entrance to the ER. I knew it
would be towed, but I didn't care. The memory of Bobby's panic filled voice had
me almost panicked myself.
After I entered through the big double doors, my eyes scanned the faces around m
e, in search of Bobby. When I didn't spot him, I ran to the ER waiting room and
there he was, huddled in a corner, looking like the lost little boy that he had
held trapped inside for the past eight years. I knew that a part of Bobby had ne
ver recovered the day that his father had abandoned him and his mom had almost b
een killed. I had regretted everyday for the past four years that I hadn't known
Bobby then to help him through that terrifying time. I would help him through t
Bobby hadn't noticed me walk in, so I ran across the room to him. When I entered
his line vision and recognition struck, it was like something inside of him rel
eased and a tidal wave of emotions threatened to pour out of him. I grabbed him
and wrapped my arms around him in a tight hold. He struggled against my support
for a minute before he finally broke and just let go.
I held him while he cried, allowing a few tears of my own to escape before getti
ng a hold on my emotions. I needed to be strong for him.

I could tell the exact moment that he registered his surroundings and realized t
hat he was showing the entire room his weakness, because he just stopped and pul
led away...shutting himself off to the world again. I stood and watched him for
a minute before I spoke.
"Tell me what happened, son." I realized that I had been calling him son a lot r
ecently and I allowed myself to feel a small amount of pleasure that he had not
corrected me either time.
He sniffed like a little boy several times and then looked at me with red-rimmed
eyes. "They said that a car just came over into her lane and hit her head on. T
his was intentional Daniel, and I don't know why. Who would want to hurt mom?" H
is voice broke a little at the end, and my heart panged.
"Look son, I know this is hard, but you're going to have stay strong and stay po
sitive. You're mom is going to be fine! She will make it through this! Do you un
He looked like he was going to argue. I knew him so well that I knew what he was
going to say, but I wouldn't let him. He was going to say that I didn't know an
ything and that I hadn't seen his mom on a stretcher, fighting for her life. But
as I watched him, I saw him greedily latch onto my words and nod his head. He s
ighed and fell down onto a chair to wait for word on his mom's condition. I sat
beside him stared at the waiting room door. This was going to be a long and emot
ional night.
Isobel's POV
I woke up with a scream threatening to burst through my closed lips. I had just
had my first nightmare since Tuesday. My heart raced as I looked around my room
for Bobby, but he had left already. Looking at the big red 10:00 on my bedside c
lock, I rolled out of bed and stood unsteadily on my feet and wondered how long
I had been asleep.
Something was wrong. I don't know how I knew it, but as I stood there looking ar
ound, I just knew that something wasn't right. Bobby!
I grabbed my cell phone and quickly called his phone. When he didn't answer, I w
aited for his voice mail to kick on and left a message. "Hey Bobby, I don't mean
to bother you, but could you call me back when you get this message. I just hav
e this really weird feeling and I need to know that you're okay." I hung up the
phone and called him again, but this time, it went straight to voice mail and I
hung up.
After pacing back and forth across my room for several more minutes, I tried aga
"Hello?" It wasn't Bobby who answered the phone and my heart stopped.
"Hello? Hel--Who is this?"
"My name is Daniel Jones." said the authoritative voice on the other end. "Look
I don't know who this is, but Bobby is unavailable right now. Uhhh--May I ask wh
o's speaking?"
"This is Isobel, his...girlfriend. What's happened?"
"Isobel?" he repeated hesitantly. "I'm sorry I don't---" he paused and I heard h

im whispering to someone before returning to the phone. "We're at the hospital.

It's Sharon, she was in a accident. Bobby says to tell you that if you're up to
it, he really needs you here."
I felt sick all of a sudden. I hung up the phone and rushed to the bathroom and
threw up into the toilet for the second time tonight. After brushing my teeth, I
rushed to the living room and grabbed my dad's keys. I didn't waste time lettin
g him know where I was going, I just hurried out the door and ran to his truck.
When I got to the hospital, the fear that had settled over me when I was at the
house dissipated. I had to be here for Bobby, the boy who had gone above and bey
ond for me time and time again. He would need me to be strong for him.
After parking I jogged into the ER doors and searched for the waiting room. I ha
dn't been inside this part of the hospital since I was three years old and my mo
m had been diagnosed with cancer. I was too young to even remember anything now.
Once I had spotted the doors, I slowed my rushed movements and calmly walked in
to the room. What I saw almost broke my heart. Bobby was sitting in a chair agai
nst the wall on the opposite side of the room, staring off into space with a los
t look in his eyes. I could tell that he had been crying because his eyes were r
ed rimmed and still glazed over with tears. When he spotted me, he slowly stood
up and crossed to me, gathering me into his weakened arms. I wrapped my arms aro
und him and held on, trying to lend him ANY sort of strength that I might have h
ad left.
Neither of us spoke. After a minute, we broke apart and sat down next to a man t
hat I assumed was Daniel. "Hi, I'm Isobel. I believe we spoke on the phone?"
Daniel seemed to snap out of some sort of trance and then smile at me. "Hi Isobe
l. It is nice to meet you. Yes I'm Daniel...a very close friend of the family. T
hank you for coming. I know how much it means to Bobby that you're here."
I would have responded, but just then, the doors opened, and a doctor still dres
sed in surgical scrubs entered the room. Everyone in the waiting room sucked in
and held their breaths. No one knew who had news.
"Uh...Sharon Slade's family?" he said uncertainly.
All three of us jumped up from our seats, but Daniel and I stood back as Bobby a
pproached the doctor. "Yes! Yes, I'm Robert Slade...her son. Please tell me my m
om is okay!!!" Every in the room could sense his panic and urgency.
The doctor grabbed Bobby's shoulder and squeezed. "Son, your mom's gonna be fine
. Her injuries were extensive but moderately minor. The injury to her head gave
us some concern and we had to go in surgically and stop a bleed. We will need to
keep her here for a few days for observation and to monitor her progress, but o
ther than that your mom is going to be fine. She is a very lucky woman."
I allowed tears to escape then as relief settled over me. I rushed to Bobby's si
de and Daniel rushed to the other side as we enveloped him in a hug from both si
des. I could feel his frantic heartbeat through his shirt as I placed my hand ov
er his chest.
"Oh thank God!" He said shakily as his arms wrapped around our necks and he laug
hed his relief. "Thank GOD!!!!!" he said again.
He looked from Daniel to me several times before his blue eyes locked with mine.
"She's gonna be fine." he said, tears sliding down his cheeks. I nodded my head

and smiled. "When can we see her?" he asked the doctor once the thought occurre
d to him.
"Well she's still suffering the after effects of the anesthesia right now in Rec
overy. In about an hour, she should be up for visitors, but two at a time max! I
don't want to overwhelm her!" After we all nodded our agreement, he turned and
disappeared behind the door and we all sagged our shoulders in relief.
Bobby's mom was going to be fine!

[24] He Saved Me Chapter Twenty-Four
Sharon's POV
Consciousness came back to me slowly. When I opened my eyes, my blurred vision r
egistered many tubes and wires coming from my wrists and chest. Bobby was sittin
g in a chair right next me with Isobel standing at his side with her hand restin
g on his shoulder. Sounds emitting from one of the machines I was hooked up to i
ndicated the escalating of my heartbeat as panic threatened. Where was I? What w
as going on?
"Mom!" I heard Bobby say urgently as he stood up. I tried to answer him, but as
I opened my mouth, I felt myself slip back under.
When my eyes opened again, Bobby and Isobel were gone. I stared at the chair tha
t they had been sitting in until my heavy lids closed again.
"I know that you're a strong woman. You're an amazing woman if the wonderful son
that you've raised is any indication. And you're a beautiful woman...."
I heard the voice as if it were in a dream. His velvet tone caressed my ears and
tickled the skin at my cheek as he leaned in close. My breathing quickened as I
continued to listen.
"Thank you so much for not leaving him Sharon! He would have never recovered. No
t that I wouldn't have done everything possible to help him though. I love that
child like my own...but I think you already know that." There was a pause as he
sat down on the edge of my bed. "Listen Sharon. I know you don't know me...but I
feel like we've known each other forever. It just feels like I was supposed to
be running late the day that Bobby walked into my office, and I was supposed to
meet you. Ever since I first laid eyes on you, I have just known that I'm suppos
ed to be with you. I told myself that I would ask you out one day, and tonight,
I almost lost the chance. Sharon if you can hear me, please open your eyes."
I tried. I struggled so hard to lift my heavy, stiff lids that tears were formin
g underneath. But I couldn't. I slipped back under....
Bobby's POV

She had been in and out for three hours. I was a little worried at first, but th
e doctors had said that it was perfectly normal with patients admitted with head
injuries. The injury coupled with the drugs put them in a semi-conscious state
at times, but I should not worry. She would awaken in her own time.
Isobel was still with me. She hardly spoke, and I appreciated her for it. I had
no idea what I would say to her if she insisted on talking. She had called her d
ad around 12am to let him know where she was and what was going on, and he had e
ncouraged her to take as much time as I needed her. I like him a lot more now. H
e still would make me want to walk in the other direction if I were to see him i
n a store, but I still appreciated him for his understanding at a time like this
Daniel was being weird. He had hardly spoken two words either, and that was stra
nge coming from him. Being a lawyer, he made a career out of running his mouth,
but ever since he had come back to the waiting room after visiting me, he had ju
st stared off into space, deep in thought. I didn't understand why this would af
fect him so much; he hardly even knew my mom.
Just then, a nurse came into the room and called my name. "Your mom's awake, and
she's asking for you." she smiled as she waited for me at the door. I knew that
she was waiting so that she could lead me back to mom's room so I grabbed Isobe
l's hand and hurried after her.
Mom was sitting up in bed smiling when I walked into the room and I almost laugh
ed with the joy my heart felt to see that smile. She had really scared me tonigh
t. "Mom." I whispered when I stopped at her bedside. "How ya feeling?"
"Uh really good actually. I don't know what it
e little bags right here, but they should give
around and the leaned in to whisper. "I swear
on a trampoline in the corner over there. She
at me.

is this hospital is putting in th

me some to take home." She looked
there is a pink elephant bouncing
glanced at the spot and then back

Isobel and I turned in unison to see the regular old hospital cabinets in the sp
ot that she had indicated. Not one pink bouncing elephant in sight. We looked ba
ck at mom and then at each other. For a few seconds, all was silent, and then ne
ither of us could hold in our laughter any longer. Tears leaked from the corners
of Isobel's eyes as she clenched her stomach. When I looked at mom, the look of
total confusion on her face only doubled my laughter.
"What?" she said! "Bobby I'm serious!"
"I--" I took a couple of deep breaths as I got myself under control. "I'm sorry
mom. But there are no pink elephants in this room. Actually, I can tell you with
all certainty that there are no pink bouncy elephants on this planet!" I choked
as another laugh tried to escape.
"Bobby, you are not to laugh at your mother! I'm in the hospital!"
Those words effectively sobered both me and Isobel. "I know." I told her, grabbi
ng her slim fingers into mine. "I'm sorry mom."
"It's okay." she blinked several times, still staring at the 'pink elephant'.
"Mom do you remember what happened to you tonight? Have you spoken with the poli
ce yet?"
She shook her head as she tried to ignore the corner of the room. "I mean, no I

haven't spoken with the police. But I do remember what happened. I felt like I w
as being followed since I left your house, Isobel. When the feeling got to stron
g to ignore, I checked the rear-view mirrors, but there was no one. By the time
I brought my attention back to the road in front of me, it was already too late.
There was no way I could avoid that collision."
"Did you see the driver of the car that hit you?" I asked her.
"It was a truck. But I don't remember anything about the driver. All I remember
is slamming on breaks and watching those bright headlights come at me. And there
was nothing I could do about it!" She began to tremble, and I restrained myself
from muttering the curse word that threatened to pass through my lips.
"It'll be okay mom. They're going to find the guy who did this!" I promised her.
She didn't respond to me, but I knew that she had heard me. Her shoulders seemed
to sag with relief after I spoke the words.
Daniel's POV
I was going to go crazy in this waiting room! I had abandoned my seat long ago,
preferring to pace a whole into the glossy concrete floor. Glancing at the watch
adorned to my wrist, I noted that it was nearly four in the morning. Bobby and
his girlfriend had been back there with Sharon for over half an hour. Patience w
as not my strong suit on a night like this.
"Screw it!" I whispered as I resolved to go back by myself. As I reached to open
the door, it swung open and Bobby walked out with a smile spread across his fac
e. I allowed myself to finally feel relief at the sight of that smile. She truly
was going to be okay.
I didn't waste time with words as I walked past him and Isobel to go back and se
e for myself.

[25] He Saved Me Chapter Twenty-Five
Chapter Twenty-Five
Daniel's POV
Sharon was staring into the corner of the room when I walked in. I paused as I s
tood in the doorway and just watched her. There was a bandage wrapped around her
head and faint bruises decorated the left side of her face, but she still manag
ed to be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I wonder if she had heard all
those things I said to her earlier.
I cleared my throat as I approached her, and her head jerked in my direction.

"Mr. Jones? What are you doing here?" she sounded surprised as she shifted in be
d and nervously brought her hands up to run through her hair.
I smiled as I took a seat in the chair next to her. "You know you can call me Da
niel right? Uh, Bobby called me on his way to the hospital. I knew that somethin
g like this would tear him up, so I got here as fast as I could. I hope you don'
t mind?"
She shook her head quickly. "Of course I don't mind. I'm glad to know that you'r
e there for my son when he needs you. What I don't understand is why?"
My mind searched for a reasonable response to what I knew was intended as a ques
tion. I knew that Bobby hadn't told her about me yet, and I didn't want to piss
him off by spilling the beans. But I also didn't like the idea of continuing my
association with this woman and possibly becoming more while she didn't know eve
rything there was to know about me. With the situation being as complicated as i
t was, I decided to ignore her statement and change the subject.
"How are you feeling? From the smile that was on Bobby's face when he came back
into the waiting room, you must be doing well."
She nodded her head and looked into my eyes. In contrast to her son's almost cle
ar blue eyes, her own were a deep brown. It was almost like staring into a pool
of milk chocolate...
"I feel great, actually. I don't know what they gave me, but I'm sure I will fee
l like hell when it wears of." she giggled shyly before she slid her gaze back t
o the corner of the room, effectively breaking the moment that I was trying to c
I cleared my throat for the second time since walking into the room and leaned f
orward so that I was closer to her. "Sharon?" I began and paused, searching for
the right words to say. "I know you don't know me very well..."
"That was you..." she whispered as her gaze stole mine again.
"Excuse me?"
"I thought I was dreaming...I dreamed that a man was here in my room and he said
that I was beautiful."
So she had heard me. The speed of my heartbeat picked up at this knowledge, and
I rubbed my hands together as my palms began to moisten from the nervous energy
building up inside of me. "Uh...yes, that was me. Look, I know that you don't kn
ow me," I began again, holding my hands up in front of me, "but I really admire
your strength. I admire the fact that after all that has happened to you, you ca
n still sit here and smile and laugh. I love that your son still comes first wit
h you, no matter what. And yes, I do think that you are a VERY beautiful woman.
As I said before when I wasn't sure that you could hear me, I told myself after
we first met that I would ask you out one day, and I almost lost that chance ton
ight. If you're not opposed to it--once you're feeling up to it--I would really
like to take--take you out to dinner." I felt like a child sitting there, stumbl
ing over my words and sweating like a pig, but I was so relieved that I had gott
en the words out that I smiled. This was the first time in years that a woman ha
d succeeded in making me nervous without even trying.
Sharon stared at me for a long moment before she responded with a laugh. Wait...
what was so funny?
"I'm sorry!" she said after taking a deep breath. "I'm sorry Daniel. It's just t

hat I haven't been called beautiful in years, and when a man finally tells me th
at he thinks I'm beautiful, I'm all black and blue like my face has been used as
a punching bag!"
I smiled at that and released a pinned up breath. "You are!" I said, chuckling a
long with her. "And the fact that you're 'black and blue' as you said, and I can
still look at you and say that--and still SEE that, says a lot. You're the most
beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on."
She stopped her giggling and stared at me again, tears gleaming over those choco
late brown pools. "Thank you," she choked.
I stood from my seat, very much aware that she had not given me an answer. I wou
ld ask her again later. Once she's been released from this hospital. "You need y
our rest. I'll send Bobby and Isobel home. It is a school night, although I'm su
re they would both be too tired to attend in any case. Please go to sleep and ge
t well soon. We will come back to visit later." I wanted to lean forward and kis
s her cheek, maybe touch her thick black hair, but I restrained myself and cross
ed to the door.
"Yes!" Sharon called loudly from the bed. I turned around with my confusion evid
ent across my face and she giggled again. "Yes, I will go out with you...Daniel.
" With that being said, her eyes slid shut and she disappeared off to drug induc
ed lala land.
I didn't try to hide my pleasure as I walked back into the waiting room to see B
obby sitting stiffly, obviously uncomfortable, with Isobel asleep with her head
on his lap. He looked down at her lovingly as he stroked her hair away from her
face. I could see that he was in love right then and there.
"Hey," I whispered as I sat next to him, trying not to wake Isobel. "Your mom's
asleep. You should go home and get some sleep too. I told her you would visit la
ter today. You should take your girl home so she can get some sleep in a real be
Bobby nodded and stifled a yawn. "Yeah you're right. In her condition, she can't
be comfortable laying across these chairs."
My heart stopped as fear and disappointment assaulted my emotional self. "What t
he HELL do you mean by 'in her condition'???" I tried to keep my yell at a whisp
er, but it was hard in this moment. "Bobby please don't tell me you've gotten th
is girl PREGNANT!!"
Bobby jumped and looked around the room. When he saw that no one had heard me, h
e looked at me, face red with anger, and tried to control his voice as well. "No
, you idiot! I didn't get her pregnant! But I am going to be there for her and t
his baby, no matter what! If you have a problem with that, you can go to hell!"
My disappointment shifted to pride as I saw the look in his eyes. "You're willin
g to take care of another man's child? Bobby, do you now what you're getting you
rself into?" I asked skeptically. I knew Bobby well, and this was the first time
I had ever heard of him even having a girlfriend. He couldn't be aware of all t
he work raising a child entailed.
"Yes I am, and yes I do!" he said earnestly. "Daniel, I love this girl, and she
needs me." He looked down at the girl sleeping in his lap again and smiled as he
touched the side of her face. "I know what I'm getting myself into. I'm getting
myself into a situation that is not going to be easy to get out of. But I have
no desire to get out of this particular situation, so I guess I'm good..."

"Wow." I said and then I slapped him on the back. "I'm so proud of you son! If y
ou need anything. I mean ANYTHING! You make sure you let me know."
He didn't respond to that, but he did nod his head.
"Look I'm sure my car got towed because I left it at the entrance. You think I c
an drive your truck and bring it by yours after I get mine back? This one doesn'
t need to be driving anyway..." I nodded my head down to indicate Isobel who was
still sound asleep.
Bobby reached into his pocket and handed me his keys while nodding. "Yeah, I don
't want her driving right now. She's exhausted."
I took them and thanked him before rising from my seat and walking away. I reall
y needed to get back to my apartment. I had left my door unlocked.
Bobby's POV
"Isobel?" I whispered as I shook her gently. "Iz, wake up."
"Hmmm." she shifted slightly and snuggled deeper into my lap.
"Wake up." I said more loudly and she jumped to attention, looking around until
her eyes found me.
"Come on, I'm going to take you home. It's nearly five o'clock."
She nodded her okay and then stood, stumbling slightly. I hurriedly took her han
d and led her out of the waiting room.
"Let's just go to your house." she said. "I'm sure my dad's getting ready for wo
rk now and he won't need his Chevy. He drives his work truck to work."
I chuckled at that. She was still half asleep, so she didn't hear the redundancy
of her words. "Okay babe."
"And you shouldn't be alone right now anyways..."
By the time we were walking into my bedroom, Isobel was wide awake. The nap she
had taken in the hospital had done her some good. We both struggled out of our s
hoes and I gave her a large t-shirt to go in the bathroom and change into.
I got an extra blanket and a pillow and placed them on the floor next to the bed
. We had not talked about sleeping arrangements, but I didn't want to make her u
ncomfortable. I had no problem sleeping on the floor.
Having already pulled off my jeans and shirt,
rs and pulled the blanket over me. I was just
n the bathroom door opened and she walked out
slow boil as I watched her cross my room and

I lie down on the floor in my boxe

settling my head on the pillow whe
wearing my shirt. Desire rose to a
slip under the covers.

"Bobby?" she said hesitantly.

I cleared my throat because I knew that my words would come out slightly high-pi
tched as a result of seeing her tanned legs sliding across my bed. "Yeah?" I sai
d. My voice still came out sounding choked.

"Get in the bed." She flipped the covers back and waited for me.
I really didn't need to be told twice. In four seconds flat, I had abandoned
makeshift bed on the floor and jumped into bed with my girl, settling into a
fortable position with her head on my shoulder. "Isobel." I said quietly. "I
t want to thank you...for being there for me last night. I don't know what I
ld have done if you hadn't come."


She remained quiet for a minute before responding. "Bobby you would and have don
e so much more for me! How could I not be there for you when you needed me?"
My heart swelled at her words and I replayed them in my head a couple of times b
efore wrapping my arms around her. "Get some sleep Isobel." I told her, kissing
her forehead and shutting my eyes.
Isobel's POV
I couldn't sleep. It had been fifteen minutes since Bobby had ordered
p before closing his eyes, and I couldn't get there. Lying this close
l I could think about was the feel of his mouth on my skin, his hands
every inch of my body. A slow throb started as I remembered the exact
at those hands could evoke.

me to slee
to him, al
feeling th

I moaned softly and rolled over so that my back was to him. I had to whip my hor
mones into shape. Closing my eyes tightly, tried again to fall asleep.
Bobby must have sensed my movements because he followed, spooning his body again
st my and placing his hand on my belly. I groaned as my hormones jumped again. T
his was impossible. I turned over so that we were pressed together. My breasts w
ere pushed up against his chest and I wrapped my right leg around his waist so t
hat he was pressed into me, directly between my thighs. I felt so guilty and dir
ty, but I wanted him so badly in that moment.
Lying there, I stared at his face for a long time, memorizing everything.
Unable to control the urge, I leaned over and kissed him dead on the lips. He di
dn't stir, or open his eyes, so I traced his lips with my tongue, delighting in
the pleasure that simple action gave me.
Bobby's eyes fluttered open and I jumped guiltily, my heart pounding against my
chest. Oh God, what do I say?
He looked at me, confused, for a long time and the he looked down at our bodies
where my leg was wrapped around his waist. I didn't have to ask how this affecte
d him, because I felt the exact moment that his hormones shifted into overdrive
to take him exactly where mine were parked.
"Isobel?" his voice sounded very loud in the quiet room. "What are you doing?"
I knew I was blushing. I couldn't speak a word. I wanted this boy so badly that
I actually ached, and I couldn't just open my mouth to tell him.
He moved against me unintentionally and I moaned at the sensation that that tiny
little movement sent coursing through my body. He didn't ask again. I watched r
ealization click behind his eyes and then nothing could have stopped what happen
ed next. He rolled us over on his huge bed so that he was on top of me and then
he kissed me like I was the only girl that he would ever kiss again.

And then he loved me...

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[26] He Saved Me Chapter Twenty-Six
Chapter Twenty-Six
Unknown POV
The automatic doors at the hospital entrance glided open as I approached. I was
still so pissed with myself for allowing this shit to happen. I should have made
sure the bitch was dead before I head the truck! Mrs. Slade had been in the hos
pital for three days and I hadn't been able to get close to her. That fucking la
wyer hadn't left her side at all except to go home and change and even then, tha
t fucking son of her's was there to stay with her while he was away.
Right now Bobby was in school, so the lawyer was taking her home, and he had pul
led out of the parking lot just three minutes ago. I don't know where he was goi
ng, but when I saw his car disappear around the corner, I hurriedly exited my ca
r and made my way to the door. This was my last chance to get to her before she
was taken home and was untouchable.
She had to be taken care of. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't let this go now. I'
m sure she had seen my face.
"Well hello there!" I heard a voice coming from behind me and I froze and slowly
turned to look at her, pasting a smile on my face.
"Hi there Nurse Jackson. How's it going?" I asked, but I didn't wait for her to
answer, just turned the corner and continued on my way to Saron's room. That lad
y would talk my ear off about her snot nosed little boy, and I really didn't' ha
ve the time.
When I made it to Sharon's room, I glanced in to see that no one else was in the
room. I quietly slipped in and shut the door behind me. She looked like she was
sleeping. This should be easy...

