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Mentor Police Case Report

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08/25/2016 15:45

Mentor Police Department


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MENTOR, OH 44060
Reporting Officer ID: 441 - Myers

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DOA Death Investigation

07/15/2016 14:50
07/15/2016 15:00
Closed Pending
07/15/2016 14:58 Friday



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Giancola, Suzanne





























MENTOR, OH 44060
PERRY, OH 44081
5550 IVY CT D
5550 IVY CT D

(440)942-1315 White


(216)538-7442 White


(216)346-4985 White


(440)796-3933 White


(440)386-5692 White


(440)856-6310 White


(440)856-6309 White



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(440)391-3230 White




(305)519-2484 Black


391 E 149TH ST
391 E 149TH ST
Willoughby Hills, OH 44092
MENTOR, OH 44060
MENTOR, OH 44060



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Mentor Police Case Report

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08/25/2016 15:45

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Mentor Police Department


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OfficerID: mentor\myers, Narrative

On 7/15/16 I responded to 5957 Heisley Rd for a DOA investigation of an suicide.

Investigation to follow.

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OfficerID: mentor\myers, Investigation

Upon my arrival I saw Anthony Giancola laying on the floor of shooting stall #17. Gordon
Bodzin and Charles Rini III were administering First Aid and CPR to Giancola. I stepped in
for Rini and continued chest compressions while Bodzin held a gauze on the entrance
wound. MFD arrived on scene and took over First Aid for Anthony. Anthony was transported
to Tripoint Hospital but succumbed to his gunshot wound and was pronounced deceased at
1530 hrs.
I then spoke with Gordon who said that he was in stall #16 next to Anthony. Gordon said
that he was shooting at his target when he heard someone shouting. Gordon said that when
he looked back he saw Anthony laying on the ground. Gordon said that he grabbed gloves
off the back table and some paper towels. Gordon said that he located the bullet wound and
held pressure on it until I arrived. Gordon said that he was a General Surgeon doctor with
Tripoint Hospital.
The next person that I spoke with was Charles Rini III. Charles said that he is a part time
employee of Point Blank Range and also a Cleveland EMT. Charles said that he was in the
range maintenance room when he heard yelling. Charles said that he went into the range
and saw Anthony on the floor of stall #17. Charles said that the range safety officer was on
the radio with the front desk to alert them that they had an emergency. Charles said that he
called for a cease fire on the range, directed the customers on the range to leave their
firearms on the counter, and exit the range. Charles said that he put on gloves and checked
Anthony for a pulse. Charles said that Anthony had no pulse and agon respirations. Charles
said that he started CPR while Gordon held pressure on the single gun shot wound to the
upper abdomen midline. Charles said that the firearm that Anthony was using was sitting on
the counter and he had Louis Hull make the gun safe. Charles said that he continued CPR
until MPD and MFD arrived on scene.
Ptl Greco and Ptl Childs arrived on scene also to assist. Greco and Childs talked to
witnesses and collected statements from patrons and employees that were present. Refer
to their supplements.
I had dispatch send the Evidence Technician, Ptl Bell, to process the scene and collect
evidence. Refer to Bell's supplement.
I then reviewed the CCTV surveillance video of the incident. As I watched the video I saw
Anthony take a few shots at his target. Anthony then starts looking over his shoulder
checking to see if anyone was behind him. At one point, it appears as if Anthony might have
said a prayer. Anthony then checks behind him one final time, takes a deep breath, and
then shoots himself in the chest. The self inflicted gunshot happened at CCTV NVR date
and time of 2016/7/15 14:55:08 hrs. After the gunshot Anthony grabs for the counter as he
falls backwards and appears to place the gun on the counter. The gun was in his right hand
at the time of the shot. The video clearly shows that Anthony was in his stall alone at the
time of the shooting. Point Blank began making a copy of the video, but did not have it
ready for me before I left. Point Blank was going to contact MPD when the video was ready
for pick up.
After Anthony shoots himself, I saw Gordon and Charles begin giving first aid to Anthony. I
also saw employee, Louis Hull, go onto the range and make the Smith and Wesson
Governor safe. Bell collected the Smith and Wesson Governor .45 long colt serial

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#CZ17118GOV and placed it into evidence.

