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It happened while studying high school, the last months of final semester.

had striven to maintain good grades me honestly, without copy or move
tasks to anyone and had done it, it was a simple student who did not call
much attention, until someone invented a gossip about me.
They said I ratted my colleagues in a trap they had done and that's my fault
would be affected grades, which I never did, but I suffered the
consequences as if I had done.
During those months I was publicly humiliated in many ways, they laughed
at me in classes or hallways, I threw papers and my reputation was
questioned. He could not go anywhere from school without someone to tell
me something offensive, it was very hard.
My parents talked with teachers, who promised to fix the situation, but the
truth is that never did anything, even had some friends who knew they had
not been, but still continued spreading gossip and saying things about me.
They were very hard days where I did not know who to trust. Many of my
"friends" doubted me and I was devastated, educational authorities gave
back to me and others told me to hang on, that after missing a short time to
leave school. I felt helpless, with a lot of courage to the world because it was
very unfair and not for the support of my family and true friends do not
know what happened.
I can now say it has been one of the toughest experiences I've had in my life
and I understand firsthand how horrible it feels to be a victim of bullying. It
is not easy, few support and sometimes you are alone against the world, but
I'm living testimony that can be overcome.
That experience taught me to know who my real friends, to trust myself no
matter what others say and to know that there are people willing to do evil
in the world, but still worth vivi
2 historia:
Carla , the girl, the teenager who suffered bullying for eight years, and
Silay , the girl, the teenager who wrote dark metaphors pain. Until they saw
where it came from pain, because I do not know
" I felt useless , nobody believed it , had anxiety , hopelessness ,
depression ... humiliated me psychologically , physically , I became their fun
." Carla explained yesterday , it says , has forgiven and has forgiven herself
and considers to have suffered is a gift that now has the joy -along the to
understand people . He made history in the research of high school and has
won the Consell Social prize thematic youth of the University of Girona. You
want to share your experience and what you have studied on the subject to
help those who are lost .
The bullying began when he was eight years in his school Tordera
(Barcelona). It was a little chubby, he says, and then she was alone, more
alone. Then it was closing in on itself, he did not dare to speak or to look
into the eyes of others. Going to school was horrible, but never said
anything-his parents learned of bullying when he published his work and the

video that accompanied it. No one noticed, no teacher, and she felt she
recalls did not exist.

Solitude was so heavy that at eleven did everything possible to integrate

into a group, and then began mobbing on it, orchestrated by the leader and
followed blindly by others. At this stage of transition from childhood and
adolescence, in which awareness of one's personality is taken, Carla says
she did not know who he was, or what he liked or what he wanted, but did
not know why. "The group begins a subtle psychological pressure that
causes confusion to the victim writes in his work. This is the first step that
will allow disabling own thinking gradually. Then, with snide remarks you try
to put this person in an inferior position and then subjecting the still hostile
and degrading maneuvers that will make it a simple object easy to
manipulate. "
The girls in the group were, remember, to orchestrate how they would
humiliate her. And Carla lived in a world increasingly black. They put all
kinds of labels, it was considered a nullity school, a girl problems ... and the
more he humiliates a person says, inflicting more damage is left. And then
they do things that should not be done, as a cry of despair ... But no one
So for Carla most important is to break the silence that has enveloped self,
and tries to make him understand his work for Research of identitat and
especially the pain silent video itself. Breaking, above all, fear to express
themselves and to express that one, perhaps, is different from others.
The protagonist of this story began to see gradually that things did not add
up, he enjoyed more talking to other people with your group until one day,
when high school was over, someone asked him what he wanted to study.
Carla nor I had raised, as he said he thought it was useless could not do high
school, and drew attention not even knowing what he wanted, nor what
their skills. He thought so he could study, and began to open his eyes.
With high school came a change of school. He could start again, no one
knew. He began to speak, the relationship with peers was good and realized
what had happened, no one before had explained what was the word
friendship. She thought her group were her friends.
"I am the object that someone forgot. I am the puppet of a bitter witch"
wrote in his diary Silay recalling the years of bullying. The work of the
institute served to scientifically study bullying and today Silay Alkma is the
literary pseudonym of Carla Herrero, a person who says he feels alone and
wants to send positive messages of encouragement and improvement, in
many circuits on the network that talk about it and those who express their
pain adolescents. Do with your personal, close and young girl experience,
not ex cathedra. The problem exists, but it seems, believes that is involved,
that is allowed to pass, and that few teachers who are concerned when,
remember, can end in suicide.
Carla's parents learned to view the video. He never said anything, it was a
closed girl who kept them from talking and often smiling. "Yes, many smile

to hide our pain," he says. "I know the tears, loneliness, humiliation,
bipolarity, psychosis ..." he wrote Silay to remember the pain, but today said
goodbye to loneliness - "Do not look where you walk?" -. Following the
dissemination of its work and video, many boys and girls they have been in
contact with her and come to her to chat. Carla begin next race of
Psychology at the University of Girona week.