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Proudly Supported by
The objective of the Newman Mainstreet
Project is to involve the community
in projects or events that promote
community cohesion, development and
identity. The Newman Mainstreet Project
also encourages a community based
coordinated approach to improve the
economic, social & physical environment.
To get involved call: 9177 8290

The Future of Activities in Newman

The annual Fortescue Festival weekend was scheduled for August
with the wonderful inclusion of activities such as the Lions
Fortescue Festival Ball, Hillview Speedway races, Jet Sprint Boat
racing, the turf clubs BHP Billiton Newman Cup, the Lions Festival
and its preceding float parade.


September 2016, Issue 168

All of these events are predominantly organised and run by

volunteers. For many of these, the planning began last year.
Unfortunately, two main events were cancelled; the ball and the
horse races.
Newman Lions Club is part of Lions International, a service club
whose motto is We Serve. They undertake many activities in
Newman including quiz nights, equipment hire, fund raising for
community projects and the animal park to name just a few. The
club sadly announced the cancellation of the ball.
The Newman Lions Club announced on Facebook that they
regretted that the Fortescue Ball had to be cancelled this year and
that it was out of the clubs control. Their thanks to BHP Billiton,
Thrifty, Newman Netball Association, Newman Mainstreet Project,
GCS Hire, PTES, the Shire of East Pilbara and MTA Transport.
Newman Lion, Dave Garland, wrote on Facebook that This town
runs on volunteers and those volunteers are getting burnt out. It
was absolutely crushing for the Lions Club to cancel the Fortescue
Ball, one of our biggest money earners for the year and we had to
cancel due to lack of ticket sales. This is now going to have a roll
on effect to the community as we won't have as many funds to
donate back to community groups throughout the year.
The dedicated, Nigel Weston, from the Newman Turf Club
announced in early August It's with great disappointment that
I have to report The Races setdown for August 22 are off. The
Steward from RWWA inspected the track today and the track is
unsafe for racing. Further that Despite the efforts of Roger Evans
and FMG's water truck it just hasn't been enough.
He stated that it will affect the future of the Newman Turf Club.
They need to speak to Racing WA (RWWA) to determine if there is
a future with them. Much work remains ahead for maintaining the
grounds of which much work is already being undertaken.
Nigel continued to write that We just don't have the people
committed to do the work and apart from BHP Billiton and FMG
sponsorship, the money is drying up elsewhere. The town is quiet,
the cost of security for the day is over $10,000. It's just getting a
real struggle ... Thanks to BHP Billiton, FMG and other sponsors in
town who have supported us.

Vollies; the heart of the Pilbara

Photograph by Kevin Mitchell Chasing Stars

Survival of long running events and organisations are being

challenged. All clubs and volunteer associations welcome all
assistance offered. Please make yourself know to the groups you
are able to assist.

Newman News, your independent

local community newspaper, would
be delighted to hear from you. Please
send us your stories, photos, events,
birth notices and the like. Published
monthly. You can submit your articles
via Newman Mainstreet Projects

Proudly Supported by

Clean up

Speed Limit Changes


Free Wi-Fi

The Great Northern Clean Up is above

the Tropic of Capricorns version of Clean
Up Australia Day scheduled around more
suitable weather. The day is intended to
empower communities to clean up, fix
up and conserve our [their] environment.
Join Newmans team of volunteers on
Sunday 18 September at 8:30 am at the
Newman Visitor Centre to help. Remember
take nothing but photos and leave nothing
but footprints.

Work is underway in Newman to

fluoridated drinking water in 2017. More
than 90 per cent of the Western Australian
population, including most regional areas,
have had fluoridated water supplies for
more than 40 years. There are a few unfluoridated pockets yet to receive the
benefits of fluoridated water, HealthyWA
stated. An information session was held on
25 August. One attendee at the information
session commented on Facebook That
was amazing, many thanks to the 3 experts
who came to Newman for this. We were
very lucky to have a scientist, dentist and
doctor who were all very knowledgeable
and explains things incredibly well.
Information on fluoridated drinking water
is available on the HealthyWA website.

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Newmans independent community newspaper

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Main Roads Western Australia has

announced that the speed limit through
Newman on the Great Northern Highway
has been reduced to 70 kmh. Drivers are
advised to pay attention to road signs.
A 2014 news article reported that the
Newman section of the Great Northern
Highway is the deadliest stretch on
Western Australian roads. Of the 82 fatal
and serious crashes in the preceding five
years, 11 occurred close to Newman.

