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Volume 43, Issue 5B

Olympics: Gymnastics 2012
By Katelyn Strauss
Sunday night, the 2012 Summer Olympics the
gymnastic qualifications for all around were
aired live around the world. The biggest surprise
is that instead of the two expected to compete for
all around; Gabby Douglas and Jordan Wieber,
Aly Raisman of Needham, Massachusetts has
taken a place in all around next to Douglas.
Daily Double Behind the Scenes
By Lance Haug
When you get the Daily Double you
think It must not be that hard to make these.
Or not. I cant read minds, but if you were
thinking that, its not as easy as you think - its
pretty hard. We have about 8 or 9 people writing
the articles for your newspaper including me:
Lance Haug. We have a person who lays out all
the articles into the paper and there is another
who goes around and helps people. As I am
writing this I can see July 27s news laid out
on the computer. Its hard thinking of what to
write, thats why we have a suggestion board!
We can look up there and see what we could
type. Its always so relaxing to go to the room
and start typing. You could write for the Daily
Double as well if you come to the 2nd floor of
the old building!

By Anonymous
Walker secretly owns 27 cats.
The top of the tent stage is actually made of
Kelsey is Dutch. And a shark.
Emily only has four toes on her left foot.
There was once a fire in the barn that lasted three
Someone drew a face on a tree behind the barn.
100 years ago.
The Daily Double has a CRUSH on Cliffhanger.
One of Walkers cats is named Arlynn.
Alices name is actually Fred. Call her Fred!
Sarah and Emily DAngelo are NOT related.
Sonya and Claire are sisters.
Kelsey and Jordon are also sisters (this isnt
The Daily Double hats are poisonous.
Walker actually writes all the Daily Double articles
One of the computers in the Daily Double room is
a robot. It acts like its off but its actually planning
to take over the world. Obviously.
The bathroom in the old building is haunted.
Alice hears voices.

No More Math!
By Heather Morrill
If I got to write a note to math it would saw Dear math, you are making me solve your problems when I
have my own to solve. I mean its true - I dont want to do that anymore. I am out of energy now. Thanks a lot, I
am not doing it ever. I waste my time.
Come on! Does math think we have all our life to think? Do you guys know what Im talking about? Come
be on my team: not math. Im nice, I dont make you solve my problems. Well, only if I am tired or lazy. So trust
me. Come on, trust me!

Poetry with Lily

By Lily Hicks
Mr. Mumpkin
Mr. Mumpkin was a man
Mr. Mumpkin had a tan
Mr. Mumpkin ate a can
Mr. Mumpkin was a man
Mr. Mumpkin was a goat
Mr. Mumpkin had a boat
Mr. Mumpkin ate an oat
Mr. Mumpkin was a goat
Mr. Mumpkin was a duck
Mr. Mumpkins hen could cluck
Mr. Mumpkin ate a puck
Mr. Mumpkin was a duck

By Jake Rast
Please eat my plastic,
It comes out every midnight,
To eat my pine cones.

Writers Block
By Maddie Vanech
Have you ever had writers block?
When you reach for the creative ideas
That were there the last time
But they escape your grasp
And are nowhere to be found
They have dispersed
Where is questionable
But for now
You sit
Or pace
Or throw your hands in the air
Or put your head on the keyboard
Just to see what it has to say
Has no inspiration
So you sit
And wait

Dear Marissa
Dear Marissa,
I REALLY want a pet bunny! The problem is,
my parents dont think Im ready for one. How can I
convince them to let me get a bunny?
-I want a bunny!
Dear I want a bunny,
To show your parents that you are ready, research
about having a bunny as a pet. Learn about what they
eat and how often you have to clean their cage. Get
all of the information, and report to your parents with
that. Tell them that you will be sure to feed her every
day and clean her cage whenever necessary. If they still
dont think youre ready, you could pet-sit a bunny for
a friend or neighbor. If you parents see that you can
take care of someone elses pet, they might trust you
more with your own. Good luck!
If you have a question, ask Marissa! No question
is too silly or too weird. It could be My friend and I
had a fight, and I want to make up with her. What do
I do? or What do purple pandas do in their spare
Find the ad on the festival board, right outside
of the activity center. Get a slip from the blank slip
pouch, and write your question anonymously. Fold up
your slip and put into the questions pouch.