I crept slowly to the side of her bed, the muffled sound of my rubber-soled boot
s was the only sound in the room.Quietly, I slid a pillow off of an empty chair
next to her bed and approached. This bitch had allowed her bastard son to touch
my girl. My beautiful, sweet...
I balled my fists to form a tight grip on both sides of the pillow and just as I
was leaning over her, I heard the hinges on the door squeak.
Fuck!! I was going to be caught!!!
Isobel's POV
The door to Mrs. Slade's room was closed as I approached it, so I assumed she wa
s asleep. I really didn't want to wake her, but I had so many questions scrambli
ng around in my brain and I had no one to talk to about them. I could ask my dad
, but he was so protective when it came to boys, I knew he would flip when he fo
und out that I had had sex with Bobby. I wish my mom was still alive, she would
know what to say.
When I reached the door, I opened it slowly and crept in, cringing as the hinges
creaked. I walked into the room and closed the door behind me, looking around t
he surprisingly spacious room. Sharon must have good insurance if the hospital l
et her have such a big room to herself.
She was sleeping.
I thought I heard a noise behind me, so I turned my head quickly, but there was
no one there. It must have been my imagination. When I turned back to Sharon, he
r eyes were blinking open and she was shuffling to a sitting position in bed.
"Isobel? Honey what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school?"
I sat down in the chair next to her bed and leaned forward. "Uh--yeah." I said a
wkwardly as I searched for the right words. "I wanted to talk to you...." I trai
led off and stared at a ball of lint on her covers.
"About what sweetie?"
"Well I have a question to ask really--it's about--well...."
"Calm down, Isobel. Jeez you're blushing. Honey, you know you can talk to me abo
ut anything right?" she asked as her hand reached out and grasped my own. "Now w
hat did you have to ask?"
I looked in her eyes and her sincerity was shining beneath the dark brown surfac
es. I inhaled shakily and asked, "I just wanted to ask..." I shuffled in my seat
before continuing. "Does--The baby--Can sex hurt the baby in any way?" I finall
y got out hurriedly before taking a deep breath and blushing bright red.
Sharon blinked at me with her mouth ajar for a few seconds before responding. "O
h. Uh--so you're considering taking that step with my son?"
If it was at all possible, I blushed deeper. " We already did, Mrs. Slade. Uh...
about three nights ago. And I've just been a little worried about the baby. I me
an, what if we hurt it?"
She smiled then. "Honey, sex can not and will not hurt your baby. He or she is f

ine, so stop worrying. But I am worried about you. Isobel, you were raped not ev
en a month ago, are you sure you're ready for something like that? I mean, I kno
w it's too late to be asking that question now, but honey, technically you've ne
ver had sex before. What that monster did to you affected you so deeply. You don
't think that you and Bobby are pushing it?"
I had asked myself that same question several times over the past few days, and
I still hadn't come up with a solid answer. All I knew was that I didn't regret
"I love him." I said quietly, unable to look her in the eye.
"I know you do sweetheart."
My head snapped up, and I looked at her questioningly. "I did you...." I trailed
off and continued to stare at her.
"Baby, you don't see the way you look at my son, but I do. Plus if you didn't lo
ve him, there is no way you would have let him touch you. You've just gone throu
gh a very traumatic experience, had that been any other boy, I don't think you w
ould have even allowed yourself to be alone with him.
I was still staring at her as my brain processed what she had said. She was righ
t. I hadn't been alone with anyone but Bobby and his mom, my dad, and Alice sinc
e that night. I was about to respond to her when I heard the door open again Sha
ron and I both looked over to see Daniel walk in with a huge bouquet of red rose
s and an extra large brown teddy bear holding one of the roses. When Sharon saw
him, a huge smile spread across her face, and I couldn't help but smile as well.
He had been really sweet to her over the past few days. Bobby had been complain
ing a lot about his lawyer's excessive attention to his mom.
Soon after he walked into the room, a nurse walked in behind a wheel chair.
"Well Mrs. Slade, since all your paperwork has been completed, I don't see any r
eason to hold you hostage here any longer. This kind gentleman has informed our
staff that he is perfectly capable of taking good care of you at home."
"That's right!" Daniel said as he made his way over to the bed and helped Sharon
to stand while balancing the roses and bear in his other hand.
"Oh, let me get those!" I stepped over and grabbed everything from his other han
d and Daniel nodded his thank you.
After Sharon was seated in the wheel chair and her gifts were situated in her la
p, as she had insisted, we all filed out of the room and down the hallway to the
exit where Daniel had illegally parked his car.
"Didn't you learn anything three days ago? Now what if you had gotten towed?" Th
e nurse asked jokingly as Sharon shuffled her way into the back seat.
"Well I was only here for a minute or so. No time at all practically...a tow tru
ck would never have gotten here in time to steal my baby." he lovingly ran his h
and across the glossy paint job before chuckling and skipping around to the driv
er's door. "Isobel Bobby says to follow us to the house. He wants to see you. I
swear that boy has gotten sappy in the past month." At that, he opened the door
and pulled off.
I waved at them until they were gone before making my way to my dad's truck and
leaving as well.

Unknown POV
I opened the bathroom door and exited into the room again, rage boiling in my be
lly yet again. He had fuck her! I didn't care about the noise as I slammed the r
oom door behind me and stomped down the hallway again.
When I made it to the exit, my Isobel was just turning out of the parking lot.
She was pregnant?!
Some of the rage inside of me mellowed out as I pictured a little girl with Isob
el's dark hair and my eyes and freckles.
Sadness overtook me when I realized that there was no way that baby could surviv
And neither could Bobby.....

[27] He Saved Me Chapter Twenty-Seven
Angel's pic is posted over there -------->
Chapter Twenty-Seven
Isobel's POV
It was my birthday. My eyes flew open at the realization and I sat up in bed. Lo
oking at the clock I realized that it was seven in the morning and I needed to g
et ready for school.
I rushed through the process, the whole time wondering what Bobby had planned fo
r today. I knew he had a surprise planned, I just didn't know what.
When I was finally tying my shoe laces, my cell phone rang. Alice.
"Hello?" I said, cradling the phone between my ear and shoulder blade.
"Happy Birthday!" she shrieked excitedly.
I giggled into the phone as I stood up and straightened out my shirt. "Thanks! I
'm so excited about today. Bobby has a surprise for me."
Alice scoffed. "Yeah speaking of Bobby, I still think it's funny how one minute
you were 'definitely not together' and then the next you're all in love with him
I rolled my eyes toward the ceiling. Alice was mad at me because I hadn't told h
er that Bobby and I were together the second that it happened. I kind of felt ba
d that she and I hadn't been in touch like usual lately, but there was still a l

ot that she didn't know. "Oh shut up Al. You're know you're happy about me and B
Alice laughed before responding. "Yeah I am. you two are sooo cute together! But
anyways...what do you want to do for your--" The sound of her voice muted for a
second. "Izzy hold on, I'm getting another call. I--I'll see you at school okay
?" The call was ended before I got the chance to respond.
I shook my head and slid my phone into the back pocket of my jeans.
When I walked out of my room and down the hall to the living room, my dad was ju
st walking out of the kitchen and swept me up into his arms. I wrapped my arms a
nd legs around him, laughing as he turned around in a circle. "Daddy!!!!! Dad pu
t me down!"
Chuckling, he put me down again and helped me as I swayed on my feet. "My baby's
turned eighteen!!!!" He shifted until he was behind me and then put his hands o
ver my eyes. "Here close your eyes! Come on!" He began to lead me to the kitchen
while keeping his hands firmly cupped over my eyes.
I laughed. "You know dad, there was really no point in telling me to close my ey
es if you were going to do it for me....?"
"Shhhh! Shh shh shh shh!!!" he interrupted me once we had stopped. He removed hi
s hands, but instructed me to keep my eyes closed. I heard a noise that sounded
suspiciously like a lighter striking and then he stomped out of the room, return
ing only seconds later. "Okay...now open up!" He said excitedly.
When I opened my eyes, there was a huge birthday cake with a picture of me and m
y dad designed into the frosting. It was the same picture that he and I had take
n on my 15th birthday that I had put away in my room. Eighteen candles were flic
kering and slowly melting onto the frosting.
"That's my favorite picture." I heard dad say from behind me. "Now make a wish a
nd blow out the candles before we end up with more wax to eat than frosting!" he
Tears had been glimmering in my eyes as I stared at the cake, so when I closed t
hem, I felt them sliding down my cheeks. 'Just let this day be perfect!' I whisp
ered in my head before taking a deep breath and blowing out the candles.
"So what'd you wish for?" My dad asked anxiously, practically bouncing at my sid
I shook my head and smiled at him. "Dad if I tell you, it won't come true!"
"Oh come on!!! That's just something people say when they don't want to tell!" h
e replied with a pout. "So what'd you wish for? Was it this?" he said, holding u
p a key chain.
It took me a second for my eyes to focus on what I was seeing. There was a thick
black car key and a remote hanging from the ring. Dangling with it was a tag th
at said 'Happy Birthday' on one side and 'Ford Mustang' on the other. My eyes we
nt wide as I stared. "NO!!!!!"
Dad laughed and bounced excited. "YES!!!" he returned.
"NOO!!!!" I screamed louder this time as I jumped up into his arms and kissed al
l over his face. "Daddy you didn't!!!!"

He laughed again as he tried to turn his head away from my wet assault. "Yes! Ye
s I did!!!! Now let's go for a drive! It's Friday, we can ditch school."
I squealed as I jumped down again a grabbed the keys he offered. I didn't waste
a second. I ran to the front door and flung it open, my eyes raking over the dri
veway and front yard excitedly. Nothing.
Breathing hard, I turned back around to see my dad leaning just behind me in the
doorway with one eyebrow raised and a slow smile easing across his face. "What?
" he asked innocently.
"Wha--where---huh?" I asked, still breathing hard.
He tilted his head, gesturing to his right. "Garage." he said.
I squealed again and raced back through the house to the kitchen. I flung the do
or open, and there it was. Red glossy paint glimmered as the sunlight reflected
off of my mustang. My dad stood there at the open garage door in front of me, st
ill smiling like an idiot.
"You know you could have gotten her quicker if you had just walked out the front
door?" he said.
"Aww daddy it's beautiful!" I said in wonder as I circled my brand new car. Wait
..."Dad, how did you afford this?"
"Nevermind all that. Get in!" He opened the passenger door and buckled up.
I didn't need to be told twice. I hopped behind the wheel and started my car.
"Buckle up sweetheart." I heard my dad's voice say calmly.
As soon as I had clicked the buckle into place, I took off.I can't believe he go
t me a car!!!!
Bobby's POV
"Thanks Alice. Angel's a cool dude, I think you'll like him."
Alice had been my first phone call today. I was still trying to get Isobel's bir
thday surprise in order. She had been saying a lot lately that she missed hangin
g out with her best friend, but she didn't want to spend too much time away from
me, so I decided to include Alice in what I had planned for today. I had alread
y gotten Johnathan's blessing for skipping school today. His only condition was
to give him two hours with his daughter and then she was all mine.
"No problem Bob!" Alice responded jokingly and I cringed.
"Ugh! Don't EVER call me Bob again!" I said, trying to keep the hostile tone fro
m my voice.
"Oh yeah. Since you've been with Isobel, I forgot all about the bad boy image. D
on't call him Bob. CHECK!" she said with a giggle.
I smiled to myself. Alice was so goofy. She and my friend Angel should hit it of
f just fine. "Yeah whatever Alice. Be ready by nine, and make sure to pack somet
hing Isobel's size."

"That'll do, donkey! That'll do..." With that said, she hung up the phone.
I chuckled to myself as I slid my phone back into it's cradle. That girl surely
had a couple of screws loose. She had quoted Shrek before hanging up the phone!
"Mom, I'm going to Angel's house to pick him up! Do you need anything before I l
eave?" I yelled to my mom from the kitchen. She had been doing fine since the ac
cident, but I was still worried about her. I still couldn't believe how close I'
d come to losing her.
"Honey I'm fine! You go and have fun! Tell Isobel I said happy birthday. Now don
't you worry about me! Daniel's coming by to take me out to dinner later, so I w
on't be alone for long."
I cringed at the mention of my lawyer. I couldn't believe that he and my mom wer
e actually dating! I was so conflicted about that whole relationship. On the one
hand, Daniel was a really great guy and my mom seemed to really like him, but o
n the other hand, she still didn't know about the arrangements I had made with D
aniel four years ago, and I didn't want her to be hurt if she found out. In the
end, I decided to let the chips fall where they may. My mom was actually happy f
or the first time since my dad and left, and that was all that mattered.
"Okay mom, I'm out!" I yelled back. "Make sure Daniel has you back in this house
by ten!" I didn't wait for her retort before I ran down the hallway and out the
front door.
"Dude come on, we're going to be late. We still have to go by and pick up Alice
and it's already a quarter til nine!." I said impatiently to Angel as he threw h
is bags onto the back of the truck.
"Chill out man! It'll only take about fifteen minutes to scoop Little Bit up bef
ore going to pick up Isobel. Calm down! We're going to be gone the whole weekend
! You'll have plenty of time to be with your lady love!" he said tauntingly as h
e hopped into the back seat. "I swear man, you're going soft!"
Angel had been the closest thing I've had to a best friend for the past six year
s. He and I came from similar back grounds, single moms with deadbeat dads, so h
e had pretty much been looking out for each other over the years. I had asked hi
m along so that Isobel and I could have some alone time over the weekend without
leaving Alice by herself.
"Whatever dude. The next time I tell you to be ready at a certain time, you had
better have your ass standing beside the fucking road when I pull up!" I said jo
kingly as I grabbed an empty McDonald's cup and threw it at him.
Angel and Alice lived on the same street, so it didn't take long at all to make
it to her house. When I pulled up in her driveway, she was already sitting on he
r front porch with two loaded suitcases and two duffel bags laying next to her.
"Holy shit Alice! What the hell did you pack? You know this is only for a few da
ys right?" I said as I approached her and picked up one of the suitcases and duf
fel bags.
Alice snorted. "Exactly!" She said. If we were going for a week, then we'd be dr
agging a trunk down the driveway. You're talking about two girls here! And one o
f those girls has no idea where we're going. We need options!" She heaved one of
the duffel bags over her shoulder and turned toward my truck. "Hey Prince Charm
ing!!!!! Get your ass out of that truck and come help with these bags!!!" She tu

rned her head back to me with a frown. "Really Bobby, how could you set me up wi
th a guy who's not decent enough to help a girl with her bags?"
I was about to answer when Angel jumped down from the truck and ran across the l
awn. "Sorry Little Bit. I got a text message I had to respond to..." He pulled t
he bag off her shoulder and bent to pick up the second suitcase. "Jeez Itty Bitt
y, what did you pack in this thing? Bricks? You know we're only leaving for the
"That's what I said?" I exclaimed loudly as we made our way back to the truck an
d tossed the bags onto the back.
"Whatever." Alice said as she went around and jumped into the back seat behind t
he driver's. "Come on boys! Let's get this show on the road!"
Angel and I shrugged at each other before getting into the truck and pulling off
Isobel's POV
My dad and I were pulling back into the garage when Bobby's truck pulled up. I s
tared at him in the rear view for a minute with confusion written on my face bef
ore getting out of the car. What was he doing here? I had assumed that he would
be at school.
"Happy Birthday beautiful!" He said as he made his way across the lawn. "Good mo
rning Mr. Davis." he said to my dad, who was stand with his back leaning against
the car.
"Hey there Bobby. You take care of my little girl now! I don't want anything to
happen to her."
Bobby nodded his head as he took my hand and began leading me back to his truck.
"Of course sir!" he said.
"Wait!" I stopped. "What's going on?"
"It's a surprise, Beauty. Now let's go!" He opened the passenger door for me and
lifted me up into the truck. When I was settled into the front seat, I buckled
up and watched Bobby walked around and jump into the driver's seat.
"Hey Iz!"
"Alice?" I turned around and saw Alice sitting in the back seat with Angel next
to her. "Wait, what are you two doing here?"
"Bobby asked me along..." Alice said excitedly.
"Me too." said Angel while looking out the window with a bored expression on his
"But where is it that we're going?"
Bobby groaned. "To Florida!" he said impatiently. "Since you insist on knowing y
our surprise before I'm ready to tell you, there you are. We're going to the bea
I squealed for the hundredth time today. "Oh my God the beach?!?!" I screamed an

d twisted back around in my seat. "Yay!" I clapped my hand excitedly.

My birthday wish was definitely coming true!

[28] He Saved Me Chapter Twenty-Eight
No, you're not hallucinating....I have given you two updates in one night!!!!
And that's the hotel/resort/spa they're staying at over there. It's the acutal p
Chapter Twenty-Eight
Isobel's POV
I bounced excitedly as Bobby pulled his truck up to the entrance of a hotel spor
ting the name Bay Point Marriot Golf Resort and Spa. This place looked super exp
ensive. Panama City Beach....
I looked in the back seat to take in the reactions of Angel and Alice to see tha
t they were both asleep. Alice was holding Angel's hand with her head tucked int
o the crook of his neck as she snored softly. They had bickered and flirted for
the first three hours of the drive, and I hadn't noticed that they had finally s
hut up for the last two.
"Aww!" I said softly as I snatched up Bobby's digital camera from it's cradle be
tween the seats and snapped a photo. Just as the photo was captured, Bobby let o
ut a loud barking noise and both of the other passengers jerked awake, looking a
round madly. I couldn't resist laughing at them and taking another picture. They
would surely hit if off!
"We're here!" Bobby said as he jumped down from the truck and ran over to open m
y door.
Alice looked around confused for a second before looking back at me. "Who the fu
ck are you dating? Donald Trump?" She asked as she noted how expensive the place
"Uh, can I have my hand now little bit?" Angel ask groggily.
Alice blushed a cute tint of red before snatching her hand back and jumping out
of the truck. Bobby picked me up from my seat and help me keep my balance as I t
ried to get my land legs back.
"Yeah where the hell are we bro?" Angel asked as he reached into the back of the
truck and picked up a suitcase and two duffel bags.
"Panama City. Daniel made arrangements for us to stay here for the weekend." Bob
by responded as he picked up the other suitcase and two more duffel bags and sta
rted walking, throwing his keys to the attending valet. Angel followed close beh
ind as Alice and I continued to look around in wonder.
When we entered the lobby of the hotel, a bellboy appeared out of nowhere and pu
t all of the bags on a cart, and we continued to follow Bobby to the front desk.

"May I help you?" said a stuffy looking old man whose name tag displayed the nam
e Walton.
"Yeah we have a reservation for four under the name Robert Slade." Bobby respond
Walton typed into his computer furiously and looked Bobby up and down with a fro
wn. "May I see your Identification card please?"
Bobby raised an eyebrow and pulled his wallet out of his back pocket, handing hi
s ID to the old coot.
He glanced at Bobby's ID before handing it back. "I'm sorry sir, but there must
be some sort of mistake. Guests must be 21 years of age or older to check in to
this hotel." He said condescendingly before turning his eyes to the next couple
and line. "May I help you sir? Madam?" He addressed them, effectively ignoring u
"What the fuck? Excuse me?!?!" Bobby began angrily. "But I don't think you were
done with us yet! I said we have RESERVATIONS!!!"
Walton rolled his eyes back to us and responded. "Reservations or not sir, the s
ign clearly states that the guest to check in must be 21 years of age or older."
he said calmly before turning back to the couple.
The man walked forward and slid his ID and credit card across the counter. "Rese
rvation for two under Samuel Wilcox." he said.
"WAIT A MINUTE!!!" Bobby yelled before attempting to jump onto the counter.
I placed my hand onto his arm and squeezed. "Bobby calm down." I said quietly.
Angel grabbed his other arm. "Yeah man, chill out. We can just find another hote
Bobby took several calming deep breaths before shaking his head. "No. We're goin
g to stay at this hotel. And THAT guy, is going to be bringing us our room servi
ce personally for the entire trip!" he said loud enough for Walton to hear him.
Walton scoffed and rolled his eyes before giving the couple their room keys and
telling them to enjoy their stay.
Bobby pulled his cell phone out of it's cradle and dialed a number furiously bef
ore placing it to his ear. Soon after he began to speak. "Daniel!" he said, stil
l trying to contain his anger. "Yeah, we just got here. I was going to call once
we'd made it to our suite, but this jackass behind the front desk won't check u
s in. Says I have to be 21. Yeah. Yeah okay, and hurry up! I want to see the loo
k on this old fuck's face!!!" He ended the call and put his phone back in place.
Walton was just staring at us, a nervous look crossing his face. Not even three
seconds later, the hotel phone began to ring.
"Thank you for calling Bay Point Marriot Golf Resort and Spa, how may I assist y
ou today?" he said into the phone.
"Yes sir. Yes. No, an action like that would not be necessary!" He slid his nerv
ous eyes toward us again before looking back at his computer screen and typing f
uriously. "No there is no need to contact the manager, this was all just an hone
st misunderstanding. No sir. Of course sir, I would be happy to assist them to t
heir suite personally." At that, Walton hung up the phone and handed Bobby four

room keys. "I am so sorry sir, if you'll all follow me, I will show you to your
Alice and I looked at each other with big smiles on our faces before joining Bob
by and Angel and walking behind Walton and the bellboy onto the elevator.
Once we were in our suite which was a three bedroom, two bath with a fully equip
ped kitchen and living area, Bobby sent Walton and the bellboy on their way, giv
ing the bellboy a tip on the way out. Alice and I were still looking around in w
onder as Bobby and Angel sorted out the room arrangements.
"Okay the master suite is mine and Isobel's. You and Alice can flip for the othe
r two." Bobby was saying as he took my hand and began to lead me to our door.
"Wait, who say's I want to room with you? What if I want to stay with Alice in t
he master suite and let you boys flip for the two others?" I said teasingly.
He cocked his head to the side and chuckled. "Because I'm paying six hundred dol
lars a night for this suite, and it ain't for the fancy toilets!"
Alice and I gasped at the same time. Angel just chuckled. "Fucking show off!" he
Bobby rolled his eyes as he began to pull me into the room. "Shut the fuck up. G
et dressed everyone. I want to be on the beach by four o'clock!"
At that everyone rushed into their rooms to get ready.
Then entire day had been a blast!
and Angel in the sand and taking
ing it off. You would expect that
that out of my head. If they had,
ouldn't she?

Alice and I had had a lot of fun burying Bobby

pictures. Angel and Alice had really been hitt
the two had been together before, but I shook
then Alice surely would have told me by now. W

By eight o'clock, everyone was starving, so we all left the beach and stopped at
the first restaurant we saw which happened to be a pizza joint.
We were now sitting around a table, stuffing our faces as we played a friendly g
ame of truth or dare. It was now Angel's turn, and he had chosen to direct his t
orture to Alice. "Little Bit!!!! Truth or dare?"
Alice giggled. "Truth!"
Angel groaned. "Oh come on! You know you're supposed to say dare! Truth is for p
She laughed harder and then took a sip of her coke. "Well good thing I have one
of those, because I choose truth!!!"
He looked at her knowingly and then smirked. "Okay then. Have you ever hooked up
with a guy and then never called him back?" He sat back in his chair and crosse
d his arms over his chest.
Alice's eyes grew as wide as saucers, but she didn't answer. "Dare!!!" She shrie
ked. "I choose dare!"
Angel shook his head and laughed. "I have you plenty of opportunity to back out
of this Little Bit. You have to answer the question..."

"Oh come on!" I said. "I know the answer to that! It's no! Right Alice."
She looked down at her plate guiltily before shaking her head. "No, I have."
I gasped and then let out a nervous laugh. "What?! With who?"
She looked up and glance at Angel who was still smiling like an idiot.
"With who?" I asked again, looking at Bobby who had remained silent through this
entire ordeal. He looked just as confused as me. "With WHO?"
"With Angel!" she cried, looking over at him. "Come on Prince Charming! You woul
d have broken my heart and you know it! I was just saving you time and trouble."
I noticed tears fill in her eyes before she jumped from her seat and ran toward
the restrooms.
We all stared after her in bewilderment. I threw my napkin down on the table and
stood up to follow her, but Angel took my hand and pulled me back down. "No, I
got this." He said before getting up and running after Alice.
I looked at Bobby again and he shrugged, indicating that he had no idea what had
just happened.
Angel's POV
I raced into the ladies restroom behind Alice and locked the door after I saw th
at no one else was inside. "Little Bit?" I said to Alice's trembling back. "Litt
le Bit, I'm sorry okay. I didn't know that it would upset you like this! If I di
d, I wouldn't have said anything!"
Alice turned around and her glared shot daggers at me. "Go to hell Stewart! You
knew I didn't want to talk about that in front of Iz and Bobby! You were just ge
tting back at me!"
Oh shit, she used my last name! "Seriously Alice, I wasn't trying to hurt you. H
onestly, been thinking about that a lot today, and I just wanted to know the rea
son you never called me back. That question just kind of slipped into my brain a
nd out of my mouth."
She sniffled a couple of times before looking me in the eye. "You know you would
have broken my heart!" she said brokenly.
"No I wouldn't have!" I replied earnestly. "Alice, you're the first girl I ever
liked, you know, like that....I wouldn't have hurt you! Not on purpose, in any c
ase." I said.
Alice and I had hooked up over Christmas vacation last year at a party thrown at
my house. She and I had been running into each other a lot at the time. Chattin
g here and there about small things and big things. When I saw her in my house,
I couldn't resist taking a chance and seeing where it would lead. It led straigh
t upstairs to my bedroom. She had spent the stayed over that night and half the
next day, leaving with a promise to call me since she didn't have a cell phone a
t the time. That was the last time that she and I had spoken to each other.
"Little Bit, you didn't even give me a chance..." I said quietly.
"I was scared!" she nearly screamed. "I slept with you, and we hadn't even been

on a date! I was a virgin! I didn't know what you thought of me after that, or e
ven if you thought of me at all. You never said anything. I just assumed that yo
u did that all the time, and I was just some stupid girl who should have never t
aken that first drink." She had stopped crying now, and I was breathing more eas
"Well you're the one who promised to call, not me."
"Well you're the one---" she froze when she couldn't think of anything to say. "
Shit!" She said before flinging herself into my arms and kissing me, wrapping he
r jeans clad legs around my waist.
I didn't hesitate. I kissed her back as I backed her against the wall and began
undoing the button of her jeans. I had been dreaming of this moment for the past
four months!

