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1.Format of informal letter

Senders address
[ Body of the letter should be written in 3 paragraphs]
Complementary close
Signature and Name

Sample of informal letter:

Your cousin Sanjay has been included in the Quiz Team of his
school. Write a letter to him congratulating on his inclusion
in the team.
House No:19
Model Town
26 April,2013
Dear Sanjay
We all are fine here. How are your studies going on? Hope
you did well in the weekly test.
I came to know from a friend of yours, whom I met in the
Inter School Tournament, that youve been selected in the

Quiz Team of your school. Let me first congratulate you on

your inclusion in the team. It is a tribute to your intelligence
and awareness. We know about your interest in Science and
General Knowledge.
I hope your dynamism and devotion will bring remarkable
glory to you. I pray for your success in the contest.
Yours lovingly

2.Format of letter to the Editor

Note: Three major areas to be included in the
content Causes of the problem
Effects of the problem
Suggestions to curb the problem
If address is given in the question paper, use
it only.
Do not ask the editor to publish your letter.
Senders Address
Receivers Address
[ Body of the letter should be divided into 3

Complementary close

Sample of letter to the Editor

Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper suggesting how
the problem, of Begging can be ended. You are Sumit of Civil
Lines, Kanpur.

Civil Lines
26 April,2013
The Editor
The Hindustan Times
New Delhi
Respected Sir
Subject: Abolishing the problem of Begging
I shall feel obliged if you kindly public the following in the column
of your esteemed paper.
Some beggars, no doubt, deserve our sympathy. They are
handicapped and unable to earn their living. But the pity is that
most of the beggars are able- bodied and taken up begging as a
profession. They find it the easiest way to earn their living. This
large scale begging is a slur on the fair name of our country.
Begging should be abolished by law. It should be made a
punishable offence. The government should open asylums for

those beggars who are really helpless. Able- bodied beggars

should be forced to work. If they go without work, they must go
without food. We should have no sympathy for such imposters.
We should not encourage them by giving alms. People can thus
play a big role in ending this evil.
Yours faithfully

3.Format of E-Mail
To :
[Body should be divided into paragraphs]
Complementary close

Sample E-mail

As Secretary of the District Red Cross, write an e-mail to be sent

to all the Principals of Senior Secondary Schools requesting them
to control volunteers for the Blood Donation Campaign.
Date: 20 April,2013
From: secretaryredcross@yahoo.com
To: principals@hotmail.com
Subject: Enrolling volunteers for Blood Donation
Sir/ Madam
Its brought to your kind notice that like every year, this year too,
the Red Cross is organizing a Blood Donation Campaign in the
district. For this purpose, we intend to organize blood- donation
camps in different colleges. We have the services of doctors and
trained nurses for the occasion. But this big task cant be
undertaken without the active support of schools of the area. The
Principals of senior secondary schools can play a leading role to
make this campaign a great success. Therefore we request you to
send a team of volunteers who can motivate other students for
blood donation.
We assure you that we have a team of dedicated professionals.
They can execute the job in the most convenient and hygienic
way. Every blood donor will be given a glass of milk and a fruit.
Every student will also be given a Commendation Certificate
awarded by the Red Cross of India.
Yours faithfully

Format of notice



Sample of Notice
The Dance and Drama Society is organizing a Dance and
Music show for the flood victims of Bihar. Write a notice in
about 50 words urging the students to make the show a grand
success. Invent your own details. You are Raju/ Reshma ,
Secretary, Dance and Drama Society of your school.
25 April,2013
Dance and Music Show
The Dance and Drama Society is organizing a gala, Dance
and Music Show on 2May,2013 in the school auditorium for the
flood victims in Bihar. Many celebrated TV artists and Radio
singers will grace the occasion by their presence and
participation. All the students of the school are urged to make
the show a grand success. The society looks towards them for
their help in the sale of Donor Tickets of dhs500 and 1000 for
this noble cause.

