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St. Francis Episcopal Church

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-- Pastor Sally

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Im 51 years old, and I still dont know what I want to be when I grow up! my friend confessed to me in a letter.
It is that time of year again when kids of all ages return to classes, embark on new beginnings, set fresh goals,
and have high (sometimes too high) expectations for the future. My friend has four kids and each one was off in
a direction all their own. She was reflecting on her own lifewho will she be once the youngest child leaves the
It seems to me that we all need some sort of map for each stage or phase that we pass through in life. Maps
are great tools for someone like me. Maps arent ambiguous, they offer directions in black and whiteif you
want to get to X, then follow. Maps also provide alternative routes in case of unforeseen detours. The key
is to always keep a map that is up-to-date! My musings brought me to this little blessing I came across in a
book. It has written by Jan Richardson.

What? A map you make yourself? How vague it that? So much for specific directions! But in reality, can you
imagine a world in which our maps of life looked all the same?

There are so many little nuggets of spiritual wisdom in this blessingtrust, listen, pray, expect challenges, embrace change, to note a few. This map is different because it leads one on a journey of continual spiritual

Think about that star blazing inside of you. What does this star represent for you? What is the meaning of your

Deacon Rebecca

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-Pastor Sally

Good God, Creator of the world, draw us into prayer and celebration as we gather to

remember the gifts of your earth and the stewardship you have entrusted to us as tillers
and tenders in your image.

We know that in the gathering of the people, power is present among us; your Holy

Spirit stirs and moves and gives us courage to remember that all good gifts come first
from you.

We praise you for this creation in the words of the Psalmist, sung by our ancestors in
faith for generations:

"God speaks: the heavens are made; God breathes: the stars shine.
God bottles the waters of the sea and stores them in the deep
All earth, be astounded, stand in awe of God."

Keep us faithful to this gathering in faith and "bless this vine your right hand has planted." Now and forever, Amen. seasonofcreation.org

New Season Begins

in the Garden