---------------------Okay soooo.....What'd you think? Too much information with A

lice and Angel? Do you even care about those two? I don't know. I was just getti
ng a little tired of Bobby and Izzy all the time. Hey we should join Bobby and I
zzy's names to for one. How aboutttt Ibby??? HAHA no!!! I GOT IT!!! They are now
and will forever be (drum roll)..................BOBZZY!!!! Lmfao!!!
[29] He Saved Me Chapter Twenty-Nine
Nothing big in this chapter...sort of. Lol. I hope you like it! :)

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Sharon's POV

I was running late getting ready for my date with Daniel. I had told him to pick
me up at eight o'clock, and it was already five minutes til that time and I sti
ll hadn't put on my shoes or finished my make up. I was putting on a pair of dia
monds earrings when the doorbell rang.

"Dammit!" I whispered to myself as I ran out of my room and down the stairs quic
kly. "Just a second!" I yelled toward the door.

As I opened the door, I began with my explanation. "Sorry! Sorry I'm running beh
ind schedule. I have no excuse, I just--" When I looked up I realized that Danie

l wasn't at the door. "Detective Rodriguez?"

Rodriguez was the lead detective investigating the case of my hit and run accide
nt, but I had already answered all of his questions after I had left the hospita
l two weeks ago.

"Good evening ma'am." He said with a smile, his eyes raking over my body from my
head down to my bare feet so openly that I blushed slightly. "Mrs. Slade, I hat
e to bother you at home, but I just have a couple more questions I need to ask a

I looked at him with confusion written across my face. How many times did he nee
d to ask me these questions before he understood that I really did remember anyt
hing. I glanced down at my watch. Shoot, I was already late for my date. "Yes, D
etective, but can we make this quick? I'm already late getting ready..."

He nodded his head with another smile as he stepped a foot forward to enter.

I opened my door wider and moved aside. Once we were both standing in the entran
ce hall with the door shut, Detective Rodriguez pulled out a notepad and began t
o fire the same old questions at me again. "Now ma'am, what kind of vehicle do y
ou recall seeing before the collision?"

He was standing uncomfortably close to me, so I moved a step back until I was le
aning against the arm of a chair before answering. "Well like I said, I'm not su
re if I remember correctly, but I think it was a black truck. Maybe an old model
Dodge or Chevy?" I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know, I'm sorry."

"It's perfectly okay ma'am. We just need all the information that you are able t
o give us so that we can catch the guy who did this, since all evidence points t
o the possibility that this was no run-of-the-mill accident. This was an attempt
on your life!"

A shiver went down my spine at those words. Daniel and Bobby both had been sayin
g that to me a lot lately.

"Now..." he turned to the next page in his notebook and looked at me again, shuf
fling a little closer. "Do you recall any physical features of the driver at all
? ANYTHING! Whatever you can remember could help."

My face scrunched up as I tried to remember. I couldn't recall anything. Shaking

my head slowly, I looked at the detective apologetically. "I'm sorry, I don't k
now. All I remember about the accident is seeing the bright headlights of the tr
uck--" The sound of the doorbell ringing made me jump. That was sure to be Danie
l. "Excuse me..." I said as stepped over to the door.

When I opened the door, Daniel stood there with a bouquet of roses and my heart
flipped in my chest. He was so sweet. "Daniel! I'm so sorry, I'm running late!"
I stepped back to give him room to come in.

As he entered, I noticed Detective Rodriguez take a step back and stand up strai
ghter. "It's okay. I knew I would have to wait at least a little while anyway. O
h, hello Detective! How are you?"

Rodriguez forced a stiff smile and shrugged. "It's all good, you know? I was jus
t leaving though. I wanted to ask Mrs. Slade a few more questions about her acci
dent. I'll be getting out of your way." He moved around us to the front door. "M
a'am..." he said, looked directly at me with an intense expression on his face.
"Are you SURE that you don't remember anything else about your attack? You didn'
t see his face at all?"

I shook my head slowly. "I'm sorry Detective, but I don't."

"Well alright then." He said with a bright smile. "I guess I'll be going." With
that he stepped outside, shutting the door firmly behind him.

"Ooookay..." I said, looking at Daniel. "Give me ten minutes!" I told him urgent
ly as I ran back upstairs to finish getting ready.


Unknown POV

I sat in my parked car outside of Slade's house for over thirty minutes before S
haron and her boyfriend walked outside. Slut! I bet she had spread her legs for
him before leaving.

I hit my steering wheel in frustration. God dammit! She had been spending so muc
h time with him lately, that I never got a chance to get near her anymore.

I watched them both get into his car and drive off before I started my own car a
nd drove in the opposite direction.

I guess i would have to try again later...


Isobel's POV

When Alice and Angel came back to the table, Bobby and I just looked at them. Al
ice was blushing a faint pink color and Angel was smiling a sneaky smile. "So,"
I began. "What's going on?"

Alice blushed brighter and looked down at her lap.

"Uhh..." Angel cleared his throat. "Nothing."

"No I mean, what's going on with you two? Something obviously is..." I replied,
eyeing my best friend suspiciously.

"Well..." Angel began again. "I think it's safe to say that Alice and I will be
testing the waters and seeing where a relationship will take us." At those words
, Alice's head jerked up and she stared at Angel for a long time before slowly n
odding her head with a smile.

A high pitched squeal escaped the back of my throat as I tried to contain my exc
itement. "Oh my God, that's so cute!!" I exclaimed.

"Calm down babe!" Bobby said with a chuckle as he stood up and threw some money
on the table. "But we should all probably get going. I want to start the day ear
ly tomorrow, because tomorrow we play golf!" he rubbed his hands together excite
dly like a child as I stood up.

"And you can actually play golf?" I asked doubtfully.

"Of course I can play gold Isobel!" He said, grabbing my hand. "A little..."

I laughed loudly as we walked, turning back to him with a mocking expression. "A
nd you probably can't even play THAT well!" I giggled as I turned my head back f
orward only to smack right into the front door and bounce back.

I heard Alice and Angel snicker discreetly from behind me as Bobby helped me cat
ch my balance. He splayed his fingers gently across my belly as he whispered, "Y
ou okay babe? Everything okay?" He asked worriedly.

I glanced at Alice's narrowed eyes and looked away quickly as I blushed bright r
ed. "Of course Bobby! Why wouldn't it be? I just ran into the door." I pulled th
e door handle and started out again, the entire time feeling Alice's suspicious
gaze burn holes into the back of my shirt.

[30] He Saved Me Chapter Thirty
Chapter Thirty
I fell down onto the couch with a sigh once we had made it back to our suite. Bo
bby came and fell down beside me, throwing his right leg over the arm of the cha
"You guys want to watch a movie?" Angel grabbed the remote from the coffee table
and sat in the seat next to Alice.
"I don't care." Bobby and I said in unison while Alice just shrugged, staring in
to space as though deep in thought.
"Oooookay." he said, flipping through the channels. "Any preferences?"
We all shook our heads again, so he settled on some action movie. I yawned and l
eaned my head back on Bobby's shoulder while trying to pay attention to the movi
Half way through the movie, I began to have an intense battle with my eyelids to
stay open, which I was losing. When I yawned again, Bobby placed his hand on my
"Hey?" he said with a concerned edge to his tone. "You ready for bed?"
I lifted my head and nodded. "Yeah, I think today wore me out
t." I raised to my feet and waved Bobby back when he moved to
tay and finish the movie. I'm fine." I dragged myself over to
entered. Closing the door behind me, I switched the lights on

more than I though

get up too. "No, s
our room door and
and made my way ov

er to the suitcase that Alice had packed for me apparently. Opening it, I notice
d that she had managed to find all of my clothes that had been left at her house
over time to pack into my bag along with a few of her own clothes. Sighing, I p
ulled out a pair of pajamas and began to undress.
As I was pulling my t-shirt off over my head, I heard the door open and close be
hind me. "Bobby, I said you could stay and finish the movie. You don't have to c
ome to bed if you're not ready." I told him turning around only to come face to
face with Alice's narrowed gaze. "Oh! Hey Alice, what's up?
Her eyes raked over my naked abdomen for a second before her hand shot out insta
ntly and settled on my stomach. "Iz, are you gaining weight?"
I felt the blood drain from my face and my heartbeat accelerate as I searched fo
r a response. "Uh, yeah." I said with a nervous giggle. "Too many honey buns." I
rambled out my favorite snack and looked way.
Alice didn't move her hand away from my belly. "Isobel..." she said in an accusi
ng tone.
Exhaling a long and defeated breath, flopped onto the edge of the bed. "How did
you know?"
"So you are....pregnant?"
Tears filled my eyes as I nodded slowly and waited for her reaction.
"Oh my God!" She shrieked and I hurriedly covered her mouth with my hand. "Oh my
God..." she whispered, sitting down beside me on the bed. "Isobel, how? When?"
I looked at Alice and down at the floor several times as I tried to figure out h
ow to tell her. "Alice..." My voice sounded choked to my own ears.
Sensing the desperation in my tone, she grabbed my hand and held on tightly.
"Alice do you remember the night we were at the library. When he had to study fo
r that test in Anatomy?" She nodded her head quickly and gestured for me to cont
inue. "Well daddy forgot to come and pick me up, so I had to walk home. As I was
walking over there on the corner by that bank and abandoned convenience store,
some guy came out of nowhere and pulled me into an alley." I felt her fingers fl
exing and releasing on my hand and I knew that she had already guessed what had
happened to me. "Al, I was raped."
When I looked at her, silent tears were falling down her face as she shook her h
ead vehemently. "No! No, Iz, tell me you're lying!"
I stifled the sob that was threatening to escape my troat and shook my head. "No
Al...this baby is his. The rapist's."
She gasped before throwing her arms around me and holding on tightly. "Oh my gos
h Izzy, I can't even imagine what you have gone through! Wait, is that--" She pu
lled away from me. "So that's why you have been missing so much school lately? A
nd the zone-outs...how did your dad take the news? I bet he's beating himself up
about this now isn't he?" When I shook my head again, she seemed to know what I
was going to say before I opened my mouth. "Oh you haven't told him? What about
the police?" I looked down without answering.
"Isobel, you've gotta tell the police! And your dad!" She stood up and began pac
ing back and forth. "Well does Bobby even know?"

"Bobby's the one who saved me Alice. I would probably be dead right now if it wa
sn't for him! He and his mom are the only one's who know about this, no one else
. I want it to stay that way!" I told her.
"Of course I wouldn't tell anyone Iz! So does he know about..." She stopped paci
ng and went silent gesturing to my stomach.
"Yeah..." I whispered. "Alice, he wants me to keep it! He says that he wants to
be there for me and my baby, but I don't know if I can do this. I mean, how can
I look at my baby every day and be reminded of what happened?"
"Wow! Bobby must really be in love with you!"
"No!" I said miserably. "No, he just feels obligated. I don't think he's in love
with me. I think that he just doesn't understand everything that he's trying to
take on."
Alice snorted. "Whatever Iz! Bobby is eighteen years old. Old enough to understa
nd exactly what he's getting himself into. He just loves you!" she said again.
I wanted so badly to believe her that I allowed my heart to swell at those words
. "You think so?"
"I know so! I see the way he looks at you! And the way he acts around you....Iz,
you've completely turned that boy around! He's definitely head over heels for y
I yawned again and finished taking off my clothes and putting on my pajamas. "We
ll I hope so, cause I don't think I could take it if he left me now..."
"Trust me Isobel, that boy is not going anywhere any time soon!" She watched me
pull the covers back on the bed and then crossed over to the door. "We'll talk m
ore about this tomorrow. In your condition, I'm sure you need your rest. Happy b
irthday for the next..." she paused and looked at the display on her cell phone.
Fourty-six minutes. I love you Iz..."
"I love you, too." I whispered back to her as she shut the door behind her.
I felt another weight lift off my back as the relief at having told someone else
washed over me.
I didn't feel Bobby sliding into bed until at least three hours later. Once he h
ad settled into a comfortable position, I turned and wrapped myself around the r
ight side of his body.
"Alice knows..." I said simply.
There was a long pause before he responded. "How do you feel about that?"
"Better." I told him with a slight smile.
He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me tenderly on the lips. "I'm glad, the
That was the last thing I heard before I drifted back to sleep.

[31] He Saved Me Chapter Thirty-One
Chapter Thirty-One
Sharon's POV
I poured two glasses of wine and padded barefoot back into the living room to jo
in Daniel on the couch. We had come back from our date at eleven-thirty, and nei
ther of us wanted the night to end, so I had invited him in for some wine so tha
t we could talk some more.
"Thank you." He said as I handed him a glass and eased down next to him. "Now wh
ere was I...?"
"You were explaining how your marriage ended...."
"Oh right." He took a sip from his glass before continuing. "Well Jess and I wer
e the couple who got married right out of high school and never imagined anythin
g ever coming between us. We went to the same college so that we didn't have to
be apart...all of it. After I had gotten my practice up and running, I was ready
to start a family, and that was the first time that either of us had broached t
he subject of kids. As it turns out, she never wanted kids. That was obviously a
conversation that she and I should have had before we got married. I thought th
at I could change her mind, I couldn't. I thought that I would be able to live w
ith her decision, but I couldn't do that either, so we split. I was thirty-two y
ears old at the time."
"Well my marriage ended before my thirtieth birthday. I was twenty-nine years ol
d when Robert left me."
Daniel looked at me for a long time as if in thought before responding. "What ha
ppened?" he asked.
I sighed and took a deep gulp of wine. "I really don't know, Daniel. For a long
time, I thought I had done something. Like...maybe I didn't cook well enough, or
I was too aggressive in bed, or not aggressive enough. I even thought that mayb
e with the baby, I had put on too much weight, and I was just not attractive any
more...but the truth is, I don't know why my husband just stopped loving me." I
felt my eyes begin to burn, and I turned my glass up again only to realize that
I had already emptied it. Daniel handed me his glass and I swallowed the rest of
his wine. "I lost my baby that day." I told him in a matter-of-fact tone.
He nodded his head and wrapped his arm around me. "Yeah I know. Bobby told me...
I shook my head in confusion. "When are you going to tell me what is going on wi
th you and my son?" I asked him.
Daniel paused before dropping his arm. "Sharon I like you. I like a lot more tha
n I should, given that you don't know the entire truth about me, but I know that
we can't take this relationship anywhere if I am not one hundred percent truthf
ul with you..."
I nodded, my mouth slightly ajar, as I anticipated the intensity of what Daniel
was about to tell me.

"Sharon, I am not, nor have I ever been your ex-husband's attorney. Your son hir
ed me four years ago so that he could take care of you without you asking too ma
ny question of him."
My brain was fuzzy from the two glasses of wine, but I knew that I had heard him
correctly. I knew that my son was on the wrong side of the law. I had known for
quite some time now, but I also had no idea who to stop him. I had noticed the
changes in him since he and Isobel had been together, and I could only hope that
she continued to bring out the good side in him. "Wait--what do you have to do
with anything?"
"Well Bobby came into my office when he was fourteen years old with a bag full o
f money. He told me about his situation. About how his father had left him and h
is mother alone, and he had to take care of you. He was the man of the house now
. He explained that he had heard you on the phone late one night crying because
you didn't know how you were going to pay the bills, and he knew that he had to
do something. Some time later, he came to me and asked me what he should do. I m
ade the arrangements for a check to come to you bi-weekly. Bobby and his father
have the same name, so it wasn't hard to arrange a bank account for your son and
to have automatic withdrawals from that account to come to you through my offic
e. Sharon, Bobby has been taking care of you all these years, and I helped him."
He stood up from his seat and backed away from me a few paces. "I understand if
you never want to see me again, but I think you need to understand that I did w
hat Bobby needed me to do. That boy was so lost and confused when I met him. He
needed a purpose, and that purpose was to protect his mother. He protected you,
and I protected him. I know that it may seem wrong, but I promise you that I hav
e made sure that your son stayed out of trouble for this entire time! I love tha
t boy more than you could possibly imagine."
The entire time that Daniel had spoken, I just stared at him. My brain was slow
to process everything he had said right away so there was complete silence in th
e room for several minutes.
"So--" I stood up and crossed to where Daniel was standing. "So Robert has never
paid alimony or child support? That was all---Bobby?" He nodded his head slowly
. "And you've been looking after my son this entire time..." I said to myself. I
felt tears slide down my face as I stood there thinking, but I did nothing abou
t it. I was so conflicted with my emotions. I felt my heart swell up with love a
nd pride for Bobby for what he had been doing for me and the love he must have f
elt to do it, but shame washed over me in the same breath that my fourteen-yearold son had felt so responsible for his thirty-three year old mother that he had
taken to breaking the law to take care of me. I had allowed myself to focus so
much energy on blaming myself for Robert's leaving that I had failed to see what
it was doing to my baby! A sob broke through and my body started to tremble sli
ghtly. "I'm a terrible mother!" I said. "How could something like this be going
on for years, and I had no clue?"
Daniel inhaled a big breath and stepped forward to sweep me into his arms. "No!"
he said loudly. "No, no, no, no, no, no!!! Sharon you are a fantastic mother!!!
That's why Bobby did what he did! You have never done anything to deserve the h
ell you've been through in life!"
I continued to cry and allow this wonderful man who had taken care of my son whe
n I had failed to to comfort me.
I don't know what happened. One minute, I was crying, and Daniel was rocking me
back and forth, whispering reassuring words in my ear...the next minute, my arms
were wrapped around his neck, and we stood there kissing.
My body greedily soaked up the satisfaction of being held and kissed by a man fo

r the first time in eight years. If he had wanted to, Daniel could have taken me
right then and there on the living room floor, but he didn't. After the kiss ha
d gone beyond the bounds of our control, he pulled away and took a step back. "W
oah." he said, as if to himself. "I think--I think I'd better go."
My hormone let out a loud cat call of protest. I shook myself and nodded my head
. He was right. This was moving too fast! "O--okay. I'll--I guess I'll see you t
omorrow. Bobby should be calling to check in around f--five I think." I stumbled
through that sentence, and Daniel stepped back over to me and placed a quick ki
ss on my lips.
"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow. I'll lock the door on my way out." He said before
rushing out of the room.
When I heard the the front door slam behind him, I fell down onto the couch with
a loud groan, my hormones still moaning their protests.
Isobel's POV
At six o'clock sharp the next morning, nausea had me jumping out of bed and runn
ing at full speed to the bathroom. A dull ache had begun in my head by the time
all of the contents of my stomach were emptied. What a beautiful way to start th
e day.
After flushing the toilet and brushing the taste from my mouth, I undressed and
turned the shower on full blast and stepped inside to have a quick shower. I was
halfway through shampooing my hair, when I felt hands slip around to settle on
my stomach and I let out a loud scream before I turned and realized that Bobby h
ad stepped into the shower with me.
"Shit, Bobby! You scared the crap out of me!!" I yelled at him as I felt myself
Bobby laughed and then leaned down to kiss me. I bit his lip. "Ow! What was that
for?" He slid away with wide eyes.
I waited as the frantic beating of my heart calmed down before responding. "Bobb
y, you really scared me!" I said again, pouting slightly.
"Oh I'm sorry babe!" he said once
ing. I was just happy to see you.
"Naked..." He came in to kiss me
y in the back of my throat, but I

he realized how serious I was. "I wasn't think

In the shower...." He pulled me closer to him.
again and I let him this time, moaning slightl
pulled away before things got out of hand.

"Now get out!" I told him, pushing him away gently.

"But why?" he asked while pushing away my hands that were trying to get him to e
xit the shower.
"Why--so I can finish my shower in peace, that's why!" I said with a giggle. "No
w get how! No morning sex for you, Slade!"
"Alright alright, fine!" He said with a chuckle. "But tonight, all bets are off!
I rolled my eyes at him before turning back to the water and rinsing my hair.

Angel's POV
My eyes flew open when I heard a muffled scream. I pierced my ears to listen for
any other noises, but then I calmed myself when I heard Bobby's muffled laugh.
I chuckled quietly as I rolled over in bed. "Someone's havin' some fun this morn
ing." I said, my voice slightly calloused from sleep. I grabbed Alice's waist an
d rolled over until she was on top of me, straddling my waist. "I think we shoul
d have some fun too..."
Alice groaned in protest as she tried to keep a tight hold on sleep,
t having it. I slapped her playfully on the ass and she bit my neck.
She squealed with a giggle, burrying her face in my neck and closing
ghtly. I gave up after that. She felt so good in my arms, that I was
happy to settle for that.

but I wasn'
"Stop it!"
her eyes ti

Wrapping my arms around her, I allowed myself to drift back to sleep.

[32] He Saved Me Chapter Thirty-Two
Chapter Thirty-two
Bobby's POV
Isobel wasn't feeling well. I don't know how I knew it, but I could just tell th
at she wasn't feeling like herself. The baby was draining her a lot more than ei
ther of us had anticipated. We had been out on the golf course playing around al
l morning, and I felt that we should be leaving soon, but I didn't want to call
attention to her situation.
"FORE!!!!" Angel's loud voice boomed across the golf course and we all turned to
watch his ball soar straight for a pair of old men directly to our left. The me
n scattered quickly, and Alice and I burst into laughter while Isobel just giggl
ed a little. My smile dropped as I watched her discreetly lean against the seat
of our golf cart, slowly breathing in and out deeply.
"I'm tired of golf!" I said suddenly. "Why don't we go back to the room and play
video games and order room service and make Severus at the front desk deliver i
Alice laughed loudly. "Bahahaaa! You mean Walton?" she asked.
I shrugged with a smile on my face. "Whatever, the dude talks and looks like Sna
pe. Stuffy asshole. I promised that he would be delivering our room service, and
I never go back on my word." I paused, "Well yes I do, but I don't want to go b
ack on this one...plus I'm starving."
"Me too!" Isobel said as she stood and came to pick up the club that she had lef
t lying on the ground.
"No, I got it babe." I told her as I bent and picked it up along with her bag. "
Go and sit down." I threw the strap over my shoulder.
Alice let out a squeaky noise and clapped her hands. "Oh gosh, you two are so cu
te! Isobel, never let that boy go, he is so sweet! Awww..." She said loudly, and

I looked down awkwardly and silently wished she would shut up.
Angel snorted and bent to pick up Alice's things. "I can be sweet too." He grumb
led as he looked at Alice with narrowed eyes.
She snorted and bounced over to the cart. "Whatever, Prince Charming. You are a
lot of things. Cute, sexy, funny, and a damn good kisser....but sweet is not on
that list. You forget the small things that make a girl 'aww' and smile to herse
lf. Don't get me wrong, I like you and all, but it would be nice if you remember
ed to hold the door, and take a heavy bag, you know?" At that, she turned to Iso
bel and started talking a mile a minute.
Angel stared at her for a long moment with his mouth open, and I laughed at him.
"Dude close your mouth before an insect flies in it!" I told him as I dumped our
stuff into the cart.
"One day!" he said incredulously, and then continued in a whisper that only I co
uld hear. "One day we've been official, and already I'm wondering if I was maybe
temporarily insane last night."
I shook my head at him. "Naw bro. I've seen the way you look at her. A day or a
year wouldn't be able to wash away that feeling. Trust me!"
He looked as though he was deep in thought for a minute before chucking his stuf
f onto the chart and hopping in. "Whatever..."
Angel and Alice were walking ahead of us into the entrance of the hotel, so I gr
abbed Isobel's arm to stop her and turn her toward me. "Hey." I said quietly, st
udying her face. "You okay babe? You need anything?"
She nodded her head slowly and tried to smile. "Yes I'm fine. Just a little tire
d." She told me.
"Yeah I noticed. Look, I know you need your rest, so when you're tired, all you
have to do is tell me, okay? You shouldn't allow yourself to suffer in silence j
ust to keep everyone satisfied. It's not good for you or the baby." She yawned a
nd nodded her head again, and I smiled at her. "Angel is holding the elevator, l
et's go." I slid my hand down her arm until it reached her hand and tugged her i
nto the building.
When we got to our room, Isobel was the first to flop down onto the couch in exh
austion. I went over to the phone and picked up the menu next to it. "Well they
must be serving lunch by now, so what does everyone want?"
"Pizza!" Alice and Angel said at the same time before Alice giggled to herself a
nd sat next to Isobel.
"Pizza!" I repeated. "Well I don't want pizza. We had enough of that last night.
I think I'll have a burger. What about you Isobel?" I looked over at her and sh
e was lounging with her leg thrown over the arm of the couch, and her eyes were
closed. "Isobel?" I said more loudly.
"Huh?" She jumped to a sitting position and looked around until her eyes settled
on me. She was so beautiful.
My heartbeat picked up slightly as I looked at her. "What do you want to eat bab
e?" I asked her again.