Ptl Zevnik went to Tripoint Hospital with Anthony to photograph his injuries. Zevnik advised
that Tripoint Hospital notified Anthony's wife, Suzanne Giancola, that she need to come to
the hospital. Zevnik said that once Anthony was pronounced dead, Tripoint Hospital also
contacted the coroner and Dr. Smith responded. Dr Smith ruled the death a suicide.
I went to Tripoint Hospital and spoke with Suzanne. Suzanne said that Anthony had been
slightly depressed because he was having problems with his breathing and he wasn't able
to do the things he used to do. Suzanne said that Anthony had not made any comments
about committing suicide though. Suzanne said that Anthony does not own any guns, has
never been to the shooting range before, and that they were against gun ownership. I
advised Suzanne that the gun used by Anthony was rented from Point Blank. I had
Suzanne sign a MPD Property and Evidence release form for Anthony's wallet, $91.00
cash, and car keys. I then turned these items over to her. Suzanne had her son-in-law show
up at the hospital to be with her.
There is no evidence or contrary information to believe that this death was not a suicide.
Therefore, this report will be closed without any further investigation.

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OfficerID: MENTOR\bell, Investigation

I was assigned to Evidence tech work on a possible suicide at Point Blank Range. Upon arrival I
learned that the victim, Anthony Giancola. had a gunshot wound to the chest. He was already
removed from the scene by MFD getting transported to TriPoint hospital. I also learned that the
gun that was used, had been rendered safe by one of the range officers on scene. It was moved
from its final resting point.

I started off by taking overall photos of the scene. I took photos of the stall the victim was in, #17,
the range as it was looking down range and photos facing back up range. Once photos were
done I started collecting the items.

On the range table in the stall was the S&W Governor revolver along with 19 spent casing and 5
non-fired rounds. I learned that the loose rounds on the table were the ones the range officer
emptied out of the gun. The rest of the rounds, 26, were still in the packaging on the table.
There was also 1 spent 9mm casing on the table. This probably got there by the stall next to this
one. That shooter had been shooting 9mm and those spent casings were all over the floor.

I collected the gun and the rounds and entered them into evidence. On the floor in the stall #16 was
the victims baseball cap and his eyeglasses. These were moved to that stall by the first
responder to get them out of the way. These were also collected.

All the items collected and the photos were entered into evidence once back at MPD.

The gun was checked in LEADS for stolen with negative results. The gun will be sent out to the lab to
check it for function and an ATF trace form was completed and will be forwarded to that agency.

Photo Log

1. Outside of Point Blank 5957 Heisley Rd

2. Victims car in west lot

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3. Victims car in west lot

4. Victims car in west lot
5. Red range from door separating both ranges
6. Range from the N/W corner
7. Range from the S/W corner
8. Range from equipment room doorway
9. Stall #17 where victim was
10. Stall #17 where victim was
11. Floor outside Stall #17 where victim was
12. Stall #17 where victim was
13. Handgun on range table that victim used
14. Handgun on range table that victim used
15. Facing down range from the S/W
16. Facing down range from the S/W
17. Facing up range from the S/E
18. Facing up range from the S/E
19. Facing up range from the N/E
20. Facing up range from the N/E
21. Looking up range at Stall #17
22. Looking up range at Stall #17
23. Handgun on range table with rule, also showing fired and non-fired rounds
24. Handgun with rule
25. Handgun model and serial number
26. Handgun
27. Handgun

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28. Handgun with rule

29. Non-fired rounds in box
30. Stall #16 with victims hat and glasses (removed by first responders)
31. Stall #16 with victims hat and glasses (removed by first responders)

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OfficerID: mentor\zevnik, Investigation

