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Product portfolio

for doctors

Practos story
Practos mission is to help mankind live healthier and
longer by simplifying being healthy. Were leading
the way with Practo Search the worlds largest doctor
search platform used by millions of patients every month
and Practo Ray the practice management solution choice



for thousands of doctors managing millions of patients, appointments


and digital healthcare records every year.


Us in a nutshell










Everyday, we work on problems no one has dared to

solve before. Were dreamers, thinkers, doers, and
go-getters, all rolled into one. We have audaciously,

galactically big dreams - because thats what it takes to truly

change the world and improve healthcare access for humanity. This starts

Practo.com Worlds largest appointment

booking platform

with helping them nd the best doctors and culminates into a single
intelligent healthcare account for the entire family that securely stores
all their healthcare data so they can make better healthcare decisions.
Our journey so far
35+ Cities


Launched in

Launched in





Now the worlds largest

appointment booking platform!

$120M raised till now


2 huge acquisitions Insta Health & Qikwell!





Our Products for Doctors


Get your prole listed on Practo.com and help patients nd you easily



Connect with millions of patients, answer their questions from anywhere and widen your access



Share useful health tips and become a thought leader in your eld


Digitise your practice and manage it more professionally


Gather feedback from your patients and improve their in-clinic experience


Get featured on Reach to heighten your practices visibility on Practo.com



I an d my
Whoa! Not only do
clinic get a profile on
its free!
the clincher is that

Whats awesome about the product?

Comprehensive prole page on Practo.com
Valuable feedback from patients
How does it help?
Get discovered by patients visiting Practo.com
Leverage from the feedback from patients
Manage your prole anytime from Practo Prole app
How much does it cost?
Getting a Practo Prole is free for doctors!
Practo doesnt charge patients for nding doctors and booking
appointments through Practo.com. Doctors dont pay anything either
to receive appointments through Practo.com website or the mobile app.
What are people saying about us?
Practo prole app is very easy to use and is helpful in managing my prole.
Good job, team Practo! Keep it up!
-A doctor associated with Prosthodontics & Implantology

Practo Prole is a free, veried listing for doctors

which contains information about them & their clinics
that helps patients book appointments with just a click.

Practo Prole does not guarantee appointments.


How does Practo Prole page look like?

Is Practo Prole free?
Yes. Practo Prole is completely free of charge.
Do I need a subscription of Practo Reach/Practo Ray/Practo Tab
to get listed on Practo.com?
No. Practo Ray, Practo Reach or Practo Tab subscription is not required.
How much do I need to pay to receive appointments from Practo.com?
Currently, Practo doesn't charge for appointments you receive via Practo.com.
How much do patients have to pay to book appointments on Practo?
Patients can book appointments on Practo completely free of charge.
Does listing on Practo guarantee appointments?
Listing on Practo.com helps patients to discover you but it does not
guarantee appointments.

To know more about Prole, visit :


Q: Doc, I am experiencing dryness

of throat, hoarseness of voice,
decreased urination, and
low appetite with an utter distaste
for food. What should I do?

A: Yo ure dehydrate d.
Drink plenty of water!

Whats awesome about the product?

Connect with patients across the country right from your smartphone
Build an online reputation at your convenience
How does it help?
Get discovered by an ever growing number of patients searching online
for doctors
Expand your reach and inuence far beyond your physical location
How much does it cost?
Practo Consult is currently free for both patients and doctors!
In the near future, interested patients will be able to initiate a paid
consultation with doctors of their choice via the platform.
What are people saying about us?
I am happy with the consult app. It helps me reach out to patients
everywhere from my phone. Very convenient and useful.

Practo Consult allows doctors to build their online reputation

by answering health queries on the minds of millions of patients from
across the country. Doctors can demonstrate their
domain expertise through Consult and encourage patients to follow
up at the clinic for a more detailed checkup.

-A dermatologist in Bangalore, India


How does Practo Consult look like?

Is Practo Consult free?
Yes, Practo Consult is currently free for both patients and doctors.
Do I need a Practo Prole to use Practo Consult?
Yes. Practo Prole is needed to use Practo Consult. Registering for Practo Consult
will allow you to create a free Practo Prole if you dont already have one.
Do I need a subscription of Practo Reach/Practo Ray/Practo Tab


to use Practo Consult?