"Oh! Uh..." she shifted in her seat as she thought. "I want fish! And ice cream!
Ooo and pickles!" she said as she turned to get a better look at me. "And how a
bout some of those pretzel and cheese combos. And maybe a piece of cake for dese
The entire room went silent as Alice looked at her with disgust written across h
er face and Angel stopped his progress on finding the right channel to play a vi
deo game and I just stared at her with my mouth agape.
She let out a nervous laugh as she took in the expressions on everyone's face. "
"Fish and icecream?" Angel asked as his face screwed up in an expression identic
al to Alice's.
"And pickles?" Alice choked out.
"All of that?" I added.
She giggled again and nodded. "Yes. I'm hungry," she defended herself.
"Okay..." I said before picking up the phone and dialing room service.
"Yeah, this is Robert Slade in room the uh--Hospitality Suite." I said once some
one answered the phone identifying himself as Martin. "Can I have a large pizza
"Pepperoni" Alice yelled.
"And sausage." Angel added distractedly as he continued to play around with the
"Pepperoni and sausage." I told the guy on the phone. "And can I have the double
cheeseburger deluxe, and fried fish, a pickle, vanilla ice cream, and a piece o
f cake. Whatever kind you have would be fine I guess."
"No, chocolate! And don't forget the combos." Isobel called out.
"Chocolate cake!" I said. "And is there a shop nearby where they sell pretzel an
d cheese combos?"
"Yes sir, there is. I will have someone head out and get you a bag." Martin said
politely. "Is that all sir?"
"Yeah and can you just send up a 2 liter coke or something with ice?"
"Of course." he replied.
"And Martin?" I began.
"Yes Mr. Slade?"
"Have Walton at the front desk go out for the combos and bring up our order. He
promised to serve us personally yesterday after we had a minor misunderstanding
during check-in."
"Walton, sir?"
I chuckled into the phone. "Yes, Walton. And tell him to hurry up would you? My

girlfriend is very hungry..." I hung up the phone and went over to help Angel ho
ok up the X-Box that he had brought along.
Sharon's POV
I yawned as I sat up in bed and glanced at the time. It was nearing two o'clock.
Wow I had really slept late! Yawning again, I stood up and padded to the bathro
As I washed my hands a few minutes later, the sound of the doorbell chiming soun
ded and I quickly dried my hands on a towel before rushing out of my room and do
wn the stairs. I wonder who that could be.
Without checking the peephole, I opened the door and jumped when I saw Daniel st
anding on the other side in a casual pair of jeans and a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt
. 'Oh my God!' my brain screamed as I registered the pure testosterone in denim
standing at my doorstep.
"Wow!" he said as though reading my thoughts. "You look..." He didn't finish his
sentence, just let his eyes rake down my body until they reached my pink fluffy
bedroom shoes.
"I look--Oh my God!" I nearly screamed as I remembered how disastrous I must loo
k in my over-sized t-shirt and pink slippers. I brought my hands up to feel that
it was a mess. Raking my hands through the tangles hurriedly, I stepped back to
allow him entrance. "I'm so sorry, I must look ridiculous! I just woke up and I
haven't had time to put myself in order!" I explained as he brought his tall fr
ame through the doorway and shut the door behind him.
"Sharon your a beautiful!" he said with finality. "You couldn't look better if y
ou spent hours in front of the mirror, primping or plucking or whatever other to
rture you women put yourselves through to please undeserving men."
I nearly melted right then and there. This man was absolutely too good to be tru
e. I blushed a faint pink as I led him through the house to the living room. "Do
n't be ridiculous!" I said. "I look like a disaster!"
"It's all a matter of opinion I guess." He told me as he took a seat.
"Please, make yourself at home. There are drinks in the fridge if you need anyth
ing. I have to go upstairs and freshen up..." I told him before rushing out of t
he room. I knew that I was being rude, but I just couldn't stand the fact that D
aniel had seen me looking like this.
Unknown POV
The security system at Sharon's house was impenetrable. I had spent hours last n
ight trying to disarm it to no avail. Her home was more secure than fucking Fort
I watched the lawyer's car pull into the driveway and smacked my steering wheel
in frustration. This fucking lap dog of hers was really starting to piss me off!
The sound of my cell phone ringing cut through my thoughts and I answered it qui
ckly. "Hello?"

"Hey baby." my wife's voice sounded on the other end of the line.
"My sister just came and picked up the kids. You wanna come home on your lunch b
reak?" she said in a low seductive voice.
Images of Isobel surfaced in my mind and I felt my excitement gathering. I knew
that she wouldn't be getting home until late tomorrow afternoon, since I had ove
rheard Sharon and her lawyer talking the previous day, so I decided to take my w
ife up on her offer.
"Take off your clothes now. I'm on my way." I told her hurriedly before snapping
my phone shut and starting my engine.
My business with the Slade bitch would have to wait until later anyway.

[33] He Saved Me Chapter Thirty-Three
Chapter Thirty-Three

Isobel's POV

Angel and Bobby were arguing over the game they were playing on the X-Box. Accor
ding to Angel, Bobby was cheating, and according to Bobby, Angel was just a no-t
alent ass whose hands were too big for the controller. Alice and I had stopped p
aying attention to them long ago, so while they were sitting side by side on the
coffee table, leaning forward to be closer to the TV, me and Alice were facing
each other on the couch, whispering quietly.

"So what is this thing you got going on with Angel? And why am I just hearing ab
out it?" I said as I watched Bobby's back.

"There was nothing to tell Isobel. I mean, it wasn't like I was a virgin. You kn
ow that. It was something that I wanted to forget." I looked at her then to see
a faint blush staining her cheeks.

"Why would you want to forget?" I asked her.

"Well like I said before, I knew that he would end up breaking my heart. Iz, we

had been running into each other a lot! And we had talked about a lot. About his
mom stressing over work. About how he had never known his dad because he was to
o young to remember him when he left...everything. I was starting to get feeling
s for him, and I knew that it was just stupid to do that, so I decided the next
day--after we--you know...I decided that it would probably be best to let him go
. I had no idea that he liked me back. I thought that I was just another one nig
ht stand."

I understood how Alice had felt. It was still hard for me to believe that Bobby
wouldn't hurt me after all the experiences he had had with girls. He and Angel w
ere a lot alike, so I knew that Alice must have the exact same doubts that I had
. But everyday, Bobby was proving me wrong and just melting away all of my doubt
s, so it wouldn't be long before Alice allowed herself to just let go with Angel
. They had such an untarnished history.

I found myself feeling a little jealous of that fact. Alice and Angel had such a
sweet and romantic story already, while mine and Bobby's story was tainted with
a rape and a baby that I wished with everything inside of me that I could forge
t about.

"Well I think you guys are cute together." I told her with a small smile on my f

"Yeah but not as cut as you and Bobby!" she said with a giggle.

"Pfft! You guys are cuter."

We both lapsed into silence after that and just stared that the TV screen. The g
uys had stopped their bickering and the only sound in the room was the loud cras
hing of the game.

"Oh crap Al, I forgot to tell you!"

She turned to look at me. "What?"

I smiled brightly as I remembered my birthday present. "Were you paying attentio

n when Bobby pulled up at my house to get me yesterday?"

She frowned and shook her head. "No, I was trying to pretend that there wasn't a
huge, sexy beast sitting next to me."

"Well..." I began, trying to contain the excited laughter that threatened to bub
ble out of me. "Guess what daddy got me for my birthday?"

Alice shrugged and started to look slightly confused.

"What have we been hinting at to him all year?"

Her expression didn't change for several seconds as her brain scanned through th
e possibilities. I could tell the exact moment that made the connection, because
her eyes grew wide and she shrieked, causing the guys to stop their game and ju
mp from the table in defensive poses. "Holy shit, Isobel!!! He got you a car? An
d you're just now thinking to tell me this?"

Bobby and Angel relaxed and sat back down slowly, cursing softly. I laughed at h
er and nodded my head. "Yes! A freaking Mustang! And I'm sorry I didn't tell you
sooner! You know there has been a lot on my mind! It's only been a day!"

"What color is it? What year? OMG! You can drive to school now!"

"It's red, and I don't really know what year. It looks new, like maybe a 2010. I
don't now. You know I don't know anything about cars! But you know that I still
probably won't be driving to school. Bobby seems to like driving me himself."

"Eeeek!!!!" She squealed again excitedly."God, Izzy, I'm so happy for you! You'v
e been wanting a car for like...ever!!!"

"Yeah I know! Thanks Al." Just then the alarm on my phone went off signaling tha
t it was five o'clock.

"Bobby?" I called out. He didn't hear me, he was so intent on his game. "Bobby!"
I said again, more loudly.

He turned his head toward me distractedly, but still didn't look. "We've gotta c
all our parents..."

"Okay just a second." he said, and literally a second later, he dropped his cont
roller to the floor and stood with his hands in the air, pumping his fists excit
edly. "Yeah!!!" he yelled! "Take that, bitch!" he taunted Angel.

Angel chuckled and threw his own controller at Bobby's back. "Next time, you're
dead! Bitch!" He said before rising to his feet and stretching.

"Whatever dude!" Bobby replied while pulling his cell phone from his back pocket
and dialing a number."You could never beat me..." He placed the phone to his ea

"Hey mom. Yeah we're fine..."


I had been trying not to be the stupid, overprotective mom for the last hour. Da
niel and I were lounging on the couch watching a movie, and my thumb was hovered
over the talk button of my cell phone, just itching to call Bobby and Isobel to
check on them.

"Calm down, Sharon. It's not five quite yet. Bobby's a good kid...sometimes. I'm
sure they're fine!" He hadn't turned his gaze away from the television to say t
hat, and I was just opening my mouth to make a sarcastic retort when my phone vi
brated in my hand and the sound of Tim McGraw's voice filled the room.

"Hello! Bobby, how is everything? Are you okay? Is Isobel okay? What's going on?
" my questions came out one after the other.

"Hey mom. Yeah we're fine! Both of us!" he told me and I mentally slapped myself
at my unnecessary worry. I couldn't help but still think of Bobby as the little
boy who had needed his mommy for everything. Sometimes it was hard to realize t
hat my little boy was actually a man now. A man mature enough to take on the res
ponsibilities that having a baby created.

I let out a sigh of relief and leaned back against a soft cushion on the couch.
"Well how is she doing really? I'm sure that long drive couldn't have been easy
on her in her condition. Did she get enough rest last night? Has she been taking
it easy?" I fired more questions at him without even realizing it.

There was a long pause before Bobby responded quietly as though trying not to be

heard. "Actually, we stayed up a little late last night. She was up at six this
morning, hurling into the toilet, and then we went out to play golf for a few h
ours.. I've been a little worried about her today."

"Bobby! How could you let her stay up so late? You have to be more attentive tha
n that!" I said as worry began to curl in my gut again.

"I know mom! I'm sorry, I just didn't think. I didn't know that the baby could d
rain her this early."

"Well it's different for everybody, but considering the stress that she must be
going through due to the way she got pregnant, and having to maintain her grades
in school and keeping all of this from her father, I would be shocked if all of
this didn't drain her. What is she doing now? Has she napped? You have fed her

Bobby chuckled. "Yes I fed her. A lot! Uhhh...she's sitting on the couch with Al
ice right now, I went into the other room so that I could talk freely. But no, s
he hasn't napped. Is she supposed to nap?"

'Oh God!' my brain exclaimed. 'I have to get my babies back home!' "Uh, yes she'
s supposed to nap. I thought you said she's been tired? Put her on the phone."

"Okay." I heard him say. "Isobel! Come here babe?" There was some rustling for a
few seconds and then Isobel's voice came on the line.

"Hello?" She sounded happy, but tired.

"Hey honey. How are you feeling?" I asked her as I shifted in my seat, still clu
tching the phone to my ear.

"I'm fine." she told me. "A little tired, but that's because I didn't sleep very
well last night."

"Bobby told me. Look honey, I know that it's your birthday weekend and all and y
ou want to experience everything, but you have to get more rest. Now I want you
to get of this phone now and lie down for at least two hours. I love you. Tell B
obby I love him too, and you guys call me before you leave in the morning." I wa
nted to keep her on the line and talk for a little longer, but I also wanted her
to go to sleep. I would see her tomorrow to make sure that she was really fine.

Isobel paused before she responded, and when she did, her voice sounded a little
choked, like she was holding back tears. "I love you too." she said. "And I wil
l tell Bobby to call you."

I ended the call and stared at the phone for a few seconds before Daniel cleared
his throat next to me, causing me to nearly jump out of my skin. I had forgotte
n that he was even in the room. "Jesus Daniel! You scared me!"

He cleared his throat again before speaking. "Would you mind telling me what has
happened to Bobby's girlfriend that has her pregnant and under so much stress?"

I stared at him with my mouth open as my brain searched for a reply.



[34] He Saved Me Chapter Thirty-Four
Chapter Thirty-Four
Daniel's POV
Question after question was rotating in my head as I sat and listened to Sharon'
s end of the conversation with Bobby. What did she mean by 'the way she got preg
nant'?" I had been asking myself how a girl who seems as good and disciplined as
Isobel could have gotten herself pregnant, but I had not allowed myself to dwel
l on it. It wasn't any of my business. But the fact that I had thought of Bobby
as my own son for so long had me wondering what was going on.
All kinds of possibilities came to mind as I listened to Sharon drill her son ab
out Isobel's condition. She sounded like more than just a worried parent. She so
unded like...
What in the world was going on?
Isobel wasn't the first teenage girl to get pregnant and she wouldn't be the las
t. What was so urgent about this situation?
"The stress that she must be going through considering the way she got pregnant.
.." I played those words back in my head. How had she gotten pregnant? In what w
ay could this young girl have gotten pregnant that would make Bobby want to take
on the responsibilities of raising a child that wasn't his?
One possibility occurred to me, but I wouldn't allow myself to consider that. Bu
t what if--?

Sharon had ended her phone call now and was just sitting, staring at the phone i
n her hand. I cleared my throat and opened my mouth to ask the question that I r
eally didn't want to know the answer to.
She jumped and looked at me as if only then realizing that I was still in the ro
om. "Jesus, Daniel! You scared me!"
I cleared my throat again before asking. "Would you mind telling me what has hap
pened to Bobby's girlfriend that has her pregnant and under so much stress?"
Her mouth was agape as she stared back at me, and I knew that she wasn't plannin
g on telling me the truth. I could see it in her eyes. Before she could settle o
n her lie, I decided to just come out and ask what I already suspected.
"Sharon, was that girl raped or something?"
Her entire demeanor crumbled as she slumped back into her seat on a long exhale.
For a long time she didn't speak, but I no longer needed her to answer. I alrea
dy knew. My heart broke as I thought of all Bobby and Isobel must be going throu
gh. That girl had been raped, and as a result, she was having a baby. A baby tha
t she wasn't planning on aborting from the sounds of it.
"Wha-who? How?" Was all that I could get out as I watched Sharon's defeated fram
e take a shaky breath.
She sat up and looked at me, tears glistening in her eyes. She shook her head an
d shrugged. "I don't know, Daniel. It was dark, and she was walking home. Someon
e who was obviously drunk pulled her into an alley and raped her. He probably wo
uld have killed her, but Bobby found them and he got away."
"And what do the police say?" I asked calmly as I tried to contain the rage I wa
s feeling. So this was why Bobby had changed so much lately. He had witnessed th
is girl being raped.
Sharon shook her head again. "They didn't go to the police. Isobel is a young gi
rl. She's confused and hurt and humiliated. I couldn't force her to do something
she didn't want to do. Neither could Bobby. So we both intend to just do the be
st that we can. I have been slowly trying to convince her to at least tell her f
ather. He deserves to know what has been happening with his daughter!"
"So the police don't know, and the father doesn't know." I considered my options
as I stood up and pulled out my cell phone. "What night was this, and where was
she specifically? And what time? Do you know?"
Sharon's face scrunched up as she tried to remember. "Well it was a Thursday...a
little over a month ago. About a month and a half I guess. And it was around 9:
30pm. Isobel told me it was after the library had closed, but she waited for her
dad to pick her up before deciding to go ahead and walk, so it must have been a
bout 9:30..." She trailed off as she thought some more. "And it was in the alley
behind that abandoned food mart off 3rd street. Over by the bank..."
"That's all the information I need. Thanks, Sharon. I'll see what I can do with
that knowledge. I have to go, I will call you soon." I bent to kiss her on the f
orehead before I ran out of the house and jumped into my car. I called the numbe
r of a friend of mine on the police force and put the phone to my ear.
He answered on the first ring. "Lieutenant Taylor, here."
"Hey Taylor, this is Daniel Jones. I need to call in a few of those favors you o

we me..." I began as I reversed my car onto the street and began to make my way
over to 3rd Street at an impossible speed.
"Yeah anything Jones. I owe you more than a few favors." He replied with a chuck
"I'm glad to hear you say that, because I'm willing to go more than a little out
side of the proper legal channels to get the information that I need. I have a f
riend who was attacked over on 3rd street somewhere around that abandoned food m
art and Wachovia bank. It was on Thursday, the third of March, according to the
information I was able to obtain from an associate of mine. I need whatever secu
rity footage I can get from those bank cameras. The guy was drunk, so I'm headed
over to the bars in the area to talk to bartenders and patrons to see what I ca
n dig up."
There was a long pause as Taylor took in all this information. "Okay what time w
as this? And can I have a sit-down with your victim?"
"My source tells me it was around 9:30pm. And no, you can't speak with the victi
m as of yet. I'm just gathering information right now. Look man, I really apprec
iate any help you can give me on this. I understand that this isn't a lot of inf
ormation to go by, but it's all I have right now."
"No, no, it's more than enough. I should have something for you by morning."
I exhaled
, the bar
y Taylor,
yself." I

a breath of relief as I pulled my car to a stop in front of Bottoms Up

nearest to the spot where Sharon had told me Isobel was attacked. "Oka
thanks so much! After all this, I'm sure I will owe you a few favors m
ended the called and stepped out of the car.

"Now let's see what I can find out..."

Sharon's POV
I didn't know whether too feel relieved that Daniel knew the truth and was going
to do something about it, or afraid that Isobel and Bobby would never forgive m
e for betraying their trust. I knew that Daniel would find the guy. The look of
anger and determination on his face as he had stormed out of my house told me th
at much. But how would Isobel feel once all of this came to an end. I hoped she
would feel relieved...
It took me a few minutes to get my bearings about myself and realize that whethe
r Iz and Bobby liked it or not, the best thing for everyone would be to get that
lunatic off the streets and behind bars where he belonged.
I stood slowly and made my way to the door to lock it, certain that Daniel would
have forgotten to do so after leaving in such a hurry. Just after turning the l
ock, the doorbell rang and I sighed as I unlocked the door again and opened it t
o find my ex husband standing there, still sporting a few of the bruises that Bo
bby had given him. Anger clenched in my gut as I attempted to shut the door agai
Robert stuck his foot out and blocked the door. "Now don't be rude Sharon, that'
s not who you are." he said arrogantly. "Now invite me in...we have things to di
"We have nothing to discuss Robert! Now get the hell off my property!" I extende
d my hand and gave him a hard shove before slamming the door again and locking i

t with the deadbolt.

"Sharon, I only came to apologize!" he yelled through the solid oak door.
I froze and battled with myself. I think after all that this man had put me thro
ugh, I deserved at least an apology. I flung the door open again and stepped asi
de to let him in. "Ten minutes!" I told him shortly.
He smiled a smile that made me remember the man that I had once loved before ste
pping through the doorway and shutting the door behind him.
Isobel's POV
I yawned and stretched in the big, soft bed. Bobby had forced me to do just as h
is mom had demanded of me, and I had laid down to take a nap around 6pm.
Stretching again, I looked at the time to see that it was almost midnight. How c
ould Bobby have let me sleep so long? We only had one more night here before we
had to go back home and face the real world. I jumped up and slid on my shoes be
fore trudging to the door and going to join the others in front of the TV.
They were watching the movie 300. Alice looked bored as she cuddled up to Angel'
s side on the love seat, while Angel and Bobby both looked like they would give
anything to be a part of the movie themselves. I smiled as I watched Bobby lean
forward on the couch and twist as though he was dodging arrows. I wondered if he
even realized how much he was into the action.
I made my way over to him and sat next to him. He smiled at me before gathering
me into his arms and turning his eyes back to the screen. "Hey babe. Did you sle
ep well?"
I nodded before I realized that he could see me. "Yeah I did. Bobby how could yo
u let me sleep so long? This is our last night here!" I said quietly, trying not
to disturb the movie for Angel.
Bobby looked at me and shrugged. "My mom made me realize that it wasn't fair to
keep you on the go so much in your condition. You need your rest. Besides, we ca
n still do something if you want..."
I crossed my arms and pouted. "Like what?" I asked skeptically.
"Well...we can go out and eat. We can go to a club. We can go see a movie. We ca
n go down to the beach and take a walk. The possibilities are limitless...."
I bit my lip as I considered those options. "I want to go to the beach, but I th
ought it would be closed by now?"
He scoffed. "Isobel, with the money
call in the Army and FBI to keep me
my girl wants to go to the beach at
going to do!" He laughed before he

I'm paying these people, they would have to

from enjoying every second of this trip. If
midnight, then god dammit, that's what we're
picked up the remote and shut off the TV.

Angel jumped up immediately. "Dude what the fuck?!"

"Shut up Angel, we've seen that movie a thousand times! Let's go to the beach."
Alice stood up quickly and stretched. "Hell yeah, I'm down for that. That movie
was about to put me to sleep. But we should eat something first. I'm starving ag

ain." she giggled and slid her feet back into her shoes.
Angel shrugged and did the same thing. "Fine lets eat."
"Wait!" Alice yelled a little too loudly. "We should take some blankets and stuf
f. You know, for when we get to the beach.
"I'll get those. You guys go ahead. I'll meet you at the truck."
After we'd argued over what to eat for fifteen minutes, Bobby had decided to jus
t let everyone pick their own restaurant to eat from. Angel and Alice had both d
ecided on Taco Bell, but my stomach had turned at the idea of Mexican food. I de
cided that I wanted hot wings from a local place, and by the time we had stopped
at McDonald's to make Bobby's order, I was done with those and wanted a burger.
We were now parked at the beach, finishing up our last bites of food, and Bobby
was the first to hop out of the truck and come around to open my door. He lifted
me from my seat and set me on my feet. "So what do you want to do? Walk first o
r just chill?"
I took his hand in mine and began walking. "Walk first."
"Wait." He said, turning back to the truck. "We should get our blanket."
I smiled as I waited for him. I watched him throw a blanket to Angel who was sti
ll in the back seat scarfing down his last bites of taco.
"Lock my doors, dick!" he called jokingly before jogging back around to my side
and taking my hand again. Let's go.
We had been walking for ten minutes and I still couldn't get over how beautiful
the ocean looked as it reflected the moonlight. We had remained silent the entir
e time, but Bobby had cleared his throat twice in the last minute, and I knew th
at he had something on his mind.
"We should stop here." I said quietly as I pulled to a stop and silently took th
e blanket from his hand before spreading it out and sitting down on it slowly.
Once Bobby had joined me on the blanket, I leaned back and relaxed with my hands
behind my head while I stared up at the stars and waited for him to speak. We l
apsed into another long silence.
Five minutes later, Bobby cleared his throat again, but he still didn't speak. I
was getting a little nervous. What what he thinking about? What if he was tryin
g to think of a way to break up with me?
My heartbeat accelerated and I pulled myself to a sitting position so fast that
I almost gagged. "Bobby?" I said suddenly, staring at his profile intensely.
He looked at me, a distracted expression plastered across his face.
"Baby what's wrong?" I whispered in a voiced that sounded almost like a whimper.
Bobby's POV

My heart clenched in my chest at the sound of her voice. Ever since we had begun
our walk along the beach, I had been trying to build up the courage to say some
thing to her, but every time I cleared my throat and opened my mouth to say it,
my courage would run and hide somewhere behind my heart.
Now, looking at the worried expression on her beautiful face, I knew that I had
to tell her what was on my mind.
'Say it!' My brain screamed at me, and before I could talk myself out of it, I o
pened my mouth and spit the words out. "I love you!" I nearly yelled a little to
o loudly across the silent beach.
Isobel gasped as she stared at me, and my heart broke when I didn't hear her ret
urn the words right away.
I knew I shouldn't have said anything.