Struggling to stay off social media? Cant

leave work behind? Or, more importantly,
needing to stay safe while visiting Karijini
National Park. The Pilbara Regional Council
has announced that in conjunction with
the Department of Parks and Wildlife,
Karijini has been added to the 34 locations
of free Wi-Fi throughout the region. The
network has already attracted more than
42,000 unique visitors since July 2015. The
network follows much of the Warlu Way,
a drive trail showcasing both inland and
costal scenery and following the path of
the Warlu, an Indigenous Dreamtime sea

2016-17 Rate Error Identified

The Shire of East Pilbara has identified

an error in the 2016-17 rate notices and
have/will be re-issuing new notices for
some properties in Newman. The previous
rate notice did not include the sewerage
charge for some properties. We apologise
unreservedly for this error and we will
endeavour to assist our rate payers with
any questions they may have regarding
this, said CEO Allen Cooper. Enquiries
to Rates-Revenue Finance Officer on
9175 8000 or rates@eastpilbara.wa.gov.au

Debate On Taxes

The Pilbara Development Commission

announced that 12 young professionals
will debate whether government should
increase taxes on companies that are
believed to actively contribute to global
warming, with the UWA Debating Union
travel North for the event. The events are
on 28 September in Karratha and in Port
Hedland on 29 September. The debates
are targeting individuals under the age of
35.The Commission states that 40% of the
working population in the region is under
35 years old. Commission CEO, Terry Hill
said The challenges of distance mean the
young working population of the Pilbara
face barriers not experienced in larger
urban centres.


Around 80 past residents returned to
Newman for a series of Back to Newman
Reunion events, organised by Lisa Rickert,
leading down memory lane. The events
included visits to the schools, mine tours,
catch-ups at the Newman Visitor Centre,
attendance at the Fortescue Festival and
related activities, Martu cultural and ranger
presentations, scroungers bowls, golf, and
much entertainment and hospitality. The
reunion also included a Blessing of the
Graves and a Remembering Dr Eckhart
Lisa Rickert said that There were many
highlights and magic moments at each event
over the past 10 days of the Reunion, too
many to list. I witnessed connections made
between the older and new generations
which is too often lost in the transience of
the Pilbara. We laughed, cried, paid respect
and celebrated life during reunion week.
spending precious time together sharing
forgotten stories from the early days. I have
learned so much about our town, people
and history!

I would also like to thank those individuals,

schools, sports clubs, businesses and
associations who got into the spirit of the
reunion, enabling a rich experience for all
that participated. Special thanks to Gavin
and my beautiful family and friends for
their support and contributions to the Back
to Newman Reunion.
David Eckhart, who left town in December
1988 and has since returned for visits,
commented in a Facebook post that
Driving in to Newman these days is so
much different than when I left the town
nearly thirty years ago. Entering town
at the Kurra Village end of town evokes
memories of the Saints Football Clubs
long gone club house and their own oval
(the Les Tutt Oval). Many a post-match
celebration took place within those walls,
as well as end of season awards and revue
nights I do recall the great Austen Tayshus
of Australiana fame performing at one of
the presentation nights.

Lisa Rickert, primary organiser of the reunion,

lived in Newman from 1970-1998, then moved
back home again 4 years ago. Lisa is wearing
her NPS 25th Anniversary cap

1986 Saints Premiership Team

L-R: Merv Price, Ron Jones, Phil McClements (hidden) Gary Dearlove, Michael Dierer, Scott Morgan
(hidden) Toni Barndon, Red, Mick Giles (hidden), John Wells, Kenny Checkers McCormick, Gary
Creamm, Mick Markham (front), present the club with their shield. Each of these men who travelled
especially to Newman said a few words about their highly respected team member, Phil Noble, who
passed away in 1986.
Photograph by Lisa Rickert

Thank you to all who made the journey

from all parts of the state, and an extremely
generous thank you to the young lady that
pulled all the strings together to make it an
outstanding event. David went on to write.
Many thanks to local musicians Tiriki
Henare, Rebecca, Justin and Andrew from
The Jab along with DJ Vivek for donating
their talents and time providing great music
and entertainment for this community
event. Also to Newman Mainstreet Project
for the beautiful decorations, and to Sarah
Stampfli to Stephanie Foster from Serene
Bedlam Photography for all the fun at the
Photobooth. Jeff Doggett from Pilbara Car
and Truck Rentals provided an entertaining
drive home with celebrating attendees.
East West Kitchen provided a delicious
menu. Katherine Bertolia and staff from
Newman Club for providing a great venue
and a night to remember.