No. Practo Ray, Practo Reach or Practo Tab subscription is not required.
However, you will need a free Practo Prole.
What kind of answers are expected for questions asked in the free,
public Q/A part of consult?
We do understand that an accurate diagnosis may not be possible without a
detailed consultation. Therefore, desirable answers should put the problem
in the right perspective and steer the patient towards appropriate action.
Can I use Practo Consult according to my schedule?
Sure! Practo Consult allows you to choose time slots based on your
availability. You can also limit the number of questions per day.

To know more about Consult, visit :


Wow! My dentist has written such

a useful article on oral hygiene. Now I
know what to do when I brush
my teeth tonight.

Whats awesome about the product?

Post useful and engaging information like health articles and tips
Showcase your expertise
How does it help?
Reach millions of Practo users looking for relevant and engaging information
Strengthen your prole by showcasing expertise not only in diagnosis
but also in preventive and curative care
How much does it cost?
What are people saying about us?
"Patients inform me that they love to read the health tips and articles
that I publish. Thanks for helping me reach my patients beyond my practice!"
-A doctor associated with an ISO 9001 certied hospital

Practo Health Feed is a platform where doctors can post

useful health articles and tips. The content posted by doctors helps
them to showcase their expertise and bolster their online reputation.


How does Practo health feed page look like?

Is Practo Health Feed available to all doctors?
Yes, Practo Health Feed is free and available to all doctors.
Do I need a subscription of Practo Reach/Practo Ray/Practo Tab to
use Practo Health Feed?
No. Practo Ray, Practo Reach or Practo Tab subscription is not required.
Where are the posts showcased?

Dr. Premila Iyer

All posts written by you will be published on your prole in Practo.com.

Going forward, all posts will also feature on on Practo iOS and Android app.
What kind of posts are patients looking for, on Practo Health Feed?
Patients are likely to read and engage with information that helps
them handle their day to day health issues. Myth busters, to-dos
and health plans are also appreciated. We will constantly help you
with statistics so that you can write and engage better.
Can I use Practo Health Feed according to my schedule?
Sure! Practo Health Feed can be used as per your own convenience.
We recommend that you post health tips at least once a week to
keep your patients engaged.

To know more about health feed, visit :


How relieving it is to not

bother about micro-managing
my practice anymore!
Love you, Ray!

Looks like Dr. Gupta is

a happy man today!

Whats awesome about the product?

All data securely stored on cloud
Automated appointment reminders
Digital prescriptions and electronic medical records
Detailed practice analytics
24x7 customer support
Billing and invoice generation
How does it help?
Manage practice more eciently
Access patient les anytime, anywhere
Reduce patient no/late shows
Make practice more professional by going paperless
Gather valuable patient feedback
How much does it cost?
Its subscription-based. Please get in touch with us for more details.
What are people saying about us?
Its very user-friendly and simplies a whole lot of the process of maintaining
a patient's data. Patients really like and appreciate the reminders sent
to them. I highly recommend Practo to all my friends - its the best patient
and practice management software. Thanks lot, keep it up!

Practo Ray is the practice management solution for thousands

of doctors and clinics managing millions of patients every year.
It simplies and automates practice management helping doctors
to focus on what they do the best treating and caring for patients.

-A doctor associated with an ISO 9001:2008 certied Dental Care Clinic

Practo Ray is not a visibility enhancement solution.


How does Practo Ray software look like?

Is my data safe?
No one has access to our systems. All Practo servers are hosted within HIPAA
compliant Virtual Private Servers inside Amazon Cloud with multiple data
backups. Which means, your data is safe - really safe.
What if I am stuck? Who will help me?
We have a comprehensive support portal with detailed guides and answers to
FAQs. If you need more help, we even have a dedicated, friendly customer
support team at your service over email, phone and live chat so that you always
have someone to reach out to.
What about my sta? Will I have to teach them how to use Practo Ray?
Our dedicated team is always ready to train your sta members so that they can
use Practo Ray with ease.
What about updates? Will I have to purchase the software again?
Once you subscribe to the software, you are automatically entitled to all future
updates for free. However some of the new features released will be paid.
I have so much data to migrate. What do I do?
Our implementation team will help you through the entire data import so that
you can get started immediately.
Im not sure if I want to get a subscription, but I want to try it out.

To know more about Ray, visit :

Sure! Take a free trial. Once you get a hang of it, you can purchase the
subscription best suited for your practice.


This clinic is forever going

to be in my good books for
using technology the way it
should be used!