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[35] He Saved Me Chapter Thirty-Five
Chapter Thirty-Five
Isobel's POV
My heart felt like it would burst through my chest if I didn't contain the excit
ement I felt at hearing Bobby's words. For a long time, I sat frozen, unable to
move or speak. Unable to breath...
'He loves me."
My mind reeled at that information as I stared off into space and tried to catch
my breath.
"Shit!" Bobby's voice snapped me back to reality and I looked up to see that he
had stood and was about to leave, an angry expression plastered across his face.
"Wha-wait! Bobby, where are you going?"
I watched his anger turn to pain and back again, and I stood too, confused. "Wha
t's wrong? Why are you mad?"
"I shouldn't have said anything Isobel, I don't know what I was thinking! You've
been through so much, and I understand if you don't love me back. I'm just happ

y to be with you. I shouldn't be trying to complicate shit further right now, so

can we just pretend--"
I didn't hear anything else he said after that. He thought I didn't love him bac
k. A dull pain began in my chest at that thought, and my next words spilled out
of my mouth before I could over-think it. "I love you, too!"
"We can just--what?"
I dropped to my knees in front of him, still panting for breath. I couldn't beli
eve that I had actually been able to say it back. I meant it and had been wantin
g to tell him for a long time now, but something had always stopped me before th
e words escaped my lips. But now I had said it. He knew. I felt my eyes burning
as I looked up at him, the moon glowing against his profile, making it difficult
to see his face. But I didn't need to see him. I knew his face. I knew every ex
pression that had crossed it since that night in the alley. Anger, happiness, de
sire, delight, fear, love....
I don't know how I had never realized it before. Love had been etched across his
face for weeks now, and I had denied knowing the truth to myself the whole time
. Of course he loved me. This boy had carried me naked through the streets after
saving me from a madman. This boy had refused to have sex with me, even though
I had nearly begged him to do so, for fear of hurting me. This boy had changed h
is entire lifestyle for me. He had applied to college for me. He was willing to
take care of me and my baby...
Tears ran down my face and tripped onto my t-shirt as I stared up at him, everyt
hing I was feeling bursting from my eyes. "I love you too, Bobby!" I repeated.
Bobby dropped to his knees in front of me, holding his breath as he grabbed my f
ace and stared into my eyes as if trying to read confirmation in them. For a lon
g time, he stared at me while I tried to tell him silently that it was true. I c
ould tell the moment that I got the message across because he let out his breath
on a long exhale and pulled my face to his with trembling hands.
He kissed
n my lips
our love.

my forehead, my cheeks, my nose, and my neck before finally settling o

and pulled me until he was lying on the blanket on his back, and I was
on top of him. For the next hour, neither of us used words to express
We made love in such a way that neither of us could deny it...

Daniel's POV
My phone rang around 6:30 Sunday morning. Jerking awake, I banged my head on the
top of my car and groaned. Drowsily, I retrieved my phone from it's cradle and
accepted the call.
"Daniel Jones..."
"Jones, I got those tapes you requested."
I clapped loudly as I started my car. "Okay great. I'm on my way over." Without
a second thought, I hung up the phone and pulled off. Last night had been a bust
. I had gone to three bars in the 3rd street area, and none of the owners could
remember a drunk patron leaving before 10pm on the night of Isobel's attack. A g
uy at Joe's Bar and Grill remembered only one patron leaving so early, but had d
ismissed him as a suspect immediately, saying "If that guy attacked a little gir
l, my middle name ain't Marcel!" After I had convinced him to divulge of the pat
ron's name anyway, I had dismissed him as a suspect as well. I really wasn't a l

ikely possibility. I had finally given up on my search just after 3am, and had b
een too tired to even consider driving home.
Ten minutes after the phone call, I was walking through the front doors of the B
rooks County Police Departmenent. I made my way to Lieutenant Taylor's office an
d invited myself in without knocking.
"Hey man." I said solemnly as I approached his desk to notice that he had a remo
te in his hand, and was staring at the screen of a small television set that per
ched on the edge of his desk, a furious expression etched creasing the lines of
his face. "I wanted to be here when you watched it!"
He jumped as if only then realizing that I had walked into the room, and I immed
iately understood how bad this situation must be. "What is it?" I asked.
"This---this--" he paused the tape and pointed at the frozen screen. "You told m
e that a girl was attacked! You didn't say that she was raped with a knife on he
r. And--" He ran his right hand through his gray hair while his left hand still
clutched the remote tightly. "Jones, I have a daughter! What he did to that girl
I reached across the desk and pulled the remote from his fingers. "I was going t
o tell you it was a rape. That's why I wanted to be here when you watched the ta
pe. Did you get a good look at her attacker?" I asked as I pressed the rewind bu
tton and played it just a big man pulled Isobel into clear view of the camera. I
could see her clearly as the moonlight shone off of her face, but her attacker
had his head down, and I could only see his hair. It was so dark that I couldn't
even make out the color.
"Oh yeah. I definitely saw the culprit." he sounded pissed again as he stood fro
m his chair so fast that his chair flew backwards and fell over on its side.
"Well who was it? Did you recogn--" I didn't even finish that question before Is
obel stomped his foot and jammed her elbow into his gut and he raised his face t
o the moonlight in pain. I froze the screen on his face and my heart nearly stop
"Oh my God..." I said slowly. So the the bartender's middle name wasn't Marcel..
We had both been wrong.
Officer Chet Peter's POV
I clutched my chest and panted as I ran, once again cursing myself for being so
out of shape. I had been just walking past Lieutenant Taylor's office door when
I had seen Sharon Slade's son of a bitch lap dog standing next to his desk holdi
ng a remote. I had stopped out of curiosity and peeked in to see what was going
on through a crack in the door. They were watching some kind of tape.
Well actually Daniel had been watching a tape. The Lieutenant had been staring a
t the floor, his facial expressions ranging from anger to pity to confusion and
then back to anger again. "What the hell is going on?" I whispered to myself as
my eyes moved over to the tiny TV screen.
I remember my blood running cold as I realized what they were watching and Danie
l had paused right on my face. I hadn't hesitated after that. I had rushed over
to my desk and grabbed my gun and keys and took off.

As I was rushing out the doors of the station, Detective Rodriguez was walking i
n and I almost sneered at him. I hated that guy! For the past week, he had been
giving me dark looks that were starting to make me nervous.
As we passed each other, I looked down so as not to make eye contact with him.
"Hey, Peters..." He began, placing a firm hand on my shoulder. "Where's the fire
? Why you in such a hurry?"
I felt sweat bead on my forehead as I searched for an answer. "Uh, the wife call
ed. Says Chet Jr. needs more diapers, so I gotta run to the store real fast and
pick some up before my shift begins."
For a long time, he stared at me suspiciously before finally patting me on the b
ack with a smile. "Well you'd better hurry. Your shift started five minutes ago.
I let out a nervous chuckle before pulling away and rushing out the door. I had
to get out of here before they called a search!
Detective Rodriguez's POV
I watched Chet's back bounce down the stairs and rush over to his squad car. He
jumped in and his tires marked the asphalt, he drove off so quickly. I didn't tr
ust that guy.
I had briefly suspected him of striking Sharon Slade with his car and driving aw
ay before I had dismissed that notion. Why would Chet Peters want to hurt Sharon
Slade? They had never met before. Had never interacted at all from what I could
tell. But there was just something fishy going on there...
Like how had Officer Peters been the first to arrive on the scene when he had be
en patrolling across town? And why had he pronounced her dead before she was eve
n ejected from the car? When I had arrived on the scene, there weren't even any
noticeable footprints near the shoulder of the road where her car was, so why ha
d he been so sure that she was dead?
Even though I had dismissed the notion that Officer Peters had attacked Sharon S
lade for some reason, I still couldn't completely dismiss the idea, so I had dro
pped by her house two days ago to ask her one last time if she could remember an
ything. I didn't want to leave any stone unturned. At the end of the day, when t
his case was over, I would like to be able to say that I did absolutely everythi
ng I could to find the guy who had almost killed that beautiful woman.
Shrugging my shoulders, I turned and continued into the building.

[36] He Saved Me Chapter Thirty-Six
Chapter Thirty-Six
Johnathan's POV

I was sitting at the kitchen table, staring at Isobel's untouched birthday cake
when the doorbell rang. In the excitement of the day, neither of us had even tas
ted the thing. I slowly rose to my feet and went to open the door. Two uniformed
police officers and a guy in a tailored suit were standing on the other side. W
hen I looked up, the suit guy smiled and extended his arm.
"Mr. Davis? My name is Detective Luis Rodriguez, and this is Officer Manning and
Farrel. May we come in?"
I shook his hand hesitantly and backed up to let them all in. "Sure. Sure come o
n in. What's this about?"
After everyone was inside and the door was closed, the uniforms seemed to to rel
ax somewhat, but Detective Rodriguez seemed to remain on edge. "Mr. Davis, we're
here in regards to your daughter Isobel. I'm aware that she has been away for t
he weekend. Any idea when she should be in?"
At the mention of Isobel's name, my entire body tensed up and my heart started a
slow, but heavy thud against my chest. Glancing at the time on my wrist watch,
I estimated what time Isobel and Bobby should be pulling into the drive. "Well t
hey left around 6am, so they should be here in just under an hour. What's going
on here Detective? Is my daughter in some kind of trouble?" I knew it! I knew th
at her seeing that Bobby was a bad idea. I couldn't believe that I had fallen fo
r his crap about changing his life because he cared for Isobel. He was in some k
ind of trouble, and now he had dragged my baby into it!
Detective Rodriguez smiled again, but this time it seemed more like a conveyance
of pity. He shook his head slightly and straightened his shoulders. "Sir maybe
we should wait for your daughter to arrive before discussing this. We don't mind
My eyes narrowed on him. He didn't want to tell me what was going on, and that j
ust made me want to know all the more urgently. I shook my head in return. "No,
I would like to know what kind of trouble my daughter is in!" I insisted.
The look of remorse never leaving his face, he nodded toward the living room and
began to walk. "Maybe we should sit down for this Mr. Davis?" He ended with the
statement sounding like a question, but I somehow knew that I didn't have a cho
ice. That was an order.
I sat on the edge of my recliner and faced the three cops. The two officers had
taken their seats on the sofa, staring blankly into space while the detective re
mained standing. He cleared his throat several times before speaking.
"Mr. Davis, I have orders to come and question your daughter about events that t
ook place on March the fifth of this year." he began.
I shook my head in confusion. "What events are those?"
He opened his mouth and then hesitated. "Sir, I didn't wish to be the one to tel
l you this. I would really prefer that we wait for your daughter to be present f
or this discussion..." he said again.
I shook my head quickly. "No, I want to know what is going on now!" I told him i
"Well sir, on the March 5, 2011, your daughter was attacked and raped by a man t
hat we only just today discovered the identity of. This man threatened Isobel's
life with a knife and proceeded to rape her. There is a strong possibility that

she would have been harmed further had Bobby Slade not happened upon the scene t
o rescue her." He paused to give me an opportunity to take in that information.
I stared at him as I tried to process what he had said, the slow beating of my h
eart picking up slightly when I registered the words 'attacked' and 'raped' in t
he beginning of his explanation. "Raped?" I repeated out loud, slowly, my mind b
uzzing as I tried to grasp everything. At some point in all this, it seemed that
my brain had all but shut down, and it was difficult to piece together words an
d meanings. "Wait, who was raped?"
'Isobel, you idiot! Isobel was raped' I heard my own voice respond to that quest
ion in my head. "Wait, Isobel?" I said out loud. "MY Isobel? My daughter was--wa
s raped." I stood up quickly and looked around, pacing to the other side of the
room hurriedly before turning and walking back to where the detective was standi
ng. "No, there must be some mistake, Detective. My--my daughter hasn't been rape
d. I would know that. She would have told me."
Pity still etched across his face, Rodriguez shook his head calmly. He opened hi
s mouth to speak and I put my hand up to silence him. I didn't need to hear his
response. Even to my own ears, my words didn't ring true. My daughter had change
d a lot over the last month or so, and I had just blamed it all on boys in puber
"How--how did this happen? You said you know who did this! Who did this to my da
ughter?" The beginnings of anger began to furl in my gut, and I clenched my fist
s until I could feel my nails biting into the skin of my palm.
Detective Rodriguez's POV
I watched as Johnathan Davis slowly began to fall apart at the seams. I could on
ly imagine what he was going through. I had a little 10 year old little girl, an
d I couldn't imagine something like what happened to Isobel Davis happening to h
er. I would probably murder the bastard who had done it.
"Well sir, footage from a bank's security cameras proves that your daughter's at
tacker was Chet Peters. He is--was--an officer on the force."
Johnathan had been in the middle of pacing across the room again when my words r
egistered and he froze. "What?!" He yelled, looking accusingly at the officers s
itting on his couch. Manning gave him a sympathetic look while Farrell just look
ed down as if ashamed. I was ashamed too. How could a guy sworn to protect and s
erve do something like this to a teenage girl. And I had let him slip right out
the door this morning to effect his get-away.
I cursed myself for the hundredth time since walking into the office this mornin
g to find the entire station in an uproar searching for the missing officer. It
had been Lieutenant Taylor who had informed me of the events that had taken plac
e weeks ago. I had told him about seeing Chet leaving the premises in a hurry an
d a BOLO had been immediately put into effect. Every cop in the city was looking
for Chet Peters. A couple of patrol cops had found Chet's patrol car abandoned
off of Lawson Avenue, and Mrs. Peters told us that she had looked out her window
at 7:30 this morning to see Chet peeling out of the driveway in his dad's old t
ruck. A truck that I now knew was the same vehicle that had struck Sharon and dr
iven her off the road.
I had quickly pulled Manning and Farrell off of the search and brought them over
to keep an eye on Ms. Davis during the search. My instincts told me that the at
tempt on Sharon's life had been a result of some obsession that Peters had devel

oped for this young girl, and I needed to make certain that he never got close t
o her.
"I am deeply sorry, sir. The entire station is ashamed of the actions of a fello
w officer, and we are doing everything in our power to capture Officer Peters an
d bring him to justice!" I told him immediately. "There is no excuse for our fai
lure to see what that man was capable of! A person like that should have never b
een a part the team!" Just as I completed that last sentence, the handle on the
door turned and we all turned to see a laughing Isobel Davis enter with a smilin
g Bobby Slade.
When they noticed us, they froze and I could tell that they immediately picked u
p on the tension in the room.
Isobel's smile dropped as her eyes met her fathers. "Dad what's going on?"
---------------------- So what did you think? You guys are going to be getting a
lot more of Johnathan's POV in the coming chapters as we explore his emotions i
n reacting to the news that his daughter was raped. How do you guys think Isobel
is going to react to the knowledge that almost everyone in Brooks County now kn
ows or is going to know what happened to her? Haha. Just wait for it.

[37] He Saved Me Chapter Thirty-Seven
Well you guys called me cruel for leaving the last chap on such a cliffhanger, s
o I sat up a little longer than planned to give you a little more. This is short
too, but if you pretend that it's a part of the last chapter, it's actually a l
ittle longer. Lol
Chapter Thirty-Seven
Isobel's POV
I couldn't breathe. I felt suffocated in the small living room as I looked aroun
d at all of the faces. I looked at my dad again and noticed tears glittering in
his big brown eyes. This was bad. I hadn't seen my dad cry, ever.
"Dad?" I said in a choked whisper.
He opened is mouth to speak and choked on a sob as he stood shaking.
"Hi Ms. Davis. My name is Detective Rodriguez. I was assigned to investigate the
hit and run of Sharon Slade--"
"Mom?" Bobby said from his position beside me. "If you're investigating my mom's
case, why are you here at isobel's house?"

The detective sighed and glanced at Bobby. "You didn't let me finish..." He redi
rected his attention to me, but hesitated before speaking again. "Ms. Davis we n
ow have very solid reason to believe that the Mrs. Slade's accident is directly
related to--" he paused and cleared his throat awkwardly.
"What? Have you found out who hurt my mom?" Bobby asked impatiently, taking a st
ep closer to the detective.
"Yes." he replied shortly. "Ma'am, we have reason to believe that the attack on
Sharon Slade and your own attack are by the same person, and we need you to make
a statement--"
The entire room went quiet after that. The detective hadn't stopped speaking. I
could see his mouth moving, but I couldn't hear him. I looked at Bobby and his m
outh was moving quickly in response to what Detective Rodriguez had said and I c
ould tell that he was yelling, but I couldn't hear him either. My attack. How--h
ow had he known about my attack? I looked up at my dad to see him staring at me,
tears silently falling down his face, but he seemed to be frozen in place. He k
My eyes still circling the room, I looked at the two cops in uniform that had st
ood when I entered the room, but remained silent while everyone spoke, and they
were looking at me with pity shining in their eyes. They knew too. How did they
know? How-I shook my head vehemently as I tried to make myself focus on what was going on.
When I was finally able to hear, Rodriguez was speaking again. "--Daniel Jones.
" he finished his sentence.
I shook my head again. "Wait what? What's going on? How do you know that I was a
ttacked? What--"
"Ma'am, after retrieving security footage from the cameras at the bank near wher
e you were attacked, we discovered the identity of the man who attacked you that
night. He is actually--"
"But HOW?!" I said loudly. "How did you know? How do you know? How did--"
He looked confused for a second and glanced at Bobby uneasily. Bobby slid his ha
nds down my arms and pulled me closer to him. "Babe, he just told us. Daniel had
them pull the security cameras from the bank and they watched the tape this mor
The room started spinning as anger and fear swirled around inside of me. Sharon!
She had told her boyfriend about what had happened. She--she had promised that-she wouldn't. I felt hot tears burning an itching path down my cheeks as I trie
d to escape my own mind. Daniel had told--everyone! I wanted to scream.
Next to me, Bobby was shaking with his own fury, and I could tell that he was tr
ying really hard to hold it together for me. He squeezed my fingers tightly as h
e looked at Detective Rodriguez. "Who?" he said in a dangerously quiet voice.
Rodriguez continued to look at me uneasily as he spoke. "The security footage ac
tually reveals that a cop on the force attacked your friend." He said to Bobby.
"I don't know if you know an Officer Peters? Officer Chet Peters..."
After the name was spoken out loud, everything went silent again. So a cop had d
one this. All of the pain and confusion I had been feeling over the last weeks w
as because of someone who had sworn to protect and serve.

Bobby seemed to snap after that. He was yelling and screaming and throwing thing
s as his rage took over, and I couldn't hear a thing. At some point, my dad came
over to me and tried to hold me, but I didn't feel like it. This was his fault,
and I screamed that out loud as I snatched away from him, tears still streaming
down my face.
"Don't touch me!!!" I screamed at him, every inch of my body trembling uncontrol
lably. "No! NO, no no no! Don't touch me! If you--if you hadn't--this would have
never happened if it hadn't been for you, and now everybody--everybody KNOWS!!!
" I sobbed and fell down to the floor as cold chills racked my body. "Everybody
knows..." I said again. I don't really know what happened after that. I just rem
ember screaming until my voice wouldn't allow any sound to escape my lips anymor
e. And I remember Bobby finally calming down enough to kneel beside me on the fl
oor and whisper that he loved me over and over.
After that, my world went black.
Johnathan's POV
My daughter's words
ey were so right. I
week and had fallen
been on time, this

were like a knife in my heart. They hurt so badly because th

remembered that night. I had been working double shifts all
asleep on the couch after work. If only I had been there and
would have never happened to my baby.

I looked down at her as she lay curled into a ball on the floor, and Bobby knelt
beside her, whispering comforting words of love to her. That was supposed to be
me. I was supposed to be comforting my daughter, but she hated me now. This was
my fault....
I tried to go over to her, but Bobby held out his arm hostilely. Stopping me in
my tracks.
"I'm sorry Mr. Davis, but not right now. Just...give her some time. She needs ti
me." After whispering those last words, he turned his attention back to Isobel.
Detective Rodriguez was muttering hurriedly into his phone. I only picked up on
a few words, like "emergency", "break-down" and "psych consult".
This was turning out to be a very bad day.
-----------Next chapter will probably be all Johnathan.....
[38] He Saved Me Chapter Thirty-Eight
Chapter Thirty-Eight
Sharon's POV
I woke up Sunday morning with a headache and a sore throat, last night's encount
er with my ex husband still weighing on my mind. I had been certain that he was
up to something, but by the time he had left, I was unsure what to think.
He had stayed for half an hour, practically begging for my forgiveness and under

standing. I knew what I should have done. It was no question. I should have kick
ed him out the door and never allow him back into my house or into my life again
, but at the same time, I couldn't help but think of Bobby and the fact that he
had spent almost half his life without a father. So I had told him that I would
think about it.
After Robert had left, my mind was reeling with confusion, frustration, and inde
cision. A bottle of wine and thirteen hours later, I still wasn't sure what to d
ecide. I knew that we could never be together again. He had hurt me and my son t
oo badly for that, but if he really did want to be a part of his son's life agai
n, who was I to refuse his friendship? If only I could get some sort of sign abo
ut what to do.
Before I could ponder the events of the night before any longer, my phone rang a
nd I drowsily answered it. "Hello?"
"Sharon! I'm sorry, did I wake you?"
Daniel. My heartbeat picked up as I responded. "No. No, I woke a few minutes ago
"Good." He said. "Listen, I have something to tell you, and you may be upset abo
ut it. But just know that this was not entirely my doing, I just--"
"Daniel slow down! What is it? You're scaring me..."
"Well--" he paused again, and I felt a foreboding sense of fear settle in my hea
rt. "Sharon after hearing about what happened to Isobel yesterday, I had a frien
d of mine on the force get the tapes from the bank security camera. He wasn't su
pposed to watch it before me, but when I went to the station to get the video, h
e was watching it. And now...well now everyone at the station knows about what h
appened. I know that you said that Isobel didn't go to the cops because she didn
't want anyone to know."
There was a lump in my throat. I tried to swallow three times, but it just seeme
d to get bigger. Bobby was going to kill me. Isobel was going to be devastated!
I knew this, but I still couldn't bring myself to be upset with Daniel about it.
It was best this way, because now that the authorities knew about what had happ
ened, maybe they could identify the guy and lock him up.
"Wow!" I said quietly. "Well--"
"Sharon I am so sorry!" Daniel said urgently before I got the chance to speak.
I shook my head quickly and then blushed when I remembered that he couldn't see
me. "Now, don't be. I--I understand that you were only trying to help." There wa
s an awkward silence as I tried to think of what to say. "Have--what is going on
, then? Was there anyone who could identify the monster?"
"It was a cop Sharon. The Lieutenant recognized him right away. But he managed t
o somehow find out what has happening and he escaped. Every cop in town is keepi
ng an eye out for him right now!"
I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. "WHAT?!" I screamed into the re
ceiver of the phone. "What the hell do you mean it was a cop?"
"Just what I said. The guy's name is Chet Peters. They say that he was at the ba
r Half Empty until around 9 that night. It's right there in the neighborhood whe
re Isobel was attacked. He must had decided to walk home since he was so drunk,
and when Iz walked by..." he trailed off.

I remained silent as I let my anger take over. How in the hell could something l
ike this happen to a young girl at the hands of a cop? I felt angry and frustrat
ed tears gather in my eyes and I tried to pull myself together. How was Isobel g
oing to react to this news. I glanced at the time and realized that she and Bobb
y should be home any minute. Bobby had told me last night that they would be sto
pping at Isobel's before he came home.
"Oh my God." I sobbed into the phone, unable to mask the sound of the tears that
thickened my voice. "I have--I have to go. I have to get over to Isobel's house
"No, don't go anywhere. I'm half way to your house. I will pick you up and we ca
n go together."
I was relieved to hear him say that. I knew I would need his support. Today was
going to be the hardest yet.
Bobby's POV
My heart literally hurt as I stood by and watched helplessly as two EMTs and som
e other medical guy held Isobel down and sedated her. She had woken up after bei
ng passed out for a couple of minutes and continued screaming, fighting off anyo
ne who came near her but me, and even I couldn't calm her enough to keep her qui
By the time the ambulance and pulled up, I felt like screaming with her. I wante
d to kill someone. More specifically Chet Peters.
My anger had been boiling inside ever since Detective Rodriguez had said that Is
obel's attacker had been identified as Chet Peters, and now, after witnessing th
e pain my girl was going through, it threatened to boil over. I had never unders
tood why he had seemed so amused and cocky after arresting me, and now I knew. H
e had known exactly who I was when he had pulled me over. He must have been foll
owing me anyway.
That thought made me nervous. He could have been following Isobel around as well
. If he was bold enough to follow the boyfriend of his rape victim around, then
he definitely had to be following the victim as well. But what I didn't understa
nd was why he would hurt my mom. Was that just to get to me?
I didn't know, and at this point, I really didn't care. Either way, the mother f
ucker was a dead man. Just as soon as I was sure my babe was okay, I was definit
ely joining the manhunt!
I heard tires screech on asphalt as we all stepped outside and I looked up to se
e Daniel and my mom. I tried to contain the rage I felt toward those two. This w
as their fault. I turned away and walked with Johnathan to the ambulance. Once I
sobel was inside, Johnathan turned to me with a look of desperation on his face.
"Listen son, there is a lot I need to apologize to you for, and a lot I need to
thank you for. But would you please let me be here for my daughter right now? Th
ey only have room for one in there."
I wanted to say 'hell no'. I had been there for Isobel all this time. It was me
that she needed. But that just felt selfish and wrong of me, so I nodded my head
and stepped away. I looked at Isobel and saw that the meds she had been given h
ad already put her to sleep. "If she wakes up, tell her that I'm right behind yo

u!" I said urgently.

