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The mandatory capital build-up will have as its unintended
consequence that of having substantial investible funds in the hands
of the company.
The evaluation of investment channels and
avenues becomes imperative for the company to obtain maximum
The Committee's overall purpose is to coordinate and oversee the
organization's investment portfolio. The Committee shall, among
others, have the following specific tasks - (a) Monitor the
performance of investment portfolio, (b) Evaluate and re-align actual
outcome against objectives set for the investment portfolio, (c)
Provide directions to Chief Financial Officer ( or an engaged
investment manager), (d) Identify and approve investment outlets
with due consideration of historic performance, predicted outlooks
of the markets in the coming years and how the portfolio best fits
into the short and long term plans of the company.
The Committee must meet at least every quarter.
The Committee shall be composed of the President, the Chief
Financial Officer as ex-officio members, and at least four other
members two of whom must be members of the Board of Directors.
it is mandatory that half of the members must have solid financial
and/or investment background.
Nominations To the Committee:
The following have been nominated and approved to sit in the
Committee for the current year
in addition to the ex-officio
members -

As ex-officio members President

Chief Financial Officer

Passed Upon and Approved By the Executive Committee in its

regular meeting of <date>