Superheroes vs. Creatures

By Caleb Lazar and Henry Wasserman
It has come to our attention that some
people think that superheroes are better than made
up creatures. We think that made up creatures are
way better than superheroes. We have decided that
be up to the people of the camp to decide. We have
interviewed a few people to find what they think.
Interview with Eliza Francis Burr, CIT:
Henry: Have you ever lied?
Eliza: No.
H: Then you just lied.
E: How?
H: You said you would give us a cupcake.
E: When?
H: This morning.
E: Im sorry.
H: What activities do you CIT?
E: 1st period: Cartoonaverse, 2nd period: Duels
Damsel and Disasters, 3rd period: Hip Hop, 4th
period: Soapstone, 5th period: Wire jewelry.
H: Which do you like better: superheroes or made
up creatures?
E: Made up creatures.
H: Why do you like made up creatures more than
E: Theyre more imagitive and creative.
H: Its been a nice interview with you.
E: Bye.
H: Bye. You still owe me a cupcake.
Interview with Sam Raby, CIT:
H: Have you ever lied?
S: Yes.
H: How did you lie?
S: I once told my mom that I was a penguin.
H: When did you lie?
S: On my seventeenth birthday.
H: Is your mom still alive?
S: She never lived because she was never a living
person. I was born out of the sky.
H: Is that a lie?
S: Yes.
H: What do you think are better, made up creatures
or superheroes?
S: Made up creatures.
H: Why do you like made up creatures more than

By Sophie Biro
This weekend was the mens 400 IM. Michal Phelps
was a favorite to win the gold, which would make
him the first swimmer to win 3 gold medals in the
same event. But then in the semifinals he only made
the finals by a seventh of a point! All day, I was
wondering what would happen to the undefeated
swimmer. Michal Phelps also has the record in this
event, which he set in 2008. Michal Phelps was
in lane eight, so he could see the whole field of
swimmers. But then Ryan Locte got first, at first near
the world record until he lost it at the end. Michal
Phelps ended up in fourth place. It was the first time
in twelve years that he did not get a medal!!!!!!

S: Because I USED to have one. My jelly-pigeon

died when I tried to feed it hot cocoa.
H: Youre lying.
S: (no response)
H: YOURE LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
S: (walks away)
H: You dont need to cry!
S: (sob) I want my mommy!
Now that weve interviewed some CITs, we want to
know how campers and counselors feel. If anyone has
an opinion, tell. Write, talk, find some way to let us

By: Lance Haug

Which Olympic Athlete Are You Most Like?

By Isabelle Lockhart

When you go to different countries you always have

to learn to somewhat blend in. For example, Daily
Double writer, Lance Haug, had recently been on a
trip that took him to the other side of the world! His
trip destination was Australia. It was a long way to get
from Boston Massachusetts to Australia. The flight
total was about 20 hours long!
It was really tiring. Says Lance, We had to sleep on
the plane, since we were going with the flow of night
time it stayed dark the whole time so it was the longest
night I had ever seen! There were a few differences
from Massachusetts to Australia, for one: which side
of the road to drive on. You had to drive on the LEFT
side of the road either than the right. They also had
different outlets, you know how the ones here are like:

1. What do you like to do in your free time?

a. go to the pool
b. dance or go to the gym
c. run around different places
d. jump around different places

or something, but the Australian outlet was like this:

so it was hard to get used to it. But

traveling to other countries is really fun I would suggest
going to somewhere like Australia for this summer.

2. What would you rather do?

a. swim
b. do gymnastics
c. race
d. jump off a high diving board
3. How would you describe yourself?
a. Always in the limelight and a tiny bit self
b. Hard working and dedicated to what you like to
c. Energetic and always ready to get to work
d. Open and optimistic to working with another
Mostly As: You are most like Ryan Latche(the
Mostly Bs: You are most like Shawn Johnson(the
Mostly Cs: You are most like Usain Bolt ( the
Mostly Ds: You are most like Anna James( the

What the counselors will be doing is 20 years

By Sophie Biro
Alice will be an author and will have one bestselling
book called, CRCAP, which will make 100000000
00000000000000007 sales. Emily D. will become
a childrens author, and she will be best friends
with Alice. She will set a world record on the most
childrens books written in one year. Kelsey F.
will become an actor until she decides to become
a singer, and then she will be a movie director and
write some of the best movies until she decides to
retire in Italy.