He nodded quickly as he jumped into the back and let the EMTs slam the doors beh
ind him. Tears burned my eyes as I watched them speed away.
"Bobby!" I heard my mom's voice directly behind me. "Bobby what's going on? Is I
sobel okay?"
I turned on them and let my anger take over. "What the HELL were you two thinkin
g? You couldn't have warned me? You couldn't have kept your fucking mouths shut?
I was handling it!" I yelled at them. "Mom, how could you? I hate you!"
Daniel took a step forward and placed a hand on my shoulder warningly. "Bobby, I
know that you are going through some things right now, but you watch the way yo
u talk to your mother!"
I narrowed my eyes at him. "Who the hell do you think you are? You don't tell me
what to do, I tell you! You're not my father! YOU'RE FIRED!" I yelled at him be
fore sparing my mom one more glance and running to my truck. I tried not to let
the sight of the tears rolling down mom's face affect me as I started the engine
and sped off down the street. Isobel was hurting because of them!
Daniel's POV
I tried not to let Bobby's parting words affect me. He was just angry and scared
for his girlfriend. But I had to blink repeatedly to keep the burning tears fro
m gathering in my eyes. I know that I'm not his father, and that he's never thou
ght of me that way, but I still couldn't help the pain that stabbed at my chest
as Sharon and I watched him speed away.
Sharon was sobbing quietly and I gathered her into my arms and rocked her. "Shhh
h. He didn't mean any of those things he said. Your son loves you! He just needs
someone to take it out on right now."
She cried harder and wrapped her arms around me. After holding her like that for
a few minutes I pulled away. Come on, let's go and meet them at the hospital.
She hiccuped and nodded before following me back to the car.

[39] He Saved Me Chapter Thirty-Nine
Sorry that it's been so long since an update! Life just has a way of getting in
the way sometimes.
Chapter Thirty-Nine
Johnatan's POV
I felt like I had been holding my breath for the past two hours. Bobby and I wer
e both sitting quietly in separate corners of the room, too worried to even spea
k. Every several minutes, I would sneak a peek at him clench his fists in his la
p. He looked almost as furious as I felt.

I still couldn't believe how wrong I had been about this kid. Ever since Isobel
had told me that the boy that had her stomach so twisted in knots was Bobby Slad
e, I had been just waiting for him to mess up. I didn't want him to hurt my daug
hter, but I just knew that it was inevitable. I had been so wrong. This boy--thi
s MAN had been there for my daughter when I wasn't, and there was no way that I
could repay him for that.
I felt tears burn in my eyes and I turned my head away as I tried to blink them
away. How could this have happened without me ever knowing? Where had I been thi
s entire time?
'Working.' I answered myself. I had been working. Ever since the beginning of th
e year, I had been working double shifts, and filling in for the other guys on m
y work crew so that I could afford to buy Isobel the perfect birthday present. A
nd she had gotten it. The look on my daughters face when she had seen that car i
n the garage made all the nearly sleepless nights and 4am coffee runs and the af
ternoon 5 Hour Energy shots seem so worth it. She had been hinting and begging f
or a car for so long that I knew it would make her happy.
How could I have allowed this to happen? I wanted to kick myself.
I lost the battle with my own tears as I remembered the last words that Isobel h
ad said to me before passing out the first time. She blames me. Hell, I blame me
! This was all my fault.
Knock knock. Two taps on the door signaled that someone was entering the room an
d Bobby and I rose to our feet hurriedly. I brushed the tears away from my face
as a doctor entered.
"Hello." She said quietly, approaching me. "My name is Dr. Collins. I'm here to
speak with your daughter when she wakes up, but I just wanted to introduce mysel
f. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to do so at your home, but I'm sure you understa
nd that Isobel was my priority. You are Isobel's father, I assume?" She held out
her hand and I shook it loosely.
"Yes." My voice cracked slightly and I cleared my throat before continuing. "Uh-yes, I'm Johnathan Davis. Isobel is my daughter. Is there anything you can tell
me now? Why has she been out so long?" I asked.
Dr. Collins smiled softly and nodded. "Of course. I'm sure you must be very worr
ied." She pulled a folder from behind her back and glanced inside. "Mr. Davis, t
he medication your daughter received before arriving here is the primary reason
that she has been out so long. However, considering the trauma that she has expe
rienced and the public knowledge of the events that she clearly didn't wish to b
e revealed, I believe that Isobel is remaining unconscious by choice. It could b
e anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour before she is ready to wake up and
face the world."
I nodded my head and blinked back more tears. "Okay thank you."
"Excuse me doctor?" Bobby said from beside me.
"If you have a few minutes later, I would like to speak with you. Privately." He
glanced at me and then back at Dr. Collins, and my brow wrinkled in confusion.
What could Bobby have to talk about with Isobel's doctor?
She nodded again. "Of course. I am here to answer any questions that you all may
have. But like I said, Isobel may be sleeping for a while, so if either of you
have any business to attend to, the staff will be sure to notify you when she wa

Bobby shook his head quickly and resumed his position in to corner of the room n
earest to Isobel. "No I will stay until she wakes." he said stubbornly.
"Whatever you want is fine with me. Someone will be here to check in in about 15
minutes." She smiled again and exited the room.
I stood there uncertainly for a minute before turning to Bobby. I cleared my thr
oat. "Uh, I have to go somewhere. I will be back soon, please call me if she wak
es before I get back." Bobby nodded his head and I rambled off my cell phone num
ber before walking out of the room. I needed to talk to my wife.
I had been here hundreds of times over the years. Whenever Isobel accomplished s
omething that I was proud of, my Gracie was always the first person I wanted to
tell. Whenever I was lost or confused or just not confident in my parenting skil
ls, I would come and talk it out with my wife and somehow, every time I got in m
y car to head back home, I always felt comforted and self-assured. I needed Grac
e now more than ever.
I stumbled through the Oakridge Cemetary through a haze of tears and fell to my
knees directly in front of my wife's headstone. Grace Elizabeth Davis: Devoted W
ife, Loving Mother, Cherished Friend. October 2, 1972 - June 18, 1996.
"G--Gr--Gracie!" I sobbed as I lay my head against the cool stone. "I failed you
, baby. I told you that I would take care of our little girl, and I failed you!
You must really hate me right now, and I wouldn't blame you. Our daughter hates
me." I said miserably. "I hate me..." I whispered.
"How did I let this happen?" I asked the question for
zenth time today. "What can I do to fix it? Grace I'm
!" I cried, all my pride had went out the window this
at I heard the words, 'Your daughter was attacked and

what must have been the do

lost here. I n--I need you
morning around the time th

"I broke my promise." I told her, and my mind went back to the day that that pro
mise had been made.
15 Years Ago 1996
I had no tears left. When I tried to cry now, it was just dry, painful, heaving
sobs with no tears. My wife had been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia just
a year after Isobel was born and had been battling it ever since. The doctors hi
nted that it was a losing battle since the cancer had been left untreated for so
long before diagnosis, but neither me nor Gracie was willing to accept that. Gr
acie seemed to have wrapped her head around it and accepted it before I did.
Two years. Two years we had been fighting this together, and now she has given u
p. My dry eyes burned as I sagged against the side of her bed, defeated, and wat
ched her hold our baby girl. She was barely strong enough to actually hold her,
so Isobel rested most of her weight on the mattress beside her mother while Grac
e rubbed her back.
"Bel?" she said weakly.
"Huh?" Isobel didn't look up at her mother. Tears were rolling down her face, an
d I envied her for that ability. She seemed to have sensed the morbid atmosphere

of the room the second that she had entered and had been bawling ever since.
"Not 'huh'. You don't say 'huh' to answer someone. You say 'yes'." Grace scolded
her, but ruined the affect by laughing.
"Yes?" Isobel responded seriously, sitting up in bed and looking into her mother
's eyes. "Bel, mommy's got to go, okay? I need you to take care of daddy while I
'm gone. Can you do that for me?"
Isobel nodded her head vehemently. "But where are you going mommy? Can I come, t
oo? I'll be good. Daddy say I a big girl now 'cause I ated all my veggibles at l
I almost fell off the bed as my emotions threatened to rip my heart from my ches
Grace smiled at that, but shook her head sadly. "And you are a big girl! That's
why I need you to stay with daddy and take care of him, because he's gonna be ju
st lost without me. Imagine if you left him too?" Her words were more true than
anyone would ever know. "There would be no one to take care of him, and we can't
have that can we?" Isobel frowned, but shook her head at the same time. "Big gi
rl! Now go on over and play with your toys. I need to talk to daddy about some g
rown up stuff."
'Toys' was the magic word with Isobel. She jumped down off the bed and was acros
s the room playing 'princess' in five seconds flat. Grace and I watched her for
a minute before she cleared her throat and shifted on the bed, moaning as the pa
in rang through her body.
"Johnathan?" she said as tears leaked out of the corners of her eyes and fell to
the pillow beneath her head. "I have to go."
I didn't want to hear those words. I knew it was time. I knew that she was so mi
serable and in so much pain, but I honestly couldn't imagine myself living in a
world where she didn't exist, and I selfishly wanted to hold on to her for as lo
ng as possible. I shook my head. "No." I said shortly. "Gracie--you can't!"
She sobbed quietly as she nodded. "Baby, it hurts! I c--I can't do it anymore. I
tried--I'm trying. I just-I can't..."
I felt like the lowest, most selfish form of life in that moment. What kind of m
an would be selfish enough to allow the woman that he loved to suffer in pain fo
r any longer than was necessary just so that he could have one more day? One mor
e hour. One more minute. I put my head down until my chin touched my chest, and
the tears finally came. I trembled as the sobs took control.
I looked at her and she smiled. "I love you, baby."
"I love you more!" I told her.
She looked over at Isobel, who was oblivious to the emotional turmoil that her p
arents were going through just across the room. "Promise me you'll take care of
"I promise!!!" I said immediately. "I promise you that I will take care of our d
Right after the words escaped my lips, the brightest smile that I had ever seen

on my wife's face lit up the room, and then she slipped away.
And I had failed her. I thought again. "I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry
...." I said the words over and over again as my head remained resting against h
er headstone. How could I have allowed this to happen?

------------------------So what did you guys think? Feeling pretty bad for Johna
than huh? I honestly cried while writing this, but it had to be written. I'm not
giving any update promises except that I will do so as soon as I can. :)

[40] He Saved Me Chapter Forty
Chapter Forty
Bobby's POV
After forty-five minutes, Dr. Collins came back into the room to check on Isobel
herself. I stood immediately when she tapped on the door and walked in.
"Hi." She said with a smile. "So she hasn't woken yet." It wasn't a question.
I shook my head as I looked at Isobel on the bed. "Not yet."
"Well okay then. Let us know if you need anything," At that, she turned to leave
and I held my hand out to stop her.
I had been thinking about this since we had left the house, but with Johnathan a
round, I never had the opportunity to ask the questions that I needed to ask. "I
have a question to ask, but I need to know that it will be just between you and
me. And Isobel of course." I began.
"Of course Mr. Slade. If this is about Isobel, I need to know everything."
My thoughts raced. She was right. Of course she needed to know everything. I gla
nced at Isobel and the look on her face when she realized that everybody would k
now everything now flashed in my mind. Would she hate me for telling Dr. Collins
about the baby? At this point, I knew I would just have to deal with her anger
if it came to that.
"Doctor, she's pregnant." My hands trembled slightly and I brought them up to wi
pe the nervousness off my face. "Would--is the--how would the drug that you guys
gave her affect the baby?"

Dr. Collins froze for a brief second before she composed herself and slipped bac
k into 'calm doctor' mode, but I noticed it. My heartbeat picked up.
"Well..." she began before picking up the chart at the end of Isobel's bed and l
ooking through it. She breathed a sigh and smiled. "Mr. Slade there is nothing t
o worry about. The drug that Isobel was given should not harm the baby in the le
ast. If it would make you feel better, we can run some tests just to make sure t
hat Isobel and the baby are fine, but I can assure you that the hysterically emo
tional state that I found Ms. Davis it at her home was much more dangerous to he
r child than the drug is!"
Her expression and tone reassured me and I was able to calm my breathing somewha
"But I have to ask..." She continued without breaking eye contact. "Is the baby.
Her question made pictures of Chet Peters flash across my mind and my hands clen
ched into fists as I imagined all the different ways I could kill him. He had be
en taunting me the day that he arrested me, and I hadn't even known. How could I
not have recognized him?
I knew the answer to that question already. I had been blinded by anger and hurt
over Isobel rejecting me that day. I don't even remember looking at him twice b
efore labeling him Elmer Fudd. For what must have been the thousandth time that
day, I tried to remember if I had even seen his face that night in the alley. I
remembered his height and build, but I don't remember the moonlight illuminating
his face even once.
"Mr. Slade?"
Dr. Collins's voice made me jump back to attention immediately. "No." I said slo
wly. "The baby belongs to...." I couldn't say it out loud. She was smart enough
to get it.
She began writing something on Isobel's chart and I rose on my toes so that I co
uld read it. She turned her back quickly. "Mr. Slade, I'm sure you can understan
d why this should be left between Isobel and myself?"
I hung my head slightly. "I understand, Doctor. Just...please. Please make this
better for her."
A sad smile slipped onto her face. "Well I think it's going to be up to Isobel,
the progress she makes in getting past this. I can only do the best I can." She
rubbed a wrinkle out of her jacket and cleared her throat. "Well if we're done h
ere, I will go and call an OB to come and run some tests to make certain the Iso
bel and her baby are doing well..."
Dr. Collins and I both looked up to see that Mr. Davis had just entered the room
, and my heart dropped to my feet.
"Oh shit!" I said quietly.
Johnathan's POV
Bobby had guilt written all over his face and I felt the anger begin to boil in

my chest. What the hell had he been thinking, getting Isobel pregnant on top off
all that she is going through?
"You got my daughter pregnant?!" I approached him slowly and he took a cautious
step back, holding his hands in front of him.
"No! No, no sir, I didn't!"
Disappointment slithered up and began to mingle with the anger in my gut. "Don't
lie to me, son. I heard what the doctor said! What the hell, Bobby!"
"Calm down, sir, and let me explain!"
His words made me snap. Before I knew what I was doing, I had Bobby up against t
he stone wall behind him, squeezing his neck tightly with one hand while the col
lar of his shirt was gathered into the other.
"Calm down?" My hand squeezed around his neck tighter. "You get my daughter preg
nant, on top of--EVERYTHING that she is going through, and you want me to CALM D
"Mr.--Davis..." He tried to speak but his voice was strangled.
"Mr. Davis!" I felt a pair of warm hands grab my shoulder and I shrugged it of.
"Let the boy go!" Dr. Collins said in an authoritative voice.
My mind tuned her out as I allowed my anger to rule me. "What were you thinking?
How could--how could you do this to her?"
At my words, anger flashed behind his eyes and he jerked his arms up and forced
them between mine, breaking my hold on him. Before I took my next breath, Bobby
had gripped my collar into both of his fists and reversed our positions, pushing
me against the wall forcefully.
"How could I do this to her? How could I do what?" He let go and then pushed me
against the wall again, and I groaned as pain radiated up my back. "How could I
take care of her, and comfort her? How could I protect her? How could I do that
all this time? All the things that you should have been doing?"
His words took some of the fight out of me, and I stopped struggling against him
. My arms sagged at my sides as I pleaded with my eyes for him to understand tha
t I hadn't known. If I had known what Isobel was going through, I would have bee
n there for her every step of the way!
"I love your daughter! I would never do anything to hurt her. She is everything-EVERYTHING to me!! I didn't get her pregnant!" At that, he gave me one last har
d shove, and I slid down the wall to the floor in defeat.
He stood and stared down at me in anger for a long minute before making his way
to the door. "Chet Peters did." Was all he said before storming out.
Once my mind registered the meaning of his words, pain exploded in my chest and
radiated through my entire body. He had gotten her pregnant too?!
"Oh my God!" I sobbed into my hands, and I felt Dr. Collins crouch down beside m
e and place her hand on my shoulder for the second time, but this time I didn't
push her away. I greedily tried to soak up some of the comfort she offered.

Bobby's POV
I jumped behind the wheel of my truck and banged my fists against it repeatedly
until I no longer had feeling in my left hand. I had regretted the things I'd sa
id to Isobel's dad almost the second they escaped my lips, but I couldn't contro
l myself after all the things he was trying to accuse me of.
I sat there breathing heavily for several minutes before I calmed the rage insid
e of me. When my heart rate had settled, I called Angel's cell phone.
"What's up?" he answered distractedly.
"Get your shit together man. We have someone we need to take care of."
I heard shuffling on the other end of the line and I guessed that Angel was doin
g as I had told him. This was not the first time he had received a call like thi
s from me. "Okay," he said while breathing heavily into the phone. "What's going
on dude?"
I shook my head and started the truck. "I'll explain it when I pick you up. I'll
be there in 5 minutes." I ended the call at that and sped out of the parking lo
t. We were going to find that mother fucker tonight!

Be prepared...there aren't many chapters left to be written before I end the boo

[41] He Saved Me Chapter Forty-One
Chapter Forty-One
Angel's POV
Bobby pulled into my drive 15 minutes later than he had told me on the phone. I
was just locking the front door, and I didn't waste any time as I jogged over to
the passenger door and hopped in.
"So what's going on?" I asked casually as I pulled my 9 millimeter from it's hol
ster and ejected the clip to check the rounds. After reassuring myself, I locked
it back into place and slid it into its holster again.
He glanced at me and I could feel the anger radiating off of him in waves. "Isob
el had a breakdown. She's in the hospital."
I could tell that he wasn't done speaking, but I could also see that it was diff
icult for him to say. I didn't say a word as he composed himself. What had happe
ned with Isobel? Did Alice know what was going on?

He readjusted himself in his seat before speaking again. "She was--" His fingers
flexed around the steering wheel. "She was raped last month, Angel. I found the
bastard in the act, but he got away. All this time, I haven't had a clue who he
was, and then when I took Isobel home today, the cops were there." He paused ag
ain as he stared at the road in front of him. "He was a fucking cop, man. A fuck
ing cop raped her and--and got her pregnant. It was Chet fucking Peters, and he'
s on the run!"
My heart raced and my blood rose to a slow boil. What the hell? I didn't know Is
obel very well, but what I had come to know of her over the weekend, I had grown
attached to. She was Alice's best friend. She was my best friend's girl. That m
ade her my family. I moved my hand back to my gun and the coolness of it settled
some of the hot anxiousness inside of me. I didn't waste time asking stupid que
stions. I would find out the details later. I actually didn't even want all the
"So where are we going?" was all I asked.
"Here..." Bobby said shortly as he cut his engine in front of his old house. I l
ooked at the brick building in confusion. I hadn't even realized that we had sto
pped. I looked over at Bobby again, and he answered my question before I even vo
iced it.
"His house." he said before jumping out.
I still didn't understand why we were here. If the guy was on the run, then we k
new that he wouldn't be home. Aren't we just wasting time here?
Bobby and I were usually on the same wavelength when it came to situations like
this, but right now Bobby wasn't himself. He was usually the cool and calm one w
ho did what had to be done--what was necessary. His emotions never affected his
actions...but right now, he was blinded by a rage that he had never shown before
. I decided to let him be and just followed his lead.
We walked swiftly up the drive, and I waited calmly as Bobby knocked on the door
a couple of times and rang the doorbell. Not even a full minute later, a middle
aged woman opened the door and looked at us curiously.
"What?" she said shortly, standing with her hands supporting her lower back. I g
lanced down and noticed a bump the size of a beach ball protruding from her midsection.
"Hey. I'm looking for your husband." Bobby told her, shifting from one foot to t
he other.
She shrugged carelessly and leaned against the door frame. "Well pick a number b
ecause so am I, and so are the cops, and so are a couple of other people. I don'
t know where he is." At that she backed up and began shutting the door in our fa
Moving quickly, I leaped forward and placed my foot in the door jam so that she
couldn't close us out. When she groaned and looked up at me, I flashed her my mo
st charming smile and shrugged back at her. "Well we really need to find him. Wo
uld you mind answering a few questions so that maybe we can figure out where he
may have gone?"
Her eyes settled on my lips for a long moment before she returned the smile. "Um
, sure. What do you want to know?"
"Do you have any idea where he might have gone?" Bobby asked.

Mrs. Peters didn't look away from me as she shook her head. "Not a clue. Chet do
n't tell me nothin' no more. He's barely ever home."
"When's the last time you saw him?" I asked.
"This mornin'. He walked home and got into his dad's old truck and took off."
"Can you describe it?"
She shrugged and shook her head. "It's an old black dodge is all I can say. It's
been in the garage since the old man died. I didn't even know the thang would s
tart. Look, I already answered all these questions. Why don't you boys go and as
k the police to tell you this?"
"Because the police aren't going to tell us anything!" Bobby nearly yelled impat
iently. "Please!"
"Well just ask the man who just left, he wasn't a cop, and he's only been gone a
bout 10 minutes. It's 7 o'clock! I have kids to feed!"
"Wait! What man? Who just left?" I asked her.
She groaned again and I could see her patience wearing thin, so I flashed her an
other smile, and she sighed. "I don't know. I forgot his name--Jake? Joshua? Som
ethin' with a 'jay'. He asked all these questions and then left in a hurry!"
Bobby and I exchanged a meaningful look. I don't know who had left before we pul
led up, but it sounded like he had left with a lead on where to find that son of
a bitch, Peters. "Look, can you remember the last question you answered before
the man left?" I asked anxiously.
She narrowed her eyes in thought and I knew the moment that she remembered, beca
use her eyes lit up with excitement. "He asked if there was any other property t
hat we owned, and I told him hell no! We don't own no property! I mean, there's
his dad's old farm, but that place is barely standin. No way Chet would go out t
here. Damn house might cave in on him!"
"Where?" Bobby yelled. "Where is the farm?"
"Out on the edge of town near Swanson County. Look I told that man, and I'm tell
in you again. Chet ain't stayin at no farm! Nobody even knows it exists!"
Bobby didn't say anything else before bounding across the lawn and jumping back
into the truck. I shook my head as I followed him. How stupid could the lady be.
If nobody knew the farm existed, the obviously that's where Peters would hide.
Right before I slammed the door and Bobby pulled, I heard Mrs. Peters yelling so
mething that sounded suspiciously like "Kill the son of a bitch!"
'Don't worry lady.' I thought to myself as Bobby took off. 'He's already dead.'
Bobby's POV
It took us nearly thirty minutes to make it to the abandoned farm that Mrs. Pete
rs had been talking about, but when I turned onto the red dirt road, I knew that
we were in the right place. I could already see the outline of an old black Dod
ge. I pressed my foot down on the accelerator and floored it.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see Angel pulling his gun from it's holster
again, and I braked just before I collided with the truck. In my next breath, I
was out of the truck with my Glock clutched tightly in my right hand and almost
to the front door. Just as my fingers wrapped around the cold metal of the door
knob, Angel grabbed my arm and pulled me back.
"Dude, you have to calm down! We don't know what we're walking into!"
Breathing heavily, I tried to soak in the meaning of what he had said. When it c
licked, I backed up a step. He was right. I nodded my head, and he returned the
"Me first." He whispered.
He crept to the door at such a slow pace that I itched to push him aside and go
ahead, but I held back. 'He's right.' I thought again.
Angel inched the door open and cringed as the hinges protested against the movem
ent. He stepped into the house and I followed close behind, gripping my Glock ti
ghtly in my fingers.
We could both see light shining from down the hallway and we glanced at each oth
er before following the source. It seemed to take us forever to make it down the
corridor, and when we rounded the corner, my heart stopped, and my blood ran co
There, standing in the middle of a dust-covered living room was Johnathan Davis,
cover in blood and holding a gun loosely at his side. On the floor at his feet
lay the dead body of former Officer Chet Peters.
"Oh shit!" Angel whispered.
"Oh SHIT!" I returned. I had to call Daniel.