On 7-15-16 at 1458 hrs I was dispatched to Point Blank Range & Gun Shop (5957
Heisley Rd) for a male with a gun shot wound. I arrived on scene and met with Ptl
Myers in the range. Ptl Myers advised a male was shot in the chest and taken to Tri
Pointe Hospital by Mentor Fire Department (See Ptl Myers report).
I went up to Tri Pointe Hospital and met with Dr Lojewski in the emergency room. Dr
Lojewski advised the male was brought into the hospital and called his death at 1530
hrs on 7-15-16. The cause of death was gun shot wound to the center of the chest.
As I entered the emergency room, the male was lying on a backboard with brown
bags on his hands. A gun shot residue kit was performed on the victims hands. Each
hand was dabbed separately for evidence collection. Both bottles were sealed for
each hand and placed into the collection kit envelope. The evidence collection kit
was sealed with evidence tape. The Gun shot residue kit was placed into evidence.
The gun shot residue kit will not be sent to the crime lab or BCI unless requested
since the coroner labeled the death a suicide.
Photographs of the decedent were taken with my Nikon D90 camera. The following
photos are:
1) Overview of decedent's emergency room
2) Overview of decedent on backboard in emergency room
3) Same
4) Gun shot wound in center of decedent's chest
5) Same
6) Gun shot wound in center of decedent's chest with scale
7) Same
8) Same
9) Same
10) Overview of decedent with gun shot wound in chest laying on his back
11) Same
12) Gun shot wound in decedent's chest
13) Close up of gun shot wound in decedent's chest
14) Close of gun shot wound in decedent's chest with scale
15) Same
16) Over view of decedent's back
17) Lower back of decedent
18) Upper back of decedent
19) Lower back of decedent
20) Area of the decedent's back with bullet not exiting
21) Area of the decedent's back with bullet not exiting with scale
22) Back of decedent's head
23) Same
24) Top of decedent's Left Hand
25) Same
26) Decedent's Left Hand
27) Decedent's Left Forearm
28) Decedent's Left hand/Forearm
29) Top of decedent's Right hand
30) Top of decedent's Right Forearm

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31) Decedent's Right hand

32) Decedent's Right Forearm
33) Decedent's Right hand/Forearm
34) Same
35) Decedent's Right Hand
36) Decedent's Right Forearm
After the photos were taken, I was advised the wife of the decedent had just arrived.
The ER doctor, nurse and myself met with Suzanne Giancola. Giancola was advised
that her husband passed and the cause of it. Giancola was hesitant to believe it
because her husband did not shoot guns and was against them. Giancola said her
husband was a little depressed because he felt that he relied on his kids to have
things done, but not suicidal.
Giancola said her husband (Anthony) decided to leave the house and meet up with
friends at the golf course this afternoon.
Giancola was walked into the emergency room and identified the decedent as her
husband. Giancola was met with the Lake County Coroner Dr Smith. Dr Smith spoke
with Giancola and labeled the death a suicide.

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OfficerID: MENTOR\greco, Investigation

On 7-15-16 at approx. 1458 hrs I responded to Point Blank, 5957 Heisley Rd, for a
male with a gunshot wound. Dispatch advised that the male was non responsive
and CPR was being done.
Upon arrival Officer Myers was now doing CPR with another male. Based on the
number of people attending to the victim I had employees take me back to the office
where I asked to review the video.
I then reviewed the video and noted that it appeared that the injury was self inflicted.
The male is seen looking around several times and then his back is to the camera. It
looks as if the male hesitates and then you see his body bend and the male drops the
gun on the shooting bench as he falls to the floor.
I then passed all info onto Sgt Nekic who had arrived on scene.
I then spoke to all the parties that were on the range shooting weapons. All advised
that they did not see exactly what had happened as you are blocked from the view of
others when shooting. they advised the following:
Lane 16-Gordon Bodzin
-Gordon stated that he was shooting when he was told to put down his firearm.
When he looked over he saw the male on the floor and noted that there was blood on
his chest. Gordon assisted by locating the bullet wound and holding pressure on it
until officers arrived on scene
Lane 15-Lauren White
-Lauren advised that she was watching her brother shoot in lane 15. she looked
over to her right and saw a man had fallen on his back and that his chest was
bleeding. Lauren advised her brother and then the range safety officer. Lauren and
her brother then left the range area.
Lane 15-Christopher White
-Christopher advised that he had just emptied his clip when his sister pointed that a
male was on the floor bleeding. He advised that they notified the range safety
officer and cleared the area.
Lane 14-John Smicklas
-John stated that he didn't see anything and only knew that something had happened
when notified by the range safety officer to leave all equipment where it was and to
clear the range. John advised that while leaving the area he saw a male on the
ground with a bloody shirt.
Lane 12-Antoinio L. Mayo
-Antoinio stated that he and his daughter were shooting his AR15 in lane 12. He
started to ask the range safety officer for some assistance when the female in lane 14
started to yell that there was a man down. Antoinio said that when he looked over
he saw that the male was on the ground and bleeding.
Lane 12- Kayla Mayo

