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Wikipedia: Barium (Greek : heavy because of the high density of barite) is a chemical

element with the atomic symbol Ba and atomic number 56. In the periodic table it is in the 6th
period, and the 2nd Main group (group 2), and thus belongs to the alkaline earth metals. It was
first identified in 1774 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Barium is in the elemental state-shiny metallic
color and silvery white. It occurs in nature because of its high reactivity, not before elementary.
Metallic barium is highly flammable. Water-soluble barium compounds are poisonous.
If barium is in play, then it comes to heavy people who are mentally drawn down (Barium is an
alkaline earth metal). In the underground, they grumble (highly flammable). Associated with
feelings they can react toxic. The heavy weight is the responsibility that they believe they need to
take. Because they feel very insecure, they need support. They look up to the helpers. They
behave like children who do the first steps, but still dependent. They act helpless and do not
resist. They prefer to hide.

If we combine this metal (highly reactive, so fast in detail a connection) with carbonicum, is
aimed dependency and resentment against the father. Outwardly they react embarrassed. They
compensate with all diligence and industriousness.

If we combine this metal with fluoratum there collide two successive opposite energies: barium
needs the support and assistance, while fluorine has a tendency to be independent and free. Thus
barium fluoratum provides with childlike spirit of independence and growls when this can not be
implemented. Barium fluoratum has difficulties, to unite independence and responsibility.

If we combine this metal with muriaticum, the grudge efforts against the own mother, who is
considered incompetent or stupid. The principle of the mother are feeds and cares. So here the
responsibility is directed to care and attention. It takes the own need in the background.

If we combine this metal with nitricum, there is the fear of suffocating. With hands and feet
nitricum defends. Choking is linked to the symbol of air, air stands for communication, ie
conversations, society and exchange. Nothing is worse for barium nitricum than being laughed
at. The internal grievance is therefore also first to other (foreign) people.


If we combine this metal with sulfur(icum), it is the responsibility projected on values and
honor. The unsettled relations and partnership. Here, too, would like barium sulphuricum not be
laughed at, and therefore the inner resentment depends quickly on partner.

If we combine this metal with phosphorus, its about learning, education, training and teaching.
Since barium must take responsibility, it needs the esteem of his (mental) power. Since barium is
cumbersome, however, his inner anger here is directed at anything that has to do with the topic of
phosphorus (teachers, classmates). Finally barium can hardly stand this discrepancy and breaks
his education might to escape the ridicule that might be associated with a falling through exams.