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Ode To Love

Come-hither and listen to the word of love. The ignorant souls will be blinded by
earthly matters, but those of you who will allow love to envelope your souls and
nourish them with the goodness of the image of the divine will be forever
blessed. Be not fooled by the travesties and pleasures of what can only be a
shadow of Beauty and remain grounded here on this Earth. Through vigilance in
reason and beholding Beauty in a beloved will you be able to grow wings and
ascend beyond the heavens and gaze upon divine truth forever . For love is the
love of beauty and goodness, it can not be forsaken, as it is the essence of
human nature. The path to truth can only be managed by the wise and thus it
shall be pleaded to you to forgo ignorance and strive to behold again the truth in
the divine.
Love Divine
From the ancient world there was much discussion between citizens on the
irrational actions of the lover, kept wholly ignorant for nothing but pleasure . Oh
these pains of love that lead us into this madness seemed to those great thinkers
as nothing but self-inflictions of the heart and mind. Socrates himself had uttered
these foolish thoughts, though he recanted his oration and once again brought
the lover into the light of the divine. Closer come, so that you may hear the
words of his teaching better, for Socrates spoke profoundly when he claimed that
the madness of love is the greatest of heavens blessings, and the proof shall be
one that the wise will receive, and the ignorant disbelieve. Though you may
think his reasoning blinded, he argued that love could not be evil, as he and
many others had portrayed, because love was Eros, the son of Aphrodite and a
god. For no god can be evil, as they are beauty, good and from the heavens.
We know the kinds of madness which are of course never evil, Socrates himself
retold these types of madness which overwhelms those, who are prophets, the
possessed by Muses, through holy prayers and utterances and shows that this
divine madness envelopes the soul. You must see that the soul is overwhelmed
by divine madness, the human soul that Socrates composed that will persuade
you to accept that love is great. For as it will be told to you, the blessing that
Socrates believes will be bestowed on the wise is accentuated by his
understanding that the soul and thus this madness is divinely sent.
Charioteer to the Heavens
To gaze upon the divine requires the means to ascend. Though it is known that
reason and philosophy shows the path to truth, it is still not devoid of love. The
soul as Socrates described is our immortal charioteer, encompassing two winged
horses. We are not gods and so our souls are divine, noble and good as well as a
horse of ignoble breed. From this we are in a constant struggle between what is

good and proper with what we must see as shameful. But as Socrates gracefully
explains, to ascend to gaze upon the divine, we must grow wings, and it is these
wings that the wise will receive. Now listen carefully, because we may only grow
these wings if you behold Beauty and truth. For it is the image of these Forms of
the divine that our soul is nourished from. She, our soul, is filled with passion
and joy when She beholds Beauty on this Earth for She has lost her wings.
Our souls were once gazing upon the divine in the heavens. But we are not pure
and not divine like the Gods and so we lost our way. Our souls forgot and
bestowed adoration upon other things, they have failed to behold truth and fell
from the heavens to live life on Earth until they have earned their place again
gazing upon Beauty. Life on Earth for our souls is not easy for She is part
divine and thus desires to feed upon the divine for nourishment, to relieve Her of
Her pain here. Sadly our soul must live 10 lives here on Earth, living and striving
towards good before She can grow Her wings and ascend. But there is hope.
Closer still and you will hear the path to the divine which Socrates has argued,
closer and you will understand that those who are wise to love and remain with
philosophy will grow wings and ascend to the divine quicker. For this penitence
for failing to behold truth is 10,000 years, but the wise may grow their wings in
The soul of a philosopher and those of the lover who is not devoid of philosophy
will receive their wings in 3,000 years. For it can only be through the souls
recollection of the divine once She has fallen that can bestow upon us the
evidence that the divine is there and that we must strive to return. For ignorance
of this mystery of the divine will lead our souls to more pain, as She is kept from
nourishing herself on truth and instead feeds upon Earthly opinion.
For our souls love what is Beauty and Good, and it is these that we see in a
beloved, and it is this image of the divine in another person that begins ours
souls nourishment. But it because this love is love of the divine and that this
nourishment our souls receive is what begins our ascent to the divine, that this
madness becomes divine in itself. Socrates spoke prophetically when he
described the madness of love, for one who is under this influence is like a bird
fluttering around looking up and careless of the world below.
However, in pleading this, those who are ignorant more so, those who have not
been initiated in the ways of reason or are corrupted can not easily rise into the
divine to see true beauty. The ignorant do not understand the rapture of the
beauty they see on Earth and are then captured only by Beautys earthly
For when the lover comes across their beloved, their soul relishes in the image of

divine beauty. The beauty of the beloved is seen by the soul and She is
overwhelmed with joy as the pains from her falling are replaced and she begins
to grow her wings again. Unlike, Socrates initial utterance; the lover can never
forsake his or her beloved because without their beloved the lovers soul is
pulled away from the nourishment She is receiving. But by being close to a
beloved the soul is nourished and reminded of divine beauty. Thus, by
relinquishing earthly possession , you may stay near to your beloved, so that
your soul can be nourished and strive again to gaze upon the divine. But like the
souls constant struggle, happiness, my fellow citizens, is due to self-control and
relinquishing the shameful and passionate urges of your wanton stead. The
friendship of a lover can only be heavenly blessed because you will live in the
light of happiness, and not the worldly prudence that fills your soul with vulgar
The lover who is occupied with philosophy and loves beauty is inflicted with
divine madness and that madness is the neglect of earthly interests. When you
behold the image of Beauty within another, initiated and immersed in
remembering the divine your souls will be nourished and grow wings. From this
proclamation of love you will become wise because you will believe the divine
world and allow your eagre soul to return to it. Strive harder and through the
ways of reason towards beauty, goodness and truth and you will receive wings
earlier and thus will be brought back to where your souls originated to gaze upon
the heaven beyond the heavens, thus being blessed. While those who remain
ignorant, who fail to remember and let their souls relish in the earthly beauty
which they can only see with their eyes, will take longer to be given their wings
and thus remain for 10,000 years in agony until they have earned their place to
behold truth again in the divine.