Above: Stragglers Brunch at the Red Sands final

farewell event
L-R: Sheryl and Kerra-Lee Pobrica, Rosie, Danica
and Fred Stojic, Morgan Tucker, Mark and Tryxie
Mullinger, David Eckhart, Donna and Gemma
Giles, Gavin Burrow, Lisa Rickert, Bryan Gibson,
Kevin and Val Bralich, Margaret and Eddie
Photograph by Lisa Rickert

L-R: Lisa Rickert with Fred Stojic (long time

BHP employee, now retired) and Danica Stojic
enjoying the Scroungers Bowling night. Fred
lived in Newman from 1969 to 2013. The couple
enjoyed catching up with friends at the reunion
and family time with their daughter, Rosana.
Photograph by Selena Casey

David Bonney with his treasured "Where the

Hell is Newman" t-shirt made in 1977
Photograph provided by Lisa Rickert
Pictured with two Saints team members,
Michael and Mick, Relle Noble holds her fathers
guernsey. Phil Noble last wore this in 1986.
The Noble family (pictured right) travelled to
Newman for their fathers and grandfathers
30th anniversary since he passed away. The
family were presented with life membership,
Bailey tossed the coin.
Photograph by Lisa Rickert

L-R: Elizabeth Robinson (Jayes), Tracey Rond

(Ridley), Sue Despotovska (Jayes), Lisa Rickert
and Mary McNab. Elizabeth was a teacher at
Newman kindy from 1971-1987. She taught
Lisa and Sue in 1971, then Lisa and Sue went
on together to NPS 1972-1978 and NSHS
1979-1982. Lisas children, Marley and Lewis
Amphlett, and Sues children, Tony and Ljupeo
Despotovska, also attended NPS. Sue worked as
librarian at SNPS in later years. Tracey attended
SNPS 1976-1978 then NSHS 1979-1982. Mary
taught Newman kindy in 1995 and NSHS in
1996. Marys sons, Scott and Ross McNab,
attended NPS from 1980 to 1984. Thank you
to Katie Wallace, Acting Principal of SNPS, for a
most enjoyable tour.
Photograph provided by Lisa Rickert

Newman Visitor Centre hosted a number of

events for the Back to Newman Reunion. Thank
you to Tim from KJ pictured with Reunion
organiser Lisa and attendees Dave and Elaine
Smith. Tim kindly held a presentation on Martu
Culture and Rangers for reunion attendees.
Dave and Elaine lived in Newman from 1967 to
1972 with their five children. A big thank you
for their great contribution of local knowledge
and photographs from that time. Elaine is
holding her souvenir from Martumili Gallery,
the We Don't Need a Map exhibition book.
Photograph take from the Newman Visitor
Centres Facebook page

Bailey, Sian and Relle Noble, daughter and

grandchildren of Phil Noble (RIP) reminisce
about NNFL history with highly respected
Centrals player, Joshua Booth.
Photograph by Lisa Rickert
Entertainment at the Main Event were all local
artists. Pictured here is Tiriki Henare
Photograph by Selena Casey

Below: Reunion attendees at the Newman Club

Photograph by Selena Casey

David Eckhart speaks about his father,

Newman's first doctor Peter Eckhart (RIP), at
a remembrance service in front of Newman
Hospital. Dr Eckhart his wife Marjory and sons,
David and Brian, came to Newman in 1968 and
left in 1987. Dr Eckharts ashes are scattered in
front of the hospital and Fortescue golf course.
Chris Hopkins, our first paramedic, and Paul
Foster, St Johns Ambulance volunteers also
paid tribute to Dr Green and all emergency and
medical services staff, volunteers and families
who have worked tirelessly over the years in
Newman and surrounding communities.
Photograph by Lisa Rickert

Race Day at the Newman Club

For the chance to frock-up on a weekend that sadly missed a few events on the normal
annual social calendar, the Newman Club hosted a Race Day on 22 August. Ticket sales
benefited the Newman Lions Club and the Newman Turf Club with over $2,000 being
Special thanks to the sponsors of Fashion on the Field prizes. Thanks also to MC John
Harley, the team at the Newman Club, and DJ Viv for the entertainment.

Steely-Rose with her mum, Cyndy Williams,

enjoying the love
Photograph by Cyndy Williams

Tanya Hollingsworth enjoying DJ Vivs tunes

Photograph by Selena Casey

Rob Caseys mum, Patricia Taylor, who was

visiting from Adelaide, with DJ Rev
Photograph by Selena Casey

Rebecca Avery, Ellen Wootton, Katrina Clarke

and Jodes Andreas
Photograph by Selena Casey

A family friendly event

Photograph by Selena Casey

Pip Parsonson and Roy Winslow

Photograph by Selena Casey

Jodes Andreas and partner

Photograph by Selena Casey

Fashion on the Field

Photograph by Selena Casey

The lads
Photograph by Selena Casey

Rob and Selena Casey

Photograph provided by Selena Casey

Dont worry. It isnt real! St John Ambulance

volunteer preparing a fake injury (called
moulage) at the Fortescue Festival
Photograph by Caren Jenkins

Top Left: Newman Lions Clubs Lion mascot

with the St John Ambulance Johnny Bear at the
Fortescue Festival
Left: Show and Shine and some muscles at the
Fortescue Festival
Photographs by Caren Jenkins


2 September

Centrals Football and Sporting Clubs 2016 Presentation Night at their club
rooms, commencing 18:00, members are asked to contact Danielle Robinson
0488 660 841 or Jackie Hansen 0447 094 844 for tickets $30.