Format of Message

Body of the message
Designation (not required among friends, relatives and
family members)

Sample of Message
The following is a telephonic conversation between Sampriti and
her mother Sreya. Sampriti has to go out. Before leaving, she
leaves a message for her Dad. Write the message in not more
than 50 words.
25 April,2013
2.00 pm
Mom had called up to inform that there is a workshop for English
teachers in her school. We will have to pick her up from her school
at 5.30 pm. We will go straight away to the movie hall. She wants
you to remind Mr. Rastogi that the R.W.A meeting will be held in
our house tomorrow at 10.00 am.

6.Diary Entry
Format of Diary Entry

Dear Diary
Content in paragraphs

Sample of Diary Entry

Your school celebrated the Teachers Day on the 5 th of
September. You were asked to arrange a programme to
celebrate the day. You arranged the programme so
meticulously that everyone praised your earnest efforts. Record
your feelings in your diary. You are Samarth.
25 April, 2013
9.00 pm
Dear Diary
Today, my joy knows no bounds because my earnest efforts
have borne fruit. I was asked by the Principal to arrange a
programme for Teachers Day Celebrations. I tried my best to
make the programme a grand success. A gamut of cultural
activities was presented on the occasion. We honoured all the
teachers by applying Tilak and presenting a rose to them. The
teachers were happy. It was indeed a great day.

Format of Bio- sketch
Content in a paragraph

Sample of Bio-sketch

Given below is a profile of SauravGanguli. Write a bio- sketch of

him in about 100 words. You may take help from the inputs
SauravGanguly A famous Cricketer
Birth- July 8,1972 in Kolkata
Test Debut June20,1996 at Lords Century against
Test Achievement- 113 Tests,7212 runs, 42 Average, 16
Centuries, 33 Half Centuries
ODI Achievement- 311 Matches, 11363 Runs, Average
Highest ODI Score- 183 in 158 balls against Srilanka in
1999 World cup
Popularly Known- Prince of Kolkata
Saurav Gangulywas born on July 8,1972 in Kolkata. Ganguly
made his Test Debut at Lords on June 20,1996 and struck a fine
century in this debut match against England. He played 113
Tests and accumulated 7212 runs with a healthy 42 plus
average. He scored 16 centuries and 35 half centuries in the
process. In ODIS, he ranks among the greats with 11,363 runs
under his belt from 311 matches at an average of 4102. His
highest ODI score came in the biggest stage when he
butchered Srilanka on a way to a 183 in 158 balls in the World
Cup. He is popularly known as the Prince of Kolkata.

8.Data Interpretation
This form of writing is used to interpret the facts presented in the
form of table, graph or chart. Data interpretation requires an

analysis and comparison of the given facts and drawing

conclusions based on the given data.
Format of Data Interpretation:
Content in paragraphs

Sample 1:
Given below is a bar which shows the increasing crime rate
especially in cities like Delhi. Using this information and your own
ideas, give an interpretation of the data ,analyzing the reasons for
this rise and the steps to be taken to curb this menace.

Crime Increasing and tightening its network

Crime in big cities is constantly on the rise. The headlines in the

newspaper give us enough to say that crime is rapidly increasing.
Daily we get to read that there was a robbery, occupants killed,
elderly couple killed and many more similar incidents. The
reasons are many. Unemployment is one of the major ones.
Todays youth switch over to wrong ways to make a fast buck to
satisfy their ever increasing needs. They are willing to commit any
crime for quick money. Many crimes are committed for property
and wealth. Every year we see the crime graph rising.
If we just take a look at the statistics, we find that in the year
2000, 500 crimes were registered whereas in 2007, this number
increased manifold and about 4000 crimes were recorded. Within
seven years , the crime graph shot up to forty times. This figure is
alarming. We need to create awareness among people about
morals and ethics. The police needs to be more vigilant. May be
this way we will be able to control crime growth.
Sample 2:
Survey was conducted to find out how teenagers spend their free
time. Following trends are observed. Using the data given in the
pie charts given below, together with your own ideas , interpret
the information rationally in about 120 words .

