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Hank’s personality is a reflection of the unconscious mind.

He is not aware of how

others perceive him. Unfortuanley, Hank was isolated from the social scene
because of his character. He never had the pleasure to meet a girlfriend or even a
true friend to help him bring this awareness to the conscious mind.

Fixation means to be attached to a person or thing in an immature state. Hank also

had fixated thoughts. His ego came to the conclusion that Sally was a shallow
person. He was positive that Sally could not look past his weight problem. If he
was only able to steer away from that thought, he would have noticed that Sally put
in more time than she really wanted.

Hank also had a similar scenario with the client he tried to entertain. He left that
meeting feeling good about his visit with the client. But later found out that the
client talked down about him and was chewed out by his boss.

I believe Hank had these fixations because no one ever took the time to educate
him on social norms. His mother use to shut him up with cookies. This is me was a
clean sign that he had dependency issue towards his mother. The mother did not
disapline her son which can lead him to have unbalance state of mind. After
reading the case study, I believe the mother is part to blame for Hank’s fixation
because he was spoiled into a self center person, without him even noticing.

Also his boss utilized his computer skills and made every attempt to keep him away
from clients. This is an example of poor human resources. The company
apparently has no desire to make an attempt to inform Hank of any constructive
criticisms. Hank is not given an oppturnity to learn from his mistakes. This case
study shows that the work environment lacked poor human resources skills. In my
opinion, Hanks felt as if he was an ideal employee. He shined through his day
because of his confidence and knowledge with computers. He thought he was able
to distinguish himself from right and wrong. It was not until he had met
psychologist, then he was then able to see things from a new light and realized that
he had some issues to work on.

After reading the case study, I believe the mother and the boss are key factors in
Hank’s fixation issues. He was spoiled into a self center person, without him even
noticing. He was praised by his skills but never had the opportunity to reflect on his
people skills.

Sally had the oppaturnity experienced the negative projection that lurked within
Hank's personality during their 2 dates. It appeared to me that Hank found
pleasure picking fights with people. This happen twice in the beginning of the case
study. Hank had shared words with both the computer sales person and the
waiter. Both scenarios contributed disturbing impulses that were felt by the people
that encountered Hank. Not only Sally, but the waiter and the salesman both had
felt the defense mechanism of projection.

Hank’s eating and argumentative behaviors come from internal motivators. As a

child he was exposed to immediate gratification by excessive feeding. This brought
out the internal motivators in which he was constant nail bitter. The case study
told us that he was always found gratification through eating (ice cream) then
supplying his lungs with a cigarette smoke. These gratifications point the
disturbance of the oral stage which clearly shows resulted fixation on a regular

Oral stage drives

A newborn is governed only by its drives. Only the id is present at this stage, so the infant seeks
immediate gratification, achieved through its mouth - feeding, crying, and oral exploration of the
Result of oral stage disturbance
According to Freud, disturbance of the oral stage may result in a permanent fixation on the oral
channel for gratification. Examples of resulting adult behaviors include smoking, overeating,
thumb-sucking, and pencil chewing. Typical resulting personality traits include impatience,
passivity, greediness, dependence