3 September

Newman Mainstreet Projects Fathers Day Market, 09:00-11:00, Martumili

Arts Centre, gold coin entry, support local small businesses and groups

2-10 September

National Child Protection Week. National Child Protection

Week invites all Australians to play their part to promote
the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. Protecting children is everyones business.
Find out more at http://napcan.org.au/ncpw/

4 September

Fathers Day give him a cuddle

6 September

EPIC Newman and Carers WAs monthly morning tea commencing in September. Are you caring for a loved one?
Come along and relax over a cuppa and support each other. You really are amazing! 10:00-11:00, for enquiries please
contact EPIC on Kalgan Drive, newman@empoweringpeople.org.au or 9175 0015

10-11 September

Swim Instructors course Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety, $378. For more information about the course and
potential employment contact pool@eastpilbara.wa.gov.au or 9175 2145

12 September

Swim Instructors course Infant and Preschool Aquatics (INF), $275. For more information about the course and
potential employment contact pool@eastpilbara.wa.gov.au or 9175 2145

16 September

Newman Senior High Schools Art Exhibition

17-18 September

Pool Life Guard course at the Newman Aquatic Centre between 09:00-17:00 each day. Cost $260 includes pool
entry and learning resources, payment must be made by 1st September. Qualified life guards needing to requalify come on 18 September for $135. For more information about the course and summer employment
pool@eastpilbara.wa.gov.au or 9175 2145

17 September

Hillview Speedway Bike Night / Club Race Meet, classes include 65cc-85cc Junior, 125cc-250cc Junior, 250cc-upwards
Senior or Quads. All volunteers for canteen and other services are most welcome. kellymkelly31@hotmail.com

17 September

The Saints Football and Sporting Club presents the 2016 Phil Noble Presentation Evening, commencing 17:30,
members to please contact Melanie Woods for tickets which are $50 including champagne and appetisers on arrival
and a sit-down meal, formal dress code

18 September

Great Northern Clean Up litter collection, the Shire of East Pilbara is calling on volunteers to form a Newman
team for litter collection. The team of volunteers will meet at the Newman Visitor Centre at 08:30. They will
work their way around Radio Hill and come together for a BBQ afterwards. Please register as a volunteer at

20 September

Wearable Art Workshop, 17:3019:30, Boomerang Oval Senior Sports Pavillion, create your own piece of wearable
art with a screen printed t-shirt. Bring your own plain red, yellow or black T-shirt, or pick up a recycled Tee from the
workshop. Open to all ages and abilities, free of charge including free sausage sizzle, mrs@eastpilbara.wa.gov.au or
9175 8000

22 September

Junkadelic bring their Funk on Junk to the Newman Youth Centre, 16:30-18:30, open to ages 10-17 years.

23 September

Outback Fusion Festivals free performance at the East Pilbara Arts Centre from 18:00, Indigenous Hip Hop artist
and role model MC Bryte entertaining with beat boxing and free style rapping. Presented by Make Smoking History
and supported by the Shire of East Pilbara, BHP Billiton, Tourism WA and Healthway. A full program of events will be
made available closer to date.

24 September

Start of school holidays

School Holiday Program by EPIC Newman, newman@empoweringpeople.org.au or 9175 0015

24 September

Emergency Services exercise at Newman airport

24 September

A host of activities as part of the Outback Fusion Festival including a traditional Middle Eastern dance workshop open
to all ages and abilities

24 September

Outdoor Fusion Festivals International Food Market, 17:00-late, treat your taste buds to food from around the
world, in the heart of the Pilbara

25 September

Yoga in the Park, 08:00 at Kiripirna Park, free yoga session as part of the Outback Fusion Festival

25 September

Blue Shaddy will be closing the Festival World Stage so if you like Blues, smashing guitar runs and the sounds of the
Harmonica (blues harp) then you are going to love Blue Shaddy.

20 October

Pink Ribbon High Tea, 13:00-16:00, bookings are essential $25 per person, Newman Visitor Centre

22 October

Memorial Service in the morning

Bloody Slow Cup in the evening

29 October

Newman Mainstreet Projects Markets

11 November

Remembrance Day at 11:00 commemorative service and laying of wreath at the RSL Memorial (Shire gardens, corner
of Newman and Kalgan Drive)

Artist in Residence
The Shire of East Pilbaras Artist in
Residence program, now in its third of four
year, remains one of the highest residencies
in the country providing a $15,000 prize
with a budget of $40,000. Previous winners
of this award include Hannah Quinlivan
(2014) and Yasuaki Onishi (2015). Akirashs
theme this year is Light.
The 2016 winner is Olaniyi Rasheed
Akindiya who has held other residencies
and workshops in several African countries
including Ghana, Senegal and Nigeria,
along with the Netherlands, Brazil and
Bolivia and in his home country of USA.