How teenagers spend their free time

With the changing times , come revolutionary changes in the
tastes, styles and priorities of people. The teenagers of today are
not what they used to be a few decades ago. They have more
freedom and options to lead their own lives than ever before.
They have more diversions and choices their free time.

The recent survey conducted, clearly indicates that Television is

the biggest attraction for teenagers. Boys spend 40% and girls
spend 50% of their free time watching television programs. Sports
programs are favourite of the boys. The girls prefer watching
movies and songs on TV. Playing indoor and outdoor games is the
favourite pastime of 30% boys. Only 5% girls spend their free
time on games. More girls read comics and G.K books than the
boys. Girls spend 15%, 5% more of their free time talking to their
friends than the boys. Very few teenagers pursue a constructive
recreational activity.

9.Factual Description
Factual Description can be asked to describe a person, place or
an event.
Format of Factual Description
Content in paragraphs
Sample 1:
Write a brief description of travelling by a state- owned city
Travelling by a State- Owned City Bus
Travelling by a state- owned city bus in India is an experience
only the brave wish to repeat.
The buses are old, dirty and ill- maintained and the frequency
of bus service is erratic. The drivers and conductors are rude
and discourteous and often cause unnecessary discomfort to
the travelers as they do not bother to stop the buses at the
assigned bus- stops.
City buses, being the cheapest mode of travel are often over
crowded with even ladies and old people standing in the aisle.
Due to passengers constantly moving from the back gate to the
front, the feet of those standing are often stamped upon. The

crowded buses are a haven for pick- pockets and eve- teasers
who carry on their activities without fear. Thus travelling in a
state- owned city bus is an ordeal one is not likely to forget.
Sample 2:
Write a brief description of Andaman and Nicobar Islands that
youve been to recently.
A paradise with Emerald Waters and Silvery Sandy Beaches
The mystical Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an archipelago of
572 island, inlets and rocks with a coastline that stretches
across 1,962 km. The island has much to offer. It has ecofriendly cottages and hotels in star and budget categories. The
restaurants provide a large variety of seafood and other
cuisines. For recreation, scuba diving and snorkeling are
becoming very popular. The island offers venues for camping
on the beaches and the water off the coast is ideal for fishing.
The markets are delightful places to spend ones time in.
Tourists can look forward to a variety of souvenirs to take back
with them.

10. Dialogue Writing

Sample of Dialogue Writing
Develop the Dialogue between Dina and Saurabh discussing
the menace of plastic bags.
Dina: Saurabh, I think plastic bags are simply adding to
garbage and we cant
get rid of them very easily.
Saurabh: We all know that animals get choked on plastic
bags,yet people dont stop throwing them about.
Dina: Last year, the drain to our house got blocked with one of

Saurabh: The government is trying to check the use of plastic

bags, but the
masses too must contribute in this endeavor.
Dina: Without the common mans support, the government
cannot achieve
success in any project
Saurabh: We all should use only cloth bags and use paper bags
Dina: Yes, even paper is precious.
Saurabh : I would even suggest recycling the plastic bags that
are already in
Dina : Let us sit together and write an article on the topic for
our school
Saurabh: Thats a great idea!

11.Article Writing
An article can be written for a school magazine , a local daily or a
Format of an article for a school magazine
Content in paragraphs
Sample :
Write an article on the topic Science and Technology- A Boon for
Mankind for your school magazine.
Science and Technology- A Boon for Mankind

Our world has never changed at a faster pace. Science and

technology have revolutionized our lives. Education has come a
long way with the support of technology. Be it access to
information on the internet or research in a laboratory, technology
has benefitted scholars. The latest equipment and machinery in
the field of medicine and surgery have helped to lower the
mortality rate, provide better health facilities and even eradicate
many diseases.
Communication through the internet, mobile phones and the
media has definitely shrunk the world. Commuting high- speed
jet planes and automobiles has further added in saving time and
providing accessibility to remote areas. Now, aid can reach even
the remotest corners of the world. Industrialization has enhanced
the economy of the world and reduced the problem of
Science and technology have been blamed for many hazards in
the world, but it is for man to use technology for positive growth
and shun the use of dangerous chemicals and equipment.
Format of a Newspaper Article
- By Line
Content in three paragraphs