[42] He Saved Me Chapter Forty-Two
Photo of Chet Peters on the right over there ---------->
Chapter Forty-Two
Johnathan's POV
The sound of Bobby's voice is what finally snapped me out of whatever haze I had
been in. I looked across the room at them and then down at myself.
Blood was everywhere. My fists were swollen and pink and my shirt was torn and s
oaked in red. What had--? And then I remembered....
I had gone to his house.
After Bobby had stormed from the hospital room, it had taken no longer than a fe
w minutes for me to pull myself together. I was of no use to my daughter while I

huddled in a corner wallowing in a pool of my own tears and self pity...

So I had gotten a ride back to my house to pick up my truck and driven over to C
het's house. A house that I had driven by countless times in the past and had ev
en been inside years before. After drilling an impatient Lillian Peters with que
stions, I knew that there was only one place the bastard could be hiding.
At the speed I was driving, it didn't take me 20 minutes to get to Lyle Peters'
old farm, and when I did, I battled with my own anger until something inside of
me snapped and the anger consumed every fiber of my being.
There was a light flickering behind an old faded curtain and I knew that someone
was inside. I knew who was inside. My heart threatened to burst into flames ins
ide my chest as I made my way to the front door and opened it with trembling fin
gers. The hinges on the old door whined as I stepped into the house and closed t
he it. I heard a chair scrape on the floor to my right and turned to come face t
o face with the man I was looking for. The man who would soon be dead.
For a long moment, there was only silence in the small room as we stared at each
other. Chet didn't even look nervous as he broke the silence.
With a slow and evil smile creeping onto his lips and revealing his crooked and
stained teeth, he said "Well well well....look what he have here. The absentee f
I flinched at his words and felt my hands instinctively curl into tight fists at
my sides. The fact that his words were true made me curse quietly in the still
Chet laughed as he took a step back. "How'd ya find me?" he asked in a thick sou
thern accent.
I didn't answer him as I took a step in his direction, my brain's logic battling
with my hearts fierce urge to dive across the room and strangle this man.
'Kill him!' my heart screamed at me at the same time that my brain hissed 'Calm
"Why?" I heard my own voice whisper to the man across from me. I don't know why
I asked. It didn't really matter. I didn't even really want to know this sick ma
n's reasoning behind what he had done. I can only say that I was trying to buy m
y brain time to win it's argument with my heart.

'If you kill him, who will look after Isobel? You've already failed her once, do
you really think that you can be there for her from prison?'
my brain said calmly.
my anger-filled heart returned.
'Killing him is what she needs! Isobel will only be able to find peace once she
knows that she is rid of this son of a bitch once and for all! Plus, Bobby can t
ake care of her once he is dead. He has already proved his love and dedication!'
Chet laughed again even louder, and I snapped my attention away from the battle
that still raged inside of me. "Why?" he said mockingly. "Why what? What do I lo

ve your daughter? Why do I need her?" He took another step back and I followed w
ith a larger step, bringing us a few inches closer so that only about 3 feet sep
arated us.
'Kill him!'
my heart hissed again.
"Shut up you bastard!!!" I yelled so loudly that I could hear the fragile window
s rattle slightly. Images of my daughter curled up into a ball and sobbing on th
e floor flashed into my head, and I tried with all my might to pay attention to
the sensible things that my brain was telling me.
'She needs you here Johnathan, not behind the walls of some prison. Just call th
e police. Call the police! Call the police! They can handle this....'
My heart clenched in my chest. 'He is the police! Kill him!'
I felt tears well in my eyes as I focused on Chet Peters again. "How could you r
ape a young girl! Didn't the vows you took to protect and serve as a cop mean an
ything?" my heart was about to win this battle.
He growled as his own anger ignited behind his eyes. "I didn't rape her! Don't y
ou ever say that! We made love!!!!" He took another step back with a reminiscent
look on his face, that smile creeping into place. "She called me daddy when I t
ook her. Daaaaaaaaddyyyyyyy!!!!!" he said, mimicking my daughter's panic-filled
That did it! My heart won the battle. 'Kill him!' it screamed. 'KILL HIM!!!!!!'
my brained followed.
With a loud bellow, I dove at him, effectively closing all the space between us.
It was then that I noticed that Chet had been advancing toward his gun this ent
ire time, and if I had waited just a second longer, I would be dead. With anothe
r yell, I knocked the gun from his fingers and heard it skid across the floor in
to the next room.
I gathered his shirt up and slammed him against the wall and hammered him with m
y fists until I could no longer feel my fingers. He grunted with each blow, but
I never even gave him the opportunity to defend himself. With one last hard shov
e against the wall, we blasted through the wood and plaster and landed on the fl
oor in the next room.
As soon as Chet's back hit the floor, he rolled over on top of me and landed a c
ouple of blows to my rib cage, and the breath hissed from my lungs at the force
of his fists. He locked one hand around my neck and squeezed until I saw stars d
ancing on the ceiling, and with his other hand, he reached above my head and pic
ked up the gun laying there.
He cocked the hammer back and, with one last over-confident smile, aimed his wea
pon at my head. "I'll tell my Isobel you said goodbye."
'Kill him!!!!!!'
my brain and heart were still in sync with one another and I grunted as I brough
t my knee up between his legs. He squealed like a pig and dropped the gun as he
grabbed himself and fell back.
Before even taking my next breath, I rolled, grabbed up the gun, and stood all i
n one swift motion. Aiming at the hands clenching his crotch, I pulled the trigg

er and reveled in the satisfaction of the sounds of his screams.

"You--you--" He stared up at me in disbelief. "You shot m--" I aimed at his head
and pulled the trigger again before he could utter another word.
Finally relaxing, I let my arms hang loosely at my sides as I tried to catch my
breath. When next I was aware of anything, Bobby and his friend were standing ac
ross the room and Bobby was clutching a gun in one hand and a cell phone in anot
her while he spoke swiftly with the person on the other end of the line.
Bobby's POV
I still couldn't believe what I was seeing. How was it possible that Johnathan h
ad beat me here to this house and killed Chet Peters. As I pressed Daniel's spee
d dial, I allowed myself to fell a small amount of disappointment that I hadn't
been the one to end the son of a bitch's life myself.
As always Daniel answered after only the first ring, and I closed myself off to
the feelings of guilt and regret at my last words to him. There was no time for
that now, I would apologize to him later. Right now, we needed a lawyer more tha
n ever. Well Johnathan needed a lawyer...
"Daniel, I need you." I said quickly in a voice that sounded almost foreign to m
y own ears. It was then that I noticed that I was was trembling in fear, and my
voice must have relayed some of that fear.
"What is it?" he asked urgently. "Where are you?"
I rambled off the address to him in a distracted tone. "Leave mom with Isobel. I
'll explain when you get her."
"Okay, I'll be there as soon as I can."
Relief washed over me as soon as I heard those words. "Thanks." I said. "And Dan
"I know, son." Was all he said before ending the call.
Angel and I exchanged glances as we eased toward Isobel's dad. Daniel had better
hurry this time.....

[43] He Saved Me Chapter Forty-Three
Chapter Forty-Three

Bobby's POV

Daniel was all business when he arrived at the old farmhouse a half hour later.
Angel and I answered his questions as he fired them at us one after the other. M
r. Davis didn't say much; just nodded and shook his head to confirm or deny a qu
estion that had been aimed at him.

It went that way for at least another half hour as we were questioned, and Angel
was becoming impatient with my lawyer I could tell. I didn't mind because I had
seen Daniel in action. This was how he operated. He needed to know every single
detail and aspect of a situation so that he could work a defense around any pos
sible outcome. He had gotten me out of so much shit in the past this exact same
way that I had become used to it.

I knew when Daniel had heard everything that he needed to hear because the room
fell silent again and the only sound you could hear was the sound of the floor b
oards squeaking as he paced back and forth, thinking. He mumbled to himself as h
e worked out an approach and Angel and I leaned against a wall and followed him
with our eyes. I really hoped that Daniel could get Mr. Davis out of this one. I
didn't want to even think about Isobel's reaction if she woke to find that her
dad had been arrested for murder. There was no question that she would blame her
self, especially considering that her last words to him had been accusatory and

Daniel cleared his throat and my head turned toward him as I snapped myself from
my thoughts. He looked at me and sighed. "You boys were never here, do you unde
rstand me?" Angel and I both nodded our heads and he continued. "You weren't her
e. You're kids, you're hot headed, you're angry, and you both have a witnessed h
istory of destructive behavior. I know that technically you didn't do anything h
ere, but in order for this to go smoothly, there can't have been anyone else her
e. At any point. Do you understand me?" he asked again more urgently.

Again, we nodded our heads.

"Mr. Davis?" he turned to Isobel's dad then and approached him from across the r
oom. "Sir, I understand that you are in shock, but I need you to snap out of it.
There are several different angles that we can approach this from, but our best
bet is self defense. You discovered where Peters was hiding and you took it upo
n yourself to come and bring him in because you've lost your confidence in the p
olice and their competence. They overlooked a criminal in their employ, so of co
urse you didn't trust their ability to capture this monster. You discovered in 2
0 minutes what they haven't done all day. When you got here, Peters was in a sta
te of panic. He had been found, and he wasn't leaving freely. He attacked you, a
nd you two fought. When he had you pinned, he pulled his gun, and you two strugg
led over it, resulting his him being shot the first time. You had the gun in you
r hand, you backed away, and he came after you again. You had to kill him."

I frowned at that scenario. "But wait, if you're going to go with self defense,
wouldn't it be easier if Angel and I were on the scene? You know, as witnesses?"

Daniel shot me a desperate look, almost pleading with his eyes. "Son, you're 18
years old. I feel horrible that you were here in the first place. There is no wa

y that I'm allowing you to go through all the shit involved in a murder investig
ation! What if the prosecution tries to tie you into the crime? What if I fail y
ou? I couldn't live with that!"

My breath hitched at his words, and something inside my chest clenched and tight
ened. He was worried about me? My own father had never even been worried about m
e and here was a man who owed me absolutely nothing, showing me the concern that
I had always secretly wanted from my dad. I owed him my life and my freedom. Th
ere has never been a time that I have called and Daniel hasn't been there for me
. He was ALWAYS there! In that moment, I wished more than anything that I could
call this man in front of me my father, and just forget about Robert Slade.

"Daniel, you could never fail me." I said quietly. I felt like a pussy, standing
in a room full of men and having this conversation, but this had to be said. "Y
ou have never failed me. No matter what, whenever I have needed you, you have be
en there. No questions asked. I have to practically force you to take a paycheck
, and even then, you end up sending it to my mom!" His eyes widened at that, and
I chuckled. "Yeah, I noticed that. You have been doing things for me for four y
ears, and you never ask for anything in return. So you couldn't fail me. It's im
possible. So if my being here would help Mr. Davis out of this situation, then w
e're staying. You'll get us out of this..."

There was silence in the room again as Daniel processed my words and accepted th
em. With tears shining in his eyes, he nodded his head smiled a half-smile. "Oka
y. Well...Angel, how are your acting skills? Because you need to be the one to c
all the police. You have to be panicked and afraid. Someone just accidentally di
ed, and it took us an hour to call the cops....."

Angel nodded his head and pulled his phone from his pocket. "I got this..."


I don't know how he did it, but Daniel got us out of it. When the police arrived
at the house, he took over everything, and all me, Angel, and Johnathan had to
do was answer a few questions. Rodriguez was doing all the questioning while all
the other officers around were moving around in a frenzy, collecting evidence a
nd removing the body of Chet Peters.

His questions were hostile or aggressive or accusing. If anything, the man seeme
d guilty, and I got the feeling that he was purposefully asking questions that w
e could answer without implicating ourselves.

Once he was done with his questioning and writing down all of our answers, he cl
osed his notebook and sighed, looking from Daniel, to Angel, to me, and finally

settling on Mr. Davis. "Well

apologize for the hardships
f one of your own. That will
ne at the station will be in
s entire ordeal behind you."

sir, it sounds like self defense to me. I sincerely

you and your family have had to face at the hands o
be all for now. If I have any more questions, someo
touch, but as far as I'm concerned, you can put thi

We all glanced at each other with our mouths hanging open in disbelief. It didn'
t take us long to spring into action and we all began to file outside. When Ange
l and I jumped up into the truck and I started it, all I could hear from the pas
senger seat was angel repeatedly whispering "Holly shit!"


Rodriquez's POV

I stood and watched all three cars as their tail lights disappeared into the dis
tance. Once I couldn't see them any longer, I turned to make my way back to my o
wn car. They had all just fed me the biggest line of bullshit that I had ever he
ard, but that man's daughter had been raped and I had found out only today that
she was pregnant as a result of that. Chet Peters deserved whatever they had giv
en him and then some. As long as this case file was on my desk, that family woul
dn't have to ever hear the name Chet Peters again.


Isobel's POV

When I opened my opened my eyes, the bright lights of the room blinded me and I
moaned as I pulled the covers over my face. Where was I? The lights in my bedroo
m weren't nearly this bright! What the hell was going on?

I felt a soft touch on my forearm and pulled the covers back to see Sharon stand
ing there, an odd mixture of both worry and guilt etched across her face.

"Isobel?" she whispered so softly, I could barely hear her. "Honey, are you okay

"Wha--where am I? What's going on?" my voice croaked, and I cleared my throat be

fore speaking again. "Where's Bobby?"

Sharon hesitantly eased her weight onto the side of the bed as if afraid that I
would bite her head off for doing so. I felt my brow crinkle in confusion. For t
he third time, my brain begged to know the answer to the question 'what is going

"Sweetheart, you're in the hospital." Sharon began to explain, but paused and lo
oked at me expectantly before continuing.

"Why--why am I in the hospital? Where's Bobby? Is it the baby?" I asked, my hand

s shifting to my belly and sitting up in the bed so that I could get a better lo
ok at Sharon and my surroundings.

Her mouth opened and closed several times before she found her voice again. "You
don't remember anything?"

I shook my head slowly, blinking rapidly as I tried to recall the last thing tha
t had happened before I woke up here. Bobby had dropped Alice and Angel off at t
heir houses before taking me home. I didn't want him to leave, so we both got ou
t of the truck so that we could ask my dad if it would be okay if he stayed over
for a while, and then........nothing. I felt my heartbeat quicken as panic set
in. Why couldn't I remember what had happened? What had--I looked at Sharon agai
n and she still had that odd look on her face. Worry and fear and--pity.

"What is going on, Mrs. Slade?"

"Maybe I should get the doctor..." she stood, but I grabbed her hand before she
could walk away.

"No!" I said loudly. Well, I tried to say it loudly, but with my dry and cracked
up voice, it came out sounding like a whispered bark. "Tell me...tell me what h

Sharon opened her mouth again but before she could tell me what had happened, th
e door swung open and Bobby rushed into the room followed by my dad, Daniel, and
---Angel? What was Angel doing here? I specifically remember me and Bobby droppi
ng him off at his house? Was what had happened so bad, that Angel had rushed to
the hospital as well? Where was Alice?

"Isobel?!" Bobby ran to the other side of the bed and grabbed my hand, squeezing
my fingers tightly. "Babe, are you okay? How are you feeling? Do you need anyth

ing?" He sounded like my dad, which was confusing, because all my dad did was st
and at the foot of my bed and look at me with tears glistening over his brown ey

"Yeah I need something. I need to know what is going on! Your mom won't tell me.
Why am I in the hospital? Is it my--?" I stopped and looked around the room. I
was about to ask about the baby, but my dad was here. I looked back at Bobby and
he seemed to read my mind. He shook his head slightly and I relaxed a little. S
o the baby was fine. "What happened?" I asked for what felt like the hundredth t
ime since I opened my eyes.

Bobby looked at his mom and then shifted his gaze to my dad. He looked at everyb
ody in the room before his eyes settled on me again.

"She doesn't remember." Sharon whispered and Bobby exhaled sharply.

"Okay," he said so softly that he could have only been talking to himself. "Well
--babe you remember us going to your house...right?"

I nodded my head. "Yes, but that's all I remember. I remember getting out of the
truck and grabbing my bags, but you wouldn't let me carry them."

"Yes, and then we walked in the house and say your dad and the detective..."

When he said 'detective' it was like a trigger. It was like a door inside my min
d had been locked tight, but that one word was the key, and the door swung open
and all these memories just spilled out.

I remembered the detective telling us that the man who had attacked me and the m
an how had tried to kill Sharon were one and the same.

I remembered his name....Chet Peters.

I remembered Bobby going ballistic and practically tearing up everything in sigh


I remember my dad trying to comfort me, and I remember nearly snapping his head
off. I had told him not to touch me. I had told him that everything was his faul


I felt tears sting my eyes as my eyes met my father's. That's why he was so sile
nt. He was afraid that I would kick him out. "Daddy!" I sobbed as I stared into
eyes identical to mine. "I'm s--I'm sorry!" I choked out and it less than three
seconds, he was on the bed right beside me, cradling me in his arms like a child
. "I didn't mean it!" I whispered in his ear over and over.

I felt his entire body trembling as he cried with me, sobs wracking his body. "N
o baby girl, I'm sorry. I deserved everything you said and more. I let this happ
en to you! I let--I will never forgive myself for allowing this to happen! Ever!

I don't know how long we stayed like that, but I do know that if the doctor hadn
't eventually walked into the room, I would have never let my daddy go.

She came in and introduced herself to everyone and then promptly kicked them all
out, explaining that she needed to speak with her patient without any interrupt
ions. Bobby put up the biggest fight, but in the end, Dr. Collins won.

Bobby's POV

I was going to go insane waiting! I paced back and forth across the visitors' ar
ea while everyone else just sat and patiently waited. My mom sat with Daniel, si
lent tears tracing a path down her face. She and I had just had our moment of ap
ologies and forgiveness, both of us insisting that it was our own fault. In the
end, we agreed to disagree.

Johnathan seemed better. At least he was breathing easier. I was so relieved tha
t he and Isobel and started to patch up their relationship. I knew how much he m
eant to her.

Angel had called Alice the second that we had gotten back to the waiting room an
d she was here ten minutes later, sitting across his lap and crying silently int
o his neck.

"Jesus! What is taking so fucking long!" I said impatiently as I fell into the n
earest seat. Just as I settled into a suitable position, the doors opened, and I

was right back on my feet. Dr. Collins walked into the room with a small smile
on her face.

"Well--" She said, looking into my eyes. "She's fine, so stop wearing a hole int
o our floors." She shifted her gaze over to Johnathan who had come to stand besi
de me when she had entered the room. "I don't know what happened, but Isobel see
ms to have come to terms with everything that has happened to her. It's like she
senses that everything is over and that she's able to move on now. We had a nic
e long chat, and she understands that she is far from healed so she has agreed t
o accept my help in getting her there. We will have weekly sessions at my office
until we both feel that my services are no longer needed. I work for the Brooks
County Police Department, so all expenses are on them. You may take your daught
er home now." at the she smiled at everyone in the room and turned to leave.

"Thank you, Doctor!" Johnathan said before she disappeared around the corner.

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Isobel's baby is biologically his. I am sooooo sorry...there is just no way to d
o it. There was no sex for those two until chapter 25. The baby belongs to the l
ate Chet Peters. I hate it. You hate it. Isobel hates it. Bobby hates it. But it
just had to be this way. :(


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[44] He Saved Me Chapter Forty-Four
Chapter Forty-Four
Isobel's POV
"Are you ready baby?"
I looked up and over to the doorway from my position in front of the mirror posi
tioned on my closet door and smiled at my dad. "Yes, give me a few more minutes.
"Okay, I'll be waiting outside." He tapped his fingers on the door frame a coupl

e times and then turned and walked back down the hall.
I stared after him for a while as I remembered what Bobby had told me the night
that I got home from the hospital. I still couldn't believe that my dad had kill
ed a man. He didn't even like to kill a fly. He would just chase it around the h
ouse until he had lured it to the front door and then he would let it fly outsid
e. That man...that man had killed Chet Peters and got away with it. I sent a sil
ent thank you to Detective Rodriguez for what he had ignored in order to let my
father go.
I returned my attention to my reflection in the mirror and turned sideways, smoo
thing the black dress that Bobby had bought me down over my belly. I was four mo
nths pregnant today and the baby was beginning to show evidence of its existence
. There was a slight pudge there. I frowned as I tried to sink in my belly some.
..no difference.
With a sigh, I pulled the ends of my graduation gown together and zipped it. Bot
h Bobby and my dad were waiting for me outside so that we could head over to the
graduation cerimony. Bobby was going to drive me in his car, and my dad had ins
isted on leaving at the same time as me even though I had told him several times
that the graduates had to be there an hour and a half before the actual ceremon
y began. He had brushed my warnings off with a shrug, saying that he wanted to g
et the entire experience of his daughter graduating high school, so if he had to
wait in the stands for a few minutes then that was what he would do.
After taking one last look at myself in the mirror, I picked up my cap off the b
ed and rushed outside to join Bobby.
The sunlight nearly blinded me when I stepped outside and joined Bobby at his ca
"You look so beautiful." He whispered to me as he opened the car door and waited
for me to get in.
I rolled my eyes at his words and scoffed. "Whatever. I look like a fat cow!" I
said once I had gotten in.
"Bullshit!" He squatted down in the doorway next to me and splayed is fingers ac
ross my belly. "This is beautiful!" He leaned over and kissed my belly and then
came up to place a soft kiss on my lips. You are beautiful!"
I blinked back tears as I tried to find words to express to this boy what he did
to my heart, but before I could get anything out, he had stood and closed the d
"We'll meet you there Mr. D!" He called out to my dad who was sitting in his tru
ck, waiting patiently for us to pull out of the drive.
And just like that, our moment was over. Bobby slid across the hood of his car a
nd got in, not even buckling his seat belt before starting the car and pulling o
ut onto the street.
"Can you believe it?!?! We are DONE with high school!!! Done! Finished! It is OV
ER!" Alice yammered excitedly next to me as we weaved through the crowd of gradu
ates, trying to find Bobby and Angel. We were all supposed to be going to Bobby'
s house after the ceremony to celebrate with our family and close friends.
I laughed at her ablility to have so much energy when she and I had been up unti

l four in the morning talking on the phone. I felt dead on my feet, and couldn't
foresee actually being able to stay awake for the rest of the day.
"Yes, I can believe it Al. I got the proof right here." I waved my diploma in he
r face and resumed my search for the boys. Just then I felt two arms grab me fro
m behind and spin me around into a hug, and I squealed in delight as I wrapped m
y arms around Bobby's neck, grabbing a fist full of his hair and tugging gently.
"My fiance, the honor graduate!"
At his words, Alice and I both took a sharp intake of breath. I let go of his ha
ir and slid down his body until my feet hit the ground, staring into his eyes. "
What?" I said a little too loudly.
I noticed Bobby's hands shaking as he looked around at the people passing us. He
let out a nervous laugh and then met my eyes again. "Well..." his voice tremble
d with that one word. "That is...uhh..." He reached into the pocket of his dress
slacks and pulled out a small black velvet box with gold trimming. "Isobel Davi
s," He began, dropping to one knee in the middle of the crowd and opening the bo
x to reveal the most beautiful solitaire diamond ring.
I heard another gasp and looked up to see that Sharon, Daniel and my dad had all
found us in the huge throng of people, and were witnessing Bobby on his knee in
front of me. Them, along with everyone else who happened to walk by and notice.
Bobby cleared his throat and my eyes returned to him. "Isobel Davis," he said ag
ain. "I don't know how to do this. I've only ever seen a proposal done in the mo
vies, but in the movies they uhhh...always..." he cleared his throat again. "Alw
ays say the girl's whole name." he babbled, voice still trembling. "Iz, I don't
think it's possible for anyone to love someone as much as I love you. Ever since
we were kids, it's always only ever been you! You have made me want to become t
he person that my mom always told me I could be. If you say yes, I promise that
I will spend the rest of my life being that man for you, and our kids. Isobel Da
vis, will yo--"
"YES!!" I screamed as I flung myself at him and wrapped my arms around his neck
again, unable to control the tears that were falling from my eyes.
"Y--yes? You said yes?" Bobby laughed as he swung me around in a circle. He let
me go long enough to slide the ring on my finger and then all hell broke loose.
Everyone in the small group passed me around like a rag doll, offering me congra
tulations and good luck.
This day would go down in history as the best day of my life.
Bobby's POV
I watched Isobel from across the yard as she showed her ring to Alice's mom. I h
adn't been able to wipe the smile off my face for the last 2 hours since she had
said that she would marry me. I couldn't believe it! I was going to marry Isobe
l Davis.
"Hey you stole my moment, kid!" Daniel came up from behind me and slapped me acr
oss the back playfully.
"What are you going on about, Danny Boy?" I asked, taking a drink from my cup of

"Well...I was going to ask if it was okay with you first..." he began.
I narrowed my eyes in confusion as I studied his face. "What are you talking abo
ut? If what was okay with me?"
Daniel chuckled and then pulled out a small velvet box similar to the one I had
just pulled on Isobel. "Well I wanted to ask if it would--"
"You want to marry me? Danny Boy, why didn't you say anything before? I'm alread
y taken now! Dammit! Let me go and see if I can call it off with Isobel!"
Daniel's chuckle turned to a full out laugh as he whopped me across the back of
my head. I joined him in his laughter. "Of course it's okay with me! And I'm sur
e it would be okay with my mom too, I know she loves you."
"What would be okay with me?"
Daniel hid his hand behind his back as he and and I turned to see my mom standin
g behind us, holding two wine glasses. I smirked at Daniel before taking both gl
asses from my mom and placing them on a table nearby. "Daniel has something to g
ive you, mom."
She cast me a skeptical look before taking a couple of hesitant steps toward Dan
iel. "What?" she asked, glancing at me again before settling her eyes on Daniel.
I just folded my arms and watched.
"You sure you don't want me to rain on your parade, son?" He asked me, and I cou
ld tell that he was stalling out of nervousness.
"Nothing could rain on my parade today Danny Boy! She said yes! Now quit stallin
g and get on with it!"
Daniel returned his attention to my mom and brought his hand from behind his bac
k. "Well...Bobby said that you would be okay with me asking..." He opened the bo
x and waited of mom's reaction.
"Wow, for a lawyer, he sure sucked at finding the words for a proposal!" I joked
. "Mom, go ahead and say yes already so we can celebrate!"
"Shut up kid!" Daniel said, waving his hand at me to emphasize his desire for me
to do just that. "I'm waiting," he whispered to my mom.
She had unshed tears glistening in her eyes as she shook her head slowly. "Danie
l, we can't!" she said, and my heart dropped. From the look on Daniel's face, I
could tell that his heart had don't just about the same thing.
"Oh." He cleared his troat and shut the box. "Okay..." he took a couple of steps
"It's not that I don't want to!" Mom said urgently. "I just--Daniel, I can't hav
e kids, and I know how badly you want them. I couldn't do that to you! If you ma
rried me, it would be like signing away all hope of you ever having a child of y
our own."
"Sharon, I don't need kids as much as I need you! And Bobby! I love your son jus
t as much as if he were my own child, so that is not a problem! So please, Sharo
n, will you marry me?"
For a long time, she just stared into his eyes as if trying to determine if he w
as telling the truth about not needed to have his own kid. I guess saw what she

was looking for, because she nodded her head at the same time as she said, "Yes,
Daniel, of course I will marry you!"
No sooner than the words were out of her mouth that Daniel swept her up into his
arms. I smiled as I approached them.
"Oh this is great! I always wanted a dad!" I said, only half joking. "Wow, we're
two for two today! Let's go is if Angel has any plans for Alice!"