The judges stated that the submissions

were of an incredibly high standard and it
was therefore particularly difficult to reach
a decision. On choosing Akirash they
stated What particularly excited us as a
judging panel was Akirashs demonstration
of intellect, energy, passion and ability to
engage with communities through his art.
He made his first public appearance at the
Lions Fortescue Festival. He then continues
his residency for six weeks focussing on
community engagement and developing
his arts practice. He is running workshops
in Newman, Marble Bar and Nullagine.

were clearly very impressed with his

portfolio and we cant wait to see how
he will add to it here in the East Pilbara.
Councillor Craigie went on to say, Akirash
is a dynamic artist who not only uses
found, recycled and local materials to
create his unique work but also listens to
communities and helps them find their
voice through art.
Akirashs artistic avenues include sculpture,
painting, performance art, installations,
video, and body painting.

Shire President Lynne Craigie said, We

are very excited to welcome Akirash to
Australia and the East Pilbara. The judges

Above: Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya (Akirash)

Photograph extracted from
Left: Side Effects by Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya
on Vimeo
Disclaimer of Liability: Newman Mainstreet Project undertakes to ensure that accurate information is disseminated through its community newspaper, Newman
News. Every care is taken to ensure accuracy and we will publish any corrections that are brought to our notice. However, Newman Mainstreet Project makes no
warranty, guarantee or promise expressed or implied concerning the content or accuracy of the information provided by this service. Newman Mainstreet Project
accepts no liability for any loss or damage a person may suffer because that person has directly or indirectly relied on any information presented in this publication. The
views expressed in the Newman News are not necessarily those of the editor or the Newman Mainstreet Project Coordinator or Committee.




The Beach Indoor Play Centre open to 12.30pm, 9177 8290, Mindarra Drive, Boogie Roos also available from 9:30 am
Time Out session with crche until 11:30am, Newman Neighbourhood Centre, 2 Mackay Street, 9175 1516
Newman Playgroup until 11:00 for 0-4 y.o., Moondoorow Street, newmanplaygroup@hotmail.com or 0407 450 491
Newman Library open until 17:00, Kalgan Drive, 9177 9600, newman.library@pilbara.wa.edu.au
Newman Girl Guides 5-7 y.o., Newman Youth Centre, 0417 178 624, newmangirlguides@gmail.com
Jiu Jitsu, Newman Club, for other times and age groups contact Adam 0408 097 792, Dionne 0409 116 541
Anglican Church bible study, location to be advised, 0499 778 116









The Beach Indoor Play Centre open to 12.30pm, 9177 8290, Mindarra Drive, opposite Police Station
Time Out with crche, Newman Neighbourhood Centre, 2 Mackay Street, 9175 1516, neighbourhood@benet.net.au
Newman Library open until 17:00, Kalgan Drive, 9177 9600, newman.library@pilbara.wa.edu.au
Newman Playgroup until 12 noon for 0-4 y.o., Moondoorow Street, newmanplaygroup@hotmail.com or 0407 450 491
Newman Girl Guides 7-18 y.o., Newman Youth Centre, 0417 178 624, newmangirlguides@gmail.com
Jiu Jitsu, Newman Club, for other times and age groups contact Adam 0408 097 792, Dionne 0409 116 541
Study the Bible with Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Les Tutt Drive off Kurra Street, jw.org
Christian Minister John Wolak on 0412 991 551
Newman Lions Club, 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, Lions Park on Corwa Drive, Jessica Mclean-Middleton on 0415 699 991



The Beach Indoor Play Centre open to 12.30pm, 9177 8290, Mindarra Drive, opposite Police Station
Time Out with crche, Newman Neighbourhood Centre, 2 Mackay Street, 9175 1516, neighbourhood@benet.net.au
Newman Playgroup until 11:00 for 0-4 y.o., Moondoorow Street, newmanplaygroup@hotmail.com or 0407 450 491
Newman Library open until 17:00, Kalgan Drive,9177 9600, newman.library@pilbara.wa.edu.au
The Beach Indoor Play Centre open to 5:00pm, 9177 8290, Mindarra Drive, opposite Police Station
Newman Community Baptist Churchs Teens Adopt a Nation until 18:00, Welsh Drive Youth Centre
Newman Scouts 10-14 y.o., Newman Youth Centre, 0417 178 624, gl.newman@scoutswa.com.au
Casual Futsal, enquire regarding charges, Newman Rec Centre, 9177 8075
Corporate bowls new players welcome, Newman Club, Nick 0419 192 691, Adelle 0418 860 364
Womens Darts, Newman Club