Write an article for the local daily on the scarcity of water in the
Scarcity of clean drinking water

Many believe that the Third World War will be fought on the issue
of water. The statement doesnt seem to be exaggerated. The
constant degradation of the environment has played havoc with
water bodies and water resources. It is quite unfortunate that
even after 63 years of independence, India has not been able to
provide clean drinking water to its swelling population.
Moreover, water in most places is contaminated. W omen in India
have to walk for miles to fetch water in many areas. The situation
in certain states is quite alarming. Rajasthan and Gujarat are the
worst affected states. The water level has abnormally gone low.
The water scarcity is not confined to villages. The situation in
towns and cities is even worse.
The Government is duty- bound to provide clean drinking water to
its people. First of all, rivers, lakes, tanks and other waterbodies
must be protected and preserved.The people must be educated
not to waste even a drop of water.

11. Report Writing

Format of Newspaper Report
By Line
Place, Date
Content in 3 paragraphs
Warning sounded on melting glaciers
Vijay Dutt
London, 2 July2013

The global warming could melt the 15,000 glaciers in the

Himalayas in 40 years if the current rate of shrinking of the
largest body of ice outside the polar caps continues. The grim
warning has been made by Mr. Gordan Young, Secretary General
of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences.
The Gangotri Glacier has lost one- third of its 15- mile stretch in
the last 50 years.The result of such shrinking would deplete water
supply to the Ganga, Bhramaputra and Indus. The experts fear
that the reduction in water supply would critically affect the plains
so far supplied water by these rivers.
The scientists say that the effect of the global warming is being
felt all over. The situation is considered so grim that a two-day
conference of International Commission on snow and ice is
scheduled to be held next week in Birmingham.

Format of school magazine report

Content in 3 paragraphs

12. Writing a speech

Write a speech for the assembly to encourage the students to
help eradicate the social evil of Child Labour.
Good morning respected Principal, teachers and dear friends.
Today I would like to speak on one of the major social evils in our
society. In her book, Lost Spring: Stories of Stolen childhood,

Anees Jung has beautifully brought out the apathy of the

privileged class towards the slum dwellers and communities that
are pursuing traditional trades like Bangle- making. The
government has laid down laws against child labour but so often
we see little children working and we turn a blind eye to it. Many
factory owners lure children into working for very low wages.
Poverty and corruption have further aggravated this problem.
Could we as students of a school and as the future leaders of the
country, do something about this? Yes, we could. Each one of us
could take the responsibility of teaching one child. We could
support the government and the NGOS in their endeavour to
spread awareness regarding the drawbacks of child labour.The
madia too has a role to play.
I would like to conclude by saying that we should join hands to
fulfil the mission of eradicating child labour from our country. So
lets restore the rights of underprivileged children and build a
better future for them .
Thank You.
12. Writing

for a debate

Write a debate to speak against the motion Advertisements are
a Bane
Honourable Chairperson, members of the jury and dear friends.
The motion for debate before the House today is
Advertisements are a Bane and I would like to speak against ( or
For if not specifically mentioned in the question ) the motion.
What are advertisements? A means of publicity? If there were no
publicity for anything, I think the world would come to a standstill.

An advertisement could be through something as simple as a

hoarding or a leaflet or it could be complex enough to involve a
series of events. Whatever means the advertiser chooses, the end
result would be awareness of a product or service. And, building
awareness could only be a boon! My opponents may feel that that
the awareness imparted is often misleading. Here I wouldnt like
to blame the advertiser because using ones discretion is the right
of the consumer.
Advertisements also increase the competition among
manufacturers, hence compelling them to give better quality
products or services.
My worthy opponents may like to say that advertisements compel
the manufacturers to increase the price of their products. I agree,
but in the long term, the consumer wouldnt be a loser because
he wouldnt need to go through the agony of trial and error.
Dissatisfaction with one product after another could cause more
financial drain than simply buying what you need or what suits
you. It is my firm conviction that advertisements are a boon to
Thank You.