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Fief 1429: Offices & Positions: Gaining through Elections; Marriage, Birth/Death and Money



Pope: 1VP

King: 1VP

Only MALE Lords allowed and must not be Captive, Excommunicated or Renegade or on Crusade
Must be unmarried and not excommunicated to stand for Ecclesiastical office


Elected when all of Bishopric

villages player controlled
1/Village & 2/Principle village
2/Bishop (new may not vote)
3/Cardinal or Pope
Only Highest Title counts

Only if Templars or
Teutonic Knights in play
Same election as Bishop
May hold 2nd Bishopric
May Tithe both if playing
two cards
Casts 2 votes for Bishop
Do NOT vote for Pope

Cardinals: not elected

Must be a Bishop/Archbishop
Gains office by card draw or buy
Biretta (5D; 1 only) to gain office
Casts 3 votes for Bishop
Casts 1 vote for Pope
Bishops/Cardinals may attempt to put down an Uprising (see p.5-6)
If Excommunicated loses offices

All Titled* Lords - cast 1 vote for King

Must be a Bishop or Cardinal
[must be in France]
Can elect when 2 Cardinals are
Min 1 Lord must be candidate
in play
Min 3 votes & majority to elect
1 vote cast per Cardinal
Must include vote of 2 Bishops or 1
Cardinal/Archbishop or the Pope
May annul marriages upon
request; if King/Queen only if May grant Fief Title to qualifying Lord
theres no Crown Prince
May Excommunicate any 1
By marriage to King or lord elected
Lord at a time (or reinstate)
to King; she keeps her Titles
Must agree to any new

If King dies becomes Regent with

Kings privileges
Births Crown Prince if not captive
and King is alive

Crown Prince: born (card)

Auto succeeds on death of a King
Not subject to Justice

King/Queen Regent can Tax ungoverned Fiefs; Bishops/Archbishops Tithe own Bishoprics; Cardinals may Tithe any Bishopric; the
Pope may Tithe all governed Bishoprics. Templar Commandery income is not subject to Tithe

Only if Templars or

Teutonic Knights in play

Tax and

May not have Ecclesiastical title

Grand Master: Templars


Grand Master: Teutonic Knights


Only male Lords in the Order; must not be Captive, Excommunicated, Renegade or on Crusade
Order Lords may not have Ecclesiastical title or marry; may never attempt Assassination

Family lords are not

allowed to be in both
Templar and Teutonic
Knight orders

Elected by Templar lords only

Elected by Teutonic Knights lords only
1 vote per lords of the Order
1 vote per lords of the Order
Minimum of 2 votes/simple majority
Minimum of 2 votes/simple majority
May never have any other titles
May hold Fief Title but may not be King
If Military Order Grand Master(s) are in play, all lords of the respective Order must go on Crusade if possible
* Titled Lords (male or female): Fief holders and Eccelsiasticals have 1 vote per Lord