Anglican Church Young mums bible study, location to be advised, 0499 778 116
The Beach Indoor Play Centre open to 12.30pm, 9177 8290, Mindarra Drive, Boogie Roos also available from 9:30 am
Time Out with crche, Newman Neighbourhood Centre, 2 Mackay Street, 9175 1516, neighbourhood@benet.net.au
Newman Library open until 19:00, Kalgan Drive,9177 9600, newman.library@pilbara.wa.edu.au
Gumnuts story and nursery rhyme time 0-2 y.o., parent facilitated, free, Newman Library
Kids basketball drills and skills, 8-16 y.o., must pre-register, Newman Rec Centre, 9177 8075
Newman Joey Scouts until 17:30, Newman Youth Centre, 0417 178 624, gl.newman@scoutswa.com.au
Newman Cub Scouts until 19:30, Newman Youth Centre, 0417 178 624, gl.newman@scoutswa.com.au
Mens Darts, Newman Club
Music practice, Anglican Church, 11 Hilditch Avenue, 9175 1350




The Beach Indoor Play Centre open to 12.30pm, 9177 8290, Mindarra Drive, opposite Police Station
Newman Library open until 17:00, Kalgan Drive,9177 9600, newman.library@pilbara.wa.edu.au
Newman Playgroup until 11:30 for 0-4 y.o., Moondoorow Street, newmanplaygroup@hotmail.com or 0407 450 491
Story time and craft for 2-5 y.o. during school terms, parents to supervise, free, Newman Library
Casual Futsal, enquire regarding charges, Newman Rec Centre, 9177 8075
Twilight session, bring a project of your own to start or complete, Newman Neighbourhood Centre,
2 Mackay Street, 9175 1516, neighbourhood@benet.net.au
Jiu Jitsu, Newman Club, for other times and age groups contact Adam 0408 097 792, Dionne 0409 116 541



Newman Library open until 12:00, Kalgan Drive, 9177 9600, newman.library@pilbara.wa.edu.au
Newman Playgroup until 12 noon for 0-4 y.o., Moondoorow Street, newmanplaygroup@hotmail.com or 0407 450 491
Mass / Eucharist Celebration 1st and 2nd weekend of the month, St Josephs Catholic Church, Warman Avenue,
9175 2344, Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion 3rd and 4th weekend, every 5th by rotation
Twilight session, bring a project of your own to start or complete, Newman Neighbourhood Centre,
2 Mackay Street, 9175 1516, neighbourhood@benet.net.au









Mass / Eucharist Celebration 1st and 2nd weekend of the month, St Josephs Catholic Church, Warman Avenue,
9175 2344, Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion 3rd and 4th weekend, every 5th by rotation
Worship, Vibrant evangelical, holding to biblical teaching, Anglican Church, 11 Hilditch Ave, 9175 1350
Including bubs and tots ministry and Sunday school
Newman Community Baptist Church Worship, Praise and Kids Church, Welsh Drive
Newman Community Baptist Churchs Teen Church, Welsh Drive
Study the Bible with Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Les Tutt Drive off Kurra Street, jw.org,
Christian Minister John Wolak on 0412 991 551
The Beach Indoor Play Centre open to 4pm, 9177 8290, Mindarra Drive, opposite Police Station
Freestyle craft, art, sewing, quilting etc. session until 16:30, Newman Neighbourhood Centre,
2 Mackay Street, 9175 1516, neighbourhood@benet.net.au
Sunday Scroungers bowls new players welcome, $5 per player, bowls provided, Newman Club,
Nick 0419 192 691, Adelle 0418 860 364



Martu Leadership Program

By Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ)

The Martu leadership program targets

young men and women eager to learn
more about mainstream structures,
processes and governance and to improve
their ability to communicate their ideas
and aspirations to the broader community.
A ten day trip to Melbourne has been
one of this years highlights for the mens
leadership group, apart from the cold
weather, which took a little while to get
used to.
It was a very busy time in Melbourne
with meetings organised every day.
The leadership group gave a number of
presentations to our partners World Vision
and BHP Billiton as well as to Jetstar, Social
Ventures Australia (SVA) and Newcrest.

The leadership group met with the

directors of the Western Bulldogs at their
board meeting. The participants gave
a presentation and showed a couple of
photos of the Punmu Bulldogs playing in
a football carnival at home. The directors
could not believe the grounds the Punmu
Bulldogs played on. The directors were
impressed by the presentation and invited
the leadership group to be the guard
of honour for the Western Bulldogs vs
Collingwood game at the MCG. It was a
very exciting moment for the participants.
This trip was a huge success. The group
received a lot of very good feedback with
some people commenting on the change in
the confidence in the men from when they
first met two years ago.