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[45] He Saved Me Chapter Forty-Five
Okay so I decided to do one more chapter before the Epilogue. I hadn't planned o
n doing this scene, but I was practically begged for it, so here you go! :)

Chapter Forty-Five
3 Months Later (September)
Isobel's POV
I felt like I was going to throw up. Pulling a napkin from a dispenser on the ta
ble next to me, I dabbed sweat from my forehead and took a couple of deep breath
"Okay..." I breath in and out repeatedly, trying to calm my racing heartbeat. "Y
ou can do this. You can do this..." I chanted to myself as I studied my reflecti
on in the mirror. My dress unattractively hugged my curves and fell in waves dow
n to my feet. "Oh my God, I can't do this." Tears welled in my eyes as I tried t
o readjust my wedding dress to make it look sexier. It had been so much prettier
2 months ago when I had tried it on in the store, but 2 months ago, I wasn't si
x months pregnant, and the baby inside of me wasn't announcing it's existence so
"It's tiiiime!!!" Alice sang excitedly as she danced into the room with my bouqu
et. Once she got a good look at my face, though, she froze and rushed to my side
. "Isobel? Isobel, what's wrong?"
"I'm so ugly!!!" I sobbed. "I'm a big fat cow!" I cried as I slumped down in the
chair next to me. "He's not going to want me anymore once he sees me in this th
ing! I look like Shamoo on my wedding day." Most of my words were slurred or mum
bled, and I knew that anyone else but Alice would have been clueless as to what
I had just said. But Alice was my best friend. She was like my sister, and she a
nd I had had so many conversations just like this one, that I knew that she had
heard every word I said loud and clear.
She scoffed as she crouched beside me. "Now Isobel, you're just being silly!" Sh
e began with a patient smile. "That boy loves you more than life, and I'm sure h

e would want you even if you looked like Miss Piggy! But that's not even a quest
ion, because you are beautiful! You're not even showing that much, you're just l
etting your nerves and hormones get to you!"
I sniffed a couple of times as I stared off into space. I didn't want to accept
what she said, even though a part of me knew that she was right. This was just s
o far from the wedding day that I had always imagined for myself. In my dreams,
I was beautiful and radiantly happy, and I was my normal size. I wasn't carrying
a miniature basketball in front of me and trying to hide in the folds of a big
wedding dress.
Alice shifted so that she was in front of me and took my hands to pull me to my
feet. She struggled for a few seconds before I took pity on her and stood myself
. "Iz, you're being silly!" She repeated. "You love that boy. I know you love hi
m, and I can tell that each day, you love him even more than the one before..."
I nodded slowly as I turned back to the mirror to study my reflection again.
She nodded with me and repositioned the pins in my hair so that a few strands fe
ll down, framing my face. "And you know that Bobby loves you, right?"
I nodded my head, refusing to open my mouth.
"I want to hear you say it!" She insisted.
"I know that he loves me." My voice trembled slightly at the words, and I turned
to look into my best friend's blue-gray gaze. "I know he does."
She smiled brightly and picked up my vail from the table and placed it atop my h
ead before pulling it down over my face. "So why would you think that on the day
that you two are promising to spend the rest of your lives together, that he wo
uldn't think the you're the most beautiful creature that he's ever laid eyes on?
It was a rhetorical question, so I didn't bother to answer it. She was right. Th
ere was nothing for me to be afraid of...today was the first day of the rest of
my life. I giggled as I grabbed my bouquet from Alice's fingers turned back to e
xamine myself in the mirror one last time. I guess I was kind of pretty. I looke
d at Alice's reflection behind me in the mirror. "I'm getting married!!!" I said
loudly and she squealed excitedly before grabbing my free hand and dragging me
from the room.
"Yes you are, and we're late, so let's go. Your soon-to-be husband is waiting fo
r you." We rounded the corner ans stopped just outside of the church lobby where
my dad waited for me.
When he turned and say me, I noticed tears on his face and he smiled brightly as
he wiped them away. "My baby's getting married," he said as though explaining t
o us why his face was tear stained. I smiled at him and he took my arm and burie
d it in the crook of his. "Are you ready?" he asked.
'As I'll ever be.' I thought as I nodded at him.
Bobby's POV
"She's not coming..." I whispered to Angel for the fifth time as I stood at the
alter and waited for those big doors to open in the back of the church. "She's n
ot coming."

Angel groaned impatiently and circled his finger around the inside of the collar
of his shirt, trying to loosen the tie somewhat. "Dude, shut the fuck up!" He w
hispered as he glanced in my direction. "She's coming. She's probably just fussi
ng over her makeup."
'Yeah.' my brain eagerly latched on to that possibility as I resumed my torturou
s waiting. "She's fixing her makeup."
Another minute passed with the harpist playing softly in the background. The har
pist had begun playing exactly six minutes ago, and that's when my nerves and fe
ar set in. At the rehearsal, it was explained that the harpist was the signal fo
r the ceremony to begin. Alice was supposed to walk to the door and stand opposi
te Angel, and then the wedding march was to begin. But the doors never opened, a
nd Alice had never walked in, and five minutes suddenly felt like a lifetime as
I waited for those doors to burst open.
"She's not coming!" I said again and fear threatened to smother me. I looked at
Daniel and my mom helplessly. Daniel gave me a sympathetic look and my mom gave
me a reassuring one. I looked down and noticed that they were holding hands and
the light reflected off of Daniels wedding band. They had had their wedding exac
tly one month ago. It was a private ceremony with just family and close friends,
and I had never seen either of them happier. I wanted that. I needed that. I ne
eded Isobel...to breath, to live, to be happy, to...to be. I needed her like I n
eeded life, and she was standing me up at the alter. "I can't believe this is ha
ppening. I thought--I thought she was ready. I thought she loved--" My sentence
was cut short at the sound of the big doors opening, and the harpist's music gre
w louder. Everyone in the church turned to look.
Staring at the doorway, I held my breath as Alice slowly made her way down the a
isle. Almost too slow! 'Wow, is she trying to kill me?' I thought to myself as I
waited painstakingly for her to take her position. Once she was two feet way, s
he flashed Angel a bright smile and turned to watched the doorway with the rest
of us.
The harpist's music shifted smoothly into the Wedding March, and Isobel and John
athan appeared in the doorway. My heart crashed almost painfully against my ches
t when I saw her. It was only then that I was sure that this was really happenin
g. She wasn't leaving me. She loved me. She was marrying me today. Tears filled
my eyes, and I knew that they were rolling down my cheeks, but I didn't care. I
didn't care that any and everyone could see my weakness for this girl as I stood
and cried like an idiot as I watched her approach me. It seemed like miles sepa
rated us when in reality it was only a few feet, but any distance from the beaut
iful creature approaching me was to far in my books. It really was taking foreve
r for her to reach me.
FINALLY! Finally, she reached me, and I distantly heard the reverend speak and J
ohnathan reply before taking my hand and placing it in Isobel's. Only then did I
feel complete. She slid me a shy smile and I returned it eagerly.
"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today......"
I couldn't let her go. We had been dancing for the last five songs and both my m
om, and her dad had tried to cut in to get a dance with us, but I just coundn't
let her go. She was mine now and forever. For the rest of our lives, she would b
e Isobel Slade, and my heart raced every time I thought of that. She was mine.
The next song ended, and my mom appeared at our sides again. "Honey, I think you

r wife needs a breather. Dance with your mom and let her sit down for a bit." It
was then that I noticed that I had been supporting all of Isobel's wait in my a
rms. She was exhausted. I smiled apologetically at her and escorted her to our s
eats, leaving her with a kiss on the forehead before returning to my mom and swe
eping her into the next dance. She laughed as I spun her around and brought her
back to me to resume our two-step.
"You look happy." she said with a serene smile.
I am, I told her. "I'm the happiest man alive today, mom. I can't even imagine b
eing any happier."
Her eyes glistened as she stared into my eyes as if reassuring herself that I wa
s telling the truth. "I'm so glad." she said softly before kissing my cheek and
laying her head on my shoulder to finish the dance in silence.
"Can I cut in?" I heard Daniel say behind me and I chuckled as I turned to him.
"You sure can Danny Bo--" I cut off when I saw that it wasn't Daniel standing be
hind us but my own father. Rage began to boil inside my chest as I pushed my mom
back behind me with one arm. "What the fuck are you doing here?" I said, barely
able to contain my voice to an outraged whisper.
"Listen son, I just wan--"
"Don't call me that!" I yelled. "Never call me that! I am not your son! You aban
doned the right to ever call me that again eight years ago, just like you abando
ned the right to ever talk to my mother ever again! Get out of here!" by this ti
me, everyone in the room had stopped to stared at the trio in the center of the
"I just want to talk to her so--Bobby." He said softly, looking over my shoulder
at her desperately.
"You have nothing to say to her!" I said shortly.
"What's going on over here?" Daniel said as he stopped at mom's side and pulled
her possessively against his side.
"Look, this doesn't concern you!" Robert said impatiently. "I would just like a
few words with--"
"If it concerns my wife, then it concerns me!" Daniel told him. I noticed my dad
's eyes immediately flashed to both their rings as realization hit. He hadn't kn
own about their wedding. "Now if there is something you need to say, you can say
it now..."
Robert looked like a deer caught in the headlights as his eyes flashed from me t
o my mom and then settled on Daniel again. Before long, his expression turned in
to a sneer and he scoffed. "So you picked up my left overs?" He said nastily. "F
ine, you can have my family. There was a reason that I let them go. She's lousy
in bed, and the kid was always a whiny, annoying little brat. Neither were ever
really worth a second thought, I just thought that it would be fun to come back
and shake things up a bit. But you want my family, you can have it. Enjoy!"
Before any of us knew what happened, Daniel had gently set my my mom aside and r
eered back and punched Robert with an enraged right hook. As he rose to a sittin
g position floor, blood dripping from a cut on his lip, Robert looked up with st
unned eyes.
"You know the sad thing is that you actually believe the bullshit you just let s

lip from your filthy mouth! You let the most beautiful, caring, and loving woman
go so that you could play around with a whore, and in the process, you hurt the
two people that I care about most in the world. Your son got married today, and
you have the nerve to show up unannounced, and uninvited, and for what? And ins
tead of offering your congratulations and maybe an apology, you offer insults in
stead? I should fucking kill you! But I think that it's better to let you suffer
knowing that you can never have them again. However, I do owe you my gratitude.
Because of you, I have the best wife and son a man could ever ask for, so thank
you! Now get the fuck off my property!"
With that, Daniel grabbed my mom's hand and walked back to our table to sit with
Isobel who was had just stared at the entire scene, stunned. I was kind of stun
ned myself as I followed them and the music began again as though nothing had ev
er happened.
When I sat down next to my wife, she studied me with a concerned expression. "Yo
u okay?" she whispered.
I smiled at her and nodded. "Better than ever."

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fect? Lol. Like I said, I hadn't planned on writing the wedding, but this just c
ame to me. The epilogue will be the baby's birth. :)

[46] He Saved Me Epilogue
Isobel's POV
Anna Nalick's voice rang softly from the speakers in my car as I pulled to a sto
p in the parking lot of the grocery store nearest my house. I had been craving c
hocolate and popcorn all morning, and Bobby wasn't due to get out of class at th
e local community college for another thirty minutes, so I decided to make the q
uick trip to the store and back before he got home.
Bobby had practically had me on house arrest for the past two weeks since my las
t doctor's appointment where Dr. Patterson had put me on bed rest. The baby was
due any day now and I couldn't help but feel a little resentful toward it for co
mplicating things so drastically to where I couldn't even make a trip to the sto
re and back without having to prepare myself for my husband's wrath. My husband-the words still made me smile after three months.
Switching the car off, I opened the door and awkwardly pulled myself to my feet,
gasping at the sharp, tight pain that radiated up and down my spine and through
out the rest of my body. I paused for a few seconds, breathing deeply before the

pain released me. That had been happening regularly all morning and I cursed my
luck. Who wants to have gas on top of being pregnant and hungry. Resting my han
ds softly on my belly, I hobbled to the front entrance of Publix and smiled grat
efully at the woman who paused to hold the door open for me on her way out.
It didn't take me long to get what I had come for, and I was soon making my way
to the checkout line with a cart full of candy bars and a box of microwave popco
rn. The salesperson raised her eyebrow when she saw the amount of chocolate I wa
s purchasing, but otherwise remained silent after her initial greeting. Just the
n, my cell phone rang and the sound of "You Found Me" by The Fray filled the air
. I groaned and hesitated to answer. "He's going to bite my head off." I said qu
ietly before pressing the green button and holding the phone to my ear. "Hey bab
e." I said quietly, unable to keep the undertone of guilt out of my voice.
"Where are you?" he said, sounding near panic, and I could hear him moving aroun
d quickly. I guessed that he was searching for me.
"I thought you were in class?" I said, avoiding the question.
"I got out early. Where are you Isobel? You know you're supposed to be in bed."
I decided that the best way to avoid what I knew was coming was to pretend that
nothing was out of the ordinary. "Oh I had a craving for some chocolate, so I'm
at the grocery store picking some up." I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for hi
s response as another pain clenched my back muscles together. I noticed the cash
ier standing with a slightly impatient look on her face and blinked in surprise
to see all my things neatly bagged and placed in my cart. I gave her an apologet
ic smile and handed her a twenty. "Keep the change." I whispered before grabbing
my cart and moving along. "Bobby?"
"I'm still here."
"Why aren't you saying anything?" I asked once I had made it back to my car with
my bags in hand.
More silence greeted me, and I knew that he must be more angry than I had guesse
d he'd be. "Because--" He began, but paused again. "Because I know that if I say
what I want to say, how I want to say it, then it's just going to hurt your fee
lings and you'll end up crying, and I don't want to make you cry."
I felt bad then. I had been a nightmare these last few months with my mood swing
s and emotions running wild, and Bobby had been as patient as he could be. I som
etimes wondered if maybe he would regret marrying me and realize that he could d
o so much better, but each day he managed to calm that fear just a little more.
"No, just let me have it." I said as I started my car and hooked my seat belt. "
I deserve it."
"Well why didn't you just call my mom? I'm sure she would have been happy to go
to the store for you." He asked.
I sighed, reversing out of my space and beginning my journey back home. "Bobby,
your mom is a newly married woman. I'm sure she has better things to do than to
keep hopping up and running to my aid every time I need something when you're no
t around."
A sound similar to a growl came from the other end of the line, and my husband's
patience snapped. "Well you should have just waited for me! Isobel, there is a
reason that the doctor put you on bed rest! You shouldn't be leaving the house r
ight now, let alone operating a vehicle! What if you go into labor?"

I scoffed. "Oh come on! I'm not gonna go into labor! There are warning signs for
that. I wouldn't have left the house if I wasn't confident that--" Just then an
other pain gripped me and it was considerably worse than all the ones before. I
moaned loudly as I waited for it to pass, pulling to a stop at a stop light.
"Isobel? Isobel, what's wrong? Are you okay?" Bobby's voice sounded a little mor
e panicked as he yelled into the phone.
"I'm fine..." I said, breathing heavily. "It's just gas, I think."
"Gas? Iz are you sure, because--"
"I'm sure, Bobby. Calm dow--" My words were cut off when I felt a warm flow of l
iquid spreading steadily down my legs. "Ohhhh no!"
"What?!" he exclaimed.
"Uhhh babe?"
"Yea?" he said anxiously.
"I think my water just broke."
I heard a crashing sound and a lot of shuffling, and then I heard Bobby let out
a string of curse words, his voice sounding far away. He'd dropped the phone. Wi
thin seconds, he was back on the line and yelling loudly into the phone. "Pull o
ver! Now! I'm on my way! Just--breathe! You remember how we've been practicing?
Just breathe. I'm on my way!" he yelled again.
"It's a girl!" A nurse exclaimed happily as she held the baby up for me and Bobb
y to see. "Daddy, would you like to cut the cord?"
Bobby blinked rapidly as he made his way to the end of the bed, nodding his head
hesitantly. "Y--yeah sure." he said, flashing me a weak smile before looking ba
ck at the baby. He took a pair of scissors from one of the many pairs of hands i
n the room and cut the cord, and immediately after, she was whisked away to be c
leaned and bundled. He came back to me with the biggest smile on his face. "She
looks just like you!" he laughed. "I mean, EXACTLY like you!"
I tried to laugh too, but I was literally more exhausted than I had ever been in
my life. "Bobby, she's just a baby. She can't look just like me yet."
"But she does!" He told me as he picked up my hand from where it rested on the b
ed and gave it a little squeeze. "I love you so much, Iz."
Tears pooled in my eyes as I looked at him. "I can't do it, Bobby."
Concern creased his brow as he looked down at me. "Can't do what?"
"I can't keep her." I said softly, knowing that my words would hurt him. Bobby h
ad been so supportive throughout my entire pregnancy that I sometimes found myse
lf forgetting the baby I had just given birth to wasn't really his. I think that
sometimes he forgot that little piece of information, too. "I've been thinking
about this a lot lately. I mean--we're just not ready to have a baby! You have c
ollege right now, and I start in January! We only just moved into the house. She
doesn't even have a furnished room!"
"But--we can get her some stuff! I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to it, but I'

ve just been a little busy! I can go and get her a crib today! Some toys! Mom al
ready said that she would be happy to babysit for us while we're in class! We CA
N do this, Isobel."
I shook my head as the tears began to fall more swiftly. "I can't! I just--Bobby
, I was raped. I know that you try your best to make me forget that, but the tru
th is, I never will. And I'm afraid that with her always...around, that it would
just make it worse."
I watched him struggle to find the right words for a minute before he exhaled an
d raked his fingers through his hair. "Okay. I understand. We can--Whatever you
want to do is fine with me."
Grace Elizabeth Slade weighed six pounds and three ounces and was approximately
nineteen inches long. The nurse had brought her back over to me a few minutes ag
o, and I could only stare at her, marveling at how much she did look just like m
"Do you think she'll do it?" I asked Bobby.
He cleared his throat and shook himself out of the trance-like state he had been
in since I had taken Grace into my arms. "Uh yeah. Yeah, I know she would be th
rilled to do it."
Right after he got the words out, my dad came into the room, and following close
behind him was Sharon, Daniel, Alice and Angel. Their jaws dropped at the sight
of the baby in my arms.
"Aww look at her, she's so adorable!" Sharon cooed once she'd gotten close enoug
h to touch Grace's little hand. "Can I hold her?" she asked.
I smiled at her reaction to the baby, reassured that Bobby and I had made the ri
ght decision. "Of course!" I told her, lifting her from my lap and transferring
her to Sharon's waiting arms.
Sharon immediately cradled her close to her chest and rocked her softly as every
one piled around her to get a better look. "What did you name her?" she asked.
"Grace Elizabeth." I told her, taking Bobby's hand into mine.
"Elizabeth--you gave her my middle name?" Tears filled her eyes as she looked fr
om me to Bobby and then back at the baby in her arms.
I nodded. "Yeah, you and my mom." I told her, looking to my dad to see his react
ion. He was blinking rapidly as he looked at the baby.
"She looks like you when you were a baby." He said, his voice catching a little.
He was probably remembering my mom.
"Yeah Bobby keeps saying that she looks just like me. I'm just glad she doesn't
look like--" I let my sentence hang there. Everyone knew what I was saying. It w
as a miracle that the baby didn't look anything like Chet Peters.
The room was silent for a couple of minutes as everyone awkwardly stood around a
nd thought about the events that brought us to this day. It was Bobby who finall
y broke the silence, clearing his throat.
"We've decided that we're not going to keep her." he said and I smiled at him gr

atefully for taking on the burden of informing everyone. "We're giving her up fo
r adoption."
Sharon and my dad gasped, and I could see the disappointment written on their fa
"Well," Sharon said after a short pause. "Well that's understandable. I mean...s
he would be a constant reminder of...." she trailed off. "No one can blame you f
or that Isobel. I know that there are plenty of people out there who would love
this little angel! She will be loved, that's for sure!"
"Actually," I began, scooting up into a more comfortable position in bed. "Bobby
and I were just talking about that before you guys came in. I know it kind of d
efeats the purpose a little, but we both agreed..." I looked at Bobby and he nod
ded his head encouragingly. "We would like you to have the baby."
"What?!" Sharon's jaw dropped.
"I mean, only if you want her. We just--you just got married, and we know that y
ou may think of adopting one day. But you don't have to feel obligated!" I rambl
ed as I watched my mother-in-law's face shift into a wide range of different emo
"I want her!" she said quickly, and then froze, turning to face Daniel. "Do you.
..?" she asked in an unsure tone.
Daniel, who had remained silent throughout this entire exchange, cleared his thr
oat. "Yes, definitely. We--uh we would love to adopt your baby. Thank you so muc
h for thinking of us!"
I released a long breath that I hadn't realized that I'd been holding. "No, than
k you! We just--I know that she will be taken care of with you."
Sharon smiled brightly before turning her attention back to her new daughter. Ev
eryone surrounded her again after a few minutes, and all of the shock and awkwar
dness wore off and disappeared from the room.
"How are you feeling?" Bobby asked quietly as he eased down to sit next to me on
the bed.
"Tired." I answered, my eyes drooping.
"That's not what I meant." He responded.
I opened my eyes and looked at the small group that was still cooing over the ba
by. Even Angel was making baby noises, making Alice giggle next to him. My dad s
till hadn't said much, but I could tell that he was okay with what had just happ
ened as well. My eyes returned back to Bobby and I smiled at him. "I feel...love
He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me, kissing my temple softly. "That you
are, babe."
My eyes drooped again, and
e love surrounding me. Ten
ve changed so drastically.
uch a tragic event, it was
his moment, wrapped in the
The End

this time let them shut all the way as I basked in th

months ago, I never would have expected my life to ha
And while all of this had come about as a result of s
hard not to feel completely and blissfully happy in t
arms of the boy who saved me.

-------------Okay so that's it. The story is over! I feel so sad to end it, but I
also feel...relieved! Lol. I have to go to work now, but I will be posting agai
n later to discuss my ideas for the sequel. :)

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[48] One Life Stand
Okay my lovelies!!!! I have finally written the first chapter of He Saved Me's s
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ately, I don't have a cover for it yet, but hopefully i will soon. Thank you all
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