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-Kayla stated that she and her dad were shooting his AR15 when they had asked for
some assistance from the range safety officer. Kayla said that he was only there a
few seconds when a female yelled that a male was down. When she looked over she
said she could see the guy on the ground so she ran out of the range.
Employee Charles N. Rini III
-Charles advised that he was in the maintenance room when herd yelling. He went
into the range and saw a man down on the ground. Charles quickly assisted in
clearing the range and with CPR.
Employee Louis E. Hull
- Louis advised that he was on the sales floor when an emergency was called out.
He ran into the range and noted that several people were assisting with a male on the
ground. Louis said that he went onto the range and cleared the weapon to make it
safe as it was pointed towards people. Louis advised that in doing this he noted
that there were 5 live rounds and one spent round in the gun. Louis then assisted
with CPR until Mentor FD arrived on scene.
Employee Saul LLamas
-Saul advised that he did not see anything but was notified of the incident. He then
ran out onto the range and assisted with CPR until help arrived.
I then obtained written statements from all those involved and cleared the scene.

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OfficerID: MENTOR\gerber, Investigation

I was dispatched to Point Blank Range at 5957 Heisley Rd to pick up some video
evidence concerning this case. Upon arrival, I met with General Manager Cody Paul,
who turned over 4 video discs to me. I returned to the station and entered those
discs into evidence.
No further police action taken at this time.

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OfficerID: MENTOR\Hildebrecht, Investigation

On 07/18/2016, I was assigned follow up in reference to this case.

I responded to Point Blank (5957 Heisley Rd.) and spoke with General Manager, Cody
Paul. He stated that Jordany Deus was the employee who rented the gun to
Anthony Giancola. He advised that Giancola came into the store by himself and
rented the gun at 1441 hrs. on 07/15/2016.
I obtained a copy of the rental receipt showing that Giancola rented a handgun and
purchased 1 hour of range time, 45 long colt ammunition and a target. Paul stated
that Deus was due to work at 1500 hrs. today. He said I could return at that time and
obtain a statement from him. I transported the rental receipt to MPD and entered it
as evidence.
At 1530 hrs., I responded back to Point Blank and was able to speak with Deus. He
stated that he was working the range counter when Giancola came in. Deus asked
Giancola for his ID which Giancola gave him. He also asked if Giancola had ever
been in there to shoot before and Giancola confirmed that he had.
Deus stated that when he entered Giancola's ID number into the computer, all of his
information was already entered indicating that he had done business with the store
in the past. There was however no liability waiver on file for Giancola and Deus had
him complete one. Giancola requested the revolver and Deus got him set up for a
shooting lane. Approximately 1/2 hour later, Deus heard the emergency radio
transmission. Deus completed a written statement documenting what he told me.
I later spoke with Manger, David Holtz. I learned that the business regularly uses
verbal confirmation and the fact that a persons information is already in the system
as confirmation that they have shot before. The system only shows the person
working the counter if the person's information is in the system and whether they
have a valid liability waiver on file. It does not give specific dates or activity.
Holtz advised that if the person's information is in the system, it means that they
have either purchased a firearm or shot on the range in the past. He advised that
they do not take people's information for any other reason.
Nothing further.

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OfficerID: mentor\hildebrecht, Investigation

I was asked to clarify the procedure that Point Blank uses to determine whether
someone has experience with firearms or rented a firearm from them in the past. It
is my understanding after speaking with Jordany Deus and Davis Holtz that the
following procedure is used.
When a customer comes into the business to rent a firearm for use on the range, the
employee working the range counter will verbally ask if they have shot in the past. If
not, the customer watches a new shooter video prior to being allowed to rent the
firearm. If the customer affirms that they have shooting experience, the employee
will identify them via state ID.
When the ID is swiped or the number is entered into the computer, it will either auto
fill the persons information into the screen or show no results. If it auto fills, it
indicates that the customer has either rented or purchased a gun from the business
in the past. If it shows no results, they have not. It also shows the employee
whether the business has a valid liability waiver on file for them or not.
The computer does not specify exactly what business the customer did in the past or
give times/dates of specific transactions. When I spoke with Holtz, he explained that
Giancola had to have rented a gun in the past because they had no record of him
ever purchasing a firearm from the business. They were able to verify this as the
business does keep accurate record of firearm sales per federal regulations.
Nothing further.