Pet Emergencies in Newman: Part 2

Dr Lucy van der Weide BScBVMS

Vomiting and diarrhoea is the most

common veterinary emergency we see at
the Newman Vets and also the number
one reason unwell pets are admitted
into our hospital due to life-threatening
dehydration. Diagnostic tests like blood
tests or X-rays are often required to
determine the underlying diagnosis and
to help formulate the best treatment plan
for your pet. The most common underlying
causes of gastroenteritis in our practice
include infections (often due to raw food
diets and bones) and intestinal obstruction
(often due to ingestion or chewing up of of
rocks, dirty laundry, children or pet toys,
corn cobs, fruit cores and bones!). Not
all vomiting and diarrhoea is diagnosed
as gastroenteritis, diagnostic testing
sometimes uncovers other underlying
health issues or disease affecting other
organ systems like the liver or kidneys.
My three top tips for preventing afterhours
Do not leave niggling health issues to the
last minute. Especially pets with vomiting
and diarrhoea as they can quickly become
dehydrated and need to hospitalised and
placed on intravenous fluids. Get your sick
pets checked out and sorted before the
weekend. Most illnesses when addressed
early are much easier (and cheaper) to fix.
Consider pet insurance for your loved ones.
Most policies cover 80% of your veterinary
expenses. Many vet emergencies or serious
illnesses can be expensive, especially

Leadership group at the World Vision office

Photograph provided by KJ

Leadership participants act as guard of honour

Photograph provided by KJ

if diagnostic testing and or surgery is

required. Payment is always required at
time of afterhours service. Snake bites can
cost anywhere from $2000 plus. The antivenom alone for black snake bites is around
$4000. Pet insurance gives you that peace
of mind that you are able to treat your
pet and recoup some of the finances. It is
normally best purchased for puppies and
kittens, before any health issues arise, as
this can result in policy exclusions. In fact,
young puppies and kittens are my most
common emergency patients out of hours.
While they are growing, their immune
systems are still developing making them
more susceptible to illness and they are
super accident prone.
Prevention is always better than a cure.
Make sure your pet if fully vaccinated.
Know that desexing prevents uterus
infections that necessitate expensive lifesaving abdominal surgery for our females
and it also discourages pets (both male and
female) from fighting with other animals or
escaping, which increases their likelihood
of getting hit by a car. Avoid feeding raw
food or bones to your dogs. Do not give
your pets leftovers, especially fatty meat
offcuts. Be aware of common pet toxins
around your home and ensure your pet has
not got access to them (rat bait ingestion
is extremely common in Newman). Puppyproof your house and ensure your children
do not leave their toys or dirty laundry lying
around! Consider housing your cat 100%
indoors so that they do not get hit by car or
involved in a fight with a feral street-tom.

Leadership group with Fred Chaney AO

Photograph provided by KJ

Clifton presenting part of the leadership

Photograph provided by KJ

Long Tan Anniversary

Pilbara Photography Group

Long Tan 50th anniversary commemorations

marked the 50th anniversary of the battle
of Long Tan and Vietnam Veterans Day in
August honouring the 60,000 Australian
men and women who served our nation
throughout the Vietnam War.

The Pilbara Photography Group is happy to

announce the availability of the brand new
professional quality printer at the Newman
Visitor Centre.

The battle of Long Tan was fought on 18

August 1966. 105 men from D Company,
6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment
(6RAR) and three New Zealanders from
an artillery forward observation party
encountered a force of more than 2,000
Viet Cong soldiers. During the battle, 17
Australians were killed and a further 25
were wounded, one of whom later died of
wounds. This was the highest number of
Australian casualties that incurred in any
one engagement of the Vietnam War. The
losses on the Vietnamese side were at least
245 dead, an estimated 350 wounded, and
three captured. Figures quoted from the
Australian War Memorials website.
Newmans RSL held a memorial at the Shire
gardens with a wreath laying service.
If anyone has, or has had, a military service
number, they are eligible to be a member
of the Returned and Services League of

By Sarah Stampfli

This is the final part of the project,

supported by BHP Billiton, which also saw
the PPG run two photographic competitions
and exhibitions to promote the beautiful
Pilbara region. The new printer fulfils the
need of the town to have a user operated
professional quality printing service,
available to residents and visitors.
The new printing setup includes a Macbook
with a subscription to Adobe Photoshop,
Lightroom and Bridge to allow people to
import and retouch their images and to
view them on the colour calibrated Eizo
Team Digital provided training for members
of the PPG and all the Newman Visitor
Centre staff as well as interested Newman
residents to ensure everyone knows how to
use it to get amazing quality. Photographs
can be printed up to 17" at the shortest
side, allowing for prints large and small.

Ian Thompson, President, of Newman RSL

Sub Branch
PO Box 679, Newman WA 675
Wreath laying at the Cenotaph
Photograph provided by Shire of East Pilbara

Tim and Rachel Church with Bailey and Phoebe in memory of family members in the Vietnam War
for the Australian Army
Photograph provided by the Shire of East Pilbara

The printer will be administered by the

Newman Visitor Centre. Training on the
product allowed them to see the great
range of possibilities and uses this will
bring to our town.
If you have items you would like to print,
take them to the Newman Visitor Centre
between 9am and 5pm, seven days a week
on a flash drive or SD card (more options
coming soon). Thank you to BHP Billiton for
their support in providing this fantastic new
resource to the town and the Visitor Centre
for agreeing to administer this project.