Whats awesome about the product?

Premium in-clinic experience for patients
Revolutionary new way to register patients
Paperless technology

How does it help?

Wow your patients with a premium in-clinic experience so that
they remember you for a long time!
Collect feedback about your practice
Access important information and patient records even during
a power or internet outage
Print your data, if you may have to, wirelessly

Practo Tab

How much does it cost?

Its subscription-based. Please get in touch with us for more details.
What are people saying about us?
Practo Tab is very convenient for me and for patients also.
Practo Tab amplies patient engagement by helping patients
self-register and provide feedback to the doctor that enriches
the doctors Practo Prole. Additionally, the Tab provides oine
access to Practo Ray to help keep the clinic going even in the
event of a power outage or internet downtime.

-A doctor associated with Dental Clinic, Greater Noida


How does Practo Tab look like?

Is Practo Tab free?
As a limited period oer, your rst Practo Tab is completely free when you
purchase a yearly subscription. Additional Tabs (hardware) can be
purchased at INR 23000 per Tab.
Do I need Practo Prole or subscription of Practo Reach/Practo Ray
to use Practo Tab?
Practo Ray subscription is required for using Practo Tab.
However, Practo Reach subscription or Practo Prole is not required.
Will my data be safe on the Tab?
Yes, your data will be safe. The device is password protected and you can
choose to add sta members as per your preference.
Can patients access my clinic's information on the Tab?
No. The device is password protected. Plus, there is a separate section on
the Tab for patients' use.
What if I am stuck? Who will help me?
Use the Support section on your Tab. Alternately, you can always call our
helpline +918880588999 any time and well be glad to help!
What about updates? Will Tab automatically update itself?
Yes, Tab automatically updates itself when connected to the internet sparing
you any hassle!
Can multiple patients connect simultaneously?
Yes! Patients can connect from their own smartphone using the revolutionary

To know more about Tab, visit :


Hotspot. Hotspot is releasing in phases & will be available to everyone shortly.

Can I print wirelessly from the Tab?
Yes, but only to HP printers. We've included a user manual on your Tab to
help you do this.


Yay! I found a gynaec

clinic in my neighbourhood,
right at the top of
my search results."

Whats awesome about the product?

Maximised visibility on Practo.com
Highly targeted and relevant to patients search query
How does it help?
Dierentiate your clinic from others
Maximise your investment
How much does it cost?
Its subscription-based. Please get in touch with us for more details.
What are people saying about us?
We have implemented many marketing eorts during the past ve years
of business, but we see a dierent kind of hope and scope through Practo
in the coming years.
-An Orthodontic Clinic in Mumbai

Practo Reach provides clinics more visibility by showing highly targeted,

contextual information cards about the doctor's clinic to patients
as they search for doctors on Practo.com. These cards are served
automatically based on relevance to patients search.
Practo Reach is a tool to enhance reach and visibility and does
not guarantee getting appointments. Practo Ray subscription
is not required to use Reach.

How does Practo Reach page look like?

As a doctor, can I enhance visibility for my practice?
As per the MCI ethics guideline 6.1.1, individuals and institutions cannot solicit
patients. However, 7.12 of the MCI ethics guidelines allows an institution run by
a physician to enhance their visibility as long as the information provided is
limited to name of the institution, type of patients admitted, type of training and
other facilities oered as well as the fees.
Practo Reach is in compliance with these guidelines as it does not allow doctors
or institutions to solicit patients. It is the digital equivalent of a clinics signboard
that any patient would see only if he is explicitly searching for a doctor of that
speciality. It only shows factual information about the clinic including name,
timings and location and is therefore just a more convenient way to access this
How do I know how my Practo Reach subscription is performing?
Practo sends you regular emails and SMSs that tell you how your Reach
subscription is performing. Additionally, you also have access to a dashboard
that gives you vital information.
Who will create all the communication cards for my clinic?
Practo can help do all the heavy lifting to create beautiful communication for
your clinic. This creation of communication is done free of charge when you sign
up for Practo Reach.
Does Practo Reach inuence the order in which I am listed in the search

To know more about Reach, visit :


No. Buying Practo Reach has no impact on the order in which you will be shown
in our search results. Practo reach oers you a banner space on top of all search
results where you can display information about your clinic. Note that this spot
is clearly marked as sponsored


For any queries,

write to us at support@practo.com or
call us on 0888-0588-999.

Last updated on Nov 10, 2015