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OfficerID: mentor\bell, Investigation

The handgun used in the suicide was run through the ATF firearms trace center.
The trace came back showing nothing unusual.
The trace showed the gun was owned by Point Blank Range.
Nothing further.

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DB Invest. -Malainy


CASE NO: 16-18282

Det. Malainy #464

8/1/16I was assigned to this case and speak to Owner/operator of Point Blank Range
David Holtz. I read the report and then responded to the range with Det. Miller where we
spoke to David and also his general manager Cody Paul.
First, I asked them about the ranges protocol for interviewing potential range
shooters about their proficiency with guns if they are a first time shooter. They
explained that there is no standard form to be completed by the first time shooter. There
is, however, a range safety video presentation that must be watched by anybody who
wishes to shoot on the range for the first time. Giancola was not a first time shooter at
Point Blank, as his information was in the computer system. Ones personal identifying
information becomes entered into the stores computer system by a form of government
issued ID being shown and manually entered by an associate, or being swiped by the
customer. This happens when a customer purchases a firearm or when he/she shoots on
the range.
In the current case of Giancola, he had shot at Point Blank prior to the date of his
suicide. This is proven by his personal information automatically popping up when he
requested to shoot. However, a liability waiver was not on file for Giancola. This was
noticed by the employee of the range and Giancola verbally told the employee that he had
shot prior and filled out the form. The employee required the waiver be purchased ($3)
prior to Giancola renting the gun and entering the range. Giancola purchased the waiver
(but did not sign it for reason unknown i.e. did not hear request or possibly did not sign
since he planned on committing suicide). A waiver not showing up is likely due to
Giancola not providing an email address with his information. David and Cody
explained that older customers commonly do not provide, or possibly even have an email
address. When a customer does not provide an email address, which is their prerogative.
The computer system that Point Blank corporate provides/ David uses does not have a
more complete way of tracking customer visits. Although David would like a more
complete customer tracking, the technology is not currently available to him. Also, there
was no waiver or partial waiver to obtain in this case. Giancola purchased the waiver, but
did not take the time to complete and turn in one. There is nothing to obtain.
Also, the fact that Giancola had previously shot at the range (his information was
in the computer system) but no waiver was on file is likely due to him coming to the
range with somebody else at a previous date. He did not purchase any firearms, as that
information would be on file. Him coming in to shoot with another party is what leads
the investigation to the fact that he must have come prior.
Dave explained to me that he has been severely bothered by Giancolas suicide.
He takes extra precautions at his range to ensure everybodys safety. I also noticed
everything about the store and range appeared to be state of the art, new, neat, clean and
well maintained. Dave has shooting range officers on site at all times to make sure the

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rules are stringently followed. His range officers are on top of any violations of range
rules and enforce when rules are not followed. He cited an example from the previous
Friday, where his range officer asked a pair of men to leave for rapid fire. The men
name dropped but were asked to leave anyway. He said that he takes every possible
precaution to prevent anything like this from happening but felt this man showed no
preventable indicator. Since Giancolas suicide, he has reached out to shooting
organizations for help in recognizing suicide indicators in possible shooting range
customers. I asked David about the first shot class and he explained that it has made a
transformation and is no longer titled first shot and it is for gun purchases only. As far
a range shooting, it is a range safety video that every shooter must watch until a waiver is
on file. That waiver expires after one year.
Lastly, I obtained a copy of the receipt from Giancolas purchase at Point Blank.
He purchased range time, handgun rental, ammunition, liability waiver and paper targets.
His total with tax was $65.39. He paid with $100.00 and received his change. The actual
weapon that one rents is not logged; it is issued for the rental in exchange for the renters
physical ID (driver license-ID card). The receipt was scanned onto the case.
Det. Malainy #464

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2016-18282 (Witness Statements)

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2016-18282 Statement (J. Dues)

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Giancola receipt

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