Outback Fusion
Festival - 'Merindas'
Amongst the fabulous activities forming
the Outback Fusion Festival including an
international food festival, entertainment
for all ages, workshops, and myriad
performances, comes the Merindas.
Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett are
an Australian Aboriginal contemporary
R&B soul duo, the Merindas. The name
Merinda comes from the Aboriginal Eora
(coastal area around Sydney) language meaning beautiful woman and is a tribute
to their Indigenous heritage.
Details of their performance will be
promoted with the date and location to be
held during the festival, 23-25 September.
They have toured and appeared on
numerous radio shows such as JJJ
Unearthed, as well as supporting some of
Australias stars including Jessica Mauboy,
Kasey Donovan, Christine Anu and Troy

Photograph from their Facebook page

Newman Day Care

Centres Anniversary
Newman Day Care Centre was a hive of
activity on the 20 August as it celebrated
its 30th anniversary. Committee President,
Megan Ewing, said it was a very successful
family day out.
We could not be more proud of the centre.
Thanks to the staff, past and present, we
really do have a home away from home
for our children. It takes a village to raise
a child and as many of us have no family
support in town, this is our village. Like all
organisations in Newman we have been
through some really tough times, but 30
years on we are strong, and our children
are thriving. After our audit we were
rated as 'Exceeding' the National Quality
Standard. All of this means Newman has
an exceptional child care centre to rival
anything a major city has to offer.

Sam Hanlon enjoying a cupcake

Photograph by the Newman Day Care Centre

Will and Kylie Bergmann, NDC Committee V.P.

Photograph by the Newman Day Care Centre

Courtney Marlow enjoying the animal farm

Photograph by the Newman Day Care Centre

Hailey Farrell NDC Director (left) with Megan

Ewing NDC Committee President
Photograph by the Newman Day Care Centre

stopping at the local water hole for a postgame recovery session and jumps off a tree
into the water.

the Newman Junior Football League and

committee members, Jigalong Community
Members, V Swans and V Swans partnership
with BHP Billiton.
We look forward to a bigger and better
game next year.

Real Footy at its Best

By Chelsea Randall, V Swans

As the sun shone brightly over the red

dirt football ground in Jigalong, a remote
Aboriginal community about 160 kilometres
from Newman, a fantastic display of youth
football saw the two towns come together.
The fast paced game saw parents and
spectators cheering for both towns in the
annual Jigalong v Newman Football Match.
The match was targeted at 11-17 year olds
boys and girls. Players from Newman piled
into a bus in the early morning to venture
along the two hour long gravel road.
Players from both teams were given a
free singlet to remember the event and
experience. The red dust flew through
the air as players fought for the football,
players peripheral vision and skill to keep
their feet improved immensely to avoid
rocks and cow manure on the ground.
It was great to see the positive spirit in
which the game was played. Players from
both teams helping each other up, shaking
hands and laughing with one another,
whilst community members jumped in to
goal umpire, score and to run the barbeque.
Presentations followed the thrilling match,
which saw Newman take the shield home
with an 18-point win. Players Aaron
Sampson (Newman) and Jarras Sailor
(Jigalong) received best on ground.
Players and community members then
enjoyed a sausage sizzle together, before
Newman began the long journey home,

The event would not have been possible

if it was not for the ongoing support of


23-25 September

PreSeNted BY:

Newman Town Centre

Experience Music, Food, Art and Culture from

around the world in the Heart of the Pilbara
Food Market
Workshop Program
Market Stalls
Newman World Stage
with live performances
Aussie Pool Party
Yoga in the Park
Barefoot Bowls
For more information contact
Rebecca on 9175 8062 or email


SuPPorted by:

Special GueStS

Bryte MC Junkadel


Blue Shaddy

NNFL Grand Final

The 13th August saw the NNFL Premiership
held at Capricorn Oval. All clubs opened
their doors for the Back to Newman
Reunion attendees to reminisce and see
changes since their residency. With bounce
down at 7 pm, the Saints went on to win
the NNFL Premiership over Centrals,
making this its forth season in a row to win
the Premiership.
Saints 84 def Centrals 32
Below: Shaun Forsyth and family
Photograph by James Curry of Country Captures
2016 NNFL Premiership Team
Photograph by James Curry of Country Captures Photography

Jet Sprint Boat Races

Plenty of splash at this great annual event, the Newman Jet Sprint Boat races, on 20 August
Photographs by Caren Jenkins

Game on
Photograph by James Curry

Gary, Kelli, Dillan and Ebony Jones

Photograph by James Curry

Flying high
Photograph by James Curry

Joe Furulyas
Photograph by James Curry